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[TRANS] The 5th Anniversary of their Japan Debut 100427 

An Article from a Japanese Blog


2010-04-27 10:39:31

Today, April 27 is the release date of their Japanese debut song "Stay with me tonight".

Only the members themselves should know their unsure and uncomfortable feelings when they were brought to Japan, where they could not understand the language.
They were able to pull through in a foreign country, because they loved to sing, and the 5 members were together…
They were only able to do their best in a blind effort 5 years ago.
They have obtained their whereabouts in Japan since they have done their best at that time.
We should not say that they should have taken another step, or, if they walked a different way…
I think we should not say those words….

I regret that I was not able to meet them in their debut days, but I think that it is my destiny that I was able to met them.
Though all the fans should differ when they first met them, all of us are the same place when it comes to feel the current themselves.
We tend to think that… we wanted to meet them at an earlier stage, but, we should be thankful that for the miracle that we were able to meet them……

We, the human beings, are greedy; we tend to think that we want to see them perform near us, be always by their side, want to meet them right now….
But, today may be a chance for us to look back on…
Quietly look back of their 5 years, be thankful that we were able to find their songs, meet Tohoshinki, the wonderful vocal group,
And that, through Tohoshinki, we were able to meet many friends…

So lets stop crying, thinking "The good olden days" or "Why are they in such a mess?"
I think that they will be happy if we fans look back to their cute and young themselves, and smile together a lovely smile.

Their past will not fade away.
They are now on a little break, but they are surely in the present progressive form. (Lol)
I will name them TOHOSHINKING
How do you think of my naming ???? (Lol)
Do you think it is funny? ^^

(other sentences omitted)

Source: MY TREASURE (romi's blog)
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] CM of Junsu's New Song in "Sunanare" Special

from a Japanese blog

2010-04-24 (Sat) 18:06:05
0424 At the Sunanare (T/N: Sunaoni Narenakute) Special Program....

This was the first time that there was a special program for "Sunanare", after the drama had started.
(T/N: The special program was broadcasted on Saturday, April 24, 16:25-17:30.)

The program itself was nothing special, it was just a summary of the main contents of episode 1 and 2.

(few sentences omitted)

There was ~~~ one happy incident.
The spot CM of BeeTV's drama "5 Nengono Love Letter" (T/N: A love letter, after 5 years) was broadcasted..
That means!?
XIAH junsu's solo single "Kanashimino Yukue" could be heard as the BGM~~♪
XIAH's vocal streamed from the TV~ We were able to head them~~~~~♪

ドラマ『5年後のラブレター』歌・XIAH junsu『悲しみのゆくえ』

Source: Tomo Mama's Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 'Paradise Meadow' The Birth of Actor ChangMin

TVXQ's Magnae, Changmin will soon have his acting debut. The stage that was built for his debut, is [Paradise Meadow]. As the exact date for the show's debut is not being confirmed, the teasers and contents of the show are not released, causing fans to panic whilst waiting. The production team predicts the show to be released within the year. Instead of an appropriate opening, why not keep the 'secretive feel' and anticipate the show to debut. In the drama, Changmin married the female lead, Lee Yeon Hee despite his family's protests, portraying a scene of a romantic prince. Due to this, with the addition of Changmin's prince character, his love story with Lee Yeon Hee is most anticipated.

As all shooting for the drama have stepped into pre production, Changmin, who have completed Kohaku Uta Gassen Music Festival, have already headed to Australia for part of his drama shoot. Currently he is shooting [Paradise Meadow] in Jeju island with Lee Yeon Hee and Joo Sang Woo.

[Paradise Meadow] is written by Jang Hyun Joo,who wrote [Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop], together with Seo Hee Jin, Directed by Kim Chul Kyu, who directed [Hwang Jini]. With Changmin as the lead actor, and the three of them working strongly together, this drama is very anticipated. The production side said " A happy and vibrant story with beautiful music mixed, it is really a drama that is worth anticipated." Romantic scenes with special settings, with the addition of a new concept, [Paradise Meadow], it will definitely worth everyone's expectations.

Although it is not TVXQ's group activities, the 5 of them are still working hard with the fans' care and concern. Following, Yoochun will start his activities as an actor in both Korea and Japan in June. The Korea side have already confirm his casting in [SungKyunKwan Scandal]. Though this is a lonely period of time for fans, we can still see them grow slowly. This is the only thing that we can do.

Source: KBOOM June issue + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: suhanASHLEY @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] Chiba Ryuuhei's Twitter Updates 100427

Q: Ryuuhei-sama☆ Please tell the members "Congratulations on your 5th anniversary in Japan! From now on I'll keep supporting the 5 of you ☆" Thank you.
A: To be delivered. This feeling. To the 5 of them.

Q: Ah, today (4/27) is Tohoshinki's 5th anniversary. Congratulations ー(^ー^)ノ…… is it ok to say that?(T。T)
A: It's ok. Or I'd rather say, arigaton*.
*He's playing with the word "arigato - thank you" and "Tohoshinki"

Q: Is 4/27 a special day for Ryuuhei-sama?
A: It is. Goodnight.

Q: Ryuuhei-san, for Tohoshinki… can you at least say "Congratulations to Your 5th Anniversary in Japan" to JeJung who's the only one in Japan right now? Please ≧人≦
A: Congratulations.

T/N: Please read from bottom to top.

Source: Chiba Ryuuhei's Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! } + DBSKnights

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[PROJECT] International Fans' Flashmob

Always keep the faith 2010!
We, international fans are planning to make the flash mob.
So, we want you to join this project
and show our support and love for tvxq together!
Any countries and ages are fine!
visit here: http://ameblo.jp/fm-2010/

私たちは日本と海外の東 方神起のファンでフラッシュモブを計画しています。
詳しくはアメブ ロまで。http://ameblo.jp/fm-2010/

by: Cassiopeia Philippines
Contact cassph_flashmob@yahoo.com


Credits: yukari0725@YT
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[PHOTOS] 100426 JunSu - Harper's Bazzar June issue Part3

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[PHOTOS] 100426 JunSu - Harper's Bazzar June issue Part2

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[VID] Yunho in Video Promote World Expo 2010 Shanghai China

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[PHOTOS] 100427 Junsu - Elle Magazine Part3

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[PHOTOS] 100427 Junsu - Elle Magazine Part2

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[PHOTOS] 100427 Junsu - Elle Magazine

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[TRANS] 100427 Max Matsuura's Twitter Updates - 5th Anniversary

That's right. It's been 5 years… if you count from the first time we met, it's been almost 6 years…

Source: Max Matsuura's Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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[PHOTO] 100426 Harper’s BAZAAR June Issue

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[PHOTO] Tohoshinki Pictorial Treasure Book – The Glory & Suffering

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