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For XIAH junsu's single "XIAH" (to be released on 26th May), there is a surprise of 500 autographed CDs to thank those who have supporting him by buying the single. If you get one, you will be really lucky! Please enjoy it!

Note: The autograph will be in the booklet. This is a random gift, regardless of product version.

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This single includes songs from the cool R&B genre to songs which touched people’s hearts, reflecting the great and handsome charm of Xiah Junsu.
The singing becomes the soul in an album.
As a singer, Xiah Junsu has taken an important step from here.

Q: Xiah Junsu finally started as a solo artist. First of all, can you tell us how you’re feeling?
A: I feel very nervous and stressed out, but I’m also very happy. All in all, I’m having mixed feelings about it.

Q: Are you still feeling stressed?
A: Of course! Every time, I always think whether I’m capable of giving a good performance for everyone.

Q: So, what’s the theme of this solo project?
A: This single is entitled “XIAH,” the name which I use in Korea. As a singer, I hope that my music can reflect more of myself. I think “XIAH” can describe the theme for this solo.

Q: “XIAH” also shows a strong demonstration of Junsu’s personality. It’s a really good song.
A: What do you mean?
Q: (laughs) I think all the songs are nice.
A: Ah, that’s great! The CD is already on sale. Have you heard the songs yet?

Q: I heard the songs already so I’m recommending it to people around me.
A: You have to!

Q: I know. (laughs) “Intoxication” is produced by Junsu. In what kind of mood or situation were you in when you composed “Intoxication”?
A: Basically, “Intoxication” was produced while I was singing and dancing. I was thinking of the dance steps of the R&B genre at the same time, so I have to maintain a balance!

Q: So that means Junsu’s center of music is still R&B?
A: Yes. I already loved R&B while I was still staying in Seoul. Now, I’ve already performed many Jpop and intense dances, that’s why I would like to try R&B for my solo activity. Isn’t it great for everyone to see another style of Xiah Junsu’s performances?

Q: Yes, it is. What were your feelings during the recording?
A: Recording the important parts isn’t the same anymore. When recording as a group previously, we need to consider the synchronization. We need to harmonize with the members, not just finding the feel of our own parts.
When recording as a solo artiste, the climax of the song is decided by one person (myself). This is the most important thing. Whatever it is, it’s very difficulty. Music is very difficult.

Q: There are English and Japanese lyrics; are there meanings behind them?
A: I just want to let everyone have a taste of the different aspects of European music. I used English when I sang!

Q: The song totally reflects Junsu’s thinking!
A: Of course! I was given a lot of assistance, but luckily the production went on smoothly. I also learned a lot from it. It’s great.

Q: In “Intoxication,” the words ‘toxic’ and ‘addition’ jump at you. Did you have this kind of experience before?
A: I did not experience poisoning before. (laughs) But I’m into composing lately, which the staff often wants…

Q: Do they say “Please compose a melody” like this?
A: Yes, in a way. Of course, I’m eager to try too!

Q: Do you use a piano when composing songs?
A: A: Yes. But when it comes to composing songs in the dance genre, I use a Mac. I also use ‘Sound Module’ or metronome instruments too. There are times when I can finish composing a melody in five minutes!

Q: What’s that situation about?
A: For example, there’s always a “No matter how hardworking I am today, I still can’t finish it” kind of feeling, but I’ll still put in twelve hours of hard work into it until I feel that it’s time to sleep, or when I feel pain in my back. Even my butt hurts…

Q: Do you have times when you suddenly realize that it’s morning already?
A: A lot. Time flies. It feels like one hour is just one minute; it’s really an addiction. If I look in the mirror, my eyes are bloodshot. (laughs) I also forget to have meals.

Q: That’s really addiction!
A: Yes! (laugh) But I think it’s a positive kind of poison.

Q: “Intoxication” also has this ‘drunk’ feel to it. Junsu, do you drink soju or wine?
A: I don’t know how to drink, and I don’t feel like drinking either. I feel that soju and wine do not taste good, and it’s bad for the health too. I always see the staff and the other members feel very uncomfortable while working the next day after drinking the night before!

Q: Because of a hang-over!
A: I often think to myself, why do we drink in the first place if it’s very uncomfortable? (laughs) But I love the atmosphere when everyone gathers together for a drink! Though I seldom drink in celebration parties, I get drunk in the atmosphere. While drinking, my eyes get smaller. I’m like this.

Q: (laughs) The ballad song “Kanashimi no Yukue” is also included in the CD. It’s a great song. Junsu’s voice really blends well into it.
A: Thank you. There’s always a positive point in a dance song or a ballad song. There are different parts to take note of. We need to pay attention to the rhythm and to the beat when dancing, whereas we need to put in emotion when it comes to a ballad. For R&B, we need these two, so I really like it.

Q: “Kanashimi no Yukue” describes the fragile part of men. Does Junsu have any particular favorite parts in the lyrics?
A:Yes. I like this part: 幸せは 终わるより かわる方が ぼくにはさみしい (End of happiness, in return for my endless grief).

Q: Because of resonance?
A: Yes, but this is only my opinion. Different people have their own different perceptions. Often, there are many reasons that result to an “end.” For example, when someone passes away or someone goes to a far place – aren’t these things which we can’t do anything about?

Q: Yes!
A: But once there is a change of heart, the results will be different. I have to admit, this is rather sad. So ‘ending’ it would be much better.

Q: Ah… The meaning is deep.
A: Yes! The song has a very deep meaning.

Q: It’s very great to interpret the feelings of the song.
A: It’s great. This time around, I exerted a lot of effort for this song – not pretending, just wanting to sing out my true feelings. My voice will tremble in some parts, but this might as well deliver the true feelings to everyone.

Q: Instead of the right tone, you still preferred the strong mood for the song.
A: Yes! I hope to simplify the song as much as possible. That’s why I only used the piano and an orchestra, not putting any rhythm into the song.

Q: This single fully reflects Junsu’s personality as a singer which is very intimate. Is this effect that you want?
A: I’m glad that I’m able to present the results that I want to everyone. It makes me very happy. Of course, I’m also very thankful towards the staff.

Q: You’re very modest.
A: No, no, I’m only telling the truth. I feel very blessed. I hope to deliver Xiah Junsu’s music to everyone.

Q: You’re no longer telling jokes (oyaji gags)?
A: No, but I still make them when requested. (laughs) It’s just that my mindset is on singing onstage. Recently, I don’t have many chances to do that, so I’m looking forward to it. I wish to meet the fans too.

Q: We shall wait and see! Lastly, as a soloist, can you tell us your vision for the future?
A: I’ve already mentioned it. It does not relate to me personally or to the group. I just want to sing, sing a song that transcends the sands of time. I wish to be thought of as a singer who “seriously likes music.”

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I would like to challenge simple things in front of me, and would like to improve myself!

Yunho played the reading role for the first time for the drama “No Limit ~Heading To The Ground~” broadcasted in Korea last autumn. He passionately played the role of Cha Bong Gun, who was a soccer player famous throughout the world.

‘Bong Gun, who believes in himself and overcome barriers, was a crossover with the previous myself, who was practicing hard to achieve my dream “to sing and dance on stage”. Immediately after I read the scripts, I wanted to play the role. I think I was able to advance forward playing the role of Bung Gun. Days have passed after the filming was completed, but Bong Gun still lives in my heart. I would be delighted if the character of Bong Gun would remain in the hearts of those who have watched the drama.’

Under the pressure of his first reading role, Yunho recalls that he was supported by the costars, staffs, and moreover, the supports from the fans.
‘Fans prepared food for us at the location place, and participated as the audience in the soccer stadium. The staffs said “You have nice and good fans”, and I was very proud. The fans who believe in me resemble my own self.’

Showing his conscientious acting throughout the drama, we can feel the possibility of the actor Yunho. Which are you more interested in, singing or acting?
‘My friends asked me “Which will you go on with?” I think that both are the same when it comes to expressing yourself. Singers also act in the range of 3 minutes. So, I do not want to focus on only just one method, but I would like to make a new challenge in various fields.’

Yunho is famous not only in Japan and Korea but throughout Asia. But he is not content with his position, he says with sincerity, ‘I want to do my best more and more. I am feeling the true meanings of ”Gift, like genius, only means an infinite capacity for taking pains.” I would like to challenge simple things in front of me with passion, and would do my best to improve myself, so everyone, please support me!’

source: The Television Vol 20 & Heroko
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This Week’s Filming Guide

Saturday 2010-05-27

KBS SungKyunKwan Scandal

Time: 09:00~18:30
Location: Yangban House, and the roads around it etc.

The area around the filming location may be closed off due to the real-time recording taking place.
We ask for your understanding of the situation.

The schedule may change depending on the situation of the drama team.

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XIAH junsu’s Entrance!

Today 5/26, we invited XIAH junsu who is releasing his single “XIAH” as a solo artist today!

Today’s theme is “The Moment That Gets You Intoxicated”

JunSu’s talking you the moment that gets him intoxicated…

“I get intoxicated when I wet my hair and look at myself in the mirror…” ♪

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AKB48's previous single Sakura no Shiori sold 317,828 copies in its first week and became the highest-selling first week for a female single since Utada Hikaru's "COLORS" in 2003.

AKB48 has sold 354,403 copies of their latest single Ponytail to Chouchou in just one day. Ponytail to Chouchou also has become the highest first day sales of the 2010 oricon year so far passing the 232k Arashi sold with their single Troublemaker.

Other new entrees on the chart include Xiah Junsu's single which sold an impressive 118,510 copies. Doujin artist Lia took the third spot and Arashi's "Monster" is currently in fourth. Hello!projects newest group s/mileage rounds out the top 5.

*1  354,403 AKB48
*2 118,510 XIAH junsu
*3 *15,621 Lia/多田葵
*4 嵐
*5  スマイレージ
*7 サーターアンダギー
*8 氷川きよし
*9  やくしまるえつこ
10 西野カナ

*1 6,145 くるり
*2 5,618 安全地帯
*3  4,519 ブンブンサテライツ
*4 松田聖子
*5 放課後ティータイム
*6  GReeeeN
*8 ザ・ローリング・ストーンズ
*9  徳永英明
10  ジャック・ジョンソン

source: juweel @ aramatheydidnt & Oricon
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Holy shit the gap! AKB48 on roll now, they even beat Arashi record. There are some exceptional promotion for AKB48 single though but let's just say they are definitely in the middle of their peak. And Junsu as solo still sold a lot.

Sohu South Korea Entertainment News – Beijing Time: 24 May 2010; Afternoon

According to South Korean media reports, a member of popular Korean group TVXQ, Kim Junsu performed for the first time on his own, and received the warm and enthusiastic support from the Japanese fans.

On the 26th of this month, he (Kim Junsu) will release his Japanese album “XIAH” and he also participated in the “Girls Award 2010” at Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, the first time performing on stage since debuting solo.

“Girls Award 2010” lasted for about 6 hours, and Kim Junsu’s performance was the finale singing his album’s title track “Intoxication” and “XIAHTIC”, which was included in TVXQ’s 29th single “BREAK OUT!” for the more than 12,000 fanatical fans who were present.

“Girls Award 2010” used “new fusion” as its theme, the fashion show and the concert combined together, and in addition to Kim Junsu, many other well-known models and singers also attended the event.

Source: Korea Sohu
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For some mysterious reason, it's not the complete music video.
I guess they thought the hotness at the end of the whole music video would burn our eyes out. (It nearly did mine!)
With opportunity, luck and confidence accompanying [me], I would like to challenge all sorts of things.”

DBSK’s leader, Yunho, challenged the role of the main lead in the youthful romantic comedy [No Limit~ Heading To The Ground~] for his acting debut. As an artiste, he states his reason behind challenging this work.

When I saw the script, my thinking was that even if it’s going to be very tough, I will still very much want to act out this character. I felt the main lead’s character was very similar to mine; no matter what obstacles he may face, he still believed in himself and would work hard to overcome the obstacles.

The character that he is portraying is Cha Bong Gun, a passionate soccer player, someone who would go all out to reach his goal.

Bong Gun, who was initially very rash and wild, later meets a lot of people, and with their support, he starts to change and in the process of it, mature. While I was portraying his character, I also felt that I had grown along with him. When the filming ended, even up still today, the character of Bong Gun is still alive within me.

He also spoke about how if there were to be anymore good productions from here on, he would continue the path of being an actor.

If I were to suddenly say “I like acting more!”, it would probably be a lie (laughs). But, I do feel a different type of attraction [to acting] as compared to music, so as an actor, I would want to improve myself further. My goal would be to be like Johnny Depp. To be able to act out different types of characters and possess different images, and be loved by everyone, be it a man or woman, young or old, is really no mean feat.

You seem to be interested in Japanese television dramas.

Aren’t those romance dramas that are emotionally-evoking very popular in Japan (laughs)? That’s why I want to try to act out a character that is very emotional. If I could work with Takako Matsu, that would be good. I have watched both “Love Generation” and “Hero”. I was really attracted to the parts where it was intellectual yet sexy at the same time.

Speaking of soccer, you seem to be anticipating the World Cup, which will start on 11 June.

I like it when everyone is passionately cheering while watching the match. I am definitely very passionate about it~ (laughs) I even went over to Germany four years ago to watch the match live. I like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In Japan, I like Hidetoshi Nakata, who has already retired. I hope both the Japan and Korea teams will do their best.

As your fans, they would probably be watching out for your every move…

I am quite cautious, so I won’t force myself to do something that I’m not willing to. However, with opportunity, luck and confidence accompanying [me], I would like to challenge all sorts of things If I were to do anything next time, please look forward to it (laughs).

source: UKnowBar + baiduTVXQ
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In April, when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom,
there was a shooting for the cover of Xiah Junsu’s solo single in the studio in Tokyo.

It’s been a while since we met him, but he got sunburned and became more manly.When the shooting started, he strike the poses and we thought “he is a real charisma!”

He greatly shortened the schedule time of the shooting of the cover!
The concept, music production and clothes etc…everything was produced by Junsu!

He always does his best, but this time he especially put his effort!!!
He gave us some ideas with staffs during the shooting.
Please look forward for Junsu

Bigeast Staff

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Charisma mode!

XIAH junsu finished shooting of “Happy Music”!
XIAH junsu sealed in his angel mode and opened up his charisma mode!

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In the beginning of May, the reporter who was on a two-month plus vacation did a research on Korean idols while vacationing in Japan. Even though there was only a week’s duration, the reporter still did his/her best to carry out interviews. Fortunately, there were two Korean idol groups who travelled in and out of Japan during that period. Hence, it was a good opportunity to interview Japan’s audio-visual workers and visit their studio at the same time. Also, the reporter got to hear about the interesting happenings that took place in the operations of special concerts in Japan. Most importantly, the reporter was able to see for him/herself how Korean idols are perceived when they fly in and out of Japan for promotional activities. Even though it had been a while since the vacation had ended, the impressions and memories were still etched deep within his/her mind. Perhaps a lot of fans would like to know where the Korean idols stand in Japan, and that is what we are going to report to everyone now.

Arashi? Tohoshinki?

One of the burning questions on every Korean fan’s mind is: what is THSK’s actual status in Japan and are they included in the league of “TOP Star”, just like how they are in Korea? In reference to this question, we consulted one of Japan’s musicians, and his answer was not what we had expected. He revealed a “why-do-you-ask-such-a-weird-question” expression before replying, “We have never compared Arashi and Tohoshinki. These two groups are Japan’s TOP Star, and they are incomparable because of the differences in their style.”

Japan’s entertainment market is definitely different from Korea’s. If the style or the market development is different, it will be unreasonable to compare or compete. Compared to Korea, where major entertainment companies would always compete against each other, most of Japan’s entertainment companies develop their own market by improving on and enriching their personal style and field [of expertise]. Similarly, when asked about Kara and 4Minute, who were recently introduced into Japan, the reply was that “both groups had their distinctive characteristics and thus were not perceived to be rivals”. They also expressed that they were unable to understand Korea’s concept of putting up idol groups against each other for competition and for comparative analysis. Thereafter, they confidently affirmed that THSK’s standing in Japan were that of TOP Star, similar to Arashi’s (the ranking is not important).

It is very easy to fully appreciate the popularity of THSK. Their albums are always the ones on display in Japan’s famous music and video stores, and it is very easy to spot THSK fans who are always there to look for their albums.

A Korean staff from the entertainment world, who often flies in and out of Japan, gave THSK a very high standard of evaluation, then added that if it was not for THSK, current Korean idol groups will never be able to officially enter the Japanese market as easily as they do now. Korea’s entertainment market and sector started developing slightly later, especially in the idol market targeted towards youths, who are extremely sensitive to the current trends. Therefore, for Korean idols to be able to reach such a high standard of evaluation as they do now, much of the contribution belongs to THSK and the huge impact that they have made.

Source: XIAHKing + baiduTVXQ
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I bet a lot of Junsu fans missed Xiahtic as much as I did. Was so happy to see this performance. Many thanks to the fan who recorded this and uploaded it online! ;)

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For everyone watching Vivi, hello, this is XIAH junsu~! I will go with my single in the name of XIAH junsu, everyone, please support me. The song "Intoxication" is, how should I put into words, black music, in R&B style. When everybody hears the song, you should feel the
manly sexiness (T/N: Oh, believe me Junchan, we sure do),so please hear the song many times, yes. Please give me all of your supports! I am very grateful for the Vivi readers. Thank you very much.

: sainokuni @ Dailymotion
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Thank you as always!

Cheer up (be strong) even though it’s difficult!

Let’s wait together!

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I've always liked how Jaejoong writes to his fans. He uses such short yet touching words.

Joongie, there's no need to worry. We will always wait for all of you!

TV Appearance Information

6/8 Tuesday 24:15~25:28 NHK 『Tohoshinki Request SPECIAL』

Magazine Information

★ジュ ンス[Junsu]
6/7 Monday 『Ane Can 』※ Debut.
6/5 Saturday 『non-no 』

★ジェジュン [Jejung]
6/2 Wednesday 『TV PIA 』※ Covers the main cast of cr “Hard To Say I LoveYou”!

(T/N): Ane Can started publication on March 7, 2007, published by Shogakukan Co. Ltd(one of Japan’s major publishers) and is a popular women’s magazine.

Source: 驻足KinG.TVXQ + BaiduTVXQ
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Title: Girls Award 2010

Channel: fashiontv (SKYPerfecTV! Ch. 765)

Date and time of the first broadcast: 6/10 (Thursday) 22:00 to 24:00

This is XIAH-san~

Source: 聆听XIAHTIC + BaiduTVXQ
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Exclusive pictures from the Japan-Korea collaborative drama “Heaven’s Postman”, which was Jejung's acting debut, have been released! Jejung plays a postman who lies to those who have lost their loved ones, and providing whispers of happiness to them.

“Heaven’s Postman” Photo Gallery

This show was created by the famous Japanese scriptwriters, starring a popular Korean actors and actress, and is one of the Japan-Korea collaboration projects for “Telecinema 7.” Director of the popular “Halfway” (starring Kitano Kie and Okada Masaki) directs the screenplay written by Eriko Kitagawa, and co-stars Han Hyo Joo, who also starred in the hit drama "Brilliant Legacy", which enjoyed ratings(in Korea) as high as 47.1%.

The story is about “Heaven’s Postman” Jae Joon, who has a strong link to the dead, yet cannot be seen, who meets Ha Na. Jae Joon’s work slowly helps to heal her broken heart , and the story describes a search for the route of rebirth. This time, the exclusive photos from Jejung express a situation where, while helping those who are grieving and need help using unconditional love, there is no one to heal yourself.

Telecinema 7 was aired in Korea in November last year. Aside from “Heaven’s Postman”, and popular group BIG BANG’s T.O.P and V.I.’s acting debut in “19”, Osaki Masaya’s ( Scriptwriter of “Hitoshi Tadano, the Extraordinary Undercover Detective”) “Triangle”, “A Dream Comes True”, “Paradise”, “After the Banquet” and “The Relation of Face, Mind & Love” make up the remaining 6 stories.

Telecinema 7’s collection of 7 stories (Including Heaven’s Postman) will be released by Toho Co. Ltd throughout Japan on the 29th of May.

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To commemoration of “XIAH” which is to be released on the 26th of May, We will be holding an event for those who have purchased this single! If you would like to participate in this event, please look at the guidelines on how to apply and details below. Thank you for your interest!

Title: “XIAH” Release Commemmorative(Buyers-only) Event.
Details: Mini Live & Talk (The event will be around 1 hour long)
*Songs to be performed are currently set as: Intoxication, Kanashimi No Yukue, Kimi Ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~*
Date: 18 June 2010 (Friday)
Show 1: Opens at 15:00, Starts at 16:00
Show 2: Opens at 19:00, Starts at 20:00
Location: To be confirmed
Capacity: Each performance limited to 1000 people. Total of 2000 People. (There may be a possibility of increase or decrease of capacity due to the location)
*We will provide a guide with more details on the event for the selected participants.

Each single comes with 1 piece of official postcard sticking to the back, please apply by sending in your details. Participants will be chosen by balloting, and 1000 groups (Total of 2000 participants) will be selected.
• The announcement of the selections will be done by the sending out of event invitations.
• Only selected participants will receive an event invitation.
• On the day of the event, participants must bring the event invitation along.
• Each event invitation provides entry for 2 participants

(First Press & Normal Edition accepted)
5/26 Release: Xiah junsu “XIAH”
[CD+DVD] RZCD-46562/B ¥1,890(Tax Inclusive)
[CD]   RZCD-46563 ¥1,050(Tax Inclusive)
[mu-mo ver.] RZC1-46564 ¥735(Tax Inclusive)

***Other details omitted***

source: [Tohoshinki Official Site]
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T/N: You can see a part of a 'I believe in TVXQ (동방신기 믿어)' placard in the bottom left hand corner.

TVXQ, Park Jaebom... Although they, who once set alight the Kpop scene, were not there, their presences still lingered.

At the 'I Love Korea 2010 Dream Concert' held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 22nd, an unusual sight could be seen.


TVXQ, whose members are currently in a legal dispute with their agency, did not appear at the Dream Concert but still showed off their powerful presence. Currently, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun are locked in a legal dispute with SM Entertainment over their exclusive contract and the group is in trouble of disbanding.

However, their fans' determined will was like none other. Cassiopeia, who were located in the center of the stadium with their red balloons and glowsticks, sang numerous hit songs by TVXQ such as 'Balloons' and 'Jumun-MIROTIC' to show their never ending support for TVXQ.


Source: [newsen+Yuaerubi]
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-SM singers' fans draw attention as they yell 'Tohoshinki'

There was a chant that did not stop throughout the entire show. It was of TVXQ's Japanese name "Tohoshinki". That day, fans of Super Junior, Girls Generation and TVXQ fans shouted out the name of TVXQ, who did not attend the concert, and wished for the reconciliation between SM and the three members. This is because TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun are locked in a legal dispute that has brought them to the brink of disbandment.

Source: [edaily+Yuaerubi]
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70.9 MB
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I spot Yunho, Changmin, Junho, Baekga, Rain (Bi), Minho. Nickhun was there too... I think. Not sure ^^

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May 23 (Sun), 2010

I know all of you have been waiting.
We will produce the “Tohoshinki Special” program.

This time, the concept is “Tohoshinki Best Selection of the fans”.
We will collect your votes through the MJ program homepage.
We will collect all of your requests of the Tohoshinki songs from our program POP JAM, MUSIC JAPAN, and all of other NHK recorded ones.
We will introduce you the songs in the countdown method.

We were planning a special program at the timing of the 5 members’ new song, but their activities are suspended for the moment.
So, I will set up the archived data of the 31 songs, starting from their first appearance in POP JAM, “Somebody To Love” , to “Stand By U” of last year’s Kouhaku.
We will truly produce the program based on all of your requests.

We will set the MJ program homepage so that you could vote through the homepage.
Everyone, please give us your votes.
Please do not worry, just request “the Tohoshinki that I want to see again”.

For veteran fans, I have a request.
There should be special characteristics and versions for the list of songs for the ballot, and the fans should know the details better than me.
Please give us your comments, so that it will be a help for the newcomers.

What song should be selected as No. 1 of the fans?
Last time, it was “Somebody To Love”,
but there are rare videos as “Bolero at Kayo-concert” and “Sennen Koiuta at MJ”.
There is “Love in the Ice of the Special 1.”

The request will be until May 31.
The program will be broadcasted on June 9.
We are awaiting for all of your votes.

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What did you do today?
I washed my car

What do you do in your free time?
Random mumblings

Your travel route?
Going to Japan frequently

What is the exercise you have been doing a lot lately?
Breathing exercises

What is your sleeping habit?
Why do you want to know for?

What is your IQ?
I think it is in the negative numbers

What do you hate most?
Needles and dust

What do you want to eat?
Radish kimchi noodles

What is your best dish?
Fried eggs

Your favourite actress is Kim Tae Hee?
It will always be Kim Tae Hee

What do you look for in appearances?
First impression

Do you like older women?
Suitable older women

How about younger girls?
Girls nowadays…

When are we pretty?

Will you only look at me?
That is a bit too greedy

The person you treasure most?
Each other

What are you known for in your family?
Ability to nag

The gender of a tree?
It has seeds

Do you like games?
Quite, recently

Your recent favourite song?
Ryoo Jaeho’s songs.

How many songs do you have in your MP?
25,000 songs

Any books you have been reading lately?
I’ve been reading scripts

Do you bathe frequently?
Do you?

Is your underwear boxer shorts?
Tight-fitting boxer shorts

The secret to your milky skin?
Smiling frequently

Do you often look into the mirror?
Only when I am out

What you are most confident of?
My wide forehead

Where do you shop?
Recently in Japan

Why do you like flip-flops?
It’s cooling for my feet

Type of red wine you recommend?
As long as you drink it, it’s all alcohol

Which aspect are you good in financially?

Who were you in your previous life?
I was illegitimate

If you were a woman?
I would be murdered a lot of times…

Any place where you can be alone?
Half-baths are good

How old are you Yoochun?
Shall I let you see my identity card?

Your dream when you were younger?
The place where Turbo sang (The group Kim Jung Kuk was from previously)

Is this questionnaire meaningful?
I’m sleepy

Are you happy now?
Very happy

What are your plans this year?
I’ll be very busy?

How will I be like in 5 years?
Probably enlisted into the army?

Who are the fans to you?
How do I say…thank you

Any last words?
I’ll say it next year…

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Everyone.. be happy!
Always and no matter what.
Everyone, I feel complete with your smiles ♥♥
I will work hard”er”♥
“Always Keep The Faith”

T/N “er” it’s like he’s already working he will work harder^^

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Actress Lee Yeon Hee has posted a photo of her while having a short rest during the filming of the drama, Paradise Meadow. On the 17th of this month, Lee Yeon Hee posted a recent photograph of herself on her mini homepage as well as a few words on the current situation. Lee Yeon Hee has been busy filming the drama, Paradise Meadow, with a member of TVXQ, Choikang Changmin. She wrote "it is a short rest and the shooting in Jeju Island has ended smoothly", "There is only a small part left and it will be finished very soon" and also "Until the day of the broadcast of Paradise Meadow, I hope everyone will look foward to it."

The drama, Paradise Meadow, is one that has Jeju Island as the scenery and is about the career and love life of the young.

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The change that has been made in order to express the song properly and the dream of continuing to sing

A single that I have released as a singer that wants to show off a new side

Moving towards a new stage with the name, Xiah Junsu. As a singer that never stops moving forward, in the solo single "Xiah", he showcases music that contains the American R&B style as well as ballads that have a story line to it. "Being different from the usual Junsu, I have decided to use Xiah as the title. I also hope that everyone will be able to see a new me, as a singer. Although I, too, participated in the production of the song but it is the act of singing on the stage that makes me happiest. This time, just like how I've added dance tunes, it is made for the purpose of performing it on the stage. I really cannot wait to perform in front of everyone.

"悲しみのゆくえ" is a sad song. "As compared to a happy ending, it is the change in happiness that makes me hurt", this song is about a love that has changed. Although, as a male, we will have times where we become soft-hearted and feel uncertain, we will always want to hide this side of us. However, in "Intoxication", it is about the passion and perfect side that males want to show. These are 2 songs that are the direct opposite of each other. One singing about the inner self that a male wants to hide, the other singing about the outer appearance that the male wants to show.

"Then, which side of a male would you want to show, Junsu?" When he was asked this question, Junsu used very powerfully answered, "one who knows how to take care of another. Not just to girls but I always hope that I can become someone that will show sincere care for another one no matter who the other person is."

"I have never liked a girl just because of her looks If we're talking about her appearance, I would like a girl that has a similar style to me. If we're talking about her character, I would like a girl that puts in all her effort and continues to strive, whether it is for work or for her personal hobbies or interests. No matter how small the thing is, she will still use all her effort to head towards a certain direction. This kind of girl is very charming. Japanese females, to me, are fresh and bright. I think this is because they are very sincere to the things that they want to do. No matter how old they are, they will always try their best to doll themselves up whether it is in terms of make-up or their style of fashion. When you like a singer, you'll always attend their concerts etc. right? In Korea, they pay a lot of attention to the difference in age however the Japanese females will always have that young teenage girl self in them no matter how old they are and I think that is very charming."

Gathered his own friends to form a soccer team?

Junsu, who is talking about "girls who always put in effort", is currently in love with soccer. Because just like how he loves music, he loves things that can make his body active. "Recently, I seem to be slacking a little in terms of training my muscles (laugh) but I really love sports. In Korea, I would always either play soccer or baseball once every two weeks. This seems to be my first time talking about this. In reality, this summer, I've formed a soccer cum baseball team with my friends but everyone seems to not care about it. (Laugh) Previously, we separated into teams, "Young Korean artistes team" and "Singers team" and played a match. We got a goal and we won but because it is the first time after 5 years, it's really hard to find the standard that we had 5 years ago during our high school period. It's really regretful... I seem to have no end talking about this. (Laugh) If it's soccer, girls all find it boring right?

All readers, are you still holding on?! (Laugh)
All readers, it's fine talking about this right?! (Laugh)
All readers, it's really fine right?! (Laugh)

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