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rehearsal for Girl's Awards

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he looks like an angel in this pic...xDDD

love that smile! xDDDD

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Partially translated

The story has many painful scenes but the scene when Jaejoong-san playing Doctor and Kinami-san playing MingHa comes out the viewers say they feel relaxed. It seems like the brother and sister are really close…
That makes me happy! I really feel like “what drama am I filming?” that’s how much the sibling scene is different *laugh*. It makes me think is it alright to have all these fun scenes? We filmed the scene today where for the first time Haru-san (Ueno Juri) comes to our house, Haru-san seemed to like the house… She said “this house is fun!” *laugh*.

The setting is Korean siblings, the script is in Japanese but the Japanese isn’t smooth. Was that discussed and decided with the director?
In the beginning I wasn’t supposed to have any accent but I wanted everyone to feel that im playing a Korean role. We had a rehearsal and tried to balance the accent with Jaejoong-san. But from a Japanese person its difficult to tell how to do it. So I had Jaejoong-san or my Korean friend read the script then I check it and practice. Because of that when I talk normally I have an accent *laugh*. At my house I watch tv shows that Yoon Son-ha-san is in.

What is your impression on Jaejoong-san who plays your brother?
He is very nice. In a good way he is normal. He’s a normal 24 year old guy… The scene where he’s with his sister he’s always bright so I have an image of him being bright. From his past works I had an image of him as an idol or a star but he’s very natural and I think that’s what is loved by everyone. So I feel like he’s my real brother. Even though we’re the same age *laugh*.

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1. AKB48 – 260.80, “Ponytails and scrunchies”
2. XIAH Junsu – 200.00, “XIAH”
3. Sata Andagi – 47.10, “Why don’t we go to Okinawa?”
4. ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION – 31.00, “Maigoinu to Ame no Beat”
5. Ishiwatari Junji & Sunahara Yoshinori + Yakushimaru Etsuko – 22.20, “Do as the God says”
6. SoulJa – 22.10, “Please don’t let go” feat. Aoyoma Thelma
7. Lia/Tada Aoi – 21.90, “My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song”
8. K’naan – 21.70, “Wavin’ Flag Coke Cola ® Celebration Mix ~Sekai ni hitotsu no flag”
9. Toyasaki Aki – 21.30, “Boku wo Sagashite”
10. Matsutoya Yumi – 18.90, “Dance no yo ni, idaki yosetai/Baton Relay”

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TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho was involved in an amusing happening in which he received apologies from female Hong Kong fans from inside the men’s bathroom at the Hong Kong airport.

A video was uploaded on Youtube on the 19th that recorded the entire scene.

The members of TVXQ, a group that is hurting from a round of disbandment rumors, are currently performing solo activities. U-Know Yunho arrived in Hong Kong on the 16th for a photo shoot.

On that day, numerous fans rushed to the airport to see U-Know Yunho; they surrounded him with a camera in one hand and a Korean placard in the other. The airport was filled with chaos and U-Know Yunho was unable to move forward due to the fans around him.

U-Know Yunho, who was being tossed around by the crowd, saw a men’s bathroom in front of him and went inside. Because the majority of fans were female, they were unable to chase him inside.

The fans, who wanted to see their ‘oppa’ for a little longer, stood outside the bathroom and waited.

However, it seemed as though the fans felt bad for forcing U-Know Yunho to hide in the bathroom and they began apologizing and saying “Mianhae(sorry)”. After saying “Mianhae” around ten times with precise pronunciations, the fans began to shout “Saranghae(I love you)” and showed their warm hearts for their ‘oppa’.

U-Know Yunho emerged from the bathroom with sunglasses on after the majority of the fans had left and was able to exit the airport with ease.

Korean netizens who watched the video stated, “It’s funny to watch them corner him and then apologize right away.”

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Whew! Junchan!

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