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Published by GAM, "KBOOM June 2010 Issue" will feature a popular South Korean group. Sales will begin on 21st May.

Jejung and Yunho from Tohoshinki will be on KBOOM July issue's cover (T/N: a small area, as shown on the image above).

Page 8 features article of Jejung’s TV series Sunao ni Narenakute/Hard To Say I Love You press conference.

On page 4, it discloses Yunho's appearance in J. RICH .

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Part 1: The newest issue! It’s Changmin!

The newest issue of ELLEgirl that was released on the 12th, did everyone get it?!~ The cover is Rihanna, a huge special is a must-read guide of Harajuku, Kesha’s appearance on “SATC2″ with presents… and this month’s issue is especially exciting! Even within us, we we’re talking about it a lot, and the video that was released to the public also received much access, it’s Changmin’s page!

Here!~ I’ll show you (maybe a bit too much) a bit. Fufufu, surprisingly this time the present will be a signed polaroid! It’s seriously a treasure. You can find more detail from the magazine, please keep send in coupons!!

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June 6 (Sun)
* He will appear in the corner “ASIAN LOUNGE”, where various information of Asian countries are introduced.
[JAPAN FM LEAGUE (5 broadcasting stations network]
J-WAVE (Tokyo)
ZIP-FM (Aichi)
FM802 (Osaka)
CROSS FM (Fukuoka)

May 30 (Sun)

May 27 (Thurs)
13:00-15:30 Nippon Housou "Teri to Taihei Notteke Radio" NEW

May 25 (Tues)
19:00-22:00 FM Yokohama "tre-sen" NEW

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Ayako’s Diary


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The number of comments for my recent article was beyond my imagination,
I am so delighted ♪

(T/N: There were 68 comments for the previous article with Junsu’s picture)

I felt all of Junsu fans’ warm feelings…….
Thank you very much!!

Just a little bit information…

Our duet song was “Sweet Memories” of Matsuda Seiko-san♪

Junsu-san just flattened the key of the original song.
His singing prowess and expressiveness was wonderful and amazing……
The song was full of emotion with his pure and kind heart…
I was so impressed, I was almost in tears…….

From the bottom of my heart, I want to perform together with him once again.

Thank you, Junsu-san!!

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(Xiah Junsu is on the left)

Idol group TVXQ member Xiah Junsu is reported to gain revenue from his activity in Japan worth for 3 billion won.

Xiah Junsu is going to release his solo single in Japan in the following 26th, entitled ‘Intoxication’. This single currently recorded 75,000 copies sales for CD version and for the special package that includes DVD is sold 85,000 copies, summing a total 160,000 copies sold and about 3 billion won revenue is expected to flow.

His Japan agency official said, “This single contains song ‘Kanashimi No Yukue’ which is going to be soundtrack of TBS Drama ‘A Love Letter 5 Years from Now’, due to this, the interest of fans (to the single) is likely to grow even more.” In addition, “Moreover, this single will be Junsu’s first solo single apart from TVXQ as a group, thus seems to pump up the interest this high.”

Meanwhile, the three members Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun will be holding a fanmeeting event tour in coming early June to Osaka as well as Tokyo, Japan.

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