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[VIDEO] Super - News

Sunao cast playing around. awww! too cutie! xDD

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[TRANS] 'Big3' SM-YG-JYP, How Much Did They Earn In 2009?

How much could the sales and net profit be of Korea's three biggest entertainment agencies, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment?

All three hold the nation's most popular idol groups and Lee Soo Man (SM), Yang Hyun Suk (YG) and Park Jin Young (JYP) are all the largest shareholders in their respective agencies. K-pop fans have always been curious of the competition between the three with sales being of no exception.


SME, the only company of the three to be selling shares in KOSDAQ, recorded sales of 61,788,490,000 Won (55.6 million USD) and rose to the number one spot. Their sales have risen from the previous year of 43.7 billion Won (39 million USD). Last year, numerous SME idol groups Girls' Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, TVXQ, f(x) and BoA were extremely active both domestically and overseas and reaped in great sales for the agency.


Regarding operating profits, which are calculated by subtracting factors such as the production of cost and salaries from sales, SM reaped in a total of 9.266 billion Won (8.3 million USD).

In net profits, SM earned 4.471 billion Won (4 million USD) in profits. (omitted)

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[TRANS] Let's brighten up 100415

An Article from a Japanese Blog


2010-04-14 23:54:13

I came home late tonight.....OMG, big thing!

For us Tohoshinki fans, it is said to be the terrible 18:00.. (T/N: the "suspension of activities" mail from the Bigeast office was also sent out on 18:00).
We tend to brace ourselves when the Bigeast office sends us messages.

Since there seems to be some complicated things, the CEO's twitter seems to be over flooded.
But now, a few hours have passed, and are you all a little bit calm?

For most of those who gave me the mail today, they said "I cannot be delighted as a whole for the new unit (of the 3 members), but I'll try my best to support them. Someday, I can see the 5 members on stage together! My love for all the 5 members will not change!"
Reading them, I was in tears.

Self-righteousness will look bitter from the surroundings.
When you are carried away, you cannot see your surroundings.
We are humans, we cannot help being carried away....some may think so.
But, for those who can think back of your words and attitudes, regret and apologize, I think they are the true people.

The fans of Yunho and Changmin should be in tears.....
The remaining 3 members can perform on stage, and the fans can hear their singing.
Everyone seems to be delighted...I am frustrated. Frustrated. Deeply frustrated.
Where should I spit out my feelings?
To CEO Matsuura. To avex! ..To Bigeast.
To the fans of the 3 members.


But you should control those kinds of anger, it couldn't be helped.
What do you think about the feelings of the person who heard those words?
Did you feel better after saying them?
If you said those words, can the situation of the remaining 2 members change?
You may say, "I know..I know.."

What about...
What about....if the situation is that Yoochun himself could not sign the contract with avex, and he was left out alone. (T/N: The blog author romi-san is a great fan of Yoochun.)
I thought about those situations, even though I do not want to do so.
Me, a fan of Yoochun should be in great shock, sad, shed tears, frustrated, and cry on a friend's shoulder.
When I become a little bit calm, I will think about Yoochun himself.
Yoochun should be sad if he sees that we fans are in tears, or that we are angry to somebody else.
He should have thought and thought, considering the current situations, made the decision at long last.....

Thinking like this, I think that my depression will minimize.
I will not think "Poor Yoochun", but most likely, I will think, "If I was Yoochun..",
Tears should flow out of my eyes, thinking about Yoochun.
That should be "think as though you are in someone else's ground". Am I correct?

I cannot put in words nicely, but Yunho and Changmin also loves Tohoshinki so much. They should be cheering the new unit.
This should be the results of their discussion many times.
I think that, in the future, when all the lawsuits are solved, and the discussions between the companies are settled, then, we can be able to see the grown 5 members on stage.

Honestly, for this unit, I cannot be delighted from the bottom of my heart, but I think that Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun will do the best for both Yunho and Changmin, too.
Tohoshinki fans, those who have supported them up to this date should understand them.

I heard that this dome event was the pressing request of the 3 members.
I think that they made this request for us, to repay for our strong anxiety during these hard days.
Considering together with the CEO that some criticism may occur....
It should have been a tough decision to make.

I am now anxious about the words of the fans of the 3 members.
Please do not hurt others by rapturous delight, now, when your tension is high, it may be necessary to look back.
I heard stories that the fans' relations broke up.
When I hear those stories, I think "Again?"

This is the time when we with kindness and warm-heartedness....
Let’s encourage each other.
Let’s brighten up.
And, let’s smile.

(few sentences omitted)

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[TRANS] 100415 Tohoshinki’s 3 Members Form A New Unit In Japan; SME Expresses This As “Regrettable”

After announcing a halt on all Japan activities from the 3rd of this month, 5-man dance vocal group Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun have announced on the 14th that they will be forming a new unit. The 3 of them have signed a new contract with Avex Management, and will start activities in Japan.

The new unit, whose name is currently not confirmed, will be performing on the 5th and 6th of June at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka and on the 12th and 13th at Tokyo dome, with the event titled “Thanksgiving live in Dome”

As for the Korean Media, after news about the new unit broke, a representative of SM Entertainment said that as the exclusive contracts are still valid, to have such irresponsible and rash behavior without considering the lawsuit is “regrettable”.

The 3 members in the new unit had disputed their unfair contract in July last year, suing the company that they have been with since their debut, SM Entertainment. In October of the same year, the court ruled for the injunction of contract terms*, effectively halting their exclusive contract.

Meanwhile, on the 14th of this month, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the 3 members to seek compensation on damages, further complicating matters.

As for the 2 members (Changmin and Yunho) not involved in the lawsuit, and are still under the SM Entertainment, it is not clear whether they will be continuing activities in Japan under the Avex Management.

Also, the fans in Korea have expressed, “We wanted to see the 5 members working together, but they have still split in the end” and “[we] hope that they will still do their activities in Japan with enthusiasm”

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[INFO] 100414 Xiah Junsu To Perform At NHK 「MUSIC JAPAN」 In May

Xiah Junsu invited to perform at MUSIC JAPAN

Xiah Junsu has been confirmed to attend NHK「MUSIC JAPAN」(Sunday Broadcast at 6:10PM)
NHK is now calling for audience members (audience will be selected by drawing randomly)

Date: May 17
Open Doors: 6PM
Performance Start: 7:30PM
Location:NHK Hall (Tokyo/Shibuya)

For more information, click on the following links

At the following URL, click 「MUSIC JAPAN」 Main Page 「Watch Show」
☆ Cellphone |Messages for cellphones|
※ Please apply in the detailed pages of the links

Other artists performing:
AKB48, FT Island, Scandal, S/mileage, Tokyo Girls' Style, Morning Musume, etc.

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[VIDEO] 100415 Jaejoong - Mezamashi TV with Sunao Ni Narenakute Cast

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[TRANS] 100414 Jaejoong - Tohomobile staff blog

Thank you for your support~!!

“Everyone thank you for your support! I was really nervous but was I

by Jaejoong

Jaejoong who loves Tamori-san.
He feels happy just by looking at his face
Jaejoong was extremely happy since he was able to meet the real
Tamori-san today!!

Everyone thank you for the flowers and telegraphic messages!!
Not only from Japan but we got congratulation flowers and telegraphic
messages from Korean and China. Jaejoong happily looked through each
one. There was 15 boxes of telegraphic messages!! Jaejoong said he will
look through it carefully later!!

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[PHOTOS] 100413 - 100414 Stalking YoonHo

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[NEWS] SHINee Minho was mistaken as Changmin's girlfriend!?

Japanese Gossip Magazine “Friday” reported on DBSK Max Changmin and his “secret girlfriend”, who sat right next to him in a photo, with the long beautiful hair.

It turned out to be that the “girlfriend” in that photo was actually SHINee Minho. Minho and Changmin together attended the Michael Jackson tribute concert “This Is It” by DBSK fellow Yunho not long ago.

I don't know if I should laugh or cry. HHAHAHAHA. My favorite babies:)
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[VIDEO] Yunho - J.Rich Goodbye My Love MV

This is sooo depressing T__________T
Anhyeong Sarang... NOOO!
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[PHOTOS] 100414 Jaejoong - Waratte Iitimo Telephone Segment part 3

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[INFO] ANAN 1705 poll ‘Which male artists would you like to make love with’

1. Fukuyama Masaharu
2. Okada Junichi
3. Tamaki Hiroshi
4. Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
5. Matsumoto Jun(Arashi)
7. Narimiya Hiroki
8. Ikuta Touma
9. Tokui Yoshimi
10. Yuchun (TVXQ)

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[PHOTO] Yunho’s message to Monarque

To Monarque
Congrats for the sites 1 year anniversary
Always appreciate your love and trust
No matter what kind of situation, the love and trust you give me, it gives me a lot of strength…
- U.know

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[TRANS] 100414 "We Had a Good Discussion" AVEX CSO Twitter (Ryuhei Chiba)

"I cannot talk about work.
But we had a good discussion.
If we all keep our kindness in our heart, all is in God's hand.
I am taking a bath now.
I take a bath daily for one hour.
After this I eat and then flight (airport).
See you later!"

By Ryuhei Chiba, Avex CSO

*In his twitter, he wrote that he went to Korea talk with SM.
He keeps on posting Lotte photo of five members in his twitter.

Always Keep The Faith!

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[TRANS] 100414 “There Might be Some Actions Expected in The Future”

(Photo from AVEX CSO's Twitter)


Spot Translation:

Three members concluded the new contract with AVEX management and reopened their music activity, but the future plan about other two members is unpublished.

However, when their activity stop was announced, AVEX stated, "We will do our utmost best to support the activty of each five members continuously in the future who have one of a kind rare talent and the future". There might be some upcoming actions expected in the future.

[100403] Avex Offcial Announcement: Stated on April 3rd, 2010

*As of now after the announcement of the three members unit, Avex's TVXQ Official Home Page is keeping this notice.
Red circled area is what MEVIEWSA RADIO News wrote about.

Always Keep The Faith!

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[VIDEO] 100414 Jaejoong at Waratte ittomo {Full}