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TVXQ’s Discography Compilation
“TVXQ’s Eternal Brilliance”
“TVXQ’s Eternal Brilliance” (booklet) will be available for pre-ordering on the 21st of May 2010.

On the 3rd of April 2010, [we] were informed of the suspension of TVXQ’s activities.

Excellent music, entertainment, beauty and individual charm
Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun showed all of these things to us, and have given us things that are immeasurable.
This book has summed up all their activities so far and everything that the fans would want to know.

After exclusive Korean and Japanese interviews, the contents have never appeared in any TVXQ book to date, they being highly mysterious.

1. The shops that the members frequent, in both Korea and Japan (there are about 20). At the same time, their photographs will be shown. The shops belonging to the family of the members will be revealed.
2. All the products that the members use
3. The latest news of the members as a whole and forecast for future activities
4. An urgent survey done by 1,000 fans from Korea and Japan, selecting “The 100 Questions I Really Want to Ask” and their explanations
5. Latest news from K-POP and the current focus of attention
6. The detailed data of all the members and special stories. All the TVXQ members' profiles and special stories of each members, that are still unknown.
7. One glance and you can see the whole course of action; summarizing the chronology of TVXQ and the CD and DVD track lists.

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Using homosexuality as one of the themes to describe and express the lives of and romance between SungKyunKwan scholars, a new-age remake of the Korean historical drama, “SungKyunKwan Scandal” will be available to the audience in the fall.

The production company of “SungKyunKwan Scandal” has expressed on the 13th that “we have been doing confirmation works with the KBS production team recently, and we have scheduled for the drama to be released in September this year.”

On the other end, KBS states, “Right now, “SungKyunKwan Scandal” is schedule to be broadcast every Monday and Tuesday, but there is a huge possibility of change. Even though we are in the midst of discussion with the drama production team, but because the drama which we are broadcasting currently might be lengthened by a few episodes, so the confirmation for the broadcast of “SungKyunKwan Scandal” is still undetermined.”

As “SungKyunKwan Scandal” is DBSK’s Micky Yoochun’s acting debut in a TV drama, it has received the attention of SBS, KBS and MBC respectively.

Also, other than Micky Yoochun, Song Joong Gi and Jung Da Young, many other well-known actors and actresses are being cast as supporting roles, therefore the progress of the shoot is a pressing task.

“SungKyunKwan Scandal” will commence its shooting in late May.

T/N:Yoochun's character develops a romantic relationship with Da Young's character (a girl disguised as a boy), that's why the article spoke about having the theme of homosexuality. SungKyunKwan is an all-boys' school.

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[Me. Sangsun]
Hinata does not mind the rumors of the scandal.

Towards Hinata, Youngsu falsely names himself Sangsun.
So. Feeling as if the story is going to begin now.

An unexpected coincidence! What are these two people doing at that kind of place?
Youngsu and Hinata who met coincidentally on the streets. Facing Young Soo who seems different from the impression she had of him… A confused Hinata!?

Youngsu with a cake in his hand.
The always anxious and intolerable Young Soo, showing a happy expression?
Just what had happened?

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The Korea Pavilion received an overwhelming response for their film “Chorus City” in the EXPO 2010 Shanghai China event.

DBSK’s Uknow Yunho, Super Junior, f(X) and other Korean artistes participated in the making of this film. The film featured the life of a physically handicapped girl, who gave up her dream to be a ballerina. However, with Yunho’s help, this girl eventually realized a small part of her dream. This 12-minute film has received a lot of positive response for the moving plot and quality of the film.

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Filming site of Xiah JunSu’s debut solo single “Intoxication”!

The first song of the SOLO track, was composed by Junsu himself! In the debut SOLO tracks, Xiah JunSu’s momentum and enthusiasm is fully shown, and he will provide a detailed introduction around the filming locations!

Releasing Dates

18th May 2010 (Tuesday), 01:30 – 02:00 (First)
20th May 2010 (Thursday), 16:00 – 16:30
21st May 2010 (Friday), 8:30 – 9:00
22nd May 2010 (Saturday), 17:30 – 18:00

22nd May 2010 (Saturday), 03:20 – 04:14 TV Tokyo [Gekkan Melodix!]
*Interview included

22nd May 2010 (Saturday), 18:00 – 18:30 Fuji TV [MUSIC FAIR]

29th May 2010 (Saturday), 18:00 – 18:30 Fuji TV [MUSIC FAIR]

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Yoochun’s first starring drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ is confirmed to be organized by KBS 2TV drama.

SungKyunKwan Scandal production company on the 13th, “Drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ has been confirmed recently to be organized by KBS 2TV, and is scheduled to broadcast this September’s fall.” as said. Following the confirmation, in the official website, a temporary characters showing the F4 of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ comic characters is revealed.

The characters that are revealed are the male-dressed version of Kim Yoon-hi (Jung Da Young), the stander Lee Sun-jun (Yoochun), Goo Yong-hwa (Lee Song Ki), and Moon Jae-sin, giving a glimpse image of the F4.

Even from the cast until the production begins, Yoochun from group TVXQ starring in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ drama has been a hot topic. Yoochun and Jung Da Young have had their scenario practice since the 9th, and in the end of May, the first shooting is expected to begin.

The unique drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ crew, “This will give the highest view of a historical drama. Setting in the drastic change during Jiseon Dynasty, the drama will show a trendy feeling.” revealed a high confidence about the drama.

Meanwhile, ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ is the first-ever local drama which has setting in SungKyunKwan University during Jiseon Dynasty, the story will be revolving around the college freshmen and draws out a sweet romance in SungKyunKwan.

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SM Entertainment Company will be working together with James Cameron, the creator and director of Hollywood blockbuster, Avatar, and Samsung Electronics on a series of 3D-related production (including movies, music and other tools of commercialization).

SM, Cameron and Samsung Electronics will hold a combined conference regarding the expansion of 3D-related content on the 14th at Samsung Electronic’s multi-purpose hall located in Seocho-dong, Seoul.

Other than the SM production team, BoA, Yunho, Changmin and other artistes will also attend the conference.

On the other hand, James Cameron, who arrived on the 12th with his wife for a 3-day schedule, will return to Los Angeles on the afternoon of the 14th after concluding his schedule for the “Seoul Digital Forum”.

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KBOOM July 2010

Price: ¥980
Sale date: 2010/5/21

Content Introduction

○ Cover

○ Tohoshinki Special Vol. 3

1. Jejung/8P
Preview and stage greeting for the drama 『素直になれなくて』/Hard To Say I Love You.
Complete report

2. Yunho's appearances/4P
J.Ric h『Goodbye my love』

3. Junsu's twin brother Junho/4P
First Japanese Showcase

○ Other Features

1. Lee Junki enters the army

2. KBOOM Special Interview Story vol.51
Ko Su

○ Special Interviews

Movie 『19』 Special
V.I&T.O.P (Big Bang members) appearance in KBOOM special interview

○ Big drama hits that you can watch even in Japan

1. You're Beautiful
Location: Okinawa, unpublished photos to be shown!

2. Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy

○ Topic

Kim Hyunjoong (SS501)
Jang Dong Gun

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TV Schedule

MTV Making The Video:XIAH junsu “Intoxication”

Behind-the-scenes for the music video filming location of Xiah Junsu's solo debut single "Intoxication"!
As his first solo, this song is a mid-tempo ballad and he composed it himself.
We'll be giving total coverage of Xiah Junsu, who put in a lot of effort for his solo debut, and of course, we'll introduce the ON and OFF too!

●Broadcast Schedule
18 May, Tuesday, 25:30~26:00 (First broadcast)
20 May, Thursday, 16:00~16:30
21 May, Friday, 8:30~9:00
22 May, Saturday, 17:30~18:00

TV Tokyo [Melodix!]
Date: 22 May, Saturday
Time: 27:20~28:14
※Introducing 「Intoxication」 with a talk portion!

FujiTV [Music Fair]
Dates: 22 May (Sat) & 29 May (Sat)
Time: 18:00~18:30 

Radio Schedule

Date: 6 June
Time: 18:00~18:54
※Appearing on the 「ASIAN LOUNGE」 corner, which introduces news from various parts of Asia.

[JAPAN FM LEAGUE (5 Station Networks)]
J-WAVE (Tokyo)
ZIP-FM (Aichi)
FM802 (Osaka)
CROSS FM (Fukuoka)

Upcoming Magazine Schedule

5/14(Fri) 『WHAT's IN?』
5/14(Fri) 『CD&DLでーた』
5/15(Sat) 『Songs』
5/22(Sat) 『Ray』
5/22(Sat) 『ViVi』
5/22(Sat) 『SPUR』※First appearance!!
5/22(Sat) 『Spring』※First appearance!!
5/22(Sat) 『MAQUIA』※First appearance!!
5/24(Mon) 『smart』
5/27(Thu) 『B-PASS』
6/4(Fri) 『日経エンタテインメント!』 (Nikkei Entertainment Magazine)

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Released Date: 2010-07-07
Album: JAPANATION mixed by DJ KAYA

On 7/7 DJ KAYA’s remix CD “JAPANATION mixed by DJ KAYA” will be released from rhythm zone.

In the CD Tohoshinki’s “Share The World” is planned to be in it.

For more info:

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BOB's Obit

Yesterday we recorded the MUSIC FAIR♪
Yesterday was BOB MARLEY's obit.
We all performed together "ONE LOVE" and "NO WOMAN NO CRY".
I didn't think that I could sing these songs with those members, in (T/N: a famous program as) MUSIC FAIR♪

Aiai (T/N: MINMI is in her eighth month of pregnancy. She has given her baby the nickname "Aiai") seemed to be delighted, she was kicking my stomach.

Starting today, you can download my song "Hibiscus".
Everyone, please DL my song.

2010-05-12 11:24

T/N1: MINMI with Junsu

(Thank you always linh-chan for the clear tohomobile picture!)

T/N2: For MINMI’s information, please click here.

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I had a campaign for my new single and inaugural ceremony
for “Saishoku Akita Ouen Taishi(cheering Akita ambassador)”
I was interviewed in Shinagawa.
Aftet that…
there was a recording for Music Fair.
This time, I sang Bob Marley’s song with MINMI, JUJU, Junsu, Minami Kizuki, cossami and Ikumi Kumatani which everyone had different categories of music.
I had a duet with Junsu. I had lot of fun~
I could spent time which covered with warm love and we became one.
and I was really moved the power of music.
It will be broadcast on May 22th and 29th. So don’t miss it!
and today I’ll be on ‘Miyaneya’!
I’m now in Osaka for 2 days for campaign!
I will work hard with energy~

Source: 藤あや子
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Junsu just recorded for TV a while ago. For your information, the recording will be airing on “Gekkan Melodix” 5/22 25:20~(5/23 01:20am~)

Source: Sonny's Twitter
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On May 11th, Korean unit Choshinsei attended the stage greeting of their debut movie "Kimi ni Love Song o" at the TOHO Cinema Roppongi!

All the members are appearing in the movie and are challenged with their Japanese language skills. According to SungJe "the Japanese pronunciation is difficult, but I was able to work hard on it with the support of the movie staff." Minamizawa Nao, who is playing the lover in the story, said: "The chemistry between me, the reliable SungJe and the mood maker JiHyuk was really good.", "I am happy but together with JiHyuk it was just a little..." SungJe said with a wry smile.

When asked about comparison with Tohoshinki, who have recently announced the pausing of their activities, YoonHak said "We respect them a lot so being compared to them makes us happy." However, he added in a humble way:"Until we reach them though, there is still a long way to go. Still, we will give our best, I think!"

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The latest polls are out and we are ready to bring you the scoop on who came in the running for the hottest man in Asia! Perhaps you will be surprised to see that many of your favorite idols, actors, and athletes clinched quite a good spot on the list!

We start with #68 which went to the cute actor Park HaeJin. The 67th spot went to Kim DongWook, you may remember him as the cutie in MBC’s The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince or in KBS2’s Partner. 66th place went to South Korean swimmer and national swim team-member Park TaeHwan. Actor HyunBin comes in at #64, but sorry girls, he’s already taken by actress Song HyeKyo! Super Junior’s own, Lee DongHae clinches a spot for himself right before HyunBin at #63.

Moving onto the cuties who ranked in the 50s. At #54 we have actor Chun JungMyung who is currently starring in KBS2’s Cinderlla’s Sister. Actor Kim Bum is directly in front of him at #53. The 51st place goes to volleyball player Moon SungMin.

Super Junior’s Lee SungMin starts off the list for the men ranked in the 40s section at #47. Above him, at #45, is actor and model Yoo SeungHo. The 43rd spot is taken by actor Jang GeunSuk, who you may remember from his recent role in SBS’s You’re Beautiful. At #42 is actor, singer, and model Ji HyunWoo. Number 41 is given to badminton player Lee YongDae while #40 goes to actor and model Joo JiHoon who you may know as the prince in MBC’s Goong.

The 39th and 38th spots are reserved for the DongGun’s. Number 39 goes to Jang DongGun while #38 goes to Lee DongGun. Shinhwa’s Lee MinWoo comes in next at #38. The next spot, goes to his band mate Shin HyeSung. He is beaten by actor and model Kang DongWon who comes in at #33. H.O.T’s dancing machine, Jang WooHyuk is #32. ChangMin tops the 30s section at #30.

he 20s section is started off by Super Junior’s Kim KiBum at #29 and he is beaten by DBSK’s Mickey YooChun who is at #28. At #26 is soccer player Choi SungKuk. Super Junior’s dancing machine EunHyuk comes in at #25 while 2PM’s NickKhun secures a spot for himself at #23. Another Super Junior cutie, RyeoWook is at #22 on the list. He is, however, beaten by sexy actor Song SeunHeon who gets the 21st spot and Shinhwa’s JunJin is at #20.

At #19 we have multi-talented entertainer Rain, also known as Bi. H.O.T’s leader Moon HeeJun is directly before him at #18. Another idol, this tme SS501’s leader, Kim HyunJoong is at #17. His co-star from Boys Before Flowers, Lee MinHo, comes in at #16. Another idol group leader, this time DBSK’s leader, Yunho, is at #14. Super Junior’s members claim the 13th, 12th, and 11th spots for themselves. Number 13 goes to leader LeeTeuk, #12 belongs to maknae KyunHyun, and #11 is Choi Siwon.

Now for the top 10! The 9th spot goes to another H.O.T. member, KangTa. Directly above him at #8 is actor and model Jung IlWoo. Super Junior’s Chinese member, HanGeng is at #5. The 4th spot belongs to actor Bae YongJun who you may remember from his most recent role in MBC’s The Legend. 3rd is actor Lee JunKi who recently entered the army in order to fulfill his mandatory national service. The 2nd spot is given to Super Junior’s diva Kim HeeChul. Now, finally, the very 1st spot is given to…drum-roll please! Congratulations to DBSK’s JaeJoong!

Source: Baidu +supershinee.BS + Kpoplive
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U-Know Yunho helped get the group’s name known by appearing in the MV for J.Rich’s ‘Goodbye My Love’

Vocal group J.Rich reveals all.

The group J.Rich, composed of Woojoo, Im Hyun and Ha Joon, has begun its activities for the group’s first single . Before their official debut, they received a lot of attention as TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho appeared in the music video for the song. Until now, U-Know Yunho has never appeared in another singer’s music video. is his first work to do so. His relationship with member Woojoo can be found hidden in his choice to participate in the MV.

“I’ve been friends with Yunho since high school. He was really popular back then too. He was a friend everyone respected. I became closer to him when we moved to Seoul. He was a great comfort to me as I lived away from my hometown. I did ask him to appear in our music video, but I never thought he would actually say yes.” (Woojoo)

Woojoo and Yunho also share their friendship with a group of friends. The fourteen members of this group, that consists of friends all born in 1985, collect monthly fees and use this money to do volunteer work every year. Woojoo asked U-Know Yunho to appear in the group’s music video on his birthday last year and was given a confirmation by U-Know Yunho later.

“At first, I thought he had rejected my offer. There wasn’t any news from him. I later found out about the process he went through. Yunho personally went to persuade his company that he had to appear in the music video. I was really touched. I had always known he was a loyal friend but I began to see him in a new light.”

Thanks to U-Know Yunho’s appearance, J.Rich shot to fame very quickly. They were the most searched on various portal sites and Woojoo’s minihompy was flooded with visitors every day. illustrated the group’s popularity by staying in the top half of the charts. But the reaction of TVXQ fans was split. There was a lot of criticism that J.Rich was using U-Know Yunho merely for marketing purposes. But this was offset by the support for the two people’s friendship as fans knew that it was ultimately U-Know Yunho’s decision to appear in the music video as he knew better than anyone of the hardships Woojoo had faced in the last 10 years.


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[Premiere of drama & backstage interview
2010.4.12 @ Tokyo FM Hall]

Although I was very nervous because it was my first time being in a Japanese drama, everyone treated me very sincerely and this is what enabled the smooth filming of the drama!

In the Fuji TV drama “Hard to say I love you”, it’s the first time Jaejoong is acting and he was also present in the premiere of the drama as well as the backstage interview. On that day, all 5 main leads expressed their thoughts on the first episode after watching it. At the same time, Jaejoong also mentioned his feelings as he challenges acting for the first time. Next, we will talk about the situation of the activities that day!

To be able to see my face in a Japanese drama is a really fresh expereince! (Laugh)
Every time “Doctor” is feeling hurt, he will think of ‘Haru’. That is why I really envy ‘Nakaji’ (laugh)

“Hard to say I love you” is a drama that focuses one 5 friends who met through Twitter and how their relationship slowly grew to real friendship as well as the love story that happens within them. This drama will start airing from the 15th of April, every Thursday at 10 PM on Fuji TV. However, before the airing of the first episode, they held a “Premiere & backstage interview” event. Those who attended the backstage interview not only had the script writer and the directors of the drama but all the leads as well as Jaejoong, who is appearing in a Japanese drama for the first time. Before the premiere of the first episode, the 7 got on the stage and had a short greeting session under the request of the host. Eita very confidently said, “Just like the atmosphere everyone is feeling now, when the 5 of us were filming, we co-operated very well. I believe that from the 2nd episode onwards, everyone will like this drama.” Jaejoong also smiled and said to everyone, “I’m really happy today..”. Following that, he looked at the the host and then the audience while saying, “I am really grateful that I am able to attend the event today. Although it is my first time acting in a Japanese drama and I’m really nervous but thanks to everyone’s sincere care for me, the drama had a smooth filming process.”
Next, the audience who came for the event as well as major media representatives all watched the first episode of the drama. The leads were also watching it in another room.

Jaejoong who was prepared for the attention donned a suit for his first appearance as he attends the Twitter meeting. This is a scene that has not been seen ’till now and made everyone’s eyes twinkle. Jaejoong acted as a guy who has “Doctor” as his Twitter username but in reality, he is working as a young salesman for a company that produces hospital machines and he was called Park Jung-su. Because his sales result did not increase and is constantly being bullied in the company, his superior had already poured water over his head in the first episode. Also, while he was in the office by himself, he stood next to board that contained the sales results and placed the “first place” red flower onto his name. The scene was particularly heart aching. He also had feelings towards the character that Ueno acted as, Haru, and whether he will confess or find another love would be something everyone should look forward to as the story advances.

After about an hour or so when the first episode was done, the 5 main leads once again appeared and garnered much applause from the crowd.

First of all, Eita said, “I really want to watch 2nd episode now!” which garnered another round of applause from the crowd. Next, Ueno also expressed her thoughts as a professional actress, “When I was reading through the script, my heart would feel heavier but in front of the camera, I somehow feel happier.” Next, Jaejoong had been asked, “how do you think your acting was?” and his answer to it was, “Ya, to be able to see my face in a Japanese drama is really a fresh experience. (laugh) I would ask myself if that person is really Jaejoong.” Indeed, to Jaejong who could only learn Japanese through dramas as well as comics when he just came to Japan, it must have felt really fresh to be able to see his own self in something like this. Next, he said, “I am a person who shouts while watching dramas. I kept thinking what the other scenes were like, and when it reached the part about Linda, I exploded. (Laugh)”. The actor who acted as Linda said, “There was a shout that came from the other room.” It is said that it is because Jaejoong watched the scene where Linda had a kissing scene with his own superior and couldn’t hold his reaction in. When the actor just finished saying, “I really want to film a scene where I’m drinking canned coffee with my superior. (Laugh)”, Jaejoong immediately replied saying, “I look forward!”. Amidst the question and answer session with the main leads, I was able to feel the co-operation the had during the filming.

Also, regarding his role as “Doctor”, Jaejoong answered, “When ‘Doctor’ meets an obstacle, he will try his best to overcome it. When he feels hurt, he would think of ‘Haru’. That is why, I really envy ‘Nakaji’. (Laugh)” And this answer had also made the atmosphere at the scene much lighter. After the session, there was time for the major media representatives to take photos and although the amount of representatives threatened to burst the scene, the shooting was done smoothly.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu (real name Kim Junsu) has been nominated for The Musical Awards' 'Best Newcomer Award'.

Xiah Junsu had his first experience as a musical actor in the musical 'Mozart!' and although he was a little unstable during the first couple of shows, many critics said he overcame this as the shows progressed; he was also able to show an almost sold-out ticket power.

Xiah Junsu's nomination is receiving attention for the fact that aside from Ok Joo Hyun, who has settled firmly into the musical industry, Xiah Junsu is the only idol star to be nominated for The Musical Awards.

Others who were nominated alongside Xiah Junsu were Choi Suyoung of 'Notre dame de Paris', Juwon of 'Spring Awakening' and Aenok of 'Romeo and Juliet'.

On the other hand, the fourth The Musical Awards will take place on June 7th at the Sejong Cultural Hall.

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T/N:Yoochun was down with the flu bug a while back.

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After debuting at the NUMBER ONE position in Astroplus/Astrovision record stores last week, Tohoshinki's "Best Selection 2010" debuted at the NUMBER ONE spot this week in another record retail chain, ODYSSEY (with more than 80 stores nationwide!) only after 2 days of release in the market! The chart is based on the total sales tabulated from all Odyssey record stores from April 26 to May 2, 2010.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper
Credits: Universal Records Philippines's official Facebook page
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D.O.B: 26 January 1986
Country of birth: South Korea
Blood type: O
Debuted in 2004 as part of Tohoshinki
This piece of work is his first TV drama in Japan.


Although I really want to say cold jokes like "Don't look down on the bugs~"... (t/n: "bugs" = "small fry";the Japanese terms for "look down" and "bugs" sound similar)

The location is in a mess of fun. As the filming content is rather somber when we film individually, every time everyone gathers together it becomes especially lively. I've also been telling cold jokes to make myself more likable... Just now there was a bug on the canopy, so I really wanted to say "Don't look down on the bugs~".

However, in the end, I restrained myself because I'm not sure if everyone will laugh if I say it. The one with the most humour cells is Eita. He just has to say something and it's hilarious. That's his good point!

Tamayama Tetsuji:

Why is it only Jejung... He's like a genie!

A few days ago I had a meal with Eita and Jejung at the film site canteen for the first time. There, I was the oldest and I'm also more familiar with the staff, so I'll usually make the move to interact with them.

The filming process is also very enjoyable. A few days ago, when we were filming a scene where everyone crosses the pedestrian crossing, Jejung was left in the center, going out of shot.

How did it turn out like that... He is absolutely like a genie, a person who is incomprehensible.

Seki Megumi:

When Jejung is alone, he sometimes gives off a very strong gaze. This kind of strong gaze is completely different from the gentle 'Doctor' that he portrays. I guess this is also one of the reasons why he is so popular! (laugh)

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The new assistant is working!

Park Seonsu, "XIAH junsu-san, please let me take pictures of you!"

Park Seonsu, "How do they look??"

XIAH junsu, "Aren't they good? They just capture my image, thank you!"


Small role-playing…?

XIAH junsu,"From now on I want to show the audience a charismatic XIAH junsu…"
Park Seonsu, "What are you planning for your next concept?"
~To be continued?~

That was JeJung and JunSu's small roleplaying (LOL).


I am perfect…!

This is Xiah who has perfectly memorized the lyrics for his collaboration's song…!!


During preview!

This is Xiah who is immersing in watching the preview together with his stylist assistant who is wearing a tank top…!!


What was it…?

This is Xiah who caught something interesting in front of his eyes…!!


With MINMI-san…

They had a collaboration!!

We had them take a two-shot picture ★


With Fuji Ayako-san…♪

Doing the same pose for the memorial picture!!

Please check out his collaborations when they are on air ☆


Just now…

This is Xiah who didn't start doing push-ups until before the recordng for "Intoxiacation"…!!


Practice's compilation

Right before the recording.
To concentrate, Xiah is practicing the three wise monkeys' "Don't see, don't speak, don't hear"!!

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
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