Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu (real name Kim Junsu) has been nominated for The Musical Awards' 'Best Newcomer Award'.

Xiah Junsu had his first experience as a musical actor in the musical 'Mozart!' and although he was a little unstable during the first couple of shows, many critics said he overcame this as the shows progressed; he was also able to show an almost sold-out ticket power.

Xiah Junsu's nomination is receiving attention for the fact that aside from Ok Joo Hyun, who has settled firmly into the musical industry, Xiah Junsu is the only idol star to be nominated for The Musical Awards.

Others who were nominated alongside Xiah Junsu were Choi Suyoung of 'Notre dame de Paris', Juwon of 'Spring Awakening' and Aenok of 'Romeo and Juliet'.

On the other hand, the fourth The Musical Awards will take place on June 7th at the Sejong Cultural Hall.

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T/N:Yoochun was down with the flu bug a while back.

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After debuting at the NUMBER ONE position in Astroplus/Astrovision record stores last week, Tohoshinki's "Best Selection 2010" debuted at the NUMBER ONE spot this week in another record retail chain, ODYSSEY (with more than 80 stores nationwide!) only after 2 days of release in the market! The chart is based on the total sales tabulated from all Odyssey record stores from April 26 to May 2, 2010.

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D.O.B: 26 January 1986
Country of birth: South Korea
Blood type: O
Debuted in 2004 as part of Tohoshinki
This piece of work is his first TV drama in Japan.


Although I really want to say cold jokes like "Don't look down on the bugs~"... (t/n: "bugs" = "small fry";the Japanese terms for "look down" and "bugs" sound similar)

The location is in a mess of fun. As the filming content is rather somber when we film individually, every time everyone gathers together it becomes especially lively. I've also been telling cold jokes to make myself more likable... Just now there was a bug on the canopy, so I really wanted to say "Don't look down on the bugs~".

However, in the end, I restrained myself because I'm not sure if everyone will laugh if I say it. The one with the most humour cells is Eita. He just has to say something and it's hilarious. That's his good point!

Tamayama Tetsuji:

Why is it only Jejung... He's like a genie!

A few days ago I had a meal with Eita and Jejung at the film site canteen for the first time. There, I was the oldest and I'm also more familiar with the staff, so I'll usually make the move to interact with them.

The filming process is also very enjoyable. A few days ago, when we were filming a scene where everyone crosses the pedestrian crossing, Jejung was left in the center, going out of shot.

How did it turn out like that... He is absolutely like a genie, a person who is incomprehensible.

Seki Megumi:

When Jejung is alone, he sometimes gives off a very strong gaze. This kind of strong gaze is completely different from the gentle 'Doctor' that he portrays. I guess this is also one of the reasons why he is so popular! (laugh)

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The new assistant is working!

Park Seonsu, "XIAH junsu-san, please let me take pictures of you!"

Park Seonsu, "How do they look??"

XIAH junsu, "Aren't they good? They just capture my image, thank you!"


Small role-playing…?

XIAH junsu,"From now on I want to show the audience a charismatic XIAH junsu…"
Park Seonsu, "What are you planning for your next concept?"
~To be continued?~

That was JeJung and JunSu's small roleplaying (LOL).


I am perfect…!

This is Xiah who has perfectly memorized the lyrics for his collaboration's song…!!


During preview!

This is Xiah who is immersing in watching the preview together with his stylist assistant who is wearing a tank top…!!


What was it…?

This is Xiah who caught something interesting in front of his eyes…!!


With MINMI-san…

They had a collaboration!!

We had them take a two-shot picture ★


With Fuji Ayako-san…♪

Doing the same pose for the memorial picture!!

Please check out his collaborations when they are on air ☆


Just now…

This is Xiah who didn't start doing push-ups until before the recordng for "Intoxiacation"…!!


Practice's compilation

Right before the recording.
To concentrate, Xiah is practicing the three wise monkeys' "Don't see, don't speak, don't hear"!!

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