Tuesday, May 11, 2010

T/N: This post consists of staff blog entries from 5/9-5/11.

Today is the first time ☆

That "Intoxication" was recorded on TV!
This is the nameplate for his resting room ♪

XIAH junsu's TV promotion has started



To raise the spirit for XIAH junsu, dancer-san has changed his hairstyle to this!!

Thank you~!


Memorial picture ♪

He took a picture with the two members of Nankai Candies (a comedian duo) whom he had a talk with!

Yama-san and Shizu-san were very nice to him! Thank you very much!!

"Gekkan MelodiX!" will be one air at 3:20am on 5/23! Please look forward to it ☆


Doctor!! (>_<)

Doctor is full of bruises (T_T)

For more details, please check episode 5~!!


New assistant!?

XIAH junsu is having the recording for MUSIC FAIR
The new stylist assistant "Park Seonsu" has come~♪

Just kidding (LOL).

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Jung Da-Young, who is acting in KBS' drama [A Good Day For The Wind To Blow], has been casted as the heroine for the drama [Sungkyunkwan Scandal], which is currently in pre-production and stars other leads like TVXQ's Yoochun, as well as actor Song Joong Gi. On the 8th, Jung Da-Young participated in the script reading, making it the first time she's exchanging and matching lines with Yoochun.

Members who are in the [Good-looking group of 4] include Yoochun who is casted as Lee Son Jun and Song Joong Gi who is casted as Goo Yon Ha. Jung Da-Young, acting as Kim Yeon Ni, dresses as a male and gets involved with the group of 4 good-looking boys, and a romance blossoms between her and Son Jun, acted by Yoochun, in Sungkyunkwan.

[Sungkyunkwan Scandal] is set to be completed in the second half of this year and aired on a weekday on KBS 2.

Source: [chosunonline]
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2010/05/11 "MUSIC FAIR" Recording Ayako Fuji x MINMI x JUJU x XIAH Junsu x Minami Kizuki x Ikumi Kumagai

Junsu came back!
for Saturday next weekend
and for the weekend that follows,
May 22/29.
Recorded two programs for
the broadcast two weeks in a row!

(few sentences omitted)

Starting here, 4 songs,
the live performance,
collaboration. (Lol)

(few sentences omitted)

Junsu, Ayako Fuji, together with all the others, sang 2 songs.
The songs are
"No Woman, No Cry" of Bob Marley (today is his obit)
One more song, "ONE LOVE".
Afterwards, there is a talk time with all the performers!

(few sentences omitted)

adding pictures:

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2010.6.23 On Sale!
5,040yen(including tax) RZCD-46582~4

0. HUG -International ver.-
1. Stay With Me Tonight
2. Somebody To Love
3. My Destiny
4. Asuwa Kurukara
5. Rising Sun
6. Heart, Mind and Soul
7. Begin
8. Sky
9. miss you
10. "O"-正・反・合-
11. Step by Step
12. Choosey Lover
13. Lovin' you
14. Summer Dream
15. Song for you
16. Love in the Ice

18. Ride on
19. Forever Love
20. Together
21. Purple Line
22. Two hearts
23. WILD SOUL (CHANGMIN from 東方神起)
24. Runaway
25. My Girlfriend (YUCHUN from 東方神起)
26. If...!?
27. Rainy Night (JUNSU from 東方神起)
28. Close to you
29. Crazy Life (YUNHO from 東方神起)
30. Keyword
31. Maze (JEJUNG from 東方神起)

32. Beautiful you
33. Sennen Koiuta
34. Doushite kimiwo sukini natte shimattandarou?
36. Bolero
37. Kiss The Baby Sky
38. Wasurenaide
39. Survivor
40. Share The World
41. We are!
42. Stand by U
44. Tokiwo Tomete


2010.6.23 On Sale!
2,100yen(including tax) RZCD-46585

1. Try My Love
2. Kotobaha iranai
3. Eternal
4. The way U are -Japanese ver.-
5. High Time
8. Gosenshi
9. Day Moon ~Harudaru~
10. Box in the ship
11. Take Your Hands
12. Tea for Two



2010.6.23 On Sale!

Limited BOX + Jigsaw puzzle (1000pcs)
11,180 yen(including tax) RZCD-46578~81

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(Third in the first column: Mozart!)

The 4th Musical Awards homepage is now open.

Hello, everyone! The Musical Awards which was established in 2007 is now celebrating its 4th year. The 4th Musical Awards will take place on the 7th of June 2010 at the Sejong Cultural Hall Theatre and till then, we will work hard to make it even more extraordinary. Without everyone's love and interest, this awards ceremony will be meaningless. We are aiming to make this festival grand for the Korean musical officials and the performers/actors, so I ask for your encouragement and interest. Thank you.

- The Musical Awards Executive Office -

Date: June 07, 2010
Location: Sejong Cultural Hall Theatre
Time: 20:00~22:00

Source: The Musical Awards Official Website + DNBN
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During XIAH Junsu recording Music Fair.
New assistant-san of the stylist-san,
Park Sonsu-san came~♪

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On 17 February, Tohoshinki released their first best album [BEST SELECTION 2010] very successfully. As such, they decided to release another single!! [時ヲ止メテ] became the CF song for [Menard TVCM 2009]. Also recorded in the single is Yunho’s solo [CHECKMATE] which was performed at their Live concerts. It is truly a plentiful single.

Tohoshinki recently released their 30th single [時ヲ止メテ]. In the song [時ヲ止メテ], from their low voices until their bright and clear voices, it has an extremely melodious tune… perhaps we are listening to voices that are different from the past. As they sing about “a love that has ended”, it is a song that is full of emotions that are passionate and filled with hurt.

When they sing “Stop time, I want to always be by your side,” it’s as if they are depicting a scene from a movie or TV drama and displays a continuing passion. While filming the PV, they received high compliments as they grew throughout the years and demonstrated the power and ability that belongs only to adults.

Before releasing this single, on 17 March, [TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION -THE ONE-], which encompasses 26 PVs ranging from their debut single [STAY WITH ME TONIGHT] to [BREAK OUT!], was released. By watching these footage, one can see their growth and feel the performance ability of an adult. Taking for example dancing, the correct moves are executed and everyone’s character and performance ability are perfectly in sync with the song’s story. Every song is sure to make one feel the strength of their ability. While enjoying every song, one can leisurely enjoy the DVD.

On the other hand [TVXQ non-stop mix vol. 2], which was released on the same day as [時ヲ止メテ], includes songs with powerful dance moves like [FORCE] and [Jumon] and sweet love songs like [BOLERO] and [どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?]. It is a compilation CD that one really wishes to own. Tohoshinki is really capable. It is a CD that contains hit songs from them, who are shining brighter and brighter.

The parts we want to introduce: Strong and gentle, energetic performances, the strength that moves hearts… these 5 people who possess all of these, one can feel this kind of charm that they have, and one hopes that they will continue to shine.

source: [heyjj]
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Q: What were your thoughts when you received the offer to star in this Japanese TV drama?
- I have never acted before, plus having to speak in Japanese… Frankly speaking, I was really uneasy.

Q: What left the deepest impression on you during the shooting of this drama?
- I didn’t have enough time to practice as the shooting for the drama took place immediately. Every day after the shooting was done, I would spend countless hours in my room with my manager, going through the script and preparing myself for the next day. There was almost no time to sleep and I often asked myself if I could do this well. Because I felt anxiety and the pressure of doing well, I couldn’t sleep well too. Even though I was forced to eat, I had no appetite, so it was really hard! However, the moment the shooting took place, I enjoyed it. It feels really good to be able to experience a life that’s not my own. Even though the shooting has only taken place for a week, I’ve had a lot of inspirational and moving moments.

Q: You’re playing the character of Youngsu a young man who comes from an extremely wealthy background and displays a strong attitude towards anyone. This is not a very good character trait. Is it very different from your own character?
- Even though Youngsu may seem to be a person who is fulfilled or satisfied in every way, he is actually rather lonely. From a moral point of view, he does not seem to know what is important. Though I am different from Youngsu, I understand how he feels. Just like what Hinata told Youngsu, now that I have a crew who treats me like family and supporters who like me, I feel blessed.

Q: Youngsu changed after meeting Hinata in Japan. What is Yoochun’s one encounter that changed his life?
- There’s a lot; in this drama, I understand now the joys of acting because I was given the chance to know many outstanding actors, actresses, director and crew members. After having been an artiste, I now have the dream to become an actor. This was really a life-changing encounter!

Q: This is your debut in Japan’s acting scene. Would you want to continue acting in the future?
- Definitely! However, my greater wish is to be able to sing as soon as possible.

Q: Finally, please tell us something about this drama that we can look forward to.
- If you are able to understand both Youngsu’s and Hinata’s thoughts and emotions, it will definitely be very interesting! Also, the theme song that is sung by Xiah Junsu is also something to look out for so keep an eye out for it.

Artiste: Xiah Junsu

Regarding the theme song of the drama that stars Yoochun as the lead

I heard that Yoochun is starring in this drama, and because the story plot and content is very good, I will do my best to make the drama more appealing with my song. I have been to the scene of the shoot once, and after seeing how Yoochun and everyone else worked hard in order to produce a perfect piece of work, I also immersed myself in that atmosphere.
[君がいれば~Beautiful Love] is a new composition written especially for this drama, so please listen and feel the emotions captured within this song. In order to reciprocate the producer’s expectations towards me, and to match the song composition written for this new drama, I will use my unique way of singing this song.

source: ARENA37℃ June Issue + baidutvxq
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When Yunho’s pictures goes up, a lot of people show interest

There are also lots of comments and even though I want to answer them all, I’m sorry I’m unable to.

It would be nice if you could think of this one response as to responding to all of your comments.

From all the comments that lots of people have left, it was really nice to read about ohboypraise’s information regarding ‘Taepung.’

Yunho also mentioned Taepung during the photoshoot.

The comment that fans were going to do charity in the name of Taepung at Yugigyeon association made me feel really good.

Getting your hearts together to support a great musician by helping souls that are hurt makes me wonder if there is a more beautiful way to show love.

Because of everyone, Yunho shines even more.

I’m thankful to Taepung and I’m also very thankful to all of you.

I’m also curious as to news about the gathering (charity).

It makes me really satisfied just thinking about how dogs who have lost their way (usually abandoned dogs) can find a warm place to rest because of Yunho.

It might be a little childish but I can’t help but say this,

Everyone, God Bless You.

Kim Hyun Seung

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[Sports Entertainment Team (csnews@csnews.co.kr)]

Netizens only ended up getting a shattered feeling as rumors that DBSK member U-know Yunho would appear on SBS Inkigayo on the 9th to support rookie singers.

On the 9th at 3:00 p.m., it appeared on the notice board of portal sites that U-know Yunho would appear as a feature guest on Inkigayo for J. Rich’s first stage (performance) for “Goodbye My Love.” After that, netizens watched Inkigayo that they don’t normally see in the hopes of “U-know Yunho will appear.” However, they didn’t see U-know Yunho and the one happening ended.

Actually, U-know Yunho’s appearance was not completely groundless. It’s because J. Rich’s leader and vocalist Woo Joo is close with U-know Yunho. In particular, Uknow Yunho appeared in J. Rich’s MV “Goodbye My Love” with ex-Sugar member Pak Su Jin.

However, DBSK’s member U-know Yunho, Young Woong Jae Joong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, and Choikang Changmin are in suspension of activities.

Since Young Woong Jae Joong, Xiah Junsu, and Micky Yoochun have not been able to narrow their difference with SM Entertainment after they filed for a provisional disposition application for suspension of exclusive contract last July, there are many fans who want to see U-know Yunho as well as other DBSK members.

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Japan's famous television screenwriter, Eriko Kitagawa, has expressed great expectations and concern regarding Jejung's activities in Japan.

As the scriptwriter for the movie 'Half Way', on 29 April, Eriko Kitagawa spoke about Jejung's Japanese activities in her letter. In it, it mentions that, "Although it has been decided that it will be screened in Korea, but I still honestly want to get a good idea. Soon, my 'Postman to Heaven' will be aired in Japan and from April onwards, Tohoshinki's Hero Jejung will appear on the TV drama 'Hard To Say I Love You" as an important character in the drama."

She also said, "Crossing national boundaries, performing work in certain forms, it's really interesting," and mentioned, "Through this drama, I believe that Hero Jejung will accomplish and realize his dreams as an actor in Japan."

-only parts related to Jejung were translated-

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TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and SM Entertainment have disregarded the court judge’s strong advice for a settlement, and have once again maintained their stand that it is impossible to come to a compromise. No amount of persuasion from the Court of Arbitration will change the possibility of a split-up amongst TVXQ.

In reference to the Seoul Central District Court’s decision on the 7th of May to proceed with the sequestration of the existence of the exclusive contract, Judge Choi Sung Joon, who was presiding over the first public trial, strongly advised the legal representative of the TVXQ trio, saying that “[O]nce the contract is changed, the five members can be active again.” Judge Choi then went on to advise the legal representative of SM to “[hopefully] develop a new form of contract that will include a more significant cut-down on the number of years amongst other adjustments.”

Sejong, the legal representative of the TVXQ trio, who had previously stated that “the three members will never be able to work with SM again,” also took a step back, stating “if the new exclusive contract is sincere, we will confirm the opinions of the three members.” SM’s side then expressed that they will “hold an internal discussion [regarding the possibility of a new form of contract].”

Unfortunately, both sides have come to a conclusion that a settlement is not possible. A close friend of the TVXQ trio said that “while the three members want for all five members to carry out activities together, working with SM is definitely not possible.” SM’s side also expressed that “while adjustments to the terms of the contracts can be made, all five members must still be managed under SM.”

Meanwhile, the litigation regarding the request of damages put forward by both SM Entertainment and the TVXQ trio will be determined in the later proceedings.

Source: JoongAng Ilbo China
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i love your smile lol

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Monday, May 10, 2010

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Thankfully since Phils. is the 3rd biggest English speaking country in the world, the ones being interviewed here (the founders of CassPH) were speaking in English. So, there's no more need for any subtitles or translations.

Basically they were telling MYX about our boys and all the amazing things they've accomplished. :)

Congratulations once again CassPH!
Maybe after this feat you guys will finally be recognized as an official fanclub just as you hoped ;)

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