Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Credits: as tagged + baidu
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Look at all those people who showed up for the event!

Inside the theater for the screening of TSC Final at Tokyo Dome

The huge poster that welcomes everyone to the event

The advanced selling of the Best Selection 2010

The standees that everyone had their eyes on

A red sea of people :)

Fans posing and taking a picture with the TVXQ standees

More TVXQ goodies were sold

And a henna was available too! Awesome!

Here's an avid fan who came and cosplayed Yoochun from "Balloons"

Fans lining up as they head inside the theater for the screening

And here's the founder of CassPH being interviewed by the country's biggest television network, ABS CBN.

Watching these photos, we're all pretty sure it turned out really good for the fans.
A lot of those who joined said it was a great experience, one that they will never forget.
And those who weren't able to go keep saying how jealous they are. LOL

Anyway, congratulations to Cassiopeia Philippines!
You sure did one heck of a job!
*claps hands*

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