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Last one.

One more. (Highlighted part: YuChun's comment)

Then, service. (Highlighted part: JunSu's comment)

Today's press release.

It's good I guess. Well then, I'm going to listen to this.

We should try to ask ChangMin too. I'm talking to myself persistently on Twitter. Hahaha!

Since YuChun's drama is out, should we have JeJung to appear in our next B-tv drama~ YunHo is good too~.

Sorry, I'm super busy before Golden Week*. That's why, a shocking picture.

*Golden Week: a series of National Holiday in Japan from 4/29 to 5/5.

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From Seki Yoshihiko's Twitter:

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Q: Sorry for asking this when you're busy. Please tell me one thing.Was TOHOSHINKISTAFF (Tohoshinki Team)'s account created by your staff?
A: Yes it was.

I know that there are a lot of fans who didn't get good results for tickets to the trio's live. We received more than 1 million applications for tickets. We are terribly sorry, but we really hope that you will understand.

From Tohoshinki Staff's Twitter:

This time we received a lot of applications for tickets to JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME. We are terribly sorry to the fans whose results did not come out as expected. We are earnestly under consideration of finding a way so that everyone will be able to watch the live in another form*.

*Referred to theater showing, DVDs, etc.

Source: Seki Yoshihiro's Twitter + Tohoshinki Staff's Twitter
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1,890yen (including tax) RZCD-46562/B

1. Intoxication 【"Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~" Inserted song】
2. Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ 【"Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~" Theme Song】
3. Intoxication (Instrumental)
4. Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Instrumental)

Intoxication (Video Clip)
Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Drama Image Short Ver.) Offshot movieー ※Included in the first production only

★First production limited benefits: Jacket size card (Total 6 types, 1version randomly included)
★First production limited image benefits: Offshot movie
☆For all versions:24P booklet

【First Production Limited Benefits】
Offshot movie included in the DVD
Jacket size card (Total 3 versions, 1 version randomly included)

1,050円(including tax) RZCD-46563

1. Intoxication 【"Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~" Inserted song】
2. Kanashimi no Yukue【"Love Letter, after 5 years" Theme song】
3. Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Short Ver.) 【"Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~" Theme song】
4. Intoxication (Instrumental)
5. Kanashimi no Yukue (Instrumental)

【First Production Limited Benefits】
8P booklet, Jacket size card (Total 3 versions, 1 version randomly included)

Source: Tohoshinki Official Website
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The audition is something every celebrity trainee must go through at least once. Even those who have become stars once had to knock on the doors of every entertainment agency and go through tens to even hundreds of auditions.

SM entertainment is the creme de la creme of entertainment agencies in Korea. Countless hopefuls wish to be given a spot in their trainee system. SM’s top stars like TVXQ, Girls Generation and Super Junior all had to go through auditions back before they became famous.

A video containing footage of SM artistes during their trainee days, or even during their auditions, has been garnering attention from netizens in various portal sites.

Girls Generation’s Yoona and Yuri, as well as Super Junior’s Kibum and Heechul stand out. Their looks are as stunning then as they are now. However, their slightly young and simple look differs from their made-up appearances of today.

TVXQ’s members U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin and YoungWoong Jaejoong all look very cute. They seem so innocent as they look awkwardly at the camera.

Netizens were seen leaving comments such as, “They were so cute. It’s interesting to see what they looked like before they became stars.” “Yoona and Yuri look like babies. I was surprised to see how young they looked.”

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Xiah Junsu– A Brand New Future

Tohoshinki, a mega-popular group, can be viewed as a type of social phenomenon
And a member of the group with a God-given musical talent that seizes people’s attention, Xiah Junsu, will release his first solo single in May
This will be his first step in coming out as a solo artist in the name of “XIAH junsu”
Right now, he has many ideas that depict what will happen in the future

23 year old true side zero-contact!


Q. A game you often played as a child?
Soccer. In my elementary school journal, about 80% of the contents were about soccer

Q. Do you still like it now?
If I have the time then I will play soccer. The position I play is left-forward

Q. Who’s your favorite soccer athlete?
Before, I used to like Thierry Henry from France, but recently, Lionel Andrés Messi from Argentina

Q. Did you have an enlightening moment in wanting to become a celebrity?
After seeing how handsome Korean group HOT were singing onstage

Q. Dancing or singing, which one do you like better?
I like both. Using your voice to present and using your body to present are two entirely different things and each have their own uniqueness

Q. Something that you are very conscious about yourself and take care of well?
The management of my voice. Compared to headaches or stomachaches, the damage of my voice makes me the most depressed. My condition will then follow and drop down

Q. What do you carry in your bag?
Recently, it would have to be razors. In comparison to other men, my beard isn’t as thick. But from one year ago, there were suddenly a lot growing out…

Q. Your favorite place in Korea?
Near the Han River

Q. Your favorite place in Japan?
Odaiba, Tokyo. You can see the water from there and the night scene is very beautiful

Q. Your most cherished item?
Wallet. If I didn’t have money and my driver’s license, then it would be very painful for me…

Q. What Japanese celebrity do you have a close relationship to?
Tachibana Keita of W-inds. He really is a guy of great personality!

Q. Favorite color?
Purple. I liked blue as a child, but once I reached 20 I started liking red. But because I still liked blue alot, I didn’t know what to do! I thought and thought and realized that mixing the two colors together would make purple!

Q. It has been said that you own a dog. What’s the breed and name of it?
I have 3 at home now~ Shaki, who is a Samoyed. A Golden Retriever named Hoky, and (no translations)


As Korean celebrities, Tohsohinki has gained plenty of attention and popularity through commercials and variety shows, while at the same time, establishing extraordinary achievements in the Japan music industry. Starting from this spring, the members have taken the first steps in their individual solo activities.
As the other members are participating in the filming of Korean and Japanese dramas, Junsu has remained persistent with his music, debuting as the soloist, “XIAH junsu”. Junsu will produce his own special features as an artist that includes a charisma that solely belongs to him. At the same time, he will show off his sexy side to us. Wanting to show off his own individual image, he especially lost 3kg before the shoot! Right now, he is fully concentrated in the producing of “XIAH junsu”.


Q: (no translations)

Q: What type of contents will it include?
There is one song that I arranged and composed myself. The lyrics have only just been written (handing the lyrics over for everyone to see)

Q: What I should say is, is it more mature? There is a very sexy atmosphere in here…
Success! These type of lyrics can only be deduced by XIAH junsu. Not being restricted by the style of the songs, I want to present the dances, but also to expose everyone to the more emotional sides to the songs.

Q: Your singing is always sentimental and full of feeling, touching the hearts of numerous people. Is there a specific way that you sing?

I normally follow the feeling of the song. You can say that I wing it while singing at the same time, trying to figure out the best way to go. If it wasn’t like this then I wouldn’t be able to convey the sincerity and true feelings of the song. I believe that a song without feelings is unnecessary and phony. The most important factor in singing a song is not about techniques, but rather the feelings. When I sing sad songs, I become the most sorrowful man on earth!

Q: When did you get the inspiration for your composition?
I got the sudden inspiration while making “XIAHTIC”, and the ideas of this solo song were all conceived in the car

Q: Is the feeling of debuting as a solo different from debuting as a group?
In a group, the members have to think of their characters and roles in the group and there must be a great level of cooperation between members. As a soloist, I only need to focus on presenting the best of myself… However, I still have an immense amount of pressure on my because I don’t want to disappoint everyone’s expectations.

Q: What are your future activities?
I don’t have a definite plan yet. Maybe this type of feeling… (uses a mixture of gestures to represent his uncertainty)


(t/n: The Q&A above is a draft and not the whole thing. The translations from Chinese were a little inconstant so once the real interview is released, this will be changed along with it… Thanks for your patience!)

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(Spot trans of junsu's song)

君がいれば 君とならば
Kimiga ireba kimito naraba
If you are by my side, if we are together

Bokuwa bokude irukotoga dekiruyo
I can be my true self

Hashagi sugita kisetsuga sugite ittemo
Even when the playful and carefree days are over

Kimiga bokuno sobaniite
Please be at my side

(Brief trans of the reporters' words)
Here, from Daily Sports. Yoochun from Tohoshinki (which announced the suspension of their activities as a group) will play the leading role in a Japanese drama, and Junsu-san of the same Tohoshinki will sing the theme song.
Starting June 4, on the exclusive broadcasting station for the cellular phone, BeeTV, the title of the drama is "Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~". Yoochun will play the role as a Korean Chaebol (financial clique) scion, and (T/N: Aya Oomasa will be )a magazine writer who dreams to be a novelist. This will be a love story of the two.
Yoochun seemed to have suffered from the script, in which 90% of his words are in Japanese. He said "Everyday, after the filming was over, I read the Japanese scripts together with the manager in my house for many hours, preparing for the next day."
And for Junsu-san, he is famous for his vocal skills in the group Tohoshinki. The theme song for the drama "Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~" is a ballad especially written for this drama. This theme song will be released on May 26. Little by little, the members' activities are opened to public.

You can watch this is a drama through the cellular phone.

His first leading role, and the script is 90% in Japanese, we look forward to his works.

Jaejoong-san is also in a drama…

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the cutest from dbsk? lol, think again!
his charisma.. and sexiness.. is overflowing *drools

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The worst and best love of my lifetime, will start.

Beautiful Love
~If you are by my side~

Aya Oomasa (T/N: heroine, 19 years old)
Kyo Nobuo
Mayu Tsuruta

Theme Song "Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~" by XIAH junsu

Can you hear junsu's voice in the background in the video here?

Source: Beautiful Love Official HP & sainokuni @ Dailymotion
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