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[VIDEOS] 100329 Junsu - Sohu Entertainment Interview

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[AUDIO] Zuno - Nothing To Lose FULL Song

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[VIDEO] Zuno Beijing Showcase :Junsu & Junho's Sweet Family VCR

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[TRANS] 100329 Kim Junho Debut Showcase In Beijing, Brother Junsu Came To Cheer Him On, Mentioned Recent Activities After Contract Dispute

Korean star Kim Junho had his debut showcase in Beijing on the 28th, starting off his Asian Tour. After half a year, he returns in front of his fans. Not only does Kim Junho complete his metamorphosis from a Prince of Love Songs to a Sexy Dancer, he also shows off the essential abdominal muscles Korean stars must have.

His twin brother, TVXQ’s member Kim Junsu, made a special appearance to cheer Junho on as well as to sing. Junsu also accepted a Sohu Entertainment exclusive interview, facing the media for the first time and mentioning recent activities after the “TVXQ Contract Dispute Issue.”

Kim Junho wants to work with S.H.E, joking how he’s more handsome than his brother

In contrast to other Korean stars developing in China, Kim Junho chose to directly debut in China using his stage name ZUNO, releasing the single . Was the reason why the Chinese entertainment company chose to sign Kim Junho due to the immense popularity of twin brother Kim Junsu? In response, the company’s manager denied the claim, stating humorously that “I fell in love with him, he’s handsome and sunny, and also very kind.” So who does Kim Junho think is more handsome, himself or his brother? He answered laughingly, “Of course in the eyes of the media, Junsu is more handsome. If in private, I think I’m a little bit more handsome than Junsu.”

Kim Junho revealed that the reason why he chose to debut in China was partly due to his brother, Kim Junsu’s, influence, and also because of the fact that debuting in China had very good developing opportunities. In terms of his level in Chinese, Kim Junho humbly expressed that “right now, lengthy sentences are still difficult. When recording Chinese songs, the hardest part is the pronunciation and tone. I’m still working hard in learning Chinese.”

Then amongst the Chinese singers, who does he want to work with the most? Kim Junho disclosed that he greatly admires Jay Chou, Alexander Wang, and Michael Wong. For the ladies, he really likes S.H.E.

Kim Junho dances and shows off his abs at fan meeting, making the fans his girlfriends

To start off the fan meeting, a video clip was shown of Kim Junho revealing half a year’s worth of hard work on his rock-hard muscles, causing fans to scream non-stop. Not only did Kim Junho receive results from half a year of effective fitness, he also changed his gentlemanly image, dancing sensually with a female dancer, causing several media reporters to applaud Korean singers as being “able to dance and sing”. According to staff members, Kim Junho usually rehearses until late at night, preparing the best that he can for his first fan meeting.

Kim Junho says that in the half year that he was in Korea, he really missed the Chinese fans, so he sang for them the ballad . When being asked if he had a girlfriend, he kept everyone in suspense by saying that he already had one, causing fans to sigh in despair. But later on, he added “it’s you”, touching fans deeply.

Kim Junsu sings English song displaying his natural gift, fans hold up “I Believe” signs

Last year July, Kim Junsu was one of the three members of TVXQ involved in the contract dispute. Having been inactive in China, his appearance caused a huge commotion among the fans. He sang Whitney Houston’s live on stage, and to show their greatest support for their idol until the end, the fans held up signs saying “I Believe” in Korean.

Kim Junsu not only drew in a huge number of fans to the event, he also attracted Chinese Idol Group HIT5 to the scene to observe and learn. They expressed that they were also Junsu’s fans. The scene of them watching their idol while signing autographs for their own fans made them seem very approachable and welcoming.

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[INFO] 100238 Isak Tweets About Yunho's Michael Jackson Tribute Performance

VJ Isak, also from the same management company SM Entertainment, tweeted about TVXQ's U-know Yunho's performance at the 'A Tribute band from Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live'.

Today's performance will be the second day of the 2-day tribute concert that is being held at Yongsan's War Memorial Hall.

Isak was not only impressed by Yunho, but it turns out that their juniors SHINee and f(x) were there to show their support as well!

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[TRANS] 100328 Friendly Yoochun Visits the Dental Clinic

TVXQ's Park Yoochun came for treatment today at the Rosehill Dental Clinic^^
He received a dental treatment~ and also a nail art service ^^

Something came up suddenly, so we were not able to take a picture..^^
He has a following treatment, so he said he'll take a picture then ^^
When that time comes, we will upload it on our homepage ^^
For now, we upload his signature~^^

For Yoochuns' healthy and bright teeth, we Rosehill will do our best ^^
Thank you~!

Signature for the clinic:

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[TRANS] 100325 Wooju's Cyworld Entry

Note: Wooju is a singer-songwriter, member of the popular '85 Club and one of Yunho’s bestfriends from Gwangju! Yunho will be featured in his upcoming MV, Annyeong Nae Sarang.

After 6 years.. another album is coming out..
After waiting (for a long time)..failing..challenging.. creating..breaking
I'm back here again

Those who appeared in my music video.. Our '85 club friends
Jackson U-Know and Sujin.. and Sanghyuk..
Shinhyeon and Eunkyung
Thank you..

Also Hyunchang hyungnim, Sukee hyungnim thank you...

Junyoung, Jonghyun you two worked hard too..
Goodbye my love.. I ask for lots of interest/support and love..

Coming soon

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[PHOTOS] 100328 Yunho - This Is It After Part 2

Why do I feel jealous... ><

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[PHOTOS] 100328 Yunho - This Is It After Part Part 1

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[TRANS] Junsu accepts interview with Sohu

Sohu: As your first Solo, musical Mozart was very successful, through the process, have you learned anything or have any feelings?

Junsu: Thank you. This is my first challenge in musicals, it was entirely different, I was very nervous and very worried. Thank goodness I got to work with a lot of experienced actors, so we successfully completed it, I am very happy.

Sohu: Right now is spring, and Junsu easily gets allergic to pollen, how are you feeling now days?

Junsu: Recently allergy reactions have appeared, so to everyday I drink a lot of water, and would wear a mask.

Sohu: Remember in a Japanese interview, Junsu said you liked Coconut trees, is it because coconut trees doesn’t have any pollen?

Junsu: Ah, after you put it this way, coconut trees does have this advantage!

Sohu: Really, coconut tries gives people a warm felling, is it because you like this feeling?

Junsu: Really the reason why I like coconut trees is because in Korea, except for Jeju, its hard to see coconut trees. If I go abroad and sees coconut trees I would think “right now I’m really abroad”, that feeling is very strong! Compared to city scenery, I like oceans, and warm sunshine, so when I see coconut trees, I would feel very comfortable. And I think out of all types of trees, coconut trees are the prettiest (laughs).

Sohu: Because there haven’t been a lot of announced activities, and we realize your current situations caused a lot of restrictions, Chinese fans wish to know what you have been doing recently.

Junsu: I will release a solo single in Japan, right now most of the basic preparations have been completed, we are at the end of production. Recently, I put all of my heart into preparing this new single.

Sohu: What kind of expectations do you you have with your solo single? Like getting first place on Oricon charts?

Junsu: There may be that possibility, but right now in Japan there are a lot of talented singers and the competition is tough, so I wont let “getting first place on Oricon charts” be my goal, I just want to show of my talent, my style, and my music. When everyone listens to the single, they would feel “Oh, its very Xiah (Junsu)’s style!”, then I would be very satisfied.

Sohu: Returning the topic to your brother, this time for composing Junho’s single, you are a talented composer yourself, did you join? Do you have any wishes or hopes for Junho’s activities in China?

Junsu: During the recording process, and after, my brother would ask for my advice, even after recording, he would let me listen first, when he practice dancing, I would go watch him a lot. I think my brother (as singer) performed very well, and he is very serious about his work, I really hope he will prosper in the future, I will continue supporting him.

Sohu:Since you are experienced in the music field, do you have anything to say to your brother who is a newcomer?

Junsu: Ah, actually I (as a singer) am still developing, there are still many flaws… But as a more experienced singer, I want to say, he must have the self confidence and think “standing on this stage, I am be best.” With this kind of confidence, everyone can see when your perform, I think this is one aspect a celebrity can’t not miss. When I saw my brother perform, his dance songs were very good, I am very proud of him.

Sohu: Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin all have experiences in acting in dramas, have you ever thought of acting?

Junsu: Even though I haven’t acted in a drama, but through musical, I have been challenged in acting. Of course the musical involved both acting and singing skills, so I had a very fitting role. To act in a drama, I would love the challenge, but I would need to gain more experience in acting. And comparatively, my goals right now are more music oriented, and I want to prosper in that aspect. I have more talent in the music aspect that I haven’t showed everyone, and I hope everyone will see more development from me in the music area. So regarding acting, I will wait. However, if there’s a fitting opportunity, I will welcome the challenge.

Sina: Then have you ever thought about acting as the main actor?

Junsu: Main actor or supporting actor, as long as it suits me then its fine.

Sohu: Regarding your acting career, have you thought about pursing it?

Junsu: Just like I said earlier, first thing is put in all my effort for the Japanese solo single activities. Then in may, I hope to watch the World Cup…… (smiles)

Sohu: Have you thought about switching your activities abroad? Maybe like Junho, having your showcase in China?

Junsu: Until now, our activities have been mostly in Korea and Japan, so our opportunities of coming to China have been small, regarding this, everyone is sad. If there is a chance in the future, when we can stay in China and not leave (smiles), of course we will use music to repay our Chinese fans. Also, I believe there will be that day.

Sohu: Lastly through our video, say something to your Chinese fans!

JUnsu: Today through my brother’s showcase, I got to be untied with everyone. First of all, I feel very sorry to everyone, truthfully I missed all of you, please wait a little longer. I honestly hope everyone will be happy and healthy. Also, I hope to be in front of everyone again, sing for you all, not (like today) sing just one song. Please wait with me for the arrival of that day, and thank you all for your love to me.

Junsu’s interview video will be broadcast soon, hope fans can wait patiently.

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[PHOTOS] 100328 Yunho - This Is It Concert in Seoul part 14

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[PHOTOS] 100328 Yunho - This Is It Concert in Seoul part 13

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