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The Shanghai World Expo has been promoted to be an event with the expected largest number of visitors, and will reveal high standard performances that is going to attract 100 million people from 192 countries including North Korea.

Shanghai Pavilion Expo alone is expected to have 6 million visits, where South Korea pavilion is designed to match Shanghai Expo’s theme as a “Friendly City”. The highlight of Korea pavilion is a video ‘Chorus City’ which will be shown in a venue where 400 people are able to watch at the same time.

The video’s story line comprises interaction between Yunho (U-Know Yunho) and a young girl who lost her dream as ballerina due to minor disable, Mimi (Jeon Min Seo) with virtual futuristic city as its background story.

Super Junior M, f(x), and other South Korea 13 artists will also make their appearances. The combination of 3D animation and multimedia will form a musical kind of movie. Meanwhile, stage performances which will later be held at the end of video are still in the midst of preparation.

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1. DBSK: 779,697 ↓ 10368
2. Big Bang: 363,132 ↓ 9284
3. SNSD: 300,624 ↑ 8661
4. SS501: 261,455 ↓ 12884
5. Super Junior: 245,672 ↓ 8357
6. 2PM: 237,770 ↓ 39966
7. Shinhwa: 187,501 ↓ 3409
8. SHINee: 116,918 ↑ 3585
9. FT Island: 108,635 ↓ 2563
10. Wonder girls: 108,258 ↓ 2742
11. 2NE1: 96,491 ↑ 6
12. BEAST: 80,316 ↑ 26376
13. MBLAQ: 69,523 ↑ 7778
14. 2AM: 59,404 ↑ 15910
15. F(x): 55,899 ↑ 1382

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"Junsu Sensai Said, Please Don't Share Yet"

T/N: Translated Twitter from bottom to top

11:14 PM Apr 22nd via Echofon
"I am sorry again that you had to worry. In reference to the opinion and hopes that all of you gave to me, please wait a while. I will examine the contents zealously and sincerely!” (T/N: This message is written right after the announcement was made about continuation of Tohomobile.)

6:04 AM Apr 23rd via Echofon
“After I started to mutter (tweet), I realized the hot thoughts of all of you once again. All of you are incredible (of course in a good meaning)! I will talk with the person in charge of the fan club thoroughly the day after tomorrow!”

About 5 hours ago via Echofon
"Last week, we had the PV photography shooting of XIAH Junsu's single which will be released on May 26! The PV is produce by Junsu himself together with the supervision of the director. Junsu worked hard and said he is pleasant that his opinion is formed in the production. Junsu-sensei (teacher/master/sir) said, please do not share the contents yet, since he wants to surprise ♪ everyone; so I will endure it. (LOL) And You all please endure it too."

About 4 hours ago via Echofon
"Good morning! I slept heavily yesterday. Today is another full day, but I will lift my sprit up feeling all of you on my back."

Always Keep The Faith!

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2010-04-25 19:09:17

To ToJaeTen Members, related to “Heaven’s Postman”

Concerning “Heaven’s Postman”, which will be released nationwide starting May 29,
before that date, the novel will be released.

This is because all of you wished that the novel to be published.
It seems that the release date will be on May 20.
The completed book is lovely.
For the movie, the script was cut into pieces, and I took the pain by subbing it to have it remade as a completed work..
(I’m serious about this. This is a must look.. Please watch the movie.)
In the novel, there is no cut. It is as it is. Just as my original script. The first story.

I think it will be interesting if you compare the two works.
You may understand my pains and troubles, too.
So, I am going to link.
Oh, I’m nervous.
Can I post the link correctly?

source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
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April 27: -ELLE Magazine June Edition /officially appearing as XIAH JUNSU

-Harper's Bazaar Japan June Edition /with great reviews and currently being-published interview of Miyuki Matsuda

May 8: PATi PATi June Edition

May 10: ARENA 37°C June Edition

May 14: -WHAT's IN? June Edition
-CD&DL でーた June Edition

May 24:
SMART July Edition

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Recently, there have been two Koreans who have participated in Japanese dramas that are currently airing-- Choi Hong Man and Kim Jejung.
Both of them aren't professional actors, and it isn't in their own own native country, Korea. But it's the fact that starting their acting career in Japanese dramas that surprises people the most.

What differentiates Hero Jejung from Choi Hong Man in terms of acting abilities is his fluent Japanese and his centralized acting on the whole.
He perfectly digests the character through acting, and although he is deficient in some parts, with time, he will be able to make up his inadequacies with enough practice.

Therefore, it can be seen that his value as an actor is considerably high.

Two weeks ago, with the broadcast of drama "Sunao Ni Narenakute", it's serious theme represented the different struggles and difficulties modern people of Japan face everyday in their lives. As a Korean, Hero Jejung was able to astonish everyone with his debut acting, earning himself an up-to-standard grade. Forming a love triangle together with outstanding Japanese actors Eita and Ueno Juri, he was able to express his character naturally.

Though he is still in the lawsuit with SM, his amount of recognition in Japan will help him out a lot in the future. Being able to participate in Japan's most excellent script-writer, Eriko Kitagawa's works, has consolidated Jejung's profile as an actor.

As a professional singer while simultaneously acting at the side, this drama is without a doubt very important for him. Because of his current situation with his group, Tohoshinki, in order for his official Japanese activities, he must put his fundamental image from the group aside, and be able to object himself to everyone's judgment to him as an actor.

Comparative to other actor's' natural acting, Hero Jejung still has traces of it being acting though he has a substantial amount of personal character. But it obvious that he tries his best so it will only be a question of time.

Let us continue to support and anticipate future activities of Hero Jejung as a dynamic actor after "Sunao Ni Narenakute"!

(rest is omitted)

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Lol.. the MILO gang?

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*sorry but i disabled the comment section. i know that you want to air out all your feelings but one disagreement leads to another one which leads to a conflict and then it leads us to nowhere. please don't blame anyone. we do respect all your opinions. THANKS!*

T/N: Yu Kigoshi, born 1981. He is a writer in a publishing company, and also the author for the books “The Secrets of Tohoshinki Part 1” and “Part 2”. Some of our friends should remember that he collected encouraging comments to send to Yunho and Yunho’s father in Dec 2009 – Jan 2010.

T/N #2: Yunho’s father’s message was written before the news of the new unit was announced by avex. The blog entry was translated directly from Japanese, while Yunho's father's message was translated directly from Korean. We have made sure to keep the translation as accurate as possible to it's original form.

T/N #3: Before reading, one request from the staff team, please. When we introduced Kigoshi-san’s activities of sending messages to Yunho and Yunho’s father in Jan, we were sad to see some negative comments and groundless bad mouthing in some of the English sites, criticizing Kigoshi-san’s activities, which were especially for Yunho and Yunho’s father. Kigoshi-san seems to have seen them, too. We sincerely hope that all of our friends hold respect to those who are using their precious time for us fans. Thank you very much.

2010-04-14 11:11:59

A Message from the dearest, Yunho’s Father

To all the Tohoshinki fans,

There should be many that have shed their tears hearing the news of the “suspension of the activities”, and waiting with all their hearts of the comeback of Tohoshinki.

Yesterday (T/N: April 13), I have contacted Yunho’s father for a few times, and received his message.

There was a request from Yunho’s father to disclose his message in my blog in both Korean and Japanese.
The Korean message was written by Yunho’s father himself, and I have translated the message into Japanese.
*Since I am not a professional translator, I had my friend who is a professional translator confirm the contents.



Yunho's Father's Message

Thank you Kigoshi Yu for your letter.

Although we were planning to meet when you came over to Korea, unfortunately I was unable to get time off from work, so we have put it off until next time.

When we were supposed to meet, you were going to tell me how the Japanese fans want TVXQ to continue. I, too, am praying that this problem will be resolved quickly, and that TVXQ can once again resume their activities not only in Korea, Japan, and Asia, but also worldwide.

However, it has come to my attention that there are many people who has the wrong idea about this matter; that’s why I am writing this letter with hopes of explaining it, even if just a bit.

Fans and many others are aware of the case with TVXQ. This is about the three members of TVXQ who are in a contract with SM Entertainment, and during the contract period, are embroiled in a legal dispute which has put the whole group (TVXQ) into jeopardy.

The members of TVXQ who are not involved in the dispute, Yunho and Changmin, are receiving most of the damage and they are hoping that this incident will be satisfactorily settled for TVXQ’s continuation. They wish that the members involved and SM Entertainment would be aware that they are leaders in the Hallyu wave, and would think of the love and support from their fans up to now, and return to how they were in the beginning so that they could come to an agreement and resolve this.

This situation can only be resolved by SM Entertainment and the three members who are involved in the legal dispute.

As Yunho, Changmin and their parents have already stated in the press release on 11th of November 2009, TVXQ has a contract with SM Entertainment, and because we believe that promises and trust are important, we are waiting, in order to protect TVXQ.

If everything gets settled and the three members do return, they have still endangered TVXQ as a group, and have prevented them from doing any activities in Korea for a year, and finally, they have had to stop activities in Japan as well. In doing so, they have inflicted much harm in the moral, financial, reputational, and psychological aspects. However, because the most important thing is to protect TVXQ, we are willing to forgive and understand them for their actions.

It seems like there are people who think that in order to keep TVXQ together, the other two members must leave SM Entertainment. However, there are no moral or legal rights that will prove this claim.

In human relationships, your faith and promises become a priority, and there are principles in commerce/deals. If both sides agree to something, and there are no big problems, it is socially and morally unacceptable for you to thoughtlessly break that promise for your own gain.

SM Entertainment has made TVXQ the most popular group in Korea from the very beginning, and over the past six years have enabled them to become top artists in Korea, Japan, and the whole of Asia. They have turned the five members from an unknown group to top artists.

Also, TVXQ members are all bound to a contract, and Yunho and Changmin do not think that there are enough problems with SM Entertainment to breach their contract, and leave the company.

If there are parts that need adjustments, they could have talked it over to improve it, but they didn't take into account of the other two members, and filed a lawsuit which has threatened TVXQ's very existence.

If the three who instigated this legal dispute reflect on their actions and return to their original place, everything will be resolved.

However, the three went on with it, and no matter how you look it at, there is no just cause in asking the other two to leave as well.

I'm aware that I'm repeating myself, but Yunho, Changmin, and their parents only want the continuation of Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki).

I hope that the three members and SM Entertainment, who are involved in this legal dispute, will quickly resolve this problem so that TVXQ can resume their activities now, for the long run, like how the two members, their families, and all their fans wish for.


Ever since the problem of Tohoshinki occurred, my way of thinking is the same as that of Yunho’s father.

The problem raised should be solved by the ones who have caused them.

The outsiders should just pray for the settlement, and wait quietly.

I have written in this blog a few months ago, but the conflict of the fans may hurt the members. The fans should do what they can, that is, to wait quietly for their comeback.

After reading this message, please close your eyes and think once again.

What we fans wish are, not conflict, but settlement.

---Yu Kigoshi--- 

Source: Yu Kigoshi’s Blog
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Special thanks: ♥러빙유 + diana© + ミ♥ Lovedust @
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TVXQ's Magnae, Changmin will soon have his acting debut. The stage that was built for his debut, is [Paradise Meadow]. As the exact date for the show's debut is not being confirmed, the teasers and contents of the show are not released, causing fans to panic whilst waiting. The production team predicts the show to be released within the year. Instead of an appropriate opening, why not keep the 'secretive feel' and anticipate the show to debut. In the drama, Changmin married the female lead, Lee Yeon Hee despite his family's protests, portraying a scene of a romantic prince. Due to this, with the addition of Changmin's prince character, his love story with Lee Yeon Hee is most anticipated.

As all shooting for the drama have stepped into pre production, Changmin, who have completed Kohaku Uta Gassen Music Festival, have already headed to Australia for part of his drama shoot. Currently he is shooting [Paradise Meadow] in Jeju island with Lee Yeon Hee and Joo Sang Woo.

[Paradise Meadow] is written by Jang Hyun Joo,who wrote [Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop], together with Seo Hee Jin, Directed by Kim Chul Kyu, who directed [Hwang Jini]. With Changmin as the lead actor, and the three of them working strongly together, this drama is very anticipated. The production side said " A happy and vibrant story with beautiful music mixed, it is really a drama that is worth anticipated." Romantic scenes with special settings, with the addition of a new concept, [Paradise Meadow], it will definitely worth everyone's expectations.

Although it is not TVXQ's group activities, the 5 of them are still working hard with the fans' care and concern. Following, Yoochun will start his activities as an actor in both Korea and Japan in June. The Korea side have already confirm his casting in [SungKyunKwan Scandal]. Though this is a lonely period of time for fans, we can still see them grow slowly. This is the only thing that we can do.

Source: KBOOM June issue + BaiduTVXQ
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

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Fan girl of Yoochun

2010-04-25 03:30:51


I just found a song of Tohoshinki that makes me cry (a song that gives me tears).
Just hearing the song, I am in tears.
Well, it may be that I am through some difficulties now.

Until today, I was just hearing the song. But from today, the song gives me tears.

That sometimes happens.
The meaning of the song, story, or movie differs
to you by the timing you meet the works.

And, now, the song which makes me cry is,
Love Bye Love

This is the name of the song.
Does somebody know this song?

I am in tears hearing the climax of the song.

And, I only have in my hands the Korean version that Jaejoong gave me a long time ago.
(Maybe somebody sent me the Japanese version, and I have missed the song.)
It is a little bit hard to say "I was in tears hearing the song" directly to them,
so, I am seeking information from the ToJaeTen (T/N: Tohoshinki + Jaejoong + Tengoku, meaning the Tohoshiki fan subscribers of Kitagawa-san's blog) members.

What are the meanings of the lyrics?
And, are there any people here that love this song?

The persons who create works are always looking straight forward,
that is because we humans are looking straight forward to the "tomorrow" and living the "today". It is natural.
But there are times when the person's past works gives light to the people living now.

Up to this date,
I was always looking straight forward.

2010-04-25 18:41:33


Oh (=⌒▽⌒=)
Tohoshinki fans are all kind.
I will not be angry with the only 1 unkind person, only 1 in 1000.

So, I will write my impressions in my next article.

2010-04-25 18:48:56

Thank you for your many comments!

Thank you for your many comments.
So it is Yoochun-san's song.
It is sung by the person whom I could not remember his name many times.
(To be honest, I still do not know his face clearly.)
It is Yoochun-san’s song.
"I will hand the phone over to Yoochun."
Jaejoong previously said.
At that timing, I said "Who is Yoochun?"
Oh, I am suddenly a fan girl.
The next time, definitely, when there is a phone call (T/N: from Jaejoong), I would request that he change to Yoochun.
Oh, I want to shake hands with him. (If a hand comes out from the telephone, that will be a horror movie!)
It is truly a lovely song.

In my cellular phone, the pictographic is:

Oh, I cannot post the pictographic here.
Yoochun should look like this, don't you think so?
When I said this, both Jaejoong and Yoochun laughed aloud.
But I cannot post it here.

It is like a cute white bear. (Or, maybe it is a white dog.)
For those who are using the Docomo cellular phone, please check.

Source: Eriko Kitagawa's Blog
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