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Fan girl of Yoochun

2010-04-25 03:30:51


I just found a song of Tohoshinki that makes me cry (a song that gives me tears).
Just hearing the song, I am in tears.
Well, it may be that I am through some difficulties now.

Until today, I was just hearing the song. But from today, the song gives me tears.

That sometimes happens.
The meaning of the song, story, or movie differs
to you by the timing you meet the works.

And, now, the song which makes me cry is,
Love Bye Love

This is the name of the song.
Does somebody know this song?

I am in tears hearing the climax of the song.

And, I only have in my hands the Korean version that Jaejoong gave me a long time ago.
(Maybe somebody sent me the Japanese version, and I have missed the song.)
It is a little bit hard to say "I was in tears hearing the song" directly to them,
so, I am seeking information from the ToJaeTen (T/N: Tohoshinki + Jaejoong + Tengoku, meaning the Tohoshiki fan subscribers of Kitagawa-san's blog) members.

What are the meanings of the lyrics?
And, are there any people here that love this song?

The persons who create works are always looking straight forward,
that is because we humans are looking straight forward to the "tomorrow" and living the "today". It is natural.
But there are times when the person's past works gives light to the people living now.

Up to this date,
I was always looking straight forward.

2010-04-25 18:41:33


Oh (=⌒▽⌒=)
Tohoshinki fans are all kind.
I will not be angry with the only 1 unkind person, only 1 in 1000.

So, I will write my impressions in my next article.

2010-04-25 18:48:56

Thank you for your many comments!

Thank you for your many comments.
So it is Yoochun-san's song.
It is sung by the person whom I could not remember his name many times.
(To be honest, I still do not know his face clearly.)
It is Yoochun-san’s song.
"I will hand the phone over to Yoochun."
Jaejoong previously said.
At that timing, I said "Who is Yoochun?"
Oh, I am suddenly a fan girl.
The next time, definitely, when there is a phone call (T/N: from Jaejoong), I would request that he change to Yoochun.
Oh, I want to shake hands with him. (If a hand comes out from the telephone, that will be a horror movie!)
It is truly a lovely song.

In my cellular phone, the pictographic is:

Oh, I cannot post the pictographic here.
Yoochun should look like this, don't you think so?
When I said this, both Jaejoong and Yoochun laughed aloud.
But I cannot post it here.

It is like a cute white bear. (Or, maybe it is a white dog.)
For those who are using the Docomo cellular phone, please check.

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I just wanna hug him ;_;

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Charisma *giggles

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2010-04-20 17:14

Tohoshinki has indefinitely suspended their activities according to their contract problems with their Korean management company. I went to the Japanese debut event of one of the members' brothers, Juno, who is a twin brother of Junsu.

In the event, Junsu, who is one of the person concerned, also performed on stage. He sang Whitney Houston’s "Greatest Love of All" in an unconstrained lovely voice. It has really been a while since Junsu sang in front of the Japanese fans. It was very impressive that he gave his word of honor "Again....I will make these please wait a while."

Hearing Junsu's vocal this day, I again strongly thought that they want to stand on stage and sing their best, as a professional singer.

The current situation is that the problem is evolved in a hopeless mess, and that they could not do what they really want to do. There are arguments for and against the new unit together with Jaejoong and Yoochun. But I personally think that this project would be the best shape in the current situation, considering fully of their wishes. The fans also should want to meet their vigorous activities, so please try to understand them. I know that it is really difficult, but they themselves will surely measure up to the fans' expectations.

I strongly felt the difference of the system of the Korean and Japanese entertainment companies with this problem. There are many things which we Japanese cannot understand. The 13 years' exclusivity contract, low income distribution, and such, are beyond the Japanese common knowledge. But in Korea, it could happen.

This is just my personal view, but all the fans should take a step backward, and watch and wait for them in a long term. Of course there are roads that we should directly see in order to go through. But I feel so sorry for them, that many small incidents disturb them, and that they could not concentrate on what they really want to do. I think that it is necessary for the fans to think what would be best under the current situations. They themselves would be sad if we say unrealistic thoughts, in the days, when everything is a mixture and a mess.

I believe there is a possibility of the 5 to be active together in the future. So, I would like to be positive, believing and supporting them forever. (Etsuko Noumura)

T/N: Etsuko Noumura is a reporter for the Culture Report Section in the sport tabloid newspaper, SANSPO. Once a professional tennis player and a manager in a big entertainment management company, she is now constantly on the move in reporting news. She has a twin sister, who is a high school teacher.

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Hero JaeJoong (Kim JaeJoong), who officially debuted as an actor in Japan, has given a stable and wonderful display of acting skill.

Hero JaeJoong debuted as an actor in the new drama 'Sunao ni Narenakute' which began airing on the 15th of April 2010. This is a drama that's based on love and friendship through the social networking site Twitter.

In episode 2, he introduced himself as a 'doctor' though he's a struggling pharmacy equipment salesperson. On top of that, the scene where he confessed his love to Ueno Juri by saying ‘I like you’ in Korean has excited many viewers.

There are comments like "His acting skill is much better than expected," "Hero JaeJoong is mine," "His acting skill is on par with Ueno Juri and the rest, no lagging behind" among the viewers.

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with SUJU and Airport~
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