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Even between photoshoots…

He doesn't allow himself to slack off from practicing for the new song!!

He keeps dancing and dancing and dancing and turning around!


The familiar scene

In the middle of carefully checking for his styling in front of the mirror!

You do have an obsession with your bang, don't you, Jun-chan!?


Dance lesson!

After the magazine promotion ended yesterday, he did a dance lesson!

Before filming for the PV, JunSu's face and body is full of fighting spirit!!

The dancers seem to have troubles following Teacher JunSu's high tension (LOL).


Someone please stop him!!

JunSu was dancing even during his break, so he was warned to take a break and…

He started playing piano


We warned him to stop singing and take a break and… JunSu started doing handstands.
JunSu won't stop~, someone please stop him~~!!


Just a talk between us

This is JunSu who is dancing by himself during a magazine photoshoot!

Seems like he can't wait until dance rehearsal..!

In the resting room, JunSu said "puritsuke" instead of "puriketsu*", but we fixed him (LOL). *Puriketsu: a word to describe a round and nice butt.

That is the Japanese word that JunSu has memorized lately ☆ This is just a talk between us only!


This is JunSu who doesn't know what tiredness is!

He easily handles the interviews & photoshoots at a mad pace.


With all his heart JunSu is signing autographs as presents for the readers!

To tell you the truth, for the sake of XIAH junsu's promotion, he's been trying hard to keep his body in shape lately.
He is very motivated and wouldn't eat anything after 6PM ♪ Teacher JunSu isall fired


JunSu carries on the interview with a very docile face!

But on one hand he's holding a manjuu**, what's that?? (LOL)

**Manjuu: steamed yeast bun with filling


JunSu can't be stopped even when he's outside!

We came all the way to this location, but the weather is…


Even so, Jun-chan is still singing and dancing (LOL).
JunSu's brain is 80% consisted of singing and dancing, the rest is probably soccer and games…

Since he still hasn't developed that much interest in fashion, our "Reconstructing Plan" is facing a lot of difficulties.….


Refreshing JunSu!

Refreshing XIAH junsu!!

During each interview, he'll definitely sing a song.

Since he is really really yearning to sing in front of everyone… seems like he can't be patient anymore


In the middle of a chat~!

JunSu finished his lunch in a short time, and he's in the middle of a chat!

By the way, the lunch that he finished in a short time was instant ramen!
JunSu's favorite thing isn't ramen but instant ramen.


I have something to ask…!

Everyone, do you think that he has gotten darker??

In the resting room, Teacher JunSu just keeps singing and dancing.

Everyone, get ready to catch JunSu's power… OK!? (in YuChun's style)***

***During tours, YuChun always says something like, "Everyone, get ready… OK?"

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Though many of us were hoping for this year to be a brighter one, but it seems that our hope were crushed so many times in just this past month.

So many of us were losing hope and thought a happy ending for our boys was impossible.

But, thankfully, Jaejoong has finally expressed his feelings towards the situation, but in a rather short and subliminal way.

To congratulate the four-year anniversary of his official fan page, Melite Hero, he gifted the site with his autograph plus a very short, yet amazing message.

"TO Melite Hero!

I thank you every time.
Yunho. Changmin. Jaejoong. Yoochun. Junsu.
I wait. We all wait... (T/N: can also be translated as "Let us all wait")"

The fans who already saw this message immediately expressed, "TVXQ is the best when there's five", "All we can do is just wait", "We will wait for you", etc.

Even though this message was merely less than ten words, you have to admit, this does help us feel better. Now, we can also see a little bit of what Joongie felt all along. Hopefully, the members will open up to us fans more. It doesn't have to be right away. They can do it just like this. Saying only a few words...slowly....but surely...

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I thought that I have to share some of my newest works here. I have promised to one DBSKnights reader to sub Bolero and finally I finished this

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30 seconds of this amazing voice is not enough!

TVXQ and Big Bang have been nominated for awards at the MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan (WS VMAJ).

According to MTV Japan, TVXQ's 'Share the World' has been nominated for 'Best Group Video' along with the works of other artistes such as the Backstreet Boys, Black Eyed Peas, and Japanese rock band Remio Romen (レミオロメン).

TVXQ has sold over one million copies of their most recent two singles and one best album in the first quarter of this year. But they announced a pause in their group activities in Japan earlier this month and many are uncertain as to whether all five members will attend this awards ceremony together.


This year's WS VMAJ will be held on May 29th at 6 p.m. at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Japan.

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At times like this, we need to look back and see from where they've started.
Wanna share this video to you guys when they were still trainees! :)
And this isn't only on DBSK. But from some SuJu members and Hyo Yeon of SNSD too.
Btw, please no bashing.

Though Junsu wasn't given one of those solo previews, he did sing with SuJu's Eunhyuk (Junchan's heart melting singing voice *stares into oblivion*) and was slightly seen at around 4:10 :)

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I love it! What do you guys think?

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Again a message from manager. Somehow muttering something like is is kind of unnatural…. Everyone always knows that YunHo is good at imitation right? It’s been a while, so I really want to see his imitation of “Ohtaki Hideji-san*”. Shouldn’t he have a new imitation material soon… Seki-sa~n! Please.

This is a message from manager! I think it would be better if I muttered this for myself…. By the way, while preparing for his recording, JeJung did a “Katsudon Practice” with the new manager (LOL). Since he’s doing his best, I’m thinking of buying him nabe that is used in place of katsudon .

Years passed, and when we caught the news that Tohoshinki would debut in Japan under avex, the person from Human Resource Department who gave me the call in the past passionately told us that this was undoubtedly going to be our big break!

This is a trivia, but I’ve already worked for avex for 14 years. Before that I was just an ordinary~ salaryman. When I received a call from someone of avex’s Human Resource Department that I was accepted into avex, it was also around the time when my first daughter was born. That was the happiest moment in my life!

T/N: Katsudon and nabe are names of food. I have no idea what’s the meaning “Katsudon practice” that he mentioned.

source: Seki Yoshihiro’s Twitter
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

JunSu who is exploded with charisma received the eels from someone. In fact, he is already full from eating something else…
Now he's in troubles of deciding whether or not he should eat the eels (LOL).

We've decided that we would give you reports on XIAH junsu's promotion that is being highly praised!
We will be giving a lot of different faces of JunSu~ Please looking forward to it!!
*so that would be Jun-face??? oooh. i remember ehem*Chunface* ehem.LOL*

Xiami* JunSu!?

During a magazine photoshoot! Somehow he's wearing this outfit by AmiAmi! He looks sexy, doesn't he~!
In the dressing room, JunSu keeps being noisy saying, "Xiami JunSu!!"…
(^o^; )
*Xiami = Xiah + AmiAmi

Taking Polaroid picture ♪

Here he's taking a Polaroid picture for as a present for the readers!
I realized that his jawline has gotten sharper, hasn't it~!

Sign sign!

Right after the photoshoot, JunSu is signing autographs!
These will become presents for the readers ♪
Everyone, please definitely check the magazines that XIAH junsu appears on!!


JunSu-sama during an interview!
He's having an interview with a serious face~!

This is Teacher JunSu who is exploding my charisma and is having as many promotional magazine interviews as raging waves.

The truth is that our management and advertising departments are launching "Airport JunSu Reconstructing Plan" and that's why he's doing a lot of fashion magazines now (LOL).

The male editor of the male fashion magazine who has been always supporting JunSu wants to expose JunSu's charms to everyone, thus demanding for some high level of fashion.
Teacher JunSu faces this high-level-of-fashion challenge with a much more positive attitude than we expected!!!
It would be good that he could be more interested in fashion after this…

Everyone, what kind of styling would you want to see JunSu in~?

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JUNSU is BACK!!!! Junsu, Once again in "smart"!

Hi, I'm the Jake Shields of the "smart" editorial department, Souhei Igarashi!

(few sentences omitted)

Today, I will announce very big news!

That is!
That is!!
That is!!!

Our Junsu-san, who appeared in the magazine "smart" April issue, and attracted the public attention,
will appear once more in smart!!!

To be honest, we had the photo shooting session today★

His appearance after 3 months will be in the article for the world-class maison de couture.
The contents of the plan is just for our special star!!

I could not explain in details,
but we will be able to meet Junsu-san in
smart July issue (release date: May 24),
so please look forward to the issue!!

Of course, we will do that present plan again!!
(T/N: Junsu's polaroid photograph with his signature was given out to the lucky readers for the April issue.)

To tell you the truth, we have taken photos in order to report the photo shooting session, but please wait awhile for them!
We will introduce them to you in the near future, in this blog!

You will be able to see Junsu-san, in style~★

(few sentences omitted)

So this is Souhei Igarashi, whose emotions are still running high,
since we just finished the photo shooting session with Junsu-san!

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Changmin will appear in "ELLE girl" June Issue!

There will be an interview of Changmin from Tohoshinki in "Elle girl" June issue! (release date: Wednesday, May 12)

This is a must viewing for the fans, the long interview which Changmin spoke his honest feelings about his career in the future, girls, and fashions. There are fashion shooting pictures, showing his unknown side for the first time.

In our online, we will show in the same timing as the release of the magazine, Changmin's precious videos and the backstage of the photo shooting session, a great release!

And as our magazine’s very special plan, we will present 3 people with Changmin's autographed polaroid pictures. Please check in details "ELLE girl" to be published on Wednesday, May 12★

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It seems that there will be tweets full of enviousness for their closeness.

The new drama started in April 15th “Sunao Ni Narenakute” has had many attention on it ever since the first broadcast. It’s a story about 5 people meeting through twitter, a love story that looks too good to be true. However, seems that on the drama’s shooting set there is already a “rumor” about one man and women, they’re no other than the main character Ueno Juri (23) and Tohoshinki Jaejoong (24).

During the break time, Ueno Juri is teaching Jaejoong Japanese one on one. She takes out stuff from her bag and teaches pronunciation for him and writes the casts names in kanji and teaches him how to read it. Jaejoong takes notes and is really looking serious. Their closeness is to the point you can hear each others breath and it makes us who are watching feeling nervous as well.

As we wrote on page 52, Tohoshinki Jaejoong is currently having trouble with his entertainment company but his popularity is still soaring. He will continue shooting for the drama as well as appearing in more Japanese television shows. Thus, it’s no doubt that his personal lesson from Ueno Juri will means a lot.

When Ueno Juri acted in “Nodame (T/N: Nodame Cantabile)”, she was roled as a not very intelligent girl, therefore, whether she will be able to teach him proper Japanese, we’re kinda worried about that. As in internet community, there’s already worriness that she will be bashed by Tohoshinki fans. There are some comments in internet written, ‘If there is a kiss scene (T/N: between Jaejoong and Juri) we won’t forgive her’, and ‘She has a kind of personality that she hugs the male staffs without any hesitation. But if she does that to Jaejoong, I think the netizens will go crazy…’

So, Ueno Juri seems to need to be careful that the kindness won’t change into anything more.

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Allow me to ramble for a bit……
I used someone else’s working ID to get into the expo, SO BIG…… My legs were about to break when I finally got to the Asia section

The afternoon of the 15th, the security was already tight. The Chinese building they wont let you go in. England and France buildings, they wont let you get within a couple of meters. Guards were guarding, wont let anyone in……

All of this just made it harder for me to get in……

Korean building, it wasn’t even ready! So many workers were still working, some of them discussing. I thought I would catch what they were saying……. *cries*…… can’t understand Korean…….

I regretted not dressing up more grown up, people can easily tell I’m a student…… The Korean workers kept looking my way, I was so afraid they would come and ask for my ID……

I saw a lot of ATM kind of screens on the first floor, I thought they would use that to broadcast the videos…… so I left…… brokenhearted. I told my dad to hurry up, but my dad was busy taking pictures, so he said, since we are here, why don’t you go to the 2nd floor and take a look, maybe they have proper screens there…… I idiotically asked: there’s a second floor??? I’m so retarded, only thought of looking for Yunho, I didn’t even pay attention to how the building is structured……

The stairs weren’t even ready yet….. climbing up there in the dark……

OHHHHHHHHH!!! I have never been this grateful for my dad……

In the hallway of the 2nd floor, there were a lot of things on display with Korean style, like Korean cloth and such…… I went through everything slowly, I watched the “street dance” on for a couple of minutes…….~~~~(>_<)~~~~ It wasn’t Yunho……

There was one screen showing videos, it only had the dances but no sound……. Shinee, sj, SNSD……. I watched it over and over again…… but no Yunho…… i was so disappointed and turned around……

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~ Yunho~~~~~~ Even though there was only 1 picture, the lighting was bad, and the picture was just… but still~~~

Keep walking forward should be the place where they put the screen, its kinda like a movie theater, but the screen wasn’t ready……

They should be ready by the 20th, the workers must work hard!!

(T/N: Shanghai expo officially opens on May 1st, it must be ready then!)


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(this is for ringtones^^)

N/B: double platinum = 500,000 copies sold

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2010-04-21 00:33:36

Oh, Micky-san (T/N: Micky is the HN of the follower of Kitagawa's blog)

Oh, Micky-san, you wrote "Aigo" isn't used by young Korean boys, but Jaejoong was using it often.

"Aigo~ Aigo aigo aigo~"
Since he was always using the (T/N: Korean) word, I asked him.
Jaejoong’s lecture, which continued for 30 minutes, started.

And the word became popular at the location site, and I wrote it in the script.

Is Jaejoong a bit off?

2010-04-21 00:39:10


Maybe.....was I fooled by Jaejoong again?
Is the word "aigo" used only by the old?
Micky-san, please teach me.
Oh, I've already written the word! In the script.

2010-04-21 01:04:46

A question

I just checked the internet, but does Jaejoong play the piano?
For those who know, please teach me.

T/N: Up to this time, there are more than 170 comments for this article alone. All of them are saying that Jaejoong can play the piano, and requesting Kitagawa-san to write the scene for Jaejoong playing the piano in the drama.

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