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Tomorrow Jejung will make surprise appearance at TELEPHONE corner of ‘Waratte Iitomo!’

“Iitomo, you should watch~!! Everyone, so that I can do it well, please wish me luck!”

by Jejung

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T/N: This is a continued story from here.

Sending all of your signatures to the Fathers

Your signatures were safely delivered to one of the parents!

Junsu's father said "I received them for certain."
I heard the report from the two representatives (T/N: of the fans, who directly delivered the signature)

Good work!
Junsu's father stated the 5 members' activities together as
"That is my hope, too. I am ready for the discussions…"

Now the remaining is Yunho's father.
I have thought and thought…

And, I have made a request to Kigoshi-san. (T/N: Yu Kigoshi. He has collected the fans' encouragement comments in Korean and English for Yunho and Yunho's father, and sent them to Yunho’s father in January.)

Kighoshi-san has a plan to meet Yunho's father in the near future…
I thought it would be the best to ask Kigoshi-san. (T/N: There were articles in both Kigoshi's and Song's blogs a few days ago that they met together.)

For the comeback of the 5 members, under the current situations…
it would be the fastest if Yunho and Changmin can get out of their management company.
(I couldn't agree more. But then again, it's not that easy to get out too. And Changmin is still kinda tangled in their ropes. He has "Paradise Ranch/Meadow" after all)

Since the 3 are at law…it is difficult for them to go back.

I believe Yunho's and Changmin's fathers' anger was caused because they thought of the best for Yunho and Changmin…
Please! We do not know what we can do, but lets keep trying!

Let's stop all the bashing, and quietly follow the 5 members(^O^) (Exactly! We shouldn't stick to just one of them, but all 5!)

Everyone knows the bonds of the members.
Some of you may favor especially one of the members, but we met not only one of the members,
but the Tohoshinki, the group of 5 members… (Ooh. She read my mind. XD)

Yes. Please keep in mind the bonds between us and the 5 Tohoshinki members!

Let's hang in there!

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So, what do you say guys?
Shall we hang in there along with Song Yujin and all the other avid THSK fans out there?
I sure am ;)
Ayu says Jaejoong is cute. They talk that they have not met each other from a-nation 2009.


April 13, 2010 12:50 30
Omitted a few

Jaejoong will appear at the "Telephone shocking” corner of “Waratte Iitomo” at Fuji TV tomorrow on Wednesday, April 14.

He was introduced by a guest Ayumi Hamazaki who appeared today's "Telephone Shoking" (13th). When Jaejoong received the telephone, he spoke in smooth Japanese, yet, when Tamori the MC of the program asked him, "Are you available to come tomorrow?" he asked "Ah~? (Well~?)", and the meeting place was filled with wonders.

(T/N: He is supposed to answer by saying their famous line "Iitomo~~!! (of course!)" but Jaejoong said "Ah~~(well~?)" at first, which must have been interesting and fun for both MC and the audiences.^^ "Iitomo" means both "of course" and "good friend" in Japanese.)

From Thursday, April 15, a serial drama "Sunaoni Narenakute" which is Jaejoon's actor debut drama will start. Let us look forward to listening to his drama photography secret stories tomorrow.

Always Keep The Faith!

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"Popular Blog Ranking Site" held a poll to ask "Who's Your Favorite TVXQ Member?"
The Poll was held from February 14~April 12, 2010.
Total vote count was 7940 and the results are as follows.

#1 Yuchun 1775 votes(22.4%)

#2 Yunho 1670 votes(21.0%)

#3 Junsu 1661 votes(20.9%)

#4 Jaejoong 1636 votes(20.6%)

#5 Changmin 1198 votes(15.1%)

Source: BLOG RANKING +Ameba News
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Today on the 13th of April, SM Entertainment made an official announcement regarding their stance on the TVXQ JaeChunSu situation they have been tangled with for the past several months. The tables have now turned – SM Entertainment have revealed to file a lawsuit against the TVXQ trio.

Here is a direct translation of the excerpt from the posted announcement.

안녕하세요. SM엔터테인먼트입니다.

SM엔터테인먼트는 동방신기 3인 관련 가처분 결정 이후, 지속적으로 동방신기의 존속을 위해 노력하면서 가처분 이의신청 및 본안 소송을 잠정 보류해 왔습니다.

그러나 3인 측은 당사의 동방신기 활동 요청에 대한 공식적인 입장을 표명하지 않고 있고 일본에서도 동방신기로서의 활동중단이 발표됨에 따라, SM엔터테인먼트는 지난 12일 가처분 결정에 대한 이의신청 및 전속계약 존재확인 등에 관한 본안 소송을 제기하였음을 알려 드립니다.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

After receiving the confirmation that the TVXQ trio will be filing an injunction, we SM Entertainment had continuously put our best efforts to keep the group in existence, thus we have delayed this lawsuit on our objection toward the trio.

However, the three are not giving us their answers to our request of continuation on the activities, but instead declared to stop all of their activities in Japan. Therefore, we are here to notify that we have filed in a lawsuit on the 12th against the trio, to state our objection toward their provisional disposition of the contract terms and also to verify of the contract’s remaining validity.

Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk, the official attorney of TVXQ, revealed on a phone call with Newsen on the 13th, “We’ve learned about the lawsuit through the internet, but we haven’t gone through the details yet. We will respond to their action accordingly.”

Until this day, SME has been rather subtle on their take on the lawsuit by Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun. Just recently, the five-member group has halted their activities all together after the release of their Japanese single Toki Wo Tomete. Since then, many media source have declared that TVXQ is technically over, as they’ve now split for good.

Of course, the real fate of the trio is yet to be made certain. But with all these negative answers emerging at the moment, it sure does not look so good.

Source: Nate News
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You know why they won't respond to you?! COZ YOU'RE NOT ADHERING TO THE COURT'S DECISION, you prick. Is it really that hard to understand? Whatever, SM Ent, go ahead and sue the trio you're digging a deeper grave for yourself.

Don't worry, I will offer some flowers for you.

A Fanaccount by Carmel (http://songcaimei.livejournal.com)
For Xiah-sshi Forums (www.xiah-sshi.com)


LOL, she has the same name as me!! xD

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Actor Eita(27) and actress Ueno Juri(23) double main character drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute”(starting on the 15th thursday 10pm)’s press conference was opened on the 12th.

The drama draws 5 people who meet through an internet communication tool
“Twitter”.Eita who plays a new cameraman said “I want to watch the 2nd episode. I am having an affair with a lady I met 7 years ago…” and spoiled the future plot in front of 200 people and his co-cast Tamayama Tetsuji(30) said “Eita!” and stopped him from spoiling the story and made everyone laugh.

Also his first time in a Japanese drama Tohoshinki Jaejoong(24) has trouble with his Korean production and it was his first time appearing on stage after announcing their activity pause. With a nice smile he said excitedly “Its fresh to see my face in a Japanese drama!”. There was a few questions about the activity pause but he didn’t comment on it.

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Hello, Cassiopeias!
We believe that most of you got the news from AVEX Corp.
that they are stopping the activity of TVXQ(Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tohoshinki).
However, it would be harder for TVXQ themselves, than for us.
Let’s make a shelter for them to rest their hearts, souls and minds.

We are now making a project named “Show Me Your Love”.

To participate, please upload an image file with your message filled with love.
Everybody can participate if you are TVXQ’s fan, even though you are not registered to DNBN. (dnbn.pe.kr)
Also, you can upload any kind of images; pictures, scanned photos, drawings, illustrations, etc.
There is no specific format or dimension that you have to keep.
But of course, there should be your true hearts and support for TVXQ in the images you will upload.

The uploading period is from April 13th to May 12th.
After May 12th, your images will be displayed on the front page of DNBN. (dnbn.pe.kr)
Show us your love! You will always be able to visit the image forum even after the event ends.
Please do not hesitate to participate and support TVXQ!

Click Here

Tutorial on how to upload image:

Please spread this project and do it! I'm going to do it too! xD Japanese, Chinese, Korean text available under the cut.

세상에서 제일 멋있고 자랑스럽고 고마운 동방신기에게 전하는
사랑 또는 응원의 메세지가 담긴 사진을 아래 게시판에 업로드하여주세요!
동방신기 팬이시라면 회원/비회원 상관없이 모두 참여하실 수 있으시며
사진, 스캔본, 그림, 일러스트 등등 jpg/gif/png 파일이시면 다 가능하십니다
형식이 따로 있는 것도 아니고 사진의 크기도 상관없습니다!
진심 을 담은 응원과 약간의 정성은 필요합니다!
기간은 2010. 04. 13부터 2010. 05. 12까지이며
동네방네 대문을 일정기간동안 여러분의 사진으로 장식하게 됩니다
show me your love! 게시판은 마감 후라도 언제든지 구경가능하십니다
우리 서로 어깨 토닥여주면서 힘내기로해요
어떨땐 백가지 말보다 한마디의 말이 더 힘이 되기도 합니다
별 님들의 많은 참여부탁드립니다!

Click Here

*이벤트 성격과 맞지않는 글은 무통보 삭제됩니다

+) 태 그를 입력할 수 없습니다 이점 유의해주세요
비회원분들도 글을 쓰실 수 있기 때문에 이름 입력란에는 팬픽, 여성향의 닉네임 및 특수문자, 기호를 쓰지 말아주세요
자동 코딩이라 깨져서 보입니다 ㅡ.ㅜ


4月3日、東方神起としての活動を休止するという avex の発表がありました。
誰よりもつらい思いをしている東方神起のメンバーに、雨や風を避けて一休みできる shelter を

題して『Show me your love!』あなたの愛を見せて下さい! project!!!!! ジャジャ~ン!

東方神起のファンであれば 会員/非会員 関係なく誰でも参加できます。
写真、スキャンファイル、絵、イラストなど jpg/gif/png ファイルであれば可能です。
期間は 2010. 04. 13から 2010. 05. 12までで
show me your love! 掲示板は締め切り後もいつでも見ることができます。

Click Here



名为“Show me your love!” project!!!!!!秀出你们的爱吧!!!

照片、扫描件、画图、 illustrator等等只要是jpg/gif/png文件皆可以
所以就算“Show me your love!”公示活动结束,任何时间都可以观看。

Click Here

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“Pet Partner is Better Than Man”
2010.04.12 15:44

Partially Translated

It has drawn an attention that there are women who opinionates that their pet partner is better to have than a man. In the cable TV program ‘친절한 미선씨’ which will air on the 12th, 20 ladies who live with their pet partners had appeared and expressed their opinion by saying, “My pets are our family, so instead of calling them pet, it will be better if we could call them animal partners.”

They even mentioned that “If the guys we fall in love do not accept our animal partners, then we can give up on that guy.”

In the program, not only dogs or cats, but also monkey, lizard, etc will appear.

There also will appear an animal partner dog that is adopted from TVXQ’s member Xiah Junsu and a monkey which cost 10,800,000 won (1800만원).

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-Quick Translation from Waratte Iitomo TV (*Not every words are translated)-

Ask popular actors questions ranking: "The time when your heart beats 'Kyun'"

(*"Kyun" is a word used for heart beat in Japanese way when the people feel attracted to others etc.
Iitomo TV program asked actors when their heart feel “Kyun” and ranked them and presented them at the program.)

#9 in ranking: "When a stranger woman stare at me (I feel 'Kyun')" by Jeajoong.

Video of a girl looking at a guy shows.

MC: "Who chose this one?"

00:49: JJ: "Yes, it is me."

00:52: Tamori MC: "That is dangerous and fierce!"


JJ lick his lip

00:59: JJ: "Well in my case, I experienced it once."

Nakai (SMAP): "Oh you experienced it."

JJ: "Yes. And at that time, I also stared at her."

LOL (SMAP, Kimura Takuya's reaction look shocked. ^^)

Nakai: "Was she your type?"

JJ: "Yes, she was really my type."


JJ: "And we looked at each other for a long time. And so I thought the person might like me. Then I kept on looking at her. Then later on, her boyfriend, a guy appeared. I thought, why you look at me when you have a boyfriend?"

MC: Next is #6 "When I lose alcohol drinking amount to a girl, I am really disappointed" by Jaejoong.

01:59: JJ nods and looks disappointed

Nakai: "Sunaoni Narenkute starts in three days. We need to make an announcement."

Comedian shows up to do a drama announcement with their gag.

04:19: They end their gag using Tamayama's name and he laughs together with Jeajoong, which shows their friendly atmosphere.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Waratte Iitomo Fuji TV+april9JJ
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