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A loss of 60 Billion Won (a/n: equivalent of 54 Million USD) will incur with the stopping of Tohoshinki's activities, according to the analysis of Japanese critics.

On the 5th of April, Japanese music critics reviewed on the website ZAKZAK: "Tohoshinki's stopping of activities in Japan will cause AVEX to suffer the cost of 5 Billion Yen (60 Billion Won)".

They pointed out that: "It is an important issue as to how AVEX will overcome this deficiency. They need to find a way to make up for this loss."

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Interviewer: Please talk about your impression of Juri, Jejung, Megumi, and Tetsuji

Eita: In my opinion, Jejung is a very straightforward and honest person.
During our photoshoot for the promotional poster, I was pondering to myself-- when Jejung wanted to express his feelings and thoughts, did he go over it once through his head in Korean, and then change it to Japanese when he says it out loud?
In the drama, there will definitely be some type of complicating entanglement between our characters in the future. I do hope that before that happens, I can be more in contact with Jejung so when we are together, it will be more enjoyable.

(parts not involving Jejung is omitted)

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Giving Changmin tips and guidance in acting, time unconsciously passes by

Main actress of the soon-to-be-released television drama "Paradise Meadow", Lee Yeon Hee (22), has not only been mentoring same aged co-star, TVXQ member Choikang Changmin, in terms of acting, but also in film-television terminology, among others.

Lee Yeon Hee recently accepted an interview from Sports Seoul. She laughingly said, "because Changmin and I are in the same company (SM Entertainment), we have a closer relationship. As this is his first acting experience, I give him acting tips on the side to help him out. Honestly, I don't have enough expertise to guide him right?" She also expressed, "Changmin has a great level of passion so I also thoroughly prepared. The weren't many difficulties during the filming process and we co-operated pleasantly."

"Paradise Meadow" is a youthful romance drama based in Jeju Island and talks about young adults' career and love life. In the drama, Lee Yeon Hee acts as a character who doesn't care about her parent's' opposition and riskily gets married. She is a bright and strong newly-wed bride that fights against the many challenges that come her way. After a long period of time since the ending of MBC's "East Of Eden" in March last year and finally appearing again in this drama, she stated, "this is different from my other dramas because the protagonist is more bold and stylish. In terms of how it will be presented on television, I'm very curious to see how fans will react."

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2010-04-11 11:24:15

Reading CEO Matsuura’s twitter.........

There also seems to be unkind messages written in the CEO's blog.
There were unkind comments in KO's blog (Toho dancer), too.
The strong feelings of the fans are heading to a different direction.....outlet for complaint, to those who are not responsible (T/N: for the suspension of activities.)
I do not want to call them fans, but, it seems that some of the Tohoshinki fans are doing those nasty things.

【From the CEO's twitter】
"Some say that avex made much money by releasing many CDs and DVDs. I just wanted to release as much as possible before we could not do so. Should that be said as making money? I am angry, I’m a human."
"We did the best we can. We are the directors of a company of the first section market, but, before that, we are human beings. Should we keep quiet even if those unkind messages are sent to us? Do you all know how distressing it was? Since we knew the situation, we were in tears many times.."
"Since there was a message 'Resign from the CEO!' in my blog, I was angry to that person."
"If we were not on the market, we do not need benefits. I just want to give back our profits to the company staffs and the fans. The stock holders may be angry if I say so......"
"I am sorry for those who kept off from this talk. Since I am foolishly honest, I am sorry if there are those who were shocked hearing this."

We were all saved by a fan following the CEO's twitter.
"Mr. CEO!! My home is overflowing with Tohoshinki’s CDs and DVDs♪ To be honest, it was the first time that I purchased many copies of the same CD. It was the first time that I thought I wanted to buy many copies. I regret nothing, I purchased them by the money I earned by myself!"

I think there are only few that wrote unkind comments to KO’s blog, and only few that wrote that the CEO should resign directly to the CEO himself.....
Most of us fans are truly grateful for all the persons who gave their support to Tohoshinki, but the blogs are shut down, or the articles are deleted, for these heartless people.
We, the human beings, have such fragile hearts that can easily be bruised.

Won’t you think how you would feel if those words were said to you…
If you were real flesh and blood, won’t you stop and think for a moment?
For those who have written the unkind comments, if you love Tohoshinki, if you love their personality, please think back what you have done.....

We all know the phrase "Love is blind". You shouldn’t forget to take a look around you.
I do not care about others......kind of feelings. Tohoshinki members will definitely be unhappy if they hear such talks.......
I am in pain, I am very sad.
I sincerely hope that these kinds of misleading fans will decrease.....
We should be delighted if the media will report "Tohoshinki fans are great!", and above all, the Tohoshinki members themselves, who always treasure us fans, should be delighted if they hear such praises.
We are happy that the numbers of fans are increasing, but nobody wants these kinds of self-righteousness and possessive fans to increase.
Should these unkind behaviors repeat many times?
Where should we, how chould we express our feelings, our voices?
I am really having a hard time.....

T/N: Excuse me for writing directly in the article. KO's lovely article (click here for the trans) was deleted few hours after his posting, according to some harsh words from the so called fans. Mr. CEO has also complained on the twitter of some of the rude comments. Should we call them a problem for somebody else? Are we qualified enough to pick on them? I personally do not think so. Sometimes, in the English fandom, our translations are criticized just the same, looked upon as the outlet for complaint, especially for the translations of negative news. I sincerely hope that everyone would keep calm and wait for the day when they could resume their activities, and, in the meanwhile, express your gratitude towards all the staffs who are trying their best to keep a peaceful fandom. Thank you.

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Jaejoong, a member of the popular quintet Tohoshinki (announced that their activities be suspended), participated in the new Fuji TV’s drama "Sunaoni Narenakute" premiere and stage greetings, which was held in Tokyo on April 12.
Jaejoong, appearing for his first time in the Japanese drama participated together on stage with the double leading casts Eita and Juri Ueno.
Jaejoong’s greetings were; "Hello, I’m Jaejoong. Thank you for coming. At first, I was nervous because it was my first time to act in Japan, but everyone was very kind. I am now enjoying the filming." He showed his cheerful and vigorous himself to the fans, who had gathered for the event.

(few sentences omitted)

Eita, who said that the five casts were together at the shooting yesterday, also said that "We are doing a good filming in happy harmony, sharing the sense of tension." We can see the good teamwork from his words.
Juri, who will together with the 5 casts see for her first time Episode 1 (with the fans) spoke her mind as "I haven’t watched the drama yet, so I am very excited. The director’s production is; you get teary or happy without realizing. His producing the feelings are, very natural and moderate."

Megumi Seki, Tetsuji Tamayama also participated in the stage greetings. The drama "Sunaoni Narenakute" will be on air on 10:00pm, April 15.

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Jaejoong is wearing the same outfit during the poster shooting.
The preview event started at 9am and Jaejoong is very nervous.
I was so nervous to the extent that I almost vomited = =+
Jaejoong is so cute when he's holding onto the mic ><. During the end, he came out to make a speech again and took a group photo with everyone.

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(Photo: Sports Nippon News)


A member of Korean popular group of 5 "TVXQ" of Jaejoong (24) had a "scream of the soul" by a preview of the Fuji TV drama “Sunaoni Narenakute” (Broadcasting starts at 10 PM on the 15th) at a press conference of an completion announcement on the 12th.

Jaejoong’s Japanese drama debut product is a youth group drama of five men and women who got to know each other through "Twitter" which murmurs one's "now" in less than 140 characters.

Jaejoong plays the role of a Korean man who works as a salesman of the domestic medical equipment maker. At the press conference, he said hello in an excited manner, and he mentioned, "I think my tension is rather high today and I might even appear strange".

A preview on that day of the first drama view for the performers as well. Jaejoong was shocked by an act of the kiss scene of Linda (Tetsuji Tamayama) and the chief editor (Eri Watanabe) at a publishing company.

Witnessing a "sexy" scene at a workplace setting in the drama; Jaejoong screamed, "Naaahh~~~!" and Jaejoong’s face was blushed red as he shared his shock watching the kiss scene at the preview.

(Photo: Oricon News)

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at someone wedding

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DNBN said it was the premiere. I think they meant the interview or something. Will confirm later :)

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More info here: link

(Gabasia: Those Saturn chain stores are quite popular in Europe, which means that a lot of people in Europe will be able to see TVXQ video)

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T/N read from the bottom to the top

-ha. Bath house?(a place where you can shower/take a bath) Should I bring a bath house in? All of the sudden a bath Bath house and “Sunao ni narenakute” doesn’t match. Please tell me how can I make Jaejoong naked?

-So how should I make Jaejoong take off his clothes. Ahh. I didn’t think it’d be a problem that he is poor so he has no shower in his apartment. (Troubled. This is the trouble of a script writer. Is trouble like this okay?)

Q: Teacher please! Please let Jaejoong take his clothes off—!
-Ah! You said a good thing. That’s something the producers were thinking of but couldn’t say. I was about to put my thoughts as a scriptwriter and almost forgot to give service for the watchers.

-When you say “kita–!”(used when you’re excited like it came! Or it’s here!) it feels like 2 channel doesn’t it? (2 channel is the main site for netizens) RT:Kita–!! RT: haha I want to see it~! RT: Is there Tamayama Tetsuji and Jaejoong love scene?

Haha. I want to see it~. RT@jejupara is there a love scene of Tamayama Tetsuji-san and Jaejoong?

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I think it's irrelevant to have a love scene because isn't a drama about discovering love and whatnot? It doesn't make sense if they explore old love.. or is it just me? However, I do entertain the idea of sauna or bathhouse because it makes sense especially if it's between the twitter boys (thats what i call eita, jaejoong and this one guy xD). I'm thinking of a scene where the three decide to go to sauna and hang out. I think it's going to be cool xD
It's cold~!

This is YonSu who was using a hand warmer to warm himself!

He only had about 5 hours of rest between the yesterday's filming and today's, so it's a very hard schedule.

When the filming finished, YuChun said out loud, "Nochihodo (Eventually)~~~~♪" and made everyone laugh.


Hey hey (-.-)

Snatching the maid outfit from the props, YuChun turned into this…

He was way too hyper


Totally interested?
This is YuChun who had a very deep interest in watching the props being fixed.

They seemed to be fixing a picture which is a very important object in the story.


A neat YuChun
YuChun during standby!

This is a very neat YuChun who, without thinking, folded the jacket he was holding on his hand very prettily and neatly.
(^__^; )


Today is…

Very warm, YuChun was refreshing himself outdoor.

"Japan is hotttttttt! Ni Ahhhh (T/N: YuChun's random word, doesn't make sense)!!!" Yuchun just cried out some random words that didn't have any meaning (LOL).

YuChun… are you broken?


Having a bit of trouble…
He was having a scene where he just got up from his bed and was putting on a shirt

His shirt's collars kept standing up and going inside his shirt, so he was having a bit of trouble

Hide and seek?
YonSu who pretended he was a pillar so that he couldn't be found!?

We could totally see you from over here though (LOL).

YonSu who was standing in line with the maids!

"My mood is gooooood~♪"

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