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(Main Picture JJ with staff)
Jaejoong is listening to the staff passionately.
You can tell how serious he is from his eyes.

(Left pic JJ with lil sister)
He and MinHa live together (Kinami Haruka, 24).
They live hard each day with just his income.
MinHa is a senior in high school and has outstanding grades so he wishes for her to become a doctor…

(Right pic JJ getting water on his head)
He gets in trouble for his sales total isn’t rising and at times he gets unreasonable things done to him….
After filing this part he was drying his head with a towel and very different from his character, Jaejoong showed a big smile. He really is an “actor”!


A drama that draws young people meeting through twitter (site that you write within 140 characters about what your doing).

Before filming Jaejoong said that he was nervous, but he went drinking with the casts and seemed to become very close with them. Jaejoong is so strong with alcohol that he made Tamayama Tetsuji drunk to the point he lost his memory, and he got rejected to compete drinking by Eita.

But Eita seems to feel relaxed when he’s with Jaejoong and already their team work is great.
Jaejoong who shows the connection at acting with the talented actors. Can’t wait till the drama airs~


Doctor (Jaejoong 24)
A medical equipment salesman in his 3rd year. He came with his little sister who is “Haru’s” student 5 years ago.

Nakaji (Eita 27)
A new camera man. Right now he is working for an adult magazine but he wants to be a war cameraman.

Haru (Ueno Juri 23)
A part time teacher that looks up to Kinpachi Sensei (a famous drama in Japan about school life). Afraid of relationships and has never went out with a man.

Linda (Tamayama Tetsuji 30)
A magazine editor. He started twitter for a column. Troubled by his boss who sexually harasses him.

Peach (Seki Megumi 24)
A sales assistant at a children clothing store. Was “Haru”’s high school classmate and are best friends. She doesn’t think too deep.

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Continue to be happy!! Continue!! Believe good things will happen~

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Go Kim twins! Hehehe ^^,

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Today’s YonSu is…

Walking and walking...

Walking and walking… Looking for something?

Right after he waked pass the camera, he walked in a weird way that made everyone laugh!

That’s bad~~ YuChun!!


In a middle of a pleasant chat~?

During break time, he was chatting with his co-stars ?

We found a mobile fortune-telling website, and we did a personality check for YuChun!!


In a middle of checking his script!!

It seems like YuChun has gotten used to checking his script, doesn’t it ?

To be honest, YuChun only received his script one day before the crank-in day.
He immediately had supervision and script study right after that, and started to study his lines in furigana like his life was depending on it. After that he was having a emergency script scramming with his manager until morning. On the first day of filming, he kept asking the staff countless times, “I was so nervous so I couldn’t do well. Was it okay?”
A week still hasn’t passed since the filming first started. YuChun, as an actor, is such a high-spirited and wonderful person ?
Yesterday, he told us secretly, “The day before the first day of filming, I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep~”. Watching YuChun taking on a new challenge with all his minds, our staff members got very touched (^o^)


A close-up of his side profile…

We took an extreme picture of it!!

Just now he was still bursting out with laughter while playing game with the staff, he suddenly became tensed before the filming… then, going into filming now!!


A memorial photo shoot?!

Since we were leaving the filming location, he told us, “Please take a picture ?”…

But somehow it became something that looks like a tourist memorial picture (LOL)

When it’s said CUT…
Out of the blue Yuchun turns to mischievous!!?
After this, he showed off funny face towards the camera (laughs)

In the midst of practicing!
Mixing gestures and rich expressions, Yuchun was in the midst of practicing for an important scene!

A convincing acting with painful gaze…
However, after this, he did a impersonation of one CM and made everyone laughed (lol)
Yuchun, remember not to laugh in the middle of practicing!

Because the filming has ended, he thought of taking some pictures ?
It feels like a commemorative tourist picture (laughs).

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MBS Seyanen! today revealed “Tohoshinki Effects” that brings tremendous number of sales in term of magazine. It was announced how VIVI magazine had sold 605,000 copies while anan magazine featuring Jejung recorded 5 times more selling number from its ordinary sales.

Seyanen! also reported that Tohoshinki fans in Japan has reached 200,000 people (more than that, actually) and 500,000 in South Korea (er… MUCH more than that too O.o;;;)

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Q: Have you called Takagi-san?
A: I did. I even called twice.

Q: You thought of this idea just now!!? I'll go yo~
A: Just now. I thought of it while reading everyone's tweets.

Q: Doragon-san, I think the females will say they're going, but even if they're not saying it, you'll still take it into consideration, won't you?
A: Yup.

Then I'll call Takagi-san who's in charge of it and tell him to positively take it into consideratio~n.

Q: I will, I think I will go (*^o^*)
A: Waoooo.

If YuChun's drama is shown in the theaters, will you come?

T/N: Moreover, today 4/11 is Chiba-san's birthday, so he updated a bunch of pictures of the boys saying happy birthday to him. Remember to drop him a happy birthday message too.

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