Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Reporter's View

On the 3rd, an announcement was made by AVEX that the Korean dance-vocal quintet Tohoshinki, whose total sales in Japan have exceeded 5 million copies and who has appeared on NHK's Kouhaku Utagassen for 2 consecutive years, will be taking an indefinite break. The reason of this is known to be because of the contract dispute between their Korean company and the 3 members, and after a conference made between the 5 of them and the officials from both Japan and Korea, they have come to a decision to suspend their activities. From now on they will be focusing on their solo activities.

Tohoshinki who had already been a top star in Korea started in Japan as a new artist, mastered the language, and did their activities steadily and honestly. In the beginning, most of their fans consist of women in their 30s and 40s who are Hallyu fans. However, after their great efforts to improve their dancing and singing in Japanese, their fanbase has spread to females who are in their 10s and 20s, and they have become a top star in Japan.

Because the cause of this is the contract dispute with their Korean company, with such great efforts that they're carrying, this break is not something we should be sad about. Because the cause is definitely not that the members hate each other. I want them to do well with their solo activities, and I want to wait believing that the 5 of them to come back with great success and smiles on their faces.
(Written by Music Reporter Noumura Etsuko)

Source: Sanspo
Translation: linhkawaii @
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I like how this reporter reminded us of one thing:
the cause is definitely not that the members hate each other.
Some of us just might have forgotten about that.
This is a collection of messages/comments/responses by fans regarding the latest news of TVXQ.
I hope this will inspire all of you to continue keeping the faith.

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T/N: Please read from bottom to top.
CSO = Chief Strategy Officer. In avex, the CSO is only under CEO.

Picture is of the script book of YuChun's drama

I'd reveal it at 12pm. To the person who's already angry, I already got permission from Tan-san of the PR department. (T/N: He's saying this because seems like his superior is angry at him spilling the secret of the drama? But it seems like a joke between them, because his tone doesn't sound serious.)

Wahhh, if you guys send me too many questions I'll run away. However, I'll let you see the back cover of the script (T/N: Please refer to the picture). Tomorrow at 12 o'clock, I'll reveal you more, maybe the front of the script or some lines in the script. Please pardon me. It's the art of running away.

Q: I'm sorry for asking this on your off day, but this is about BeeTV. I heard that you are distributing Tohoshinki's PVs and live videos, but since their activities were suspended, would you stop distributing them too? Even though I don't have a DoCoMo phone (T/N: because only DoCoMo phone can use BeeTV)
A: We do not have a need and a reason to stop distributing them at the moment.

Ah right, about the title "Loving You", it's just a temporary title. Just thought I'd let you know.

To the people who will watch [YuChun's drama], thank you. About the drama's DVD, even if YuChun doesn't say anything, we're planing to release it, but I'll try to talk about it tomorrow. However, I think you guys will have to wait a bit for the distribution of the DVD.

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Since I don't know if the Korean side will permit us, I can't say anything in my position, but I will try my best for the continuation of Bigeast. My friend messages will be updated @message_max

Max Matsuura just opened up a new twitter. If you guys remember how he used to send out friend messages on his blog, he says that this twitter will work as his friend messages. He hasn't been updating his blog these days, but he updates Twitter regularly.

I'll be happy if you can warmly watch over them who are having a fresh start. At the very least, I intend to go forward with the staff to a good direction with a positive and optimistic attitude. It's already Sunday evening, so I hope you'll spend the rest of Sunday well (end).

"The things that I've been wanting to tell up until now but cannot, but it would be good if I could tell you" is a strange expression. However, from now on, as a positive start, I'll change my attitude because I think it is a necessary thing to do. I think it's something I can do (cont.)

I am very sorry for making everyone surprised by the announcement made yesterday. I myself also don't know what to do… on the other hand, even if I knew what to do, everyone (cont.)

-First 3 tweets, irrelevant information omitted. He's talking about his day-

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I was looking around the DBSK forum in soompi,
reading what everyone else had to say about the latest news...
...and then I came across this:

I translated a few messages from various Japanese blogs and forums.
Bigeast are really wonderful~
They believe in Tohoshinki no matter what we should learn a lot from them too!!


It’s so sad
But I think the ones suffering the most
Must be those 5.
Right now all us fans can do Is believe in tohoshinki Whilst waiting.
All 5 will definitely return to us
It will be ok!!


It’s such a shock
But I trust that someday they will return to us smiling
And at that time the smiling faces of their fans
Will welcome them back home^^


Everyone you must try to not be in pain (^^)/
Right now the ones hurting the most are probably tohoshinki…
Even with individual activities we should watch over
and protect each and every member,
because isn’t it better to keep supporting them?
That way won’t we all feel happier (^^)d


The Bigeast mail came!!
I was so excited whilst I opened it but…
My hands went so cold ><
However, they are not breaking up just pausing, It could even just be a few days,
I’ll pray those 5 smiles will return to us!!


It’s so sad
However!! They aren’t breaking up.
Let’s all think positiveヽ(^o^)丿
So that we can all say “welcome back” with a smile!
Be positive! Let’s walk forward! Let’s smile!


I too at first couldn't believe it...
but when i realized the ones who are really hurting right now are them
I opened my eyes!!
What us fans can do
Is watch over them with a smile.
Let's continue to support them
(T/N: she wrote "fighting" in korean^^)


Yesterday when i heard this i was shocked
the tears wouldnt stop falling
But... Tohoshinki is forever!!!!(*^^*)
I will wait with a smile to welcome back their activities as 5★
because tommorow will surely come
(T/N: lyrics from asu wa kuru kara)


They aren't breaking up just pausing
This way they have more time to find a solution
I'll be praying to see Tohoshinki's come-back performance
Everyone you are the best (*^^*)
From here on just like always let's support them...


These are just a few I happened to pick out but they are all pretty much like this. Let's have a little more faith, okay?! ;)

The opposite of faith isn't when you give up, it's when you become indifferent,
when you think to yourself "I don't care what happens anymore".
I do care and i know we all do, so much that it hurts.
For everyone that cried, felt angry, betrayed, confused, lost, or the fact that it
affected you so much must mean that you are continuing to hold onto something.
Even if some of you decide that you can't support their solo activities
that doesn't mean you have lost faith in them.

Please everyone treasure that feeling of faith you have in the boys, in our boys.
If you give up faith then we really have nothing left.

Always keep the faith♥

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Reading this really did help me.
It may not be that much, but it's still significant.
I hope all of you are holding up.
I know I am.

I think I mentioned this before.
But during these times, we all need to keep it together.
We all need each other as much as the boys themselves need us.

And for those who have forgotten, I wanna share this picture to you all:

We've hold on this far, so like what other fans suggest, why don't we just wait a little further?
Let's all continue to believe and hope to the end!