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(3 hours after the previous tweet)

No matter what people have been saying to me, regarding the last message, I’ve been keeping silence for all this while.
But now, for the people who have been understanding, I definitely will not betray you.

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Tohoshinki Announced Activities Suspension

Being popular in Japan, South Korea boyband TVXQ on the 3rd announced through their management agency AVEX that they would suspend their activities in Japan. The label company will continue to support solo activities of all five members.

According to official officer, this decision is result from discussions among the members and staffs. “Each of 5 members decided to go and walk towards their own direction of dream.” he said.

TVXQ debuted in 2005 in Japan, in 2008 and 2009 they managed to have two consecutive years participation in NHK’s festival, and the members are getting even more popularity among the young generation, along with many more fans all across Asia. One of the member Jejung has been focused on solo activities as he is already scheduled to appear in Fuji TV drama series starting this month.

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Until now.. I still feel halfawake.. not accepting anything. Why do I feel like I was stabbed a million times? Why do I feel like I've been fighting for a dream that they had never dreamed? But I'm still here updating and being with you guys because I just can't accept. Can you please encourage me to keep the faith?

For always highly supporting Tohoshinki, thank you.

Due to Tohoshinki inactivity, Tohoshinki official fanclub “Bigeast” has to stop for new member enrollment.

We hope for your much understanding, thank you very much.

-Tohoshinki Official Fanclub Bigeast Secretariat-

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Oh no...This doesn't seem good.
Starting today, April 3rd, all visitors to our boys' official Japanese website
will be greeted by a popup message from AVEX Japan saying:
"Tohoshinki will stop their activities as a group and please support their solo activities".

But, let's not worry too much yet. Okay?
This could just be temporary so let's continue to keep the faith.

Anyway, in addition to this,
Bigeast immediately released a statement regarding this shocking news.
Here it is:

Hello this is Bigeast Office.
Today the press released the following:


About “Tohoshinki”

There is information about our companies artist “Tohoshinki”.

- They will stop/pause their activities as “Tohoshinki”
As “Tohoshinki” they will pause their activities but for young people with a future
and who has talents, we will support each of the 5 members activities.

From now on, please watch “Junsu” “Yoochun” “Jaejoong” “Changmin” “Yunho”
and take care of them.

Avex Management

Tohoshinki will pause their activities but Bigeast is where everyone treasured
and a place for the 5’s bond.
As the Bigeast office we are planning to keep Bigeast.
For the Bigeast members its very troublesome
but by the end of April we will announce officially so please wait for a while.

2010/4/3 18:00
-Bigeast Office

And here's another one guys...from Max Matsuura himself:

I did everything I can.
At the end of bitterness, I’ve decided to support my very best for their choice.

To them who are flying, if that is what they want I am planning to do everything I can.
It doesn’t matter what position I’m in,
my personal sadness is probably the same as the Tohoshinki fans.

This is truly a very hard time for us fans.
Also for the members themselves.
Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Yunho, and Changmin.

No matter what happens, let's hold on, okay?
Always keep the faith everyone.
We all need each other now.

I'm gonna go ahead....
*runs to the corner and cries*

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It’s not what it seems like. Today I have no secret intentions.
Since the person is Jaejoong

(one of Avex' CEOs)

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[Yoo Hana meets Choikang Changmin in Paradise]

The fans of are waiting eagerly, can you explain your character in the drama for us?

Yes, I’m waiting for its release too. I play the role of an interior designer from a rich family in . My character was always a child who would listen to what her father said, but when she falls in love for the first time, she goes against her father and begins to work as an interior designer as a sign of defiance. So she begins to live away from home, but her love doesn’t work out with that man and she meets someone who loves her. She can’t forget her past love and wants to start this new love; she’s confused and is caught in the middle of it. I play the role of a woman caught between the man who loves her and the man she loves.

What’s it like working with Choikang Changmin and Joo Sang Wook? Have you gotten close to them?

With Choikang Changmin, he’s younger than me so he’s so cute. He’s cute and makes me smile when I see him, and it’s great to see him working so hard. I think he’s trying very hard because it’s his first drama. There are a lot of times when he asks me for help because we bump into each other a lot during the drama too.
We’re all so young so we chat a lot. Although we can’t meet off set because we’re all so busy, all of us love to chat while we’re filming.

You filmed in Jeju Island with two handsome actors, so it must have been better than going with your boyfriend.

I think of both of them as my boyfriends and enjoy my work. Am I being too honest? (laughter) Whether one has a boyfriend or not, it was so fun to film at such a great location with such great people. I think I like acting because in that moment, they become my boyfriend and the man I love. It’s really~ nice. (laughter)

Your last two dramas were enjoyed by people in their 40s~50s but the viewing age for drops to the 10s~20s. The reaction will be different. Don’t you think that working with Choikang Changmin will naturally lead to anti-fans?

Yes, I’m scared. (laughter) So when the number of cameras filming us increase, we get uncomfortable with each other. When it airs, I guess I’ll get a lot of anti-fans. Till now, all I’ve had were ladies telling me I was so cute and pretty. (laughter) But I think that’s something I knew from the start. I’m not the type to lose sleep over such things, so I think I’ll be okay.

Please take care of minnie alot~ But not too much, LOL...
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunao Ni Narenakute Episode1
2010/4/15(thursday) 10-11:09PM (first episode 15 minutes longer)

Nakaji(Eita) and Haru(Ueno Juri) met through twitter. Nakaji, Nakajima Keisuke wants to become a war cameraman like how his father,Ryosuke(Kikkawa Kouji) used to be.

Since he is new he still does photo shoots for adult gravure magazines and assistant jobs. Haru, Mizuno Yoshiko is a part time teacher at a private high school. She is very moody and even though she doesn’t have confidence in herself she tends to act strong. But Haru has fears towards relationships and has never had a boyfriend before.

After Haru met Nakaji on twitter she had a good impression of him and got the chance to meet him. With a few of other followers they decided to meet at Shibuya. Since she was afraid to go alone she asked Nishimura Hikari who has been her friend since high school that now works at a children clothes store to go with her.

Haru and Hikari goes to the store and met Doctor, Park SoongSu(JaeJoong) and Rinda/Linda, Ichihara Kaoru (Tamayama Testuji). Doctor tells them that he came from Korea and went to a college in Japan. Linda was a magazine editor. Hikari lied to both of them saying shes a cabin attendant.

A little after Nakaji came in the store. When Haru saw his face she was surprised. In the afternoon at a cafe Haru spilled coffee and got Nakaji’s pants dirty. She panicked and tried to wipe his pants and Nakaji called him a pervert.

Doctor,Hikari,and Linda has fun and decides to go for a second round while Nakaji and Haru couldn’t have fun since they felt awkward. Nakaji and Haru passes to go to the second round and leaves to go home. But the two actually used the same subway station and were neighbors.

Doctor,Hikari and Linda goes to a karaoke store. Right when they go in Doctors cellphone rang. He said that his patient had a sudden problem and left. Hikari who was left asked Linda to go to a hotel with her.

After getting off the subway, Haru said bye to Nakaji and went to the convenience store. Nakaji was waiting outside to walk Haru home. But Haru told Nakaji to apologize for calling her a pervert. Also she said that she will take his pants to the cleaners and tried to take the paper bag that had his pants inside. But since they both pulled Haru fell and got a cut on her leg. Nakaji takes her to his apartment and treated her.But then Nakaji starts to get attracted to the face expressions Haru sometimes shows…

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On Saturday I updated the blog
and many Tohoshinki fans commented saying
“we were waiting!”
thank you so much Tohoshinki fans!

I love AKB48 (T/N: the main topic of his entry was actually about AKB48–and he seemed to love these girls a lot since he blogged much about them)
but of course I love Tohoshinki too!

Once it gets warmer I might be able to give some information
so please wait ♪

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