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[NEWS] 100302 Original News Source of JJ's Drama

*This is the translation of the original source of Hero's news about
Fuji TV's new drama going around in Korea and Japan today.

[Reported by Asian Economy News Korea]
영웅재중, 우에노 쥬리와 日 드라마서 호흡
기사입력 2010.03.02 15:23

Hero Jeajoong of TVXQ will appear in Japanese Fuji TV's drama.

On March 2nd, during the phone conversation with the Asian Economy Newspaper
Hero Jaejoong's aid clarified that Hero's appearance at Fuji TV's drama has been settled.

Hero will appear in the youth drama which pictures the friendship of the man and woman
who become friends through twitter.

It is a new drama piece written by a star script writer, Eriko Kitagawa
who wrote beautiful life and Heaven's Postman (which Hero played a main role).


"Sunaoni Narenakute" is going to be broadcasted at 10:00 PM every Thursday
from forthcoming April.

*oooh. i wanna see the twitter of jaejae's character. LOL.
shall we see jaejae filming photos then? exciting!*

Source: Asian Economy News Korea
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[PHOTOS] Changmin - filming Paradise Meadow

Credits: tvxqchammie
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[TRANS] Junsu in Japanese Magazine “MUSICAL”

WOW~~ he has done it!
Yoshio Inoue-kun of the monthly magazine “MUSICAL”.
(T/N: Yoshio Inoue is one of the top Japanese musical stars, born July 6, 1979. He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in vocal music. He is praised for his high singing ability and presence, he has played leading roles in musicals “Elisabeth” “Miss Saigon” “Marie Antoinette” “Rudlof” and such.


As I have predicted, no, as most of the musical fans predicted,
the prince of the Japanese musical world and one of the Japanese Wolfgang,
Inoue Yoshio-kun has written about Junsu~!!!

Inoue-kun watched Junsu’s performance on Feb 6 (I went there on Feb 7),
and he has written about Junsu in his blog.
(Inoue-kun’s blog is open only to the fan club members.)

The monthly magazine "MUSICAL" is like this.
Maniac? (Lol)

There is a continued article every month, “I am always in love with musicals!!”

Junsu appeared in the pages~!

My prince and my idol together…ohhhh.
This is a dream joint appearance…no, a dream two-shot!

Inoue-kun! BRAVO!!!
I thought that you, a musical lover, will do this!!!

I’ll introduce where he has referred to Junsu.

“My Musical story in 3 cities”
The last place I visited was Korea, and saw 2 performances of the Korean “Mozart!”
The popularity of one of the quarto cast of the Wolfgang, Junsu-san of Tohoshinki was really great.
I was amazed to see that there were hundreds of Japanese fans there.

Many noticed me sitting in the audience, and they asked me many times
“How was Junsu’s Wolfgang?”.
This question was really hard to answer. (Lol)
I think that Junsu’s Wolfgang was really cute and charming.

I was able to meet Junsu-san behind the stage after the performance.
He should have been tired after the stage,
but he cared about my weariness of the journey, I was really impressed for his kindness!

I told him that I have performed Wolfgang in Japan,
and we talked about what we have felt during our Wolfgang performances.
Junsu said that “During the scene when Wolfgang dies,
I always think that I am really dying….”.
Before I knew it, I was agreeing him passionately…
I was delighted that our thoughts were united, since we are experiencing the same role,
however short the conversation should be.

These are his words.
Junsu was feeling as though he was dying every time he performed!


I have been thinking, looking at the actual performance that
Junsu is entirely “living” Wolfgang’s life as though it is breaking his life,
everytime he was on stage.
I am in tears when I remember his performance.
Junsu’s Wolfgang was really impressive!
The scene when Wolfgang died was very painful.


Since Junsu has not been interviewed so much,
I did not know how he was thinking during his performance.
I am very delighted that I came to know Junsu’s feelings.
Thank you, Inoue-kun~

This is just a short notice…
>“How was Junsu’s Wolfgang?”.
>This question was really hard to answer. (Lol)
Just in case, this does not include negative meanings (Lol)
The two are performing the same role,
and Inoue was scheduled to see another person performing Wolfgang later,
so he should have thought that he could not easily make comments to Junsu fans.
Mr. Inoue is a matured, good young man.

I have heard from others who have seen the performance on the same date that
Inoue-kun was clapping earnestly in standing ovation during the curtain call.
I am so happy.

Source: Haken OL Mayuno Nichijou
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[PHOTOS] Toho Mobile - Best Selection 2010

Credits: DNBN
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My first Update in like 2 months, really sorry if I was gone... TT__TT

[TRANS] 100301 Tohomobile - Jejung's Love Messages: Your lips belong to me~

1. I only need to love you, I don't need anything else...
2. I like you ^^
3. I love you.
4. We will definitely meet because I'm always waiting.
5. I love you oh~~

6. I will always support you!
7. Please come nearer to me!
8. Do you have a lover?
9. I really like you!
10. It's okay, we will meet again.
11. Don't give up, let's work hard together!
12. Your all, I want!
13. Your smile is my sun.
14. I won't let you go home tonight.
15. You have charmed me.
16. Your lips belong to me.
17. I want to protect you.
18. Can you please stay for the night?
19. It won't do if it isn't you
20. The person that could make me wait like this, is you.
21. I love you!
22. For you, I am willing to do anything!
23. If I were to be reborn, maybe I might meet you again and love you.
24. Tonight, I want to put you under the spell of love
25. Wherever you are, I will always protect you oh~
26. No matter the distance, my heart that loves you will never change.
27. Are you okay? Your shouldering all these unhappiness and when I'm not next to you, I'll get worried oh~
28. I've let you worry about me, I'm sorry
29. I'm sorry for letting you tolerate this loneliness....
30. I'm thinking of you right now.
31. I want to hear your voice even closer.
32. I am going to meet you, now, immediately!
33. Actually, I also don't want to break up with you.
34. You are indeed very cute~
35. Don't try to force it, when you're in front of me.
36. Once I've been charmed, I can't get out of it.
37. I will sing for you
38. It's okay, because I will be by your side
39. Whenever the time, I'll be by your side
40 I love you
41. Work hard tomorrow too!
42. Good morning!! Work hard!!
43. Rest today oh~ You must rest well~
44. Fighting! Be careful on the road!!
45. Fight fight fight!
46. Fighting!
47. Wonderful, come over!
48. I am leaving my house now~
49. This thing, is it spicy?
50. Hello!
51. I'm sorry!
52. Really delicious!
53. Do you know Japanese?
54. Sneak a nap while you're working~
55. Let's go!
56. Whatever that can be done tomorrow, do it tomorrow.
57. Oolong tea with alcohol, the taste is just too strong!
58. Are going to eat ramen at the end?
59. Can we go out again?
60. You are really good!
61. I'm sorry, please forgive me~
62. Relax, relax~
63. I'm too disappointed!
64. Are you working on an assignment now? You can't not finish it oh~
65. I really want to go to the beach with everyone again~~
66. Now on sale.
67. dekodekodeko~rin (a gag he learnt in a show, he used it with the members during the mc part of the 2nd live tour)
68. Let's go play!
69. What are you doing now?
70. Stay focused!
71. Sleep well~
72. Are you working on your assignment now? See, we will complete it together~
73. To everyone who has been working hard 'till late, I know that everyone is working hard~
74. It has reached the time to meet!
75. Hello~~
76. I am currently learning Korean.
77. It's morning~ Wake up~
78. It's time! Please hurry~
79. It's morning, please wake up~
80. Your message is here~
81. Ah, your message is here~ aren't you going to look at it?
82. Jejung has sent a message oh~
83. Ah, message! What is this? Ahahaha.
84. It's not a call, it should be a message.
85. It's a love letter~ please pick up~
86. You have received a message.
87. Message, received!
88. Has the message arrived?
89. Honey~~ you've got a mail (in English)
90. Hey, a call!
91. There is a call.
92. A call is here
93. It's a call from Jejung oh~
94. It's a call from your friends oh~
95. It's a call from someone important oh~~
96. Are you not answering??
97. Please answer the phone!

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[TRANS] 100302 YoungWoong Jaejoong To Film A Drama With Ueno Juri In Japan

It has been confirmed that TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong will appear on Japan's Fuji TV drama '素直になれなくて' (For being dishonest) (script written by Kitagawa Eriko).

YoungWoong Jaejoong will join hands with Kitagawa Eriko once more, after their collaboration for the movie 'Postman of Heaven' last year, and knock on the doors of Japanese households. The drama is garnering much attention as top Japanese actors will be joining YoungWoong Jaejoong.

As Japan's top actors Eita (29) and Ueno Juri (25) of 'Nodame Cantabile' are planning to join YoungWoong Jaejoong, many are curious as to what large scale production this will become with a top screenwriter working with top stars.

'素直になれなくて' will begin airing every Thursday at 10 pm starting from April.

Source: [chosun+DNBN]
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[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki in KBOOM MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 Issue

Oooh~ That girl sure is lucky.
Anyway, seeing Junchan, Chunnie and Joongie smile like that made me smile too :)
There goes his tongue again! :)
Never really saw "Heaven's Postman" but I should...soon...
Joongie, are you trying to smell Changmin?
Nevertheless, I like watching that photo. :)
Looks like he's trying to talk to either Changmin or Yunho. :)
I will never forget Joongie's speech here.
His line + his teary eyes made crying so inevitable :{
Did you guys get your Best Selection album yet?
If so, isn't it awesome?! If not, you should grab one now!
It really is the "Best selection" ;)

Sorry if I won't be providing a download link.
But if you wish to download these awesome HQ scans, you can easily save the images one by one :)
Besides, it's not that many ;)

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[FANCAM] Stalking Yoochun 100228

Those recent Chunnie stalker pics:

He went to SS501 concert:

then he had a meal

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[PHOTOS] Stalking Yunho 100225 - 100301

hey there, Yunnie Potter! i love your smile baby! xD

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