Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Yunho sang BEAT IT LIVE. *jaw-dropped*

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First, I’m sorry I couldn’t take a picture. Since I’m short, so I decided not stand with the crown, but stood with the guard at the back of my section T-T. THe good thing was that I saw Changmin because he and Minho got the seats (behind section). I tried to take a picture of Changmin, but 2 guards stopped me. I tried to reason them that Changmin is not a part of a show. THey said the rule is “no picture”. When did they decide to use the guard who can speak English!! Usually when I speak English very fast, the guard would down his tone a bit. laugh.gif laugh.gif My friend said she saw Go Ara, but my retina couldn’t detect her, so I’m not sure.

There’re lots of people and the concert was succesful. So eventhough that means I couldn’t see the stage as well as I used to, I’m happy.

Yunho was smoking hotter than the smoke and fire they used in the effects. He got so thin and looked more like the “O” days. The pics that Jess posted were the 1st and opening performance. And I tell you, he is the most un-photogenic person on earth. He looked like a prince today because of his graceful move and confidence.

I couldn’t see the stage sometimes because I’m short, so I looked on the screen once a while. It’s a bit turn-off because the video stream didn’t match the voices, and it happened for the whole concert.

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Casual jeans brand Evisu released a couple denim of 4 series of which the first in the series, represented marriage.
This couple item was made with the same materials, and have the same washing instructions but the purpose of the design was to show the curves of the body of both male and females.

For the male, the design bears a pattern to make the leg curves longer and for the females, the jeans were made from the bottom to the ankle with a bootcut curve to show the S line.

The jeans were designed to have a vintage and refined look.

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Favorability Ranking for Male Artists

1. Arashi
2. Masaharu Fukuyama
3. Mr. Children
4. Kobukuro
5. Yuzu
7. Tohoshinki
9. Kinki Kids
10. B’z

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