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Toki Wo Tomete #1 in Daily Singles

Non-stop Mix #2 in Daily Album

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Telecinema [Postman to Heaven] Press Conference

Loved by all of Asia, Jaejoong (Hero), a member of the popular, 5-member idol group TVXQ, challenges acting with his debut work as the male lead for [Postman to Heaven], which is part of the Japan-Korea collaboration [Telecinema7]. Jaejoong stars opposite cute actress Han Hyo Joo and they create a love story that is both innocent and fantastical.

On 9 November 2009, 4pm, more than 100 of TVXQ's fans (or more likely, Jaejoong's) gathered outside the CGV theatre in Seoul. According to a source, fans started showing up at noon and the crowd started building up from 2pm onwards. In their hands, they carried flowers, placards and gifts, letting us see their deep love for Jaejoong.

In fact, there was a lot of concern amongst the media on whether Jaejoong would attend the press conference for [Postman to Heaven]. Due to his dispute with Korean management company, SM Entertainment, together with TVXQ's Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun, there were suggestions that Jaejoong might not attend the press conference. However, Jaejoong not only attended the press conference, but he also showed enthusiasm from start to finish, and expressed his passion for his debut work in acting.

Before the movie was screened, Jaejoong, stepped on the stage with Director Lee Hyung Min to answer questions, and like all new actors he was unable to conceal his nervousness. Bathed under all the spotlights, Jaejoong started speaking and said, "Since it's the first time I'm attending a press conference (screening), my heart is beating really fast. This is the first time I'm standing alone in front of the cameras, so I'm nervous as well."

Following that, he also said, "This is a piece of work that is constantly in my mind even after we wrapped up filming last year, so if everyone feels happy watching it, I will be really happy."

After the screening, the interview and photo-taking with Jaejoong, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Hyung Min was the highlight of the press conference. During the question and answers, Jaejoong spoke about his determination, "This is my first time acting and it's a fresh challenge... If given a chance, I will always try my hardest to do my best."

Faced by requests to pose intimately for the photos, the two leads could not hide their awkwardness and caused everyone to burst out laughing.

On 11 November 2009, [Postman to Heaven], which depicts a dream-like love story, was released as part of the Japan-Korea collaboration project. After it was released, due to the support from Jaejoong's fans, even though there were few screenings, they received fantastic support. Also, [Telecinema7] was a much talked about collaborative project which involved top Korean stars and the best Japanese scriptwriters and Korean directors.

7 works, including [Postman to Heaven], were released as part of the collaboration:
5 November 2009 - [The Relation of Face, Mind and Love], Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ji Hwan
11 November 2009 - [19], Big Bang's TOP and Seungri
19 November 2009 - [Triangle Bell], Ahn Jae Wook, Kang Hye Jung and Lee Soo Kyung
26 November 2009 - [Paradise], Kim Ha Neul and Ji Jin Hee
3 December 2009 - [After the Banquet], Shin Sung Woo and Ye Ji Won
10 December 2009 - [A Stone's Dream], Cha In Pyo and Kim Hyo Jin

Reporters' Q&A

--Please share your thoughts as well as greet everyone.

Lee: With such a concept, a collaboration between Japanese scriptwriters and Korean directors, although I had many worries about how it would turn out, in the end I took up the challenge and tried. Even though this is my first time working with Jaejoong, but I worked with Han Hyo Joo during [Spring Waltz], so I went into filming with an easy and happy heart.

HHJ: I had a lot of interest in something like [Telecinma], therefore I decided to accept the challenge. Although the story and the feelings are somewhat like a fairytale, sometimes it seems like fairytales are even closer to real life happenings than novels; isn't that so? To me, this movie is like that.

JJ: This is my debut work in acting and it's a challenge that is new. I received a lot of help from Han Hyo Joo and the director and completed this piece of work, which holds a lot of meaning to me. It's the first time I saw myself appear on the big screen in the cinema, so I was really nervous. But I'm really thankful that everyone laughed a lot as they watched this movie.

--It seems like the script was specially written with Jaejoong in mind. Why is that? Please tell us if the scriptwriter and the director had any expectations from Jaejoong.

Lee: Although I'm not sure with regards to the scriptwriting, but it was decided from the start that Jaejoong would play the role of 'Jaejoon'. Before this project, I wasn't very aware of TVXQ, but during filming, I memorised the names of all the members and I could understand a little on why the scriptwriter chose Jaejoong. While Jaejoong was doing his Asia tours, he was really busy and he would come once they ended and completed 4 weeks worth of filming in 2 or 3 days. Even with his packed schedule he made time to go for acting lessons, so there is this regretful thought that if only he could afford to spend more time on it, he would have been even better.

--With Jaejoong as a member of a popular group, isn't it hard playing his lover?

HHJ: In the beginning there was a lot of pressure but it gradually lessened and completely disappeared towards the later stages of filming. I have to say that Jaejoong's fans and staff took care of me really well and it was a very enjoyable filming process. What's noteworthy is that Jaejoong's acting skills was explosive and his reaction and adaptability was really good, and I think he has a lot of potential from here on.

--How do you usually prepare yourself?

JJ: I started preparing when I received the script. At that time, it was also a really busy period due to promotions for [Mirotic], and I allowed everyone to see me when my performance level was not at my best, so I felt really apologetic towards the director. If time had allowed it, I would have done better in terms of preparation. I wasn't able to do that this time, so it's a little regrettable.

--Most singers use their actual name when they act. What is the reason for using your stage name "Hero Jaejoong" for this movie? Please also tell us if you'll continue to challenge acting in future.

JJ: I wasn't the one who decided to use the name "Hero Jaejoong" on the poster, so I'm not too sure about that as well. Whether I will continue to challenge acting, that's also something that I can't say for sure right now. I think it's more suitable to say "If given a chance, I will do my best."

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N: Below is a cut from the television weekly magazine

JJ: Because this is my first attempt at a Japanese drama I'm really nervous... 'Doctor' is troubled because of his family and job, but he still has a chivalrous heart. Although I really like this character, it's really hard... Before we started filming, we already had a get together. The relationship between all 5 of us is very heartwarming.

Ueno: Puppy? (laugh) But I'm really very happy. Tamayama is very 'high' and Jejung keeps telling jokes.

JJ: (Shy) My character is very interesting so I want to make everyone laugh. Although when I joke using Japanese, the atmosphere gets a little delicate in 2 seconds... (laugh)

Tamayama: He's really cute like that~~ His face immediately turns red and he looks really innocent when he covers his face with his hands.

Megumi: Jejung is a special person that is loved by everyone...

JJ: Not true~ (shy) Not only does Tamayama play the main lead out of all 5 of us, he's also like the neighbourhood older brother (laugh). Ah, if only it's possible, I'd like to experience exciting encounters just like in the show.

Tamayama: Jejung keeps giving me drinks and I can't remember what happened towards the end (laugh).

JJ: I want to do it again! Moodmaker Eita, please take care of it.

Eita: Eh? ... I don't want to carry the burden of just being the moodmaker (laugh)

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It has been revealed that the Japanese drama [Sunao Ni Narenakute] is slated to air on 15 April 2010.

Q: How did you feel when it was decided that you will be part of this drama?
JJ: I thought to myself "Is this for real?" I couldn't believe it. Using Japanese to act, there are more or less worries about it.

Q: What did the TVXQ members who are in Korea say to you?
JJ: They said, "Pull up your socks, take care of your health and do your best" and "This is a really good experience for Jejung."

Q: Your impression of Eita and Ueno?
JJ: Eita is a really good drinker (laugh). Ueno gives off a really happy image, you'll feel 'healed' after seeing her act.

Q: Do you really like Eriko Kitagawa's scripts?
JJ: At first I didn't know that the script was by Eriko Kitagawa, so when I realised it, I was really happy and surprised. [Long Vacation] is my favourite.

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ohoshinki's DVD『TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION-THE ONE-』attained number one on the 29/3 DVD rankings by selling 109,000 copies.

Up until now, there have only been 3 foreign artists to top the overall DVD ranking charts: The Beatles' "The Beatles Anthology " (#1 on 14 April 2003 charts), Led Zeppelin's "Led Zeppelin DVD" (#1 on 23 June 2003 charts) and Tohoshinki's 『4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME』 (#1 on 12 October 2009 charts).

This time, with this second piece of work making it as #1 on the charts, Tohoshinki became the first foreign artist to top the DVD charts more than once.

In this DVD, all the video clips that were recorded for all their past singles have been included. From their first single "Stay With Me Tonight" until their latest single "BREAK OUT!", these video clips have been recorded in order of their release.

Their 29th single, "BREAK OUT!", which was released in January, made them the first foreign artist in history to break the 200,000 mark in initial sales. Also, the group's first best album 『BEST SELECTION 2010』 was released in February and they achieved their first #1 on the album charts (1/3 charts) since their debut 5 years ago, and also broke the record for foreign artists by achieving the highest record in history, selling 413,000 copies in initial sales.

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here was a big Tohoshinki special corner right next to the entrance,
and, as you can see in the picture, there was a pop art saying
"Super Emergent Annoucement!! Junsu’s Solo Single Album will be Released!!!"

I'm happy~

Oh, my hand are is in the photo......

In the regular "Toho Shinbun" (T/N: Toho newspaper)
"Xiah,The Long-Awaited Solo Debut"


The following are some of the contents.

"Xiah,The Long- Awaited Solo Debut"
May 26 (Wed), Junsu's Solo Single Album will be Released

Junsu, who has the best or second best vocal in Tohoshinki,
will release on May 26 two versions of the solo single album (with/without DVD).

The title and details are not announced yet, but as Tohoshinki, he has charmed us with his performances with many songs, so our expectations are rising to its limit.

Junsu's vocal was highly appraised from his childhood days, and he was called "a child prodigy".
This single is full of his vocals, and is a double titled single album.
On of the songs is a song with an adult’s atmosphere, and the other is a ballad song which you can find Junsu's true value.
For the DVD plus version, there will be a video clip of the songs, and in the first release, there will be an approximately 10 minutes’ offshoot movie.
For both the first released limited DVD + CD and CD versions, there will be a jacket card enclosed with the product.
The first release should be immediately sold out, so for those who want the album, we would recommend that you to make the reservations.

Wonderful vocal, wonderful dancing skills, and full of humor off stage.
For those who are not yet aware of Junsu’s charms, who is very popular with those characters,
you should fall for Junsu with this opportunity!

For those who will hear Junsu’s song for the first time, our recommendation is “Asuwa Kurukara”.
It is a comfortable and cozy ballad.
The highlight is the solo part after the second chorus.
Junsu’s dynamic and also soulful vocals will echo in your ears.
You cannot talk about Junsu without hearing this song.

Oh, the person is charge is talking passionately about Junsu~ UreXiah (T/N: so happy)
"Asuwa Kurukara" is a great song~

This is a questionnaire about "Tohoshinki' Best Songs".

I love where they have written "投票神起!", lol. (T/N: 投票in Japanese is pronounced "Tohyou", similar to "Toho". 投票means "voting".


First place: MIROTIC
Second place: Share The World
3rd place: Doushite kimiwo sukini natte shimattandarou?
4th place: Stand by U
5th place: Tokiwo Tomete

There were the prize-winning works of the portrait contest.
Everyone's works are lovely~


(other sentences omitted)

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Image credits to HMV Japan

Tohoshinki have successfully released their first album ‘Best Selection 2010’ last month, to incorporate with the release, HMV had organized a ‘TOHOSHINKI Portraits Contest’ from 16th February to 5th March 2010 at 57 outlets in Japan. Total of 600 work piece were submitted.

HMV had gone through tough audition for all the submitted work and had finalized the 1st and 2nd winners together with 54 special prizes for all HMV outlets respectively, which make up of 57 prizes all together. All winners will receive a ‘HMV Gift Card’ that can be use at all HMV outlets, and their work piece will also be displayed.

On top of that, March 2010 is the high release peak for Tohoshinki with the releasing of ‘TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION – THE ONE’ on 17th March, ‘4th LIVE TOUR 2009 – THE SECRET CODE’ Blu-ray Disc, ‘TVXQ – NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2’ and their 30th single ‘Toki wa tomete’.

To commemorate these releases, HMV will be holding an exhibition of Tohoshinki precious signature posters and panels at Ikebukuro City Square at April.

Source: HMV Japan + BaiduTVXQ
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TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong ranked first in the 'Mar More Beautiful Than Women' poll that was done by Japan's Konest.

This poll, which 3379 people participated in, took place for 15 days starting from the 2nd and was done under the title "Which male celebrity is more beautiful than women?". YoungWoong Jaejoong received 39.3% (1327 people) of the votes and proved his soaring popularity in Japan as a Hallyu star.

SS501's Kim Hyung Joong of 'Boys Over Flowers' was close behind with 30.3% of the votes.
Regarding this, one Japanese reporter wrote, "Roughly 70% of the votes were given to Korean singers," and "YoungWoong Jaejoong, who is transforming into an actor through the drama 'Sunao Ni Narenakute' in April, will gain more popularity with this new title as 'Man more beautiful than women'.

Many Japanese netizens who participated in the poll did not hold back on their praises for YoungWoong Jaejoong's good looks and said, "The word 'beauty' is a word just for him," "Visual Shock", "A beauty that could not have existed in this world beyond our imagination."

*oh yeah! back off, Megan Fox! xDD*

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Hahaha, that's cute ^^

Fangirls know the real answer to 5-2= or 5-3=!

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Duo Lambsey who wrote lyrics for Kimisuki and Bolero will release their newest single, “Yumeoibito” on May 12th, 2010 and they again, will do a cover of Tohoshinki’s song–this time is “Stand by U” as their single’s B-track.

1. ユメオイビト
2. Stand by U
3. ラムジ Best Medley
4. ユメオイビト (Instrumental)
5. Stand by U (Instrumental)

Lambsey also belongs to AVEX and even in their concert, they had a special corner to do cover of some Tohoshinki’s songs! ^^

Let’s call it, AVEX love… XD

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The drama「Sunao Ni Narenakute」will begin airing on April, on Fuji TV. On the drama homepage, a report of the poster photoshoot was revealed.

「Sunao Ni Narenakute」is a drama that depicts the friendship between 5 men and women who communicate through Twitter. It stars Eita, Ueno Juri, Megumi Seki, Tohoshinki's Jejung and Tamayama Tetsuji. It has also been rumoured that singer Kikkawa Koji might make an appearance.

The field report consisted of text and photos; Eita, who was in high spirits, said, "It's fun~!" and Jejung who laughed and joked, "If I get in contact with this kind of sun, I'll melt." Next up, the starting of the filming will be released, so we'll look forward to it.

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A public conference for Fuji TV's new drama「Sunao Ni Narenakute」will be held on 12 April 2010.

Date: 12 April 2010, Monday

Time: 1300 (set to end by 1500)

Venue: Within Tokyo

Attended by: Eita, Juri Ueno, Jejung, Megumi Seki, Tamayama Tetsuji

Participants: 20 people only

*Method of participation omitted

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BONUS: hawt in white!

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Toki wo tomete is a really sad song.. makes you cry ^^*
Please listen to it alot~☆

Toki wo tomete
You cant actually Toki wo tomete~ (stop time) HaHa
So try your best to not regret~

Gokigen Uruwashu (* ^u^*) (How are you in very formal Japanese)
Is there a time that you wished time stopped out of all your memories??
P.S I am now

Toki wo tomete..!!
Please listen to it alot..!
Its a song that makes your heart skip a beat ^^
Byee ^^
- Jejung

Toki wo tomete!!
It really a soft and sweet song so I want everyone to listen to it and relax.
bye bye~ ^^

After filming the planetarium scene for the music video
he found a Armillary sphere!
“there’s cassiopeia but there’s no bigeast so I wish I can make it!!!”
he said passionately.

Dear everyone in Bigeast.
Yoochun writing a message!
While saying “the kanji [ kigen ] is hard” he was practicing and writing it♪

He found a astronomical telescope and started to play with it.
Due to the filming that took till early morning he seemed become alittle werid (^^;)

Until the very last minute of the real filming he was checking the lyrics!
He was trying his best since this filming was going to take long (*^^*)

While he was on his break, he seemed to be relaxed and talked with the staffs he hasnt seen in a while.
He gave us a “smile with a peace”~☆


i've always loved Baby Min's Sarcasm. xD and Yunjae, you don't have to repeat it, we'll listen to the song a lot....
Yoosu, we'll listen and try to stop the time =))

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Invitation to Drama "Sunao ni Narenakute" Introduction Private Showing!

Members of Tamayama Tetsuji's Fanclub are invited to drama "Sunao ni Narenakute" that will be broadcast on Fuji TV starting this April.

4/12/2010 (Mon) planned to start at 1pm (planned to end at 3pm)

Tokyo Metropolian Area 

Eita・Ueno Juri・JaeJoong・Seki Megumi・Tamayama Tetsuji

Number of Applications to Be Accepted

-Information on how to apply for the invitation omitted, since it only applies to Tamayama Tetsuji's fanclub members-

Source: Tamayama Tetsuji's Official Website
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is a joint Project of Yoonho Thailand and ONETVXQ. Fans sent videos and Fanarts that would give Yunho words of encouragement for his upcoming This Is It; A Tribute Concert. The DVD gift was sent to Yoonho and will receive it before his first concert in KoreaThey did really well and i'd say Yunho and the other boys as well are blessed to have such incredible fans...

scroll down to watch the videos...=))



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Last week's episode
the one of Tohoshinki works
has a rating of 9.4%!!
It attained the no.1 rating
for last week's commercial music programs!

Thanks for all your supports.


T/N: 9.4% is a considerably high rating for a midnight program (11:30pm-11:58pm). The usual rating for "Bokura no Ongaku" is in the 7-8% range. It also beat out other music programs that were on air at other times (not midnight). Not to mention that last week's episode only guest was Tohoshinki, while other programs featured more than one artist.

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Sunao ni Narenakute
(Fuji TV)
Thurs 22:00

ep 01(04/15)
ep 02
ep 03
ep 04
ep 05
ep 06
ep 07
ep 08
ep 09
ep 10
ep 11

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  • You google search Cassiopeia in hopes of finding the headquarters and joining
  • You continue looking to be a part of Cassiopeia even though you kinda cant
  • Everytime you see a picture from a variety show, you know exactly what was going on
  • You can tell what DBSK era/phase they were in by their hair
  • Are still trying to find a way to join Cassiopeia
  • Want to learn Korean
  • Want to go to Korea
  • Want to become that staff memer that wipes the sweat off their faces after a performance
  • You momentarily want to become a back up dancer just so you can touch them during the “Tohodancer Tohodance Tohodancer FIGHTING” chant
  • Have already taken steps to learn the MIROTIC dance
  • Whenever you talk to others about DBSK, you talk as if you are close personal friends with them
  • e.x. “Did you know Max talks in his sleep?…. Micky is so crazy when he’s tipsy…”
  • You start laughing with one of your hands covering your mouth (JJ style)
  • You clap while you laugh (Max style)
  • You’ve absent-mindedly began to laugh like Xiah Junsu
  • At a particular hysterical moment you always do a “stand and walk around” laugh (DBSK style)
  • You know the answer to a variety show question about their personal habits/preferences (ex. “MC: Micky, what body part do you look at first when you see a woman; You: The neck… d’uh; Micky: The neck”)
  • You scream along during Max’s part in Rising Sun
  • You do the little butt thing Yunho does in the beginning of “O”
  • You know how many siblings they each have
  • You really want to know what their favourite colours are
  • When you find out their favorite color is the same as yours you, for SOME reason, get extremely excited
  • You talk about DBSK to anyone with ears
  • You’ve seen the Mirotic MV and Wrong Number MV an excessive amount of times
  • Fell in love with Bolero within the first 6 seconds of hearing it
  • You can call out who’s voice is who’s when they sing
  • You look to them for Fashion advice
  • Want to get your hands on the DVDs even though the only Korean words you understand are “hyung… saranghae… and oppa”
  • Are able to watch a 60 minute Variety show without subs and feel like you know what their saying
  • The people around you hum Mirotic against their will ‘cause you play it all the time
  • You twitch everytime you hear Mirotic and Wrong Number ‘cause you’ve been practicing the dance moves and your body can’t help but want to dance
  • Your friends talk about how they’ve been eating all day and you inform them about how Max eats 8 meals a day… they have no idea who Max is OR … they actually know who Max is because all you talk about is DBSK
  • Your friends ask you “what’s new” and all you tell them is what new thing you found out about DBSK because that’s all you’ve been doing all day (watching Variety and Radio Shows).
  • You want to become famous in your country JUST so you can somehow use your fame to get closer to them
  • You know all the English words in their songs… and that’s about all you can sing
  • Even though you sometimes Criticize Cassiopeia… you still look for a way to be a part of it
  • You want “Miduhyo (Believe)” and “My Little Princess” to be played at your Wedding~
  • Whenever you watch a performance by them you look around for something red to wave around
  • Everytime you hear about their “ideal girl” you see if you compare… no matter which member it is
  • You go into withdrawal when you havent done something DBSK related for a while
  • Even though you dont live in Korea and still follow their Japanese activities, you’re kinda sad they’re going back to Japan soon
  • You’re extremely proud of them when they write a song
  • When you read fun random facts about DBSK… you know about 97% of them already
  • You believe they’ve all lived up to the meaning behind their names (U-know, Hero, Xiah, Micky (lol), Max)
  • You want to get a UFO account
  • Because you CAN’T get a UFO account, you think up things to say if you did have one… and wonder who would answer as well as what he would say
  • You KNOW they are here to stay
  • You feel sorry for what Cassiopeia would do to SM Entertainment if they ever disbanded DBSK
  • You’re still looking for ways to be a registered member of Cassiopeia
  • You want to send DBSK a video of you gushing about how much you love them and how much you appreciate their music
  • Even though you downloaded some of their songs,… you still want to buy their albums
  • You want to give Micky a big hug every time you see him cry
  • Even though there might be members you like more than the others… you dont dislike any of them
  • You say a random “Fighting” or “Hwaiting” when you’re about to do something intense (or not so intense)
  • You still laugh at the “U-Know Yunho- Fighting, Choikang ChangMin- Fighting, Micky Yoochun- Fighting, Youngwoong JaeJoong- Fighting, Dong Bang Shin Ki- FIGHTING” …….. “… Xiah Junsu- Fighting” thing
  • You know the “Kamo, Come On!” Oyagi gag, compliments of Xiah Junsu
  • You get pissed when people say that DBSK is overrated…
  • You want to give Xiah a hug every time he does something only Xiah would do
  • You see a “stalking” video on youtube featuring one of the members and feel bad that they can’t get any privacy… but still watch the video.
  • If you ever meet another DBSK fan outside of the internet you immediately feel like you’ve known each other for years
  • You know their birthdays but don’t know your own friends’s birthday
  • If a few of the members are missing on a Variety show you can imagine what the missing members would say if they were there
  • You make up sound-alike-lyrics to the Korean/Japanese lyrics just so you can sing along.
  • You think up fan group names as catchy as “Cassiopeia” and “Big East” for your country
  • You want to shake hands with whomever thought of Cassiopeia
  • You’re STILL looking for ways to join Cassiopeia
  • Get upset when people still say 800,000 fans because it’s an outdated number -there are waaaaay more than that now
  • You’re in on the “Max and his ‘special’ movies” joke
  • You might be the girl in Wrong Number (the one that calls them a lot) (lmao!)
  • For some reason, you love JJ even more when you find out he takes risque pictures of the others
  • Whenever you hear a good song, you want to use to it to make an FanVideo about DBSK
  • Your body went through spasms when you found out DBSK was going to be on FuseTV
  • You get as excited as the people in the show when Yunho uses his hometown dialect… even though you really can’t tell the difference
So who's TVXQ crazy?
I! ;)

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Tohoshinki ‘Toki Wo Tomete’, eternally.

At the first quarter of 2010, Tohoshinki’s popularity is overwhelming as compare to before. Both single ‘Break Out!’ and ‘Best Selection Album 2010’ had taken down the first position at Oricon Chart with excellent selling number. With that momentum, they are once again starting the releasing trend billowy.

To blend in their ‘weapon’ perfectly into the wonderful and flawless vocals, is something that only Tohoshinki can achieve.

Both their single ‘Break Out!’ and the ‘Best Selection Album 2010’ that was released on February top the Oricon Chart on it’s released, 2010 had been a great start for Tohoshinki.

Next on the 24th March 2010, they will be releasing their 30th single ‘Toki wo tomete’. When this song was released last spring as the theme song for ‘MENADO’ CF, there were many comments like “Is this Tohoshinki’s new song?”, “No official single release for this?” surfaced among all fans. However, during that time there was no plan for a single for this song, therefore among the fans. they had called this song as the ‘Dream Song’. Even after this song was included in their ‘Best Selection Album 2010’, there were many who wished that there would be a single for ‘Toki wo tomete’.

Why many fans love this song so much? Because it can consider as the true portray of Tohoshinki and it’s an emotional song. This song included the heartbreaking lyrics, gentle rhythm and the pain of the main lead, but the most importantly is the perfect harmony by them each taking the main vocal position in this song.

This single ‘Toki wo tomete’ had perfectly blended the beautiful and gentle vocal of the 5, which is something that only Tohoshinki can achieve. On top of that, even though the lyrics are short but every single words are able to touch your heart deeply.

There is this climax in the song, ‘Though the time might stop, but I will always be there by your side’. We can’t stop the time, but because of this we have to appreciate the current feelings, to remember it in heart, even thought it’s sorrow, we still have to accept the reality of it, that’s what the song trying to convey.

In addition, YunHo’s Tokyo Dome solo song ‘Checkmate’ will be included in this single as the second number. ‘Checkmate’ is the wild dance song, which YunHo performed during their Tokyo Dome live tour with a group of sexy dancers.

The third number of this single is the never-end remix version of ‘Toki wo tomete’, a fast beat rhythm added onto the emotional piece of the original.

On top of the single ‘Toki wo tomete’ that will be released on this March, there are some more CD/DVD of Tohoshinki to look forward to.

  • 4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME (Blue-Ray)

This spring had become ‘The Spring of TOHOSHINKI’. Till this date, they had yet to release any of their video clips collection album, therefore this time round we can enjoy all their single clips at one go. From the innocent 5 during their debut time till now, the growth they had gone through the years to become a successful artist. In this collection, we will be able to see the days and nights of their busy schedule in these 5 years, a record of Tohoshinki.

27th April 2010, will be the 5th year anniversary of their debut in Japan, which path will they take on after that. Till then we will look forward to their 6th.

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