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Quoted Rayki宝:
Did everyone notice the back of Yoochun’s jacket?
Always Keep The Faith was written on it.
I was wondering if it was given by fan.

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CD version


The CD+DVD version are the ones where they wearing their full clothes
and for the CD version They're just wearing the inside clothes (a.k.a. Fishnets)
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U-Know Yunho was given the honor to participate in the 'The Michael Jackson First Anniversary Memorial Concert (THE Tribute Concert)' alongside world renown artistes from all over the world as the only Asian representative.

Fellow JACKSON5 member and older brother of Michael Jackson, Jermain Jackson has planned 'The Michael Jackson First Anniversary Memorial Concert' at England's Wembley Arena (seating 80,000), which is also famous for being the location of the LIVE AID concert, on June 8th in memory of Michael Jackson's death last year in June, 2009.

Artistes other than U-Know Yunho, the sole representative of Asia, are Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Price, and Santana, who have been confirmed to attend, while Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and of the Black Eyed Peas are also planning to conglomerate in one location for the deceased star.

Mark Bush, a representative of the concert, stated, "While we were looking through footage of artistes around the world, we saw U-Know Yunho's promotional footage and other representatives, who have been watching him rehearse and were amazed by his talent, recommended him highly to us so we decided to invite him to attend."

'The Michael Jackson First Anniversary Memorial Concert' is planned to be aired worldwide on television in June, which would mean that U-Know Yunho will be the center of attention of artistes all over the world.

On the other hand, U-Know Yunho will be performing at 'A Tribute Band from Michael Jackson's This is It movie and U-Know Live', which will be held on March 27th~28th in Korea, before the concert in London.

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Eita / Juri Ueno / Jejung / Megumi Seki / Tetsuji Tamayama


Screenplay: Eriko Kitagawa / Director: Mitsuno Mitio / Producer: Nakano Toshiyuki


It’s hard to be honest, a drama depicting a bright image of a youth group of five men and women.

“Twitter” is a communication tool that is explosively popular in internet right now to expand social life through internet. Originally met via twitter, this five youth group of men and women started their act as men and women with bright images. Not being able to be honest, they hardly to show their true self, while each of them actually has a deep trouble. However, various events that are happening soon after, naturally nurture their love and friendship. The five people in this drama starring Eita and Juri Ueno as a couple, Tohoshinki’s Jejung, Megumi Seki, and Tetsuji Tamayama. This youth drama is expected to create a large new sensation once it’s airing!


Haru is a high school teacher named Mizuno Tsukiko (Juri Ueno) who is going to meet his friends in Shibuya whom she met on twitter. Eventhough they haven’t met yet, but since she feels that his man of fate is among Haru’s twitter friends, Haru’s best friend Nishimura (Megumi Seki) wants to come along too. As they go to a cafe for the meeting, Rinta (Tamayama Tetsuji), and Doctor (Jejung) are already waiting. However, Haru’s eyes are trapped as she sees the man who is coming late. It was a man who brawled on the street some time ago, “the lowest man/the bad guy”, and the man was Nakaji (Eita)…

Cast Profiles:

Nakaji (Eita)
His real name is Nakashima Keisuke. A novice photographer, being seen low as his current main job is taking pictures for porn magazines. He took step as a photographer as he admires his father who was a war photographer.

Haru (Juri Ueno)
Her real name is Mizuno Tsukiko. A part time high school teacher. She’s a type of not a straightforward person. Having no self confidence, thus never once since her birth, she ever dated a man. Her father left his family ever since her mother in menopause. And her brother is under rehabilitation of drugs.

Doctor (Jejung)
His real name is Park Sung-soo. He came from South Korea to Japan five years ago with his sister. On twitter, he lies that he is a doctor, while in reality he’s only a medical equipment salesman. Since the business is not doing well, the company is in trouble.

Peach (Megumi Seki)
Real name Nishimura. A best friend and high school classmate of Haru. Being invited by Haru to come with her meeting the 4 people. A type who doesn’t like to think too much, but sometimes a little harsh when it comes to men.

Rinta (Tamayama Tetsuji)
Real name is Ichihara Kaoru. A magazine editor of a medium-sized publisher. Due to the previous sales, he’d been appointed to be editor in chief, and currently is aiming to be an editor. But he’s been receiving an intense sexual harassment from a female editor.

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Paradaiseu Mokjang

Should We call it ranch or meadow!! everyone for now is using ranch... so Maybe I should start using Ranch
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