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[NEWS] Musical Mozart Starring Xiah! The Audiences Exceeded 10,000 People for the Performance in Daegu

Musical Mozart starring Xiah Junsu in Daegu has resulted in a blast box office number.

A press release is made by MUK Company regarding ‘Musical Mozart!’, “‘Musical Mozart’ Daegu performance has reached the number audiences of 10,000 people in one week,”

In the middle of economic recession, for a provincial local tour to have 10,000 people already paid for reservation even before the show opens is extremely unusual.

- omitted -

Currently the districts which are selling ticket of Mozart are Daegu, Busan, and Changwon. However, since Kim Junsu will only appear at Daegu, therefore the Daegu performance is getting more popular.

Many musical fans state their Wish, “From the performances in Seoul, due to his voice power, Kim Junsu has been getting many praises, so in this 9th public performance of ‘Mozart!’ we hope to see even more perfect feature of him.”

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[TRANS] Tohomobile Collection Q&A

Tohomobile Collection Q&A

February 1st, Junsu
Q: Country you’re willing to travel to?
A: Switzerland


February 4th, Yunho
Q: Japanese word you think is cute without any special reason?
A: akachan (baby)


February 7th, Jaejoong
Q: The food you really want to eat during winter?
A: Nabe (which kind of nabe, it doesnt matter!)


February 8th, Yoochun
Q: The food you really want to eat when you feel tired?
A: Ramen (miso, donko)


February 10th, Changmin
Q: The song you want to do a cover?
A: Yutaka Ozaki-sama “I LOVE YOU”


February 11th, Junsu
Q: Who do you wish to be when you’re a kid?
A: Michael Jackson


February 14th, Yoochun
Q: Please tell us your favorite flower
A: Sunflower. It has a balance image.


February 16th, Jaejoong
Q: What is the thing you won’t be able to spend a day without?
A: Cellphone.


February 18th, Changmin
Q: The food you really want to eat during winter?
A: Beef oden soup


February 19th, Yunho
Q: The moment you think that “I’m charming”
A: When I do the final pose at a performance

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[TRANS] Ray Magazine April Issue – Welcome to Changmin’s room!

Welcome to Changmin’s Room

Changmin Data

Date of Birth: 1988/02/18
Blood Type: B
Height: 186 cm
Habit you cant fix: i sleep talk… there’s nothing i can do about it….
Gestures you like for a women: When they are bewildered
What you were afraid of as a child: i found out Santa Claus doesn’t exist and I lost trust towards the world
What guys need: To be nice
What girls need: To be charming
What you do when you can’t sleep: That never happens. Really! There’s nothing i can do about it!
What you want to do the day before the earth ends: drink with my family and people i love

– Article–

I get attracted to girls with a pretty smile and eyes.
I love to drive, my wish is to go on a date with my car.

“The only time i dress so formal is only when i go to my friends wedding” says Changmin as he laughs.

When he debuted in Japan he was still an innocent 17 year old and now hes already 22.

He’s tall and slim who matches black formal outfit.
“I like outfits like this that makes me look slender/slim. What i look for in fashion is the style more than the color. I try to choose something that’s simple yet stylish.”

In his private life he said hes got his license and now his hobby is to go on a drive.

“I want to go on a drive date once. Usually I can’t show my feelings but inside a car I can relax so I think I can express myself better. There are so many places I want to take my girlfriend to! I really want to go to a theme park (amusement park) and have fun! *laughs*
- Even though your the youngest out of the member theres an image of you where your calm and cool. Are you passionate when it comes to relationships?

“Actually I am! I’ve had a few love at first sights in the past too and it’s not like I have anything specifically that I want in a girls looks . The only thing they have in common are girls with pretty eyes and a pretty smile. I’m more like as we date we get to know each other and then match our personalities to each other. I think that’s my pattern.

Slowly with his own words its surprising how much Changmin’s Japanese got better in this 5 years.
“Every time we release an album I said the word “growth” all the time *laughs* but this best album is really something you can feel our growth. And around the debut songs you can listen to us trying hard to sing in Japanese!”.

source: Ray Magazine
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[TRANS] 100220 “Tokiwo tomete” Composer’s Blog

Ichiro Fujiya’s Blog

"Tokiwo Tomete"
2010-02-18 Thursday

Today (passed midnight, so already yesterday), Tohoshinki’s "BEST SELECTION 2010" was released, and in the album, two of my works are included. The two songs are, "Forever Love" and "時ヲ止メテ" (T/N: Tokiwo Tomete)!
The song "Tokiwo Tomete" was already decided last spring to be recorded, but there seemed to be some problems (with their management company), so the release was once doubtful. I heard rumors that the song will not be CD released, and I was really worried. But I am so delighted that the song is now released to the public in the form of the CD!
I am confident that I was the person who was waiting the most for the song to be CD released, even more than all the fans! (Lol)
I composed the song "Tokiwo Tomete" imagining the 5 members singing the song.
This is the first time that I heard the recorded full version of the song, and the completed works are far beyond my imagination, so lovely!
Well, this song is only included in the 2CD+DVD, the most expensive version, so I thank you for your consideration. (Lol)
And the single CD will be released next month. Will they film the PV?


Source: Ichiro Fujiya’s Blog
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[SCANS] Oricon Star April 2010

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[SCANS] FLIX Magazine April 2010

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[TRANS] Ray Magazine April '10 – "Welcome to Yuchun’s room”

I’ve had love at first sight twice. Once I like someone, I’m a committed guy. My date outfits are usually causal. I like being natural.

Yoochun says once he likes someone, he’s a committed guy.
“Once I dated this girl who I approached so many times and I dated her for years. I’ve forgotten how relationship like that feels now *laughs*”

While joking around and talking like a little boy, once he stands in front of the camera his expression becomes like an adult.

His image when he debuted which was “cute” seems to have changed.
“When you listen to the best album I can feel that time has past. I want everyone to remember those times while listening to it”.


Date of Birth: 1986/06/04
Blood Type: O
Height: 180cm
Habit you can’t fix: I seem to not have much interest in my cellphone and I tend to forget it.
Gestures you like for a women: When shes cooking with no makeup on.
What you were afraid of as a child: Bike! I’ve been in an accident so..
What guys need: Motivation towards the future
What girls need: Calmness.
What you do when you cant sleep: I think about the future.
What you want to do the day before the earth ends: Eat with my family.

Yoochun can naturally pull off a classic vest and a hat. We thought he would usually wear clothes like this but
"I wear casual clothes all the time!” is what he said.
“In the fall/winter I wear mouton boots (sheepskin boots) and in spring/summer I wear flip flops. But sometimes I want to look cool so even though I don’t have an appointment with anyone I wear suits and drink coffee alone. Also I have 2 dogs so I take them on a walk in the park in my suits. One of my dogs, when it stands up its about 170cm tall so it's a hassle *laughs*. These days I like shoes that match suits so I’m going to buy the shoes I wore today in the photo shoot!”

-Do you wear formal shoes like this to a special date?
“Sometimes it’s good but on a date I like something more casual. When I date a girl I want to travel a lot and make a lot of memories. So I want my girlfriend to wear something like a denim jeans with a black sweater with a color stole. Something simple like that yet feminine. I want the girl I date to not show so much skin *laughs*.

Source: ray magazine
Trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

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[VIDEO] 0100215 LeeU of F.Cuz Covers "Balloons"

F.cuz’s cutie LeeU appeared on a recent episode of 1000 Songs Challenge, a karaoke-like variety show that features idols covering other singers’ songs. The rookie had the opportunity to cover a few tracks from his sunbae artists, including TVXQ, Big Bang and SHINee.
Not bad~
What do you think, Cassies?

Credit: allkpop + eileen0522

[SCANS] PIA Magazine April 2010

Available to purchase at CD Japan!

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[TRANS] 100218 First SHINee, Now TVXQ, Video Of Manager Assaulting Fan Surfaces

Amidst the ongoing controversy over idol group managers assaulting fans, a video of TVXQ's manager assaulting a fan has surfaced and is shocking many.

The scene of a fan running towards the members of TVXQ, who were entering the airport to travel overseas, and being intercepted by the manager who pushed her to the ground was captured by another fan. The fan had blindly run towards the members, and the man, who is either the manager or a bodyguard, had stopped her in an instant.

When watching the video, it can be seen that all of this happens very quickly. The teenage girl is thrown to the ground, and while she is still on the ground, people start crowding in on the space, making it a very dangerous situation.

This video is currently being spread rapidly throughout the portal sites and the netizens are split on the issue. Some netizens stated that there was a possibility that the girl was a sasaeng fan (a fan who invades the privacy of her favorite star) and that the swift action was necessary for the members' safety.

On the other hand, other netiznes criticized the action and said, "Even if she was a sasaeng fan, it is extremely dangerous to push her to the cement floor like that," and "The manager's actions were excessively forceful."

Other groups whose staff have been under fire for fan assault are CN Blue and SHINee. The two agencies of these groups apologized immediately after they were notified of what had happened.

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[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki Exhibition in Tower Records - TSC Costume Detail

There are some interesting badges on the back of each of the jackets.
Take a look-

Jaejoong's jacket reads:
"Almost the same"
"True love is a serious thing"
"Lub Maison Rockers"

Junsu's jacket says:
"Therefore, let us rejoice"
"Thus (---?---) of the world"
"Lub Maison"

Changmin's says:
"Get the upper hand"
"Shadow Passes, Light Remains"
"Lub Maison: Smash one's way"
"Have no bowels" (What?! 0.O)

Yoochun's also says:
"True love is a serious thing"
"Lub Maison: Smash one's way"

Yunho also has similar badges:
"Almost the same"
"Therefore let us rejoice"
"Lub Maison: Smash one's way"

I'd really like to know what this "Lub Maison" thing is.
Every single jacket has it.

If anyone else can make out some more of it, please comment!
Anyway, more pics:

Here we have Jaejoong:



And these boots that are so f^&%ing cool?

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[SCANS] TV Guide Feb. 20-26

Tracking Tohoshinki's history in Japan~ Interesting, ne?

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[Photo] Ceci March’10 – EVISU 2010 S / S

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[INFO] 100219 BeeTV’s BeeMusic TVXQ Special Edition

BeeTV’s BeeMusic
Organizing TVXQ’s Special Album

In commemoration of TVXQ’s anticipated “BEST SELECTION 2010,” docomo’s mobile service “BeeMusic of BeeTV” will have music videos of specific songs and last year’s a-nation’09 LIVE, plus cuts of TVXQ’s “History in Japan.” Do stay tuned to our letters every week!

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[SCANS] Best Selection 2010 Calendar

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[Photo] 100219 Stalking ChangMin

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[Info] Junho’s Japan First Showcase in Tokyo

Date: April 18th (Sunday)
Doors Open: Start time between 17:00 – 18:00
Admission: 6,500 yen (with CD)
- Junho Live Talk with All Participants
- Super guest star: Junsu
- Song performance

Japan official:
Ticket Sale: 3 / 14 (Sun) at PIA
Ticket reservation starts from late February
Pre-order ticket:

Contact ZAK Corporation for more inquiries
Contact ZAK: 03-5474-9999

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[INFO] BEST SELECTION Surpasses 300K on 3rd Day

  • 1 32,630 東方神起
  • 3 4,341 木村カエラ
  • 4 AAA
  • 5 倖田來未
  • 6  茅原実里
  • 7 The Birthday
  • 8 テイラー・スウィフト
  • 9 藍坊主
  • 10 May J.

Oricon Day 1 (17th) 228,542
Oricon Day 2 (18th) 69,063
Oricon Day 3 (19th) 32,630
Total : 330,235

Do you know what that means? We've already gone PLATINUM
Hehe, I can't wait to see that on the RIAJ list...

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[TRANS] 100217 Oricon Style – Tohoshinki Special Issue, Special Oricon Chart

1st: Why Did I Fall In Love With You?
2nd: Share the World
3rd: Stand by U
4th: Purple Line
5th: Mirotic

In the “2009 Artistes’ Album Sales Ranking Chart,” TVXQ, who has gained immense popularity over the past year, took the top three spots in the chart. Recently, they became the first boyband to grace the cover of popular women’s magazine “JJ,” attracting much attention again, with their popularity soaring even higher. ORICON STYLE looked into the popularity of TVXQ’s “BEST SELECTION 2010″ top five choices, and came up with the following information.

1st Place – Extremely Sad Ballad “Why Did I Fall In Love With You?”
“This was the first TVXQ song I listened to, and I was moved by the amazing harmonization. I can still remember how touched I was to this day. The harmonization of the five members was just too beautiful, I really liked it. This song is my motivation to like them.” A lot of people recognized TVXQ through this song. Harmonization is their forte, and many agree with this. Other than that, a 20-year-old male admitted that “When I first heard it, I was so touched, I was about to cry.” “It really is very easy to understand what the lyrics are trying to convey.” This song, which can almost make men cry, has garnered high popularity with the fans, both male and female.

2nd Place – “Share the World”
“I learnt about this song through the anime “One Piece,” and I’ve really liked it since I first listened to it!” “I first listened to this song in “One Piece” and I had many feelings about it.” Being the theme song of popular anime “One Piece,” this song is familiar with many. “This song melded with the anime itself.” The perspective of the world in the anime and the song are the same and soon, this song soon became firmly embedded in the heart of “One Piece” fans.

3rd Place – “Stand by U”
“The sad lyrics of the song and TVXQ’s voices match perfectly; the chorus just gets stuck in your head.” “I can actually feel the excellent singing skills of the five members.” The perspective of the world that the song portrays and their voices garnered a lot of attention and won everyone’s hearts.

4th and 5th Place – “Purple Line” and “Mirotic”
“Because of their superb dance skills, the song is quite a hit.” “Dance fuses TVXQ’s visual charisma into the best song.” Both songs got good comments about their superb dance skills.

As for 1st place “Why Did I Fall In Love With You?” and 3rd Place “Stand By U,” they were awarded the big prize in the lyrics department, as well as good reviews in a Japanese albums’ awards ceremony. Of course, it is because of TVXQ’s skill in harmonization, dance performances and personal charisma that we can call TVXQ’s “BEST SELECTION 2010″ a beautiful selection. Whether it is people who have just heard for the first time or old fans, this album is certainly a classic not to be missed.

Source: Oricon Style + HEY!JJ
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