Tuesday, February 16, 2010

[TRANS] 100216 Max Matsuura’s Tweets About Tower Records Exhibition

Tohoshinki in one color at Tower Records!!!

Source: Max Matsuura’s Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

[VIDEO] BEST SELECTION Promo on Avex Official YouTube

Today Avex finally uploaded the promo vid for the BEST SELECTION album. Take a look:

Now what I want to know is WHERE IS THE BREAK OUT PV?

Special thanks to veveenaneeya (again) ^^

[PHOTOS] Stalking JaeChun

ooooh. i spot a blondie xD

they look like twins *i can't tell which is which* xD

GHOSTS??? kekeke ^__^

Credits: Ji Amo + past4U
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[TRANS] Members' Comments from BEST SELECTION

These are the comments the members about the songs they selected to be in the album :)

Junsu Forever Love
こういう あいがしたいです。うかべてみつけたいちばんぼし いまきみにあげよう…ジュンス
Kouiu aiga shitaidesu. Ukabete mitsuketa ichibanboshi ima kimini ageyou ... Junsu
I want to love like this song. Finding the first star of the evening, I’ll give it to you now (T/N: lyrics from Forever Love) ... Junsu

みんなにひかりをあたえられるようなきょくです。^^ ユチョン
Minnani hikariwo ataerareruyouna kyokudesu .^^ Yuchon
This song will give everyone "SHINE".^^ Yoochun

Jaejoong Love In The Ice
Samishikutemoii. Fuyuni atsui aiwo shitai .
It’s all right if I feel lonely. In winter, I want to love passionately.

このきょくの Rhythm かんとさいしょのguitarのおと!そしてすてきなmelody^^すきです~ Beautiful You~♡  -チャンミン
Kono kyokuno Rhythm kanto saishono guitar no oto ! Soshite sutekina melody^^ Sukidesu ~ Beautiful You~♡ -Chanmin-
The rhythm feeling and the sound of the guitar at the beginning! And the lovely melody^^ I really like them ~ Beautiful You~♡  -Changmin-

Hugでデビューしたし、ほんとうにおもいでぶかいきょくなんでいれたいとおもいました…^^* -U Know-
Hug de debyuu shitashi , hontouni omoidebukai kyokunande iretaito omoimashita ... ^^* -UKnow-
We made our debut with this song, and this song is really full of memories. So I wanted to include this song (T/N: in the album)  ^^* -U Know-

Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

[PHOTOS] 100216 Best Selection Ads Spotted!

We all know that our boys has landed an ad in the giant Shibuya109 tower.
Other than that, we have also posted pictures of their stall inside HMV.
Now, check out the other promotions made by AVEX for our beloved Tohoshinki's "Best Selection 2010" album ;)

Japanese Store Promotions:

Source: Mayaton

Music Tower:
Source: Asian-news

Moving Truck
Source: Hikaru

To think I even squeal when I see their album posters posted in music stores here in our country. What more if I'd see that giant truck with their GIANT PICTURE.
I would totally scream and go all fangirl mode. LOL

Even if it's not them, that's enough for me.
Oh wait...is it? O.o

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[PHOTOS] 100216 Tohoshinki – TOKYO 1


credit: miemie0606
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[INFO] 100213 「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」First Radio Broadcast

Source: [Avex Taiwan]
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[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki Billboard at Shibuya

Source: eight012519
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[PHOTOS] More Best Selection Album Pictures

Inside HMV
Source: Rika-714 + tag
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[VIDEO] BEST SELECTION Jacket & Booklet photography Offshot Movie

These men are seriously too handsome @.@

Thanks for the tip, veveenaneeya ^^
Credit: 331chai

[NEWS+VIDEO] TVXQ’s Yunho saved Solbi from drowning

Singer and talent Solbi chose TVXQ’s Yunho as the best man in a recent episode of MBC’s Come to Play.

Solbi talked about a time in which she almost drowned while filming a show. She said, “I was a rookie back then that had just debuted. Yunho was the first one to come and lend me a hand when I fell. It was a short gesture but it made me realize a lot. He didn’t even know me … I was very touched.”

Jewelry’s Eunjung also added, “Yunho is kind-hearted so he helps the poor and volunteers a lot.”

All you TVXQ fans, be sure to catch this episode and watch the girls compliment Yunho.

Credit: allkpop + DBxTOHO4

Yunho's noble behavior isn't news to us fans.
Still, it's wonderful to see him recognized as such :)

[VIDEO] Fans Sing a Fanmade Version of "Miduhyo" in English!

Can you all still remember when Yoochun mentioned in the "Smile Again" fanmeet
that he saw the video of International fansong project, "Don't Say Goodbye"?

Well, here's another one.
This time, it was headed by 5 Gods of The East and Phoenix.

My friends and I participated in this too.
Won't tell which ones we are though :P

If there's another project, let's all join in, okay? ;)

Let us all work together to show the boys that we're still keeping the faith!
Let's show them how much we love them!

International cassies, fighting!
DBSK, fighting!

Credits: TVXQEuropeanFanClub
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[VIDEO] 100214 ZE:A's Joon Young imitates Micky Yoochun + A Surprise!

ZE:A was invited to guest on the variety show, "Big Match" on Valentine's day.
And guess what, Joon Young, the member who looked like Yoochun, imitated him while singing "Hug"

But the one thing that really cracked me up is that one member also did another imitation. Dong Joon, the member who's praised for his flips, imitated Changmin's beloved Han Ga In.

Here's the video:

I have to admit, Dong Joon isn't just handsome and hot, but he can also be pretty!

Thanks to sheilapiglet at soompi forums for the tip!

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[INFO+VIDEO] TVXQ's song used in Family Outing

@2:45, TVXQ's music starts:)
Just found it interesting that they use it when TVXQ is currently in dispute!
Always keep the faith!

Credits: HachiProject@yt
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[INFO] Oricon Chart 100215

* 1 18,403 KAT-TUN
* 2 10,244 Nya half, fruit punch
* 3 * 3,785 Nana Mizuki
* 4 Sataandagi
* 5 Porno Graffiti
* Morning Musume 6.
* 7 Shonannokaze
* 8 supercell
* 9 × Miriya Kato, Shota Shimizu
10 Yuzu
11 aiko
12 Yajima Beauty
13 Naozumi Takahashi
Hiroshi Itsuki 15
16 L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel
17 flumpool
Tortoise Matsumoto 19
20 YUI

Credits: DNBN + DBSK Dream
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[AUDIO] 「With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~」 FULL SONG

It's so beautiful...

You can find the translation HERE

Credit: sharingyoochun

[PHOTOS+ DOWNLOAD] Musical Mozart! 100215

MR. DREAD-locks is back!
i think Junchan makes an adorable Mozart xDD
*thrown with stones*

DOWNLOAD HERE. You know you want to.
kekeke ^__^

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