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1. Lee Seung-Ki – Shining inheritance
2. Jiyeon (T-ara) – God of Study
3. Yoona (SNSD) – Cinderella man
4. TOP (Big Bang) – Iris
5. U-know yunho (DBSK) – Heading to the Ground

i stared on the pic for about 10 minutes?? LOL. *slapped back to reality*

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Did you get non-no No 6, which was released on March 5??

We’ve been informed that non-no No 6 is received very well, and already sold out in many book shops…!

For those who have not purchased the book yet, please rush to the book store~!!!!
If not, maybe you could not get the magazine in your hands…(><;)
non-no has not prepared back numbers, so please purchase them when you can.

In this issue, there are beautiful photos of the popular artist group "Tohoshinki", (the photos were taken by the famous Mika Ninagawa-san!) , and their interview☆
Your heart will beat just looking the vivid photos!!!
If you have a Tohoshinki fan friend, please tell her to get non-no No 6 as soon as possible.

The contents and also the supplement is very gorgeous, Etorie (T/N: writer of this blog) wants all of you to see.
Please give us your comments!

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Number 1 – Super Junior visited Thailand for 8 times

1. Yamaha Presents SMTOWN LIVE’08 in Bangkok
2. Siwon,Heechul,Yesung for 12 PLUS CF
3. Super FIno Limited Editon in Bangkok international motor show 2009 (13 members visited Bangkok)
4. Siwon,Hangeng, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun for 12 Plus Mini Stick with Nano anti-bacteria plus collagen press conference
5. Heechul,Hangeng,Sungmin,Donghae for Yamaha Fino Presenter
6. Siwon, Yesung,Ryeowook, Kyuhyun for My fino my experience press conference
7. Siwon, Donghae, LeeTeuk,Sungmin,Eunhyunk,Shindong and Kangin for 12 Plus Miracle BB powder and 12 Plus Pocket Moisture Cologne
8. Super Junior the 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2

Number 2 – 2PM visited Thailand for 6 times

1. Wonder Girls the 1st wonder press conference (as WG’s guests)
2. Nichkhun in Plus Shopping mall presents POP MUSIC AWARD 2009 press conference
3. 2PM in Plus Shopping mall presents POP MUSIC AWARD 2009 – No music no life and 2PM Thailand showcase
4. Nichkhun for COME TO THAILAND “Let’s take a break” press conference
5. 2PM for Hanami CF
6. Nichkhun for Suzuki Jelato presenter

Number 3 – SHINee visited Thailand for 4 times

1.Yamaha Presents SMTOWN LIVE’08 in Bangkok and SHINee Calendar 2009 fan-sign event
2. Pattaya International music festival 2009 and visiting floating market
3. Thai-Korea’s Friends concert
4. Central Let’s celebrate 2010

Number 4 – TVXQ visited Thailand for 3 times

1.Yamaha Presents SMTOWN LIVE’08 in Bangkok
2. Bangkok International Motor Show – Yamaha Nouvo Elegance at Bitec Bangna (This event was included in ALL ABOUT TVXQ3 too)
3. Yamaha Presents TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert ‘Mirotic’ Live in Bangkok
- 090626 for Press Conference
- The concert on 090627 – 090628 at Impact Arena

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Release Date: April 20th, 2010
Price: 1365 yen (tax incld)

Photos from the lives “4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~ The Secret Code ~” “The 3rd Asia Tour Concert ~ Mirotic ~” so may latest treasure pictures to be released!

Also, private pictures from 2009 Kouhaku Uta Gassen performances, this is a photobook which all fans must see.

Yunho, Changmin, Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu, the long-awaited fan book which will deliver the unstoppable charm of 5 TVXQ members!

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It's amazing that Yunho is doing good there. =))
Dance well Yunnie! Korea's MJ!

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Starting April
[b]Sunaoni Narenakute

(Thursday 10:00pm)

This is a story of the youth, who meets through the internet site "twitter".
Nagashi (Eita), who holds disgust to his father, Haru (Ueno), who has no self-assurance in herself, the doctor (Jaejoong), who became stuck with his work, Pi-chi (Seki), who has extramartial affairs, and Rinda (Tamayama), who is worrying over his gender. The love story of the five will be depicted.

Jaejoong/Sales representative of Medical devices & doctor, origin, Korea
Born Jan 26 ’86. Origin, Korea. Blood type O. Vocalist of Tohoshinki. Summary of PVs will be released on Wed March 17.

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I love to share the fact that DBSK is everywhere in this world. And thanks Ali for sening this to us

I thought it would be nice if I shared my little experience I had at the Mall with you^^

I live in Connecticut(CT) USA. Connecticut isn’t a fun and lively place with lots of things to do and places to go like New York is. It’s the exact opposite.

On Saturday (3/6/10) I went to the Mall. I’m a Huge Hello kitty Fan! I love cute things, so it’s only natural for me to Love Hello kitty and Sanrio. As I was shopping, completely absorbed in HK I FROZE in an Instant when I heard a certain familiar song; A song by my Life and Daily Obsession DBSK! Their ‘Mirotic’ song started playing! I thought I was Hallucinating but I found myself singing and dancing all around the store while shopping, no lie! XD Then after their ‘Paradise’ song played, and of course I continued to sing and dance not caring who saw me >_<>

Love WeTvxq

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In Keimyung Art Center
Musical Mozart

The Daegu performance where Xiahzart sang with his body and soul had just ended.

Xiahzart is whole loved by the senior Minbaewoo nim ^^

Great job for both of you! Mozart fighting!

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Male group Tohoshinki released their first Best Album in Japan in last February and Recording Industry Association of Japan has awarded them their first double platinum rating.

Recording Industry Association of Japan announced recently through their official website the rank of albums and DVDs sales numbers that are released since last January. Among the best albums, Tohoshinki “BEST SELECTION 2010″ has been sold for more than 500,000 copies thus was given ‘Double Platinum’ rating.

Just last year, a single unit that was released by Tohoshinki Micky Yuchun and Youngwoong Jejung entitled “COLORS ~ Melody & Harmony ~” as well as the group’s live concert DVD “4th Live Tour 2009 – The Secret Code – FINAL in Tokyo Dome” each achieved gold rating.

Tohoshinki’s “BEST SELECTION 2010″ topped ORICON Daily chart right after the release and continued the winning by also topping the weekly chart and monthly chart, swept all the ranks’ top rank, indeed showed the increasing popularity of Tohoshinki.

*wooot! i can't wait for them to have "nth"-tuple award! weee!*

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Releasing “break out” in January and on the 17th of February, they released the “best selection 2010″ their best album that is full with their past hard works. Both albums made a record and was a huge hit.
Tohoshinki is a big group now that needs no explanation of who they are.
Many media have said that their dance and songs have great quality.
That is true, but that’s not the only charm.

Each of them have these characters, how they treat their fans, how they treat the media always with a smile, and always being honest and looking straight forward.

When you make into words it sounds so easy but that is something you can’t do easily. If I exaggerate a little you can say that they are great as a human being. That’s why when you listen to their songs you want to listen to their human nature. When they sing a love song you can see how they understand the story,when they overlap the harmony with their voices, and how they look at each other and care about them. You can’t just label them as people who are good at dancing and singing.

On the 24th of March they are releasing their 30th single CD, the song that was in the best album too, “Toki wo tomete”. It was used as a television commercial song. Many fans were waiting for this song to be released. In the intro, it's as if Jaejoong is whispering and Junsu’s beautiful but a bit sad voice heats up the song, when it comes to the bridge of the song, Yoochun’s sexy voice, Yunho’s strong voice, and Changmin’s voice that can become high to low makes the song dramatic.

“Stop the time and I want to be near you”.
It has a strong and straight forward feeling that isn’t just beautiful but stable.
Near the end, the piano makes you imagine the sky full of stars. The second chorus part where Jaejoong sings “I can’t say I love you well” 好きだよって上手く言えなくって」 represents Tohoshinki’s many love songs that has the theme “Love that passed by”通り過ぎた恋.

Each sings a phrase that can be used in a movie or a drama. You can’t explain in words but they make the climax natural.

The song after “Toki wo tomete” is Yunho’s “Checkmate”. Yunho sang this at the 2009 concert, it has a sexy dance that is unforgettable. Usually he stands as the leader and looks out for the members, but when he sings the solo song he puts out all of him. When you listen to this song once again with the Tokyo Dome, you want to have fun and enjoy it again.
In addition to that, “Tohoshinki 4th live tour 2009 ~The Secret Code~ Final in Tokyo Dome” blu-ray is going to be released on the 17th of March. You have to check that out.

Also on the same day the DVD with Tohoshinki’s PVs “Tohoshinki video clip collection -the one-” will be released. From “Stay With Me Tonight” to “Break Out ” will be in it, making it a total of 26 clips. Same with the CDs and lives, you can tell the history of tohoshinki.

And on the 24th of March, Tohoshinki’s mix cd with all their great songs is going to be released, their 2nd mix cd “TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2″. From their strong songs to sweet ballads, it is a CD that you can enjoy. From all the items that are going to be released, it seems that you will be able to feel the five’s moving steps.

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from paradise Heaven
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anan (April 14, 2010)

₩ 6200

Publisher: Magazine World
List price: 400 yen
Release Date: 2010-04-07
Paper size: A4
Magazine Code: 20481-100414
Current state: Preorder open
Preorder quantity: 105

Cover: Jaejoong (TVXQ)
★ Special photo released: Jaejoong (will also include sexy pictures)

+ Order Deadline:
March 19, 2010 10:00 a.m until payment is complete.

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OMG~ as in Anan as in that SEMI nude Magazine
as in Anan as in that magazine with a reputation
as in ANAN
*dies of thinking*
it's usually with Models... I hope not
but I'm really okay... coz' NOOO I'm semi not Coz'

XXX Rated
Matsumoto Jun's Anan
Yamapi's anan
Sakurai Sho's Anan

but I found this Anan magazine with nothing XXX no Skin
Junichi Okada Anan

yunho are you trying to...
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Most of you~ probably... won't believe that Jaejoong is a very SHY person... but in fact he is and he gets flustered very easily~ I'll show everyone the Evidence that he is Guilty~

another spam from me~ JJportia12`
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