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Letter #100
"One, two, three. Hello, we are TVXQ!"
Posted on 17/02/10
"One, two, three. Hello, we are TVXQ!"
Hello, we are Cassiopeia.

When they say their greetings to us,
I always feel my heart swell with emotions

Whenever they say those words
I feel proud and thankful

Their pride when it comes to what they do
Their music in which I can feel their care and love in each and every song
Kim Jaejoong,
who moves us with his clear and pure voice
Kim Junsu,
who brings tears to our eyes with his emotion-filled gaze and husky voice
Park Yoochun,
who gifts us with music colored by his unique voice and style
Jung Yunho,
who gives us shivers with a new performance every time and a sincere and quiet voice
Shim Changmin,
who surprises us with an ever changing, maturing voice that is molded and sculpted every day

The beautiful melody and harmony they create together.

That melody and harmony is a precious treasure that melts the hearts of stars
We are waiting for our precious treasure to return.

When the treasure returns to us and says
"One, two, three. Hello, we are TVXQ!"
We will say
"One, two, three. Hello, we are Cassiopeia!"

We are waiting for that day to come

I miss their greeting.

by 신념

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Let's start with their accessories!
Leader shi's "U" ring was worn by Joongie in their guesting in Come To Play.
Looks like YunJae and Minnie have the same studs on the same day!
This was in their guesting in Chocolate.
And apparently, Joongie and Leader shi have identical necklaces.

Now, let's move on to hats!
Adorable beanie right?
But I bet you all want the models more than that hat. XD
Looks like the KISS Couple (Changmin and Yoochun) were wearing the same beanie at the same day.
They have the same top and hoodie.
But Jaejoong seemed to have covered his hoodie with a beanie (don't know why he did) which is why it looks different.

And now, to their clothes:
It's YooSu baby! ;)
Same type of coat, but not the same color. Nevertheless, it's the same! ;)
The two youngest.
Soulfighter couple has the same top!
Guess the color is different though.
JaeChunSu have the same jackets!
Only that the color of Jaejoong's fur is black while YooSu's is brownish with a touch of white.
More jackets or coats with fur! This time it's HoSu!
HoMin wearing the same suit. Not the same ties though.
Yunho wore his just recently since that picture was taken on Heading To The Ground's conference.
And of course, here's JaeSu with the same pants :)
Btw, they both wore boots with it too. ;)

There are still more out there, but this what I've got so far.
Will upload more soon.

Hope you liked seeing them wearing or sharing the same stuff.
I sure did. ;)

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Q: It has been 5 years since you debuted in Japan. When you first debuted, the members were all kids below the age of 20 but now, you have grown up to become matured men. Now, you guys have released your first best album. Then, let me ask each member which song do they think is the "best of the best" amongst all these songs?

YH: Mm, because of the huge number, it is hard to come to a decision. However, I feel that it is still . This is the first single from Tohoshinki that managed to get to the top of the oricon daily charts. When we knew of this news, we were actually having a photoshoot of the cover of our next single, , and because of we were too happy, we kept smiling sneakily during the shoot. However, the cover of requires us to have a very cool appearance so it was very tiring for us to hold it all in (laugh). At that time, it was as if there was a movie in our head, memories from the moment we stepped into Japan.

CM: I will choose . This song was previously made the opening song for the anime right? This anime is very popular in Japan and is rather influential and we had the honor of performing the opening theme for it. When I listen to this song while watching the anime, although I won't be very excited but I will also think "this is really our song~" and these sort of feeling is really unimaginable and makes one really happy.

JJ: I also choose because this is a very happy song! is also very interesting. My favourite character would be Luffy, if it's a female, then Nami. Although she seems very violent but in reality, she's a really good kid right? So.... ah~ I'm sorry, I've gone out of the question. (Laugh)

JS: I like the most. We did a lot of experimenting and challenged ourselves with the genre of the song. Didn't the end product have a lot of Tohoshinki sort of feeling? Full of energy, very cool and it is because of this that I feel is a song that can represent Tohoshinki!

YC: I would choose !! Because this song is the last song of the whole best album. It's very sad. Although the last song has "begin" as the starting but it is better to not look at the order of the songs (Laugh)... I'm joking. I just really like this song. I feel that the feeling that the melody and lyrics give is very similar to "the end".

Q: Then, what is the song that, although is not your favourite but you want to give to a lover?

YC: It's still , a very clean melody. I want to sing while playing it on the piano for her. During the Tokyo Dome Concert in summer last year, I played the piano whilst singing for everyone to hear (shyly)... But what I regret is that I don't have an audience personally and I want to experience a different kind of happiness. Haha...

JJ: I also choose , the main reason would bet hat the lyrics are too perfect. "From now on, we will hold hands and walk forward". This sentence is really nice and that is why I want to say it once.

YH: For me, I would choose or . If we are looking at it from the title, then is not too bad.... but all of them seem to be sad songs. Tohoshinki has a lot of songs that show a "I want to walk to the future with my lover" feeling. Amongst them, I would like to recommend to everyone. "Although there will be sadness, but the bright tomorrow will definitely arrive" as I like this sort of "enthusiastic" attitude "towards the future".

JS: I will also choose . Tohoshinki has performed many songs about love but this song's lyrics has the most direct theme of "I want to protect you". Isn't it good to let a person you like to hear this song? Regarding love, I am also the kind that "wants to protect his lover"... Okay, I also wish to be protected sometimes. (Laugh)

CM: I choose . This is a song that is very deep and that is why I choose this song from the best album.

Q: The previous topics were all regarding a song from the best album. Now, as a whole, what do you all feel about this best album? As compared to a normal album, releasing a best album must harbor different feelings right?

YH: Firstly, my feeling now is "Ah... we really worked hard for today" and also, this is proof of our fans love for us. Looking at it like that, this best album is a wonderful product of our hard work and everyone's love.

JS: Yes yes. Isn't wanting to gather all the wonderful songs for many to listen to the main purpose of creating a best album? This point is also worth being happy about.

CM: From our debut track to our latest songs, every time we release a new single, we will always grow a lot more compared to our previous one and we hope to show everyone this sort of music and image. I feel that this best album is a collection of our changes through many years. Although they are all songs that have been pre-recorded in our previous albums but the feeling that it gives is entirely different.. How do I say this? It brings back a lot of memories and the tiel "Best Album" is definitely suitable!

YC: When we started, I always doubted if there were any songs we could have in this best album. Next, I thought of all singles we have released until now and then surprisingly realize "we have actually already performed so many songs~~"! So I am really happy.

JJ: They still say "Just 10 songs is not enough~ We should add 10 more!" If that was the case, then won't it be "best" no more? Ahhaha!

Q: Just like the songs, I believe everyone must have grown a lot. Next, I want everyone to talk about their thoughts "as a man". Firstly, what kind of person do you think you are? Please start from both your strengths and weaknesses.

JJ: Strengths? Strengths... Mm, I'm not the kind that will put my own things as priority. Usually, I will consider the other person and that is why I won't reject so easily. Those with O blood type seem to have this sort of character. But this is just words, I really have a lot of stress in reality. Then, when I have reached the point where I can't stand it anymore, I will explode and say "I have already tolerated all of this to this point!" (Laugh) That's why people say I'm really scary when I get angry.

YC: My strength is that I have a warm heart (Laugh). My weakness is that I haven't gone out much recently, it's as if I hate the feeling of going out...

JS: I have no strengths. (Laugh) How do I say this... I just don't really know. Many say I have a strong will. Basically, I'm one that would always look forward no matter what and when I feel that something can't be done, I'll just say "no way" as frankly as possible. My weakness... none as well. (Laugh) I have a lot of weaknesses and my biggest one is that I'm a sore loser so there are many tiny things where I will never admit defeat. Recently, I have been more matured about this and won't be too serious. To a man, being a sore loser is not exactly a good thing.

YH: For me, once I have an interest in something, I will be really focused and will not give up until I reach the goal. I also feel that I'm a very passionate person. Once I'm focused, I won't be able to see what's happening around me. No matter how they go "Yunho! Yunho!", I won't be able to hear anything. In other words, I have more of a manly character.. How do I say this? It also means that it would be harder for me to understand a girl's heart. (Shy) I feel that my definition of romantic..... but to girls, it's a bit hard (Understand)...

CM: I should put it this way, including things I hate about myself, I love everything about myself. For a blood type B, I might get rather irritated easily but I think it's because of this, people find my strengths rather unique. Basically, my character is one of those that is a little more quiet, and a little shy. However, once I know someone well, I will be very chatty and passionate. I belong to the "small social circle, deep and slow" type... Mm, anyway, other than my tendency to be irritated, the rest are strengths? This is obviously a joke. (Laugh)

Q: Then, what kind of lover do you think you are?

YH: I am the kind that will be totally immersed that the surroundings become invisible!... But, I haven't really got into a relationship so I'm not too sure myself.

YC: I used to be the "immersed" kind too. If I like someone, I will feel that "it's definitely this person!".... but recently, I have been conscious about others' opinion as well. Until now, I usually am immersed too deeply so it doesn't really turn out well.

JS: I have two sides. Not only will I be immersed but also really calm. Also, when I'm in love, my thoughts will change a lot so I won't really know what I will do later on. However, I won't think too much and just want to be more natural.

CM: It was only during my first love that I "didn't really care about the rest" but after that, I became a lot calmer. There hasn't been any situations that have affected my work and such. It was only during my first love... that I was a bit crazy. (Bitter laugh)

JJ: Mine differs with relationship. If the girl is enthusiastic then maybe I will change to be like that too, if not, then it might be a little boring. But no matter what type, I will always protect her and that is why I have to take good care of my body and save my energy (laugh).

Q: Then, how will all of you protect a girl?

CM: Mm... if it was a situation where she met with a robber after a date or something, I would get her to grab a taxi home and leave first. This way, no matter how much I run after that, she'll never be able to see that side of me. (Laugh)

JS: I will carry her and run! Because I run really fast so I have confidence in running away safely.

YC: If I were to think about it practically, I would tell my girlfriend to "contact my manager" and before his arrival, I will fight. Because I used to practice Taekwondo, I think I would be able to stop them for a little while.

YH: I used to be a Hapkido trainee as well so I will fight myself. Ah, but it won't be too good for an artiste to fight right? But I still have to be a bodyguard, bodyguard. Because my girlfriend's emotions and safety is the most important.

Q: It feels safe! Then at the end, what kind of man do you want to be in the future, please tell us your goal.

YH: Just like what I said before, the person I respect the most is my father. I wish to be just like my father, to become a presence that gives people strength. Also, I'm still doing volunteering work and that is also a very important part of my dream.

CM: My dream is to be a man that can build a warm family. So, not only in love, but I need to have enough strength and the requirements to earn enough money, right?

JJ: I wish to be a young dad (shy). I wish to be the kind that can send the kids to school. But this world still holds many dangers. To be honest, I don't want want to be a father of a daughter so if I were to have kids, I think it's better to have sons.

YC: I want to be a calm man. My definition of calm here means I know what I should do.

JS: Same here. I want to be the kind that can face everything calmly and be able to care about others. I also wish that I can always sing...

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Changmin is very elusive, so his smile is very special, when he does smile and laugh, its like sdo Precious...Oh yeah!

I just Love how when he smiles his left eye squints! so adorable~
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