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[TRANS]100204 TVXQ claimed 3 TOPs At Oricon Ranking!

Number One!!
In Day, Week, And Month!
(In Only Five Days!) Amazing!

2010.02.04 14:13:31
Chuo Nippo News

TVXQ won the first place in Japanese Oricon Monthly Ranking Chart by sale results of only five days! TVXQ released their 29th single “BREAK OUT!” on January 27th. And it was announced to have taken the first place of the monthly sale ranking of January 2010 only in five days.

And also it marks TVXQ to be:
(1) The top of the Oricon single day ranking chart,
(2) The top of the Oricon weekly ranking chart,
(3) And also the top of the Oricon monthly ranking chart! (*Only In five days! )

Though album publicity work was not performed due to the conflict with the SM entertainment, TVXQ suppressed the Japanese famous artists and placed such results. ^^

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[NEWS] 100204 TVXQ No. 1 in Japan: Talk Of The Town

Despite their ongoing dispute with their management company, popular boy band TVXQ has still got it.

Japanese entertainment company Oricon reported on Feb. 2 that TVXQ’s 29th single “Break Out” had sold over 256,000 copies since its release on Jan. 27 and predicted that the song would still be No. 1 by the time its new rankings are released on Feb. 8. According to Oricon, that breaks the record for number of albums sold in the first week after its release. The record was previously held by Elton John, whose single “Candle in the Wind” sold 184,000 copies in Japan in the first week after its release.

Three TVXQ members - Xiah Jun-su, Micky Yoo-chun and Hero Jae-joong - have been in the middle of a contract dispute with their management agency, S.M. Entertainment, since last summer.

Meanwhile, the group is planning to release a greatest hits album titled “Best Selection 2010.”

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[INFO] 100204 Filipino Cassies to get their hands on "The Secret Code" Album

Ever since the end of last year, Filipino Cassies have been anxiously waiting for more album releases of the famous DBSK. Last December 15, the "Mirotic Live" album was released in the Phils. thanks to Universal Records. This was the first DBSK album released in the country. Soon after that, it was followed by the release of "Mirotic Version C" album on the 29th of January. And now, in less than a month, Filipino Cassies will once again get their hands on another awesome album from our boys which is none other than "The Secret Code". It has been confirmed that the album will be released on the 12th of February.

Surely, like the previous album releases, this will also find its way on the top of the sales.

Guess the Philippines have been very lucky lately.

Anyway, congratulations to the Filipino Cassies! And keep up the good work! ;)

Source: Universal Records Philippines
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[NEWS] 100204 Break Out in Itunes Japan Chart's Top 10 Songs!

As you can see, Break out is in both "Top 10 Songs" and "Top 10 Pop Songs".
In the "Top 10 Pop Songs", they even beat Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"
and Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling"!! :D
Oooh. And look! Share The World is still there as well :)

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[INFO] MAKAI's Remix Album to Include "TOKYO LOVE LIGHT feat.YUCHUN -Exclusive Edit-"

MAKAI's new remix album "Virtual Party" will include TOKYO LOVE LIGHT feat.YUCHUN (from
東方神起) -Exclusive Edit-
. This is a remix of Yoochun's featured appearance on MAKIA's 4th Ablum 'Stars' (check out at CDJapan) from a year and a half ago.

Check out the PV of the original track:

The album drops 2010.03.24 - 2,000yen(tax incl.)

Source: MAKAI Official Site
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[NEWS] 100206 New Song “With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~" for BEST ABLUM

With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~
With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~
With All My Heart ~Summer, when you danced so lively~
(T/N: the real English title is unknown)

A dramatic ballad, in rapid succession

This is an unknown new song, which suddenly appeared on the list. Looking at the Japanese title, we tend to think that it is a fresh upward song. But it seems to be a ballad song, just as the English title, “Memories of the summer, passing away”. As the melody goes on, the song will dramatically continue to be livelier. In another way, it is the very stanza of Tohoshinki. The changing keys in the latter part of the song is an expected harmony, but the times of hop, step, jump, jump, and jump should be the highest level ever.

(New song) Words, music, and arranged by Shinjiroh Inoue

Source: Nikkei Entertainment (March 2010) + HEROKO
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[NEWS] After School's GaHee Looks Like Jaejoong?

Apparently Kang Ho Dong thinks so.

In a recent episode of 'Strong Heart' (Kang Shim Jang), pre-debut photos were shown of the surprised stars. After seeing Gahee's charismatic high school photo, MC Kang Ho Dong commented, "Look at it again, it looks like Yong Woong Jaejoong."

As you can see, Gahee was quite surprised by the comparison (LOL)

See the full clip with English subtitles HERE.

[PHOTO] ChangMin Endorses SYSTEM Homme

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[FANACCNT]100126 JJ’s B-day present from JJ’s fan site LIKE A HERO

(Photo Credit: As tagged)

T/N: Lots of nice gifts! He moved recently according to his sister so these must have come really handy!

Always Keep The Faith!

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[PHOTO] JaeJoong in S Cawaii Magazine

Align Center

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[NEWS] 100204 TVXQ's Mirotic Version C enter Philippines' Music One Chart!

Last January 29, 2010, Universal Records released TVXQ's "Mirotic Version C" album to the Philippine audience.

And after two days from its release, TVXQ's "Mirotic Version C" along with Girls' Generation's "Gee" already entered the Music One Album Chart at #2 and #4 respectively. It is said that the retail chain released their album chart on the 4th of February based on the sales tabulation garnered from the three Music One Stores in the Phils. (Glorietta, Greenbelt and Quezon City) from January 25 to January 31, 2010. So, this doesn't even include the other stores that also released the album in other provinces and cities in the country.

This is quite an achievement for both groups considering that these albums were released last 2008 (Mirotic Version C) and 2009 (Gee).

So, congratulations TVXQ! And congratulations to the Filipino Cassies as well! ;)

Source: Universal Records Philippines
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[INFO] 'VMC Special - Tohoshinki' to Broadcast February

Title: VMC Special Zone – Monthly Special Broadcast ‘VMC Special – THSK’
Date: 21st February 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 19:00 ~ 21:30

Korean popular group TVXQ had their first performance in Japan on 2004. With their vocal skills and dance ability, together with their attractive outlook, they attracted a lot of attention and they were listed as ‘top group’ in a very short period of time.

Their first debut album in Japan was released in 2005, which instantly increased their fanbase. In 2008 alone, they had 4 of their singles hit the top of Oricon chart, and they were invited to attend Kōhaku Uta Gassen Music Festival on New Year's Eve, making them the first Korean group to attend.

Their popularity continue to climb in 2009, ‘Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide’, ‘Survivor’, ‘Share The World/ウィーアー!’, ‘Stand By U’ had all received good results.

They have just released their 29th single ‘BREAK OUT!’ on the 27th of January 2010, coming up next will be their compilation album ‘Best Album 2010’ which will be release on the 17th of February.

In the 2.5 hours program, we will be showing the road they had walked in these years. Please look forward to the charisma they are going to show!

Source: JaeJoongFamily + BaiduTVXQ
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[FANVID] The Hottest Model of EVISU

S.O.S ----> Severe Outburst of Sexiness

am i in HEAVEN?? *___*kekeke

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