Thursday, March 4, 2010

I butchered the English language again, and invented the world Flip-Flopping... this is a tribute for Yoochun~ whose probably sad, without his flip-flops.... and the long winter... but he does like winter....

OMG~ I'm Posting too much, i hope this goes through, the layout is having some problems... with Heavy POST, so... DBSK Photo SPAMS! are the best but I can't overdo it... Yoochun first~
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Photographer of Japanese magazine non-no

Today I took photos of charming boys.
Oh~~, I love handsome boys(^O^) I’m so happy.

I made a set like this.

Many of my personal belongings are included.
The stuffed dear, and the golden clock(Lol)

(few sentences omitted)

T/N: Mika Ninagawa, born Oct 18, 1972. She is a famous photographer and also a movie director. I believe many of you remember her lovely works in Frau Nov 2009, of Jaejoong and Yoochun.

Source: Mika’s Diary
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Yoochun, thank you....

2010-03-04 17:00:00

I could not ignore non-no.
For those who are looking forward to the release of tomorrow, please do not look at this article^^

So, I should not post this??
Yoochun gave us such lovely comments..... (ノ△・。)
Oh, Jaejoong with golden hair ー(^○^)
Everyone is so handsome.
As Ninagawa-san (the photographer) wrote in her blog, taking photos of handsome boys should really raise your spirits.
Everyone is looking at you ~(ノ∇≦*)

The title is "The fantasia by the 5"....
Every member seems to have a theme.
This is just like the idea Ninagawa-san raises.

Yunho is "Purple Line".♪

Changmin is "SKY"
He is together with a peacock…~(@_@;)
Jaejoong is "MIROTIC"

Yoochun is "Begin"
So that is the reason why he is with the piano^^
Junsu is "Rising Sun"

This interview is treasurable~~.

The title of the interview is.....
【What are you feeling now, and of your feelings to the fans? The true faces of the 5 members are shown in the questions and answers, let’s start!】


Yoochun’s message to the fans.....

How are you guys doing! Please support the album!!
I do not want you to hear the album remembering of our songs, activities, with memories.
I want you to hear the album, counting on our future activities and new songs..
Many hopes and wishes are also packed in the album.


Yoochun my love....(sobs)

I was in tears reading Yoochun’s comments.....
Thank you very much, Yoochun.....
You perfectly understand the lonely and painful feelings of us fans…
We don’t want a grand sum of the past.
Everyone wants to know the future Tohoshinki.

"counting on our future activities and new songs …"
"Many hopes and wishes"

Yoochun, I love you......
I really love you, I cannot control myself.....…(〒_〒)
May I hold you in my arms? ヾ( ̄- ̄(*~。~* )))...

Thank you, non-no...

Source: MY TREASURE (romi’s blog)
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The Clothes Looked better in DBSK's Heavenly Bodies~
I just Kinda really look closely on the Scans right now, and it has themes Based on DBSK's Songs~ its like written there in big fonts and I didn't see it, Well DBSK is such a Distraction
Jaejoong is Mirotic
Yunho - Purple Line
Changmin - Sky
Junsu - Rising Sun
Yoochun - Begin

it would've been nice if they did, Doushite.... WEDDING!

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