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[INFO]TVXQ Chosen By Viewers Of American Talk Show 'Ellen Degeneres Show' As A Rising Star

TVXQ has been chosen by viewers of a famous American talk show as 'the foreign artiste who should be introduced to Ellen'.

In the 'Send Ellen Your International Music Suggestions!' event that began on NBC's 'Ellen Degeners Show' homepage in January, TVXQ received over 20,000 suggestions and was recorded as the artiste most suggested by netizens. This was achieved by a collaborative effort of fans in Korea as well as in Asia.

Many of the suggestions included the popularity of TVXQ/Tohoshinki in Japan and in Asia in general. This seems to be the work of fans across Asia coming together for a common cause.

With TVXQ being chosen as the singer with the most suggestions, many wonder if TVXQ will appear on the 'Ellen Degeneres Show'. The 'Ellen Degeneres Show' is a representative talk show in America alongside 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' and is popular with around 10 million households tuning in. Even just appearing on the show will be a strong foundation for an entry into the American music market for TVXQ. The Ellen Degeneres Show homepage did state that the singer with the most suggestions may be asked to appear on the show.

Regarding this, TVXQ's agency SM Entertainment stated, "We did hear about this but we have not yet received an official invitation." He also continued to say, "Currently, TVXQ is split between U-Know Yunho-Choikang Changmin, and Xiah Junsu-YoungWoong Jaejoong-Micky Yoochun. At the current situation, it would not be easy for the five members to appear on the show together." Currently, TVXQ is performing only in important events in Japan.


waaaaaaaaaa! anyone else with me??? xDDD

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[TRANS] 100202 Japanese Magazine ‘SPUR’ – Changmin Interview Blog Post

In the February 23rd edition of SPUR, there will be a photoshoot and interview with TVXQ’s youngest member, Changmin. He stands at 186cm stall, and has gotten slimmer these days. He has gotten more mature recently and the stylists put together clothes of styles that are in fashion these days from COMME des GARCONS. After the photoshoot began, what surprised me was that when he was wearing a suit, he was able to fully showcase his versatile facial expressions and poses that were as good as, no, better than those of a model. With the best smile in the world and a shy expression that had traces of his childhood, he had a mature look in his eyes when wearing the suits and his overflowing charm made the staff forget what they were doing and say “Changmin, you are so handsome.” Because the photoshoot went so smoothly, he finished earlier than expected. (That doesn’t happen that often)

After the photoshoot, Changmin said, “It was fun to wear different styles of suits.”

He was polite and well mannered during the interview.
The magazine will be released on February 23rd, please anticipate it.

Source: [spur.jp+DNBN]
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[INFO] Tohoshinki Tremendous Signboard in Shibuya!

*could you go up there and steal that poster???LOL.
it'll look good on your walls...xDD*

2010-02-02 16:00:00

WOW! This is Shibuya 109 of today!

109 is located in the very middle of Shibuya (T/N: a very famous, fashionable, and busy city in central Tokyo), and the ultramodern signboards are displayed there
They are now working to put up the signboards using cranes.
Thank you, a friend of my friend~\(^o^)/

T/N: WOW~~~~~~!!! YES, this building is very famous, every Japanese should know where it is! And our boys faces are displayed there ~~~ it's beyond words, no words can express my happiness!

Source: MY TREASURE (romi’s blog)
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[INFO] Tohoshinki [Best selection album] @ HMV

JUNSU in SMART Magazine








*Tohoshinki are the best Vitamins for your eyes*

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[AUDIO] 2010 Wish Party Flowerage (Yunho)

waaah.,this is so cute.

Yunnie sang CN BLUE's I'm a Loner.
fan boy eiii??? LOL. xDDD

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[FANCAMS] Homin @ GImpo Airport arrival from Japan

Spot YUNNIE AND HIS PHONE. kekekek *gets slapped by readers*

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[Trans]100202 Changmin VS Taecyeon (2PM)

“Which Drama Will Be A Big Hit?!” Cassiopeia Voting.

“Acting Challenge! Which one will be a big hit?!”

“Changmin “Paradise Ranch” VS Taecyeon (2PM) “Cinderella Sister (Unni)”

Cassiopeia’s comments for Changmin’s Drama.
“Hahaha, this one is interesting!”
“Chocolate sherbet taste Changmin oppa Saranghaeyo~~ (love you~)”
“Changmin was 57% couple days ago, but today is 64%.(*Now it is 80%.)”
“Love you! Here is one point to CM!”
“Red balloon, we always keep the faith! Stay strong!”
“Of Course, “The most powerful Changmin!” etc

Cassiopeia voting from 2010-01-27 ~ 2010-02-12
(*One need to register at Daum to vote.
I tried to join but the log-in page needed Korean ID number.
Anyone know if people from foreign country can join daum?)

T/N: No offence to 2PM fans. They are talented artist for sure! When you look at the numbers,
he is getting 3878 votes it is a lot! (And I personally love JYP their boss who respect his artists.)
It’s just cassies are like 800,000 or 1,200,000 or more or something like that.
So for them, 16,425 may not be a big number. Oh boy,
I lose count every time I talk about TVXQ and the numbers. LOL

Always Keep The Faith!

source credit: kids.daum
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[INFO] Top 10 Oricon Single Daily Ranking Update







This is from Jan 27 to Feb 01 (Day 1-6)
wohooo! :D

Source: Oricon Chart
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[TRANS] Tohoshinki in MUSIC ON! TV

T/N: This is detailed information relating to some of the contents in this article.

2010/02/01 13:00
The music channel, MUSIC ON! TV (T/N: Japanese CS channel) will have a special broadcast for Tohoshinki, who will release their best album on February 17!
PVs and the “Premium live 2006” will be broadcasted!

(few sentences omitted)

◆ Artist File Special -東方神起-
Broadcasting date: February 2 (Tues) 12:30~14:00
Rebroadcasting date: Feb 11(Thurs)20:30~, Feb 18(Thurs)20:30~, Feb 28(Sun)19:00~

This is the special version of the popular program, “Artist File”, focusing on the best artist of today, introducing their videos from the past to the present!
This time, we made a special program for Tohoshinki, who was active last year, as performing live on stage at the Tokyo dome.
Please enjoy their PV for full 90 minutes!

◆ M-ON! Premium Live -東方神起-
Broadcasting date: February 2 (Tues) 11:00~12:30
Rebroadcast: Feb 9(Tues)12:00~, Feb 18(Thurs)19:00~, Feb 25(Thurs)20:30~

We will broadcast the very limited premium live (with 250 people as audience), which was held on Nov 1, 2006, at SHIBUYA BOXX.
This live was held just before the release of their 8th single, “miss you/"O"-正・反・合”. In addition to the 2 songs, they have performed their master pieces of their early stages, and also of their greatest hits. Their performance, only for the day, is a must watch!

MUSIC ON! TV is a music channel, and can be watched through SKYPerfectV!, SKY Perfect JSAT Corp, and Cable TV networks.

T/N: avex seems to have started the promotion for “BEST SELECTION 2010”. I hope that the best album will be a great success, as same as for the single “BREAK OUT!”

Source: News2unet
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[TRANS] 100202 Song Yujin’s Blog Update

T/N: Song Yujin, born March 1, 1969. Origin, Korea. He states himself as a culture broadcaster and entertainer. He appears in some Japanese CS programs as a commentator for Korean pops and drama related programs, and he is also a writer for some Japanese women’s magazines. He has been continuously trying to support Tohoshinki, as the the “Submitting a Petition to the Korean Government” project here and "Fan Meeting in Osaka & Tokyo" here.

2010-02-02 02:22:07

Tohoshinki Fan Meeting at Osaka…The deadline for the application is tomorrow!

For the Fan Meeting for Tohoshinki~
There are a lot of applications!
Tomorrow is the deadline,
I will choose equally by lot,
and inform you of the results on February 4!
There are about 500 who have applied, wow~~!
Thank you very much.
The hall holds up to only 100 persons…
I am sorry that I cannot meet all of you.

I will look forward to meeting you.
Let’s do our best, so that the fan meeting fill be a precious time!!!

T/N:  Wow~~500 applications already! I really hope that the fans participating will have a good time, and also have honest talks~ Looking forward to hear the outcomes of their talks!

Source: Song Yujin’s Private blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[Trans] 100202 Max Matsuura Mail News



Thank you for helping break out! to rank 1st on Oricon Weekly Chart.

source: Max Matsuura’s Mail News
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[TRANS] 100201 ‘Invincible Youth’ U-Know Yunho-Son Ho Young-Kim Ji Seok-WooYoung Set To Appear?

The idea of a male guest on ‘Invincible Youth’ is the center of attention for G7 members and viewers alike.

On the January 29th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth’, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Kim Shin Young garnered attention when they revealed how much their male celebrity friends wanted to appear on ‘Invincible Youth’.

Sunny started off by saying, “A lot of people these days tell me that ‘Invincible Youth’ is so fun and that they want to appear on the show.” Sunny then continued to say, “TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho told me that he enjoys watching the program,” and made the hearts of fellow cabbage collectors Narsha, Kim Shin Young and Hyomin beat faster.

Sunny also revealed that Son Ho Young wanted to be a permanent member on ‘Invincible Youth’ and said that even ‘Chuno’ actor Kim Ji Seok was an avid viewer of the show. Kim Shin Young then begged Sunny to “Ask Kim Ji Seok if he could appear on the show once.” Sunny raised the anticipation of the members and viewers by saying that she would ask him.

After Sunny’s words, Kim Shin Young also garnered attention to whether or not another male guest would appear on the show when she said, “2PM’s WooYoung said that he would appear whenever we wanted him to.”

‘Invincible Youth’ has had its fair share of male guests till now such as SHINee’s Minho-Onew, Son Ho Young, 2AM’s Seullong, Go Saewon, Heo Gyung Hwan, and Park Hui Soon.

Source: [reviewstar+Yuaerubi]
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[TRANS] Musical Mozart! 2nd day Fanaccount

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[TRANS] 100202 Tohoshinki’s Junsu In「Mozart!」The Musical Becomes A Hot Topic

TVXQ member Junsu played the lead role in the musical「Mozart!」and had his first performance on 20 January 2010 at Sejong Center in Seoul. The tickets are already sold out, and a lot of fans from Japan will be going to watch it. The performances will last until 21 February.

This is an Austrian musical that is being performed in Korea for the first time, and it is a piece of work that portrays the life struggles of the talented genius, Mozart. Various musical genres like classical, rock and jazz are incorporated, and it became a hot topic due to the innovative design. They were given permission to run the musical, and this is a special production as it is one of the most historical and prestigious works from the Theater Association of Austria.

The Seoul newspapers printed articles about Junsu’s performance with a picture of him in dreads and jeans. They wrote that, “Junsu was overflowing with youthful ambition and energy. This musical is his first, and his performance was a full house with tickets all sold out, and the fans watched his stage with intense interest.”

In Korea, such comments could be seen on the Internet:

  • Mozart is a musical genius with a strong sense of freedom. Such a Mozart is a great match with Junsu’s voice.
  • Junsu’s musical debut is a historical moment, and I’m glad I could witness it.
  • I was surprised that the other TVXQ members came to the performance.
  • His acting was also wonderful.

There were also comments like, “There are similarities between Mozart and Junsu’s characters. Also, the story and the significance of the struggle that the genius had to go through, also seem to be similar to TVXQ’s current situation.”

After the first performance ended, the venue became like a concert hall, with cheers and standing ovations for the musical. For the fans that have been worried about TVXQ’s possible disbandment, this is one of the few good news that they’ve had in awhile.

Source: [searchina]
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[TRANS] 100202 Tohoshinki Breaks Record – First Foreign Artist In 12 Years To Sell Over 200K In Singles For Initial Sales

Date: February 2010
Time: 04:00

■First to break Elton John’s record of 12 years and 4 months

Korean 5-member group Tohoshinki have made the record as the highest selling artist for foreign artists in the initial sales for singles category. Their 29th single 「BREAK OUT!」was released on 27 January and became first on the 8 February Oricon Singles Ranking Chart.

For the initial sales record for foreign artists, up until now, it had been held by Elton John’s “Memorial Song for the former British Princess Diana”, 「Candle In The Wind〜Tribute To Princess Diana, Britain’s Princess」(released September 1997), which sold 184,000 copies. In this area, Tohoshinki broke this record which lasted for 12 years and 4 months, by selling 254,000 copies of their single, becoming the first foreign artist in history to pass the 200,000 mark in initial sales.

In addition to becoming first place for foreign artists in initial sales, this will also be Tohoshinki’s 7th work to add on to their list of achievements for getting a #1 single, making this a double achievement for them.

Their first single in 2010 is also the theme song for NHK Drama 8’s 『とめはねっ!鈴里高校書道部』. The B-side to this song is the solo number 「XIAHTIC」which was written, composed and arranged by Junsu.

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[TRANS]100202 TVXQ #1 Oricon Single Weekly Ranking!!

Another History Broken!! #1 Foreign Single Sells In Japanese History!
2010.2.2 05:00
Sankei Sports News

“BREAK OUT" a new song of TVXQ", group of five from Korea, won the first place in the first appearance of a singles chart of the Oricon Single Weekly Ranking. First action sales reached 256,000 pieces and set the most record as a foreign artist in history in Japan. (T/N: This number 256,000 must be the first day count. Oricon will release exact weekly sells number soon.)

In addition, TVXQ updated the first place for the foreign single sells, by accomplishing their 7 singles to be the top sells in Japanese marcket. The first place album sells is "Whistle" of HY.

T/N: Sankei Sports News (One of the Top selling Japanese News Paper Company) reports,

1. TVXQ Won Number One Single Sells in Oricon Single Weekly Ranking.

2. TVXQ sold the most single in the foreign artist category in the history of Japan.

3. TVXQ's seven singles were recorded top sells in Japan,
which updated the foreign artist's single sells history in Japan.
(They broke their own record & history!)

Source Credit: Sankei News+OriconTV
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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OMFG! This made my week even if it's the finals time~ Study hard!!!

[TRANS] Taegoon doesn’t want to be asked about Jaejoong anymore

Singer Taegoon, who is known to be close friends with Hero Jaejoong of Dong Bang Shin Ki, said during an episode of ‘My Name Is Taegoon’ that he does not want interviewers to ask him questions about Jaejoong.

Taegoon said “There’s a lot of people who thought poorly of me, they said I blackmail my friends and take advantage of TVXQ, there’s many people saying that.”

He continued, “I often talked about it with JaeJoong, but I don’t like people to look at me like that. There were many people who regarded us as good friends, but a lot also said I took advantage of it. We were very hurt. I didn’t talk about JaeJoong for a while. I request for them not to ask but they still do and write about it.”

Although they continually ask him about it, he says “It’s a challenge, I don’t want to give trouble to my friends. I don’t like bothering him.”

Credit: TG @ TaeGoon WordPress + sookyeong @ Kbites

[PHOTO] 100201 Toho Mobile Staffblog

Shooting for 【POPTEEN】

And celebrating Jaejoong's birthday!

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[AUDIO] Break Out (New Jack Swing Mix)

Did we ever post this???

It's the official remix on the 『Break Out!』 single (track 3).

So what do you think~?

Credit: ahhLyanna16

[VIDEO] Break Out cover by fan - Acoustic ver.

I love seeing fans' talents. Isn't she great? :D

Thank you for the tip, Shiwei ;)
Credit: Anikamusic1

[TRANS] Tohoshinki Japan TV News - Overview of the Current Situation

The reportor’s opinion

An overview of the situation up to now: The 3 members’ conflict w/ management, rumours of a rift between members, even of disbandment, etc.
Then, as evidence of things starting to move forward in Japan at least;
1) their united appearance in women’s monthly mag JJ (cover+8 full pages, ca.170,000 copies immediately sold out!) To the magazine’s question “What’s your greatest treasure?” JJ apparently replied “the members”.
2) new single released 1/27
3) Best of album out on 2/17

Re rumoured rift between members; that DBSK’s rehearsals for Kohaku song fest was closed to the public was nothing unusual, but common practice for top acts at the festival. Contrary to rumours, they were even seen all leaving in the same van. Also, at Record Taisho Awards the five were witnessed cheering on and enjoying the show together.
However, the controversy has been causing distress among them, CM has lost a lot of weight and JS was briefly hospitalized in Seoul.

They seem to have finally gotten together recently to discuss their future, and agreed that DBSK can only exist with the five of them together. As far as Japan is concerned, there is no conflict (the management is different from Korea), and they are even said to be discussing plans for future concerts.
In addition, at a 1/24 fan event celebrating JJ’s bday (he wasn’t there), his parents read out a message on his behalf: “I know you’ve been waiting, but please wait.

…a bit more. We hope we can bring you good news some time soon.”
The report concludes that these words sum up the positive direction things are going for them, and that it looks like DBSK will be coming back!  [END of Translation]

I sure hope so!!! I’m keeping the faith!

*WOW. this made me happy...let's keep our hopes up eiii?*

Source: xrauren @ YouTube
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[TRANS] Oh Nami Says :“YoungWoong Jaejoong Is My Idol”

Gag Concert’s new star Oh Nami has revealed her unique relationship with
TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong.

Through an interview with Sports Donga,
Oh Nami revealed that her hometown was Gongju,
Chung Cheong Province, and introduced YoungWoong Jaejoong as a ‘hometown friend’.

“Because Gongju is such a small place, kids with
talent became popular very quickly. Although YoungWoong Jaejoong
is younger than me, we went to the same supplementary academy.”
Oh Nami, who was a track athlete until high school,
said that YoungWoong Jaejoong played a large role in
making her pursue her dream of becoming a comedian.

“As I was living in a rural town, I just wandered because
I didn’t know how to become a celebrity. But then
I heard that YoungWoong Jaejoong became a trainee at
SM Entertainment and I gained the courage to pursue my dream from that fact,”
said Oh Nami. She also added that,
“I saw YoungWoong Jaejoong never give up his dream of
being a singer and then finally achieve it, so I decided to pursue
my own dream no matter what came in my way.”

Even though six years have passed, Oh Nami still remembers
the name and newspaper that printed the first article about
YoungWoong Jaejoong which showed that her memories of
the idol member are quite special to her.

After graduating from university, Oh Nami went on
to a graduate school in Seoul and debuted as part
of KBS’ 23rd Comedian group in 2008. She is currently
gaining popularity in KBS 2TV’s ‘Gag Concert’ corner
‘Solo Heaven, Couple Hell’. Last year, she received the
Rookie Award at the KBS Entertainment Awards and proved
her skills as a successful comedian.

*awww! who else here takes Jaejae as an inspiration??*

source: [Donga+Yuaerubi]
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[INFO] Tohoshinki Japanese Activities Surpassing Expectations!

Tohoshinki’s popularity in Japan is still as explosive as ever.

The March edition of women’s magazine , which TVXQ posed as the cover models for, was completely sold out on the 23rd, only two days after its release.

TVXQ is the first male group to grace the cover of ever since its first release 35 years ago.

A representative said, “Last March, we had a TVXQ special in the magazine for three months and the response we received from it was explosive.
Taking into consideration that the theme for the covers is ‘Surprise’, we decided to give TVXQ fans a special surprise.
Therefore, we began continually asking TVXQ’s side for a confirmation to our proposal since last summer and we finally succeeded in getting it.”

The photoshoot and interview took place in December, and even though TVXQ was busy with their scheduled appearances in NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen and the Japanese Record Awards, the members took an active approach during the photoshoot and kept the atmosphere bright and cheerful the entire time.

The TVXQ special named ‘Valentine Day Special’ is eight pages long with pictures as well as a ‘100 Q&A’ from each of the members that reveals information about their private lives. The edition also contains photos signed by the members as a present to the readers.

The March edition magazine that was sold out in two days is currently reaching prices as high as 5000 Yen (55 USD) on Auction, which is significantly larger than the original price of 650 Yen (7 USD). In numerous fansites, many fans who could not buy the magazine can be seen saying things like, ‘I want to buy it, but no store has it,’ ‘I can get a taste of TVXQ’s popularity in Japan through this. I knew that buying concert tickets was hard, but I didn’t expect to find buying a magazine so difficult.’

stated on the 25th that they decided to reprint the March edition and will begin distributing them to stores around the nation on the 29th.

Tohoshinki, succeeds with CDs as well as magazines

TVXQ also celebrated another title as Number One on the Oricon Single Chart with their new single that was released on the 27th.

The 29th single is not only the title song for NHK drama (every Thursday at 8pm) that began on January 7th, it also sold 169,842 copies on the first day and demonstrated a clear margin between it and the second place single by Japanese rock group L’Arc-en-Ciel that sold 33,051 copies.
On the 22nd of January, was labeled as the ‘most anticipated new single album’ on Oricon’s survey before its release.

TVXQ is awaiting the release of their first best album on February 17th and many are interested to see whether TVXQ will be able to carry their ’sold out streak.’

*good job as always* xDDD

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[PHOTOS] HOMIN @ GImpo Airport arrival from Japan part 2

*gets bricked by Yunnie*

ooooh, loveee this pic! awww!

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