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how can this guy make walking so hawt??? LOL.

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The miracle of them meeting!
Marimo’s miracle “Oh my god! I met Yunho!”

Even though I’m nervous I’m going to try my best!

M: I’m a model in this magazine “POPTEEN” and my name is Marimo! oh my god oh my god, do you know Popteen?
Y: I read it before to buy my sister a present.
M: Wow-! are you okay with gal’s(gyaru)? (gyaru= younger group, whose seeming lack of interest in work or marriage and younger generations may consider it clichéd)
Y: Yes it’s okay
M: That’s hilarious! okay then, do you know the “Gal words” like “age” and “sage” (age= slang used by younger generation use when your excited) (sage= slang used by younger generations, use when you’re feeling blue/down)
Y: No…I don’t know
M: Then next time when your excited try using “really age!”
Y: I’ll try using it to the members first and if their reactions are good I’ll try to spread it *laughs*
M: What kind of fashion do you like for girls?
Y: Umm.. I like what you’re wearing.

M: Really! oh my god! oh my god! then what type of girls do you like?
Y: Someone bright and who will trust me.
M: If its “ora-ora”, “nyan-nyan”, or “ora-nyan” what are you? (ora-ora= tough,manly people use for guys & girls) (nyan-nyan= sweet,cute people use for both guys & girls) (ora-nyan= who are tough but can be cute)
Y: Eh..? O…Oranyan?
M: I think you’re “ora-ora” outside and at your house you’re “nyan-nyan” which makes you a “ora-nyan”
Y: Ohh, bingo then!
M: Wow! I got it right!
Y: When im with alot of my friends im the leader type and “ora-ora” but when im alone with my girlfriend im more “nyan-nya”
M: What word would make you happy?
Y: Hmm.. “I’m happy”? when im with her and if she said she was happy I think it’ll make my heart skip a beat.
M: I’m happy now! haha this is the happiest day of my life! Oh I’m going to korea next time, where were you born?
Y: It’s this place called “Gwangju”. Its like Japan’s Nagoya. There are a lot of guys who are manly.
M: Like Kyushu-danji? (Kyushu-danji= guys who are born in Kyushu part of Japan, they are known to be strong and has the image of a heavy drinker) Im was born at Chiba and we’re famous for peanuts and watermelons…
Y: My hometown is famous for watermelons too
M: Wow! what a coincidence! What kind of a guy were you as a high school student?
Y: I was bright and loved sports. I was like an athlete. Right now I’m a senior at college and I’m studying now to go to graduate school.
M: Wow! What do you do on your days off?
Y: I go to the movie theater, I travel with my friends and take pictures.
M: What are you interested in right now?
Y: Snowboard. I go snowboarding a lot
M: Right now I’m actually studying Korean and I was planning to introduce myself in korean but I was so nervous I forgot!
Y: What do you know ?
M: Yunho Oppa
Y: It feels nice to be called that
M: Lastly, is there a message for the readers of Popteen?
Y: Spring is a new start. everyone should plan something to do and do it! and when you know it you’ll probably be a better woman. I’ll be cheering for you Marimo-san.
M: When I was going through tough times, I always listened to Tohoshinki’s songs and got power. And when I see you I get power too. I think thats how everyone feels.
Y: That really made me happy!
M: Thank you so much! My hands are sweating, my hands are sweating! It’s so hot!

source: Popteen April Issue
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Finally…the day i can say this came!!
I’m sure there are people who know this already but…
a miracle happened.

I was able to meet Tohoshinki’s leader Yunho-san(>_<)!!!!
Seriously it’s a miracle!! I’m the one who is the most surprised.
I did say that I wanted to see him but it was just a dream and it was a dream I wanted it to come true but you don’t think that the dreams really going to come true…
When I was asked to be the interviewer I seriously screamed.
The day of the interview I had to take the taxi alone but I was so nervous that I got off at a place I don’t even know.
dreams…do come true (;_;)
And whats funny is that on page 91 i was talking with Kumiko that I want to meet yunho *laughs*
it was a few days after that. I really think that this is the biggest miracle that will happen in my life *laughs*

It’s really rare that a fan can interview like this.
so I really wanted to talk about what people want to know, what people what to hear,
and what people want to tell him but I was so nervous that day I don’t even remember what i talked about *laughs*
I was soo nervous until the article was made.
Worried if I didnt say something weird *laughs*
When I saw the article, it was what I thought it would be like.
I can tell I was nervous *laughs*
but there was one thing I wanted to tell Yunho no matter what.
I wanted to tell him how much just Tohoshinki being here can make people happy.
And thats not just people in Japan, of course the Tohoshinki fans in Korea,China,Taiwan,other Asian countries, and everyone all around the world probably feels like that.
So please smile now and forever.
I said something that it doesnt make sense *laughs*
but I thought that is something that everyone wanted to tell them.
I dont know if I was able to tell him completely but I know thats what I wanted to tell him so I remember *laughs*
In me Tohoshinki, Yunho is someone that I look up to as an entertainer and as one person. I respect him. I can’t laugh here.
After meeting him ofcourse i became a bigger fan and i really felt that i can respect all of him.
I will cheer Tohoshinki and UKnow/Yunho forever!!
Thank you for the precious time.
so…. I guess dreams really do come true *laughs*
It’s a Miracle-!!!

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Group TVXQ has been labeled the most popular star online.

In the February, 2010 Online 'Netizen Awards' held by Gyungjae Today (Economy Today), TVXQ won the best group award with a wide gap between them and their SM family members TRAX and Girls Generation.

9726 people voted for the Best Group Award and of that 9726, 4942 people supported TVXQ compared to the 2324 votes for TRAX and 1766 votes for Girls Generation.


The 'Star Awards' popularity vote, that occurred between the 9th of February and the 26th of February, drew in 49433 voters who decided who were the top stars in each category.

Source: [economy today+Yuaerubi]
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Regarding the PV
In an empty planetarium, a young girl is watching the summer's night sky alone, full of yearning. Beside her, there are 5 people observing her and singing with emotions. The above is a scene in the latest PV. Under the ceiling that appears like the night sky, the members are observing her, quietly.

The "dreamy song" that can only be heard through the advertisement or cinema.
During summer last year, one of Tohoshinki's songs was made the song for Menard's advertisement and this has caught the attention of many fans. Their ability to sing has been made used of fully in this song. It is filled with power and harmony especially the climax where it was filled with emotions from Junsu, "please stop time/I want to always stay beside you/I want to hug you deeply" cannot be missed. Although, at that time, many anticipated it as "the next single", however at that period, it had "almost no plans to be released". After that, at the national cinema release of the , they played the 3 minute 40 second version of the song and queries about this song from fans had no end.. In the end, there were no plans on releasing it as a single or for download and therefore earning the name "dreamy song".

A report on the PV filming in the planetarium
The song that has got much anticipation from the fans has finally been confirmed to be released on March this year as a single. As such, has rushed to show everyone and filming of the PV as well as some off shot pictures!
The filming location was confirmed to be in a particular planetarium in Japan. Under the night sky that the camera projects, the members perform their individual parts of the songs elegantly. Perfect voices combined with the atmosphere of the planetarium, the 5 people seem to be 5 stars that are connected and forming a constellation...!
We're really looking forward to their release on the 24th of March!!

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I think from all the worldwide success TVXQ already got.
I think its better for us to unite and tweet TVXQ.
I hope we can make in the 100 List.

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Date: 1st March 2010 (Monday)
Title: Popteen’ Magazine feat. YunHo

Date: 8th March 2010 (Monday)
Time: 12:00 ~ 13:30
Title: VMC – VMC SPECIAL/东方神起

Date: 17th March 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: ‘Best Video Clip’ DVD Release

Date: 18th March 2010 (Thursday)
Title: ‘KBOOM May Issue’ Magazine (26 Pages of 东方神起)

Date: 19th March 2010 (Friday)
Time: 23:30 ~ 24:00
Title: FujiTV – ‘Our Music’

Date: 21st March 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 13:00 ~ 14:30
Title: VMC – VMC SPECIAL/东方神起

Date: 24th March 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: 30th Single ‘时ヲ止メテ’ Release

Date: 25th March 2010 (Thurday)
Title: ‘KBOOM May Special Issue’ Magazine (KBOOM’s Editorial Loves 东方神起)

Source: BaiduTVXQ
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2010/02/27 Preview of the Completed Version of MUSICFAIR…

I came back to FujiTV! (Kikuchi P has been in Osaka for a few days.)
Immediately after I came back,
we had the preview of the completed version of Music Fair,
scheduled to be broadcasted from 18:00 tonight,
“Tohoshinki 5th Anniversary Special”.

(few sentences omitted)

I’ll leave this thread open for Tohoshinki fans.
Please leave your comments, I’ll be looking forward to them!

The third picture is the time during their first appearance!
Jaejoong in black hair (lol).
So, please look forward to the program!
Well, it is a complete preservation version,
but please look at the program on real time, too. (lol)

(few sentences omitted)

T/N: Tohoshinki is loved by many of the famous producers in Japan for their lovely manners and courtesy, of course Kikuchi P is one of them. In his blog of Jan 6, he has made a promise to us Tohoshinki fans that he will make a special program for them, and he has kept his promise. Thank you Kikuchi P!
T/N2: In the 30 minutes’ limit of the program, the special was a continued program for 25 minutes, with no CM in between. (Usually, there will be 2-3 CM breaks in the middle of the program.) Here I can Kikuchi P’s love again, it is really rare that nonstop music programs (without CMs) are broadcasted in the Japanese key commercial TV stations.
TN/3: The last song broadcasted was “Doushite~”. Watching the 5 members sing the song, hearing the lyrics, I was in tears…
TN/4: There are more the 460 comments in Kikuchi P's blog article now, all thanking Kikuchi P for the wonderful program. Thank you again, Kikuchi P!

Source: Kikuchi P’s blog
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*Note: No offence to Jonny’s fan.
This is an article written at Nikkan Gendai News.
Their main readers are adult male (businessmen etc).
So, it is written with the guy’s point of view.

Nikkan Gendai News Japan

Things which the wives and children are absorbed in recently when dad comes home.
It is a Korean idol group of 5 “TVXQ” who participated in NHK’s Red and White Singing Battle lat year.
They are an absolute uproar in Japan now on days.

Woman fashion magazine “JJ” which TVXQ was displayed as a cover was all sold out last month.

In addition, another woman’s fashion magazine “ViVi” (released on February 23rd)
which attached a supplement of TVXQ’s articles to a magazine
had published their best 605,000 prints since its’ foundation.

And it is said to be sold out surely.

It is possible that Japanese Johnny’s women fans might be moving toward TVXQ.
There is a research that supported this flow by collecting the vote of, “Who I want to make as my lover”
at the “CDTV” (TBS), which was broadcasted on February 13th.

This research at CDTV has been carried out twice every year, in summer and in winter.
And for the previous five times, the first place was Jin Akanishi of KAT – TUN (Jonny’s),
and consecutive four times, Kazuya Kamenashi (Jonny’s KAT-TUN) kept the second place.

However, it was a member of TVXQ who won the first place this time.
And Kamenashi ranked the fourth place this time.
TVXQ members were ranked within the top ten ranking range,
and Jun Matsumoto of “Arashi (Jonny’s)” that was the seventh place until last year
did not make it to the top ten place this time.

Additionally, group of 5 idol group, “BIGBANG” also from Korea is developing a force in Japan.
Jonny’s might be feeling uneasy recently with these Korean male idol forces.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Nikkan Gendai News: +ViVi
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Start @7:53

And again in 0:58 for the best sleeping ranks selection AKA Bribes

While watching family outing, they included Xiah and Lee Hyori's match as one of the best five games!
Park Yejin is so smart~
It's hilarious!!
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Korea Fan Project 2010

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i love this. too cute! awww! :DD

Source: Always Jaejoong & HEROKO
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Tohoshinki's Best album "Best Selection 2010", which was released on February 17th,
is initially livening up the ORICON Charts, which is Japan's most famous music ranking.

This time, Tohoshinki has been taking over the weekly album ranking chart, dated for March 1st,
which is the first time for them to reach the top there.

Their original album "The Secret Code", which had been released in March 2009 had reached Top 2
as its highest position. This is the first time for them to reach the top from their debut in Japan five years ago.

The popularity of their name has them sell over 400.000 copies in one week alone.
Despite the dramatic downturn in the music industry in Japan, their popularity still rises
and one should keep watching out for this charismatic group!

Source: Mucis Japan Plus News+
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Oricon Weekly Ranking

Weekly Ranking


Artist: TVXQ
Maker: RZN
Release Date: 100217
Number of the sells: 412861

Source: Mucis Japan Plus News+
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