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can you see our baby?? :DD

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Well, Hello there baby! where are you going?? xDD

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This is part of Tohosomnia's project Thanks to..., where translators from Tohosomnia generously translated letters from International Fans to Cassiopeia and the reply letters to International Fans from Cassiopeia.

Here is one letter I found particularly moving:
To. Tohosomnia

Five people who have gathered full of passion under the four letters that are TVXQ..
and us, who gathered full of love for them under the name Cassiopeia..

And in a far away place..
In an unfamiliar.. and different place, there are fans who care for them too..

When I saw the letter talking about the fact that international fans
rely on.. care for.. and support Cassiopeia as much as they do TVXQ
my heart swelled with emotions..

Although I am only a small presence in comparison to Cassiopeia as a whole..
I am so thankful to the international fans for sending us heartfelt letters
that I decided to send you all my thanks, small as it may be..

It could have been that... It was easy for us to know about them -
Because we saw them constantly on programs ever since they debuted..
They were on whenever we turned the TV on..
And falling in love with them was so natural that I don't remember when it happened exactly..

It could have been that... It was easy for us to find out what they wanted to say to us -
I am always thankful to God for this..
We were born as people on the same land... under the same sky as them..
Under the same emotions.. the same language.. we were able to hear what their hearts wanted to say to us very easily..

But for the countless number of international fans... It's probably not the same for you..

You cannot see them unless you put in some effort..
You cannot understand what they are trying to say unless you set aside some time..

When they perform in Japan,
when I support them as Tohoshinki, not TVXQ..
I feel as though I am able to experience a little of what you all go through,
although I cannot confidently say that I know how you feel completely..

Thanks to all of you,
who nevertheless try to..
love them... and understand them as much as we do..

I am learning that even their mere presence is a great gift..
I am learning that even their mere presence greatly moves people..

Whether they are TVXQ or Tohoshinki..
No matter where they were born or where they sing..

I am learning that the music, the heart's melody, can unite us all as one..
Regardless of the fact that we do not live under the same sky..
Regardless of the fact that we do not speak the same language..

It may be... that we are all united as one
under the same sky.. the same land.. the same emotions.. the same language.. that is TVXQ^^

I am sure that you all are going through times as hard as ours are right now..

But let's endure these troubled times together..
Let's overcome this together being thankful and moved
by their presence.. and their music..

These are my words of thanks that I send to you, this is the most I can give you in words..
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart..

And I love you..♡

I keep praying, Don't forget, Baby We keep the faith eternally!!

Always keep the Faith★

An excerpt of the message she sent separately for me:

And in the midst of that, I read your letters.. Yes.. As soon as I read your letters I began writing this e-mail..
Because I was filled with emotions, my letter got long.. and convoluted..

But please send my letter to them..
Please.. Please..
I'm not threatening you..

But.. You could say that I am pressuring you just a little.. lol..

I beg of you..

To our TVXQ, the international fans are as great a strength to them as we are..
For that, I am thankful.. and thankful once more..
If the heavens are watching over us
I wonder why they wouldn't pay attention to so many people's earnest wishes..
by. 촹난다

This is only one of 26 letters.
I really recommend reading them, they're so touching~
I've never felt so connected to Cassiopeia before.

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Johnny's Entertainment idol group NEWS has decided to postpone the release of their new single 'さくらガール(Sakura Girl)', which was scheduled to be out on March 24th, by one week.

A representative of the Japanese Records Association analyzed the situation and said in an interview with 'Saijo Woman' that "Korea's top idol group TVXQ is releasing a new single '時ヲ止メテ(Please Stop Time)' on the same day," And "It can be analyzed that NEWS moved their release date because they are afraid to meet TVXQ on the charts."

He also said, "NEWS holds the record of 11 consecutive albums ranking first on the Oricon Charts ever since their debut. It can be seen that they fear this record might be broken if they release their single the same day TVXQ does," and "If it had been Arashi, who ranks first in overall annual sales, or KAT-TUN, who sold 350,000 copies of their single 'Love yourself〜君が嫌いな君が好き〜' that was used as the main theme song of drama "Sassy girl Snako", they would have gone up against TVXQ but this decision was a wise one."


But despite their soaring popularity, they seem to be showing a weak side in front of 'TVXQ' and fans felt upset at this saying things such as, "This makes me feel complicated." and "Why are they pushing back their release date?"

On the other hand, NEWS' '恋のABO' that was released last year has sold an accumulative 234,000 copies. 'Saijo Woman' says "These sales may reflect the best of NEWS' capabilities."

ADMIN EDIT: I have changed the original title Japanese Idol NEWS "Scared Of TVXQ" to Japanese Idol NEWS Changes Release Date Because of TVXQ as this more accurately reflects the contents of the article. The title was taken directly from the original Korean article and was written only as an attention-grabber. Apologies to any NEWS fans out there~

Source: [NewDaily+Yuaerubi]
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2010-02-25 00:24:13
Celebrating Oricon Weekly Album Number 1!

Tohoshinki’s "BEST SELECTION 2010" has been honorably ranked number 1 in the Oricon weekly chart!

And, they have made a new record for foreign artists, updating the past record of Bon Jovi’s initial sales, great accomplishments!

I am really honored that as Lambsey (T/N: street live group of two members, Inoue and Yuki Yamashita) we have provided 2 songs, and 4 songs as Shinjiroh Inoue!

These kinds of wonderful groups will not appear again in a long time.
At any rate, I want them to continue their activities.
It' is my sincere wish that they will continue.

Today, we made the set list for Lambsey's Club CITTA live. (T/N: scheduled to be held on March 26, in Club CITTA KAWASAKI)
In this happy day, I want to do something special for Tohoshinki and their fans, who have purchased the tickets for our live performance.

Receiving an official approval from avex (T/N: Lambsey also belongs to avex), we have decided to have a self-cover corner of Tohoshinki’s songs!

Since this is Lambsey’s concert, we cannot sing all the songs we’ve provided to Tohoshinki….
Lambsey and Shinjiroh Inoue has provided these songs……..

* Doushite kimiwo sukini natte shimattandarou?
* Bolero
* Stand by U
* Tokiwo Tomete
* With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~

We have already covered by ourselves “Doushite~”, so we will sing the song. If we are to sing two more, what songs will you like?
Please give us your requests!
(few sentences omitted)

Source: Shinjiroh Inoue Official Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Only a low quality sneak-peak~
But it's so worth it!



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CD - On sale March 24th, 2010

  1. Intro
  2. FORCE
  3. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
  4. Secret Game
  5. Take Your Hands
  6. Survivor
  7. Kiss The Baby Sky
  8. Nobody Knows
  9. 9095
  10. 忘れないで (Wasurenaide)
  11. COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~
  12. Stand Up!
  13. Shelter
  14. TAXI
  15. Bolero
  16. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite)
  17. Beautiful you
  18. Tea for Two
  19. Box in the ship
  20. ウィーアー! (We Are!)
  21. Share The World
  22. BREAK OUT !

DVD - On sale March 17th, 2010
  1. Stay With Me Tonight
  2. Somebody To Love
  3. My Destiny
  4. 明日は来るから (Asu wa Kuru Kara)
  5. Rising Sun
  6. Begin
  7. Sky
  8. miss you
  9. "O"-正・反・合-
  10. Step by Step
  11. Choosey Lover
  12. Lovin' you
  13. Summer Dream
  14. SHINE
  15. Forever Love
  16. Together
  17. Purple Line
  18. Beautiful you
  19. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Doushite)
  20. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
  21. Bolero
  22. Kiss The Baby Sky
  23. Survivor
  24. Share The World
  25. Stand by U
  26. BREAK OUT !
First press inclusion:
Recorded single at the first visit memorial “HUG-International ver.-” video clip!
HUG-International ver.- offshot video!
Calendar filming Offshot movie

Ooo, exciting! *checks wallet* ... *cries*

Source: Tohoshinki Official Site
Credit: SYC + DBSKnights

As a number of idols make their big comebacks in Korea, TVXQ will be busy making a return of their own with a new single overseas in Japan.

It’s been revealed by AVEX that TVXQ will be dropping a brand new single that will include Toki Wo Tomete (Let’s Stop Time), TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2 and Yunho’s solo track Checkmate. Toki Wo Tomete will reportedly be used to endorse MENARD, the internationally-known beauty/cosmetic brand.

Although Toki Wo Tomete was also featured on the BEST SELECTION album, this release combined with the new endorsement has led fans to believe that TVXQ will grace Japan with fresh activities next month.

Actually, this is not DBSK's first time working with Menard. You may recall
that "Wasurenaide" was used as Menard's commercial theme song
last year.

Credit: lawlietta@allkpop
13 years old, Junior high school student: My mom loves TVXQ and since my friends tell me I look like Junsu, I started to watch their DVDs and became a fan. ^^ I have a few guy friends who are also TVXQ fans at school and it is so much fun to share new stuff about them with my fan friends.

18 years old, student: My young sister loves TVXQ. We are really close, so I watched a DVD with her, and without knowing how and when it happened, I became fan of TVXQ too! ^^ They sing and dance so well and all five of them look great! I love the fact that they are such good friends with each other. That's how we guy friends should be! I purely love all members of TVXQ!

21 years old, student: I am Xiah fan. I am a guy who likes women. But, TVXQ are the guys who look super cool in my eyes. I love “Purple Line” and I often imitate TVXQ fashion. I would love to find more male fans of TVXQ to be my friend.

25 years old, businessman: I liked the Backstreet Boys in the past. TVXQ is from Korea which is near to Japan so it makes me feel closer to TVXQ and I easily became their fan. When I sing TVXQ song, everyone loves it. (Do I sound like I'm bragging? hahaha.) I wish to know even more about TVXQ!

35 years old, businessman: I was interested in Korea before. And when my friend gave me TVXQ’s album “T” last year, I loved it! So I joined Bigeast and after a-nation I became an even bigger fan because real TVXQ was even cooler! At my company's karaoke gathering, I sing “Beautiful You”. When I attended Kobe Fan meeting, Yuchun and I made eye contact with each other and he yelled “Oh, there is a man here!” And he looked so happy! LOL

I LOVE fanboys! w00t!

Source: Bigeast Male Fans
Translated by:

{ One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Thanks to the drama, "Heading to the ground", many Korean, as well as international viewers, were able to witness Yunho's acting talents. And not only did it allow viewers to see his fresh and adorable acting, it also helped him land a nomination for the popularity award at the 46th Paeksang Arts Awards. And naturally, Go Ara, his partner on screen, was also nominated.

The ceremony will be aired on KBS2TV on the 26th of March. Due to his busy schedule with the training and rehearsals for the "This Is It" concert, not to mention having to go to the US, there is no confirmation whether Yunho will be attending.

Even still, I'm pretty sure fans are crossing their fingers holding on to that small hope of him being able to attend. After all, who wouldn't want to see our manly and model-like leader shi walk down that red carpet in an awesome tuxedo among other famous and great actors, right?

Anyway, here are the nominees:

Oooh. I see Jung Il Woo of My Fair Lady and High Kick,
Jang Geun Suk of You're Beautiful,
Jung Kyung Ho of Smile, You,
and Jung Joon Ho of IRIS.
Omo~ Leader shi has some tough competition out there.
Anyway, we shouldn't worry. You can do it, Yunho. Aja!
Besides, being nominated, as well as being in the same league as these actors,
is already an honor, right guys? ;)

Click HERE if you wanna see the full list of nominees.

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Monthly The Television is a very well known and widely-read magazine in Japan which is published every month.

Female's Most Favorite Artists

For the 10s - Top 5
2. Tohoshinki

For the 20s - Top 5
5. Tohoshinki

Female's Most Wanted Lovers

For the 10s - Top 3
3. Yoochun (Tohoshinki)

For the 40s - Top 3
3. Yoochun (Tohoshinki)

Total ages
5. Yoochun (Tohoshinki)

Omo~ Chunnie wins the hearts of all ages!!!!
Omedettou, Yoochun! ;)

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Is There Any Particular Change Expected at SM? No

Daily News Korea
ⓒ 매일경제 &
2010.02.25 11:24:37 입력

A founder of the SM entertainment resigned from SM.

SM entertainment spokesman explained that,
"from now on Lee Soo Man will focus only for future foreign production activities."

Lee Soo Man will withdraw from his duties at SM (Korea) which he founded in 1995.
He will formally resign from a public management director's position on the 25th,
and stay only as a main shareholder of the SM entertainment in Korea.

However, it is expected that no particular change will be made at SM after his resignation
from the director's position since SM (in Korea) has been administered by the representative Kim Myongmin.

However it could bring the case that the SM artist's situation/내실
could be strengthened/improved/강화될 due to this change at SM entertainment (Korea).
(*No specific word written here about what kind of artist's "situation/내실")

Recently Avex sold their stock to Lee Soo Man and Neowizbugs.
Even if Lee Soo Man has resigned from SM director’s position,
he remains strong as the main shareholder of the SM owning total of 28.3% in share.

*T/N: There is much news in Korea about Lee Soo Man today, but none of them mention anything specific about TVXQ. So, let us not have any unnecessary worries and Always Keep The Faith together as always!^^

Source: link
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

I'm still confused with what's going on but this is what I think is happening: (Please take this with a grain of SALT and this is only my opinion and my judgment with what's currently happening. I'm neither happy or sad with the news. I feel neutral with the new situation)

Lee Soo Man still own most of SM (under CEO Kim Young Min) but won't be in charge because he wants to focus on other things (his winery and business). However, they said Avex sold stocks but what I'm hearing right now is they BOUGHT more. (this news is really NOT clarfied) By buying more Avex might want to control SME. They won't let go of Tohoshinki and BoA, those two artists are too important and too EXPENSIVE (LOL) to let go. (or if they sold their stocks.. it means they don't like the crap/bad reputation SME has. Japanese people are known for their integrity. They hate people that give them bad reputation LIKE SME) I think this should clarify the situation but then again, just like you I'm a bystander and this how I see the current situation.

She's one of our Japanese translator and biased or not, I love her voice :) Check her other Tohoshinki covers in her YT channel ^^

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Looks like Junchan is caught red handed!
In the last Mozart performance, SYC readers found Junchan's pants very familiar.
And guess what, it really was!
Junsu was wearing the same pants as Jaejoong from the 3rd Mirotic Asia Tour Concert in Seoul!
Check it out:
Isn't that awesome?! ;)
Is it just me? Or do you guys also love seeing our boys sharing the same outfit?

But then again, it seems that they're not the only one who had an eye for that pants. Look!
This picture was taken during 4minute's press conference in Bangkok.

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According to the latest news on Japanese official website, TVXQ will realse their new single including "Ceasing the time" (Toki wo Tomete) and "TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2"

The new single which is for the advertisement of a Japan cosmetic brand MENARD is being highly focused. Yunho"s solo "Checkmate" would be also concluded.

"BEST VIDEO CLIP" and "4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME"'s Blue light DVD version will be released on 17th March.

TVXQ's "Best Selection 2010" reached the No.1 with a sale of 228,542 on the first day.Since, TVXQ's first hit to Japanese market in 2006, it is the first time to have such a record which is much more than their 1st, 2nd and 3rd formal album's week sale figures.
Also, released on 27th Jan. "Break Out" set a sale record that 250,000 sold within one week.

In addition,part of the members actually don't have officially activities at this special time during their contract with their agency. It can't be predicted about their plans in Japan and Korea at present.
Therefore, fans are guessing whether they would see new activities in Japan because of this new single in March.

Source:Newsen &
Translation: zoe91 @OneTVXQ
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On the 24th of February SM announced that in order to focus more on investments from overseas, new overseas business developments and artiste production, Lee Soo Man will resign as Director of Registrations.

A company representative said, "Lee Soo Man will no longer be engaged in business activity,"
He added, " However, in order to strengthen his position as major shareholder, an additional 1.5% from Avex was retrieved."


On the other hand, SM's 2nd largest shareholder, Avex Japan, has transferred 15.4% of their shares to Neowizbugs while the remaining shares will be sold to Lee Soo Man, hence putting an end to the relationship with SM Entertainment.

Avex is the company that assist SM's artistes such as TVXQ, etc. in the Japanese market.

Thanks for the tip, fadingmelodies :)
Source: SPN
Translation: covermeblack@lj
Famous Hallyu Trot singer Kim Yeon Jae highly praised BoA and TVXQ on their Hallyu activities.

At the press conference that was held at the World Ruby Room at the Lotte Hotel in Jamshil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 24th for her nationwide tour, Kim Yeon Ja said, "BoA and TVXQ are truly amazing."


Regarding Korean singers who enter the Japanese market as Hallyu stars, Kim Yeon Ja said, "Before, it was disheartening to see celebrities entering Japan without doing any research and just singing. To be active in Japan, you have to be knowledgeable about the country but there are a lot of juniors who entered the market without any preparations."

But Kim Yeon Ja praised some of her other juniors and said, "But now, a lot of celebrities learn the Japanese language and the culture before they enter the market. These days, they are smart and know how to succeed. BoA and TVXQ speak Japanese more fluently than I do. I don't know how they did so well in such a short amount of time."


She also stated, "If I ever get the chance to stand on one stage with TVXQ and BoA, I would work very hard with them."


Source: [newsen+Yuaerubi]
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Popular idol group TVXQ's member Xiah Junsu's pictures that he took with the cast of musical 'Mozart!' have been revealed.

Xiah Junsu of group TVXQ, who boasts great popularity in Japan and sets new records and rewrites history every time they release an album, is not only a singer anymore; he has been praised for his efforts and acting skills in his debut musical. The pictures he took with the cast and staff of 'Mozart!' were put up on a cast member's mini homepage and are drawing attention.

Min Young Gi, a cast member of 'Mozart!', did not hold back any praise and said, "I was worried at first because Kim Junsu is the youngest and this is his first time acting. But the passion and talent inside of him is astounding. If I had to pick the best genius Mozart out of the four people who took the lead role, I can easily choose Junsu. He is Xiahzart, who sings with his entire body."

Fans who saw the photos gave various responses and said, "These prove he's a celebrity," "The atmosphere is great," and "They all look so close and good looking."

Source: [Chosun Ilbo+Yuaerubi]
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It’s Confirmed! Universal Records Will Release Two Versions of Tohoshinki “Best Selection 2010″ !

In the past two years TVXQ/Tohoshinki has reached one milestone after another in Japan. With a string of #1 singles, a platinum-selling album, a Tokyo Dome tour, and two consecutive Kohaku Uta Gassen invites to their name, TVXQ/Tohoshinki has not only achieved more than any other Korean music act in Japan, they’ve entered the ranks of Japan’s top artists. TVXQ/Tohoshinki’s first Japanese greatest hits album contains a selection of singles from 2005 to 2009 including their debut “Stay With Me Tonight”, their first #1 single “Purple Line” and their 2009 hit ballads “Bolero” and “Stand by U”. The album has most of their 2005 and 2006 singles like “Sky” and “My Destiny” so it’s an especially good collection for those who may have missed TVXQ/Tohoshinki’s earlier releases.

TOHOSHINKI “BEST SELECTION 2010″ 2CD+DVD EDITION comes with a 24-page booklet and a 9-track Bonus CD that includes the digital single “Amaku Hateshinaku”, CM song “Toki Wo Tomete”, their most recent single “Break Out!”, five songs chosen by the members, and the new song “With All My Heart ~Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu~”, the theme song for the upcoming movie ‘Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu’. The DVD contains around 70 minutes of highlight clips from TVXQ/Tohoshinki’s four Japan live tours.

TOHOSHINKI “BEST SELECTION 2010″ CD ONLY EDITION comes with 36-page booklet and 15 tracks. This version is priced less than the 2CD+DVD Edition.

More Details like Exact Release Date, Poster Giveaway and Prices Coming Soon !

Special thank to enahh for the tip
source: Universal Records Philippines
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Faster than anywhere!
Lastest single “Toki wo tomete”

The song that you were only able to listen in a commercial and at the movie theater.

Last summer the song that was used for the commercial Menard was a song that tohoshinki fans were wanting to know about. The song is “Toki wo tomete” Its a ballad song that compliments their singing ability. Junsu’s main chorus is a must hear! “時を止めて~、ずっと君のそばにいたい~♪”(I want to stop time and stay with you forever). Obviously everyone thought “Is this the new song!?” but at this point it wasn’t planned to go on sale. After the song was played for 3 minutes and 40 seconds at the “Tohoshinki The Live 2009″ made fans contact when the CD’s going to be released but they still had no plan to release it. It was a song that was about to become a legend song.

The Music Video that was taken at a planetarium.

The song that all the fans were waiting for is finally going to released this march as a single CD. ViVi got the offshot photos the fastest! Where the music video was shot is a Planetarium in Japan. In the dark room under the stars the members sang their parts. Their beautiful voices and the planetarium’s pretty atmosphere seems like 5 starts are going to connect. It is released on Mach 24th .

Which animal they like, discovering… This is where we want to be praised!
- Changmin obediently agrees -

The animal you like and what you like about it shows where you want to be praised about yourself. We asked the members what animal they liked and..!?

Yunho is meant to be a leader?
- What animal do you like?
I like leopards. It runs fast and it’s always trying hard so it’s cool.
- It seems that that’s what you want to be praised about.
oh really? If someone said that about me I’d be so shy about it. It’s embarrassing…

Changmin, Agrees that he's a narcissist!!?
- What animal do you like?
Hmm… a deer. It has a long neck and the body line is really pretty.
- That seems to be what you want to be praised about
Puh!… yes that is true *laughs* I like my long neck.

Jajeoong is two-faces!? but he doesn’t agree.
- What animal do you like?
A cat. depending on the time, evening and night the eyes gets bigger, the body gets skinnier. It seems like it’s pure but it actually isn’t. I like that about it.
- It seems that that’s where you want to get praised.
Does that mean I’m two faced!? I don’t think that’s true…

Yoochun doesn’t talk a lot and has strong eye power!?
- What animal do you like?
A doggy. Even though it doesn’t talk, it shows its feelings with its eyes. I really like that about dogs.
-It seems that that’s what you want to get praised.
What, its not about the dog!? Its about me? ahhhh…*embarrassed*

Junsu “the real king is me!” is what he’s thinking?
- What animal do you like?
A tiger. The pattern is pretty and the lion is known as the king but i always thought the tiger is the real king.
-Told him the answer and…
I think that's right. People don’t tell me I’m manly so I think I want to be praised there.

Even the members themselves didnt know!
“The hidden personalities discovered! With a psychologist analyzing their personality!”

By how you eat the “Pinky” we checked secretly.
Depending on how you eat it is said that it shows their true personality. During the interview we handed them the mint candy “Pinky” and had them eat it. Even though it’s the same “Pinky” everyone ate it differently and picked the different flavor.
First Yunho, he picked the peach flavor right away and took out 2. Then he chewed on it right away. Next was Changmin. “I like purple so I’m going to pick the grape flavor” and picked it right away and took out 5 and after he put it in his mouth his chewed on it right away. Jaejoong picked the lemon flavor and took 1 and until the end was licking it. Yoochun picked the peach flavor and ate it alittle differently. He took 1 and put it in his mouth and licked it for a while and then chewed on it. But he only took 1 because when he shook it only 1 came out. He said he would eat how many ever that comes out. Lastly Junsu, he picked the grape flavor and took 1 and chewed on it right away.

Who’s the hidden “I love myself”? Who’s good at reading the flow/atmosphere!?
Waiting for the psychologists answer ViVi decided to analyze too!

Yunho: Eccentric Type. He’s an independent guy and who doesn’t open to the world by himself. He can think of ideas that no one thinks of but he likes himself and can be fickle.

Changmin: Wild Type. He has a strong feeling towards expressing himself. He wants to tell something passionate! Also he wants to live manly and wild.

Jaejoong: Calm Type: He has his own pace and is patient. It seems like he doesn’t feel so lonely even if he’s alone. Hes the type who is furthest away from the wild type.

Yoochun: Director Type. He can read the flow of the future and he can adjust his movement with that. A clever guy who has confidence that he can read the atmosphere.

Junsu: Average Type. Very manly and has common sense. With people he wants to be safe and wants to be solidarity.

This is what we did on our own, but what do you think?

We can tell just by how you cross your hands!
Passive? Active? Yoochun and Yunho is actually…

There’s a brain theory that when you cross your hands and your right thumb comes on top it said that you’re passive. And the other way around, if your left thumb comes on top you’re active(aggressive).

We had the members cross their hands and as a surprise Yunho and Yoochun had the opposite of what we expected!
We thought Yoochun who is quiet and doesn't say much would have his right thumb on top but he had his left thumb on top and was active/aggressive. And the leader who leads the members had his right thumb on top making him passive!

Their comments were the following:
Yoochun: hmm… I don’t know. Well I guess I am aggressive at some times. *smiles crookedly*
Yunho: that’s true, when it comes to love I’m passive. but when it’s friends or workI’im more active. When we’re alone I want to be leaded and if something is wrong I want her to tell me I did something wrong

And the other 3 the only one whose right thumb came on top was Changmin. Jaejoong and Junsu both had their left on top.

Number One Member Who Is Cool Is Jaejoong

We gave the five 15 stickers. on the notebook has these words written: Kindness,Methodicalness,Brightness,Toughness of Heart,and Calmness. There were people who put one sticker on one category and there were people who put eight stickers on one…

You can tell by the picture but we asked them why they put the stickers where they put it.

Yunho: My brightness is number one! because I’m passionate so I’m not really methodical and calm….

Changmin: I think my personalities pretty balanced. I know that I’m not so bright. *laughs*

Jaejoong: I’ve become calm lately. I used to not be so calm…

Yoochun: I don’t know my own personality!

Junsu: my heart toughness is number one! well that’s something everyone knows even if i don’t say it! Ahahaha!

Tohoshinki self analysis
1. kindness: 4
2. methodicalness: 1
3. brightness: 2
4. toughness of heart: 1
5. calmness: 7

1. kindness: 2
2. methodicalness: 1
3. brightness: 4
4. toughness of heart: 5
5. calmness: 3

1. kindness: 4
2. methodicalness: 1
3. brightness: 5
4. toughness of heart: 3
5. calmness: 2

1. kindness: 8
2. methodicalness: 1
3. brightness: 1
4. toughness of heart:1
5. calmness: 4

1. kindness: 3
2. methodicalness: 3
3. brightness: 2
4. toughness of heart: 3
5. calmness: 4

As though I needed more reasons to love these guys...

Source: Vivi magazine (April)
Trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
Credit: sharingyoochun + Infinity HK
Haha, I love the look on Micky's face! xD

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5th Debut Anniversary Special
Tohoshinki's Music Collection

At 6pm JST on Saturday 2/27, MUSIC FAIR will be dedicating one full-length episode to accommodate Tohoshinki's 5th debut anniversary in Japan.

Started in Korea with the ambition of expanding to the whole world from Asia, the name Tohoshinki means "The Rising Gods from the East". While still being in their teens, they debuted in Korea in February 2004 as a chorus group and received tremendous supports. Despite being teenagers, with the ability to sing acapella beautifully, the 5 members are the owners of powerful voices in which all of them are the lead vocals of the group. They debuted in Japan in April 2005. After beating other artists to acquire the top spot of Oricon Single Weekly Ranking in in 2008 (for the week of 11/1/2008), their name has become well-known to the whole J-POP scene. Not only are they famous in Japan and Korea, but their name is also well-known in several Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Thai, Malaysia, etc. and they really enjoyed the success of their Asia Tours in 2006 and 2007. After that, with Japan and Korea as their base, they started to work aiming to become an artist known not only in Asia but also around the world. Their popularity has caught everyone's attention in Japan and Korea, and they are currently working on their activities all over Asia.

On 2/17/2010, they released their first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010".

T/N: Although Tohoshinki is indicated as a "guest", i don't think they will be singing live for this. they might just be broadcasting the all songs that the boys have recorded for the program. but still, it's rare that MF dedicates one full-length episode for a single artist (:

Source: MUSIC FAIR Website
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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