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T/N: Translation of Yunho and Jo Jae Jin's Interview of each other in GQ Korea Magazine-March Issue:

Jo Jae Jin (Cho Jae Jin) asks Uknow Yunho (He is a professional soccer player who is currently playing for a Japanese league)

Q. When we meet, we drink tea and eat and talk. That's it. Don't people ask if we drink (alcohol) with guys? Haven't you heard that?

A: It's exactly the same for me. If I meet (someone), I talk about work and the future. It can become sort of serious but there are those who see it as fun, those who see it as cute, and those who see it as cool. It's like that. To me, "family" is very important. If I decide that someone is my kind of person, from then on, I'll talk about work, the future, things like that.

Q. However, why are you so busy? Since our work is different, it's possible that I don't understand but aren't you even busy in the middle of the night (early morning)?

A: Oh, sorry hyung (older brother). You already know I'm the meticulous type. I'm the type that well prepare a lot for the next schedule. I practice at night but for example, I don't just practice. I like walking on the spur of the moment (randomly). I like to walk around Seoul here and there in disguise and think. I'm the type to drive myself hard but there's not enough time. However, you always call me during my practice.

Q: When I called before, you said you were walking (around). Where do you walk?

A: I go here and there. At that time, Was I walking to Noryangjin? I don't like to go to a place I've been to but I like to go to places that I don't know.

Q: Do you relax by doing that?

A: No matter how many people praise me saying I did good, there are times when I look at myself and I don't think I did. So, I think that others really think I didn't do good either. I feel like I can only give that feeling (doing good) if I've tried my best 100%. When I have a really bad cold and I have to go up on stage, I think, "should I dance hard?" I know that when I think like that, I will only be able to give the feeling of 30%. (He is very hard and demanding on himself)

Q: Because of that "perfectionism", doesn't it make it hard in other things?

A: As you know, in private, I act like a dummy (hehe, he's really a dork). When I'm working and something goes wrong, I will definitely ask myself questions but when it's personal, I just go "oh well~." When I first met you, you appeared serious like a sports athlete but even though you seemed that way, how should I say it, you were innocent?

Q: Let's say that's the case, but what do you do when you're alone?

A: Well, don't know. Write (myself) a plan for 10 years later?

Q: Hmm...

A: If not, I'll definitely meet friends. Like I said before, I walk alone too. I also said this in last year's GQ interview but I don't want to lose "Jung Yunho." On the stage, I go "I'm the best, I'm the best who can't lose to anyone" so I can do it (perform)but when I come down from the stage, I want to be normal. If you live to this way, then it seems like your view of the world changes a little bit. I still have lots of regular (non-celebrity) friends. That's why, going around with friends sightseeing, I'll see mothers selecting fresh fish and trying to bargain with prices. That's why when I do that, I will only take 3000 won because I might get weak (haha frugal Yunho).

Q: Do you want to go to the mountain once sometime? Chong Ghe Mountain is good. Bok Han Mountain is good too.

A: I'd like that. We also talked about going to the mountains a long time ago but we only talked about it.

Q: What do you dislike the most?

A: Hmm..people who lie. Lies.

Q: What do you dislike about yourself? Something like, things you want to correct?

A: Well, my dressing habit? I want to correct grabbing just whatever feels the most comfortable. Once in a while, manager hyungs will tell me to wear something nice but I don't like it when they say that either. I also have to take care of my face. Oh, I hate taking care of my nails the most. Actually, I came today too after I got skin care/treatment. It's hard laying still (Yunnie, that's why you're a dancer for a reason). Also, I keep getting blamed for broken things.

Q: What are you talking about?

A: When I touch something which has nothing wrong with it, it either gets broken, breaks, or something falls off. It does that. I didn't mean to do that but it just gets broken. I get blamed because I don't explain what happened so I get into a lot of trouble. ~~~clumsy bear xDD
Q: What's your limit (alcohol)? For some reason, I think it's 3.

A: I don't know if my limit is 3 or not. When I drink with people who's good at drinking, we're all sprawled out. I didn't know that. Truthfully, I don't really like alcohol (but) how should I say it? When people drink, it seems like they kind of get aggressive, they argue over something that isn't even a big deal. That's why I usually just like talking and having a meal more. However, when I drink, I definitely drink. When it's my birthday, that day, (they'll say) "Yunho-yah, drink some today." I'll drink from a bowl this big, one shot for me, one shot for you.

Q: Do you compete with that too?

A: It's not competing. If I say, "drink as much as you love me," they'll drink in one shot. The staff will pour alcohol in a large bowl like this and say, "drink as much as you love us." It's like that. If I don't drink that much, it seems like I'm lying (poor Yunho, so he ends up drinking all of it)

Q: Isn't it okay to tell that kind of lie?

A: There are times when you may lie with good intentions. However, for me telling a could see that as cute but lies don't fit in my life. ~~~ lovee this!

Q: Competing is competing but there's also the issue of self-confidence.

A: I just want to learn more. If I'm going to learn, I want to learn it right. It's like that. When there's someone who does something really well that I'm interested in, I'll grab that person for sure and be next to him. (I think to myself) Let him teach me, let's give it a try once, let's see whether I will win or lose from the experience. I get those feelings. I want to enrich those kind of experiences. I really don't like living only within this life (celebrity life). That's why I want to try my best getting together with lots of people.

Q: I know what you're talking about but don't ask me to compete with you. I won't do that with you.

A: A long time ago, I played basketball with Hee Jong hyung but I only made one goal (basket) and I lost big time. I was so upset...

Q: haha, I knew it.

A: I didn't say anything (about losing) even when that happened.

Q: Why didn't you?

A: I just said, "hyung, let's do it one more time, huh? Just one more time."

Q: Anyhow, I won't bet with you on similar stuff. If you said let's make a bet, would it be something like dancing? (no) You would say let's do soccer.

A: That's right. I won't bet on something that I can do well.

Q: Anyways, I knew there was something in your gaze since I first saw you. No matter what it is, you will do it. Talking to you some just now makes me think that.

A: You're a person who will definitely do something if you say you'll do it but if you don't want to, your style is to not do it.

Q: Are you a little different?

A: I am the type to do something even if I don't want to.

Q: I heard it somewhere that when you're really have a close friend, you can be in the same room and not say anything and not worry about it. How would it be if it was with me, the two of us?

A: I don't know.

Q: I think I'll be really uncomfortable.

A: haha, it's because whenever I meet with you, it's always with other people. However, I feel when it's just the two of us, you will talk a lot?

Q: Hmm..If you were to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

A: If I was to describe myself as an animal, it would be a leopard. (bear!!! bear!!! xDD)

Q: Then what about me?

A: You seem like a tiger but actually I think you may be like a black leopard.

Q: It's similar but a black one?

A: It's similar but a little heavier.

Q: What is your dream at this moment?

A: Since I've come/reached a mountain, I see a higher mountain. No matter what I do, I will do my best. As Yunho, I want to always be honest and be a truthful person who gives trust. It's easier to say than do it but eventually that will happen.

Q: How will we be 10 years later?

A: I've thought about this alot. 10 years later, I think we'll be eating and drinking tea and talking. It's possible to be together with wives too. We're not fancy types. Is it alright to ask you now?

Uknow Yunho asks Jo Jae Jin

Q: Don't you have the concept of (person with) few words?

A: I don't know. Maybe my personality is low-key? I'm the hyung so do you think I'll act cute next to you? If you want, I'll show you at karoake.

Q: Are you like that when you're with a woman too?

A: It's all the same.

Q: We've never been alone, just the two of us. What do you think it'll be like if it's just the two of us?

A: I think it'll be really awkward? What would two guys do together? (this just cracked me up) I don't know if we were to drink. I can imagine how awkward it would be even if I don't see it. However, they say that when really close friends are together, it can be like they're there even though they aren't. Isn't it like that for us too?

Q: I'm not sure but I think you will definitely say a lot.

A: That will not happen.

Q: Are you good at drinking?

A: About half bottle of soju (lol guess he's not a drinker)

Q: I think you can drink more. If you were to make a bet with me, will you really lose?

A: Of course.

Q: Even if it's soccer (haha Yunho trying to get him to play soccer)

A: Yes. I don't like tiresome things. You know that.

Q: Then, let's make a bet on a (soccer) match one time. I don't bet on something I do well.

A: It's no fun betting on soccer. Let's sing. (lol He's teasing Yunho)

Q: haha. What did you think of me when you first saw me?

A: Are you asking me because you don't know? You looked sensitive and really mean. ~~~ CUTE!

Q: When we meet, we mainly talk about work. I guess you think I'm really mean those times too.

A: Uhh, I was kidding. haha. I just thought that since we're both busy and meet once in a while.

Q: Haven't you wanted to talk about other things?

A: Of course I do. Are you close to SNSD? (LOL. Hyung is very naughty... xD)

Q: Ask when it's over and it's just the two of us. (HO MY GOSSSH. YUNHO????)

Q: Are you really interested in this work or are you just curious?

A: Of course I'm interested. They say you'll be happy if you can experience many things while living.

Q: How is it having fans follow you? For some reason, I think you'll be tired of it.

A: can be really uncomfortable.

Q: Do you do things really good even if you don't want to do it?

A: I don't do it. I can't. I decline.

Q: If I ask you to describe me in one word, what would it be?

A: Awesome guy.

Q: Then what about you?

A: A happy guy.

Q: I always talk about planning for 10 years later. How do you think I'll be 10 years later?

A: I don't know about you but I'm going to be married and live normally.

Q: Why are all your answers so short? You look as if you have a lot of secrets. I don't want to pry but...still tell me just one.

A: I don't have any secrets. ~~~ Hyung is a man with few words Yunnie and you're so deep... :DD

Things learned: Yunho finds it hard to stay still. He doesn't like taking care of his nails. He is a PERFECTIONIST. He talks about serious things. He is a DORK. He is clumsy. He is competitive.

Source: GQ Magazine Korea, March Issue
Translation: lovelyunho @ soompi
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2010/02/21(Sun) 19:06
-Partially translated-

Singer Kangta held a fan meeting after being discharge from military service in the afternoon of the 20th.

600 fans from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China and other parts of the world filled up the art center of the women's college at Seoul, Korea where his fan meeting was being held.

He told fans, "I learned a lot in the past two years of my military service, and there were times it was tough but it was my decision to go there and I am so thankful that the fans waited for me. I thought I would cry a lot today, but I am overwhelmed with the happiness to be here, so I did not cry. I would like to perform as much as possible in the future to express my thankfulness to the fans."

After the fan meeting time of around 90 mins, Kangta shook hands with all 600 fans to express his appreciations.

At Kangta's fan meeting, Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ and others video messages were shown.

Kangta will have fan meetings in Tokyo and Beijing as well.

Always Keep The Faith!

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The video involving TVXQ's Micky Yoochun carrying f(x)'s Sulli is a hot topic among the netizens these days.

This video is taken from TVXQ's "Vacation." Micky Yoochun runs out of a burning building with Sulli on his back. Sulli caught everyone's attention because even though her little face was cover with black smudges, she still had a sunny smile on her face.

"Vacation" is about the top idol group TVXQ's two-week break before their concert where they got to go on their dream vacation; a four-part story begins. Aired in 2006 and because it stars TVXQ, many people watched it and loved it.

The story involving Yoochun and Sulli is the last story called "Eternal." Sulli plays the part of Yoochun's childhood's first love. "Eternal" tells the story of Yoochun going back to his hometown for his vacation, and something mysterious happened therefore leading to the touching story of him protecting he's first love.

T/N: This article seems to be missing an important part. It does not mention why this video is a hot topic in korea right now. (Maybe because Sulli's birthday is coming up)

Translation: AinoKami @
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I find it amazing that almost every kid they've interacted with is now making it big too.
For example, the little Jaejoong. As almost all of us know, he played the kid version of Rain's character in Ninja Assassin. :)

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Here's our Junchan getting his make up done for his last performance.
Aigo~ You did very good, Junchan! We're so proud of you! ;)
Looks like his make up is done! Here's our Junchan with the little Mozart. :)
Omona! Why are their faces so close to each other?! O.o
I wish I was that puppy.
Eh?! Junchan has a lot pictures with different girls! Aigo~ My heart.... :{
*runs to the corner and cries*
My! He looks dashing! *fans herself*
Awww. They look really close. :) Looks like Junchan gained new friends from Mozart.
I'm happy to see that.
But please don't get TOO close with those girls, Junchan. :{
Some of us are still trying to deal with the kisses and all. *sigh*

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(*Official Poster: In the lower middle it writes, “U-Know Yunho” in korean.)

Korea Herald News

U-Know Yunho, the leader of Korean idol group TVXQ, will participate in a special commemorative performance of Michael Jackson,
organizer S2 Entertainment said.

Yunho will fly to Las Vegas in early March to rehearse with local performers for the concert titled

“Band from Michael Jackson’s This Is It the Movie with U-Know Yunho,”

the first ever Korea-U.S. joint event dedicated to the King of Pop.

The popular singer, a huge fan of Jackson, will showcase his singing and dancing talent
at the two performances slated for March 27 and 28 at Yongsan War Memorial Peace Plaza in Seoul.

The final guest performers of the Korean leg of the world tour will be disclosed on Feb. 26,
and ticket reservation will be available on starting from March 2.

Always Keep The Faith!

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as Confirmed by Chosun News!!
Feb. 22, 2010 11:04 KST

TVXQ's U-Know to Perform in Michael Jackson Concert U-Know Jung Yun-ho, better known as U-Know of the boy band TVXQ,
will perform in a commemorative Michael Jackson concert scheduled for March 27 and 28 in Seoul.

Titled "Band from Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' the Movie with U-Know," the joint U.S.-Korea show will reenact
the last concert planned by the late King of Pop.

Jackson had planned to perform a series of fifty concerts in London last year which would have been his first
major performances since the HIStory World Tour in 1996, but died on June 25 just 18 days before
the date of the first show.

U-Know will travel to Las Vegas in early March to join the American team.
The Korean concert producer S2 Entertainment will reveal the final cast and content of the concert on Friday,
and tickets will go on sale from March 2.

waaaaaaaaa!!!! for som reasons, i wanna live in Vegas right now!!! GOSSH! xDD

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Xiah Junsu ‘Musical Mozart!’ Daegu Perfomance More Than 10,000 Viewers
Ticket offices in Daegu were jammed up again when tickets of the musical that Xiah Junsu is acting in (Mozart!) were up for purchase. The organizer’s report shows that a week before Mozart!’s official performance, the audience already surpassed 10,000 people. During the period of time when the entertainment world is on a slump, the fact that ticket sales can surpass 10,000 before its official performance is something that many can dub a miracle.


Among the performing venues which are selling tickets – Daegu, Busan and Changwon – Xiah Junsu will only be performing at Daegu, causing the city's performances to have extraordinary popularity. Many musical fans say that "Xiah Junsu’s ‘Mozart!" has gotten good reviews for its singing and acting aspects in Seoul. We believe that the performance in Daegu 'will be even more perfect,' hence showing their anticipation for the performance.

The Musical World’s "Scary Box-Office Power of Idols"
Although many idols borne of idol groups have been acting in musicals recently, the musical ‘Mozart!’ (which will end at Sejong Cultural Centre’s Grand Theatre on the 21st), is still really shocking many in the performance sector. Cassiopeian’s ticket-buying war already became a hot topic earlier, and also attracted a general audience.
Xiah Junsu’s performances broke people’s biased opinions of ‘idol stars’ with his natural singing and acting skills which got many good reviews. On the organizer’s side, “Although this is Xiah Junsu’s first encounter with musicals and acting, he gave a perfect performance which was much better than what was expected of him.” He also said with satisfaction, “Following Seoul, Daegu’s box office was also very successful. Many people who watched the musical in Seoul will watch it again in Daegu.”

Xiah Junsu’s Musical Mozart! Local Performances and Popularity are Both as Explosive
Xiah Junsu, who debuted into the musical world through this piece of work and broke people’s biased opinions of idols, garnered many good reviews through his good singing skills and numerous perfect performances.
Xiah Junsu, through Mozart!, “dispelled everybody’s biased opinions and worries, each performance perfects his acting and singing skills, and getting more good reviews.”
Xiah Junsu’s good reviews have gotten Mozart!'s Daegu performances more attention.

Idol Power Heavily Shown on Stage
Idols' success on stage makes the performance sector agree that they are hot stocks. Even though there were many idols going into the musical sector before, it was not always a success. Interpark, which is in charge of publicity, said “Not everybody who acts in musicals has such power over box office sales” and analysed that “Musicals like 'Mozart!, where the idol only has his own talents and special traits, and is able to show the audience performances above expectations and move them in a phenomenal way, are the driving forces behind box-offices.”

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Ameba News Japan:

“Yaguchi Mari Confessed: MY Recent Boom is Korean Wave”

A female Japanese talent (*a former idol female singer) Mari Yaguchi (27) confessed her recent boom in her blog.
Yaguchi who reported that she fell into perfume, an animated cartoon, and a game in the past has a new boom now,
“I reveal my secret boom. I am falling into Korean wave right now! Hehehe. Does it sound bit late?"
She said that she is feeling great charm toward Korea and its culture recently.

A Korean drama "My my name is Kim Samsoon” which was broadcasted at Fuji TV in daytime was her first boom in Korean wave.
As for Yaguchi, this popular drama's last episode to earn the audience rating of over 50% was the reason for her to stir her interest.

Yaguchi reports that she was presented a male idol group TVXQ's best album "BEST SELECTION 2010" recently.
And she was super happy and wrote,
"Yey! I am going to listen and listen and listen to this one!!"

T/N: Yaguchi was one of the first members of a legend female idol group "Morning Musume" in Japan.

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the xiahzart continues...

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their ice cream must be as yummy as Chunnie xDD *gets bricked*

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Credit: Baidu
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yes Junchan, we HEART you too :DDD

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