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THIS IS IT the movie with UKNOW YOONHO
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LOL, cute handwriting...
Caption from Quest Group:
Dear Fans, KIM JUNHO (aka ZUNO) has personally autographed and written the message to all his Singapore fans. He and Junsu will see you all in Singapore on 1 May 2010.

Look out for his personal video with Junsu for the "Zuno Singapore Showcase 2010".

Thank you for the tip, itsaclassic!
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Someone asked us to translate this and it’s super difficult for me to explain Thai slang but I’ll try my best

I-Bite Magazine 2010 Feb 16-18 Issue – Freaky Chart with the topic “Super forcefully extremely person” (in a good way)

Definition: a person who can always catch people attention and got an authority to order people around directly or indirectly (dongseang or friends) without other people disagreement. Let’s see who are dominated in this honorable extremely person category

((Translation only Jaejoong part))

Jaejoong – TVXQ

Jaejoong is a qualified super forcefully extremely person. His beauty is unlimited and his voice is always the best. He got lots of sense of humor and his funny clumsy cutie incidents are always well known and impressed us all.

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By music writer Itou Hironobu

Tohoshinki just released their first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010" in 2/17. On this occasion, I have recollected and compiled all the interviews and information I made about them up until now. Moreover, in the photo gallery, there is a collection of photos from their 2007-2008-2009 live tours, as well as photos from their various release events and jacket photos from the singles whose songs are included in this album.

What Tohoshinki Has Been Feeling While Having Activities in Japan
Five years after making their debut in Japan, Tohoshinki finally released their first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010". With their skillful dancing and excellent singing abilities where every each of the five members can be the lead vocal, the miracle named Tohoshinki has swept away the Japanese music scene. While listening to this album of Tohoshinki, I recalled my memories of them up until now.

I first met them in their dressing room during their live tour in 2007 at Nippon Budoukan. It was for the report of the live for their "SHINE" photobook. Half a month later, I had a chance to meet them again in Okinawa where they were having photoshoots for "SHINE". Since I was in charge of writing about the photoshoots, I had a chance to talk to them while we were eating together. Through their talks of Korea, of their life in Tokyo, etc.… their honest personality has left me a very deep impression.

Tohoshinki already had their big break in Korea when they first set their feet on the land of Japan. When they first arrived at the airport, "there was hardly any fan," said Yoochun. Although they were already a Korean top star to the point that there would be no empty seat at their concert, they debuted in Japan as a new artist. While still having culture and language barriers, they accepted the reality and started out singing acapella at small live houses and going to handshake events. Junsu recalled that they were very frustrated for not being able to convey their feelings due to their lack of language skill.

"For us, Japanese activities were our very first challenge, so we felt very anxious and insecure. However, when we looked at the faces of our fans while singing, we felt very happy and thought that we should work even harder." (Junsu)

Changmin also said, "When we first had our debut, we were so busy everyday that it became a luxurious dream for us to do what we wanted to. However, when we saw the smiles of our fans during our tour, we were able to gain more confidence to carry on to our next dream."

Three years after their debut in Japan, in 2008, their Japanese became fluent, and it seemed like they were also able to enjoy their private life. Yoochun also talked about it.

"I do go to Shibuya sometimes. Those are times when I want to eat hokke [mackerel] (LOL). Tonkotsu ramen is also very delicious, isn't it!"

"The moment I take a bath after coming home is my most relaxing time! However, I'm also the type of person who only take a quick dip in a bathtub and get out dancing when I bath by myself (LOL)" (Junsu)

Even though they are a top star, their every life is just as normal as everyone. I still remember their simple and down-to-Earth personality even now.

About the Songs of "Member's Choice" in DISC 2

The process of their five years that they earnestly spent growing up together engraved in this "BEST SELECTION 2010". From their debut song "Stay With Me Tonight" to "Stand by U", all of the singles were compiled and put together in DISC 1. While listening to it, we are able to feel their talent and individuality as well as their flexibility and sense in different genres of music.

The included songs are probably there to remind their fans of the memories they made. When one listens to a song, that person might be able to recall the time and place that are related to that song. I think such kind of deja vu songs are not rare. For me, that deja vu song is "Summer Dream". It reminds me of the first time I wrote about their photobook in Okinawa.

At that time, I went to Okinawa to write about their music video of "Summer Dream". At that time, the temperature was over 30°C with a very extremely sun. However, no matter how much they were sweating, they kept dancing and dancing until the scene became perfect. When I listen to this song, I am able to recall the figures of them dancing at that time. Moreover, I heard from the staff that even though they had filming schedule from early in the morning until late at night and only had a few hours of sleep, when they had some free time, they would immediately dive into the hotel's pool. I remembered them also for their ability to distinguish between on and off, and their ability to concentrate when they have to work.

"BEST SELECTION 2010" comes with 3 versions - 2CD+DVD, CD+DVD, and CD. Amongst the three of them, CD+DVD version contains the songs of "Member's Choice" in DISC 2. That reminds me of the question, "What song would leave the most impression in their memories?"

"For me it's "Love in the Ice". When we first sang it at and event, I saw people who were shedding tears while listening, I felt like crying too. This is a very deep song that is leaves a great impression in my memories." (Yunho)

"For me it's "Purple Line". The highlight is Yunho's rap. I thought to myself, "He's so cool. Doesn't he sound like an American?" (LOL)" (Jaejoong)

Jaejoong also talked about "Forever Love", "No matter how many times I sing it, I always get goosebumps, and that's how much I love the song." The song he chose this time is a little bit different from what he said that time. It's probably because that as time passes, he was able to make new memories with the song he chose this time.

I suddenly remembered something. It was during the photoshoots for the photobook at Araha Beach in Chatan, Okinawa. While the sun was slowing approaching the horizon, they were having a break. Without having to say a word to each other, they immediately took out the bats and balls, and started to fool around like teenagers on the white sand. No matter if it's working or playing, they always give it their best. Even now, I still remember vividly the figures of them who were soaking in the orange color of the setting sun.

Tohoshinki is a group of five people who have the best performances and personalities. As the time piles up, I believe that they will keep fascinating more people into their charisma and never stop shining.

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On February 11, 2010, Universal Records released Tohoshinki's "The Secret Code" to the Philippines. And in just a few days, Tohoshinki entered the Philippines' Music One Chart for their huge number of album sales.

Though the album had no photobook, this didn't stop our beloved Cassies from grabbing a copy.
Also, I'm pretty sure that the 2nd cd which was of course the non-stop mix of some of their tracks, made up for the lacking photobook :)
Plus, there's a free poster!
Now, which Cassie wouldn't want to have a poster of our boys, right?!

Anyway, congratulations THSK!

And to the Filipino Cassies, keep up the good work and keep supporting them! ;)

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It is unclear as to when this photo was taken.

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The biggest large-scale and popular FM radio show introduced a song by TVXQ.

Z100 (WHTZ) FM, which boasts over 5 million listeners, played TVXQ's new song 'Break Ou' on the morning show 'Elvis Duran & the Morning Zoo' on the 18th.

In the 'Top Songs from around the World' corner on the Elvis Duran Show, which introduces the most popular songs from all over the globe, TVXQ's 'Break Out' was introduced as a song that is creating a great sensation in Japan.

Koreans living in New York could not hide their joy of hearing the voices of Korean group TVXQ on a famous radio station.

They also said that TVXQ's American debut cannot be far, following the successful debut of Wondergirls in America, and had high expectations for the group.

On the other hand, TVXQ's Japanese 29th single 'Break Out' was released on January 27th and succeeded in ranking first on the daily and weekly charts.

This meant that TVXQ raised their own record of most Oricon chart topping singles for foreign artistes of six singles to seven.

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Awwwww. So adorable :}

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“The Most Beautiful Face”

Điểm mặt sao Hàn sinh năm Hổ
Thứ Hai, 15/02/2010 10:16

Translated Jaejoong’s part:
There is one common thing among JaeJoong, Hyun Joong and BoA, that they were all born in the year of a Tiger and they all make fans’ hearts skip with a fast beat because of their talents and beauties!

Jaejoong was born with blood type O… so this handsome singer has some typical characteristic of an O-blood-type man. He always gives his opinions and ideas about every matters of the group with his deep thinking and the clear explanation.

“Hero” (His Stage name) is also very neat and clean. We can see about it through the way he organizes his room. Besides being hardworking on cleaning the house, JaeJoong also loves to cook and make the most delicious food for the members of DBSK. They all love Jaejoong’s food.

This caring and mindful man can cook 15 different dishes easily.
So that is why he is called the “mama/umma/mommy” of the group.

When Jaejoong was a little child, he had a tough time earning a living. He had to do a lot of part-time jobs like doing deliveries, selling magazines, etc… and that lead him to who he is now, very good in taking care of people around him.

He never thought about becoming a singer. His wish when he was a child was to become the manager of a supermarket with a very simple and cute reason. “He can eat as many candies as he can!” ^^

Even though Jaejoong has a little girly-face, he really has a good built body thanks to his keenness on going to the gym.
He was rewarded to have “The Most Beautiful Face” at his entertainment Company.

Always Keep The Faith!

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While their single "Break out" started the New Year 2010 with honorific sales; the Korean group Tohoshinki, the top artist of Avex, started this week with the release of their first Best of album.

With more than 200.000 sold copies on the first day, "Break Out" became the top-selling album of the year 2010. But Tohoshinki don't stop here, them already announcing the release of another new single, and album and a DVD.

Their new single is called "Toki wo Tomete" and it will be released on March 24th, 2010. This song is already included in their best of album. “Tokiwo Tomete” accompanies the new product line from the cosmetic company Menard.

The album will actually be a remix compilation of 20 songs, similar to their "TVXQ Nonstop remix" released in 2007. Some of their Korean songs may also be included in this album. It will be released on March 24th, 2010.

Kind of like Arashi’s DVD released in 2009, Tohoshinki will release a DVD including a compilation of their video clips, which is called "Best video clips". This new DVD’s release date will be March 17th.

*They are on sale for international fans now.

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Recently, Korean emcee Yoo Jae Suk has been doing a segment named "Good example VS bad example" and part of it includes the good and bad facial expressions of stars.

The following is the TVXQ version.

1. Good VS Bad example of seaweed hair
2. Good VS Bad example of selca

3. Good VS Bad example of an endorsement

4. Good VS Bad example of passionate performance

5. Good VS Bad example of a thigh

6. Good VS Bad example of an expression on stage

7. Good VS Weird example of group formation

8. Good VS Bad example of being mischievous
9. Good VS Bad example of a pretty boy
10. Good VS Bad example of a front profile
11. Without style VS with style
12. Good VS Bad example of teamspirit
13. Good VS Bad example of making a heart

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Innolife News:

TVXQ who is the top artist in Korea, Japan and Asia, their 29th single "BREAK OUT!" released in Japan will license released in Korea on February 10, 2010.

This single "BREAK OUT!" which is released in Japan after their interval period of about half a year, is a refined music piece that has cooperated as a theme song of NHK drama 8 "Tomehane,
the bell village senior high school calligraphy club."

A CD version of "New Jack Swing mix re-mix" of "BREAK OUT!" will include "XIAHTIC".
Besides, "BREAK OUT!" CD+DVD version will include a video clip, and each version's first limited time edition CD will include luxurious 12P booklet, and a CD+DVD version will include a glimpse of TVXQ's "Off Shot Movie" (Hangul/Korean translation text insertion added) in particular.

03. BREAK OUT! _Less Vocal
04. XIAHTIC _Less Vocal

02. Off Shot Movie (Hangul/Korean translation text insertion)

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The Korean version is cheaper, but will not count towards the Oricon chart.
The Times Korea News:
등록일: 2010-02-18오후 8:50:06
김애라 기자

Musical Mozart! which became the hot topic by a whole hearted performance of Xiah Junsu of TVXQ this year,
their OST release started, and it raised the amount of 10,000 pieces of sale to date all together with the offline sells.

Mozart OST has scored the top musical album sale this year.
(Despite of the fact that the other popular idols performed at Korean musical scene.)
Mozart ! OST is sold at the main online album sale site, such as melon, Bucks, etc began online sound source service.

Musical Mozart Seoul performance will end on the 21st.
And it will move to Daegu on February 26 ~ March 7, 2010.
(Omitted some parts)

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