Thursday, February 18, 2010

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TVXQ, the popular male dance unit, monopolized the highest rank of each questionnaire, determining the degree of recognition from 300 reporters in Korea.

It was reported that the result showed the height of the a “brand” of TVXQ in every degree in singing ability, popularity and income for the year 2009. A net ‘fortune-telling’ entertainment/網易娯楽 reported in China:

The questionnaire includes items such as ◆ public recognition ◆ income ◆ vocal skill ◆ dance skill ◆fashion sense ◆ overall. TVXQ missed the first place to another group with performances and fashionability, but they kept the first place in all the others, it showed that the person concerned (Korean entertainment reporters) all “took off their hats / showed their respect” to TVXQ’s ability.

“The brand power” of TVXQ is in good health, including their new song “Break out” topping the Oricon Chart which was released in Japan this January. Their popularity was also seen in a reprint of Japanese women’s fashion magazine “JJ” which displayed TVXQ as the cover, and the brisk sales of their first best album.

The questionnaire result is as follows.

◆ Public Recognition:
2. Big Bang
3. 2PM
4. Super Junior
5. SS501

◆ 2009 Income:
2. Big Bang
3. Super Junior
4. 2PM
5. SS501

◆ Vocal Skill:
2. 2AM
3. Big Bang
4. F.T Island
5. SHINee

◆ Dancing Skill:
1. 2PM
3. Super Junior
4. Big Bang
5. SHINee

◆ Fashion Sense
1. Big Bang
3. 2PM
4. SHINee
5. Super Junior

◆ Overall: (for male idols)
2. Big Bang
3. 2PM
4. Super Junior
5. SHINee

“The official guarantee” from the Korean entertainment reporters/persons concerned
and this questionnaire’s results must be good news to the fans.

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Previously, a star sports players or popular artists were featured at “kisekae mu-mo”, this time it features TVXQ. The service started on February 17th, 2010.
「BEST SELECTION 2010」and their other album's jacket photos and also their 「Special Shots」will be available through this service.

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Nuts. So we can only download it in Japan?

Oh well, congratulations to the boys!


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Translation of a blog from yedawol lodge, Korea:

TVXQ’s Micky Yuchun and Hero Jeajoong visited 예다울/yedawol lodge (pool villa 8 don)
for 2 nights and 3 days during holidays in a lunar New Year, and they were very satisfied.

I am not an age to cheer an idol star, but when I first met Micky Yuchun and when he laughed with a bright smile
and he greeted me with a 90 degree bow (*a very formal respectful bow), I was completely struck by his charm. ^^

They even helped serve the food together with us and shared interesting jokes
and also took photographs with the staff.

They have beautiful and refreshing faces, very tall, we sighed looking at such breath-taking look on them -

Jeajoong was quieter than we had imagined, but he was very polite and very kind to all of us.

It did not seem like they were an idol star. Their manner was the best ever~~~

In addition, they told us that they will visit us again and secretly made a reservation -
(*T/N: LOL. Now it is not a secret, if it is written in a blog. ^^)

They visited the lodge to get recharged before they go to Japan, so that they can show better figures to the fans.

During their stay, they rested in a really quiet and the best manner.

Please perform well in Japan, and please show good activities in the New Year too!
TVXQ fighting ~ and fighting to us too~!!!

*The upper photographs are posted with the agreement of the TVXQ’s manager,
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URL of Yedawol Lodge:…asc&no=189

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TVXQ member U-Know Yunho will be leaving to the United States to be a part of the ‘Michael Jackson Memorial Band”.

U-Know Yunho recently signed a contract to appear at the Michael Jackson memorial concert ‘This is it’ and will be boarding a plane headed for LA, USA in March.

He is planning to join the ‘This is It’ team and learn the songs and choreography for the concert.

One representative of the concert said, “The band members of the band who were preparing for Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’ concert, that was to start in July last year in London and go for 50 days, have gotten together. Korean singer U-Know Yunho is planning to appear in the concert and give a Michael Jackson performance.”

After finishing rehearsals, U-Know Yunho will appear in the domestic round of ‘This is It’ on the 27th and 28th of March that will be showing at the War Memorial Peace Plaza in Yongsan, Seoul.

This concert will include percussionist Bashiri Johnson, who won his fame thanks to Michael Jackson, and keyboardist Morris Pledger as well as Michael Jackson’s backup singer Judith Hill who sang and at Michael Jackson’s funeral.

U-Know Yunho will be the representative for Korea and will be standing alongside them.

This representative also said, “U-Know Yunho is a big fan of Michael Jackson. When Michael Jackson passed away, U-Know Yunho wrote ‘He was an inspiration’ on this blog. U-Know Yunho is a representative star of ASia, and he is a Michael Jackson fan so I think he will give a great performance.”

Source: [hankooki+DNBN]
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