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*T/N: Yu Kigoshi is the author of the book “東方神起の秘密” (Tohoshinki’s Secret).
He seems to really like Korean people/culture/things in general.
Only translated the part he mentioned about Tohoshinki

I received a wonderful letter!

The very top one is someone who sends me a letter very often and i even remember their name(^∇^)
Very nice writing. I have a a license in calligraphy but… i am not good with pens.
If you’re going to study abroad to Korea please tell me! I’ll introduce a few great restaurant’s!

The second one is from a young person♪
It seems that they read “Tohoshinki’s Secret”, and wrote me a lot of things that made me happyヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ
One of them seems to be Jaejoong’s fan! I understand why you like him!
I am older than him and he makes me think like i want a younger brother like him.

JJ「Older brother, did you eat? do you have your wallet? brother, you’re too skinny so you have to eat properly!」
Me「I know-! god, you worry so much…」

Woops. I was in delusion. A weird one too. and i was in delusion in Korean.

There was one more person who had a question!

Q.What is your favorite part of the members?

Great question~!

Yunho: I would have to say how he is manly. Also i think we think alike.
that’s just what i think but… so alike that i cant think we’re strangers.

Jaejoong: I heard a lot when I interviewed his middle school teacher but he puts himself in other peoples shoes before anything.

Princess always tells me “Always think of the other persons feelings before you say or do something. Then you wont get into fights and hurt that other person”. Jaejoong really understands that.

Junsu: He has my favorite voice type. Even when he fails in something he gets back up and tries to achieve his goals to overcome his fears. My teacher Moon Yonho also said that how he does his best and how he shows his funny side is cute.

Yoochun: Out of the 5 I want his face the most. Also same as Junsu but his voice is very admiring.

He has a strong voice yet his personality is that he gets really lonely. My friend sometimes drinks alcohol with Yoochun and so i hear about his private life, but he gets really lonely. (Since its his private life i wont write anything)
The gap between his normal life and when he stands on stage with such confidence is what makes me attracted to him.
Also i too get lonely, when i notice i am always chewing on Mcdonald’s straw.
what? your not asking for my story? (lol)

Changmin: His confidence and strong feelings toward singing that wont lose to his hyungs, and how he’s strict.

He practices until he himself is convinced, and even if he tries the most and hes still not convinced he gets mad at himself that it makes him tear up. I feel that i really really need to learn to be strict like him.

There are so much things i like about them but its going to be long so maybe next time( ̄▽+ ̄*)

next is!

do you see the top left?

This is Tohoshinki’s Morinaga version!
and also on the right there’s a picture of me when i used to model on the chocolate!
This is really amazing.
For a second it seems like i was a part of Tohoshinki and it made me happy.
I’ll use the Rirrakuma Goods too!

※ this small laptop is where “Tohoshinki’s Secret” is made (;´▽`A“

Every single letter i read makes me filled with warm feelings.
I am really thankful and it also gives me power.

And if you want to send me a letter if you look at the book “tohoshinki’s secret” or you can look at the back of my books i think it’ll say the address o(^-^)o and if you add ” To Kigoshi Yu” it should be good!

Please don’t mind getting me gifts(*^ー^)ノ Just a letter makes me happy.
But all the things sent will be used like this and treasured carefully!
Please let me say thank you again♪


Highly recommended read!
Very interesting to learn more about the boys' personalities~

credit: Yu Kigoshi blog
trans by : RIEKO@sharingyoochun

On the 16th, the first best album of Korean popular dance group Tohoshinki, "BEST SELECTION 2010", arrived at the stores of HMV Japan; and in front of HMV leading store in Shibuya, there was a long line of approximately 100 fans who were waiting for the album to be on sale.

According to the store, the majority of the queue was female with a wide range from students to housewives. The success of Shibuya store is said to be because it is the only store in the HMV chain that holds an exhibition of the members' costumes.

Tohoshinki's best album which comes in three different versions have taken the top 3 spots of HMV's CD album sale ranking right after it went on sale online and in store at 4pm on 2/16.

Moreover, the other HMV stores in Japan are having a campaign called the "Supporting Tohoshinki Campaign". The campain includes various projects such as "Tohoshinki's Lookalike Contest", "HMV Tohoshinki's Popular Song Voting Campaign", HMV Limited Original Presents "HMVxTohoshinki Collaborated Notebook", etc. aiming to encourage customers to purchase the album at the stores.

HMV Shibuya
(credit: Rikachon)

Tower Records Shibuya

(credit: Max Matsuura's Twitter)

Source: Excite News
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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dirah9310[YT and soompi]
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Tohoshinki's Best Album in Perfect Form

Tohohoshinki's first Best Album "BEST SELECTION 2010" went on sale today.

As soon as the album went on sale, it created a breakthrough with a total of 650,000 copies shipped out.

Starting from yesterday, CD shops in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and other places all around Japan have been on a Tohoshinki craze,
and the stores have had long lines in front of them since the time they opened.

Additionally, 23 shops throughout Japan are having a extended SPECIAL DAY counter,
and the special goods also went on sale.

Moreover, one thing that really caught my attention is that
although a lot of female fans were lining up in front of CD shops at noon,
it changed drastically at night
as a lot of male customers were having trial listening of Tohoshinki's best album.

Their music has touched the audience regardless of gender.

I have a feeling that this will become a bigger and bigger break.

The history of Tohoshinki who started everything from scratch in Japan and walked their way up steadily,
their diligence and unceasing efforts,
their passion for music,
their "feelings" towards each and everyone of their fans;
are all included in this album.

This is a best album with a very deep meaning,
so please support "BEST SELECTION 2010"!

Source: Max Matsuura's Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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The Backstreet Boys know Korean group TVXQ.

The Backstreet Boys said, “We met a Korean group called TVXQ in Japan some time ago,” and “They looked and dressed differently, but other than the fact that they color coordinate their clothes and are of a different race, it was like looking in the mirror for us.” They continued to say, “I remember thinking that TVXQ reminds us of our former selves.”

source: [nate news+Yuaerubi]
translation credits:
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Credits: jackpoket
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『 BEST VIDEO CLIP (Subject to Change)』【DVD】

Release Date: March 17

Dong Bang Shin Ki who released their single in January, BEST Album in February... In March they will be releasing DVD with All Video Clips!!

・Video Clip from Japan debut and onwards
・Approximately 150 min

【Track List】
◆Video Clip
Stay With Me Tonight / Somebody To Love / My Destiny / Ashita wa Kurukara /
Rising Sun / Begin / Sky / miss you / "O" / Step by Step /
Choosey Lover / Lovin' you / Summer Dream / SHINE / Ride on /
Forever Love / Together / Purple Line / Beautiful you /
Doushite Kimiwo Sukini Natteshimattandarou? / ‐MIROTIC- / Bolero /
Kiss The Baby Sky / Share The World / Stand by U / BREAK OUT!
etc. Approximately 150min
CD Japan - Best Video Clip

『4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME』【Blu-ray Disc】

Release Date: March 17

Live DVD released last September 2009 on Blu-ray! for the 1st time!
※The content of the Blu-ray Disc is the same as the DVD released September 30, 2009.
CD Japan - Final in Tokyo Dome BLU-RAY

『Toki wo Tomete』(CD Jacket A)【CDM+DVD】

Release Date: March 24, 2010

★Initial Press Limited Bonus Novelty: Off-shot Movie
★Initial Press Limited Enclosed Novelty: CD Jacket Size Card
(1 out of 6 types randomly enclosed)(Subject to Change)

【CD Detail】
・Toki wo Tomete
・CHECKMATE / YUNHO from Dong Bang Shin Ki
・Toki wo Tomete (LESS VOCAL)
・CHECKMATE / YUNHO from Dong Bang Shin Ki (LESS VOCAL)
2 Tracks / 4 Version (Subject to Change)
【DVD Detail】
・Off-shot Movie ※Initial Press Limited Bonus Footage
CD Japan - Toki wo Tomete (Jacket A)

『Toki wo Tomete』(CD Jacket B)【CD Only】

Release Date: March 24, 2010

★Initial Press Limited: Booklet 12 Pages
★Initial Press Limited Enclosed Novelty: CD Jacket Size Card
(1 out of 6 types randomly enclosed)(Subject to Change)

【CD Detail】
Same as 【CD+DVD】(2 Tracks / 4 Versions)
Subject to Change
CD Japan - Toki wo Tomete (Jacket B)

『 TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2 (Subject to Change)』【CD】

Release Date: March 24, 2010

MIX CD Vol. 2
・【Track List】
CD Japan - Nonstop-Mix Vol.2

Source: HMV Japan + CD Japan
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*1 228,542 東方神起
*2  *16,822 AAA

*4 茅原実里
*5 The Birthday
*6 木村カエラ
*7 倖田來未
*8 藍坊主
*9 May J.
10 清 竜人

Source: DNBN
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He also became friends with many singers from other management agencies. Especially SM Entertainment’s DBSK, their sunbaes in both Japan and Korea.

”I’ve recently become close with my sunbaes in DBSK. In the past there used to be a lot of unseen rivalry between different agencies but since we’re both in groups we all have a lot in common. Hero JaeJoong hyung approached me first. After that I naturally became friends with Yoochun hyung and Junsu hyung and I realised that I could be the dongsaeng too.”

He would pester the DBSK hyungs to buy him food when they were staying in Japan, and they gave him a lot of advice.

”I admired them because they’d survived in a different country with different cultures. It doesn’t matter whether people are SM or JYP or whatever anymore, I like everyone. Sometimes it just comes to me that ‘Aww that person must’ve been through a lot of pain’ or ‘I should tell this person this piece of advice’. I think our hearts are all opening towards each other now. I would like it if our hubaes (juniors) would come up and talk to us too.”


Translation: sjay.x @ and and xtlover15
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Hello, Bigeasts.

The NEW single 時ヲ止メテ (T/N: Tokiwo tomete) will be released on March 24.
We will start taking orders for the from today, February 17 (Wed), 16:00.

[Bigeast Version]

■Title: 「時ヲ止メテ」 (T/N: Tokiwo Tomete) [Bigeast Version]
■Schedule of Release:March 24(Wed), 2010
■Style:CD Single (Picture Label)
■Price:¥735(including tax)
■Recorded contents:
・時ヲ止メテ (T/N: Tokiwo tomete)
・時ヲ止メテ(LESS VOCAL)
Total 2songs, 4 versions songs are scheduled

【Bigeast Version CD Single Original Specs】
■Picture Label
※Picture Label: Tohoshinki members’ images are printed on the CD label.

【Bigeast Original Benefits】
☆Bigeast Limited “Members’ handwritten messages petit newsletter” (Jacket Size/8P)」
※This will be for Bigeast members only.
※”Members’ handwritten petit newsletter” means a jacket size/8 pages’ newsletter, including members’ printed handwritten comments.

【Benefits included】
■Jacket size card (1 for each product)
※6 versions, randomly included
※The jacket size card will be common with CD’s sold at the market.

[Sales Period]
February 17, 2010 (Wed) 16:00~March 31, 2010 (Wed) noontime

[Deliveryl Date]
For those who have made the reservations from Feb 17 (Wed), 2010 16:00 to March 2 (Tues), 2010, the product will be delivered on the day of the release.
For those who have made the reservations from Mar 2 (Tues), 2010 13:00 to Mar 23 (Tues), 2010 (until 23:59), the delivery will start from the day after the date of release.

(few sentences omitted)

>>>2010/02/17 From Bigeast Office

T/N: Sorry in haste (or excitement, oh, Yunho is my favorite, lol), the Bigeast version is 1 verson only, and includes 4 songs. Changed the above post accordingly. Thank you!

The regular (non-Bigeast) version is already available to purchase on CDJapan!
Check it out!
Toki wo Tomete / Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki)
Jacket A [CD+DVD]
Toki wo Tomete / Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki)
Jacket B [CD]

Source: Bigeast Office
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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Credit: luvdbsk71
YOMIURI SHIMBUN is one of the largest nationwide daily newspapers in Japan

Oh, I would love to open the newspaper in the morning and see that looking back at me...

Source: YOMIURI SHIMBUN Feb 17 (Morning Edition) & smiley @
Special thanks: deevinne @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
On a recent episode of 'Hello Baby', SHINee's Minho
imitated Changmin's famous MIROTIC SCREAM!

He first does it around 6:40 and then watch until 7:40~

Hahahaha! ^^

As you might recall, Changmin and Minho are very close.
They seriously are too cute together!

credit: shinee-ing + minitabo + sharingyoochun
We finally see a photo of Junchan making a heart!
Awwww. Isn't it adorable? :)

There goes that high note. :D
Is it just me or do those dreadlocks look natural on him? XD
I guess it's just because most of his recent photos are of Mozart. Hehe :D
You know what, I've always had a thing for crosses.
And I've always wanted to get a cross like what Junchan's wearing. :)
I'm so random. XD

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Michael Jackson ‘This is It’ concert is planned to be held in South Korea.

“SBS in coorporation with S2 Entertainment and Paragon Music Corporation are planning to hold Michael Jackson Concert ‘This is It’ on coming March 27th – 28th at War Memorial of Korea in Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul” said the official today on the 16th.

‘This is It’ was supposed to be Michael Jackson’s come back world tour after 13 years since 1996. Starting July last year, the concert was planned to set in London before going out around the world. However on June 25th, all of sudden the world was shaken with the news that Michael Jackson already passed away.

The huge topic that has been attracting many attention right now is who are the Korean singers meant to sing the songs in substitute the deceased legend. Apparently there’s been a public issue that out of 3 names that are cast as performers, one of them is TVXQ members. Currently the company is under planning and coordination, and as soon as the contract is finished, an official announcement about the performers will be made.

“Right now our division is having consultations with the head division in United States for the plan to hold this Michael Jackson concert. The concert itself will be held at War Memorial of Korea in Yongsan-dong.” as the official said.

source: sports kahn
sum trans:
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Changmin + Dong Joo = very handsome

Credits: TVXQBaidu
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have you eaten, baby Changmin???
*bricked by changmin* xD

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this was uploaded 100209

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Cool! It's their costumes from The Secret Code tour ^o^

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same date as JaeChun stalking pics...awww!

or shall i say...Yunnie's Car xD

Come Out Yunnie bear...wherever you are.
xDDD *spanked by Yunnie and slapped by Jaejae*

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tohoshinki in one color at Tower Records!!!

Source: Max Matsuura’s Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Today Avex finally uploaded the promo vid for the BEST SELECTION album. Take a look:

Now what I want to know is WHERE IS THE BREAK OUT PV?

Special thanks to veveenaneeya (again) ^^
ooooh. i spot a blondie xD

they look like twins *i can't tell which is which* xD

GHOSTS??? kekeke ^__^

Credits: Ji Amo + past4U
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