Monday, February 15, 2010

Who do you want to go out with?
(All the members are so charming~~who would you want to marry?)
Ballot period: August 1 ~ August 31, 2009
Yoochun: 137 votes (27.9%)
Junsu: 73 votes (14.9%)
Jaejoong: 177 votes (36.0%)
Yunho: 65 votes (13.2%)
Changmin: 39 votes (7.9%)

Which member do you prefer to be your elder brother?
Ballot period: October 1 ~ October 31, 2009
Yoochun: 46 votes (15.3%)
Junsu: 43 votes (14.3%)
Jaejoong: 69 votes (22.9%)
Yunho: 118 votes (39.2%)
Changmin: 25 votes (8.3%)

Which member do you prefer to be your home tutor?
Ballot period: December 4, 2009 ~ January 4, 2010
Yoochun: 141 votes (23.3%)
Junsu: 151 votes (25.0%)
Jaejoong: 70 votes (11.6%)
Yunho: 104 votes (17.2%)
Changmin: 138 votes (22.8%)

Who do you want to sing a duet with?
Ballot period: January 5 ~ January 31, 2010
Yoochun: 124 votes (24.8%)
Junsu: 175 votes (35.0%)
Jaejoong: 107 votes (21.4%)
Yunho: 54 votes (10.8%)
Changmin: 40 votes (8.0%)

Who is your favorite member in Tohoshinki?
Ballot period: January 11 ~ January 26, 2010
Junsu: 336 votes (24.5%)
Yoochun: 313 votes (22.8%)
Jaejoong: 309 votes (22.6%)
Changmin: 205 votes (15.0%)
Yunho: 207 votes (15.1%)

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A Chinese Cassie recently visited Korea and took these
pictures of the coffee shop in Heaven's Postman.
There were several scenes that took place here~
(Some key scenes, but I won't give them away here~ )

Lots of celebrity signatures~But unfortunately none from Jaejoong >.< OMG, that chair is PERFECT for Jaejoong!
If he leans back in it, his angel wing tattoos would match perfectly

Credit: 在啊花@Baidu +
Partial translation:

The stage of Mozart moves to Daegu Art Center from the forthcoming 26th to the 7th of next month.

Since Daegu is the last place for Kim Junsu to perform for Musical Mozart!, the ticketing is gaining even more popularity than ever.

Kim Junsu, who just debuted as a musical performer, is getting excellent evaluation.
He broke the prejudice of an idol star's image; instead, he is gaining even more outstanding evaluation as he does better for each performance.

Source Credits: FN news
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Hey Filipino Cassies, looking for something to do Friday night? Look no further!

The Philippine Kpop Committee brings you another 'first' in the Kpop scene in the country. The Philippine Kpop Committee and Alchemy present KPOP NIGHT, the 1st ever club party in the Philippines. Party the night away and shake your booties with the hottest Kpop songs all night long!

Party starts at 10pm on Feb 19

Php300 - with choice of 1 beer or cocktail (for pre-registered only)
To register, e-mail your name and contact info to kpopconph@gmail. com or text Celine at 09165480036. 18 years old and above only. So, bring your IDs! Pre-register now. *regular door charge apply for walk-ins so pre-register now to save money :)

For more information go to

*too cute! awww*

*jaejae, spare me one of your LV bags...xD*

junchan: who am I??? *what? xDD*

YES BOYS, We'll all take care of you! :D

Source: 命 & Bigeast Magazine Vol. 15
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A Heart-Warming Message this Valentines :D
from Yunnie *__*


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Dong Joo and Da Ji's wedding scene beautiful ei? :D

Dong Joo...we can't wait to meet you!!!! awww! xD

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inside of the bottom of the first photo, it writes,

“Important message.”

“Changmin’s birthday messages are accepted right now!”

So, it seems Bigeast who has tohomobile can send their birthday messages to the members.
I am pretty sure Yunho received them too! ^^
Let us overseas fans envy them together, but then it sure is a good thing for TVXQ
if many fans can send them loving Birthday messages on behalf of us, right?

Source Credit: Tohomibile
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Most of the photos we've seen is during the bowing, right? And we've also already seen photos of Junsu's kiss scene.
Now check out these photos from other scenes:
This is when Mozart was dying...
They say that he just finished making a heart.
Too bad they didn't get to take a shot of it.
Now look at these fan goods that were for sale outside the theater.
If I was there, I would have definitely buy one.
It does look good.

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