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I think my heart is melting... T.T

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100212 Inerview with Xiah: “There is No Kim Junsu, There is Mozart”

2010.02.12 16:18:04
Central Daily News:

◆ It is a new kind of “TVXQ” = “Musical is the genre that a performance is maximized with a song, and a song is maximized by a performance.” “Because I did not know acting in the musical field, I decided to think, ‘How about Mozart? How would he react?’”

Xiah Junsu is usually an optimist, but he experienced a feeling of strain like he was being choked, at the time of his first performance. “It felt like I went back to the time of our debut.” “There is no Kim Junsu anymore, and there is only Mozart. I went on the stage thinking that music is all I have, and both the pain and the happiness of Mozart for the sake of the music resembled my own feeling.”

It was the first big single performance alone for him. Of course it was burdensome for him. He always performs as one of the five members (1/5) of TVXQ.

“Other TVXQ members cover me when I make mistake, but I thought that in a musical it would be a fight for only me alone.” However, it turns out that when I say my lines slow, a partner copes with it quickly, and other actors take care of it if I am languid, and we all exchange our performances like that. Kind of like other musical actors are the members of TVXQ (LOL).”

◆ An idol, fan culture = There were many objections to his challenge at this time. It was anticipated by him. “I am the lead character who is from an idol group, it could be said that I am a person who is displeased by the various people that lives in a musical world all the time.” “But there is really much that I am thankful for and I think that I am very fortunate. All of them are warm and they contacted with me casually. There were many bashful scenes such as a kiss scene or an intense performance, but I was able to perform it well, thanks to everyone’s grace. I am thankful.”

According to the word from Lee Songjung a musical director, “Xiah Junsu is a person who is the first one to greet and talk to his co-actors and the seniors, and he always creates interesting and fun atmosphere.” Just like the director mentioned, Xiah Junsu’s special affinity (bright and cheerful personality) had helped him. “There are many fans that had contact with a musical for the first time, and there are considerably quite a number of persons who are drowning in to its charm.” “I am happy if I am able to contribute to enlarging the musical market.”

This performance took the evaluation to be “The performance that the fans had completed.” The intensive degree of the fans made completeness to the performance itself. The prediction that girl fans would change an atmosphere of the musical came off. “Our fans sort out and know where they are at.” “Some of them even studied the point to view the musical in rightful way by learning it at a fan page.”

In fact, he speaks that, so far there was not even a single musical work he watched properly at a theater. The reason is because he was chased around by a long trainee period and a busy schedule. However, he already carried an atmosphere that he had become “The musical missionary.” “I fall into the charm of the musical more and more while standing on the stage.” “Will not 10,000,000 spectator times come for the musical, kind of like a movie sometime in upcoming years? I want to perform the musical again sometime in the future.”

Always Keep The Faith!

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2010-02-13 14:27:55

In the lyrics of
【With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~】
I thought "Oh!"
I also received a message from m-san,
the last phrase of the song, sung by Yoochun…
"With all my heart. Find me, and I’ll be there for you"

Yes! YES!
What am I saying?

I’m thinking about Yoochun’s "Shukudai desu. Bokuwo sagashitemite kudasai!!"
(T/N: "Homework for you! Please try to find me!!")
(T/N2: this is one of the Tohomobile pictures)

I have been thinking much about his message ever since I’ve seen the picture.
As always, Yoochun should have wanted to convey a message to us.
(T/N: the blog author romi-san is a great fan of Yoochun)

When I saw the lyrics of the song …I thought "Oh~~he was referring to this~!"
Isn’t "Bokuwo sagashite" in English, "Find me"?

"With all my heart. Find me, and I’ll be there for you".
should mean,
"Please with all your might…look for me. I’m always at your side."

Oh~ Yoochun, you are so deep.
Wow~ Yoohun!
You got me!
"( ^-^)/且☆且\(^-^ )"

T/N: For the video and lyrics of the lovely ballad “With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~, please click here.

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100212 Inerview with Xiah: “There is No Kim Junsu, There is Mozart”

2010.02.12 16:17:52
ⓒ 中央日報/

After the stage, I waited for Junsu in a waiting room. I heard the story that Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu, Age 24) always sing songs wherever he is. When I heard someone singing a song from outside of the entrance, Junsu entered the room. He is the person of the hot topic in the performance world these days.

“Mozart!” the first musical Xiah Junsu challenged to perform during a conflict with the position office, SM entertainment; showed an amazing interest by the public and the ticket selling power. The high evaluation was passed when he created the powerful stages which he did not at all appear to be a new face to the musical world.

The interview was performed in a condition to only ask questions for the musical performance, not about the current issue. This is the first domestic media’s interview after “Mirotic” in 2008. Xiah Junsu chose his words carefully, but he was bright and cheerful the whole interview time. When he repeated words, “Anyone has hard time in one’s life”, I was able to imagine his recent situation somehow.

◆ The stage he wanted to try = The musical offer came to him suddenly. He was asked to be a pinch hitter of Cho Songmo who injured his foot. When German musical author met Xiah Junsu for the first time, the author praised Junsu’s singing ability. “I had the admiration for the musical, but I did not think that would come true so soon.” “I predicted that it may be in three years later or so. But, there occurred a problem (conflict with the position office), and my earnest desire to perform at the domestic stage arose big in me, and at that same time this opportunity was offered last year.”

It was the music of “Mozart” that have moved him. “I thought that I would feel sorry if I missed such a good songs and music.” Also I was drawn into a life of such a musician who was happy because he was a genius, but he was unhappy at the same time.”

◆ Xiahzart not Mozart = Junsu decided to perform but at the very beginning everything was pitch-black. He received assessment to be the best vocal as a pop idol, but the musical world’s utterance, breathing, and a singing method were the first time for him all together. He mentioned that his husky voice was a challenging matter as well. The overseas activities continued, and he was given only 15 days to practice. Not only was that, acting in musical was his first time also. “I was not able to change the way I sing in a ballads-type utterance entirely in a briefly given time with such short time to practice, and I thought that even if I practice two or three times more than others, I would fall short.” “After having been troubled thinking it over, I made up my mind that I will do Mozart in my own style. If there were four Mozart then I will do my own style of Mozart.” It is the birth of the “Xiahzart” which was named by his fans. (His name Xiah and the name Mozart combined together.)

The results were more than expected. Seo Bomsoku, who play the role of the father in the musical commented, “He did not learn to perform musical, and he did not act out, so I felt like approaching to a real Mozart. It was way better than bringing the opposite effect with an exaggerated performance.”

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Part 2

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11th Feb 2010, Professor Paitul Sinlarat (Research center consultant at Dhurakij Pundit University Poll) has provided the result of the survey “Who would you want to go on a date with” based on Thai population in Bangkok

1. Your own boyfriend or girlfriend (70.65%)
2. Be with the family (25.03%)
3. Thai stars (1.99%) – # 1 “Ken Theradech”
4. Korean stars (1.77%) – #1 “Dong Bang Shin Ki”

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with violinist – Kim CheeYun

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Continuation of Part 1.
And since someone requested a download link for the pictures, here ya go:

So, Yunho, Yoochun and Jaejoong reunite..but...
Good question, leader shi.
Where art thou Yoochun?
Spotted: Chunnie giving up? We'll see...
Minnie, it's okay. Even if they're ignoring you they're doing all this for you, right?
See? Chunnie still hasn't given up!
But Jaejoong....are you planning on stealing Chunnie's bag for Changmin?! O.o
Yeah, Minnie doesn't need to have that much dogs, Yunnie.
But I'll gladly accept that dog though. XD
Awww, Joongie is always so good to his members :) Unless of course he's doing that since he alread has his eyes set on Chunnie's bag?? Hmmm....Let's just see... ;)
So now, 2 members down! YooSu couple finds a gift first. :)
YunJae, what about you guys?
Looks like Leader shi was tricked by Junsu's "Changmin only wants food for his birthday"
It's okay, leader shi. There's still time. ;)

And so, they moved on to another country.

Before they begin, the boys gathered around to talk about their plans...

A few hours later...after checking in on their hotel rooms...
Since Junchan is doing such a good deed for you, Leader shi, you better not mess up Junchan's character. If not, all he's done will be in vain. XD
So, speaking of Junsu, let's see how he's doing with his "volunteer work"
Oh no, the list that Junchan has prepared for leader shi was given to our dramatic flower boy.
What will you do now, Junchan?
Leader shi is doing his best in leveling up your character you know!
Whew! Is it me or does Junchan seem to find gifts really fast compared to the others? XD
So now that Junsu chose that puppet as Yunho's gift for Changmin.
What about Jaejoong?
I'm sure you're all curious as to what was in the list, and what he's done with it. :)

A few days later...back in Korea...

To be continued....

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I really love her commentary. How to look for Changmin's unique features - his particular lips, rounded nose and rounded (slightly mismatched ^^) eyes.

And now Jaejoong:

Thanks for the tutorials, Arianna, you're very talented!

Credit: AcchanChangminMax

Friday, February 12, 2010

I suggest you guys click on the picture so you can read the words clearly. :)
I did the best I could.
It's my first time doing a picfic so please be gentle. Hehe :)
Though, you'll notice that my thoughts aren't as wild as our friends over at sharingyoochun ;)
Yes, leader shi. You're a great leader and a great hyung.
And Junchan, cheer up. You had your time too you know!
I think that's a good idea Minnie. If you don't want the surprise to be spoiled. ;)

That's the power of Yoosu, Chunnie. Never forget! XD
Omo~ Junchan...envious now, aren't we?
And Chunnie, you're not daydreaming. :)

And so, they began looking for the "perfect gift" for their group's maknae in Saipan.

Leader shi, Changmin isn't a kid anymore. He's a man!
Handmade gifts are special, yes. But a crown made out of coconut skin??
Leader shi, please keep looking while we check out how the other members are doing.

*claps at Changmin's direct answer*
Now, you're going somewhere, Joongie.
We'll come back to you, okay?

Changmin and food is always a match. But let's see what Changmin has to say.
I guess it's only for regular occasions, Junchan, sorry. :{

The boys then leave Saipan and continue with their busy schedule.
However, they did not stop looking.
In between their filming for the PV of their song, "Bolero" our boys continued to look for
the "perfect gift".
Joongie, the bible gives us lessons in life. Not suggestions for gifts.
Looks like Joongie wasn't the only one who checked out the bible.
Omo~ Junchan...Looks like Changmin wants to clarify the connection of him and food with you.
Anyway, let's go back to the two, shall we?
Good job, Chunnie. Keep looking ;)
But...looks like someone didn't catch what you were saying about it not being enough.
Joongie, is that Minnie's laundry???? O.o
Looks like Yunho didn't quite catch it too.
And Junsu's mind remains unchanged.
Leader shi...We don't want to have another "Dangerous Love" drama.
If we do, we'd like it to still be you and Joongie. So please spare Minnie ;)

Of course, after realizing that just being good to him was really not enough,
the boys head out for dinner to refresh their heads.
Guess Changmin really was hurt about Junchan's changmin=food equation.
Joongie, you're getting the wrong idea again!!!

So, just as Joongie said, they finally go to another country to find the "perfect gift".
First stop: PARIS
Don't be sad, Joongie. At least Yunho followed your suggestion....kinda...
Good question, Chunnie.
So, where's Junsu?
Well, it looks like he was able to buy a gift before you guys did.
Despite the fact that he strongly believes that Changmin will only be happy with FOOD.
Aigo~ Bad, bad leader shi. What do you mean by "magazine filled with pretty girls"??
Chunnie, I think you're lost.
Yup, he really was.
Leader shi, when you say "mother's perspective" do you mean???
I knew it.
The one and only vain mother of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

To be continued....

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