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This is exciting :DDD

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Whenever a TVXQ fan goes to Korea, they never forget to pass by Junsu's father's pizza shop. After all, not only does it have life size photos of Junsu, you might even get the chance to see him or Junho, and their parents who are very accommodating. This we can prove from all the fan accounts written by fans who have gone to that place.

Of course, you don't just go there to take pictures. You have to eat as well, right?
So, in case you really are planning to go there,
here are some photos of their pizzas straight from their menu:
The pizzas just look so delish, right? ;)
Seriously, looking at these photos really did make me hungry. Hehehe.

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Q. A menu you'd like to create yourself?
A: a-nation's LOVE Bento. I want to make it for someone I like. Although my cooking is considered good, it's lonely if I keep eating by myself!

Q. Do you think it's better if a girl knows how to cook?
Although it's good if she knows, I can always teach her if she doesn't! Cooking together, isn't that nice?

Q. Favourite food right now.
A: It's still super spicy food! It's different from my appearance, I'm full of passion inside! (laugh) I can't do without spicy food!

Q. For Valentine's Day, under what kind of circumstances do you want to receive chocolates?
A: As long as I receive them, I'm happy~!

Q. Please talk about a highlight of your new song!
A: Even though it's the cold winter season, those without partners please listen to this song and cheer up!

"Everyone has been supporting us for a long time, our achievements are all thanks to you.
Please continue to support us. See you^^"


Q. Please tell us a recipe that you'd like to taste again.
The healthy tofu and chicken hotpot that was published during December 2008. Because it's healthy and good for the body, but it's also delicious!

Q. Do you think it's better if a girl knows how to cook?
A. It's better if she can! Compared to someone who can't, if she knows how to then it's additional points. Something like that.

Q. Favourite food right now.
A. Intestines hotpot. It's really tasty! It also keeps your body warm so I crave it when it's cold.

Q. Please talk about a highlight of your new song!
In the PV, there's a scene where I'm dancing surrounded by other dancers. I think it's cool, so everyone, please be sure to watch it.

Q. It's going to be Valentine's Day soon. Under what kind of circumstances would you like to receive chocolates?
After a date and we've said goodbye, to suddenly discover that I've received it! Didn't notice it when we're together and I only discover it in my bag after I return home. That would be really nice.

"Please use the recipes that we've introduced, enjoy delicious and healthy meals and spend each day well~
Thank you everyone~"


Q. A recipe that you tried out?
Crispy pizza. I love pizza! If I make it, I can eat it to my heart's content!

Q. Do you think it's better if a girl knows how to cook?
I think so. I think men can't resist a girl who can cook. If they use healthy ingredients they can become prettier too.

Please talk about your Valentine's Day memories!
A. There's nothing special... When I think about it, I just recall that it's Valentine's Day.

Q. What would you give on White Day?
I'll learn to cook and do it with sincere feelings.

Q. Please talk about a highlight of your new song!
As you listen, it has an energetic melody that makes you want to get up and dance. That's my recommended highlight.

"I hope that everyone can keep healthy and try a lot of delicious food and become prettier~
We'll meet again!"


Q. Please tell us a recipe that you'd like to taste again.
The Thai curry that was introduced the first time. It tastes very unique. I feel comfortable after eating it, it was good.

Q. Favourite food right now.
Mentaiko onigiri. (T/N: Riceball filled with spiced roe.) I eat it whenever I have time.

Q. For Valentine's Day, under what kind of circumstances do you want to receive chocolates?
I want her to feed me chocolates.

Q. Besides chocolates, what other gifts would make you happy?
Kiss (laugh).

Q. A highlight of your new song?
The B-side to this single is "Xiahtic" and the beat is very cool. The melody and electronic beats blend well, recommended!

"For always giving us so much love, thank you everyone.
This year, I hope everyone has a happy year as well~"


Q. Please tell us a recipe that you'd like to taste again.
The mushroom and cheese gratin publish on October 2008.

Q. Do you think it's better if a girl knows how to cook?
I think it's better if she knows, but it's alright if she doesn't know from the start! If a girl wants to cook for someone she likes, she'll definitely become good at it!

Q. On Valentine's Day, besides chocolates, what other gifts would make you happy?
The time that we spent together.

Please talk about your Valentine's Day memories!
When I was living in America, I didn't receive a single chocolate.

Q. Please talk about a highlight of your new song!
It's a song with powerful beats and melody. It gives you strength and makes you feel "I'll work hard for the next 10 years!"

"Everyone~ That's all for now.
Please continue to keep supporting us."

OK girls, let's make our checklist:

DBSK wants:
1.) a Girl who knows how to cook
2.) chocolates

3.) their favorite food
4.) listen to their new song
5.) KISS <------ how long will i wait in line??? xD
kekekeke *___*

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If you can all recall, Chunnie's profile picture in Cyworld was of Harang.
Well, he changed it.
Here's his new profile picture:
Isn't it cute? :D
Well, actually, this photo is a default picture from cyworld when one deletes his profile picture, or hasn't uploaded one yet.
So, Chunnie....why did you delete it? :{
Will you be posting a new one soon?
We hope so.
After all, your updates in Cyworld are one of the few things that show us
how you're doing these days.

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The photographing for unique Asian casual jeans EVISU 2010 S/S (Spring/Summer) Ad has been in progress.

The photographing of this advertisement involves head photographer Hong Jang-hyun, head stylist Hong Yan in order to raise market concern of jeans brand Evisu.

Models of this advertisement includes the Asia star from last season ad, TVXQ U-Know Yunho who once again agreed to work as fashion model in Evisu advertising campaign. As last year 2009 campaign in which Evisu encourages people to love and protect the natural environment, this year the theme will continue under the name SOS campaign.

SOS stands for ‘Save Our Smile’ where people are suggested to protect the natural environment in order to make smile (happiness), while along with the campaign will be released a series of campaign T-shirts and variety of future marketing as well promotional events to contribute in environment protecting activities.

Yunho + EVISU = yummmm xD

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Wow. The theme is red and black! Me likey! :)
Our boys are just so HOT in both photos. *fans herself*

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T/N: This is an update of the article here. For this previous article, there are now more than 480 comments, all thanking Inoue-san for his kind supports to Tohoshinki and for the lovely new song, “With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~, which he has written the lyrics, composed, and also arranged.
Thank you

Thank you very much for all of your comments, the numbers are far beyond the comments for a composer’s blog!
I never thought that my article would be a help to anyone, so I thought once again “It was a good thing that I continued writing in my blog.”
I have read all of your comments!
All of your passions have been conveyed to me, and I myself became warm at heart, and also in tears.
Thank you very much!
I will do my best so that I can bring good news to you, so please support me! (photo)

Today, I had a meeting for the Lambsey live performance in CLUB CHITTA’ KAWASAKI, scheduled to be held in less than 2 months.
This is a summary of our street live, so the acoustic instruments are a must.
But since we can perform in CITTA, I want to perform closely with the live bands.
Now, it seems that Tohoshinki and Lambsey are inseparable, and many fans came to know Lambsey through Tohoshinki.
So we will create a corner for the songs which we have provided to them, and sing the songs by ourselves.
The actual set list will be decided later, and we do not know how it will come out, but I will start moving to get off the ground.
I will inform you of the details when fixed!
Of course, we could not inform you of the set list. (Lol)
This is the final sprint, so I have to do my best!
I need 800 more people…

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The “it” item of today’s culture is idol groups. (omitted) These days, idol stars seem to have fallen head over heels for musicals. (omitted)

Many have written positive reviews for Xiah Junsu’s musical acting, which began on the 26th last month, stating that he was so good that it was hard to believe that it was his first performance.


One of the reasons why idol stars should not enter the musical market is because “If that person is set as the main character only because of the fact that his or her ticket power is great, the identity of the musical could be damaged.” Many experts have stated that the majority of idol group members who participated in musicals last year did not pay much attention to the execution of their roles.

Musical critic Won Jong Won stated, “I don’t see any interest from idol stars who are participating in musicals to use this opportunity to expand their hidden talents and skills.” He also said, “Using them as a marketing tool only to sell a lot of tickets will bring a big blow not only to the musical market, but also the idol star’s image.

The foundation of these low reviews of idol stars on the musical stage stem from the fact that they are almost ‘isolated’ because of the fact that ‘They do not rehearse as much as they should because of their busy schedule’ and ‘They are so immersed in their star quality that they treat their fellow musical actors unkindly and do not work well with others.’ (omitted)

The reviews for Mozart!’s Xiah Junsu are mostly positive.

One staff said, “It may be because he was a trainee for such a long time that he has a positive and active attitude and he can pick things up extremely fast.”

Xiah Junsu also spent some time in the hospital because of stress that accumulated from many things including rehearsals. He would repeatedly go to the hospital for a day from fatigue and then perform the next day.

The staff member also said, “Xiah Junsu works hard every day to break the prejudices against idol stars in the musical market,” and “I think his hard work paid off with great results.”

Conclusively, ‘Mozart!’ is being labeled as a successful musical that is attracting large crowds of audiences.

Xiah Junsu proved not only his ticket power in ‘Mozart!’ but his abilities and competence as a musical actor.


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Works from January 2010 that are certified

These works were released between 1 January 2010 - 31 January 2010. The "Million" recognition also comes with the certification.
The date that certifications are released falls on the 10th of the next month that follows. (With the exception of December works, which are certified on 15 January.)

Certified - Singles

Platinum - "BREAK OUT!" Tohoshinki, AVEX
Gold - "Gloria" Yui, Sony Music Records
Gold - "Bless" L'Arc~en~Ciel, Kioon Records

Gold: >100,000
Platinum: >250,000
Million: >1,000,000

T/N: This is their first single to be certified Platinum, iirc.

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TV Daily News Korea
2010. 02.10 10:30

TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu’s twin brother Kim Junho will have a fan meeting in China and he will also release album in China to begin his activities as a singer.

According to Chinese media yesterday, it was announced, that Kim Junho who is well-known to be a big brother of Xiah Junsu of TVXQ will release his official album and he will also hold a fan meeting on February 28, 2010, according to the news released in Beijing, China yesterday.

In addition, Xiah Junsu is going to participate in an event this time and he takes big interest in his brother’s upcoming events and activities.

Kim Junho who is Xiah Junsu’s twin brother appeared in MBC TV entertainment program “Introducing the friend of the star” in a handsome and distinguished look, resembling his younger brother. He is tall and he used to be a baseball player. He pulled attention with his special dance and singing ability which he displayed performing together with his younger brother Junsu.

Prior to his debut, Junho had expressed his affection to China and studied Chinese language at Beijing instructor college in China (北京師範大学校), and Junho appeared in TV programs such as “天天向上” and “I love you/我爱你” and received great responses in China.

Always Keep The Faith!

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TV Daily News (Korea)
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Credit: omXiahJnS

Credit: cocoxiah1215

By the way, the OST for this musical will be released next week :)
Please support Junchan by buying the album :)

Oh, and if you're wondering. Junchan has 12 more performances left.
12 x 2 (kisses) = 24 kisses more to do. *sigh*

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Sorry for the really bad quality. :(
It was uploaded like this.

Anyway, it said that this was taken after today's show.

Oh. And if you can't tell where Junchan is, he's the one in the back wearing the cap ;)
And another thing. He just loves that shirt doesn't he?
Maybe I should buy one like that too. XD

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We will try to properly translate this as soon as possible :)

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Xiah Junsu… Am I gay??

Hi everyone…… Junsu is 1 year older than me
but every time I see him, I want to make him cry.. (= =)
I want to hit him and then tie him up
Not to do that…… Just want to hug him (= = ……)
I’m not perverted… … but I always look at Junsu’s butt… … I’m becoming really weird… …
What should I do…… what to do……
Also, is he really going out with Micky Yoochun?
Please reply to me……

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that's right Yunnie, i'm starving. kekeke ^__^

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click image for a clearer view

now i know where Chunnie is. LOL.
He's having a great time. awww! too cute! :D

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JAEJAE focus this time. ENJOY! :D

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Thank you for the birthday messages!!
Although I've turned 24... I'll work hard to show everyone various aspects of Jejung^^
Everyone... thank you^^


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Favorite overall artist/band

1. Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)
2. Arashi
3. Ayumi Hamasaki

Best Single 2009
1. Stand By U – Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)

Best overall Boyband

3. Tohoshinki

Most Emotional Singer
1. Ayumi Hamasaki
2. ayaka
3. Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)

Best overall Musical Ability (vocal, instrumental etc.)
1. YUI
2. Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)
3. Gackt

Most want-to-be girlfriend/boyfriend


1. Jaejoong (Tohoshinki)
2. Tomohisa Yamashita

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Do not continue watching this if it causes major heart breaking. :/

Uploaded's Note : Wolfgang has moved out of the Weber's apartment. Nonetheless, his love for Constanze is stronger than ever. She visits him one evening. Constanze has left the family house and turns now to the only person whom she trusts. When Wolfgang takes her into his arms, Cäcilia Weber and her new partner Johann Thorwart stand in the door. They accuse Mozart of seducing her daughter and they force him to sign a contract which requires Wolfgang to either marry their daughter or to pay her lifelong expenses. Constanze is outraged at her mother's plot. She secretly absconds with the contract and tears it apart in front of Wolfgang.

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Hello Bigeast.

■ In commemoration of the best album,"BEST SELECTION 2010" release, the release of official goods was decided! !

The clear file sets and the album release memorial goods
which uses the photograph material of the album,
and also "Miniature CD collection II" which had favorable reception at "TOHOSHINKI PREMIUM SHOWCASE in OMOTESANDO 2009" will be on sale.
Goods will be available at Mumo shop from February 16th through March 31st, 2010.

More information:
2010/02/10 13:47

Clear File Set (Set of 3)
-1 clear file with all members photo
(*Black or White, randomly selected. Photo on the top of the page.)
-2 clear files with two members photo
(*Two member’s photos are randomly selected.)
1,000 yen +SH

Ring Note Stationary Black or White
800 yen each +SH

Sticker Black or White
600 yen each +SH

Source Credit: Bigeast Officia Fan mail+Mumo
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