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now i know where Chunnie is. LOL.
He's having a great time. awww! too cute! :D

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JAEJAE focus this time. ENJOY! :D

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Thank you for the birthday messages!!
Although I've turned 24... I'll work hard to show everyone various aspects of Jejung^^
Everyone... thank you^^


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Favorite overall artist/band

1. Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)
2. Arashi
3. Ayumi Hamasaki

Best Single 2009
1. Stand By U – Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)

Best overall Boyband

3. Tohoshinki

Most Emotional Singer
1. Ayumi Hamasaki
2. ayaka
3. Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)

Best overall Musical Ability (vocal, instrumental etc.)
1. YUI
2. Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)
3. Gackt

Most want-to-be girlfriend/boyfriend


1. Jaejoong (Tohoshinki)
2. Tomohisa Yamashita

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Do not continue watching this if it causes major heart breaking. :/

Uploaded's Note : Wolfgang has moved out of the Weber's apartment. Nonetheless, his love for Constanze is stronger than ever. She visits him one evening. Constanze has left the family house and turns now to the only person whom she trusts. When Wolfgang takes her into his arms, Cäcilia Weber and her new partner Johann Thorwart stand in the door. They accuse Mozart of seducing her daughter and they force him to sign a contract which requires Wolfgang to either marry their daughter or to pay her lifelong expenses. Constanze is outraged at her mother's plot. She secretly absconds with the contract and tears it apart in front of Wolfgang.

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Hello Bigeast.

■ In commemoration of the best album,"BEST SELECTION 2010" release, the release of official goods was decided! !

The clear file sets and the album release memorial goods
which uses the photograph material of the album,
and also "Miniature CD collection II" which had favorable reception at "TOHOSHINKI PREMIUM SHOWCASE in OMOTESANDO 2009" will be on sale.
Goods will be available at Mumo shop from February 16th through March 31st, 2010.

More information:
2010/02/10 13:47

Clear File Set (Set of 3)
-1 clear file with all members photo
(*Black or White, randomly selected. Photo on the top of the page.)
-2 clear files with two members photo
(*Two member’s photos are randomly selected.)
1,000 yen +SH

Ring Note Stationary Black or White
800 yen each +SH

Sticker Black or White
600 yen each +SH

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Dear Fans

The management is appreciative of the overwhelming responses for this showcase and we have decided to give you a better deal.

We seek your kind understanding and patience as we finalize the ticket pricing.

Meanwhile we have worked out a special membership package for those who sign up as a Quest Fan Club member. Each member will receive ONE free ticket to watch Junho's showcase featuring his brother Junsu on 1 May 2010. There will be a limited special package that includes an autograph and photo-taking session with them.

More details will be announced soon regarding the prices and privileges.

Stay tuned.


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Tohoshinki Awareness Survey
Survey period: 2010.01.19 (Tues) - 2010.01.20 (Wed)
Survey Respondents: HMV Users, both male & female. 3,846 respondents (HMV ONLINE, HMV MOBILE)

Q1: How long have you been a fan of Tohoshinki?

•From their Korean debut onwards: 7%

•From their Japan debut onwards: 12%

•For about 3 years: 21%

•For about 2 years: 29%

•Less than a year: 31%

Q2: In your opinion, what is Tohoshinki's most charming factor?

•Looks: 1%

•Vocal capabilities: 34%

•Dance performance: 8%

•Team work: 37%

•Members' character: 16%

•Good music: 4%

Q3: How did you get to know about Tohoshinki?

•TV: 60%

•Magazines: 2%

•Internet: 6%

•On the streets: 1%

•CD & goods shops: 4%

•Friends: 19%

•Other reasons: 8%

Q4: Where do you get news about Tohoshinki?

•TV: 15%

•Magazines: 14%

•Internet: 39%

•On the streets: 1%

•CD & goods shops: 9%

•Friends: 17%

•Other reasons: 5%

Q5: How much time do you spend on Tohoshinki in a day?

•Less than an hour: 26%

•2-3 hours: 49%

•4-6 hours: 17%

•7-9 hours: 3%

•10 hours and more: 5%

Q6: After you became a fan of Tohoshinki, did you go to Korea?

•No: 73%

•1-3 times: 22%

•4-5 times: 3%

•6-10 times: 2%

•More than 10 times: 1%
Q7: Aside from Tohoshinki, do you listen to other KPOP music?

•Yes: 76%

•No: 24%
Q8: Similar to Tohoshinki, something that is essential to your life?

•Music: 24%

•Korean culture: 11.7%

•Family: 7.3%

•Gourmet: 3.5%

•Friends: 3.2%
•On the left in blue - Tohoshinki items sales ranking

•On the right in pink - Tohoshinki goods sales ranking

We want to tell this to Tohoshinki now; fans' messages

•It's fine no matter where you are. Please continue to sing. (39 years old, female)

•I listen to Tohoshinki's songs everyday and gain strength. No matter what happens from now on, I'll always be your fan, so please continue to do your best. (30 years old, female)

•I believe that there's a bright future for all 5 of you, I'll always support you! (22 years old, female)

•It's impossible right now, but I wish that the 5 of you can sing together again some day. But no matter what happens, I'll continue to support you. (46 years old, female)

•I listen to Tohoshinki's songs everyday. I love you and because I'll continue to support you, I'll keep waiting until I can see the smiles on all 5 of your faces. (25 years old, female)

•I'll keep waiting! Until the day that sincere smiles return to your faces! 35 years old, female)

•You're cool and able to sing and dance well! I feel like you guys are my brothers and that's a first for me. No matter what happens, I love Tohoshinki. (25 years old, female)

•I love you. I believe in you. Don't worry because I'll always, always support you! Tohoshinki is my everything. (17 years old, female)

•I'll wait for your wonderful harmony and everyone's smiles. (29 years old, female)

•Thank you for all the power you've given me. I'll continue to support you. (27 years old, female)

•Tohoshinki's voice is a treasure. (48 years old, female)

•I'll look forward to wonderful "5-member" songs. (18 years old, female)

•Always keep the faith. Besmile and happy. (21 years old, female)

•I'll keep waiting!!! (19 years old, female)

•Up until now we've never been so attracted to anything before but you've become a central point of my mother's and my life! We love all the 5 members. (24 years old, female)

•Please eat and rest well. I've always kept on waiting, so it's alright! (45 years old, female)

•Although all I can do is to watch silently, I've always prayed for the happiness of all 5 members! Fighting! (32 years old, female)

•It was great that I could meet Tohoshinki. From now on, please continue to show your charms. I'm waiting for the day when I can see your smiles and listen to your wonderful harmony. (59 years old, female)

•I talk about Tohoshinki everyday in school (^▼^)ノ I'll always support you, so please continue to do your best!! (19 years old, female)

•My light! My life changed after I met Tohoshinki^^ I really love you!!! (19 years old, female)
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1. 呪文 -MIROTIC-[3:28]
2. Share The World[3:25]
3. My Destiny[5:10]
4. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?[3:16] (T/N: Doushitekimiwosukininatteshimattandarou? / Why did I fall in love with you?)
5. Purple Line[3:13]
6. Stand by U[5:53]
7. Stay With Me Tonight[4:39]
8. 明日は来るから[5:12] (T/N: Asu wa kuru kara / Because Tomorrow Will Come)
9. "O" -正・反・合[4:16]
10. Sky[5:29]
11. Somebody To Love[4:50]
12. Lovin' you[5:48]
13. Rising Sun -Japanese ver.-[4:42]
14. Summer Dream[4:58]
15. Bolero[5:56]
16. Begin[5:39]


1. Forever Love[5:57]
2. SHINE[4:34]
3. Love in the Ice[5:20]
4. Beautiful you[4:38]
5. HUG -Japanese ver.-[4:07]
6. 甘く果てしなく[4:01] (T/N: Amaku Hateshinaku / Eternally Sweet)
7. 时ヲ止メテ[5:31] (T/N: Toki Wo Tomete / Stop The Time)
8. With All My Heart~君が踊る、夏~[5:51] (T/N: With All My Heart~ Kimi ga ordoru, Natsu~ / With All My Heart~ The Summer You Danced)
9. BREAK OUT![3:58]


1. TRICK <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
2. Rising Sun <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
3. "O" -正・反・合- <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
4. Stay With Me Tonight <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
5. Choosey Lover <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
6. Begin <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
7. HUG <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
8. 明日は来るから <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-] (T/N: Asu wa kuru kara / Because Tomorrow Will Come)
9. ZION <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
10. Break up the shell <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
11. High Time <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
12. Purple Line <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
13. 呪文 -MIROTIC- <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
14. The way U are <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
15. Survivor <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]
16. Somebody To Love <LIVE DIGEST> (1st TOUR ~ 4th TOUR)[-]



1. 呪文 -MIROTIC-[3:28]
2. Share The World[3:25]
3. My Destiny[5:10]
4. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?[3:16] (T/N: Doushitekimiwosukininatteshimattandarou? / Why did I fall in love with you?)
5. Purple Line[3:13]
6. Stand by U[5:53]
7. Stay With Me Tonight[4:39]
8. 明日は来るから[5:12] (T/N: Asu wa kuru kara / Because Tomorrow Will Come)
9. "O" -正・反・合[4:16]
10. Sky[5:29]
11. Somebody To Love[4:50]
12. Lovin' you[5:48]
13. Rising Sun -Japanese ver.-[4:42]
14. Summer Dream[4:58]
15. Bolero[5:56]
16. Begin[5:39]

【DVD B】(10+1)

2. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (4th LIVE TOUR ver.) <TOHOSHINKI KARAOKE SELECTION>[-]
8. Stand by U (MV Member ver.) <TOHOSHINKI KARAOKE SELECTION>[-]
10. Love in the Ice (3rd LIVE TOUR ver.) <TOHOSHINKI KARAOKE SELECTION>[-]

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Posted:2010/02/08 21:19
Edited: 2010/02/09 21:46

東方神起/BEST SELECTION 2010 will be released soon!

we will hold a big Tohoshinki Exhibition in the lounge corner of the first floor,
celebrating the release of Tohoshinki/BEST SELECTION 2010!

Date: February 16 (Tues)~ final date not fixed yet (details also not fixed yet)

We will update the information in this blog by the release date, February 16 (Tues),
so please again come here to check.
Please do not check in the shop front or phone for the information of the exhibion, we cannot reply to you. We thank you for your kind understanding.
Please look forward to the Exhibition!!!!

T/N: Shibuya is now a holy place for Tohoshinki fans this February! First, the large poster (of BEST SELECTION 2010) on the Shibuya 109 cylinder, and now, an exhibition at Shibuya TOWER RECORDS! WOW~~~~~~

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‘The simplicity of the story highlights the lonely life of the boy genius.’

If you’re expecting an epic tale filled with brilliant breakthroughs, tragic love and thrilling rivalries, you won’t find it in the Korean production of the musical “Mozart!” What you will see, however, is a more intimate portrait of the composer and the struggles that he goes through with his family and friends.

“Korean viewers like and may expect to see the rivalry between Antonio Salieri and Mozart, as shown in the movie ‘Amadeus’ - and so did I at first,” says Yoo Hee-sung, the director of the musical who is also the arts director for the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

“But as I worked with the story, I began to see that the simplicity of the story highlights the lonely life of the boy genius.”

The musical begins with scenes of Mozart as a young boy as his father pushes him to use his musical gifts to amuse the wealthy. His father’s ambitions continue to constrain him through his young adult years.

The musical uses a couple of innovative devices to help the audience identify with the character.

To portray the inner struggle Mozart was going through during this time, a young child actor appears alongside the adult actor playing Mozart every time the character goes through a difficult time or has a musical breakthrough.

“We see Mozart as a boy and as a young man. By showing the two sides, we see him as human - how much he yearns for his father’s approval and his isolation from the rest of the world,” says the director.

To highlight Mozart’s characteristics as a vibrant and ambitious young man, the adult Mozart is costumed in a tie-dyed shirt and torn jeans, while the rest of the cast is clothed in traditional costumes.

The director also emphasized that it was important to find an actor who could express the powerful energy the character possesses while also showing Mozart’s vulnerability.

“I was looking for witty and unpredictable actors that could also show the sadness Mozart felt within,” Yoo said.

“We have four actors playing the adult Mozart right now and they all bring elements of their own personalities to the character.”

One of the actors signed to play Mozart brought to the production not only his personality but also his star power.

When it was announced that Xiah Jun-su, a member of the popular K-pop boy band, TVXQ, would play the musical’s title character, the show sold out all 45,000 seats of its 15-performance run in just three hours.

“I knew that casting a star like Xiah would have enormous ticket power,” Yoo admitted. “But that’s not the only reason. Idol stars have a way with the public; they know how to melt into the setting that is given to them and they know how to please their fans. Also, casting a young idol as Mozart, an idol from days gone by, creates an interesting clash of old and new.”

The other actors playing the role of Mozart are musical theater actors Im Tae-Kyung, Park Geon-hyeong and Park Eun-tae.

Park Geon-hyeong, who is known for his appearances on television and film, talked about the difficulty of playing the renowned composer.

“I felt the pressure of playing such a famous person, and even though many considered Mozart to be almost godlike because of his talent, I did my best to express his regular side. I tried to express Mozart’s music through my acting.”

The Korean production is one of only five licensed productions of the musical outside of Austria and the first Austrian musical ever shown in Korea, Yoo said. The musical has also been staged in Germany, Sweden, Japan and Hungary.

“The VBW [Vereinigte Buhnen Wien, or United Stages Vienna, which holds the production rights] only allows theaters with the highest quality to produce the work and it is very fussy about the conditions in which the musical can be presented,” he added.

“Mozart!” will run until Feb. 21 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, near Gwanghwamun Station, line No. 5, exit 1 or 8. Tickets range from 20,000 won ($17) to 130,000 won. For more information, visit

By Hannah Kim Contributing writer []
Source: Joongang Daily
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Very interesting~
I didn't realize how conceptual the musical is, especially the bit about the child-Mozart appearing alongside adult Mozart during important moments.
I wonder how Junsu got into character? Ho did he relate to the "idol from days gone by"?
Tohoshinki ranked at #6 on the Global Track Chart for week 06/2010.
For some reason it only list their sales as 214,000 instead of 250K+ though.

Source: Global World Chart
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