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CONGRATULATIONS!!! *throws confetti*

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News Translation
Chuson NEWS/Star News
2010/02/08 09:24:37

Yunho's fan site "「동행」(meaning, 'Going Together')"
celebrated his birthday on February 6, and in a meaning to support Haiti, they contributed 6,000,000 won
to MBC Haiti big earthquake victim support donation on the 5th.

Fan site "DNBN of TVXQ" also participates in contribution to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), as well.
They contributed 1,000,000 won in total to a happy bean.

(*T/N: MBC TV NEWS: In the third line in Korean, it writes,
"YUNHO's Fan Club 「동행」 6,000,000 won”.
So Yunho, DNBN and others donations are not counted in this number.)

Preceded to this donation, Yunho contributed 5,000,000 won to the TV station for a Haitian relief fund as well.

Yunho continue to contributes a scholarship to his old school till now and supports a nursery school near
his old school for six years and continues his philanthropy activities.

Always Keep The Faith!

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Alright Singapore Cassies, we have a date!

May 1st, 2010 at 7PM

Get showcase updates on Twitter from Quest Group

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The original Bigeast Fan Mail from Bigeast Office:


Hello, Bigeasts!

The new song "With All My Heart ~With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~"
[T/N: With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~, With All My Heart ~Summer, when you danced so lively~ (T/N: the real English title is unknown)] included in the "BEST SELECTION 2010(2CD+DVD Version)", scheduled to be released on February 17, has been decided as the Toei movie "Kimiga odoru, natsu~", scheduled to be released in September 2010!!

- Title of the movie: Kimiga odoru, natsu
- Theme song: “With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~”
- Scheduled date of release: September 2010, nationwide run road-show
- Cast: Junpei Mizobata, Haruka Kinami, Shunji Igarashi, Ayane Oomori, DAIGO, Tatsuya Fujiwara (cameo appearance), Yoshiko Miyazaki, Masahiro Takashima, Reiko Takashima, others
- Director: Hideyuki Katsuki
- Director’s Profile: Representative Work: He made a theater movie debut in 1996 by “不法滞在” (T/N: Fuhou taizai, Illegal Stay” (Starring Takahiro Jinnai). As with movie “9-NINE” and “BACK STAGE”, he is depicting real images of the young in his works, and he is active in a wide genre. In 2007, his original piece movie “yoriko ~寄子~” received the best original story award (Original Piece Award) at the Monaco International Film Festival.
- Distributing agency: Toei (東映)
(C)2010 “Kimiga odoru, natsu” Production Board
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation 60th Anniversary Memorial Work

>>>2010/02/08 Sent from Bigeast Office

T/N: So the Bigeast Office officially confirmed the news, so cool!

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So, from all the tops in the search rankings, in the sales, or in any ranking there is, we're very proud of them, right?

But, I'm pretty sure you'll be even MORE PROUD of them when you see this!

First stop, HMV:
This is the view from outside
And look what we got inside!
Wish I could get a cardboard picture of them that big to place in my room.
Wait, is that a cardboard picture or a poster? O.o
Here's the section for the new single, "Break Out" :)

Next, we have Tower Records:
Ooh, not only do I see tons of albums of our boys, I also see mags. *drools*

And this is the biggest ad I've seen so far.

For the release of Tohoshinki's Best Selection, here's the humongous ad at Shibuya109:
See? Isn't it huge?

Take note that, as reported earlier, only TOP ARTISTS are placed up there.
So, it is indeed an honor for any artist to have their ad there.
Tohoshinki, you've really done it!

Anyway, I hope you guys are impressed. I sure am. :)

Tohoshinki FIGHTO! :D

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Can you see that all monthly Japanese magazines featuring TVXQ is sold out by pre-order?

If we want Smart, we may have to hurry up and purchase it now. LOL
The reason why, "Owaranai Koiga mini cooperai", is top of this list is that this album will feature TVXQ's "Domini coopere Kimio Sukini Natte Shimattandaro" in it.
Other artists featured in this album are: Every Little Thing, BoA, Ai Otsuka, Ayumi Hamasaki.

Can you count how many magazines are sold out by pre-order? LOL laugh.gif
Publishers must love them for sure! wink.gif

Always Keep The Faith!

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U-know Yunho (real name Jung Yunho) is leading fans into a new Hally wave by encouraging them to donate across the borders.

Recently, one of U-know Yunho's Japanese fanclubs "Be With Yunho" did their own fundraising and made a trip to personally donate KRW$10,000,000 to South Korea's Social Welfare Organization. The local fans in Japan have also donated more than KRW$5,000,000 to the Haiti victims in Yunho's name.

The donations from international fans not only include Japan, but also those from China, Thailand, and all of Asia, which shows that Yunho's popularity can be felt throughout Asia.

Under Yunho's name, the fans in China donated supplies for students within Korea who come from poor backgrounds, and there were also various donation and volunteering activities that took place in Thailand. The donations and volunteering activities of the Korean fans are also such.

This year, on Yunho's birthday on the 6th, fans used his name to make various donations as a form of wishing him a happy birthday, and one of the fundraisers alone raised an amount of over KRW$40,000,000.

Jung Yunho's exemplary behaviour as an idol star is ongoing and not just a one-off occassion. The fandom culture is evolving into one where the fans follow their idols closely, and they do all they can to continue the warm, charitable acts of their idols and help those in need.

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Already the TOP of the HMV Weekly Sales Ranking Chart!

TVXQ BEST SELECTION 2010 album is not released yet, it is pre-order, but still it is the top sales in the weekly ranking chart at HMV store which is one of the biggest nationwide CD and DVD store in Japan!

Check it out yourself at HMV Japan

#2 is Kumi Koda, which features TVXQ in her best album. ^^
(Released on January 27th, 2010.)

Michel Jackson’s “This is It!” collectors album is #6.
(Release date, January 31st, 2010.)

In addition, here is a partial translation from Barks news:
If you purchase Koda Kumi's special album, 『BEST〜third universe&8th AL“UNIVERSE”』, a big poster of Koda Kumi with TVXQ will be plesented as a special surprise gift. ^^
It is good for both Kumi and TVXQ!

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Staff: Previously we went to buy stuff with Jejung, and this time it’s a surprise interview about shopping!
Jejung: It is really sudden (laugh). [It was conducted during the break while filming the PV!]
Staff: That’s right! Please be sure to answer us!
Jejung: Yes~ I understand!
Staff: The first question. Did you go shopping recently?
Jejung: Uhm, basically no. Our stylists showed me a lot of clothes and stuff and I bought a few of those…
Staff: I see… So tell us what else you bought besides clothes!
Jejung: Actually I’ve been interested in interior decoration recently and I’ve been looking at furniture!
Staff: Furniture!?
Jejung: I don’t really care about the design and focus more on the colours. I’ve been buying furniture.
Staff: What kind of colours? I always think that Jejung’s room must be very pretty (laugh)
Jejung: My room is all black! And the living room is all white!
Staff: It’s a little surprising that Jejung’s room is all black. You’ve also specially designed the lighting and stuff?
Jejung: The lighting is yellow… made to have a modern feel (gets shy…)
Staff: Not bad!
Jejung: That is why recently I’ve been looking for small white objects…! I feel very happy when I’m searching for new things. My room also has a mini Christmas tree and other such decorations… very happy!
Staff: That… Jejung. Please take a few pictures of your room!
Jejung: Okay! I also want to let Bigeast see my room (laugh).
Staff: Okay, we look forward to the photos! On to the next question. What’s the most expensive thing you bought recently?
Jejung: This, I think everyone will be shocked~ (laugh)
Staff: What is it?
Jejung: I think everyone will probably think it’s unbelievable (laughs to himself)
Staff: Be honest, tell us quickly! (laugh)
Jejung: … The most expensive thing I bought recently is a couch. My older sister said that it’s better to buy expensive beds and couches, so I bought it!!
Staff: Since we’re on the topic, the price is…?
Jejung: Secret (laughs) hehehe…
Staff: Alright, the price is a secret (laugh). Now, the last question! The place you want to go to the most now?
Jejung: Uhm… (thinks for a while) I want to go and see the sea in winter.
Staff: …Eh?
Jejung: The sea during winter is beautiful, is it not?
Staff: …? That’s the place Jejung wants to go to?
Jejung: Yes
Staff: Jejung… No… I meant the place you want to go for shopping! (bursts out laughing)
Jejung: Ah! Is that it? So embarrassing!
Staff: Let’s do over. Please tell us where you would like to go to the most for shopping.
Jejung: A large furniture shop I guess~ To make the design of my home better, I want to go shopping!
Staff: I get it! Thanks Jejung!

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TO: Dear fans~

The much anticipated 2010 is finally here, I wish all the fans health and prosperity.

I've always been unable to attend all the birthday gatherings and for that I'm sorry and disappointed. Even so, to have everyone gather together just like always, to celebrate my 25th birthday, I'm really happy and feel really blessed ^^*

I feel the honesty of these heartfelt celebrations and because trust and promises are important, this spirit has been hurt from the lies and pains of 2009...

In this new year, even if there are difficult times, everyone should help each other and together with me, Jung Yunho, create happy memories and laugh together *^_^*

I love you all, please do not worry, my precious fans.

- Yunho -

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It's gorgeous @.@
Fits Changmin's image perfectly, lol

Still not finished building~

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Do you see it?

Here's a close up:



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2010/02/05 21:35

that famous Shibuya 109 Cylinder,
the visual for Tohoshinki’s BEST album appeared.

Only the very top class of
the top artists can appear here.

I wish that the 5 members can see this scene somewhere…

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Haha, it seems another magazine editor has caught the 'TVXQ bug' ^^
Shinpei (actor Junpei Yokomizo) was an usher who wave a fireman's flag of a dancing team "Ichimujin" (meaning, “To work with the best effort and ability") at Yosakoi festival. He made promise with his girlfriend Kaori (actress Haruka Kinami), her younger sister Sakura (actress Ayane Omori) can dance together at Yosakoi festival with them. However, desperate their will, the dream breaks up. Shipei and his best friend Tsukasa (actor Shunji Itarashi) keep distance without being reconciled from their misunderstandings. And Shipai move to Tokyo to fulfill his dream to be a professional photographer. But, Shinpei loose his confident working in a difficult condition in Tokyo. So, when his mother is hospitalized, he returns to Kochi. When he met Sakura at the hospital, she was sentenced the remaining days with an intractable disease. Sakura said, "It may be the last summer for me but I want to dance!" Kaori asked Shinpei for re-organization of the dancing group to grant the final wish of her younger sister Sakura.....

The costarring are DAIGO, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Masahiro Takashima, Reiko Takashima. The first-run showing in the whole country is planned in September, 2010.

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A Movie Producer Is A Big Fan of TVXQ from 2005!

2010.2.8 05:04
Mainich News+Sankei Sports News (*Japan's leading newspaper companies.)

It became clear on the 8th that TVXQ will be in charge of a theme song of the movie "Kimiga Odoru Natsu" (*Meaning,"Summer Dancing You"), a lead actor will be Junpei Yokomizo (20).
The title music is "With All My Heart~君が踊る、夏", which is recorded in TVXQ's new best album "BEST SELECTION 2010" that will be released in Japan on the 17th. This gem song with the piano ballad will heap up an impressive product of this film which portraits the maturing period of youths. 

The festival featured in the movie has thick pastime that gives poetic charm, portrayed in the summer of Kochi (prefecture in Japan) is the stage. It is a story the young man of the lead character struggles with a fighting spirit with their friend; for a girl living toward the dream to dance at a festival while having an intractable disease.

The movie producer Shun Arikawa who is a great fan of TVXQ from their debut in Japan in 2005, sent them a love call last November to seek them, "To sing the wonderful theme song which matches in a story of the dream that youths lost and the broken friendship to be regenerated."

Arikawa said that he thought that, "Only TVXQ who continue to charm Asian youths are able to stream down courage and hope through their song and dance!"; from the very beginning when he decided to film this movie after observing a Yosakoi festival for the first time.

The offer was sent when three members were opposed over a contract dispute issue with their office in Korea and when media was paying attention toward their future activities. In addition, it was the time when it was very busy for them with TV program collecting of the end of the year programs in those days. However, the five members were touched by the enthusiasm of Arikawa and willingly consented to his offer.

In the past, they experienced movie theme song of the animated cartoon in Japan; but, as for Japanese movie (the photograph taken on a spot), it is their first experience. Therefore their representative production of the piece was asked to be written by Shinjiro Inoue who has good reputation by writing TVXQ's famous ballad musical piece “Stand by U". (*Inoue Won two Japan Record Taisyo Award by TVXQ songs and he is also a huge fan of TVXQ! ^^)

It is a piano ballad song which five members love to sing. The recording was performed in a studio of Tokyo in the beginning of December, last year. At the recording session, they hit a hot feeling and sang it emotionally without compromising at all. The ballad song which overflows in passion and an impression to color the youth movie was completed.

Arikawa said that when he first heard the sound source, it was really good and he even said, "This is it! This song matches the movie perfectly!" He was moved very much and decided to use the music in a song of insertion as well as a theme song. It is also collected in TVXQ's first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010" that will be released on the 17th.

It seems to place a one good stone (step) for their contract issue that their movie theme song will be open in Japan in September, 2010. Their Japanese position office, AVEX announced, "About their future activities, we will announce when it is officially set."

It seems we will be able to expect further activity of TVXQ all the more.

Always Keep The Faith!

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