Saturday, February 6, 2010

Translation: It's his birthday! A 24-year-old man this year! Congratulations!

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Courtesy of the hilarious girls over at SharingYoochun:

Happy Birthday to Yunho!

Yunho Oppa, you have no idea how many times we fancy you behind Yoochun’s back lol

Nahhhhh you’re not gonna be bankrupted this time ^^

We’re trying our best not to

So what’s the plan our b-day boy?

Hmmmm?? Master and Pet?????? that sounds sexy but yeah everything is POSSIBLE in SYC fanfic hehehehe

Every is invited yeahhhhh baby Dress sexyyyyyyyy

why JJ why..

Yep…… SEXY

Innocent inside?

Yes Yunnie’s wish

So sorry we even asked you that kind of question Jaejoong

Fine with us

Cuz we want to ask for your permission

not that kind of help we want….it’s kinda difficult to explain

Can we borrow your dolphinator?


Minnie baby…..can’t you let us explain the situation 1st?

We forget you’re Lord Vodelmort huh…you’ve been in our mind and taken notes?????

Coooooool we got Changmin on our side now (but should we take this as a compliment Changmin?… SYC is a love obstacle maker?)

Yoochunnie what have you got in your mind?

Yessss this is very sexy Junchan

You’re thinking too much Chunnie. SYC are innocent and also Junsu

Good Junchan but if we’re not wrong, we don’t see any botton on this shirt

Midlife crisis Yoochun

No not JJ


Whaaa dress less

Your gift is very you Junchan

Roger that Yunnie

Yunho we suggest you to sing Pitbull song “I know you want me”

Our pleasure Yunnie

Ahhhhhhh Yunnie said it!

Keep on stroking

Junchan is very innocent

Yeah why….

We’re ready

cutie Junchan

Beyond charisma?

See what is Yunho looking at?


stop it Yunho!

To be continued...