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*touches Baby Changmin's nose*

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too cute! awww!

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Kiisssh the baby sky. xDDD

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This guy can turn a place into a desert.

higher, Yunnie...higher!!!!
*gets slapped by readers*

guy: Yunho, you're hot!
YH: really?
jaejae never told me that. xD

noona, let me help you. kekeke ^__^


YUNHO + SUMMER = 500 degress Celsius

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Be very proud, Cassiopeia, Bigeast, and i-Cassies!
#alwayskeepthefaith hit the top spot on the trending topics list
after just 6 minutes, beating the infamous #nowplaying hashtag.
Then #alwayskeepthefaith and TVXQ rose to places #2 and #3 respectively
and stayed there for over an hour.

If you want to join in the fun, get on twitter now!
We're still trending :D

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For the sake of everyone and the sake of us,
I want to try harder and harder. ^^
Happy New Year Everyone!!

Please get some strength from listening to BREAK OUT!
I will also do my best. Yosh~!!

We tried our best making it~!
Please listen to it over and over again!

It’s cold isn’t it~
Please be careful not to catch a cold.

To Everyone in Bigeast~☆
Please have fun listening to BREAK OUT!
and enjoy its high-spirited dance.

[At shooting location for jacket cover]

Yoochun cut his hair sharply short to fit the image of the song.
When he got praises from the staff saying that “You’re so handsome~!!”, he got very embarrassed!
This is Yoochun’s embarrassed expression☆

Junsu had his hair styled the opposite side from usual.
He said, “It’s the first time since I was born that I styled my hair on the opposite side, it’s so weird~~!!”; and while he was taking a break, he styled his hair back to the usual side at his convenience, and got scolded by the hair stylist (LOL).

When he had some spare time, Changmin were busy writing Christmas messages to fans!
When we praised him that he was good at drawing, he asked us, “Is it…… unexpected?” (LOL)

Since he had to pose on one leg for the whole time and wasn’t able to rest on two legs, Jaejoong was having a hard time.
When he was having a break, he kind of… shrunk into a corner and looked dejected (>_<) Fighting, Jaejoong!!

Since his shooting was the last of all, Yunho said, “Let’s end this quickly and go eat with everyone!” and really did his best. His posing was as expected! He’s definitely a leader that can be depended on ♪

-From Bigeast Staff

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The translation is actually from awhile ago,
but I just had to include it with these new high quality scans.
Thank you Mrs.YH-WR for your hard work!



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TVXQ Song Writer Won Japan Record Taisho (Award) Two Consective Years!
“Meeting TVXQ Is MY Greatest Pleasure!”
Summerized Translation:
Barks News:
ラムジ : 2010-02-03

Shinjiro Inoue wrote TVXQ’s two songs, “Doushite Kimiwo Sukininatte Shimattandaro” in 2008,
and “Stand By U” in 2009. And with these two TVXQ songs, he won Japan Record Award (Taisho) for two consecutive years!

At Japan Record Award which was held on January 29th, 2010 at TBS, Inoue said, “For me to meet such a wonderful artist “TVXQ” is my greatest pleasures as a song writer and as a fan of TVXQ!”

He himself is a singer and he asked TVXQ fans if he can sing “Stand By U” in the future and the fans said yes! to him. ^^

T/N: Inoue won Japan Record Award’s excellent song writers award two consecutive years by writing TVXQ’s songs. And he gives full credit to TVXQ and claims to be TVXQ fan himself. ^^

Source Credit: Barks NEWS
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T/N: This is an update of the songwriter Shinjiroh Inoue, ’s blog. Inoue wrote the lyrics for “Stand by U” and “Taxi”.

2010-01-30 04:50:59
The shield for the Best Vocal Performance was red!

I went to the award ceremony of the 51th Japan Record Award.
Of course, I was awarded of the Excellent Work Prize with Tohoshinki’s “Stand by U”.
Last year, I was awarded of the prize as Lambsey (T/N: A unit of Inoue and Yuki Yamashita), and since I was participating as a father/uncle/elder brother of Yuki, I was able to keep calm.
But for this year, I was alone, and was a little bit nervous.
Well, all the people around me were strangers, I should do something with my shyness in front of them.
Oh, I was able to meet UTA-san and REO-san, who composed “Stand by U”.
If I still called myself SJR, we 3 persons will be 3 character romaji names… happy (Lol)

I am sorry that the place was busy, and we 3 could not take pictures together.
I wish there will be another chance in the future.

This is a picture of me taken after the ceremony, during the party.
I am posing just the same as last year. (Lol)
Behind me is the leading figure~~~!!!

I was cowering in front of these leading figures, but I was able to meet Junpei Kokubo, the staffs and directors from Toshiba EMI. I am grateful that I participated in this song.

Thank you Tohoshinki members, the staffs, and all the fans!

And.. I am performing this song now in street lives and Fujisawa.. as a celebration, can Lambsey sing this song!? Can we perform this song in CLUB CITTA!!!???

I am also praying for the day that their disbanding report will be wiped away.

Source: Shinjiroh Inoue’s Blog
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Junsu fans, thank you!

To those we are reading my blog, good evening.
I’m Souhei Igarashi, who loves Tohoshinki the best in "smart" magazine’s editorial department,

Since I’ve wrote here that Junsu-san of Tohoshinki will appear in "smart" magazine, April issue, many people have checked this blog!
Thank you very much!

And, for those who have written their comments, thank you, thank you so much!
Your comments are not opened to public, but all the members in the editorial department are reading them, and feel a great support!

(T/N: The answers to some of the questions raised in the hidden comments)
-Yes, I’ve totally become a fan of Junsu-san! He is really a nice guy~☆
-I’m really in love with Junsu-san’s singing voice♪ And he dancing is really cool! His fashion is excellent, too!
-Since “smart” is a magazine for men, we would like to make a different approach compared to that of lady’s magazines.

(few sentences omitted)

The report was made by Souhei Igarashi, who is now always listening to "BREAK OUT!" with my ipod.

Tohoshinki fan’s passion has made a new record for the "smart" editorial department’s blog!

Good evening.
I’m Souhei Igarashi, who can be said that support Tohoshinki the best in the publishing business.

From yesterday, the access number for this "smart" editorial department’s blog is unexpectedly high!
We have achieved a new record for the number of accesses.
And the number is outstanding!
Thank you very much!

This is entirely due to Junsu and Tohoshinki fans’ passions!

And, thank you all for your comments to our department!
We are working on till 4:00am, and we feel supported with all of your comments!

Since so many of you are supporting and cheering for us, we should do our best for Junsu-san’s page, and also for all the other fashion pages, too!

(T/N: The answers to some of the questions raised in the hidden comments)
-So you got to know this blog from a Korean fansite! The doughnut is a valentine special. Junsu-san was eating it with great relish.
-I think that the number of men fans will increase! The reason is, the pictures are so cool! Junsu-san was continuously smiling during the interview. (Lol)
-Junsu-san has the talent to become a top class model!
-Not only Junsu-san but all the other members should be great models! Who will appear next? Please look forward!
-Tohoshinki is really cool, looking from the eyes of a man, too! Our editorial department will do our best so that all the five members can appear together! Please count on us!
-Please hear “BREAK OUT!” when you are tired! I am also hearing the song now, when I want to cheer up.
-Junsu-san is cheerful, kind, handsome, and he really treasures all of his fans. I really respect him!
-I’m also totally "Jun-chanLOVE". (Lol) Since he has appeared in "smart", the number of men fans should increase.
-I’m also fascinated with Junsu-san’s charms. "smart" will continue to support Tohoshinki in the future!
-During the photo shooting, Junsu-san was cheerfully talking as a mood maker, but when he stood in front of the camera, he was totally in a cool model mode. The gap should be one of Junsu-san’s charms♪

(few sentences omitted)

So this is Souhei Igarashi.
Since my face appeared in the Toho-mobile blog, I received an email from a friend that I have not met for more than 10 years, saying “Why did you take pictures with Junsu?”

Source: smart Editor's Blog
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**as of now**

*1 *,255,917 255,917 BREAK OUT! / 東方神起 10/01/27
*2 *,242,722 **5,962 はつ恋 / 福山雅治 09/12/16
*3 *,136,508 ***,487 GIFT~緑~(雪をください/One day in winter/Snow White) / 関ジャニ∞ 09/12/25
*4 *,136,003 ***,446 GIFT~白~(冬恋/君の歌をうたう) / 関ジャニ∞ 09/12/23
*5 *,133,978 ***,410 GIFT~赤~(I wish/マイナス100度の恋) / 関ジャニ∞ 09/12/24
*6 *,113,546 **1,992 You were.../BALLAD / 浜崎あゆみ 09/12/29
*7 *,*95,501 *14,751 GLORIA / YUI 10/01/20
*8 *,*80,859 *80,859 BLESS / L'Arc~en~Ciel 10/01/27
*9 *,*78,944 **9,673 PHANTOM MINDS / 水樹奈々 10/01/13
10 *,*48,159 ***,362 この愛を捧げて / THE ALFEE 09/12/16

Ooh...Congratulations boys! You've done it again!
We're very proud to be your fans, right guys? ;)

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