Saturday, January 2, 2010

[VIDEOS] 100101 DBSK - 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic Concert Backstage

The performances can be found here: link

Credits: Bambii0u0
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[VIDEO] SNSD Yoona and DBSK Changmin in Mirotic Concert

Credits: galio3rd + sosiz
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Please be nice and I see some EunSu loving at the background!

[VIDEOS] 100101 DBSK - 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic Concert

The uploader is still uploading but she finished uploading all the members' solo. I'll update this post after she uploads more.

Credits: Bambii0u0
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[VIDEO] Dating On Earth NGs

credits:dreammssxxJJ + saysj
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[TRANS] Word of thanks from Stand by U lyricist

This year, at TBS’s Japan Record Awards, TVXQ’s Stand By U, which I’ve wrote the lyrics for, was awarded “Best Song”.

Last year, my works for this group, bolero and doumini coopere kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou, plus this year’s won this award two years in a roll, it is an amazing honor.

To my fans, related staff members, composer UTA+REO, and the ones without them there wouldn’t be this award-TVXQ members, my deep appreciation for all you you.

Really, all because of TVXq. They are currently facing problems, fans and surrounding staffs as well.

With the occasional happiness and sometimes are worries, they became a group that is representative of Asia.

In the activity, I want to wholeheartedly express, the best wishes to them all.

Recently, CD sales are reducing. This year there isn’t an absolute hit song, from now on must write works from the bottom of our harts, one day I can reborn from “lyricist” to “popular songs manufacturer”, from today, I will put a lot of attention to writing music, hopefully everyone will support me!

source: Lyricist’s blog
credit: 东团樱花前线组 peachbear
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[FANACCNT] 10.01.01 Mozart! A Story of Junsu's practice

Our dolphin does us proud ^^
Translation: nellojnkeis @

[ADMIN] Happy New Year!

A few exciting announcements for the New Year!
DBSKnights now has a nice new shoutbox! With automatic refresh!
And we got our very own domain name:

The last half of 2009 has been difficult for Cassiopeia but it's also been a chance for us to show our strength. We're looking forward to all the wonders that await us this coming year.
Here's to 2010!
Happy new year!

With love,
The DBSKnights Team

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