Sunday, December 19, 2010

[TRANS] 101219 Changmin for Ray Magazine - 50 Questions Part 1

Here are the first 25 questions:

1. What is your motto in life?
Honesty is the best policy. That is what my parents have always taught me ever since I was young. Whenever I did anything wrong, they'd get really angry if I lied about it (laughs), but if I confessed to them honestly, they'd be okay.

2. When was it that you felt like you'd grown up?
When memories from the past kept resurfacing in my mind. For example, when I meet up with friends from primary and high school and talk about the old days, or when I see cartoons and toys that remind me of the past.

3. Are there times when you feel like you're still a child?
When I'm with my parents. Whenever I'm with my parents, I'm always extra stubborn (laughs). I don't really speak my mind when I'm with my colleagues, but I'm extremely honest when my parents are around.

4. Are there times when you feel that you just cannot lose to others?
When I'm truly passionate about something, like work, sports, relationships. If I genuinely loved something, I'd never be able to stand losing, but if I'm not very interested, then I wouldn't mind so much.

5. What kind of child were you when you were young?
Cuter than I am now. My skin was like milk, it was white and pale. I was lively, energetic and extremely noisy.

6. If you had a time machine, where would you go and what would you do?
I'd go back to the middle school days. I want to learn and be in love.

7. What are your favourite seasons?
Fall and winter.

8. What do you look forward to in winter?
Ah… snow.

9. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Move and stretch my face muscles. I'll huff a little to loosen up my mouth and then I'll use my tongue to push against my cheeks. I learnt that in my singing lessons. I think it helps make the swelling go away if you do it first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up.

10. What is your secret to maintaining your figure?
To be perfectly honest, I'm just not the type to get fat. I don't really take much notice of it… I'm just naturally like this… sorry (laughs). I work out at the gym 4-5 times a week nowadays.

11. What is your favourite physical feature on yourself?
Eyes. Lots of people have complimented them and I really like them myself. They're not overly small and they don't have to be huge.

12. Do you pay special attention to fashion trends?
Not particularly, but I have my own style. Basically I just wear jeans all the time. Since it's winter now, I'll wear a long coat or knitwear with jeans. I like long tops and long coats (laughs)).

13. Do you read magazines?
I read a lot of fashion magazines. If something I see in a magazine catches my eye, I'll go and buy it. I look at girls' fashion magazines too. In terms of books, I read novels, and I don't read any manga other than 'One Piece'

14. What type of music do you listen to the most?
When it's cold, I like to listen to slow, mellow music.

15. Who is your favourite musician?
Stevie Wonder. Right before this, I went to his concert in Korea. I was so happy to see such a wonderful performance that even cried. It was just amazing (laughs).

16. What do you like to eat?
More to the point, there's nothing that I don't like. I really like pizza and pasta and Italian food in general. I can't really grasp the idea of salted fish… Basically you could give me anything in the world and I'd eat it, just not salted fish.

17. What food or beverage would you recommend?
Water. When I'm thirsty, I'll drink up to 4 litres of water at once, especially if I'm sick. It makes your skin better and speeds up metabolism. It's a lot better than working hard to lose weight.

18. What's your favourite number?
It's always been 2. You might think this is a really ridiculous reason, but I think 1 is an extremely pointless number. Wouldn't 1 become 2 if it just worked a little harder?

19. Favoutie book?
Recently I've been reading '1Q84'. Although it's taking quite a while, I'm honestly hooked. I think it's a book with such an irresistible appeal. There are a lot of avid Haruki Murakami fans in Korea. I've also read 'Norwegian Wood'

20. When have you felt the most motivated recently?
When I'm dancing and learning to sing! I'm the happiest when I'm singing and dancing. I feel like I really push myself whenever I'm learning, but I always get disappointed once I've reached my limit.

21. What do you do during breaks?
I like to spend my free time at home, in peace. Usually I watch TV or DVDs and listen to music at home. Those are probably the things I do most often. I've always liked peace and quiet. When there are a lot of people making a big racket, I get uncomfortable. I don't like it.

22. Where do you go when you go out during your holidays?
I'll go out and have a drink with some friends. Or I'll just go for dinner.

23. Is there a sport you'd like to challenge yourself in?
Bungee jumping. I haven't tried it before but I always feel at peace when I'm standing somewhere high. There aren't a lot of places in Korea that are high enough for me to jump off. I have a really intense desire to jump off somewhere high.

24. Is there anything a girl could do that would make your heart skip a beat?
When she's made food and offers me some. If she goes like 'try some!' and gives me food, yeah something like that (laughs). I'm the type who wants to live eating good food, it'd be even better if it were someone who could make good miso sauce.

25. What type of girls do you like?
Anyone who is innocent and cute is fine. Since I'm not a very lovable person myself, I think I'm attracted to girls like that (laughs). Oh and it'd be nice if she were a little introverted and very gentle.

Credits: NeverEnd
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. I'm so jealous of Minnie!! I'm a huge fan of Murakami~~~~ The english version of IQ84 is only coming out next November and Changmin read the book already??ㅠ^ㅠ

    GAAAHH~~ Changmin oppa!~~~~

  2. haha, Changmin is definitely getting older and maturing, but at the same time, he seems like the same modest Minnie. Gotta love that kid.

    "but I think 1 is an extremely pointless number. Wouldn't 1 become 2 if it just worked a little harder?"

    Lmfaooo, No Minnie. I doesn't work like that. lol

  3. I love Changmin. His answers always honest and simple. I like that.

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  8. "but I think 1 is an extremely pointless number. Wouldn't 1 become 2 if it just worked a little harder?"

    i never thought of it that way, but thanks to you changmin now i do.

    "Since I'm not a very lovable person myself, "

    no, no changmin you are extrememly lovable. ^^

    comeback fighting!

  9. "Cuter than I am now"
    he admits to be cuuute!!!!! >u<

    "Basically you could give me anything in the world and I'd eat it, just not salted fish."

    noted lol

    "I have a really intense desire to jump off somewhere high." this worries me ._.

    he is such a grown up T-T am so proud of being his fan he is just himself and I love it ^^

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