Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[PHOTO] New HoMin Teaser pic!

These ridiculously handsome men...

Another pic!

Thank for the heads up, celboncel!
Source: DCInside + TVreport
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Changmin, so hot. This concept works really well for him.

they are very very very goodlooking
and their style much better than the jyj

i love you guys
and im still waiting

I guess the concept is SMOKE... Its normal to have smoke around hot things right??

yupp.. their concept is Smoke!!

Changmin is unbelieve gorgeous, so hot!!!!!

OMG I love this pic! (much better than the other two) Changmin!!!!

I don´t care the concept!!! I care about Yunho & Changmin Concept of HOT!!!

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their concept is hot model twins!

Wow...the guys are hot and sexy..But Changmin totally HOTTTTTT..The concept really works for Changmin the tall frame the slender body the dark mysterious bad boy..I could go and go about Changmin's hotness...I'm so loving Changmin right now.

holy crap, my mouth literally dropped. I love this concept!

Changmin is totally hot and handsome.

Hot damn..they're so good-looking esp. Changmin.

take a breath..
juat one words to say...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They look so awesome!! ....still not use to them using the DBSK name with just the 2 of them...

changmiiiinnnnn....so hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!

OMG OMG I'm screaming here
they look hotter than ever
oh my manly and dark homin , I was missing you so much!!!

OMG CHANGMIN *spazzms*
i'm going to go around bragging to people now bwahahaa... their korean release is on my birthday!!!! :D

The concept is "smokin' hot", that's what! ;D

i wish them luck and the best from all my haert

WOW ~~ :D

these GQMFs should always be in suits.

Oh My GOD!!!
Changmin, your hotness kills me!!
im gonna have to take a deep breath

Yunho! uri Leader-shii is looking smoking HOT!!!

yunhoooo oppaaaa, your hair awww >o<

emmm. it's like new moon to me.. like werewolf.. hahaha.. but i really like them.. it looks good.. aww. can't wait for their comeback.. >__<

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