Friday, December 3, 2010

[NEWS] 101203 JYJ was Unable to Perform at the "Blue Dragon Film Awards"

It was recently revealed that the trio of JYJ attempted to make an appearance on a broadcast show, but were subsequently rejected.

According to an industry representative, JYJ was scheduled to be in the line-up for KBS 2TV’s “31st Blue Dragon Film Awards” broadcast live on November 26th. The trio rushed to pass the KBS review a week before the ceremony in order to take part in the event.

Artists normally submit their work for review before the release of their album, but JYJ submitted their first album, “The Beginning“, nearly a month after its release. JYJ’s KBS review included a total of seven potential songs to be performed at the ceremony.

Unfortunately, their appearance ended up being miscast due to outstanding disputes with their agency,SM Entertainment, and pressure from the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI); the KFPCAI sent out official letters to both public and cable broadcasting companies, as well as major music distributors requesting to restrict the appearances of JYJ.

The “Blue Dragon Film Awards” is not the only event JYJ is barred from. The trio’s songs have yet to make radio or TV appearances two months into its release, despite viewers and listeners consistently requesting for their songs.

Another industry representative revealed, “JYJ will be met with more obstacles if they do not solve their issue with SM Entertainment. A lot of producers are raising their voices concurrently to exclude JYJ’s activities in order to make sure such a controversy does not happen again.”

Source + Photos: SPN via Nate
Credits: Allkpop
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  1. Whatever SM, whatever.
    Hope the brand new year brings better news for the boys.


  2. so sad D:

    A lot of producers are raising their voices concurrente to exclude JYJ’s activities in order to make sure such a controversy does not happen again.”

  3. SME is so tricky.. poor SME. Jealous much???

    As long as JYJ can perform to their fans it's still ok.. Always keep the faith!

  4. broadcast , Award, music program, whatever
    Who cares? ..Sorry to said that! but i like to pay my money to the real live performance, just like their concert.

  5. The world is mighty big. JYJ are welcomed in many other places, win their awards, be on their tv, radio, sell & make tons of money, loved by tons of fans. So be that way, it's not a big deal.

  6. Tired of this.... =/ Just let go of the boys already...

  7. "A lot of producers are raising their voices concurrently to exclude JYJ’s activities in order to make sure such a controversy does not happen again.”

    I don't understand these producers' logic. Why do they have to care for an association that is not an official organization? Chicken much!

  8. beloved all around but home ,that hurts

  9. urgh!!!
    i get sick wif SM !!
    such a troublemaker!!

  10. WTF does SME want from JYJ??Whatever the three of them do has got nothing to do with SME anymore..And screw those producers..Just mind your own business,will you?!

  11. This is unfair. I thought this issue was settled by the court. Didn't the court ruled out that SM/KFP something can't do this. Why still block their TV appearance? What a bastard!!!

    How far are they gonna step on JYJ when this is nothing to do with them. JYJ go independent, no? ~sigh~

  12. does KFPCAI really exist?? i can't find other article related to KFPCAI beside JYJ case =.=

  13. I do think being on TV and radio is extremely important to our boys. Cassies are great and loyal, but damn, I do think they need to gain new fans, not just staying in the close circle of hardcore fans like us. They are celebrities, more fans = more power.


  15. SM acts like they own korea. My god.. just let the band do their own thing! What are they so afraid of? They still have sooo many other popular bands that represent SM. All the company is going to end up doing is losing supporters and create more enemies...

  16. stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I'm really curious why they are being ban when they aren't even doing anything illegal. As far as I'm concerned, I have heard of another artist that is an a group being in a double contract however that artist nor its group is being banned like jyj is. Plus, what these producers should be setting an example is of a company like sm that continually makes slave contracts. Just by acts like this that the korean music industry is doing to jyj makes me look down on korea and what they do to their own people.

  18. They've done a good job!
    It's easier to show the power of fan without media..
    How great JYJ are without media..
    SM just wait & see haha
    No.1 on chart anyway

  19. aww.. they're such bitches!XD why can't they leave our boys alone!

  20. ha3 so SME really want JYJ that bad ha?
    JYJ is really2x the BEST
    one by one media just come to them

  21. is awful that SM has the power and influence to stop JYJ like they do ;-(


  22. WTH. it's shows that SM really wants JYJ so bad. they envy with the success of JYJ. it's okay. eventhough jyj cant perform in tv and radio cassiopeia will always watch and listen to jyj's song with many way!just wait and see whose gonna be no.1 in the chart

  23. oh why cant SM mind their own business instead of alwayz threatening JYJ. They work so hard to achieve their current status. Give them a break!!!

  24. wow... SME just keeps stooping lower and lower with every action they take...

  25. SM %&%&%&%&/(()$$$/*¡?/"#$%&/($&/*p/&$#$%&&/&//SM...."%/))?¡?=*¡*?*&/))= SM

  26. That's sooooo unfair! :( JYJ brought in so much money for Korea through their recent concerts and yet they aren't allowed to make radio or TV appearances? What a way of repaying them! :(

    SO UNFAIR! >:|

  27. sme stupid.....hate so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    mybe SM threatened KFPCAI?? whatever it is, it totally UNFAIR!!!

    get lost SME!! we HATE u!!!!

  29. SMe and KFPCAI??
    crazy!!!!!!!!!LEAVE JYJ ALONE!!!!!!!!

  30. i hope the upcoming year will be SME's downfall!

  31. WTF IS SME !! screw those producers !! you producers are just a bunch of cowards !!!! saying that JYJ is a bad influence on the hallyu wave ?!! WHAT A BUNCH OF JOKE !! JYJ's seoul concert brought in SO MANY TOURISTS TO KOREA !!! did u guys see that ?!! do u now still dare to say that they are a bad influence on korea !! ??

  32. SME seemed to have forgotten there is something call "new media". Who needs tv n radio? we've got the INTERNET~ and it has been proven that the modern generation spends more time online then watching the tv and listening to the radio.

  33. I only feel disgust
    my image of Korea is weakened
    I hope it ends soon demand
    I just know he is dead for me sm

  34. It's the old funny duddies ganging up to flex their power & influence like in soaps. But with fans supporting JYJ, those duddies are having indigestion & can't sleep at nights probably.

  35. Another industry representative = SM? hahahah but as long as JYJ are at the top,SM will continue to have a bad day and nothing can stop JYJ!

  36. I can't say I agree with why there were rejected, but I can see why. They seriously have to get this crap with SM fixed before they can attempt to make an actual appearance. TV Companies are way to scared of SM to risk business over one group.

  37. Does anyone know if Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) has an website? I will like to send them a letter to tell them how I feel about their action.



  38. To the people bashing SME on this article, does it say SME here?
    U automatically jump on conclusion that it was SME that has a say in this.
    Well, it was decided by the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) in order to prevent further future incidents like JYJ's case.
    Why don't u just look at the evidence that is laid out for u instead of groundlessly bashing SME for EVERYTHING?
    I wonder if any of u believe in what HOMIN said.
    U guys say that u believe in 5 boys , yet u only believe in JYJ and their story, am I wrong?

  39. So many clueless so called fans jumping to conclusion and bash SME, it's almost comical. If they wanted to be treated fairly, they shouldn't have back stabbed their members and the company who made them. They won't be where they are if it weren't for the fame they achieved with SME's support and TVXQ. Just let go of them? Get a clue. SME invested tons of money to support those 3 traitors, but once they achieved fame, they decided to steal everything and screw the remaining members & the company. I am actually surprised that SME is not doing anything to screw them back.

  40. @Anonymous the reason everyone is saying its SM is becuase there must be someone behind the scene of KFPCAI that everyone in the media is scared of becuase I doubt the KFPCAI has that much power to hurt any producers if they allow JYJ. That is why everyone is assuming that it's SM that is behind the issue. And I agree becuase I think SM is holding a grudge on JYJ and want to do anything to make them fail/have a difficult time.

    And about HoMin they never personally said anything like "SM is a good place" or "SM treats us well" (if they did say that after the lawsuit they I think they may have been forced) they are quite tight lipped, so who knows how they feel about SM. They might be just staying there becuase they feel they'll have more success there while JYJ want more independence. So do not just call people pathetic because we all know that there is no nice/perfect entertainment industries.

    I am not sure if SM is actually the ones but if I had to pick someone they are the first ones in my list but it's just my opinion. If I said something wrong then I am sorry, but you should not call anyone in this website pathetic becuase we all love all 5 of the (why do you think we put so much effort in figuring out what is happening).

  41. So many people are making conclusions based on their assumptions, but it would be naive to think there is no politics going on. When JYJ decided on the lawsuit, JYJ should've expected the lawsuit to drag on for years (with only two years, that's pretty fast for them). Trust me, the last thing you wanted to be in is entangled in a lawsuit.

  42. Think logically. JYJ broke the contract. If that happens all the time, the whole Korean entertainment industry's structure may have to change.

    The reason the "idols" are successful is because of years of investment that company like SME (JYP, YG etc) is making on the trainees, and without those years of training, there won't be any more idols like we have now. So of course the whole industry feels threatened by JYJ's action, and even without SME's influence, JYJ won't be accepted within the industry until this issue is resolved. I hightly doubt any of the companies (YG, JYP) want JYJ to win the lawsuit. Can you imagine a member of Big Bang filing a similar lawsuit to screw YG to break out of the contract?

    SM is holding a grudge? You obviously do not understand business. TVXQ is SME's biggest product, and SME would be the last party to damage its reputation as they repeatedly said in the court proceedings and the recent announcement about TVXQ's comeback.

  43. I hope some of you who keep telling SM to let go of JYJ, I wonder how you would feel if you took out a loan and signed a contract at 10% interest rate, then the bank decided to raise the rate to 20% siting the contract is unfair.

    Oh BTW, the contract they signed is far from a "slave" contract, and the distribution of income is more than fair. Some JYJ biased fans are only showing portions of contract that doesn't produce much profit to make the contract look unfair and justify JYJ's action, but if you look at the whole thing, TVXQ is getting fair share of the profits.

  44. hey stop depending sm coz i can see your "nose" its to long already its time to cut it

  45. LOL defending SM? Of course ur fine with bashing SM even without any evidence because they're against your precious JYJ. Everyone is just assuming SM is involved in this even though above article doesn't mention anything about it. It's funny how people don't have any problem defacing a legit business without any evidence. The only thing it mentions is that JYJ & SM is involved in a lawsuit.

    Maybe Korean producers don't like that gansta Mr. Baek who served in prison and now managing JYJ, ever thought of that?

  46. lol
    Thankfully the contract was found unfair
    once before the lawsuit
    and now it seems the fair trade found it unfair, AGAIN, since SM didn't change it whne they were told the contract was infact a salve contract

  47. Please people stop bashing each other. We don't know in details about the lawsuit and everything. Don't just make assumptions that hurt a fan like me that still strongly believe in them. Just wait and see what will happen later and as long as my TVXQ boys are happy I already feel contented with it even deep in my heart I always want them to be together like before..

  48. LOL X 2

    If the contract was found unfair, what is this lawsuit that's going on back in Korea right now? The judge didn't rule anything about the contract. The only thing he ruled is to settle everything in the main suit, and suspend the effect of the contract so JYJ can still work in the meantime.

    Do you know what JYJ camp did after they got the temporary contract injunction? They just sat on it without filing the main lawsuit for months, dragging the lawsuit. Do you know why? They weren't in a hurry to end the lawsuit because they got what they wanted thru injunction, that is to get out of SM and work on their own regardless of what happens to TVXQ. Because of them sitting on this lawsuit, SM had to file the main suit to validate the contract, and that's the suit that's going on right now. (JYJ filed another lawsuit to void the contract after SM filed their suit, and those two cases are being handled in one court).

    As for the Fair Trade Commission, you don't even know what you are talking about. They have guidelines for the length of the contract (7 yrs max for most), but there are exceptions for overseas artists which applies to TVXQ. Some uninformed people are spreading rumors like crazy to cover up for JYJ.

  49. STUPID SM!!!!! I REALLY2 HATE SM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. "Korea Fair Trade Commission Clamps Down on Entertainment Companies “Slavery” Contract Terms
    DATE: November 21, 2008
    It was announced that the Korea Fair Trade Commission had sent notice to 10 major entertainment companies recently, asking them to modify some contract terms that was judged to be unfair to their artistes. The spotlight is on the contract terms that mainly interferes with the personal life of their artistes
    Artistes belonging to SM Entertainment have to appear on internet broadcasting belonging to the company for free....
    Other notable terms which include companies being able to ask artistes to perform for free as and when they like, using their artistes song compositions in anyway they want to"
    SM is the one saying that 7 years is too short, not the Korea Fair Trade Commission. They included (3 years ago!) SM in the list of companies with Slave contracts

  51. did SM paid you or something?are you freeking kidding me?Hey if that's the case share some to us im sure other cassies have the same opinion as i am.dont suck up coz im sure SM does not care about you just chill kid..coz i could see some wrinkles in your forehead:)

  52. what the hell? why are some people calling them traitors?
    SO SHUT THE HELL UP. JYJ is fighting for what they deserve. it's not SM that made them famous. if that was the case, WHY WEREN'T CSJH/BLACKBEAT/JANG RI IN/ETC. RECEIVING SO MUCH ATTENTION?
    the only damn thing SM ever did was put them into a group, whip them into doing whatever they wanted them to do, made them pretty, and set them on stage. ANY OTHER AGENCY COULD'VE MADE THEM FAMOUS. HELL, THEY COULD'VE MADE THEMSELVES FAMOUS IF THEY WANTED TO.
    the thing is that they got chose the wrong company to work for. now that they realize how brutal SM is, they're standing up for what's right. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

  53. yes!thank u sister pround of u:)lets not stop supporting jyj fighting!!!

  54. Look everyone, stop fighting. Although I don't like SM too, I feel that some of use are taking it too personally. NONE of us know what is going on since none of us live in Korea(if you do then you still don't know what is happening becuase you only know what the media tells you).

    And the person who said that I do not understand business. Your right I don't understand becuase I am only a teenager in America, but I am not that stupid to not notice that something weird is happening in Korea and SM can disrupt JYJ activities without ruining their reputation (even though it's kind of already ruined in the eyes of some Cassies).

    PS @anonymous 10:42 What did you mean that we live in country founded by so called "traitors". I am not offended but curious. Oh and I agree that is JYJ/DBSK were in a different agency they would still be famous becuase SM did not give them their talents (only some singing lessons that other agencies can also provide) =)

  55. wow these comments are incredible; heated because i know how much you all love JYJ and DBSK for that matter. Its lovely for you guys to be good fans and show support!

    Keep in mind, however, the reality of it all: This is a business and all that that implies. SM are business people protecting thier own interests; rightly so, as it is thier job to do so. JYJ are a talented group of fellas, but DBSK was huge for SME. They have a team trained to go down fighting and JYJ knew that before they broke it off.

    If JYJ wants the freedom they're asking for, they had better be willing to dig thier heels in and fight for it. To maintain JYJ they had to piss off one of the largest global agencies. That doesn't go away overnight, so the boys have to swallow it for the time being, and wait for the storm to pass. JYJ's media exposure is a privilege they had with DBSK through the expertise of SM people...if they want it now, they have to start from 'The Beginning' and earn it all over again.

    As long as JYJ sees it through and keep thier heads up, they'll be ok...but fans need to be patient and keep supporting all five guys whichever direction they go. Perserverance is the only way to success!

    *I'm American, and I've worked in this business. To whomever referred to the US as being founded by traitors...what an irrational comment to make! JYJ and DBSK have fans here too...not all of them are Asian or live there. Some of us are Caucasian college graduates who've worked in the music business and speak three languages, including Hangul. Have some respect for your fellow fans and welcome the diversity. Our boys can be loved by anyone with any opinion.

  56. @Anonymous 5:33PM: I agree with you.

    To others, personal attacks and unfounded comments do not legitimize your reasoning. If you were in court attacking other people, will you be able to persuade judges?

    It's no doubt, DBSK is a very talent group of singers (i'm not using boys here, I think "boys" is a very derogatory to address someone you've loved). It's also a lie to say that SME didn't help DBSK's success. In short, DBSK is an example of talents and opportunities working together at its best.

    In listening to the music, DBSK's music, JYJ's, Yunho's and Changmin's have different feel. It was very disappointing because I thought DBSK's could forage into American media industry, representing the Asianness in America.

  57. "OUR" precious JYJ... wow...
    n they call themselves cassies...
    I finally see the break up of cassies. I have always heard of it but I never really saw it.

    Whatever, JYJ may have part of the fault but SME should not torture their artists like that. I mean sure they made a good management company but that doesn't involve torturing their staff. You people defending SME hvn't heard of the comment that Hangeng made about how he was forced to pretend he was well just so SME could have their money. And take Krystal for example, is it a coincidence that she was so exhausted she collapsed on stage and she just happens to be an SME artist?

    These people call JYJ defenders bias but they never look at themselves and call themselves bias and calling JYJ traitors. F***ers...

  58. @Anonymous, December 5, 2010 1:18 AM

    Well, I would like to point out that there is no proof that SME was involved in the matter..
    SME was only mentioned as the agency involved in the disputes with JYJ.
    How does it make SME as the responsible party in sending out the letter KFPCAI has made?
    Let's be fair, because I am getting REALLY tired of all these continuous groundless SME bashing.
    If you want to do so, please find a legitimate case with a proof and do it.
    For somebody like me, it just looks so typical of someone looking for something to blame for everything.

    About Krystal collapsing, why is it SME's fault?
    Let me tell you an example of mine, I have once collapsed/ fainted while working a while ago.
    It turned out that I didn't drink enough liquid and I didn't eat properly either at the time due to my personal circumstances.
    Did I think it was my work that made me faint? NO!
    Did my family ever even think about blaming my work for it? NO!
    It is basically the same with Krystal.
    Who knows what conditions Krystal had and how she herself contributed to it?

    About Hankeng, any work comes with responsibility and dedication.
    If one is promised in a occasion, as an example, wouldn't it be no doubt that he should show up and pretend you are well in front of the people, especially as an entertainer?
    Do you think he should have showed that he was not well?
    Even Hangeng seems very immature to me to say such a thing if he did.
    He and you certainly don't understand the reality in the professional world.

    Yunho has gone through similar cases and sometimes much worse cases numerous times, as some of you might remember.
    He has said that he could not have participated but he chose to get shots to numb pains to do concerts not to disappoint awaiting fans.
    These were during concerts in Malaysia many years ago and in Japan in other year.

    What does it tell you?
    First, Yunho has responsibility and takes his JOB seriously.
    Second, SME was willing to let him skip due to his injury but Yunho chose to do the concerts.

    These are just examples I thought of but I hope you guys are a little more level headed in finding scapegoats.

  59. It's hard first of all to pinpoint SM responsible without evidences for what JYJ is going through. Even if that's the case, how is(are) the evidence(s) obtained? And lastly, I'm sorry to say but I don't seem to trust Hangeng that much. He's probably being used by the Chinese media to defame Korean entertainment for taking its influence on Asian market(and I'm not Korean to say the least). About Krystal's fainting spell, it seems somewhat common. I'm in the entertainment industry as well, if I don't intake enough water or forgot to eat, it's that easy to faint. Once you're in entertainment, you have to present yourself to be loved by everyone (because everyone is looking at you). Yes, of course you're overworked, but if you don't risk your life doing it, then you probably won't be at the top (during concerts time, I rarely got any sleep). Entertainment industry is a very highly competitive industry.

    As I was in the entertainment, the love and support of the fans can help the artists a lot. And I hope ALLL OF US can support all five members of DBSK in whichever way they want to pursue their career.

    I believe Jaejong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin (just by age not by any other preference) chose the road that they want to lead. They want what's best for themselves and for the fans as well. I'm sure they've made their decisions based on careful considerations.

    As for me, I still support all of them whichever road they take. It's what trust is for. It's the trust toward Jaejong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junso and Changmin.

  60. @Anonymous, December 4, 2010 10:18 AM ,

    You mentioned at the end of your comment;
    >>>>> They included (3 years ago!) SM in the list of companies with Slave contracts<<<<<<<<<

    You need to give me the proof because I KNOW that there is nothing so far that points to SME having the slave contracts other than speculations.
    It has been all speculations but no conclusion.

    ALl I can say is that you are lying on that.
    You and many other may think it is a slave contract but it didn't get ruled as a slave contract either by the court or FTC.
    Even during the time,November 2008, you mentioned, the mentioned agencies that needed to modify contracts were not major entertainment companies that means SME,JYP,YG were not on the list.
    BTW, did you know that FTC had a guideline saying long term contract over 7 years is exempted to artists with major overseas activities?
    That means FTC does NOT think having a 13 year contract for artists like DBSK is a unfair contract.

  61. Wooweee... O_____O

    I think everyone here should've make it to be lawyers.. bwahahah... (maybe some just are.. -.-)

    for me jyj is like a big tree that belong to the solid ground of mother earth.. coz their roots are to spread and their branches are too big...

    and sme just want to place their artist on pots or canvasses, they decide how big the pot will be for each of their artists... but that cant be done when it turned out that the seed grew up to be an oak tree...

    so that oak tree have two choices.. break the pot with all their might and spread their majestic being on earth.. or just keep silent and let the pot turn them into a cute bonsai tree...

    hmmm.. i'm glad those three chose the first option... though they'll be hurt (by their own choice and by everyone else perspective) but everyone will see how big and strong they are... with or against..

    and... i think they'll make a cute and sexy big oak tree....^^

    so the hell with kfpcai or capcay or whateva their name... coz they're nobody... and just let us focus on this adorable and irresistible new oak tree and help them grow big every possible way we can shall we...

  62. I can understand if lots of entertainment companies in Korea are raising their voices to block JYJ to perfom in TV stations or radios (especially the small companies). Right now, lots of these companies can't pay their artists with the reason such as financial difficulties etc. & lots of these artists can't push their companies to pay their right, the best thing they're doing right now are move to another company.

    If JYJ still can perfom in TVs or radios without difficulties (after they sued SME), it will give the inspirations to the other artists to do the same.

    If someday JYJ win, I think it will be become the nightmare of these entertainment companies in Korea. But I hope JYJ will win this case since it will help the other artists to get what they deserve to get.

  63. @Anonymous, December 5, 2010 4:38 AM

    Actually it included major agencies JYP SM enven Mnet

    wanna read it yourself?

    The 10 biggest entertainment companies named by the Korea Fair Trade Commission to change their artistes contracts include iHQ, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Yedang Entertainment, BOF, Olive9, wellmade Star, Namoo Actors, Fantom Stars and The spotlight is on the contract terms that mainly interferes with the personal life of their artistes. For example, an artiste has to first seek approval from their company before being able to go overseas (iHQ). An artiste must notify their company their present location at anytime of asking (Olive9, Fantom). An artiste lifestyle including companionship, schooling, citizenship, military enlistment, making friends, economic activities, socializing events, transportation will have to be consulted with the company (JYP Entertainment) in advance which interferes with a person's personal life.