Thursday, December 23, 2010

[TRANS] Kim Rana from 9Muses uses Xiah Junsu's Beautiful Thing as her current ringtone

K-Celebs who use songs by other people as ringtones:

Eli - U-Kiss [all be there by usher]
Minji - 2NE1 [Love the Way You Lie - Eminem and Rihanna]
Ga-In - BEG [Christmas Song by Faith Evans]
Narsha - BEG [Like a Star by Corrine Bailey Rae]
Rana - 9Muses [Beautiful Thing by Xiah Junsu]

K-Celebs who silent-mode their mobile:

Alexander - U-Kiss
SooHyun - U-Kiss
Park Jung Min - SS501
G-Dragon - Big Bang
Minho - Shu-I
In Seok - Shu-I
Jinon - F-Cuz
Kim Hyun Joong / Hyung Joon (not sure which cos in Jap, their names are identical!) - SS501

K-Celebs who use their own songs as ringtones:

Kiseob - U-Kiss [Man Man Ha Ni]
Kevin - U-Kiss [Shut Up]
Cheon Juson - Co-Ed [Too Late]
Miryo & Jea - BEG [Love Is...]
Jin Seok - Shu-I [Bomb Bomb Bomb]

K-Celebs who use standard ringtones:

T.O.P. - Big Bang
CL - 2NE1
Sandara - 2NE1
Park Bom - 2NE1
Ye Jun - F.Cuz
JiHyuk - Supernova

Translated by: christabel88@DBSKnights
Magazine Scan by: Tisya@bigbangupdates
Credits: KStar Lovers Japanese Magazine
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Who is this? Lee Roy - U-Kiss [all be there by usher] Lol. Lee Roy isn't in U-KISS.

  2. it's Eli, someone misread the Japanese

  3. Even if you read it in Japanese it's still Eli (irai) But if you're not familiar with you U-Kiss it's understandable

  4. Ohhh sorry lol. Thank you guys for clarifying

  5. is there a reason that TOP and Jiyong are bolded as well? :O

    not that i have a problem with it, i'm just wondering if there was a special reason why. LOLOL.

  6. @Anonymous 1:32 PM thats because this is from some big bang fansite

  7. Beautiful Thing was the song which brought me into kpop...