Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[RANDOM] Cassies strapped for cash?

Many a Cassie has had their dream crushed this week when they saw the sky-high ticket prices for the JYJ showcase. But I am here to tell you all is not lost! Money is merely a problem you can overcome. Here are some ways to make a fast buck:

GET A PART TIME JOB – Do it the old fashioned way and earn that cash! Check out ads in your local listings or online.

HAVE A BAKE SALE – Everyone loves cake! Make delicious cupcakes and force all your loved ones to buy one. Then force strangers too.

SELL STUFF ON CRAIGSLIST OR EBAY – Electronics that you don’t use anymore, collectables, all that useless stuff you have in the attic. Alternatively, have a yard sale.

DO ODD JOBS – Mow a lawn, rake some leaves, grab a kid to babysit (This works best when you tell the parents first. Otherwise it might be called kidnapping).

SELL YOURSELF – No, DBSKnights is not promoting prostitution! We’re talking about blood or hair. There are clinics that will pay you up to $35 or so for some of your plasma, which you can donate twice a week.

But since time is the essence:

BORROW MONEY – From a friend, from your parents. Then do any of the above and pay them back.

Take this as an opportunity to show your friends and family how devoted you are to this fandom. Be proactive!

If even after all this there is no chance of seeing the JYJ showcase, remember this is only The Beginning. With a little luck, JYJ will be back! Cause if there’s something Cassies are good at, it’s keeping the faith.

Best of luck and remember -
always keep the faith!

With love,
Rachel (MrCKDexter)


  1. I'm already selling my bed. and I'll be going to donate 3 times between now and can. I can only get $15 each time though, cause I am short and don't weigh alot. I'm also trying to sell Avon.
    and there's a thing to post a vid of why you're their biggest fan. I'm going to enter that.

  2. yay!!!! i'll do more overtime now... i need to get tickets for the england showcase.... nhehehehe!

  3. I love this article LOL, but it's really sad how JYJ showcases and products are getting out of our financial reach. I'm talking about 3HREE VOICES, SungKyunKwan Scandal photobook and all those over-prices products (not to mention the showcase tickets) that are available to be purchased but make our wallet weep.

    I think JYJ and their producers should realize that their fans are mostly teenage girls who (at least most) don't see that much money go into our pockets.

  4. How much are they for NYC? *checks it out*

    OHMYGOD. $141?!?!?!?!?! THIS IS INSANITY.

    Welp. Looks like I'll be there in spirit. I got a part-time job, but I need my money ;__;

  5. Yip, the Vegas one is over 300.00 bucks. It's just a lot of money. Your advise is great & humorous. Good luck everyone.

  6. "We’re talking about blood or hair. There are clinics that will pay you up to $35 or so for some of your plasma, which you can donate twice a week."--------this is too much, i think...

  7. sell yourself hahahaha ..thnks for the advices :)

    You HAVE TO go T_T
    there is ppl still SO FAR from any 'worldwide showcase tour'. Like me.
    So T___T It wouldnt be fair that u have the chance but u dont go. At least try.
    Fighting !

  9. hahahaha this is really funny but true. I don't live in US so even if I want I can't go, mostly because of the damn visa but here I am writing about this entry. I hope one day they come to mexico *sigh*

    it's true, I'm earning my own money and saving it to buy tvxq/jyj stuff and yeah is expensive, but even the lady gaga concert here in mexico is like $170 USD, and my friend is going.

    Honestly you're so lucky...

  10. In Seoul, the showcase ticket costs only 50 dollars. And the concert's the same.
    Why does it cost a lot in the U.S?

  11. if jae sold his blood for cookies then we can too. lol

    They know ppl in NY (or the whole dang east coast) will be desperate enough to pay up $300 for a ticket.

    let's just make it worth it and do everything that we can to atleast jump the boys lmao

  12. It's the holiday season here in the US a lot of shopping places are hiring seasonal workers if that helps especially Toys r us. I'm a college student, I'm not going to the showcase though I have money to go just because of the location. And since it is the holiday season, you could forgo the presents and ask for early cash instead. On a college campus they look for people to participate in research and they will get paid so that is something to do. Raking leaves for people can also be a source of income. Good luck ladies.

  13. thanks for trying to be positive, but some of us of poor university students who cant afford to work overtime and keep up w/ our studies.
    i'm sorry, but the tickets are way over priced. even top stars in the US cost less. idk why jyj or their management think that everyone in the US is rich or something.

  14. Are YOU guys serious??
    I thought this article was a joke.
    No wonder so many blind fans are still supporting for JYJ.
    You have to look what JYJ have done for us, Yunho and Changmin.
    Wake up, people!!
    Always Keep "the Faith" = FAT Money for JYJ

  15. @ribbonknight
    JYJ is not setting the prices, the organizers are. you never how much they actually get.. so yeah calm down.

    It's expensive i know U_U

  16. This is only a rumor, but i heard the tickets are expensive because they dont have any sponsors in the US for the showcase.

  17. I would rather spend my money to support JYJ than SME.

  18. Well I thought this was to offer friendly advice to people who want to go but financially couldn't. "So many blind fans" thank you for lumping us there. I only buy the albums I like and usually not the singles. I've never been to a concert so I don't actually know the usually prices for these things but to see Robin Williams were around the 200 range because he came perform in one of my schools auditoriums. I don't know what the average cost usually is, but in the broad spectrum of things perhaps you're right there are many blind fans filling the pockets of JYJ. But for every group or artists there are the few who are blindly dedicated to support their artist no matter what.

    Besides this concert is not a must see for everyone. If I ever get to see them in concert, then so be it. As of now, I will be a fan that chooses not to.

    AKTF peeps
    And for the record I'm a greedy person, if filling their pockets is the way to squeeze everything out of them I can then that it is

  19. well bottom line is, yes its expensive but for me its a once in a life time thing. who knows when they'll be back in NY? thats why i've started saving a long time ago. i hope u guys will find out some way to attend. it'd be nice to show them that they have support here in ny~

  20. @Giang - Nhóm 3
    I think their their showcase in Malaysia also cost almost the same for VIP ticket but it still sold out. IDK, their Seoul VIP tics is also pretty expensive. It's pretty fair I think. Just go with the ordinary tics if you couldn't afford for the VIP. ^^ Just show them that they are loved. ^^

  21. i dun mind paying a lot for them although i have to starve the whole month. they worth it. and we dunno about the as long as they are still around, singing, i'll definitely go. i dun mind if somebody's gonna say that i'm blind or blinded...
    anyway, thanks for the nice tips :)

  22. just a random guess....

    is it possible that the tickets there are more expensive because of
    the venue? different places/country have different prices to use the place for concert...
    maybe the tickets are more expensive to cover the cost of using the stage/stadium/lighting......maybe even the additional crew??

  23. Im one of the VIP tix holder for Malaysia showcase. I bought the VIP tix that cost me RM1000 where i can pay my car loan twice or get me an I-pod, or worth me 3month meal expenses. the Showcase only lasted less than an hour. Do I regret it? Hell NO. Am I blind? I am not coz I do all the thinking and budgeting. And I Q for it for 4hours. To conclude all the experience = IT WAS PRICELESS. I WILL GO AGAIN FOR THEIR CONCERT EVEN IT COST ME ANOTHER 1000. Their soulful performance worth the price.

  24. malaysian vip tix was more expensive than the US... more than 300 USD i mind u~ but it's still sold out the minute they sell it! and as 1 of vip tix holder, i didn't regret being blind fan.. coz the 40 minutes show was PRICELESS! i will not exchange those moment with anything! and i earned that money for months before that~ I WILL GO TO THEIR UPCOMING CONCERT NO MATTER WHAT EVEN IF IT'LL COST ME USD500!

  25. I think the high price is okay, it lessens the fight for tickets. Don't sell your blood or plasma for money, girls. Health & family are #1. I'm not young and I can buy a VIP $330.00 US Vegas ticket if I want cuz I do have the money but I choose not to splurge. I can't accept a cheaper, far seat at the concert either so I just don't go. I'm sad, but ...

  26. @ribbonknight
    Please Don't sprout nonsense when you don't know anything. I have the Malaysian tix on hand and I don't see any sponsors for them at all... while their previous concerts as DBSK, there were a few sponsors printed on the tix, including the Korea Tourism Org. The tour incur a lot of costs: dancers, food, lodging, flight, promoters, publicist, venue rentals, etc. You can roughly calculate it. They might not even make any profit after paying for the overhead costs. JYJ just want to meet their fans... if there are not a lot of fans, then they might not even return... So, yeah it may be 'once in a lifetime' for some fans there...
    Good Luck to All!!!
    For those who can go, I'm sure you're going to Enjoy yourselves :)

  27. Selling blood to earn money for a "concert" is the most stupid idea I've heard in this month.. Just...really?..><.
    The showcases in the US are way overpriced, but I'm sure the loyal fans that have extra dough will fill up the venue with no problem. Like some fan shared above, I too have the money to go if I really wanted to. But I won't because it's never worth spending $300 for not even an hour long of entertainment. I rather spend that 300 bucks buying Christmas presents for my parents.
    Before anyone mistakes me for an anti or something, I'm definitely not one. People will prolly still be bashing my post anyways..but whatever ^^

  28. i REALLY hope this is just a joke =(

  29. The article was meant half jokingly, half for real. My intention was levity. After hearing that Cassies were crying because they couldn't possible afford to go to the showcase in New York, I thought of this post. I wanted to keep people hopeful and happy - after all, I think this is what the fandom is all about.

    As a side note, I'm surprised at how many people took offense to the "sell your blood" suggestion. Selling or donating blood is not dangerous or criminal. Is it really so offensive?

  30. did all the showcases last less than 60 minutes?

  31. We shouldn't forget that JYJ donated a lot of money to charity during some of the recent showcase trips. I hope the new management is wise in their budgeting so that everyone is earning good but also try to keep ticket prices affordable for the young fans.

  32. @MrCKDexter
    lol. No, I get ur joke. Sometimes people take things too seriously. ^___^

  33. PLEASE READ!!!

    JYJ VIP tickets are $300. SO WHAT!! There are VIP tickets of other popular singers that are WAY more expensive or just as expensive!!

    Listed below are the VIP ticket prices of different popular american shows:

    Lady GaGa --> $355 NYC & $435 Chicago

    Prince --> $500 - $750 NYC

    Usher --> $850 LA

    SADE --> $325 Chicago

    U2 --> $277

    Some of these VIP show prices might vary depending on the city. Just like one of JYJ's showcase VIP tickets are $300 in I think Vegas?

    Girls, you must understand that JYJ aka DBSK are VERY POPULAR singers!! So yes tickets will be expensive just like these other popular singers I listed. DUH!! SO DO NOT CALL JYJ GREEDY!! SHOW BIZ IS SHOW BIZ $$$$$$$!!!

  34. hahaha
    @AWilliams, i got the points.yes, its expensive. but i think ppl who might come were very lucky!! im even cant go... it was SOO FAR to get there and i cant handle it.. *sigh...
    if i was there.. dont know what im doin for bucks...hahaha
    just call me "a blind fan" i dont care ^^

  35. LOL so hard at -"grab a kid to babysit (This works best when you tell the parents first. Otherwise it might be called kidnapping)" -part xD

    nice article... :)
    and i think this quite usefull NOT ONLY for those ticket concert..but also can do outside fandom :)

    my self do #2 & #3 choice especialy when really need extra cash..

    remind me when im younger,i've done some laundry & 'force' my sis pay i could buy my toy collection...LOL


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  37. @kaki...yeah I just needed to get that point across to certain people. huhu~

  38. u guys are crazy. but i like it! always keep the faith to our boys!

  39. Some people are just so crazy, come on ppl! they are JUST joking and half hearted serious! If you really WANT to go you will do ANYTHING for it! I have to travel a couple of hours, cross the US/Mexico border, beg to my parents, beg to my sister to take me, pay for the concert, pay for the expenses and a LOT of other things and i still think itll be ALL WORTH IT!! Why?? because idk if they will be around next year, or next season or if the "AKTF" thing will help us at ALL to gain back our beloved TVXQ that we miss so god damn much, so yes, am i a blind fan? Heck no, like everyone has been saying, no sponsors = price goes up, besides they have to pay for the staff tickets since they are flying all the way across the world just to come and give us a show, they have to pay food, a place to stay, the stage, the staff, the guys that are promoting them, other expenses and we only think they are milking the money out of us cassies? I dont think so, i know many Mexican fans that would work their asses off just to be able to go and see them, i have the chance, idk if ill have it again, so right now that i can still grasp it and that even though i had to sacrifice other things for it i can still say