Monday, September 13, 2010

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About the right way to pronounce it… while I was still considering between "Daburu" and "Daburyuu", at the rehearsal for Dome Jejung said, "That should be Daburyuu shouldn't it!" so we decided on "Daburyuu" (LOL).

After Tohoshinki's activities were suspended, when the announcement of the trio's "THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME" was announced, I received a request to write the lyrics for songs that they can sing at Dome.

At that time, I was entrsuted with writing about the real feeling of the trio.

I'm sorry but I can't write the details about it here.

From now on, I'm going to write about my own feeling… but I could really feel that the trio are sincerely wishing to work as 5 again.

I believe that it is also the wish of the duo and of course, the fans.

I was wondering how I should convey that wish and feeling into a message to fans, thus I created a wrote something called "If you have a message to HoMin, would you tell me your message?" on Twitter and Ameba.

I remember that at that time, I didn't have that many followers on Ameba, but thanks to everyone who spread it on the Internet, I received a lot of messages.

No, I was entrusted with them.

Among the messages, there are messages that are written in all hiragana so that the duo would be able to read them… I feel very apologetic because I can't directly deliver the messages to them…

A great number of messages contain the words "We're waiting for the day you will come back" and "Were protecting a place for you to come back to".

When the song was sung at Dome, went on the download chart, and was uploaded everywhere… I received a lot of messages on what the true meaning of the song is.

Among them, there are bitter comments such as "The trio already left, isn't it funny to say that they're still waiting?"

Since I wrote that song with the intention of conveying the true feelings of the trio and not my own, thinking of the trio, I've been keeping my silence to those comments even though I'm usually a talkative person.

I also made sure that I did not write about anything that is over-sensitive….

However, since they don't have any promotion for "The…" and "THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME" this time and I didn't receive any word from the trio thus I decided to gather my courage and write this.

"W" is the symbol of 5 and belong to 5.

"Waiting" is about the day that the 5 of them will work together again.

"Protecting" is the power of the fans.

Those are the feelings of mine, someone who was entrusted with the words from the messages of the trio and the fans.

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  1. Then why does Masato Matsuura keeps saying that it's what they want? I don't understand :(

  2. the song is amazing and you don't have to be a genious to understand what is it about

  3. @Anonymous, September 13, 2010 6:50 AM

    Matsuura was probably refering to some deeper issues and incidents that occurred but "we" won't be able to fully understand what he means.

  4. I think ... that the trio wanted to have more creative freedom to choose what they wanted to do in their careers at this time. And the money thing is a factor too. I feel that HoMin stayed because they were comfortable and accepted the opportunities they had. If they weren't in this legal problem, maybe Jae and Yoochun wouldn't have been able to act in all those dramas or had the opportunity to have an album produced by american producers? Maybe if Yunho and Changmin left, then they would not have been able to be in a musical or take part in a drama? Who knows? I know as fans we really don't know much. But I really feel that, they do want to be able to perform as 5 again. Maybe not now, or anytime soon, but that time will eventually come. Till then .. ! We should all just continue to support and love them as their fans.

  5. well this was expressed beautifully so no worries ^^

  6. At first, the trio just want to change the content of the contract. All 5 of them would never thought that the situation finally led to be like that.

    Do you still remember the time when they were apart by SM. SM tried many ways to break them and due to that, the trio do not trust SM anymore.

  7. i knew it. the fans knew this all along. thats why we are waiting.

  8. I'm glad he spoke up, because although most of us knew what meanings the song held, some fans just need the assurance and can't stop questioning.

    This should clarify it.