Thursday, September 30, 2010

[ADMIN POST] DBSKnights 2nd Anniversary! (Contest + Giveaways)

It's our birthday today!

With the release of Heaven's Postman, new layouts for our blogs and twitter, nothing gets better than this:

Participate and you might receive a DBSK single/album from us! :)

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Date changed: Contest will end on Friday, October 8 at 7:00pm PST.



-DBSKnights Admins & Staffs


  1. wowww..
    saengil chukhahamnidaaaa~~

    wish you all the best..
    thanx~ for updates about our boyss..
    ganbatte kudasaii ^_^

  2. May

    1] I become their fan its because they were so talented and handsome. Hardly can see groups like TVXQ so hardworking and keeping their faith all this while! I love them because they love us fans like how we love them! And I really admire their talents. They're really great together and perfect! When I see them cry, I cry also. I wont want them to cry anymore! And they were always 1st in any ways. The 5 boys, just words cant say about them. They're more than words can say!

    2] DBSKnights did hyper great jobs for me! With all the news and everything is so updated! Really thank you so much and I cant find any other like you guys :) And you all really make me satisfied with what you all done. I get everything I want to know about TVXQ here!! <3

    3] No. I never. Due to my busy schedule. Super sad. And I'm sorry :(

    Well, thank you DBSKnights for this opportunity to let everyone having this fun giveaway :)


  3. woah....happy birthday~~~~
    saeghil chukha hamnida....
    good luck and always be TVXQ supporter...
    and best site ever...

  4. name: fiona
    1. i saw changmin on my friend's ipod and thought he was super cute. then, kept seeing these two guys at school that looked like him. it seriously drove me crazy, so i decided to go look him up and i fell in love with dbsk in an instant. (i found out later on that i had a lot of their songs on my ipod, but i never knew who they were. fail:"[)
    2. dbsknights is seriously the only place i like going on for my dbsk news, i've tried forums and other sites, but i always come back. that's how awesome it is (; so, it's contributed to mostly everything i know about dbsk>.< plus the super nice people in the shoutbox (;
    3. yes, i got too excited(i don't remember what for) and couldn't sleep till really early in the morning. i know i was dreaming about them when i finally did fall i asleep though. i was chasing yunho around cause i saw him. hahahha -_- there's been many other sleepless nights too, far too many to be able to count them all. when i can't fall asleep it's mostly cause i'm daydreaming about how i'd meet them and some fantasies most people probably don't want to think about xD

    ps: happy 2nd anniversary, i remember coming on this site when there wasn't that much people here and look how far dbsknights has gone. congrats ! <3 thanks so much to our hardworking admins and staff. ^_^

  5. hi my name is Nadeen i love tvxa from first song hug i see them from internet because i see yunho and i like him so i decided to listen to them song and then i like them song so much and become addicted on them song and then when i search about them i see dbsknights and i like it sooooo because u gave us any new news for them so im inter her every day to know the news of tvxq and i think u are have good work with news with this amazing group my tvxq and i like the vide u r send it to us with eng sup

  6. It's two years? Wow... I can't believe it. I was on the first and now the second... It's just so beautiful ♥

    This is my favourite blog, always with good moods and the best info. Thank you so much for making my days better ;D


    Name: Akiko
    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?: Wow, kinda like a test answer xD I became a fan the day they realese "Beautiful you" on Japan, I heard it and totally blow my mind. I fall in love with them watching videos on youtube, seeing that everything I've ever wanted in a band, existed. It wasn't only my imagination. The members of a group can really love each other and watch their backs. They're my everything and I don't know how my life would be with out them... probably empty in a way. They're so unique. So talented. I learn from them that showing that you care for someone is not a bad thing, it's something you should be proud of. They teach me the true meaning of a friendship... of brotherhood. I grew up watchign them surface every bad situation and even today, when things are probably not the way we want it... I still will do it all over again, as many times it takes to show them how important are to me. Thank you, is the only words that come out of my mouth to them.
    2. How was DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?: Well, you did everyhing actually. I started here, right when the blog was begining and I couldn't be more gratefull. I know them because of everything I read and learn here, so basically... it's because of you that now, they rule my life xD
    3. Did you ever spend a slepless night with DBSK? How?: Watching the concerts over and over again, untill I saw the sun climb out the window. Or watching every video, learning the lyrics and the moves. And with friends too... We spent saturday nights watching funny videos on youtube or talking about them. How sweet and humble they are. How lovely Jae's voice is. Or the way Changmin's eye gets little when he smiles. Listening "My girlfriend" over and over again, or laughing at Junsu's dolphin voice. And Yunho and his sexy moves and sweet voice, making me melt in front of the pc xD. I couldn't be more happy to know them, to know that every single memory with them puts a smile on my face.

    Well... ^^ I think I said to much, but it's unbelievable how easy it gets to do it. They're really our five angels. Let's make them proud by leaving a lot of chearfull message to this beautiful staff!! :D

    Thank you,admins!! Really. It means a lot the work you do for us and for them to.


  7. Name: Eldora Tan Liyi

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    My friend showed me the Mirotic MV on her iTouch once, during her birthday party at the end of 2009. It wasn't exactly love at first sight. I could barely differentiate the boys at first. Then I went home and searched up all their MVs and listened to their songs. After which, I proceeded to watch The King's Men. I think it was then that I started to fall in love with our adorable boys. :3 I first fell in love with Junsu's cutesy voice and dolphin laugh, Yoochun's mischievous smile as he teased Junsu, Jaejoong's shyness and the way he hid his laugh behind his hands while his eyes crinkled up with obvious mirth, Changmin's mismatched eyes as he grinned, mercilessly teasing his hyungs, the maknae-who-is-the-hyung of-the-group, and Yunho's amazing ability to fit into his role as the leader of Dong Bang Shin Ki so awesomely, inspiring a sense of joy at the group's unity as he started off their harmonized introduction: Annyeong haseyo, DBSK imnida! Our boys, because they really fit like a real family together, have shown me the furthest extent to which platonic relationships with people who aren't blood-related to them can be taken to and that is why I love them.

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    My yearning to know more about our boys is fed by the information about their current activities on DBSKnights. To know that they are acting in a drama, heading to (insert name here) for whatever reason, gives me a strange sort of peace, because I know that they are safe and well. I can spazz about our boys with others in the chatbox, and share my worries with other Cassies, and through this, we are keeping the faith together. To me, that is how my fandom has been strengthened by DBSKnights.

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    I entered the fandom late, and didn't have much time to see our boys happy together before I found out that they were to be suspended. During those trying times, I spent many nights online, speaking with other Cassies in DBSKnights's chatbox. Though that may not exactly be considered spending a sleepless night with DBSK, I have to admit that as much a seeking reassurance from other Cassies may have comforted me, I spent many nights worrying about the happiness of our separated boys and praying for their wellbeing. Although the pain has dulled a little, this little change in my nightly routine has not stopped. I still pray for them every night, because whether they are physically separated or not, they will always be our Dong Bang Shin Ki.

    Always keep the faith, Dong Bang Shin Ki HWAITING! <3

  8. Name: Janet
    E-mail :
    Questions and answers:
    1) How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    - I first became a fan around late 07 to early 08. I saw my friend watching their Tri-Angle MV on youtube and I got very fascinated with their version of a classic(?). It sounded really nice too! I remember that was was questioning their 'strange' attire in the MV. It was a wonderful experience though! As I started to listen to them more, my love had grown. I love TVXQ because they are the ones that can make me smile when I'm feeling down. Just hearing their voices melts my heart. I'd always watch their shows (variety,etc) and they would make me laugh alot! TVXQ are one of the things that i will definitely NOT regret in my life. I will continue to support them!
    2) How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    - I get most of my news from DBSKnights. (: And it's great talking to the members on this site/chatbox also! Cassies are such kind people! ^^ I love how DBSKnights posts up news quick and how they supply us with trans and subs and such! Also, the projects that you post makes me happy that I can join them.
    3) Did you ever spend a sleepness night with DBSK? How?
    - Well, currently, I guess you can say. Because of the new JYJ tour schedule, it makes me hyper and spaztastic about the event around the city I live near! >D I remember this morning, I somehow woke up at like 4AM still thinking about how excited I was. ><; And I am STILL spazzing about it! Haha! Also, there was another time.. I think it was MKMF 2008. I stayed up all night just waiting to watch it. *____* I don't regret it hehe. I remember.. going crazy when they won the Album of the Year award and their perf too! It felt great to watch it live on the internet~

  9. Hello. My name is Megan Pham and my email is

    1. I became a TXVQ fan when their Mirotic album first came out. However my friends weren't avid fans so I lost interest. Then I began to watch variety shows that they were on and their charisma and quirkiness soon lured me into loving them. When they smiled it made me smile and I feel a wave of happiness seeing them together. TVXQ was my escape and haven after a troublesome day. Jaejoong's Insa and Forgotten Season soothes me to sleep and Mirotic causes me to slip in the shower when I try to dance along. To me they are very precious. Junsu's actions, like "watching a comedy everyday." Yoochun and his gazillion hats and famous greasy smile. Jaejoong with his beautiful voice and umma status of the group. Changmin with his small earlobes but powerful vocal range. Yunho with his small, handsome face and pro dancing skills. These are just parts of the many facets that makes me cherish these five boys so much. It truly goes deeper into the root of my soul because describing all this is just superficial. What I feel is too great to be explained with words let alone action. To me they are the greatest treasure of all.

    2. To get info about TVXQ is hard when I live on the other side of the world. But DBKnights gives me a connection that I wouldn't have been able to accomplish otherwise. You guys give me the gift of smiling each day on updates about our boys no matter how small it is. It must be painstaking to find and gather all that information and I'm grateful for the admins. You guys are all so wonderful for never giving up on us when we are being spiteful and for never losing hope in us and TVXQ.

    3. I always spend sleepless nights with DBSKnights, but the most recent would have to be Mirotic Day where I stayed up for almost 48 hours despite the lack of sleep from AP classes. (^_^)"> I would see things posted on twitter, get distracted, and start fangirling. Next thing you know the night is over. But never my faith. AKTF~

  10. Carolyn,

    1. My friend introduced them to me 3 years ago. She sent me videos, quizzed me their names, and etc. I can't explain it their individualistic personalities or vocals...when I listen to their lives, there's just that pure feeling. My heart stutters and I can't help but smile.

    2. I only look to DBSKnights for the latest, confirmed, and unbiased DBSK news. Even if another site updates faster than you, I don't read it because I know that DBSKnights is the best source. The site is easy to use and I can go to the site also for downloads which is really helpful. Life already has so much to deal with so not having to google or go through forums full of rumors and comments for DBSK news takes off some weight from my shoulders. Things haven't been going good lately and I think about them and their issues's been affecting my lifestyle but still... even if I cry from a sad post, I'm happy that I can count on you guys for bring that sad post.

    3. My sleepless nights with DBSK would actually be from reading fanfiction. haha. Or under my blankets and watching tabs of subbed interviews.

    Thank you for this opportunity. DBSKnights helps connect me to DBSK. You guys do an amazing job and it encourages me to work harder as a Cassie!

  11. name: lihui
    My 2cents :p
    1.My friend was a hardcore fan and she was the one who introduces me the five of them 3 years back.Initially,I have no interest at all because I do not listen to kpop moreover korean language sounds funny to me and basically I do not understand what they are singing.Until one day I happened to come across their video "Proud" performed during Five in the black concert.I was very touched at that moment,to see so many supporters cheering for them,and their eyes filled with gratitude and tears of sadness,happiness and everything they'd been through was conveyed through that song.I felt an enormous pain in my heart eventhough I'm not a fan so since then I watched their videos and got to know who are they better.The reason I love them is because they're humble,they're passionate and they're sincere and they are versatile.I do not love them just by their looks,but their voices truly attracts me.I think there's no other groups that can beat them because they're special indeed.Therefore it makes me want to protect them and give them support..I just like to hear their voices and see them smiling :)
    2)Well,I come here almost everyday after since I happen to like them more..This site has everything about them so I really get to know better about their songs and other stuff related to them :) DBSKnights certainly brings lot of joy for me and pave way for my major fandom =D
    3)Just recently I dreamed about them!I was in a shopping centre and suddenly I saw junsu and the other members..And I did managed to take a photo with Junsu eventhough he was in a hurry! Well after that..I was awake but on my way to school I close my eyes and try to fall asleep because I want to continue with my dream! XD ! The same thing happened again at night and seriously I didn't get much sleep because I was in my fantasies with them! ^^
    That's much more I wanna tell but I'll stop here now!HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DBSKnights!Thank you very much for all the hard work on mantaining this site :)

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  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! <333333

    Name: Suzana

    1) i became a TVXQ fan about 3 years ago, they were my first kpop group, i lived in a small country called Bangladesh when i found them and it was on one day when i was just flipping through my channels and Balloon's was playing on Arirang TV and as soon as i saw it the first thing that crossed my mind was "HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THIS?!?!?" so i sat there and watched it...not seeing guys THAT adorable and fluffy before pretty much sent my brain into a spazzy fit XD and the rest just fell into place~i love them because their captivating voices that can make anyone's heart melt and the hardwork, sweat and emotion that they put behind every performance and their charming and lovable personalities. i love them because if i didn't my existence would be meaningless...i love them because everytime something is wrong in my life, i can always look to them for support, i love them because even though i barely understand what they say i can still understand them, i love them because they're them and there's nothing and no one that can change that! together or apart they are still one and the love that they share between them is so much and not only does it make them one, it makes all of us one too!

    2) well DBSKnights pretty much feeds my DBSK addiction be it day or night~ i don't really comment much but i'm always stalking you guys and i just want to tell you how much i appreciate the work that you put into all of this! i can feel the love for DBSk in every post and thats pretty much what matters most in an article, love! <3 thats one of the other reasons i love the TVXQ fandom, all the Cassies and fans i've met are so full of love it makes me feel really good to talk to them and this site is also a great way to communicate with them~ i met some of the people from DBSKnights at the Koreaboo meetup for the SM Town concert and you all are so nice and fun! ^___^ and i got the shirt with DBSKnights on it and i feel so proud wearing it around :D i really hope you guys keep this site up for a reeeeeeeeeeaaalllllllly long time and keep up all the awesome work :D
    DBSKnights FIGHTING!!! <3333

    3) hmm a sleepless night....i had a lot of those with DBSK~ OH! like when they were releasing all those Mirotic teasers XD i was so excited for the MV i stayed up till 5am watching and re-watching the teasers waiting for the MV to come out, i remember calling my cousin at like 3am and spazzing REALLY loudly with her and waking up my mom who then came and yelled at me :D, but most of the sleepless nights would be when i first started out with the fandom, i watched them on Xman, Heroine 6 and all those other variety shows, they always made me fall out of my chair laughing all night~ and then there were more stressful nights during the SM lawsuit felt like a nightmare reading things like that at the time, it felt like the whole world was crashing around me, i stayed up crying and praying that they'd be okay and that they wouldn't stop singing~ and i'm so glad that they haven't ^^

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH! and thank you for this AWESOME site <3333333
    Always Keep The Faith~ ^^

  14. Name: MinJi Yoon

    1 I became a TVXQ fan on July 22, 2008. My friend and I had been fighting about who was better, Rain (me) vs TVXQ (her). After screaming at eachother for the better part of an hour, I decided to actually look TVXQ up for the first time. The first video I ever watched of them was balloons and my first thought was 'WTF was with those costumes?!?!?' The second video I watched was a clip from a Rising Sun concert and started internally killing whoever dressed them 'PLASTIC FRICKEN RAINCOATS???'. I finally fell in love when I listened to their acapella of Whatever They Say. The high and low of their voices melded together perfectly and the fact that they were the most attractive people I had ever seen in my entire life only added to the immediate obsession that flooded my whole soul (<--cheesy I know). I love them because of their dedication and strength and how even when they were butt tired they still tried to make us fans happy. They are amazingly talented and have the most adorable personalities.
    2 DBSKnights is my main source of TVXQ info. I find out everything about them from here and it has been my homepage for the last two years. Because of DBSKnights, I can meet other fans, obsess over smexy pics and get news(good and bad)of whats going on. Now I find I have to constantly check this site for new updates (as in at least four times a day XD)
    3 I spent a sleepless night with DBSK on the night the lawsuit was filed. I cried for hours, my heart ached, and I was afraid that I would never be able to see them together. I found solice in the chatbox and learned to keep the faith while simultaneously blubbering like a heroin from a melodrama and watching every single video of DBSK i could find. That was the single most terrifying experience of my entire Cassiopeian life. A more positive sleepless night that I spent with TVXQ was the night before SMtown LA. The very first time I would ever see a member of DBSK. The night was passed with me gathering about 150 pictures and coming up with outrageously stupid scenarios, including one where I had seats next to JYJ disgused as fangirls, befriend them, and through them meet homin and then go drinking with all five of them, and finally we would all run off to some secret island and live happily ever after...and that was one of less insane daydreams. <3

  15. Name: Alecsa

    1). Well on a beautiful day of October (the 5th more precisely) an online friend of mine made me watch the MIROTIC MV (I wasn't familiar with DBSK nor Korea at that time AT ALL). I have to confess I didn't like it at first but I noticed Jejung and when she asked me who I liked I was "Oh the guy who appears @i can't remember which second I told her. But then I can't recognize him in any other scene of the MV! :O" She was like "Oh that's Hero! My fave is the leader, Yunho". And then I was like "Oh the guy with the mushroom styled hair is kind of awesome. Can he see anything though with all that hair on his eyes?"
    Anyway this was the first stage of getting into DBSK: knowing of their existence.
    After a week or so I remembered about them and decided to search some other songs of their on Youtube. And the faith made me watch their Love in the Ice live performance. I was in awe! It was the most beautiful, touching, goose-bumping, amazing, flawless thing I had ever listened to! I had Love in the Ice on repeat for weeks and even made my friends listen to it. Therefore I decided that was the time to learn their names. Except that I'm bad with that (and I was a newbie in Korean music, language etc.) and I kept confusing Junsu with Yoochun (Yoosu ? :D).
    At some point my conclusion was like this:
    Jejung: he's the guy I like but I can't recognize him (true that, because his hair in Mirotic was brown, then in LITC he was blond!)
    Changmin: the tall guy (he's the second singing in the video)
    Yoochun: the mushroom guy
    Junsu: dude who things my fave part of the song
    Yunho: ????!?!?!?! error
    I was already super happy I knew 4 of them (well 3 actually coz I couldn't recognize JJ but I was saying everyone he was my fave in DBSK :))).
    And then Wrong Number came out (I was still in love with LITC) and a friend showed the MV to me and I was like "Not they only sing extremely good but they also look HOT). So... you're saying that the half naked guy is Yunho, right? *massive nosebleed*" And then I decided to watch their Japanese concerts, after that I downloaded their full discography, then I decided to order some stuff of them and here I am today telling you girls about one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen to me. I love them for their passion for music and for the fact they cherish their friends, family and fans.

    2). DBSKnights was the first blog I got familiar with after getting into DBSK. Because you guys came first in Google when I searched DBSK at that time. And because of this blog I could learn many things about the guys and about the fandom. I remember there were so many news at that time about them, like you were updating every minute! And I was checking the blog before & after going to work or to University and I was trying to understand what was with some of the stuff (for example those UFO replies - for the love of Jaesus I couldn't understand what that was :D) I can freely say that you guys were my help tool in becoming the huge DBSK fan that I am now and will probably continue to be.

    3). Not only one but several sleepless nights with DBSK. The most recent one was a few weeks ago when I traveled to another town to spend the night watching DBSK stuff with another DBSK friend (I made her love DBSK :D) because we both miss the guys. We watched the AADBSK3 DVD that I bought last year. Also when I have days off from work I end up chatting all night long about the boys (it's usually one guy per night like today i feel that I love Yunho more. And me & my friend start watching Yunho's videos, Yunho's pics etc. :D And then it's Junsu, and then we love Micky more and so on. We're weird :D).

    And this was all. I'm always happy to tell people how I got into DBSK so that's why the answer is that long. ^///^

  16. And this was the intro of my post but i had to delete it because the post was too long and couldn't post it on the blog o__O;

    "Hi girls and congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! The new header looks smashing (and it's my favorite picture of them ever <3).

    Thank you for having this contest. ^__^"

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  18. Saengil Chukhahamnida~~~~ ^___^
    hope this site will stay long..
    cause i really love this site ^o^

    Always Keep The Faith!! <3

  19. Hi! This is Sky.
    Happy birthday DBSKnights!!

    Name: Charisse

    (1) I became their fan around 2006-'07.
    I was surfing the net for Japanese artists' MVs, and I just happened to be watching BoA's japanese song. I really love youtube for their related videos feature because when I clicked Tri-Angle, I was enraptured. At that time I really liked Final Fantasy, and also classical music. From there, I became curious and started stalking them on the net.
    I love DBSK for their dynamic dance moves, their vocals that strongly developed over time, their harmony and a'capella, their variety and guest shows that really made me sigh, kyaa~ and giggle at their adorable personality. I love it when they lovingly bully Junsu, because Junsu's response is hilarious and so adorable! And when they're being silly without a care, I always have to stuff a pillow in my mouth because unlike me, other people in the house don't appreciate DBSK as I do. Also I love Jaejoong's athleticism, which is nonexistent. And I love reading yunjae, though only as a fantasy!!
    I really love professional men, and DBSK's professionalism in everything they do is A+, and of course, I can't deny their good looks hooked me in, too. And really you just can't help but love them, that's how charming they are.
    My love for them is to the point that no other artist can really compare to them. They're the only ones I stalk, wait for, and religiously watch. Call me obsessed.

    (2)DBSKnights really helped me with fandom. Even when this site was still, I've been stalking it under different names or just anonymous.
    Every time I go on the net, which is almost every few hours, I check to see for updates. I like to collect DBSK pictures, "right click and save" is awesome~, also their fan arts, download their latest mv, drama etc, and I'm always craving for anything new from the boys.

    (3) I have spent sleepless nights with DBSK. Most especially when the trio's suspension was news.
    I couldn't sleep, my heart was pounding, and I was all clammy, confused, and worried. I had to tell myself to relax and calm down for my own peace of mind. I felt like dying to see any new infos about them at that time.
    I had to wake up early the next morning too, and so without sleep I couldn't function the next day. That was probably the longest night ever!

    Thank you DBSKnights for everything DBSK!!! Always keep the faith!♥

    Also, October 10th, the last day, is my birthday!! Coincidence!? XD

  20. i'm participating.
    and trying to answer honestly.
    but bear with my english. mian. i'm not good in english since it's not my main language.

    name : fany
    email :

    1. i know korean songs when song hye kyo's endless love's ost airing on indonesia. but it took few years for me to hear dbsk's song.
    i mean, i know their existence by reading news on a tabloid, but i never heard their songs.
    so one day i was asking my friend who loves jpop about tohoshinki.
    just curious bout them. this happen in the late 2008.
    and he (my friend) had their summer dream's single mp3.
    and when i heard the songs, i love song for you first.
    and i was looking for their video on youtube. and found their love in the ice perf in soul power. and i just looooove them since that.
    the reason is not because of their appearance first. it's because of their ability in singing and they can sing it live perfectly.
    so, after that (2009) i became their fans. and love them till now.
    i know it's not a long time since i know them. but at least i love them with all my heart till now. whatever their situation. ^^

    2. actually i'm new to dbsknights. i mean i know dbsknights existence. but i never look up on it.
    but dbsknights help me a lot with the news, subbed video, pic, and all dbsk's stuff. when i'm asking for dbsk's stuff (news, pic, etc), my friends always named this site.
    and when they give me their video of dbsk, they told me that they download it from dbsknights.
    so dbsknights help me and my friends alot. thank you.

    3. hmm..i think i never spend a sleepless night with them.
    i mean i did sleep at the dawn. :D
    when i receive many video from my friends, it will always happen. i saw those in a night.
    dbsk banjun drama, their concert, anything that realted to them.
    and i wouldn't regretted it. even after that in the morning, i have a headache bcos of lacking sleep. :D

    there's no hilarious story in my story.
    but i just want to share my love for them with you guys since we love them.
    always keep the faith.


    omo..i forgot to put my name and email.
    so i remove my previous comment. :D

    and i forgot to say..
    생일 축하해..

    hope we will always keep the faith on our boys.
    and be a strong fans for them.

  21. Kayla S.

    1) I remember my bestfriend showed DBSK to me when we were in 7th grade which wasn't too long after they first debuted. I believe the first song I heard from them was "Rising Sun". When I heard those 5 talented boys singing in perfect harmony I new that I had found my new favorite band. Years later they are still the number one band in my heart. I love that they are so humble and loving towards on another and to us, their fans. There talent never ceases to amaze me, and they are such an inspiration to those who listen to their music. But most of all their strength to overcome difficult situations is most admirable. No matter what they just seem to keep pushing forward. This is why I love them.

    2) DBSKnights has become my home for DBSK related news over the past 3 years. Beforehand I had to search across the internet everywhere just to find out about one article. But eversince I've found DBSKnights, I know that this is a website that I can make my number one source of news and the info is realiable and it's a DBSK fan friendly place that welcomes everyone that loves DBSK.

    3)It seems that everynight has become a sleepless night since DBSK has been in my life. ^^ Whether it be from worrying over a new problematic situation the boys are going through, being excited about theit activities, or just thinking about what they are up to at that very second in time. I welcome these sleepless nights because the ones that cause them are very important people to me, so I don't mind at all.

  22. Happy Birthday DBSKnights!!!!!!!!!

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  24. Name: MinJi Yoon

    1) I became a TVXQ fan on July 22, 2008. My friend and I were having a battle about who was better Rain (me) or TVXQ (her). After screaming into my phone for the better part of an hour, I decided to actually look TVXQ up for the first time. The first video I ever watched of them was Balloons and my response was 'WTF ARE THEY WEARING?!?!? O.o....' The second video I watched of them was a clip of the Rising Sun concert..this time my reaction was 'EWWIEEE PLASTIC FRIKKIN RAINCOATS?!?!' I considered giving up on these strangely dressed (but extraordinarily attractive) people. I watched one more video, Whatever They Say, and suddenly found myself wibbling at the screen as I soaked in their gorgeous voices. I loved how Min's powerful voice melded perfectly with the airy lightness of Jae's and how Su's husky voice complemented the deeper sound of Chun and how Yunho's voice just tied everything together. I love the boy's strenth and attitude, how they never give up and keep persevering to get what they want. I loved their crazy personalities and the relationship between all the members and pretty much everything else about them.
    2)DBSKnights has been my source of DBSK info for the past 2 years. I love how DBSKnights is a place where I can find out more about the boys that I looovee and meet people who love them just as much as i do while collecting pictures and soaking in articles at the same time. Thank you guys so much for making this site to satisfy the cravings of the crazy fangirl in me.
    3)I have had many sleepless nights with DBSK, but the one that I most remember wasn't exactly a pleasant night. It was the night when the lawsuit struck. I cried for hours and hours, scared that I would never be able to see them together and angry at SME for causing them to feel neglected and used. I was watching every DBSK clip i could find while blubbering so hard that my face was the size of a watermelon the next day. That night was the darkest of my entire Cassiopeian life but i learned how to keep the faith and made a stonger bond with my fellow Cassiopeians. Another of my memorable nights was the night before SMtown LA. I spent the time collecting around 150 more pictures and creating ridiculously insane scenarios in my head, including one where I would go to the concert and magically have seats next to JYJ dressed as fangirls, befriend them and through them meet homin which results in us all going drinking and getting so drunk that we somehow all move to a secret island where the rule is that all men must not wear a shirt and any time...and that was one of the less crazy daydreams.


  25. Name: Yen


    1. I am actually a "newbie" when it comes to DBSK. I discovered them a year ago when my roommate was listening to Mirotic on her computer. I always thought to myself, "Wow, what a catchy song" and so I asked her who was singing. "DBSK," she said. So of course, Youtube became my first insight into the world of DBSK. At first sight, it was l.o.v.e with Yunho. After becoming completely obsessed with Yunho and DBSK and watching countless music videos and clips of variety shows and concerts, I fell in love with not just Yunho, but all of the members. The passion that just EXPLODES from them when they sing their ballads sends shivers down my spine. Whenever I listen to a live version of Bolero or Love in the Ice, I can't help but feel extremely fortunate to have lived in a day and age with such wonderful singers. I feel elated, moved, and inspired to continue on with my struggles. When they sing and dance to fast paced songs, I can see the hard work they put into learning and perfecting their dance moves. They are, indeed, the epitome of what it means to be a "boy band". They are perfect, no ways about it. They love each other, and most of all, their fans, and they show it. Because of this and all of their other attributes as a group and as individuals, I bought my first hard CD, ever, just to keep their songs close to my ears and my heart.

    2. DBSKnights has been an extra stepping stone into the world of DBSK. It is the only source I rely on to get my daily fix of DBSK. Everyday I would visit this page at least twice just to check for updates (one time, I believe I visited the page about 30 times in a day). DBSKnights has provided so many resources, media and otherwise, to the many faithful fans, and it has provided me a place where I can completely connect with other DBSK fans that are just as crazy as I am. Honestly, this place is a haven.

    3. Technically, I have. :) If you consider sleeping at 4AM in the morning a sleepless night, then yes, I have. I still remember staying up until 4AM watching video clips of DBSK singing and on variety shows. And I definitely remember watching Yunho and Junsu on Family Outing together for the whole night. And sometimes, if I'm extremely stressed out, I take my iPod loaded with DBSK songs and just lay in bed, thinking and listening.

    And of course, happy birthday to DBSKnights! You will, and always will be my only source for DBSK news. :D

  26. :: Name: Karina ::
    :: ::

    1. I FOUND "Mirotic" mv accidentally in Youtube, since that day, that hour, I declared myself as one of their fans/cassiopeia XD

    2. I found this site just one day after I found mirotic MV, I download tons of pictures and videos that time. I've met with many wonderful friends at your chat box. For me DBSKnights is not only blog, but a place to sharing and loving ^^

    3. Often, when I watched their video and I can't helped myself to watch all episodes in a night.

  27. Name : Rita
    Email :

    1. How did you become TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    It was because my friend spazzing bout their purple line mv (she is a JaeJoong-biased.. she squealed and screamed for him! XD)... i was a J-pop addict back then and went,,, 'ERK? What is so special bout Korean boys?'... and 'moreover... A BOYBAND???' (im not an anti, really... but... the idea of boys singing together just cant get through... lol. the image of Backstreet Boyz just wont go... :p)

    as for why did I fall in love with them?? XD
    actually before i heard my friend spazzing bout them, I ady found this cutie pic of JaeJoong and Changmin together... (hug days, i guess? but I didn't know that they were the guys that my friend spazzed over).. and lol. I really think that Changmin is my first bias... he was so cute in that pic!!! and doubleJ was,,, pure pretty!!! XDXDXD (insert fangirling noise here)

    this is the pic :

    since then, i started finding out bout them and immediately downloaded Mirotic. (I just simply typed 'DBSK' in the music finder and Mirotic was on the first list.)
    and blah... it was indeed a spell... I couldn't get that song out of my head for two weeks!!! XD

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    Lol. you guys are... my bible. :p

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    I did it almost everyday at my last holiday. XD

    I just went downloading their variety shows, watching them in youtube, reading news about them, writing fics about them :3, hearing their songs from my mp3 while doing so... it was obvious, wasn't it? :P

    but when i realized, my alarm rang, it was ady morning... then my mom came out from her room, scolding me like crazy for not sleeping the whole night. XD

    and i still remember this night when everyone was bawling at the shoutbox.. i was busy moping their tears, lol. that was... chaos. I really couldn't erase the stupid memory from my head. *sigh*

    I hope, someday, there would be another sleepless night that I spent here when I could see everyone smiling, giggling, cracking up because of endless laughter. And I know, you guys would update a post where we could see the boys, all five, standing together on a stage, smiling wholeheartedly, calling out for 'Cassiopeia' and they thank us because we
    Always.Keep.The.Faith. :)

    It always encouraged me to finish my japanese study... :3 (still working on that!)
    I hope DBSKnights will continue till 5.. 7 years... ah, no... FOREVER!!! XD


  28. Name: Gwen

    1. When all my friends were suddenly into K-Pop, I thought they were just drooling over some hot guys they thought were kool. I mean, they don't even understand Korean! And they were super hot, but I don't really believe in love at 1st sight ^^" Then, only last year, my brother told me about this new One Piece opening. (We're both pretty big fans of One Piece) It was the best I had ever heard or seen :) It turned out to be "Share the World" by TVXQ. I guess because my best friend also introduced them to me, that's definitely how I became I fan. But those are definitely not the only 2 reasons I love them today. I don't want to drag on too much, but its basically because the more I listened to their voices, the more amazing they were :) I don't want to sound corny, but they touched my heart >.< heheh ~ Their good looks were just a bonus!! This was around the time I realized I wanted to do music in the future too. My voice is really terrible so I put all my hope into playing violin. TVXQ was the ultimate inspiration. AND STILL IS.

    2. I check DBSKnights as soon as I'm on the computer :) You've probably heard this heaps, but I really don't go anywhere else for TVXQ updates!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS ~~ ^_^

    3. To be honest, I haven't. I can seriously sleep anywhere, anytime. >////< Of course, I DO have trouble sleeping when I have an exam or something the following day, but that's not a problem 'cause I just turn on some TVXQ on my MP3 and they basically sing me to sleep. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but these days, I can't get to sleep without listening to them TT^TT My MP3 runs out of batteries every night!!

    Woops, I said a lot... ^^"

  29. Haru

    1. My friend showed me the Balloons PV. I was into JRock at that time but kind of tired of it...and Balloons was so cute and colorful and ..well I just stayed with it^^
    Why do I love them? Because I realized through them real friendship can exist..
    because they sing with their hearts and well just like with a lot others, I guess, the fandom helped me through some dark times and it still does.

    2. Well XD you´re just always up to have the fastest facts and best news! (just very seldom homin home is fast considering homin news and so I´ve sometimes asked myself how I could put those news here XD)´re awsome that´s about it! AWSOME!

    3. be honest not that I can remember but lots of sleepless hours anyway!

    I´m not doing this to win - just wanted to tell you ^.^
    so...thanks for 2 awsome years and keep on the hard work you all probably have behind the scenes!!!! <333

  30. lol @ ::faith::.....they ARE our bible ><

    name: Inbar

    1. well, in 2006 a korean drama was aired here for the first time (here = israel). i looked for one of the OST's songs on google and came across a picture that made me forget the reason i got on the computer in the first place. i had for the first time that burn feeling in the middle of my chest, just a bit over my stomach. i gazed at the picture and started to look around to find out more about the beautiful guy (waaaay too beautiful guy, it was jaejoong and the picture was from Hiyaya
    i discovered their group, wrote their name in youtube and my first video of them was Rising Sun explains why i fell for them at first.

    and i love them...because i just do. i love those moments, you probably know those moments, where it is a broadcast, and the guys are wearing their concepts perfectly from face expressions to body gestures...and then there's this moment, when you can see something real for a minute, when junsu "talks kenyan" or everyone swallow their tears down their throats when their first period in japan is mentioned. i just feel close to them, feel that i love their real selves not caring for their bad sides...and on contrary...loving their bad sides too: smile when i see changmin's hard time in expressing affection, feel like their mother when jaejoong and yoochun are acting like twin pranksters who are five-yrs-old, have a warm feeling deep down when i hear their quirky habits like yunho never close bottles' caps, and i adore airport junsu(!).

    2. DBSKnights has probably changed A LOT about me as a fan.
    i felt like a true fan even before, when i only listened to their songs with great warmth in my heart, when i closed the door and laughed for hours watching old videos.
    but DBSKnights introduced me a new way of being close to them, you guys introduced me a much closer DBSK. i remember my excitement at first, i never thought that i'll have the privilege to see pictures from like...yesterday, seriously. you give me news when it first comes out, it made me believe that DBSK are real people walking around the other half of the world, eating noodles.
    thank you.

    3. i have spent a sleepless night with them...2 nights that i can recall.
    the first one was last year. thanks to DBSK i met wonderful fans from around the world that became my friends even without DBSK in the picture. there was one night in august last year that we all were chatting and using mics to put DBSK music, i enjoyed it so much, listening to their music with friends and talking about junsu's butt and fanfics and all. we all have different time zones so it tured out that i was chatting with them till 5am [then rushed to bed before my mom will notice].
    my other sleepless night was less fun. since the lawsuit first notice i've had a lot of bad nights, but on april, when the group's suspention was announced i cried and was bothered the most.
    that night i went to the living room with all of my DVDs and watched it through the night. my mom usually don't like me to stay awake till late but she kept quiet that day and let me be. i even remember starting with watching AADBSK3 couple talks and watching only the talks with combination of homin and jaecunsu [totally skipped yoosu, soulmate, homin and so on].
    oh...this story has a good ending, i didn't go to school the next day [i believe only other cassies can understand the depression of that day].

    but of course....still...and forever and ever more....ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.
    [usually i write at the end: "sorry for writing so much"...but i won't say it now...coz i'm not sorry at all]

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  35. Xiao Ma a.k.a Ah Ma

    1. How did you become TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    That day, I saw an article in Chinese Newspaper belongs to my friend. I saw a picture. 'TOHOSHINKI, THE SECRET CODE was written on the wood (maybe it's wood) The one that without our boys . Since, I do not understand Chinese, I assumpted that it may be a Japanese movie. Then, when I wanna ask my friend, my teacher entered the class. My friend said, later I'll tell you. But, she went home first and didn't tell me anything about it. The next day, she didn't come so I made up my mind to find about it in internet. Actually, it was during my monthly exam, so my mom didn't allow me to on the pc. When my mom was off to ( forgot already) I secretly on the pc. After that, I started searching " TOHOSHINKI THE SECRET CODE " and suprisingly, it was an album. Haizzz... Then, I saw the picture with our boys. Jaejoong caught my attention and I searched for TOHOSHINKI at wikipedia. Finally, I knew that THSK is also known as TVXQ and DBSK. I read their profilr, their histoory, how they debut and their achievement. I was impressed by their achievement and I want to know more about them. So, I went to YOUTUBE and listened to their song, The first song that I listened is LOVE IN THE ICE during Tokyo Summit. WOW!!! What a powerful, breathtaking and beautiful performance. Starting from that, I fell in love madly with all their songs, their passion when they performed, the efforts that they put inside the song and their dance too especially Yunho. What a great dancer! Junsu's angelic voice as well as Jaejoong and Yoochun, and Changmin's scream made me love them more and more. They are the first boyband I ever knew. AND I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART.
    2) How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    Why you need to ask me this question??? Everyone knows the answers. DBSKnights has contributed a lot to my fandom. Since this blog is in English, so it is very easy for me to understand. I know about THSK's news, activitites, concerts, and others in this blog. AND I also found many THSK's pictures in this blog. Our boys are drop-dead handsome, right? Everytime, I on the pc, I will go to this blog to derive the latest news about our boys. Besides, DBSKnights is also an up-to-date source of information. So, THANKS A LOT to DBSKnights for providing us with such a great information.
    3) Did you ever spend a sleepness night with DBSK? How?
    My answer will be absolutely YES!!! I had spent many sleepless nights with DBSK. Do you know Korea Variety Show X-Man?? I spent a night watching that hillarious show until I fell from my chair. It's totally tickled my funny bones. I love how they played with each other. Besides, I also watched their 4th Live Tour in Tokyo Dome. OMG!!! I felt the night when I watching their performance was a.............. ( undescribable).


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  37. name: Tisha

    1. How did you become TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    It was a nice summer day 2007 as I saw "Dangerous Love" with my friend. First we thought they were all actors but after some searching online we found out that they were singers. The first video I have seen was "Ballon"...the whole evening again and again. I had nightmares after that ^^ I listen to their songs and I must admit...I really didn't like their ballads at first. But I must this time I was hearing metal, hardrock and so on...DBSK was really the opposite XDDDD After I was hearing their songs again and again I fell for them. I will never forget the moment as I was hearing them sing acapella. I was speechless. In the same year I was flying to Japan and there I was shopping like whole luggage was full of their stuff XDD;;;; 2008 I was flying to Seoul for the first time and I was lucky enough to see them live. And I was totally taken by their charms, dance performace and powerful voices. They are so amazing live. I can't put it in words. Since them I love them still more and I'm really thankful that god let me live in this time to have such wonderful group to listen.

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    I really like this place and the people I met (and I will be meeting XDDD) here. It's really great to have such a place filled with so much love and passion. All the staff did and do an amazing job. I'm really feeling like home here ^^

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    Yes, and not only one XDDD
    I was at my friends place. First we were making Okonomiyaki + dumblings and then we were watching all their concert DVDs from Rising Sun to 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic XDDD
    And at another night we were doing the same with
    "all about DBSK 3"
    In this case we normally go to bed at 6am or 7am XDDD;;;; And I can only sleep then if I can hear their music. So I will take my mp3 player with me to bed XDDD

  38. 생일 축하 합니다!!!
    Thank you DBSKnights admins for all your hard work done! Thank you for keeping up the amazing work! Thank you for everything!
    Always keep the faith! Fighting!

    Name: Min
    1. My younger sister is a Kpop fans and to be specifically, a hardcore TVXQ fans! I was puzzled of how can she be so fascinated in Kpop. I often teased her and asked her if she understands of what they are singing or talking about. However, I always got the same reply with a despicably look from her, “It doesn’t matter if I can’t understand, there’s subtitle! The most important thing is that they are AWESOME! ” At the mean time, I was going overseas to further my studies. One day, before I left, my sister gave me her whole “collection” of variety shows and asked me to watch when I feel bored. The first video I watched was X-Man. The only thought of seeing my sister’s beloved TVXQ is that they are really good in looking and that’s it! However, when I watched Ye Xin Man Man, I actually cried together with Micky. I felt touched of how he persists and pursues his dream and how loving is him to Yoo-Hwan. Since then, I fell in love with Micky! I search through internet for TVXQ’s songs, banju dramas, variety shows, performances, concerts... And I get to know the 5 of them even better. Now, I would say that I love them equally even though Micky is the one who gained my interest in the first place. I love them because of their persistence to realize their dream, the attitude of being humble no matter how much they have achieved, the love they have shown to each member and Cassie, the way they teased Junsu…… Practically, I love everything of them!!!
    2. DBSKnights has been a great source of TVXQ’s news to me for the year past. As DBSKnights is a blog, I can read each post easily at one glance without having the hazzle to direct from here to there. I would say that it is so much easier than getting updates from other forums which I will have to take note of the date of post. Moreover, DBSKnights has been providing reliable and first hand info of our boys to the readers. Thus, DBSKnights is always the number one source of TVXQ to me!
    3. I would say that there are countless of sleepless night with TVXQ! Every single released of their singles or albums, concert videos, variety shows and etc will often keep me awake! I can’t help but to finish watching the videos or listening to the songs before I can lie down on the bed and get into sleep. However, the most unbearable sleepless nights were during the period of the lawsuit case. I was so afraid that the very next day I woke up, there would be another shocking news waiting for me. Nevertheless, the most anticipating sleepless night was the day before Junho’s showcase in Singapore. I was so excited and thus, got insomnia as that was the first time I get to see the member of TVXQ in real on stage!


    1) I watched TIMELESS MV n i'm in love with XIAH JUNSU. then i know that he's TVXQ. after that, TVXQ is the only group that i like.then when i flashback, i remembered that i'v once saw their TRIANGLE MV n i really hate them cz i thought that they only depend on their looks. but they r not. =). i love them for their talents. they have the best harmony in singing, the best vocal and the best combination. PERFECT! not all of them can really dance, but they seem great dancing together as if watching a formation. then i know them deeper by talk shows. so talents first, then the true them ;)

    2) the 1st time i became TVXQ fan,DBSKnights was not my references. then my friend told me about it. n believe it or not, DBSKnights has became my main blog for any update on TVXQ. the admins, translators,subtitlers, authors,n grafic artists had done n doing incredibily marveolous jobs. n DBSKnights has not only get me updated on TVXQ b ut also keeping CASSIOPEIA together. GAMSAHABNIDA........

    3) yes for sure. i am willing let go of my sleep for TVXQ. silly right?ahahhah.... i can watched the same MVs, talk shows, and listen to the same songs for the whole day n continue it to another day n it keeps continuing.......... i'm a law student which means there's a lot of reading to be done. but i think i 'read' TVXQ more than the law books. even if i have exams tomorrow where lack of time left but lot of reading to do, i would still have time to watched them! what had they do to me!!!!!!!!! but their life has also give me reasons to success in my life. TQ TVXQ!


    It's already 2 years for DBSKnights, 2 years full of super big effort and lots lots lots of hard work to bring us fans closer to DBSK. I'm forever grateful for everything you have done, dear girls! Just thank you, thank you so much *hugsssss*

  41. Name: AJ

    1. In 2004, when I was in grade 6, I came across a very cute MV in Arirang channel. There were 5 young princes singing and they looked so sparkling in my eyes back then. And the melody of that song somewhat mesmerized me. On the screen they said sth about the song but I was just a beginner in English that day so I couldn't understand a thing, not even the song title. The only thing I could read was TVXQ. I waited on Arirang to watch that MV again but no luck :( Since my house didn't have the Internet connection like nowadays, I couldn't search for them. Years later, I totally forgot about those guys and just moved on with life. In 2008, I asked a friend to send me some good songs and among those she got me, there was Purple line. I got addicted and kept it playing nonstop. Trust me, I had no idea it was TVXQ who sang it bcuz the artist name was DBSk lol~ At that time I was so much into US/UK songs and I had no intention of searching for DBSK, though I like that song a lot. Again, TVXQ slipped off my life. In early 2009, I came across Mirotic MV on youtube and the song totally made me went :O The artist was named DBSK and I remembered they were the ones in Purple line :) I replayed the MV again and again in awe, the voices of the guy with weird hairstyle and the one who screamed really got me (I hadn't known their names yet ^^) This time I went to search for more of their songs and I found Hug. I played it and memory seemed to flush back into my mind. OMG!!! I was so surprise and excited they were the same group, then I wiki-ed their name and got a whole lot more info. Unfortunately, at that time in 2009, I had to study real hard for the university entrance exam and that exam in my country is so damn difficult to pass so I had to focus 100%. I had to put TVXQ aside and concentrate on my study T___T At the end of 7/ 2009, I was free and happy bcuz I finally passed the exam, I came back to the boys only to find that they just filed a lawsuit against SM and were on the brick of disbandment. But, for all I know, I love their songs so I just went on and download/watch/listen to everything I can reach. Before I realized it myself, I’ve fallen too deep in love with them.

    Why I love them? To simply put, it’s bcuz TVXQ brought me to a whole new world. The world of many things I had never experienced before.
    Before I know TVXQ, I really didn’t think I could love and care for someone who don’t even know I exist and who I have never met in real life for once that much.

  42. Denise,

    1. i become a fan when my friend told me the story about jaejoong that when he was still a trainee she said that jj eat leftover i was uurghgg my heart aches at that time 'cause even tough he eat that kind of food he didn't care he only care about his dream (correct me if im wrong that's the story he told me back ini think april 2008') and then i search more about them. I love them because they have talents and dedication in their dream and i saw that they love each other so much.

    2. DBSK nights contribute to all about them news vids,pics and everything related about them and actually i dbsknights share a lot to my fandom. so thank you and more power :))

    3. ispend sleepless night i watch aad3 ang my vids compilationof mine and i listen to their song over and over again. i read their article and search them till dawn :)

    happy 2nd anniversary keep it up thank you for sharing TXVQ sleepless night with us <3

  43. wow.. nice new layout. and thanks you the heaven postman's vids.

    happy birthday!

    we share the same birthday =)

  44. Happy Birthday, Im really thankful to you about your efforts ^^

    Name: Marina

    1. I cannot answer thi cause it is not something to be explained. They just got me. I could never imagine that it is possible to become a fan of a k-pop group to this state but they proved me im wrong.I remember that I saw Rising sun mv but nothing after that like they have always been part of my life.

    Love has no reasons. It's not cause of their personalities, voices, skills, bodies, music or smth like that. I dont know why but in me there is this: I want them to be happy. For some reason that is onew of the few non egoistic feelings I have for them. May be the answer is: I love them because they are the gods who rose my heart to be something better even if it's only for them

    2. Actually I have all of the other blogs and places ur using but I like this blog cause it;s clean, it puts all of the stuff in one plays and most important: it's objective. No radical fandom from the admins and authors, u just show the things in the way they are.

    3. Many nights. Just watching and listening them was pure pleasure and many times I didn't realise that it's 5am in the morning. Still I could take more...Aroun Mirotic promotions I was staying all night just to see the new performance,show or photo. Around the tours I was waiting for fancams, pictures and interviews. And after 31 July 2009 I was spending nights looking back and thinking about the day when thing will go alright. Yes, they are my little obsession but why should I care. They make me happy and I want to be able to make them happy too. Being their fan is my pure pride.

    Happy Birthay again~ :*

  45. Wow! What a great event. Thanks DBSKnights :) And Happy birthday!

    1. One day I stumbled upon a video of DBSK on a Japanese TV show, I didn't take much notice at the time, but thought they were cute. I decided a bit later to look them up and found the Mirotic PV. With my jaw dropping and drool going everywhere, I was instantly hooked.
    At first what I loved about them was their looks. (Well, come on, Mirotic WAS my first video) But after doing a good amount of research (the good kind) I love them for their absolute dorkiness along with the power of their voices together. I had never heard such beautiful melodies strung together, I mean, these guys can really SING. Junsu being my favorite after all....

    2. I don't know how I found DBSKnights, but it has been the greatest discovery for myself regarding the fandom. I used to come here daily for news, pictures, videos, subbed goodies. Now it's a bit harder for me to check everyday, but I still come by when I can. I became a DBSK fan Sept of 2009, and before DBSKnights, I didn't even know the group wasn't active. I was so busy catching up, I wasn't paying attention to anything new.

    3. Often in the past I would stay up really late in the night downloading videos, searching for pictures, etc. DBSKnights helped feed that, definitely. While I don't think I have any really funny stories of my time on here, I definitely blame DBSKnight for nights I went to sleep at 4am. HAHA. Not that I am complaining at ALL. :P
    Thank you guys for everything :)

    Name: Stephanie

  46. 1) I found DBSK it was at midnight when i felt sad. i tried to find a video on yt to make me happy, but i ended up watching Mirotic. it scared me at first, cause you know, a red dresses girl, and yeaa, she scared me alot and I was about to close my laptop until my eyes glued to a REALLY HAWT GUY TIED IN A WALL! YOU KNOW, it's Jaejoong XD Plus his voice was amazing so i triend to look up at the boy band's name, and it said DBSK. i keep searching for them and get to know them more and more. I'm so happy because of that. those hot guys are awesome. they can make me laugh so easily. their voices melt my heart. their songs are touching. Plus, seeing them smiling together is like the best scene i've ever seen, and really, i want to see their 5 smiles again. and soon i'm sure a happy ending would come to them. let's keep the faith. :)) and the reasons i love them? THERE ARE SO MANY! should i mention it one by one. They're awesome, handsome, funny, inspiring, cheering, supporting, their voices are good, they dance awesome, and alot more. i need more spaces to write down why do i love them cause i love them too much. they're my life. they changed me. and i'm so stupid if i ever leave those guys cause they did alot to me, and i want to do something to them too. i guess by keeping the faith. cause that's the only thing i can do.

    2) DBSKnights is my source to find an update of TVXQ. I'm ur fan that i always ended up to be in this site everytime i opened my laptop. your works are amazing. it made my day so much. Keep the good work, and i'll keep supporting you guys. let's keep the faith together :)

    3) Sleepless! oh yeah! I did this alot! And because of DBSK. I keep staying in my room, watching their videos, laughing, screaming, fan-girling until midnight, or even until morning. plus i'm a yunjae fan. i keep reading fanfic not knowing the time. their fanfics are so sweet. i can spend my entire day reading it. so, that's how i spend my sleepless night. i don't regret it at all. in fact i like it. i love it everytime i spend my time for DBSK. nothing is useless :)

    Name: savi

  47. Continue from my post here [] Bcuz blogspot hate me and didn't let me post properly :( Sorry for the inconvience!

    Name: AJ

    2. DBSKnights was the guiding star of my early days in this fandom (and you still are, dearies ^^) I learnt a lot about DBSK through you guys and your posts. You made me feel closer to the boys, it’s like I’m following their steps everyday xD Not to mention the subteam, you help us non-Korean/Japanese speaking fans a great deal here, you make me smile happily like an idiot everytime you release something. Though we fans couldn’t see each other I could still feel that we are all feeling the same. Through the chatbox, I could picture you guys smiling and crying over them just like I was and automatically, we were brought closer. So I can also say that DBSKnights bring more friends into my life :D

    3. Yeah, I did spend sleepless nights with DBSK but the most unforgettable one was when I stayed up to watch both Tokyo Dome and Mirotic concert. That night I felt down and all emo out of the blue bcuz I missed them so much. It’s really frustrated I wanted some stress relief to calm myself down and it turned out to be watching them. It was past 1am and I started off. Watching them, my heart went thump thump thump, I cried, I laughed and I wanted to hug them right then and there so bad. It’s funny how the guys made me sad and worried a lot are also the ones who can calm me down and make me happy. Done watching, I was reminded why I love them so much in the first place again and brush everything aside, I continue to keep my faith.

  48. Happy Birthday,YOU! been following you for 2yrs,i think.'s ur 2nd ANNIVERSARY!so i've been following u since da start of ur day!haha.

    1. How did i become a TVXQ fan? to tell you the truth, it was during 2006, when i talked about Johnny's artists with my friends. then suddenly, a friend of mine came and suddenly said "if you love Johnny's artist,maybe you will like TOSHINKI".so i was like,"oh.ok then.i googled them" so i googled and got NOTHING.few weeks after that,TVXQ came to Malaysia n i didn't go cos i didn't know them.few months after dat,my friend introduced me Dangerous i watched n instantly like Changmin.then another friend showed me TVXQ's rising sun performance at a-nation.i was hooked after that.then i found out that Toshinki is actually Tohoshinki a.k.a TVXQ!da.if only my friend said da correct name,i'd definitely go to their concert~.n so that's how i know TVXQ.from the word Toshinki.

    2.DBSKnights update all the news by not bashing other artists.and you also have almost all the TVXQ videos that i couldn't even find at the internet nowadays.and with the existence of twitter,my daily routine to DBSKnights increase by 9096%.and also the fact that i don't need to log in to your website is a good thing for me.

    3.since the day when TVXQ announce the hiatus or whatever you call it,i've been sleepless after that.even if i don't become sleepless,i'll dream about them and i will have tears when i wake up.maybe this sleepless thing is a good thing.they said dream is the opposite of reality.if the dream that make me un-sleepless make me teary,i know the reality will make me happy.



    hope you'll continue all this stuff by confronting all the problems that you'll face in future.


  49. kyaa!! already 2nd B-Day !!!
    HAPPY!! HAPPY !! HAPPY BIRTHDAAYYY... ouahhh you really worked hard to provice us all info , pics ,& video about our BOYS and i wanted to thank all of you cause you really did a great job !! i'm really thankful :D ~~
    so first :
    Name : nounou
    So here are my answers ^^

    1)i'm a DBSK fan since already 2years and few weeks exactly ^^... i became a DBSK fan when i watched MIROTIC .. it was the first DBSK MV i watched and then i watched PURPLE LINE !! i was in love with those songs XD~~ i liked their work their voices (..) i were like WAAAWW!!! hahah~~ so since then i became intrested by them & i started seraching their mvs , pics , info .. on net ...... I love them cause their music is really unique , it touch your heart with their romantic voices ... 2nd cause they R TVXQ ^^ a super and my first loved korean BAND ..( i really can't describe the reason's just cause they R DBSK no more reason^^ :p ) they will be for ever my n°1...
    2) DBSKnights have been contributed to my fandome cause this forom where the one who gave me all info i needed & pics" all DBSK things" ... u where the first forom i downloaded concert from (it was exellent)and easy to get with ... and i really like your hard working cause i find all i needed was here :) ~~ you were the best and hope that this forom will continue :)) for years
    PS: i know this forom since 8mounths ago but i didn't know how to register XD that's why i'm not a member :(

    3)oh yeahh of course i spend a sleepless night with DBSK ~~ i spend many sleepless nights with TVXQ but my fav one was when i watched "BONJOUR PARIS " + all their Banjun dramas XD ~~ i laughed a lot that night ~~ after watching that my sis & i begin writing large placards with their names and list of their songs & videos ... and we wrote a large " CASSIOPEIA" piece it was great& super actually ... after that we download their themes for our phones and we fell asleep at 10.25am on HUG & MY DESTINY.. we where so tired and it were the most beautiful night we spent <3<3

  50. Name: Ashley

    First of all congrats and Happ Birthday DBSKnights!!!! I have been an avid reader and fan for over a year now and i'm glad that DBSKnights has been really successful.

    1) I became a DBSK fan when my friend introduced me to them and the kpop world about 3yrs ago. She was already into the kpop music and her favorite group was actually super junior, but when she showed me Dbsk, I couldn't help but practically feel the talent and godly voices captivate me. After that i couldn't stop watching them. Although they are very good looking, I like them most for their personalities and the love they have for their fans. They never stopped caring and always tried their best no matter the criticism they got.

    2)I absolutely love DBSKnights!! :) Although i love hearing about the other artists in the kpop world, I love hearing more about DBSK. This site has given me the chance to know things that involve DBSK and I couldn't be happier. It would be hard to find good and valid info on DBSK if DBSKnights hadn't existed. I love all the stories, fan accounts, and projects that are done to support DBSK, even though they are going through a really tough time. So I'd like to say Thank You!! As a fan of DBSK and DBSKnights I couldn't tell you how much I appreciate it. :)

    3) Truth be told I don't actually sleep very well, so I spend my nights sleepless. But the one thing i look forward to is that I can pull out my ipod Listen to DBSK songs for hours. I know its a long time, but I love music and DBSK's songs are very soothing and relaxing. Their voices are definitely heavenly. My day does not function properly if I haven't listened to DBSK. I never got to really see them in person , so the only way i feel close to them is through their music.

    Once again Congrats DBSKnights!!! I would like to thank you for one event that you guys covered. You guys worked hard to cover SM Town 2010, uploading video's of Changmin and Yunho. I couldn't go even though I really wanted to, but thanks to you i was able to feel like i was there. SO THANK YOU. I wish you guys another great year for 2011!

  51. Name: Ren
    1) I got introduced to DBSK trough a friend. She loved them so she showed them to me and I fell in love with them, too. I love them because they are so pure, because they are special and their music is just unique. They all look very beautiful and have amazing voices, just like angels. When I'm depressed they always manage to make me happy again but also they manage to make me cry sometimes. They taught me what it means to keep the faith, to fight for what you stand for and thats why I'll always be a Cassiopeia! Thank you TVXQ ☆
    2) DBSKNights was my first own source of news. It's the page where I check my daily news about them and it's the page where I get the most spazzes off. I'm really thankfull to you hardworking guys for keeping my fandom fed and I wouldn't know what to do without you!
    3) I did spend sleepless nights with DBSK. Watching their concerts, listening to their music and crying for them to come back as five.

  52. Happy Anniversary DBSKnights!!!

    Name: Mia
    Email :

    1). My daughter was the one who introduced me to TVXQ/Tohoshinki. She was the one who was always ahead in KPop and JPop, little did she know that I was becoming a big TVXQ fangirl (well, more like a fanmom LOL)! I started loving them when I started watching all their concerts on dvd's because they sing amazingly well and dance great, too!
    2.) DBSKnights is my daily dose of TVXQ news! This is a great portal where I know what's happening with the boys as well as keep in touch with other Cassies all over the world!
    3.) Honestly, who hasn't??? I have watched their concerts sleeplessly and tirelessly for many times already. Youtube has also kept me up as well watching all the English subbed videos of TVXQ (old, new...doesn't really matter)! My daughter tweeted once that she thinks I'm a bigger fan of TVXQ than she is now.

    Thanks for the opportunity, guys! More power and we love you!!! keep it up!

  53. Name: Kimia

    1) I become a fan 2005. I saw ther mv "rising sun" on arirang and i was really impressed! So I began to capture more informations about them. They have been the first kpop band i really loved! What I really like about the guys are, that there are songs which touched me to tears, when i saw a live performance of them! One of them was "Love in the ice", they don't just sing the song, they really put their feelings into it and i can feel that, that's why they touch my heart and my soul. they are really great singers but also great persons too, they let me laugh a lot and i believe laughing is happiness, so they gave me happiness every day, that's why i really love them more and my greatest wish is to always show them my love and that they really feel this love!

    2) DBSKnight is my number one dbsk site! I really like the whole atmosphere and here i get all the news, facts, pics, vids, that i need! I really appreciate this site! I can't imagine a world withouth dbsknight, because there aren't any other dbsk sites that cought my attention!^^
    Really thank you for the hard work!

    3) How do you know? xD I spent 2 sleepless nights! The first one was when i got my first dbsk album, i was really so into their music, that i didn't realise how the time passed, my mom really thought i was crazy. haha the other sleepless night was, when i got my mirotic live dvd, i really love the concert, so i watched it over and over again and the next day all i did was talkin about that. i really wished i could have been there T__T but luckly the dvd was released^^

  54. Already two years! Congrats DBSKnights for the second anniversary and looking forward to many more years to come!

    Name: Jejungi
    Sorry for my pronouncing mistakes hehe. English is not my first lang actualy it's third ^^ But enough babbling and here are my answers~

    1.Was watching SuJu's Happiness MV when i saw on the side bar boys with cute animal costumes. I immediatly clicked it without hesitating and liked them immediatly 'cuz they were so cute and adorable in their costumes and the song was soo catchy =) I started searching for their songs and listened to them. I fell in love with their voices and personality. Their bond is so strong and the teamwork? what more can i wish for they are perfect as they are, i wouldn't change anything about them. Although so famous and all they were so kind and considerate to fans and humble!

    2. Although it's been a year since i first visited DBSKnights my time reading all these updates and the love you guys share is amaxing. DBSKnights never dissapoints me and never will. Although you guys are doing this of your own will just to spread the DBSK love i really appreciate it and all the efforts. Thank you as always for the fast updates and the HQ subbed vids ^^

    3. Sleeples night with DBSK? Have I? I have spent many sleeples nights over this summer to talk with our fellow Cassies. Reassurance and the news I get from another Cassies keep me strong and otherwise. The AllAbout DBSK seasons have kept me awake, and watching their past appearances in shows in Japan make me laugh because they are soo cutely goofing around w/ each other. Just too adorkably cute to miss it!

  55. 1. It's probably during the mirotic era. and now i feel so regretful that i didn't get to know them earlier. :'( I fell in love with love in the ice the first time i heard it. With those passion and singing, how could anyone not fall in love with them? I was trying to hide my fandom from my sister because she introduced me to them first. so i tried to 'force' myself to like ft island. but.. apparently that didn't work. but now i'm kind of happy that i'm not a fan of them. If i were a fan of ft island, i probably wouldn't know more about dbsk and this site. but then again, i wouldn't feel angry about people saying that they'd disbanded and then cry when they said that. Now to think of it, it's kind of embarrassing to cry in class with the teacher standing in front of me, teaching. I guess i became more 'talkative' after knowing them. Everybody said that. And now i jerk when i hear or see DBS Bank in my accounting questions (and add a K!!! before canceling it away). I squeal when i see the word Max on my maths paper. Or a mickey park on a tissue box (without the e). and my friends all make fun of me. They'll be like LOLHANNA and i'll show the -.- face then they'll say TVXQ then i'll smile lol. So it's lolhannatvxq now.
    Well, they are amazing, awesome, wonderful, breathtaking, stunning, mind-blowing, impressive. no words is enough to describe them because they are just awesome like that!
    2. I stalk. Esp during sm town '10. I just keep refreshing the page for any updates! ( i feel so stalk-ish lol). and anation '10 of course. since it was #2stages1tvxq.
    3. It's probably a secret. I fantasize about tvxq. every. single. night. it seems really real. until i fall asleep. then it became a cycle. like a routine i guess. Having ran out of ideas to fantasize, i dug out my mp3 to listen until i fall asleep.

  56. Name: Linh

    1. How did you become a DBSK fan? Why do you love them?
    How I became a DBSK fan? I still remember the moment I saw them for the first time. I live in Germany, which doesn't have a lot of stuff when it comes to asian music and culture. A new magazine called "Peach" has been published since 2007 and it deals with these topics of asian culture and music. At that time I was only interested in japanese music & drama. Then the april-issue of the magazine published an article about TVXQ. That was the first time I heard about them. Then I looked up for their music on the web and immediately fell in love with tree songs from that time: 1. Lovin You 2. Rising Sun 3. Tri-Angle. I listened to these three songs for weeks! And yeah, I wasn't really interested in the 5 members at that time, I just loved their music. Can you believe it? T_T
    Someday I came across various videos of the variety show “Love Letter” where Jaejoong, Yoochun and Yunho appeared. And then I started to get interested in the members. I watched various shows and fell in love with Jaejoong. The way he laughts, the way he cares for the members, his habits, his singing, his directness, how he tries to hide his sadness to keep other people’s smile… everything and more. Because I watched those “Love Letter” episodes at night although I had school next day! But I didn’t care because they were so charming ~ From that time onwards I always followed them, I would share their happiness when DBSK are happy because they achieved something they aimed for (Tokyo Dome, Five in the Black Concert), I would worry about them when they exhaust themselves to the extend that they end up in the hospital, I would suffer with them because they worry about Yunho because of the glue incident. And I will continue to follow them. As long as DBSK don’t give up, I will not do so.
    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    That’s easy. Since the time DBSK’s album “Mirotic” managed to have sold 500.000 copies, I wanted to keep up to date on everything they do. Through various search sites I ended up at dbsknights. Since then, I bookmarked your page and it became a standard-tab on my browser (^.^) . It’s especially useful when it comes to dates concerning live streams (Thanksgiving live in Dome) and DOWNLOADS. And I love the Clubbox. One can talk to so many people from all over the world, no matter what age, what time, what nationality, about one’s favourite topic. You feel that DBSK fans and Cassiopeias are always active and lively, you’re just like a part of this big community.
    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    I did, twice. Like I mentioned before, I had to watch the “Love Letter” episodes at once the whole night but still went to school afterwards ( Hell that was crazy). Another time for a sleepness night was the live streaming of the Thanksgiving concert. I waited and waited in front of the pc…. but it didn’t stream the concert. Then I noticed: I forgot the time difference! I looked up and got to know that the time difference is 7 hours (my place: GMT+1, Japan: GMT+8). Because it was weekend, I just decided to stay up the whole night and would then record the concert on ustream at 6am in the morning. I’m crazy, but well, I’m still young enough to do unreasonable things. 

    Sorry for the long answer, but when it comes to DBSK my memories would just flow out of my mind. Isn’t it the same for you guys from DBSKnights? I hope your staff of 31 people will continue to contribute your amazing work to the fans from all over the world and let the popularity of DBSK, of Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Yunho and Changmin grow with each second. Congratulation to you guys for 2 amazing years. What would I do without DBSKnights!

  57. First off, Saeng-il chukahamnida DBSKnights! Thank you so much for all the contributions you have towards all Cassies. Seriously, thank you very much! (:

    Name: Diana

    1. I was obsessed with Lee Jun Ki before I knew who DBSK was. Lee Jun Ki acted in this movie: "King and the Clown" so I googled this.

    DBSK's Banjun Theatre challenge of King and the Clown came up as a search result so I watched it on Youtube. The whole show was just hilarious and cute, and that was how I got to know our Gods from the Rising East. I instantly fell for them. I search for news of them, listened to all their songs, watched their variety shows. And now, 2 years later, I can still say that I'm a proud cassiopeian, and will always be.

    I love Yunho for his manliness on screen and cute actions he will only show to his members.
    I love Jaejoong for being the umma of the band and taking care of the Dongbang family he loves so much.
    I love Yoochun for coining the phrase: Always Keep The Faith.
    I love Junsu for taking away Changmin's role of being cute and his oyaji gags when his role is supposed to be charismatic.
    I love Changmin for being so matured despite being the magnae.
    I love TVXQ as a whole for their brotherhood, bromance, unity and their passion for music.

    2. DBSKnights contributed tremendously to my DBSK fandom. I mean, the only obstacle I have being a Cassie is the language barrier.

    Each time news of theirs come out in Japan magazines, the translation on DBSKnight's site never fails me. The little 'T/N' here and there ensured that I got everything I need to know. And the magazine scans will be large and awesome for me to ogle for the next few days.

    Besides that, the DBSKnight's subbing team are also awesome! Some subs released here can't be found anywhere else (Heaven's -cough- Postman), and it's always fast and accurate! (Thank you so much for this ^^)

    3. Countless times, seriously. The few most vivid experiences are during the period of time that JaeChunSu filed the lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Each night was filled with anticipation of latest updates of the lawsuit.

    Actually, just yesterday, I stayed up all night to watch the progress of the QUEST's poll. (3000 votes and chances of JYJ coming to Singapore will be high)

    I couldn't rest well thinking that if the poll did not reach 3000, my wish will not come true, so I kept asking everyone to help out in the vote. Well, the decision of whether JYJ is coming over is still not out yet, so I guess tonight will also be another 'DBSK Sleepness Night'.

  58. Name: Maria Beatriz


    1) I have to admit not too long ago, I didn't know TVXQ. I started liking TVXQ in July 2009, but in August I was already part of Cassiopeia, even with all the problems that we/they've been through.
    2) At first I read TVXQ's news on a Brazilian website, but it wasn't being updated anymore. Then, a friend told me about DBSKnights, and well, here I am! I come here every single day to know what they're doing, where in the world they are and mostly, if there is any chance they will come to Brazil someday LOL!
    3) Twice. When they announced they'd be on an indefinite hiatus, I was on holidays in another city with my family. I read the news on DBSKnights on my dad's cellphone, and I couldn't help it but cry all night long. Since the next day we were going to the beach, I had to pretend everything was okay. It was seriously one of the worst days of my life. But well, let's go to the 2nd Sleepless night! It was during the #2stages1tvxq, with the SMtown and A-nation. The time difference between Japan/Korea and Brazil is 12 hours, but I didn't care. I spent all the night/dawn/day tweeting and refresing DBSKnights! My mom found me about 7AM and asked me if I was up all night. Of course I said 'no way' xD! haha. This was one fun night, talking with other fans and waiting for photos.. Its funny how TVXQ can give you all kinds of emotion!

    Well, that's it. Thank you very much for this contest and I hope DBSKnights will have a long life! I hope next year all of us will be here, celebrating TVXQ's comeback!

  59. 1. How did you become a TVXQ Fan? Why do you love them?

    I became a fan early Nov-Dec of 2009. It hasn't been that long actually. My brother was listening to kpop all the time and I hadn't caught on until a year later. I was listening to Big Bang actually when I first became interested, but they didn't sing the genre of music that I liked. What first attracted me was Jaejoong. Seriously how can a real person look so beautiful and hot at the same time? So I guess I started to wonder about him and then the group he was in. I really wondered if they could sing. To my surprise, they weren't just eye candy, they were talented eye candy. I think I fell in love then.

    Overall I never really got into music because I spend so much time on school work, drawing, and reading. Especially since at the time I was a full time art student. I never understood fandoms and before you know it I'm actually part of it. I know I got into it late, but I think after hours and hours of DBSK stalking I think I have a good DBSK education :).

    After I came to know them I did what every good fan should do. Hunt down everything about them, literally. I bought a 1TB hard drive just so I can fill it with DBSK stuff. From pictures to articles, to music, shows, etc. EVERYTHING! Before I knew I was obsessed. O_O My first album that I bought from them had to be Break Out! I was at the time in love and heartbroken at the same time. Why was it I hadn't been more open to music early on so I can spend happy years with them instead I got the rocky start with lawsuits after lawsuits. I was only able to experience their joy through videos I had watch but shared their painful ongoing journey that many of us has experienced.

    2. How has dbsknights contributed to your fandom?

    I stumbled upon dbsknights after I found that allkpop wasn't giving me all the news I need and often the comments were ticking me off. Then I found you guys and found a supportive community of fans that I hadn't realized held such power. It's amazing the thing called fan power. Here I could spazz, rant, talk things out, and get news that wasn't skewed with strange titles. Besides I loved the wallpaper section and the download section. I was collection everything I could about them to put on a hard drive so it was the place to go.

    3. Did you ever spend sleepless nights with DBSK? How?

    Sleepless nights, yes. Due to me coming into this late I made up for it by hours of watching, reading, listening, and downloading. I never had a mp3 player before and I even went out to get one. Watching things and rewatching things took up most of my time. I had some type of fulfillment from this obsession. Like an interest in guys in general. I think I have heard that some people have started comparing people to these boys XD. One of my favorite videos has to be the Come to Play episode that I have watched so many times. It wrapped up their talent, their achievements, their humor, their friendliness even as a top group, their wit, their strangeness, and wrapped it up with how gorgeous they were. Another favorite was the My Favorite radio recording. Maybe I'm just obsessed with their hair at the time.

    Thanks for AKTF! I've met many supportive music fans in my lifetime but I have to say I'm rather fearful of a Cassie's love for TVXQ it's a powerful force neh?

    Happy 2 years DBSKnights!

    Name: Nancy

  60. WOW DBSKnights! 2 years already O_O!
    Name: Janine Quirino

    1. I became a TVXQ fan right after I heard them sing their Whatever they say single back then. A friend of mine introduced them to me (I was a ShinHwa + Hot fan keke) so naturally I became interested in the SM juniors ^^; I even made a HERO JaeJoong's fanlist @ LOL!!! (the site is still up -He used to be my fav when I first knew the group, cus he had the girly look & I was into jrock xD so... yeah-)
    Why do I love them? At first -and even so more now-, it was their amazing voices that made me fall in love!! And after I started watching videos, each one had its own unique reactions being a dork or just staying quiet. Even now their mannerisms and their smiles, when they sing and look at each other I love it!

    2. Well, you've contributed keeping me well informed! Of all the DBSK-fan-based sites like this one, Sleepless Nights was the first one I knew >.< Before this site I used to go into since he was my fav <3 keke

    3. Oh yeah, the ones I remember the most was when they were making their comeback with Mirotic >3 Since I'm from México, when it's night in Korea is day for me x_X; so, for over a month or so I stayed up 3 nights a week just to see them perform in MBank & Inkigayo, and always failing to watch them at Mcore xD;;
    But specially the longest night was the 31st Dic of 2008, watching them at Inkigayo (had to YT their Mcore perf), and then switching to jap channels on all the programs in my laptop xD to watch them there~ Non-stop until it was 6am there.
    I swear I didn't see them on the news program that was at 6 cus I didnt know they were gonna show up there.
    But I do remember I spent all that day crying my eyes out hating on both SM & Avex cus they looked so-freakin tired U__U;

    Anyway x3 that's my story. My TVXQ memories are most vivid from mid 2008 till now. I don't know, I guess I blocked out my memories of before that >.<

  61. Happy Birthday! ^__^

    Name: Lynnea Ann

    1. How did I become a fan? Why do I love them?
    It was about 2005 when I first saw the video "HUG", and fell in love with their beautiful voices. Jaejoong's vocals made my heart react in a way I never thought was possible. Changmin and Junsu's smiles made me feel so warm and happy while Yochun and Yunho's charm made me melt inside. No other artist had made me feel that way before so I knew there was something very special about the boys. It did not take me long to discover their accapella tracks which astonished me. They certainly had talent. ^_^ I fell in love with them because they are so genuine; beautiful people inside and out. Trust me, even though it is hard these days, thanks to you guys (DBSKnights) I find new reasons to fall in love with them all over again every day! ^^

    2. How does DBSKnights contribute to my fandom?
    In every way possible. Providing me with the latest unbiased news on the boys. Helping me "Keep The Faith" everyday. Giving me a reason to smile in the midst of all this chaos.
    I love you guys for what you do! Thank you so much!

    3. Did I ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK?
    Haha! Yes I have. Many a time! ^_^
    I honestly on more than one occasion spent very long hours on YouTube watching videos about the boys. Trust me, it is SO easy to lose track of time while watching them! ^^ (I'm sure you would know! You translate them. xD) But I think the longest nght I spent with TVXQ, was when I was getting over my first break-up. I watched videos of our boys, which made me laugh lots. They always raise my spirits. ^^ Trying to fall asleep I listened to their music and they not only cheered me up, but gave me a reason to smile; knowing that my heart will heal. (I discovered "Love in the Ice" that night) ^_^

    I will never love another group as I have TVXQ.
    They are what I like to call my true "first love". They will forever remain that way in my heart.

  62. Name: Yue Ling

    1. I became a TVXQ fan early last year, right after Mirotic promotions just ended and when the boys were preparing for their The Secret Code album in Japan. Before that, I had always been a fan of some of their songs, such as A Thousand Years of Love Song after watching Tae Wa Sa Shin Gi (aka, The Legend), Stay With Me Tonight because it was introduced to me by a senior of mine, and Miduhyo for it was the first song in the first TVXQ album I heard on an Imeem playlist.

    However, it was not until their Secret Code album got released did I start taking more notice of their songs, and started realizing that actually, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu don’t look alike at all, though I couldn’t differentiate both of them on fanfiction posters at Winglin when I was browsing through stories; I started understanding why a certain Kim Jaejoong was so well received by everyone in the fanfiction world that every single page I scan through at Winglin will have almost half the stories with him as the main character; and I began to put two and two together and found out that U-Know is Yunho, Max is Changmin, Hero is Jaejoong, Micky is Yoochun and Xiah is Junsu.

    And just like that, I started falling so deeply for them, something that I’ve never done before for any other singers or bands. What started only as a liking due to me taking an interest in their songs soon turned into a strong love because their voices, when put together, is just so heavenly and beautiful, and when harmonized for a song, brings out such strong emotions that I never thought I would be able to feel since I don’t understand a single word they were singing.

    I love them, for selflessly giving me such brilliant music that I cannot live without, because it is only their music, that can seem to do wonders to this heart of mine, calming me down when I’m angry, soothing my panicky self before an examination, or giving me company and making me feel not lonely even if I were alone.

    For this past one year or more, I have learnt so much more about them through countless of video watching, video downloading, and radio listening, and I have since love them even more than ever for their unique personalities in front of the cameras or in the radio stations. However, nothing will beat the love I have for their music and voices, because that was what brought them into my heart.

    Besides, I personally feel that, as a fan, I should respect and love them most for who they are, as singers, and not just idols.

    2. I couldn’t remember how I managed to come across a website as useful as DBSKnights for my daily dose of TVXQ news, but I was probably searching something TVXQ-related through Google and stumbled across this blog, and from that day onwards, this place has become my haven, and I will always feel blissful and proud that I know of such a place.

    As a student, time is precious for me, and this blog, saves me the time from jumping from one website to another to get my dosage of TVXQ news, TVXQ pictures, etc. in one day. Here at DBSKnights, everything is put together to neatly for us Cassiopeias by the administrators, and all we fans have to do is read, stare, and spazz.

    DBSKnights played a significant role in my fandom. Without DBSKnights, there will be so many news and information that I may never have got to know, and I sincerely thank all the hardworking staffs behind every single post that is here on this blog, because if it has not been for them, I would still have been an ignorant fan, and not know that Changmin took over Yoochun’s rap part during SM Town ’10 performance, or that HoMin introduced themselves to fans as ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’ that very same night.

    (to be cont.)

  63. 3. Unfortunately, no, I’ve never had a sleepless night before because sleep means everything to me. The latest I went through the night till the wee hours of the morning was sometime during my school holidays, when I was catching up on videos of them that I had never watched before, from Come to Play to History in Japan. I still remembered laughing along with them like an insane woman, clutching the sides of my stomach as I watch Jaejoong act like a player in The King’s Parody, swoon over Yunho dancing so sexily for Bae Seul Gi in X-Man, and giggle hysterically Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate when Junsu got embarrassed by his exposed chest.

  64. And I just wanted to say Happy Birthday DBSKnights~~! ^o^/
    Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary~~! ^o^
    Thank you for your all hard work and for making this fun contest ^^

  65. Name: Azilah

    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DBSKnights!!!!
    Always keep up the good work!!! Love U guys..
    Love the info been getting from this site... =DD

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan?? Why do u love them?

    As I recall, it was way back in 2006 when I visited to my cousin place.. That time she played "Rising Sun" at her music player. And I don’t know what happen but I LOVE the song.. =DD
    So I ask her, who sings this song and she promote TVXQ by telling all the good things about them intriguing me much much more.. So, she showed me the MV of Rising Sun. I quickly fall in love with them.. It feels like love at first sight. It was the greatest moment of my life and it will always be in my heart, mind n soul.. GO TVXQ!!!
    I really LOVE them because the way they sing so harmoniously, with good looking face (=^0^=)//, very cool n cute dancing step and their attitudes towards the fans and everybody which made them look so perfect in every way.... XDD

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to ur fandom?

    Before I met DBSKnights, I always have my updates news regarding TVXQ via soompi forum.. However, after I met u guys, I like the way DBSKnights gives us info... It is latest, up to date, very compact, useful and reliable.. It is much easier for me to get to know about TVXQ activities with u guys keeping up the good work.. I really love u guys.. Aja aja hwaiting!! =DD
    I’ve have a few other forum or blog.. But they will never can compete DBSKNights.. And that is the truth.. U guys sure did a GREAT job.. (^__~)//

    3. Did u ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    Countless of time did I ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK.. Hehehe.. Well, actually it was a few time.. When suddenly I remember how funny, cute n adorable they r when they were together all 5 of them in a game show making fun of each other.. Always making joke n cutely laughing.. This sleepless thing always occur when they produce new album or offshoot MV or any new videos regarding them.. I will watch the videos for the whole night and I will keep thinking of them until it made me dream of them.. I always dream that I am friend to them n it is so much fun to be their best friend ever.. How cool is that... ^^*

    ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!!!! OPPA!!! SARANG HAEYO!!! I will keep waiting for TVXQ comeback.. =)

    P/s: To DBSKnights, I really can't live without u guys to update me about TVXQ.. Thanx guys. =D Really appreciate DBSKnights effort on becoming the greatest site on regarding to TVXQ info..

  66. Name: Elaine
    Happy Birthday, DBSKnights~!!! :Db

    1.) I found DBSK through the click of a play button. Unfortunately, it wasn't love at first sight. I was reluctant to listen to their music since I was still a big fan of hardcore rock unlike the pop-ish beats of "Rising Sun" and soul-like "Tonight." Nevertheless, they caught my attention. I listened to more of their music and before I knew it, I was sucked into their fandom. It only took a few weeks of watching variety shows and whatnots for me to see them as more than just a band. They live up to their name because they definitely became gods in my eyes. Junsu's cute charisma, Yoochun's dorkiness, Jaejoong's warmth, Yunho's kindness, and Changmin's snark - what do they have to do with me? Like gods, you don't really know why you love them so much. I've never talked to them nor have I ever even met them, yet they give so me much hope and such an incredible amount of joy. They became a part of my daily life, keeping through the days whether they make me cry or smile. And to think that all it took for me to discover them was the click of a little play button.

    I quote Changmin: DBSK... "(Xiah) is my religion. What he says and how he acts are like my morals textbook and bible." 8D

    2.) Regarding to the quote above, I believe DBSKnights are the writers/translators and the people contributing to that "bible." This site gives me news on what DBSK "says" and "does." If it weren't for them, I would have not been able to read DBSK's bible. And if I can't read the bible, how am supposed to know what's happening? So it's thanks to them that I can bask myself in this fandom with new information coming from DBSK and no barriers to hitchhike over.

    3.) I've had my share of sleepless nights because of DBSK. I still remember those late nights when I would stay up just watching program after program of variety shows online. I can even go without sleep watching their music videos and concert clips. You don't know how many times I would burst out laughing at midnight. It's silly because lack of sleep + DBSK humor = mental derangement. Later on during the day, my mind would reel back to something funny such as Yoochun's epik moment in Happy Together and I'd start laughing by myself like an insane person. Imagine that. A disheveled girl sitting in a seat by herself on a bus with the biggest grin on her face for seemingly no reason. Yeah. That's me (and you know that's you, too when you give up sleep for DBSK). I don't regret those nights, even though my friends label me as a maniac in the 4th dimension. However, these days, DBSK singing or talking is like a lullaby to me. ^-^ Listening to acapellas is the best way for a good rest!

    Sorry for the long answers. (O___O);;;

  67. Name: Sweta

    1. I came into Kpop through another boy band and came to know about TVXQ through the forum discussions, only at the beginning of this year. So, yes, I'm a late fan. Unfortunate that I couldn't share their joy and togetherness, but I'm glad I got to know them at all. The very first video I saw was 'Proud' from FITB concert. It was amazing how they put heart and soul into it while singing. Then it was MIROTIC and Love in the Ice and now 'W'. They make me fall in love again and again. I swear I've never felt this close and ONE with any other fandom. As many would think, though their voices, musical talent, character and looks helped alot, the love and support between them and Cassies made me stay in this fandom. I felt the Cassies' pain and loyalty when the boys went through many hardships and I felt 'THIS is worth staying with forever'. Simply, there are too many reasons I love the boys.

    2. I'm from India and there are almost no fellow Cassies here. Sometimes it's quite lonely that I can't share my love for the boys here. Almost all my cassie friends I met through DBSKnights Shoutbox! I've been encouraged whenever I felt just so damn SAD over the current situation here and it's a very memorable place for me! DBSKnights is THE place for all my DBSK cravings.

    3. Sleepless Nights.. I haven't had many of them, but when I first came into this fandom I downloaded all their albums, variety shows and concerts like crazy and stayed up till 4 in the morning watching them. I love their variety shows, especially Jaejoong with his weird sense of humor(Happy Together!! :D) and very recently while watching JYJ's Thanksgiving Live at Dome! I lost count of times I replayed 'W'! And I've enjoyed all of my Sleepless Nights with them, lol!!

    Finally, I want to congratulate on your 2nd Anniversary and wish you success on all your future DBSK projects. Oh, and I love the new layout a lot. It's amazing.

    Thank you for giving us a chance to share our love here. I appreciate this very much. I might have not said much in a very clear, concise way as many did, since English is not my mother tongue. I hope I got my point across. Thanks again to all the admins who put in a lot of effort for this lovely blog.

    DBSKnights Fighting!!


  68. Name: Carmen

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan?? Why do u love them?

    To be honest, I really had no interest in TVXQ at all. When 3 of my friends keeping going crazy about them and watching thousands of videos of them, I was quite annoyed. However as their music keep playing, I kind of incautiously start to listen to their music and search up informations about them. Their songs were constantly on replay mode (even now) and I was totally falling for their amazing talents. Each of them has their own unique style which makes DBSK such an unusual group. Their sentimental vocals would just hit you bit by bit, not allowing you to stop listening.

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to ur fandom?

    I found this site after I've been in this fandom for about half a month. I was so in love with this site that i literally just go on right away after school. DBSKnights constantly update me with the newest news of DBSK so that I kind of know what is happening with them despite the distance. I'm so grateful that they always do their best to translate most of their videos so that us non-korean speaker could understand the context. It is definitely so amazing to have to site, it kind of brought me more into DBSK with the newest informations 24/7. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I TRUELY APPRECIATE ALL THE HARD WORKS YOU GUYS HAVE DONE AND I KNOW IT IS NOT AN EASY JOB AT ALL.

    3. Did u ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    This is quite an embarassing question but i definitely had numerous sleepless nights with DBSK. A smile would just appear on my face whenever i think about them, whether it is the inseparable relationship between the members or their amazing performance. The thoughts of them actually put me to sleep, kind of like magical sleeping pills! :) It is so incredible how they are able to affect me so much even they are miles away from me!

    PS. i know it is quite hard to be chosen with hundreds of comments. However, I JUST WANT TO THANK ALL THE DBSKNIGHTS STAFFS FOR ALL THEIR HARDWORKING. We will keep supporting you guys no matter what and HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY! (:
    ---It is quite cheesy after i look over my comments but i finally could express my true feelings! hope you guys don't mind!

  69. Name: Özlem Altıntaş

    1) It was November 15 of the year 2009. The time was about 22.10.. I was a lonely girl away from her family in another city, surfing on the net, in her dorm room. I had heard about the biggest culture of Korea, DBSK. However, to my biggest regret, I was insisting on not to discover about it, maybe like a foresight I knew I would be addicted to a boyband. One day while I was on youtube, I saw the name of a video and thought "What a unique and cool thing to be name of a song!". I clicked.. and watched all the videos referred to it whole night. Thanks MIROTIC for leading me find the greatest treasure of the world. I infected so many people with this excellent virus and I will continue this sacred mission! DBSK/TOHOSHINKI/TVXQ/TVfXQ was not a boyband, actually, they were greatest boys in the world having unique hearts, art and feeling. They make me feel my soul.

    2) DBSKnights? Its simple to answer. Without any exaggeration, one of the essential needs of me, for my soul and also body. Since it's impossible for international fans to keep track of every detail about our DBSK, DBSKnights feeel like home. Happy Birthday and Always Keep Sharing! ^^

    3) My sleepless nights are shared only with DBSK. There are so many times.. Just to mention, I will count the time of the sad news about Jaejoong's Park Yong-ha. My heart was so heavy and I couldn't think properly because of thinking about HIS pain. While I was lying down on my bed, HE was having one of the worst pain in the world and I couldn't do anything but only think about his pain. Some moments are like prison. However, hopefully, I also had lots of smiley sleepless nights and they were-are still best moments of my life. Like the time about I heard the musical news and Junsu-sama,aaah:D, and also the great leader Yunho's MJ tribute. God, still gives me goosebumps ven thinking about the best moments..

    Their sweat, their tears, their love, their burdens.. and their successes are the reasons that keep my eyes wide open. I know I will share more sleepless nights with "5" and DBSKnights as long as I have conscious in my lifetime.

    Always Keep The Faith!

    Forever 5!!!!!

  70. Name: Ale

    1)I saw a video of them once and it caught my eye, the video was my destiny and I like the music and then I start to search who they were and other songs by them and I really got into the music, I love them because they are a boyband that can sing and they hace such nice voices, they are really talented and they should be known worlwide!

    2)Your page is the best blog when it comes to news about the guys! It has contribuited a lot 'cause I know when they are going to release an album and all the activities they are doing besides making music like the calendars, concerts; it's mark on my delicious but I already know the page. It keeps me informed with everything I need to know and I checked it daily

    3)Well I've spent some sleepless nights watching doramas from the boys and also wandering around your download section searching for specific things! One time I also make some icons because I wasn't sleepy so I decided to use my time in photoshop with some dbsk pics ^_^

    Thanks for making this page possible and congratulations on your 2nd birthday! <:)
    Long live!

  71. Firts of all, CONGRATULATIONS, for your 2nd anniversary, for reach such amazing status, for give the best information, and for keeping the fans always with the latest news. I hope we can see DBSKnights grow more and more through the years that are to come ^^!

    Name: Maria T.

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    I have to admit that the first time I heard about them I wasn’t queen about it. Many girls were just screaming how beautiful they were, and things like that... So I completely thought "Ah, another pop group...". But, months later I decided to give them a chance so I looked for a couple of songs in youtube and… I was astonished. I'm a very critical person about music, but they really let me astonished with their voices and harmony. I had heard lots of K-pop groups without being really impress but when I heard them singing I couldn't keep my eyes of them.
    I started checking them in live realizing that they weren't just another simple group of boys dancing and trying to sing, but real artists. The lyrics, the melodies, and especially their voices and the passion they put into the songs, each of them, because of all that I started to love them little by little, to appreciate them, and also to know them. I've learnt a lot thanks to them, to work hard for my dreams/goals, to never give up, and to put everything in what I do. They showed me how a real artist, a musician should be, and I'll never forget that.

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    When I get to the point that I wanted to know more and more about DBSK, I was kind of lost. They were a lot and different websites but the info seemed to be quite disorganized. I think I just stumbled in my search for a good website and fell here but I knew it was the correct place. Complete information, pictures, constant updates, and everything from an impartial point of view. For example, when the rumor of the hiatus thing popped out I found not only reliable information but strong people; that really impressed me… This place helped me a lot back then.
    Also, in the blog where you put the sub videos I had the chance not only to watch them but to understand them. I wouldn't have been able to do it if they weren't subtitled. I'm totally grateful with all of you that did such a hard work. I've really got addicted... I can't survive the day if I don't come here to have my doze of DBSK news. To see that the guys are doing well, are having fun, or if there's a new project, etc.

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    -That's for sure. There are many situations. DBSK is not only a big influence for me, but people who indirectly have been with me in the worst situations.
    This last years have been quite hard and fulfilled with crappy stuff, but since I discovered them. Everytime I was feeling down, and just tired... I spent the whole night watching live performances, listening to their songs... And gaining a little of strength thanks to that. It was like a relief, to feel their passion in music gave me power to put myself back together. And when I needed not to think for a while, I spent the night watching variety programs were they appeared. It made me feel relaxed, and I ended up smiling. Yes, it was like a relief, to breath again and just laugh like if nothing bad had happened.
    I still do it, uncountable sleepless nights that I won't change for anything.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary guys, to all of you.

  72. Name:Novy
    hmm...i'm not very good in hope u all still can understand^^..thank you..^^v

    Q1:How did you become a TVXQ fan?Why do you love them?
    Ans:Firstly, my sister bought a VCD that have BOA song inside it (my sister was a fan of BOA), n then DBSK's hug MV was number two from the VCD track n i saw Jaejoong n OMO the boy was really handsome n have a very delicate skin n get addicted to the end of the MV the boys group name was write in Kanji,n i just think they were chinese group...haha,because i saw that when i'm still at secondary high school,still dunno about Japanese so yea..i just think they're chinese group..XD n now i'm at,it's a very long time neh..hehe
    after that i'm not very updated about them because i'm still focused on my study n just knew their news at the board message at,that time the boys are not very popular yet..n then in 2008 my friend whi also was a fan of the boys show the mirotic MV..n really catched by their spell again..make me addicted to them again,n this time i got my first laptop n like other cassie...very updated about their news..XD..i love them because like wow they're good in dancing n singing,n it's just my first time knew that a group had many version name.. XD.. n can sing their song at some language n thats make,this group was really awesome n thats make me love them..n not just reason that really make me more love them's i got many friends from other country n wah,all of them was very nice n not just want to thank you DBSK for this but also i want to thank DBSKnights too that make me met this all kind friends..^^v

    Q2:How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    Ans: i bought a DVD about their fansclub meeting n the DVD got broken so i search it in youtube n i saw DBSKnights logo in that i tried to open this site n wow this site had many other video of the boys n all of it had an english subtitles in,really appreciate ur(all staff of DBSKnights) hardwork n many thanks for hardsubbing the video^^

    Q3:Did u ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK?how?
    Ans: hm,i dunno if this count as a sleepless because i'm always online at midnight..LOL..
    DBSK make me got many friends form other country so everynight i'll just spend the night with chatting n role playing about the boys with them ..^^

    Happy birthday to DBSKnights^^
    I really love this site..*saiko desu* ^_^
    Always keep the faith..^^

  73. 1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    My older brother discovered Kpop at first. He let me listened to many Korean songs.
    Epik High: One, Fan, Fly
    Big Bang: Lie, Last Farewell
    DBSK: Why did I fall in love with you, Love is all I need
    Se7en: One
    At first I wasn't interested in music at all, but because of these songs, I began searching K-songs by myself. Big Bang, that just sounds so normal, skipped. Epik high, their music didn't catch my heart. Se7en, sounded so fake (no offends, I love Se7en as well), skipped as well. DBSK, they sounded so mysterious. Those letters, I wanted to know what it stands for, so I tried to find more information of them. Dong Bang Shin Ki. The rising gods of the east, that just sounded so overwhelmingly big and just gave me hope. I decided to search for their songs, found more and more. Loved them more and more, finally I decided to be mini fan of them. Even thought I was brought up by my parents who dislike us to be crazy fans, I still became one. (I'm the only one in my family, they still think I'm overreacting sometimes) Afterwards I wanted to know who was singing, searched... 5 PEOPLES?! I always thought that it was 1 singer o_O XD Yes and afterwards I began being curious to find out who was singing, at that time I still couldn't distinguish them from each other. They all looked the same to me :p After some time, I finally could memorize and distinguish their voices! ^^ But then I became curious who was actually singing, I wanted to know their faces! XD ;p Watched their live performances and REALLY fell in LOVE with them!! XD That was the best live performance I've ever seen. I recognized them as TRUE ARTISTS!!! =D Then their Mirotic album came out! :O I listened to that song so many times that my mother fell in love with that song as well XD Now she's fan of Junsu XD ;p I really wanted to buy that album, even now, but I don't have the courage to buy it. Even buying the DBSK wristband from Michelle caused me being questioned about why I bought it and how much it costed. After that time, I didn't dare to buy anything anymore, just listened to their voices, watched them on youtube, but never thought of buying anything of them anymore. How can one not be their fan?! Even boys fall for their voices! ^^ Fanboys are the best!! :D
    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    O_O Simple, I love clear content, easy design. I did find other sites like onetvxq, but that was too difficult for me. I searched through Google (YEAH, they are great!) and found ONE wonderful site! Oh.. Now that I read the question again, I think I misunderstood the question :S Let me re-answer that! I did read Allkpop news, but because it's not only about DBSK, I had to wait till something of them came out. I became curious if there were better updates of our lovely boys and searched as I mentioned above and found you guys. REALLY up to date and very fast with nice and accurate news. Besides, I love your subbing squad! ^^ Thanks for subbing them! It really helps a fan like me who doesn't understand Korean nor Japanese! ^^ You guys, really helped me to love DBSK more and more~! I won't leave your side, you're still the best! I hope you'll never give up, I know it's really much work to do to handle a site up to date, HWAITING~!
    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    :p I did once had it too busy and I saved up too many articles of DBSKknights to read in the end.. And because I really wanted to read/look/watch it all, I stayed till late at night (or morning XD) and my eyes were BURNING O_O! XD Never did that again, now I just gotta spend a few hours every day to read it all XD
    Keep up the great work and special thanks to Portia, cuz if you weren't there, I also missed a lot of information of DBSK~! ^^
    DBSK & Cassiopeia HWAITING!
    ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! (Just love this sentence! ^_^)

  74. 1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    My older brother discovered Kpop at first. He let me listened to many Korean songs.
    Epik High: One, Fan, Fly
    Big Bang: Lie, Last Farewell
    DBSK: Why did I fall in love with you, Love is all I need
    Se7en: One
    At first I wasn't interested in music at all, but because of these songs, I began searching K-songs by myself. Big Bang, that just sounds so normal, skipped. Epik high, their music didn't catch my heart. Se7en, sounded so fake (no offends, I love Se7en as well), skipped as well. DBSK, they sounded so mysterious. Those letters, I wanted to know what it stands for, so I tried to find more information of them. Dong Bang Shin Ki. The rising gods of the east, that just sounded so overwhelmingly big and just gave me hope. I decided to search for their songs, found more and more. Loved them more and more, finally I decided to be mini fan of them. Even thought I was brought up by my parents who dislike us to be crazy fans, I still became one. (I'm the only one in my family, they still think I'm overreacting sometimes) Afterwards I wanted to know who was singing, searched... 5 PEOPLES?! I always thought that it was 1 singer o_O XD Yes and afterwards I began being curious to find out who was singing, at that time I still couldn't distinguish them from each other. They all looked the same to me :p After some time, I finally could memorize and distinguish their voices! ^^ But then I became curious who was actually singing, I wanted to know their faces! XD ;p Watched their live performances and REALLY fell in LOVE with them!! XD That was the best live performance I've ever seen. I recognized them as TRUE ARTISTS!!! =D Then their Mirotic album came out! :O I listened to that song so many times that my mother fell in love with that song as well XD Now she's fan of Junsu XD ;p I really wanted to buy that album, even now, but I don't have the courage to buy it. Even buying the DBSK wristband from Michelle caused me being questioned about why I bought it and how much it costed. After that time, I didn't dare to buy anything anymore, just listened to their voices, watched them on youtube, but never thought of buying anything of them anymore. How can one not be their fan?! Even boys fall for their voices! ^^ Fanboys are the best!! :D
    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    O_O Simple, I love clear content, easy design. I did find other sites like onetvxq, but that was too difficult for me. I searched through Google (YEAH, they are great!) and found ONE wonderful site! Oh.. Now that I read the question again, I think I misunderstood the question :S Let me re-answer that! I did read Allkpop news, but because it's not only about DBSK, I had to wait till something of them came out. I became curious if there were better updates of our lovely boys and searched as I mentioned above and found you guys. REALLY up to date and very fast with nice and accurate news. Besides, I love your subbing squad! ^^ Thanks for subbing them! It really helps a fan like me who doesn't understand Korean nor Japanese! ^^ You guys, really helped me to love DBSK more and more~! I won't leave your side, you're still the best! I hope you'll never give up, I know it's really much work to do to handle a site up to date, HWAITING~!
    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    :p I did once had it too busy and I saved up too many articles of DBSKknights to read in the end.. And because I really wanted to read/look/watch it all, I stayed till late at night (or morning XD) and my eyes were BURNING O_O! XD Never did that again, now I just gotta spend a few hours every day to read it all XD
    Keep up the great work and special thanks to Portia, cuz if you weren't there, I also missed a lot of information of DBSK~! ^^
    DBSK & Cassiopeia HWAITING!
    ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! (Just love this sentence! ^_^)

  75. 1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    My older brother discovered Kpop at first. He let me listened to many Korean songs.
    Epik High: One, Fan, Fly
    Big Bang: Lie, Last Farewell
    DBSK: Why did I fall in love with you, Love is all I need
    Se7en: One
    At first I wasn't interested in music at all, but because of these songs, I began searching K-songs by myself. Big Bang, that just sounds so normal, skipped. Epik high, their music didn't catch my heart. Se7en, skipped as well. DBSK, they sounded so mysterious. Those letters, I wanted to know what it stands for, so I tried to find more information of them. Dong Bang Shin Ki. The rising gods of the east, that just sounded so powerful. Found more and more great songs. Loved them more and more, finally I decided to be mini fan of them. Even thought I was brought up by my parents who dislike us to be crazy fans, I still became one. (I'm the only one in my family who’s fan of some artist) I wanted to know who was singing, searched... 5 PEOPLES?! I always thought of 1 singer o_O XD Afterwards I began being curious to find out who was singing, at that time I still couldn't distinguish their faces. They all looked the same to me :p I finally could distinguish their voices! ^^ But then I wanted to know their faces! XD ;p Watched their live performances and REALLY fell in LOVE with them!! XD That was the best live performance I've ever seen. I recognized them as TRUE ARTISTS!!! =D Then their Mirotic album came out! :O I listened to that song so many times that my mother fell in love with that song as well XD Now she's fan of Junsu XD ;p I really wanted to buy that album, even now, but I don't have the courage to buy it. Even buying the DBSK wristband from Michelle caused me being questioned about why I bought it and how much it costed. After that time, I didn't dare to buy anything anymore, just listened to their voices, watched them on youtube, but never thought of buying anything of them anymore. How can one not be their fan?! Even boys fall for their voices! ^^ Fanboys are the best!! :D
    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    O_O Simple, I love clear content, easy design. I did find other sites like onetvxq, but that was too difficult for me. I searched through Google (YEAH, they are great!) and found ONE wonderful site! Oh.. Now that I read the question again, I think I misunderstood the question :S Let me re-answer that! I did read Allkpop news, but because it's not only about DBSK, I had to wait till something of them came out. I became curious if there were better updates of our lovely boys and searched as I mentioned above and found you guys. REALLY up to date and very fast with nice and accurate news. Besides, I love your subbing squad! ^^ Thanks for subbing them! It really helps a fan like me who doesn't understand Korean nor Japanese! ^^ You guys, really helped me to love DBSK more and more~! I won't leave your side, you're still the best! I hope you'll never give up, I know it's really much work to do to handle a site up to date, HWAITING~!
    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    :p I did once had it too busy and I saved up too many articles of DBSKknights to read in the end.. And because I really wanted to read/look/watch it all, I stayed till late at night (or morning XD) and my eyes were BURNING O_O! XD Never did that again, now I just gotta spend a few hours every day to read it all XD
    Keep up the great work and special thanks to Portia, cuz if you weren't there, I also missed a lot of information of DBSK~! ^^
    DBSK & Cassiopeia HWAITING!
    ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! (Just love this sentence! ^_^)

  76. Name: Julie

    First I want to say congrats on becoming so big within a short amount of time!

    1) I became a DBSK in my 1st yr of college b/c of my friend. She tried to get me hook on kpop through sj but,I just made fun of her 4 liking music she doesn't understand.After a yr of her persistent & me feeling like I'm a bad friend b/c I'm making fun of something she likes. On top of that I was sick of my same routine.I promised myself since I'm in college now I need 2 get over my hs crush and start new.I wanted 2 try something new I finally gave in & gave her a chance 2 sell kpop 2 me.She showed me a pic. of Changmin and I was like oh he's cute. She then told me that he's from DBSK.She introduced me 2 the rest of the members through the Balloons mv.B4 she played the mv she said that some of the members was taken so I wanted I pick which 1 I want.As the mv played she pointed each member out and told me who had dibs on who.Then Changmin did his mismatch eyes I then said "I pick him".She told me that he was the guy in the pic she showed me & that i can call dibs.After that day whenever we're in the car she always played sj & DBSK.I then told her I like DBSK's songs better. so she always played DBSK songs whenever I'm with her.On Chinese New Year 2008 we went to her cousin's house and watched explore the human body w/ sj and DBSK.We were a total of 5 girls and each of us had a bias from DBSK ^^. As we watched we cheered for our bias and we officially called ourselves the DongBangWives.
    I love DBSK b/c of their friendship, their dedication to their work and to each other, and their never give up attitude. They are such a huge inspiration to me.I love the fact that even though I don't understand what they are singing about I can just feel the emotion/meaning in the song. I also love the fact that even though I don't know them personally they have helped me through the hardest days of my life. I also love the fact that they have a strong bond with their fans. That they are so humble that they don't admit that they are the best. they keep striving to be better.

    2) After Chinese New Year, I became hooked on DBSK. I wanted to know more about them. So I went on Google. He gave websites with info on DBSK. I clicked on a couple websites read the news on DBSK. That’s how I got the history of DBSK, but I wanted current news on them. I asked Google again, and DBSKnights was one of the websites given. I clicked on the link, I was impressed by how organized and up to date it was. I then favorite it .
    Now DBSKnights is part of my daily routine. Whenever I have my DBSK time, DBSKnights is the first place I check for the latest updates on DBSK. DBSKnights also thought me how to watch live broadcast of the boys. I’ve been going on DBSKnights since they were on wordpress now they are a .net website. DBSKnights and my fandomness has grown together.

    3)I have spent way to many sleepless nights w/ DBSK! The couple sleepless nights was when I first got hooked on DBSK. I wanted to now more about them & to catch up on all their vid/shows that they have done. After I watched one vid. I wanted more, so I watched another and another. I did this for like 3 days. Now, I have sleepless nights when I miss them. So I watch old vids of them. I also, stayed up when I watched the kohaku broadcast on keyhole last year. I was so tired I skipped class and a test so I can sleep. let’s keep the skipping a test and class part between DBSKnights and I. b/c if Changmin finds out he’ll get really mad. And we know we don’t want to see that ~_^

    Sorry for such a long answer. The story of me becoming a DBSK was such a huge turning point in my life. I really tried to shorten it lol.

  77. 1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    My older brother discovered Kpop at first. He let me listened to many Korean songs.
    Epik High: One, Fan, Fly
    Big Bang: Lie, Last Farewell
    DBSK: Why did I fall in love with you, Love is all I need
    Se7en: One
    At first I wasn't interested in music at all, but because of these songs, I began searching K-songs by myself. Big Bang, that just sounds so normal, skipped. Epik high, their music didn't catch my heart. Se7en, skipped as well. DBSK, they sounded so mysterious. Those letters, I wanted to know what it stands for, so I tried to find more information of them. Dong Bang Shin Ki. The rising gods of the east, that just sounded so powerful. Found more and more great songs. Loved them more and more, finally I decided to be mini fan of them. Even thought I was brought up by my parents who dislike us to be crazy fans, I still became one. (I'm the only one in my family who’s fan of some artist) I wanted to know who was singing, searched... 5 MEN?! I always thought of 1 singer o_O XD Afterwards I began being curious to find out who was singing, at that time I still couldn't distinguish their faces. They all looked the same to me :p I finally could distinguish their voices! ^^ But then I wanted to know their faces! XD ;p Watched their live performances and REALLY fell in LOVE with them!! XD Best live performance I've ever seen. I recognized them as TRUE ARTISTS!!! =D Mirotic album came out! :O I listened to Mirotic so many times. I really wanted to buy that album, even now, but I don't have the courage to buy it. Even buying the DBSK wristband from Michelle caused me troubles.
    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    O_O Simple, I love clear content, easy design. I did find other sites like onetvxq, but that was too difficult for me. I searched through Google (YEAH, they are great!) and found ONE wonderful site! Oh.. Now that I read the question again, I think I misunderstood the question :S Let me re-answer that! I did read Allkpop news, but because it's not only about DBSK, I had to wait till something of them came out. I became curious if there were better updates of our lovely boys and searched as I mentioned above and found you guys. REALLY up to date and very fast with nice and accurate news. Besides, I love your subbing squad! ^^ Thanks for subbing them! It really helps a fan like me who doesn't understand Korean nor Japanese! ^^ You guys, really helped me to love DBSK more and more~! I won't leave your side, you're still the best! I hope you'll never give up, I know it's really much work to do to handle a site up to date, HWAITING~!
    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    :p I did once had it too busy and I saved up too many articles of DBSKknights to read in the end.. And because I really wanted to read/look/watch it all, I stayed till late at night (or morning XD) and my eyes were BURNING O_O! XD Never did that again, now I just gotta spend a few hours every day to read it all XD
    Keep up the great work and special thanks to Portia, cuz if you weren't there, I also missed a lot of information of DBSK~! ^^
    DBSK & Cassiopeia HWAITING!
    ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! (Just love this sentence! ^_^)

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  81. Sorry, there was a problem.. Every time it said there was an error. Jeongmal mianhe for double posting. I removed my double posts!

    Oh and I forgot to tell my name and e-mail.

    Name: Wing Hang Tse

  82. First of all, Happy Birthday to DBSKnights!!!
    Name: Lenne
    1. I became a DBSK fan several years ago when I typed "Can you feel the love tonight" (I love The Lion King :P)and somehow came across "Tonight" By DBSK! It was pretty much love at first sight and I immediately tried to find all their other songs and variety shows.
    2. During the beginning, the only way I could follow DBSK was to continually search the "newest" videos on Youtube about them. That was very time consuming and so I started following Kpop sites like allkpop and seoulbeat, but there was always this feeling of not enough and I hated how some of the authors were biased against them. Then I found this wonderful site through a forum discussion and I have been visiting DBSKnights daily since then. I must admit that during the first few months of my DBSK enlightenment, I only really liked Jaejoong but after reading, watching, and listening to them through various shows and videos, I came to love all of them very much. I found individual aspects of all of them that are so lovable. Like Changmin's wit and bullying/lord abilities, Junsu's angel smile and overall cuteness, Yoochun's face/forehead and Engrish, Yunho's special cuteness that he only shows occasionally and leadership skills, and Jaejoong's cooking and 4-D personality. All of this and not to forget their AMAZING singing and dancing skills are what made me a fan and I will always love the five of them. Without DBSKnights I probably would not have understood or be able to connect to them as well as I do now. Through this site I am able to find out their recent activities and support all of them to the best of my abilities.
    3. Haha, i spend many sleepless nights with them! The time when I first discovered them was a little before Christmas Break so I pretty much spent that whole week glued to my computer. I think I only got up to use the bathroom and eat then, I just sleep in my chair when I get too sleepy. :D I remember staying awake during polls to vote them and during special events like the MAMA Award Ceremonies and other end of the year performances, A-nation, when Eng Subs of their shows were up, and many other occasions.
    That's pretty much it! I hope Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu will never give up their dreams and know that there are many fans like the people at DBSKnights that will always support and love them!

  83. Angelica
    1- one night I was organizing my music library, so I was looking for the album where "change the world" by V6 belongs to, and my best friend and I were basically making fun of V6... because I found their dance soo funny, and the video so random (sorry V6 fans, I love them too *sighs*)then my best friend was suddenly happy because she could recognize HYDE in a tiny picture, she came to me: "YAY I could recognize HYDE in this picture( so I was basically amused about how beautiful the guy in the middle on top was (JJ) XD and me and my friend started googling about... so we were basically drooling over how good looking they were how well dressed and so on.. and I decide to look for them at Youtube I remember saying this to my friend: "we are probably drooling over how good looking they are, and they probably lack at singing, let mee look for a video" and I did, and watched Mirotic, but it wasn't the fact that they are incredible hot at the video that made me fall.. it was how well made the video was.. and the catchy song.. so I searched for more, and when got to Rising Sun and Bolero, that's where I said.. oh god I love them!!!!!! So why I love them: because I love their songs, they have at least one song to each moment of your life, when you want to cry, to just jump around, to cook, to dance, to not do nothing at all!, still they have one song for that moment! that's why they are my favorite group! their voices, there is nothing better in this world than those five singing their hearts out trough a song. but there is one thing for sure.. I just love them goofing around about anything.. just being them! it makes me want to go and work for my dreams to come true! they made me believe happines could be reached, and I'm thankful to them for that ^^
    2- Would you believe that the first website I go to each time I go to my comp is DBSKnights XD? seriously I would die If I don't go here, I love DBSKnights I've made soo muuch good friends here :D wich is why I like this place! it's just fun to read news about the people you're interested and hear other's opinions and just spazz about how good looking or dorky they are XDD I just love this place T-T I feel at home *-* no one else in the world understands me as people here :D
    3- Sleeples night with DBSK.. yes, wacthing a concert.. I like to watch their concerts late at night.. no one is awake at my house so I can go like "KYAAAAAAA he is so hoTTTT" or just cry how much I want... so thats why I rather watch their concerts at night.. talking about them with people here.. or watching shows, dramas, or reading a fic or anything about them, they are my hobby XD I just love the guys ok!still I love them to death, still I cry over them, with them, still they are the ones who comforts me with their voices, still they are the ones who makes me laugh, smile... still they are the ones I love the most, am sure this is more than just a teenage obssesion, this is love. So I'll keep supporting them, no matter what I want them to be happy, is my way to say thank you to them for so much they have given to me! And you admins, staffu of DBSKnights!!! I loove you guys soo much! thanks to you I don't even feel the thousands of miles away that distance me of them... thanks to this site I feel like they are right here with me lol I know weird... but it's true. thanks, really.
    Happy 2cnd anniversary!!! soon is going to be my first year as a self proclaimed I-cassie :D
    let's celebrate together!
    let's not get teary, because they'll be back
    I'll wait...
    "It's alright, because we will meet again"
    at Five in the black leader shii saying that makes me hopefull^^

  84. Michelle

    1 ...I became a TVXQ fan because my friend influenced me. Actually I thought they were Japanese natives since that time I'm in to Japanese music since KPOP was not yet proliferated in our country, and little by little I listened to their songs and I grew my love for them. I love them because I believe they are not the usual Asia music you hear. They are full of emotions and it feels like whenever they perform they drew you into them. Whenever they do a powerful performance even if you are just watching in your laptop the energy still flows into you, It's amazing they're like gods of the stage. And their personalities blends perfectly with each other and their looks is a plus 100x.

    2 ...DBSKnights greatly contributed to my fandom because I get updates here and it is in English which I believe is a friendly language. And this site is very much accessible it doesn't error ever. And I believe this site is very much fan friendly because of their admins and the downloadable stuffs for the less fortunate ones who cannot afford to buy cds or photobooks online.. like me. And of course the news itself it makes me updated to out boys on what they are doing right now. And this site is not biased srsly they do not let the other member overshadow the other member, something like that.

    3 ...Of course I had sleepless night with DBSKnights like how they stay up just for trending in twitter to say out loud our feelings and when it reaches the twitter trends we joy like crazy, it's a nice feeling. And whenever there is a bad news about the group I as long with the other cassies stay up to comfort each other and discuss the topic, and of course I cried my heart out. It feels like I'm crying for them because they can't express their true feelings. :( 'I feel sad' And whenever an MV or a Teaser would be released I will stay up just to watch it, also to see some new updated pictures to spazz about. And a lot more sleepless nights to come, I believe.

    Well, Happy Birthday DBSKnights! May you have more birthdays to come and stay awesome :)

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  86. Name: Mariell Mendoza

    1. Why did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    At first, I was just really interested in JaeJoong. I was just some TVXQ fan, who listened to their song, watched some of their MV, and watched shows they were on because some other group was in it. But it changed when suddenly, I got obsessed with JaeJoong and I watched videos of him on YouTube. Of course, TVXQ members were in the videos, too, so I couldn’t help noticing how cute, funny, and handsome they all were. As time went by, I realized I was falling in love with TVXQ and slowly getting tired of the group I was addicted to at that time. I fell in love with all the members; their voices that can just make you heart melt, and their handsome faces!! ♥ I mean.. c’mon, how can you not say their good-looking? :DD

    2. How had DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    DBSKnights has always been helpful for me, especially with updating me with what’s happening to TVXQ. Like with translations of news and stuff, you guys are always fast! That’s why I rely on you.. and I know that the translation is always going to be right! ^^ And your subbing team, what can I say? They’re just awesome! Clear subs, high quality, and fast, too! :) It’s also somewhere I can spazz about the boys, and gain strength whenever my faith wavers.

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    It was in the day my AADBSK3 DVD arrived, I was so excited and happy that I automatically called my cousin on the phone, told her that I got the DVD, and asked her to come over, so we could watch the DVD together. She arrived at my house at about 6:00pm, and we immediately watched the DVD. My cousin got so excited that she told me we should watch all 6 DVDs, and with me being excited and hyper, too, I just agreed without thinking. The first two DVDs took us more than 2 and a half hours watching, and weren’t paying attention to the time, until her parents called her to come home. I told my cousin to just ask them if she could spend the night, since we absolutely HAD to finish watching all DVDs.  Luckily, her parents said yes! We finished watching at about 4-5:00am, and we couldn’t stop spazzing about TVXQ, so we decided not to sleep that night, and went on the internet to watch more TVXQ videos!!! ^.^

    OH, CONGRATULATIONS TO DBSKnights for your 2nd Anniversary!
    DBSKnights fighting!! TVXQ fighting!! ♥♥

  87. Elizabeth

    1)I became a fan of DBSK back in June when one of my friends introduced me to them. He (yes, he) started getting super into KPop in general and thought I'd like the way these five guys looked. Well, I did, but it was so much more than that. The first song I heard/video I watched was "Mirotic," and I fell in love with it - and with them. For the past four months I've been following them obsessively, learning everything I can about them, crying and laughing when I watch videos of them crying and laughing. I love them because they're a lot more talented than many American artists here that use Autotune to enhance their sound. I love them because they seem to be genuinely caring, funny, intelligent, and sweet men. I love them because they've clearly grown so much in the last seven years not only physically, but emotionally and musically as well. Even though I don't think I deserve to be called a Cassie because I'm so new to the fandom, I still love DBSK and the rest of the Cassies very much.

    2) DBSKnights is my Number One source of information on DBSK. For one thing, the blog is actually updated very often, as opposed to others that have been on indefinite hiatus for ages (and there are some that may never be updated again). The information here is as thorough as it possibly can be, and you guys all work extremely hard to make the rest of us happy (and well-informed). Whenever I get online, one of the first websites I check is DBSKnights.

    3) I'm spending a couple of sleepless nights with DBSK right now! These past few days, I've been anxiously awaiting information about JYJ's American tour dates (I'm closest to NY so I'm hoping to go!). But this isn't the first time. When SMTown 2010 came to LA, I waited eagerly for videos and news clips. When announcements came that Tohoshinki had been dropped from Avex, I followed the news obsessively (mostly on DBSKnights) to make sure that our boys were okay (although one can never really tell). And there have been countless nights in the past four months when I haven't been able to sleep, so I put on Changmin's version of "Bandal/Half Moon" or Junsu's "Rainy Night" to lull me to sleep.

    Congratulations on your second anniversary! You deserve all the success you've had and more! I can't wait to see what happens next <3

  88. Skye

    ~How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    I became a TVXQ fan not to long ago. Let's say like last year in september/nov 09 . My sister introduced me to them when she showed me a picture of them when she was looking for some kpop bands.
    Haha, my sister and I thought that their group name was MIROTIC because that was on the pic that she showed me. So i was like 'okay'.
    Then like two days later she showed me the MIROTIC video. When i first heard the song, I was like 'ohhh, that's a nice song'. When we learned their names, i found it really weird to have names like U-know and Micky and all that, because i thought those were their real names. I also could'nt tell them apart what so ever! I thought they all looked the same. I used to think that junsu and yunho were brothers. (#^.^#)
    Then I finally sat down and read about them . That their group name was not MIROTIC it was DBSK, TVXQ or Tohoshinki. I read up on each of them of wikipedia. I learned their real names lol. Things I was suprised about was that Jae was adopted, and Yoochun was from the states.
    We watched some of their videos on youtube, particularly couple videos because that was one thing we were suprised of. We were like 'omg'. We really kept watching Yunjae videos and Yoosu vids and all that. I saved some pics too.
    I think like a month later, i decided to listen to some their music. Then watch some of their MV's. The songs i really listened to at the time it was 'O, rising sun and balloons' i loved those songs.
    Like in december and january, that's when i started to get to know them more. I learned even more about them. After watching alot of videos like mv's and some variety shows of them, i really got know their personalities well. I thought their personalities was very down-to-earth and playful. I also spent my freetime looking and saving lots of pics of them.
    I love TVXQ because I think they are very talented, like really. I love their personalities, and they're voices when they're singing. i think their so good looking and cute. I also like how they are very serious about their music, and that they have a real passion for singing.

    ~How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    Wow, first i just have to say that DBSKnights is my most favorite site ever. You all are just...the best. I started coming on here so i can stay updated with TVXQ, and learn more about them. It contributed to my fandom because it has kept me updated with the latest news about them. You all post subbed videos and downloads on here too! This site is the reason why i have special feelings for TVXQ.

    ~Did you ever spend a sleeless night with DBSK? How?

    Wow, now that i think about it, iv'e spent alot of sleepless nights with them. When I got my laptop, i spent my whole days watching videos and looking at pics of them like everyday. Iv'e had nights were i'd be reading tons of fanfics about them all night. I have spent like two sleepless nights(i think) drawing a yunjae picture and Jaejoong pic. and some sleepless nights listening to their music, and reading news about them.

    ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY DBSKNIGHTS~. I love you all. This is like the best site ever! And i hope that it will continue to keep up.
    Always keep the faith~

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  90. Name: Itzel
    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?:
    I was on my computer and was watching an Anime. And I heard one song in there that I was attracted to, so I looked up the acapella and thought that they had wonderful voices. I looked more on them and found myself watching their videos up until 3am. I love their voice, their honesty, and their dorkyness.

    2. How was DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?:
    I was looking up on them, but using Google it only brought me to Korean websites, witch I didn't understand at that time. But one of my friends suggested DBSKnights and I found myself looking though the entire blog to look up information. This blog also helped me stay updated with my fandom.

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?:
    Once I heard of the lawsuit I couldn't stay still. I didn't sleep for some weeks, and I cried everyday. So, each night I would put on a DBSK song and from then on I can only sleep when I play a song sung by DBSK

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  94. sorry about so many posts removed, I was just correcting some words ><

    let's go now...

    Name: Liv
    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?:

    My friend introduce me BoA, and I was downloading some videos of her. when I saw Tri-angle, and I was so amazed about these boys that I knew in that exact moment I would never let go my love for them. Now has passed more than 4 years and my love grows on and on... I love these boys since I hear and saw them for the first time, and I know that TVXQ will never and.

    2. How was DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    Since I have a blog with news about the boys too, DBSKnights is my only one trusth source, This site is my source about everything when comes to TVXQ. I'm a reader since you've begun.
    And I translate every new to portuguese to many brazilians fans. Thank you DBSKnights.

    3. Did you ever spend a slepless night with DBSK? How?
    Yes, I spent some sleepless nights with my boys.. One was when I was in my home alone, I was not able no sleep because I dont like to be alone, so I put the secret Code in Tokyo Dome on my DVD, and I was watching them till I fall asleep.

    thank you

    and happy b-day~

  95. name: Putty

    1. it's all because of my cousin.. :D
    first time i see them, is from an Anime and Manga Magazine in Indonesia that put them as an article.. but, i didn't put an eye on them that time.. LOL.. the next moment i see them is when i meet my cousin at Ied Mubarak 2006.. she showed me one of their MV.. Balloons.. it's cute.. but again.. didn't get to close to them.. LOL (stupid me)..
    the moment when i really fall in love with them was at holiday 2008.. i spend it at my cousin's house and she showed me Doushite PV this time..
    and then.. VOILA~.. they got me under their skin.. XD
    since then, i really fell in love with them..
    Besides of their looks,, i also fell in love with their talent.. their outstanding voices and harmony.. their stories to reach success, their spirit of hardworking, and also their humble attitude..
    i just fell in love with them like that..and i never regret it~ :)

    2. DBSKnights is my number one source~! I loooooovvveeeeee you guys..>w<
    you're my source for db's update news, vids, fancams and.. of course.. subbed videos~ :D
    you guys are my one and only db fanblog that i followed on twitter~ :D
    thx for ur hardwork guys..^^

    3.a sleepless nite with db??
    of course.. XD
    i've spent one night watching all their videos that i download for a day..
    i've also spent a night watching almost all their concert dvds.. crying with chuunie when watching FiTB concert, get touched watching blue ocean on Secret Code, shivering when they sang LiTI and others..
    i've also spent a night when hearing their lawsuit.. chatting with my fellow cassies, discussing about it and trying to updating their news together via messenger..and holding back my tears for them..

    db really took my world.. LOL..
    but i never regret it.. :D

    congrats for your 2nd anniversary.. hope you guys will always be the no.1 source of our boys~ :)

    keep up the good work guys..
    wish you all the best
    always keep the faith
    hope till the end~ :D

  96. Name: Jeffrey Henderson

    -How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    There was this Asian CD that my friend let me borrow 4 years ago because I was looking for different kinds of music since American music wasn’t really all that interesting to me . . . I had already started liking some Japanese music, but wasn’t totally satisfied either, so my friend said I should try Korean music and gave me TVXQ’s Rising Sun album. I guess you could say the rest of my fandom fell into place, because after that, there really was no turning back. I wasn’t even a minute into the Rising Sun song before I fell in love with these 5 men. At the risk of feeling a little vulnerable, I’ll admit I’m a fanboy. I’m a fanboy and these 5 men mean everything to me. Why? Because they’re like older brothers to me . . . the ones I’ve always wanted and never had. Other guys have never really liked me or accepted me and have basically shunned me because I’m not like a typical guy, and TVXQ has provided an emotional outlet and a source of masculinity for me as a guy. I realize almost every single day more and more that they are my role models as a guy, my heroes, and everything I want to be as a man. And, as these 4 years have gone by, they have become an intricate part of my soul. They have comforted me in the darkest times of my life thus far, and given me an infinite source of radiating light to bask in. These 5 men have reduced me to a little boy time and time again – a little boy that wants nothing more than to just run crying to them and ask them if they’ll hug me and tell me everything’s going to be okay. I love them more than I could possibly say in words alone. I honestly don’t know where I would be right now had they not been there for me when I needed them the most.

    -How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    This site . . . this godly site of wonderful amazingness is the ONLY place I go for my DBSK fandom. After the events that transpired last August, I feel as though this is the ONLY place I can trust for reliable information. Even when controversial information is shared, there is almost always a disclaimer stating to take everything with a grain of salt, but what I like most is that this site NEVER posts ANYTHING that bashes the 5 guys. NEVER. That is why I respect this site and find it truly to be a place of love for TVXQ. I would be completely and totally lost if this site were not here . . . this site is my homepage and always the first thing I look at in the morning. I check this site numerous times a day to see if anything new has been posted, and when something like new pictures or a new video is out, it makes my day. You guys are the greatest ever and I love you more than you know. Your subbing team, by the way, IS GOD. You’re one of two subbing squads that are the absolute best at subtitles and I worship you for them.

    -Did you ever spend a sleepless night with TVXQ? How?

    There have been countless sleepless nights that I’ve spent with TVXQ. The most memorable was the week that everything happened to TVXQ last August. I remember that I only got a handful of hours of sleep that week when all the news broke out because I couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t fall asleep because I was so sick to my stomach. It felt like my world and everything that had kept me alive was falling to pieces and being destroyed. I remember watching every single music video of their’s over and over because I couldn’t believe it was really happening, and I wanted to escape from the madness around me. Those sleepless nights were some of the emptiest and loneliest I’ve ever felt, and TVXQ’s voices and music videos were the only things that kept me company.


  97. I thought to myself I won't write so much...I don't know what happened, my hands just wouldn't listen ^^'

    Name: Leanne
    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    I first heard of them about 3/4 years ago when my sister's friend sent her a video of the Balloons MV. I thought they were cute dorks but I didn't get into their music. A year or so later, I heard about them again from my friend, who sent me the Mirotic MV. I couldn't believe they were the same people! So shocked! Then I listened to Mirotic all the time for a while, and then started listening to their other songs to see what I liked. Before I knew it, I grew to love all their songs <3
    I think I love their personality the most. Being asian and living in a western culture, I see many celebrities who are famous for the wrong reasons, get into drugs or rehab every weekend and just rake in the money because of their status which they didn't earn. That's why DBSK was such a breath of fresh air for me. They worked so hard, love their fans and members, humble and they respect everyone. On top of all this, they also have the talent and looks! Amazing :D

    2. How was DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    Massively, I love DBSKnights. I check it everyday, almost religiously, for reliable news about the boys. Also I have the opportunity to see them in shows and dramas because you guys sub it, otherwise I would just be watching it without know what they're saying. I love how it is updated regularly, and I can meet awesome people who are as crazy about DBSK as I am ^^ It has become a staple in my life, I have to visit DBSKnights everyday otherwise I feel a little bit empty inside...

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    Yep, on the first day of school ^^' I was supposed to get up at 8am for the first day of school, but I've been sleeping at 6am over the previous weeks, so I thought Why don't I just stay up? I did, whilst listening to DBSK songs and watching their videos and dramas. Dancing to Mirotic at 5am when you're sleep deprived is so fun XD
    Sometimes when I go to parties and get a bit drunk, I talk to my friends until the morning about DBSK to them, not that they'll be listening to me... >_<'
    I stay awake, calculating how much money I need to buy DBSK goods and CDs ^^'
    Also spent so many hours staying up on youtube, watching their dorky videos and holding in laughter.
    The lawsuit...many nights spent awake there.
    Staying up to read DBSKnights and check twitter for any updates.
    Reading fanfics, searching for pictures...
    I'm surprised I'm not a zombie XD

    Hapyp birthday! I hope you'll have many more ^^ The staff here are amazing and I would like to thank you for all your hardwork, not just for this, but for all you have done ^^ <3

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  99. Anne

    -How did you become a fan of DBSK? why do u love them?

    This brings back memories. it was when i was in my 1st year of high school, about the time they debuted. i had this azn channel and every thursday they would air this music program called 'Revolution'(a mix of japanese and korean music) and thats where the obsession/fandom began. i saw the MV of 'HUG' and fell in love with them right then and there. i dont know how, or why but the show had them as 'New Generation' so thats what i knew them as and found nothing when i tried to search them. cut to a few weeks later when i saw the vid again but they fixed the error. after finding out their name i spent countless nights just youtubing them(after i got my laptop and "free" internet). i basically ODed on DBSK and was as high as a fan could be lol. when watching them on variety shows i fell for them instantly, they were so humble and so bright and adorable. but what i love the most was their music and their vocal talent. when my sister was obsessed with Shinhwa, i was obsessed with DBSK(which i later converted her), 6-7 years later and here we are. =}

    -How did DBSKnights contribute to your fandom?

    by A LOT! sadly i only found out about this site recently but i'm glad that i found it at all. you guys keep me updated on EVERYTHING and thats what i love. before, i was just an obsessed fan but with u guys i'm a super well informed obsessed fan. lol i would visit this site everyday, multiple times a day. u guys have became my other addiction <3

    - Did You Ever Spend a Sleepless Night with DBSK? How?

    well i wouldnt really say i had a sleepless night, but i did have nights with not much sleep. lol. i honestly would just stay up really late into the night(or early morning depending on how u look at it) just watching their videos. i just couldnt get enough and wanted more and more. i tried to find as many vids of them as i could. i never even worked so hard on a research paper before. i watched so many of their vids that for nights i had dreams with the members in it...not that i'm complaining. lol

    Thank You DBSKnights for all the hard work that u guys do to keep me off the streets and at home looking at ur site haha. but really, thank you, ur efforts never goes unappreciated <333

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY/SECOND ANNIVERSARY~! let there be many more to come <3

    P.S sorry about all the typos. D=

  100. Name: Winnie

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    I became a fan of them in 2008 when I first started highschool. I was into Jrock at first so honestly, their music wasn't appealing to me when I first heard of them in 2005. So I went on not liking them for years (stupid me!) But in 2008, my friend told me about how much Kpop was better than Jrock. I reluctently heard songs from different bands. She was not a fan of DBSK so I was never shown a video of them. When I got home, I decided to try Kpop out myself~ And so, I stumbled on the greatness of Mirotic and fell in love with them. First to catch my attention was Kim Jaejoong who looked so cold and mysterious. And that's when it all began. There was hardly anyone who liked DBSK at my school so naturally, I got in fights trying to protect them from false accusations. But it was all worth it. Looking back, I never liked a group for more than a year. They were my first. They made me fall in love with them because of their harmony, dorky sides from watching their variety shows, their hardworking sides and most of all, how much they loved and chased their dreams together with Cassiopeia.

    2. How was DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    When I first joined Kpop, I only had kpop community blogs and livejournals to rely on for news. Didn't like it as not all news about them was posted and some extreme biased articles. And so, I stumbled onto here~ This lovely place. DBSKnights has definately helped my fandom. I spent my first few days looking through this site and back tracking to get to know them better. It's my number one most visited site <3

    3.Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    <3 Of course~! I've stayed up once to watch their Mirotic Concert Live when it was aired on tbs. It was fun spazzing to Cassies <3. I've stayed up many times to trend for them since time zones never work out for me whenever trending happens XD. Oh~ What they do to us.

    Happy Birthday DBSKnights! <3 Spending more sleepless nights together!

  101. Name: Christina B.

    1). About five years ago, I remember visiting my family members in Laos for the summer. A Korean drama called Full House was on. It was Thai dubbed and I was surprised that something Korean was on TV. The drama was interesting and each day that it was on, I would end up watching it. The drama left a deep impression on me. After watching the drama series, I quickly became fascinated in Korean culture. I learned that Rain was a singer and started on a conquest to find Korean songs by not only Rain, but other Korean artists as well. During my search, I came across DBSK. There was a playlist of their songs and I gave it listen. The first song that came on was one of their ballad songs. Instantaneously, I fell in love with DBSK and their music. I couldn't believe that a group like them existed. I felt as though they completely won me over with their exceeding talents. Since then, I've listened to DBSK for about five years.

    2). DBSKnights has contributed greatly to my DBSK fandom. I found out about this site about a year and a half ago. Whenever I needed updates, news, pictures, videos, etc. about DBSK, I felt as though DBSKnights is the only place that I can go to. Your posts always make me happy and I always find myself coming here everyday no matter what time it is. I think that everyone here has done a good job on keeping up with everything about DBSK. You have done nothing, but satisfy me. Thank you for all your hard work! ^^

    3). Whenever I couldn't sleep, I'd stay up during the night listening to many of DBSK's songs. There were so many things going on with DBSK, I felt as though the only thing that I can do for them is think of them and find peace with their songs. DSBK has brought many things into my life and feeling strong emotions is one of them. I'd stay up and sing along to a lot of their songs and cry as I do so. Their songs have brought me happiness and joy, pain and sorrow, excitement and so forth. As I listened to DBSK's songs throughout the night, it left me feeling something that I should always feel for them. Love. Just as DBSK's song states, I'm proud of your love. And that love kept me going throughout the horrid night.

    As I conclude, I'd like to wish DBSKnights a happy 2nd anniversary. Congratulations for making it two years. In the long run, I'll always be here with DBSKnights and will continue to do so in the future.

    Always keep the faith!

  102. Name: Janice

    1.I became a TVXQ fan on September 27th,2009. Before that day a guy friend of mine showed me "Doushite" the MV&asked me if I had ever heard of them. My answer was "No I have never heard of them, and who are these guys ?" I fell in love with their voices. Few days later my sister was in her friends car&my friend was playing " Doushite Acapella " when we heard that song we were like " WHOAA WHO IS THAT AND WHY DO THEY SOUND LIKE ANGELS" i wasn't into korean music or japanese music at the time so i didn't realize that it was the same song. After we went home that night my sister went onto youtube immediately &found a video of them singing " Doushite Live @ A-NATION "that was when it began.I fell in love with our boys. To this day every time i hear " Doushite " i really do ask myself " Why did i fall in love with you ? " lol.
    I love the five of them because they are amazing together, their chemistry is unlike any other group i have ever seen, or any group of friends i have ever seen. When they look at each other, even a quick glance, the love is there, the care is there, they are one another. They are RESPECTFUL,BEAUTIFUL,WONDERFUL,TALENTED,GIFTED, angels sent from God honestly. I've never seen such friendship in my life.To be willing to die for one another&to love one another. I also love them because they are hardworking&humble, to them there is no such thing as giving up, to them there is no such thing as " good enough". Our boys never stop trying, they never give up. They inspire me to be a better person every day by staying humble&loving those around me. I never knew people that I have never met could do that to me, but they have; TVXQ has. do i put this .. YOU GUYS TURNED ME INTO A DBSK FANATIC LOL. When I didn't know anything about dbsk i would always google&this site would always turn up. I was shocked at how amazing this site was&how up to date it was. After my first week of loving DBSK i realized that this was the site to go to for my latest scoops on dbsk. Another great thing about this site is the CHATBOX! <3 I can always stay connected to fans this way for the newest dbsk info& ifi just feel like spazzing, fans are always here :) Even when I'm feeling down I can go to this site&looking at all the happy comments&chatbox lifts up my day once again. Every day after school or whenever I can get near a computer/itouch/iphone/internet connected phone I always go to dbsknights first lol. :D

    3. I did spend sleepless nights with DBSKnights. It was the day that Tohoshinki announced their hiatus of activites..I couldn't handle it I couldn't hold my head up, I cried for so long...and all I could do was stay on this site..and watch for what would happen next. I don't remember the specific days but I wake up to dbsknights and i go to sleep after looking at dbsknights. My lifeline is here.

    *I have friends that are " fans " but after this tough year for them, they've simply given up and keep repeating to me that " dbsk is over they broke up . That breaks my heart, and this site reminds me every day that TVXQ IS ALIVE AND ALWAYS WILL BE and their fans are ALIVE AND WE ARE STILL WAITING !! *

    thanks dbsknights :) truly, from my heart thank you for giving me a safe shelter to turn to when the world just doesn't seem to understand our love for our boys.

    - love always janice AKTF

  103. Name is Qingyun.
    Email is (yeah i know, don't laugh i made it when I was 10!XP)

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    Before I became a Cassie, I was actually an E.L.F. And all I knew about DBSK at that point of time was that they were the best in K Pop, but I didn't exactly go and check them out. But one of my sisters became a Cassie, so I saved up to buy her a DBSK album for her birthday (The Secret Code <3) but everytime I looked at the album it was really tempting, so my other sister and me decided to watch it (HEHE) first before giving it to her (she was overseas) So we started watching it and I thought it was quite okay and all (Cos' at that time, they just looked like they were only singing and dancing, nothing much, like all the other groups - I AM SO SORRY NOW I KNOW HOW MUCH WORK YOU'VE PUT IN AND I LOVE ALL YOUR SONGS) AND THEN. They sang Love in The Ice and I was just like, completely swept off my feet. It was so amazing and full with emotions that I loved them instantly. This song, is still my favourite song today. I can replay it a million times and never get sick of it, especially the T version that is just simply... amazing. After I finished watching everything, I just went to search them on Youtube and Google and EVERYWHERE and I really really fell in love with them and became a Cassie, with the way they put so much effort into everything, the way they're so close like a family of their own, the way they're not afraid to shed tears on international TV, and just EVERY single thing about them, down to the way Jaejoong laughs and hides his legs and his perfectly amazing voice when he sings with Yoochun, the way Changmin smiles (EYESMILE!) and laughs and sings (ALL THE EXPRESSIONS AND HAND MOVEMENTS HAHA) and tears up and his LEGS, the way Junsu can be cute one moment and just hot the other moment, Yoochun's Adam's apple and his voice (just.. oh god, his voice) and the way Yunho is our perfect leader-sshi that always looks out for the rest and is so proper most of the time that it's really nice to see him smile and laugh like Junsu does, and the way he manages to slide those long legs into amazing dance movements, everything of these five men are just. breathing AWESOME.

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    HERE I MUST THANK YOU AND WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 3/4 of everything DBSK I've watched are subbed by DBSKnights and I really appreciate it THANK YOU SO MUCH. The thing is, I entered the fandom really late so I didn't have much time before they filed the lawsuit, but YOU'VE MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO RELISH THE TIMES THEY HAD TOGETHER I SERIOUSLY CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. Really, thank you so much for everything you've done for all us Cassies, and thank you for keeping the faith and spreading it around! <3<3<3
    (Post will be continued because of the word limit ._.)

  104. (continued : darn limits!)

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    Yeah! I stayed up the whole night watching a DBSK marathon with my sister. My sister fell asleep (she was working the whole day) but I continued watching anyway (I slept in the morning for this! and felt like some kind of human bat/VAMPIRE) and I ended up dancing along with 99% of their songs and collapsing on the sofa so hard that my sister woke up and gave me the DEATH GLARE (because I interrupted another one of her lovely dreams) but she fell asleep again haha. I was so tired in the morning but IT WAS SO WORTH IT. All the performances and variety shows obviously couldn't be watched within that measly 12 hours, but I watched some, and that was enough for me for that week because it made me feel so alive when I was watching every single clip I could and when I danced and sang along (I swear the neighbour knocked on the door at one point of time but left because they were too embarrassed to tell me to shut up because I'm tone deaf HAHAAA)with them, and pretended that I was sitting there as part of the Red Ocean with my red shampoo substituting the lightstick hahaha. It was one of the most amazing nights in my entire life ever. Period. And it wasn't even my birthday! :D

    taking the chance to spread the message:
    always keep the faith <3

  105. Leanne Park

    DBSK became my life when my friend introduced them to me. The first time I knew of DBSK's existence was because she kept talking on and on about them. I had no idea what this band was about so I looked it up. The first thing I saw was a picture of a very feminine looking man...Can you guess who this is?...and my friend and I argued over whether fangirling over a bunch of female looking men was in her best interests. However, that argument ended, I lost, when she showed me a Mirotic performance (the one where they rip their shirts in the back. :D). By then, I was convinced of their manliness but whether they could sing well I didn't know...She then showed me two performances: One of Asu Wa Kuru Kara and Proud (the one where they all cried :() and then I was hooked by their beautiful and godly voices and manly looks. :) Ever since then, I've become an even bigger fan than my friend. We're both addicted and are true followers of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

    DBSKnights contributed to my fandom when I first heard the news here that DBSK would be performing at A Nation. I was truly awed by just how strong DBSK's power is throughout Asia because of how it was the first foreign band ever to sing at A Nation. I became even more engrossed into DBSK's magnificent singing skills.

    I once spent a sleepless night with DBSK after hearing the news that they would break up because of the conflicts with SM. I started crying and after calling my friend over, we spent the whole night going through our DBSK collections, watching Always Keep The Faith videos, and just remembering the good times we had had with our favorite boys. :( I hope still that one day, they'll be able to perform together again.

    Thank you for this wonderful chance to win one of DBSK's great albums! DBSK and DBSKnights HWAITING!!! Happy Birthday!!!

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  109. orio

    First, my english is too bad so thanks for reading.And happy 2nd DBSK sleepless nights 's b-day!
    The story between me and dbsk is so long. Yunho is person, who make me care about them.It's first time i saw a so handsome boy in pic hang on my friend's bag(2007). I asked her who is this but she didn't know.Then i tried to search more about him in my old newspapers( i lived in countryside, internet wasn't popular)and iknew he is leader of a famous boy band in korea. And it's more interesting when i realize i saw them many time before: 1st may be Hiyaya:i think this band have a girl, Jae's face look so pretty and yunho's vocal is n't normal. 2nd: HUG :a cute boy(Changmin) but his cat is so dirty, may he(cat) live in kitchen( it's so dirty in my area)^^.then may be O j.b.h(japanese version) and Rising sun...sometimes SMTOWNS clip. BUT i didn't care a lot( 2005, 2006).and it's more surprised when i knew they sang purple line and legend ost- songs i love so's so funny because i couldn't realize & distinguish them, so hardly for me to guess name of them on poster and i think some members join another band, TVXQ, DBSK, DBSG,...After I knew that TVXQ, DBSK... are one.

  110. orio
    I listen more songs of them, all korean and japanese. Sweet vocal. strong makes me crazy. My cousin like purple line so much so i told her about dbsk,then she become a "big fan". She live in capital city so she can be online and search about them, she share me lots of informations.And now my sisters( older & younger) love them too, my dad's phone only has dbsk's songs( he usually listens their ballad songs), my mom can't give money to buy cd, dvd, join concert ...she also like their songs but i love her so much because she din't ban me love them. it's too enough. 2009, i went to university and stay in my cousin house. i'm very happy: every day i'm online to updates their info( first, only vietnamese forums cuz my english but now i can join international forums such as dbsknights)and i saw a lot of korean shows that dbsk joined in large collection of my cousin( it's about 900 GB include: concert, film,cf, photos, mv, pv,all about, history in japan,interview,...but we don't have anything that we buy sad ) . I love their vocal, their dance step. i love their meaning lyrics. i love junsu, changmin's cuties,...i love the way jaejoong join shows, yoochun's tears when they received award... love yunho when he dance, lead his group and try his best...I love changmin's UFO.and i love the way they are together, take care of other, overcome difficulties together. ALL OF THEM make me smile when i'm bored. But now i hate reading CHANGMIN's ufo, info about their solo activities , i hate watching the shows that they joined together, ... cuz it make me cry, ... I hate Minho when he 's next Changmin cuz It's remind me the moments changmin's next jj.I hate...
    I still not dare to listen "THE..", not dare to watch "three voices", jyj concert in dome. But i can't stop me loving them.I cry a lot when i watch a fanmade on yuhho bday [url][/url](Credit: Pigbbong@JYHs sometimes, i cry suddenly at nights when think about them but can't cry larger because i'm afraid of waking my cousin. We also often sleep late at night to talk about them, listen their songs and guess who is singing. NOW, all i need is they are one family, are best friends 4ever, nothing than.

    Finally, thanks DBSK sleepless nights 4 your activities. You help tvxq and us, cass and cass are closer. You share us "sleepless nights" without alone.THANKS YOU SO MUCH. Can i say " happy b-day" again on your 5th, 10th,55th...b-day?
    It's the fisrt time i write down all my feeling. i really want to have a TVXQ's good.i want to have something to be memories buy i can't buy it myself when my condition doens't allow me.
    Thanks again because you spend time to read my comments.

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  115. Elizabeth Nguyen

    Ahh I still remember right before freshmen year when a friend of mine who was a COMPLETE ELF (hehe I converted her after little effort. I mean serouisly. One look at DBSK and BAM they've got youuuuuuu, under their skin! ok anyways...) showed me an episode of Suju's variety show "Exploration of the Human Body". This was my first encounter with anything KPOP related, so how lucky was I when that certain episode just so happened to guest star our very own Dong Bang Shin Ki! I was so amused when all the members said the athletics things they did in high school and Kyuhyun said "I was in the Math club.." For some reason I just felt so proud of these strangers haha. And when they ate the peppers that made Suju cry, their faces were SO GOSH DARN CUTE like "hmm? this is tasty.." Jae even said it'd be good to eat with rice xD I remember thinking how they had the best and wittiest comments ever haha. SUJU: Oh yeah I played basketball in this village when I was younger..I was well known in that area" DBSK: Wait. What? I played bball there too. I don't remember you. LOL From then on i was a Cassie :) Why do I love them? I'm not sure how to answer such a question with so little words. Yunho: his darn manliness! remember than one candid camera they did on him where he stood up for his special fan and said he was her cousin? dam i was SO IMPRESSED. Jae:HE IS SO CUTE when he acts all cocky! remember that ep of Come to play where yunho revealed his secret habit of taking pics of the members in the bathroom? GAH he's my weird cutie! Yoochun: HIS GEASY VOICE gets me all the time hehe Junsu: HIS LAUGH. HIS EU KYANG KYANG!! Changmin: HIS CRINKLY EYES!! the way he claps when he laughs :) I can't tell you how many times i've been moved to tears just by listening to their music. But the thing i love and admire the most about them is how they love each other like brothers, and the way they love us as family. They are just so darn adorable, manly, cute, sexy, talented, funny, beautiful.. AHH so many adjectives i can use!! In the end I love Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin simply because I feel that they have been a big part of my family and my life, and I know that that's never going to change. Ever.

    Ahahaha oh my!I remember when I first heard of DBSKnights. You guys were my first main source of DBSK. Before, I just looked at various sights to update me. I was so glad that I found you becaues I began to get a daily dose of DBSK to get me through the day. It was like a good drug haha. Eventually my family would also be getting that daily dose. Me: omg you should have seen changmin's hair today...SO CUTE. Baby sis: what?? and it would just go on like that everyday. Eventaully both my younger sisters and mother learned their names and pretty much everything I knew that came from DBSKnights. Oh my goodness i'm sorry but i have to tell you what I do on a regular basis. I find it so funy cuz my sisters are so young (9 and 12). today...Me: for a dollar...who's dbsk's maknae?! Sis1:CHANGMIN!! Sis2:Whats a maknae... Me: hahaha ok now...who's the best couple?! Sis1: YunJae!! Sis2: ok thats a trick questoin! theres no one named YunJae on DBSK! Me&Sis1: dude need to pay more attention =.= I don't know why but I get so happy when they get the answers right. So thank you DBSKnights for making my fandom more fun by helping me spread the dong bang love to my family :)

  116. There have been so many sleepless nights with DBSK involving tears and laughter...but the latest sleepless night was the first SMTOWN and ANATION concert that coincided this summer. I thought it was fate that brought our fives star back to the stage on the same day regardless of where they were. I felt so pumped and full of adrenaline from all the cassies on twitter and here also getting hyped. i rememember getting so annoyed because there was so much i wanted to say in the shoutbox but there were so many people! Me: OMG LET ME EXPRESS MY DONG BANG LOVE!!! hahaha. and since the time difference between Cali and Korea/Japan is...many hours xD i stayed up all night tweeting and trending and blasting DBSK music and constantly refreshing this page so i can finally get a word in the shoutbox xD After you guys uploaded the pics and vids of both concerts, i watched them all and i felt a bit teary eyed.But i felt so happy that they were on stage again because i knew thats the place they had created their best memories with each other-the stage.That was the best sleepless night with DBSKnights. (not to mention my mom telling me the next day that for reason, she had a dream with me singing in the background. i'm sure that nothing to do with me singing mirotic offtune downstairs :D)

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. I'm most happy about the fact that I've finally gotten all of this out of my system and that someone has read it and I know that they will understand every word :) Please continue to do your best, and i wish you many more birthdays to come! Happy 2nd anniversary and Always Keep the Faith.

    HAHAHA i'm sorry but i'm rewatching the dbsk variety show as i write this and i love how almost all of them can spell out Junsu's laugh. EU KYANG KYANG! :D

  117. name:Ghadah

    1-when i'm watching tv, i discovered new channel"Korea TV" .which all about korea in arabic, then i see Mirotic & Wrong number...they was i search in youtube for after video i love them more & found out New world of TVXQ & Cassiopeia...
    i love them becouse they are very Unique
    the relation between them very special...we miss like this relation in our world
    i love how they are living,thinking,speaking,crying & laughing simply
    they do their best,they are being naturally
    they sing from bottom of their heart,that is whey you feel like they sing only for you...
    they very honest when they are answering a question or talking about their feeling
    when they laugh i feel the world very happy & filled with colors
    when they cry ,i cry with them bcoz i feel how they proud
    i love them because they are talent,handsome,good-ethics,unique personality.....everything.
    really they become a part of my life.
    i become better person becouse of thank u TVXQ

    2-Oh DBSKnight......u r the best...u r the first thing i opened & last thing i closed
    Like Home page^_^
    i entered the blog every day & every time
    because of you i know alot about TVXQ..& the fans around the world
    now i have alot of friends
    you r my refrence for all tvxq's news,pic,vid,dramas,prog...everything
    u do alot for me so thank u too

    3-mmmm...there is alot of nights....recently, i found "Bigeastation- Toho Psychology" in youtube, listening to them & laughing about their answers...and than i ask my sister the same question & i tell her the result & what they answering..& laughing together after a while she tired & sleep But...without feeling the time i spend all night laughing with them..they was very funny
    that was best night for me

    congratulation to u for a wonderful 2 years..Happy birthday...thank you for your awesome work
    ....i wish the best for you
    & become the most fantastic blog in the world

    keep going..& we beside you....Fighting
    always keep the faith...hope...till the end

  118. Name: Brittany

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    The first song I've heared from them was ''Tonight'' and I was amazed because they were the first asian and Korean singers that I actually took notice of. It was a cultural shock, because I'm use to listening to American music. The second person I show that video too was my mom and she was just as shock as I was(she became a Jaejoong fan after that).So I started looking up information about them and started watching more videos of theirs like Mirotic, Wrong Number and etc. It wasn't just their music but their personality that made me become a fan, even though they are friends they have this bond like brothers which I like seeing. I love watching them act goofy, that's what brought out their charm in each of them. I fell in love with them because of there music and their love for each other. I love watching them live and when they are singing you can just feel the emotions they are pouring out when they are singing especially Xiah. Two examples are: Love in the ice & Kiss shita mama, sayonara. I can't get enough of them or their music!!!!!

    2. How did DBSKnight's contributed to your fandom?

    All my DBSK news I get from you guys. I check you guys out everyday and every hour, just call me crazy but you guys are the best!!!

    3.Did you ever spend a sleeplessnight with DBSK? How?

    I guess it was the lawsuit that hit me pretty badly.Not knowing what's going to happen, waiting on the next piece of Information. To make me feel better I would watch old clips of DBSK during their happy times or just listening to their music.

    HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY & more great things to come in the future!!!


  119. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! thank so much to all the dedicated fans who join hands to make this blog soo successful and full of love!!! :D

    1.It happened one day when I was in 3rd year high school 2007 when a classmate of mine kept telling me stories about "jaeho". I was very curious about the couple and saw pictures and she even used them as her name tag. XD I was very into yaoi that time and searched for them in youtube. then BOOM!!! i got addicted and it turned out that she's the user "Heavenswine" in youtube!!! She's so awesome and fun to talk to! We became friends and I got more informed and interested about the "Dong Bang Shin Ki"...I got hooked very fast because when i just kept on clicking in youtube and searching them in google i saw TALENT, FRIENDSHIP, HARD WORK, DEDICATION, LOVE, HAPPINESS, INSPIRATION and MUSIC. I wasn't in love with music but they made me fall in with them. They are the reason why I changed into a better person.

    I remember the time when I saw their group picture for the first time!! and i actually said "this guy (jaejoong), this guy (changmin), and this guy (yunho) are the only handsome people in here!!! *slaps self and how brave of me to say that yochun and junsu look weird. I think I'm crazy because yoosu became my most favorite members. /LAME

    2. DBSKnights is my OASIS. I need to look into this blog everyday if i have the time. all updates about the boys are found here fast! and the admins and people in here are fun! this blog has a unique flavor because when I get bored, some posts are just too enjoyable and mind blowing!

    3. I HAVE!!!!! it was when I realized how HANDSOME and SEXY yoochun is. I drowned myself with his video and was very attracted to his personality till 3 am..XDD and my heart was pounding soo hard and fast!!! He's my type of drug~ <3

    *bows* thanks for giving me the chance to share my eternal happiness!!

    -Jann, Philippines (

  120. Sizheng

    I started to like them 2 years ago, in this same month, October. From that day on, I found someone who can touch my heart. Before that, I have never taken a liking for any singers, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or English, so TVXQ is the first group that I like. It all started when we changed desk-partners, and I sat beside this girl who adores DBSK. I’ve heard of the name ‘dongbangshinki’ many times when she was talking with other classmates. At that time, I thought that it is stupid to waste on someone whom doesn’t even know you and everyday you just talk about how hot he is, how wonderful he is and how much you love him. I was against idols; I felt that it was stupid of those people in class to use so much money just to support their idols, people whom didn’t even know them. But it changed through a period of time. My love for dbsk didn’t happen at once. As I sat with my new desk-partner, I was sort of ‘forced’ into listen their songs, looking at their pictures. I was confused, I didn’t understand why she likes them, and like their song when she didn’t even understand what they are singing. But as time passed by, I understood, because dbsk sings with passion, they convey feelings to people, this passion when they sing reached out to me even when I didn’t know the lyrics. They aren’t singing the lyrics, but the feeling they try to convey. I even cried with that friend, watching proud T live tour together, and that song is the first song I like from them. From then, my exposure to them increases even more, as I even went online so search on them. But compared to now, I couldn’t say that I loved them already at that time, I think I just found them interesting. And like I said in the beginning, I hate idolization; I started thinking of why do I even like them. They don’t have anything to do with me, what more, they might affect my studies. I thought of why must I like them and not some other groups. That night while I was wondering about all this, I went on youtube and watch so many lives and mv from different singers (I don’t know why I did this too, but I think I must trying to force myself to like other bands too). But the next day, I went back to listening to dbsk again. My hand phone and Ipod is filled with their songs and only theirs. Because I am a person who believes in loving only one and only love that person forever that way. When all that stuff with SM last year and even till the problems now, I am hurt by all this. But these only make me realize that I really love them, and only them. Because no matter how many times I’ve listened to love in the ice, love bye love, wasurenaide, wrong number… I still want to listen to them over and over again instead of listening to the latest hit songs. I am used to their voices and want to listen only to them. Listen only to those 5 men who touched me beyond what words can describe. I am proud of them. Because of them, I want to work hard just like how much effort they put in to achieve who they are today. They aren’t just on idol group to me, but a group that motivates me to do better. I believe in them.

    (I will combine the last 2 questions together.)
    I always come on dbsknights on Friday nights :D you guys are the greatest ever! ILY.
    With dbsknights I will always spent an awesome 2 hours online before I go to sleep. That’s why I love this site so much! It provides the fastest information on them and links to so many video etc. at this place I can enjoy loving dbsk with the other fans just like me! Thank you~!^^

    *P.S. I sincerely wish that I will win this, but nevertheless, thank you for spending time to read this part of me that came from my heart.

  121. :O already two years...

    Name: Chiara

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    So.. I become a TVXQ fan, one year ago ( 14/09/09)
    I still remember the date XD thanks to my philippine friend <3 the first video I saw was "Rising sun". I love them because their songs are true,their words are true, somethimes reflects my way of life! And I love them because they bind me to my best friend ^^

    2. How has Dbsknights contributed to your fandom?

    All I know,all news, about them it's only because of you! So thank you Dbsknights!!! *o*

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with Dbsk? How?

    Uhm well, omitting my dreams about them.. Yep, I spent a night with them, I was frustrated when they suspended their activities as a group, I can't listen their voice! Because I felt betrayed, but after I understand that it wasn't because of them the reason of the suspension of their activities... I cryed so much every night..But now I've found again the smile ^^

    So after this Short story... I can olny say.. Congratulation for this 2nd anniversary and keep the faith! ^^

  122. Name: Sandra

    1. My friend was a Jae freak. She introduced me to TVXQ and ever since then I got obsessed. I fell in love with the song 'Doushite..' (the song name is too long to type xD) I listened to it so much and I loved them not for their looks but music. They are very talented and I love their music so much! Since I met them, I could never love any other group more than them. I felt like it was fate that I met them. They're more than just a group to me. They are amazing people and I wanted them to know it. Hence, I started supporting them!

    2. DBSKnights is where I come to learn more about TVXQ, find out how they are and stalk them in some way :P I feel very uncomfortable if I don't get on my daily dose of TVXQ. It's almost like not brushing your teeth before bed! My addiction just builds up and I love TVXQ more and more. I feel like me and TVXQ are closer, even when we are so far apart. I'm so thankful for this site :) I hope you will keep it up! Together with other fans, its great that we can support our TVXQ together.

    3. Surprisingly, it's the total opposite! Without TVXQ, it would be a sleepless night. With them, I can sleep well and dream about them even more HAHA. However, there were times where I couldn't sleep because I was so worried about their lawsuit thing. It makes me sad, but no matter what happens, I'll always be a Cassie and I'll always have TVXQ with me. Its so strange to say that a band can do this to a fan. But its not like that because TVXQ is different. They're not just a band; they are inspirational people, good people, amazing, talented, caring and lovely. I love them because they love their fans too. As long as they are there, I can sleep well..

  123. First of all.... Happy birthday.... and congratulations because this is the best blog I've ever visited ^^


    1. One day, my friend told me she has known a really handsome korean guy and that she wanted to marry him (Jaejoong). She showed me that guy and the group... but I didn't pay so much attention (in the first picture I saw of them, I thought Jaejoong and Changmin were cute, Yoochun looked ugly and Yunho seemed Junsu's twin --> Junsu is now my favourite member xDDD). The following days she kept showing me their music, specially the ballads, she kept telling me their stories.... By that time, I obviously like the music, and I seemed interested in Junsu because of Balloons. On my 18th birthday (now I'm 20) she showed me the premium mini live of Rainy Night and I completely fell in love with him and TVXQ. Since then until today. I love them because they are a big part of my life, they aren't just my favourite group, they aren't just a group. They are brothers, they are friends, I've learned a lot of their relationship and I have no words to describe how their love for music has encouraged me to improve my music.

    2. DBSKnights post EVERYTHING about them, I can't even practice my English reading all the news xD I've stayed hours and hours keeping photos and reading news. And It's wonderful seeing how there are a lot of people who feel like me and who love them like me.

    3. Yes! I remember it was when Mirotic concert will be aired.... I stayed asleep to watch it live! (on the computer xD)

  124. First of all, SAENGIL CHUKHA HAMNIDA!!! Happy Birthday Happy Anniversary DBSKNIGHTS san!

    My name is Maduma or Mitsui (though ussualy i go anonymus)


    to answer no 1

    i know them when my sister bought their second tour album in Japan out of thr blue. I dont konw anything about them, so i kinda dozing off when i watch it. Then, came the part when they singing acapella. And when i heart that, i swear their voices reaches deep to my heart, somehow i just got that lovefool struck to my heart of their voices. It just really that amazing, their voices only, with no music, no background song or anything, just them, etched instantly in me. Ever since then i collected every pieces of song they sing with accapela (i hope my english wasn't this bad to explain it)
    And somehow along the way, all of my focus was on them. Seeing their smile as they sing, genuinely you can see how they love to do it, to sing(sometimes they even singing others part too.
    In the end of my first time seeing them, i ended up asked my sister to play it once again to catch up what i have foolishly missed while dozing off. And there goes my heart, stolen by(or i willingly give it to) them. The love of my live. I think my family even have to bear with them in me (and my mother actually like them too)

    About the 2

    DBSKNIGHTS is a big help, i remember back those time when i was relying on the tiny information i can have, i stumbled upon you! Finally, the light of my day. I remember going through all the listed date and practucally opening all the pic to see it and gigling like maniac it even scare others>.<(cant help it kk)
    Your information is fast and reliable and the fans here are warmhearted and welcoming ^^. And the one i cannot forget, you actually subbed many things i desperately wanted to see and understand! You're like an angel (or a knight?*dbs'knight'*) in shining light come to me! So, i wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all the sleepless nights that you have to endure to give us the best. For showing the love of our boys. For always keeping the faith.

    For the 3

    my many sleepless nights was actually really funny because it would involve me, funny side of dbsk, snd my corrupted mine kkk. I watched their banjun drama, funny side video, variety show, and also watching history in japan and aadbsk! whenever i got one (because it really hard to got one) and when i got one, somehow i always ended up started to watched it in the middle of the night till dawn and it was really hard to control my laughter upon seeing their hilarious act! But that only show how they always become the source of my happiness.
    But recently, one time i was going through my sleepless nights ny listening to all their song up to JYJ, and yeah, i cry. But, somehow the cry make me stronger and more faithfull now. All because of them. Only one,
    The one and only. Soul of my heart. Always in my mind.

    Keep The Faith and Thank you again!

  125. Name : Denise
    Email :

    1. I was first exposed to kpop with Super Junior's Miracle. Was exploring and clicking through the many related links of that video and came across Rising Sun. Jaejoong's appearance lest a deep impression on me. I was marvelling at their concept and when Yoochun appeared, I thought "this dude 've got cool hair...". Though I had the faintest idea of what they're doing and who are they at that time, I kept on watching... Soon I was googling about them. Trying to gain as much information about them. Memorising their names, their details, their songs... That was the end of 2007. 2008 came. I kept watching variety shows they appeared in and getting to know them. Before I knew, I had fallen for them. My dad complains my actions are like a girl blindly in love. I kept digging for old videos of them. Get to know their history and suddenly, bam! Mirotic came and hit me fast and hard. I was in their spell.
    I love them because they had subconsciously became an important element in my life. They had bought me tremendous joy and they had crashed my heart with those devastating news. Whenever I feel down, discouraged or even happy, I'd refer back at them. They had become one of the most important things in my life, after God. When I see them smiling happily, I felt happy too. When I see them sad or faking to be happy for our sake, I felt horrible inside. I felt helpless. I'd pray for them... The tears shed. The heartaches. They had thought me many things. Reignite my old interests such as playing an instrument. And sparked new ones such as learning a new language. I love them because they don't try to fake who they truly are. I love them because they are truly talented. That they have kind hearts. That they have all those virtues that I really look up to. They had become my role models.

    2. DBSKnights is like food to me. I have to visit this blog everyday. It nourishes me with the lastest updates and news. Without DBSKnights, I'd probably not be so active in this fandom.

    3. When the rumours of activity suspension are floating about. When everyone's worried the most. There was no light. I had trouble falling asleep. Then I'd get depressed and watch their old videos till late at night.
    Then I'd have dreams too. Some were well and some weren't as cheerful. Some say when you think about something or someone (in my case, 5 of them) during the day, you'd dream of them at night too.
    That period really costed me my grades. My marks really went downhill. That's when I fought to recover my senses.

    I'm really sorry for the essays. Didn't realize I wrote that much. Was just pouring my heart out.
    Thank you DBSKnights.

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Name: Tatiana

    1. I was on youtube one day around 10pm like 3 years ago and I was (still am) a big drama junkie. I was just randomly looking around for a good drama and up above it used to show what other people were watching so I caught a glimpse of Jaejoong so I decided to click on it and it was the first part of Dangerous Love. haha At first i thought they were really cute and adorable actors and i just fell in love with dangerous love! so i was like hmm i should google them up and i did and found out they were singers. During that time i didn't listen to music of any kind. i wasn't interested in music at all. and so i was like hmm i guess i can give them a try and so i clicked on HUG and FELL IN LOVE!
    I cant believe i fell so hard for them. They have this charm and charisma that just blew me away. I couldnt stop myself from learning more about these amazing 5 guys. I love the way they are soo respectful to everyone and so considerate in others. Because of them and mostly Yunho I want and am trying to become a better person. A better citizen and show a passion for something that i love just like they show us that amazing passion when they are on stage.

    2. DBSKnights contributed A LOT! haha I cant really remember how I was able to find this site (i think it was a top search for dbsk fansites) but yeah hahaha. once i open up safari it directly sends me to DBSKnights ^^ i even have it on my favorite tabs :D i cant get enough of dbsknights. everyone here is so funny and i love getting all my dbsk updates here ^^

    3.OMFG the times i havent slept thanks to our boys! hahaha like almost every award show they would show up or sing it was a sleepless night for me! haha and also during the whole lawsuit thing and all. (i still have panda eyes from last year~! D8 i cant get rid of them~) *puts on heavy eye makeup* ^^

    keep up the amazing work
    DBSKnights FIGHTING!!!!

  128. Name: Jennifer J

    (1)I was really into asian music so i searched on youtube and the song that came up was "Hug"
    I thought they were kinda cute. So started to look up other song and shows. After that I fell in love w/ them^^ I love them bcuz of who they are: their personality, charm, voice and soo much more. I really look up to them^^<3

    (2)I dunno what i would do without DBSKnight. You update so fast and have the best info. I love all the people I meet here^^ they're so nice and funny:P Kamsahamnida!<3

    (3)I have had too many sleepless nights. I would stay up to 2am and have school the next day. But that stopped some months ago bcuz I have to get enough sleep for school. Last year I was sleeping in class-.-'

    Happy 2nd anniversary DBSKnight!<3

  129. Carmen ;
    I'm not comfortable with email ; so twitter? @rainydayyz

    1. This is one difficult question, how I got into these 5 boys. I honestly don't know. When I first got into kpop ; it was because I saw Family Outing's Daesung. I loved his sense of humour; until of course Yunho came along with Junsu. They seemed to be so competitive and on the same bar when they're on two different teams. It was amazing. At that time they were premoting Mirotic. I didn't listen to that first, I just typed in DBSK on youtube to find whatever. The first video was (and even now is) Doushite. Why Did I Fall In Love With You, Dong Bang Shin Ki? At that moment, they were just a 5 boy group like all the others out there to me. I didn't know who they were, who was the maknae/leader, or even when they debuted. But slowly, I fell for them. They were hilarious in AADBSK3 with Junsu's OMG SUN. Changmin's sense of humour, Yunho and the his coconut fiber rope he made in 4+ hours and Yoochun with his dog Ha Rang. They were adorable and I loved every second they went on a show. I watched and downloaded almost all the shows that they went on in a couple of months. They were like a drug, I couldn't get out of them.

    2. DBSKnights contributed a lot to my fandom. O! and Tohosomnia are (I think?) the top English forums for DBSK. DBSKnight was actually the first source of information that I used to stay updated with the things going on with these boys. I was a fan starting.. The middle of last year? So it's sad that I get news that the 5 boys that I fell in love with in literally 5 days are on a lawsuit. It made me aware of how little the other boy bands that I loved mattered anymore. They weren't in a lawsuit or anything, so I thought.. "I'm just going to leave being a ________ for a little while.." and I think I made the right choice. Though the boys aren't 5; DBSKnights has provided information FOR ALL 5. It touches my heart how you (the staff) can put up with all this without breaking down in tears. This started 2 years ago; and in 2 years so much has happened yet DBSKnights never stopped. It's incredible how much you, the people at DBSKnights, influenced my in my fandom as Cassiopeia. I learned to always keep faith from this very site, who the boys were, their birthdays and full names. Almost everything. Without your english subbed videos, I would have died trying to find subs for things! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for keeping this site going. I never comment much on this site, but never the less, I am a regular reader that appreciates all the work that's been put into this site for people around the world you may or may not even know existed.

  130. Carmen @rainydayyz (twitter)
    (CONT D<)

    3. I've spent countless nights without sleep because of DBSK. I have summer camp both years where I stayed on an island far my my own home with other people taking care of me. I didn't have ANY music at all on me, and I couldn't sleep since I fell asleep to DBSK. After a couple of days, it turned into insomnia where I'd just lay on the bed and start humming any tune of their songs that popped up to mind until the morning came. I think my bunkmates thought I was crazy! It didn't end there, insomnia meant that I had sleep after the first couple of days. Then returning home, I have marathons of their shows and performances on from morning till night for around two days, after everything was watched and rewatched a couple of times. Honestly speaking, I love sleep. But missing two days of sleep was fine for me when I had boys that made me laugh and grin from ear to ear for 48 hours! It was nice to dream of them when I finally took a nap after the 48hour marathon, wouldn't you agree? I just wish that I'd be able to see them up close and as 5 sometime soon. I'm going to die of happiness the day they comeback. Then have another couple sleepless nights because of that comeback!

    I've actually learned a lot from these 5 boys, it's amazing how I started to work hard in French because they went to Paris. How I learned bits of pieces of Korean, enough to hold a small SMALL conversation just from them. And most importantly, learning that 800,000 can stick together. No matter how big the distance between us is. Music is universal (:

    Lots of thanks for holding this & just posting news, translations, photos and subs.
    You wouldn't know what would happen to me if I didn't have the staff of DBSKnights <3
    -Rainyy / Carmen.
    ^I like Rainyy better :3

  131. Congratulation DBSKnights...
    Happy 2nd Anniversary for you..
    God Bless You all the way...

    hmmm..i want to participate in this contest, although i think my English not good :( well, i'll try my best..:)

    Name: Gloridei
    1).I became DBSK's fan since last January(2010).I always felt that it's too late for me to know them, but i never regret become a Cassie.well,It started when my friend (she's an ELF) gave me a lot of K-pop songs to me last January.I heard all the song one by one while typing my final task.but there was no songs that made me falling into.Until i heard a song titled "Picture Of You"'s a beautiful song.i replay this song for many times,then i decided to search this music video on youtube.What happen next was so unbelievable..i found 5 talented boys that have beautiful and powerful voice that covered with their handsomeness&charisma(i'm sorry for my bad english..i don't know how to explain my feeling^^). They made me falling in love.Especially Yoochun (he's my 1st biased).after i download that mv,my hand can't stop playing all DBSK's mv/video that i found."Love in The Ice,Proud,Hug,Purple Line,Doushite,Mirotic,Ballon,Wrong Number", and the other video...since that time,i keep searching all information about these boys.i searched in google about TVXQ, and found how "big" they are.they have the biggest fan in the world and had so many records.All this information lead me to DBSK's fandom.I join every blog/group/web and buy their CDs&DVDs.And this experience brought me DBSKnights.. :XD
    2). DBSKnights gave me what i need to know about DBSK every single day.i'm so thankful for your hard work,translated the news/info,share picture and subbed the video.aha..i love the chat box too..hehe..sometimes i found a funny vid from your chat box..You really make my day..thank you :XD
    3). Yess..i did and still happen until now..hehe..DBSK never come to my dream (i think, i never dream in my sleep^^)..but i always have an imagination about them o_O that's why reading their news/ff or their video until "raising sun" makes me happy ;)

    btw,now i'm really in love with U-Know.. :XDDD
    once again,thanx so much DBSKnights..Happy 2nd Anniversary.. :)

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  133. Name: Ana


    1.) How did you meet TVXQ? Why do you love them?
    1. I've quite an international background. Three years ago I had to move to Japan. The moving had such a great impact on me. I was forced to learn English, I was studying at an international school and I was able to learn many different cultures, inclusind the Korean and Japanese cultures.

    One day I was checking the Japanese iTunes and I saw a song with a really long title. It was called "Doushite Kimiwo Sukini Shimatandarou?". I didn't know it was sung by Koreans nor what the title meant. I clicked on the song and listened to some seconds of it, I definately loved it. I quickly downloaded it and synched it to my iTouch. I repeatedly listened to the song and learned what the title meant. I listened to it a lot and my mom also fell in love with the song. I went on youtube and I searched for the video. I couldn't believe the ending, and started crying. It was the first music video which made me cry. When I went back to the iTunes, I saw another song by the talented band called "Tohoshinki". It was called "Survivor" but it was more upbeat than the song I had downloaded by them. I listened to it and a few days later while watching Music Station because of the J-Pop group, Arashi. My mom told me that a Korean group was going to present before Arashi. I waited until Arashi was going to present and then...the "Korean" group went on. They were all wearing black and I wasn't able to differ them apart. I was happy and at the same time surprised to see a Korean band on the Japanese television. (I knew nothing at the time, I get really I was really impressed with their live singing skills and also dancing skills, they were ao different from everything I had seen before! After the presentation, I went on Wikipedia and downloaded ALL of their songs and started to listen to all of them. The thing that makes me touched the most is the fact that Tohoshinki's "Why Did I Fall In Love With You?" is the most played on my iTunes.

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. Name: Ana

    2. How did DBSKnights contribute to your fandom?
    I love them because even though they are famous and the best of Asia, they don't breg nor disrespect other stars. They give them support and show their fans that they care and love them very much. They have a great singing skill and dancing skills. They are different from all the other singers not just because they sing with their hearts and not only their voice production. They respect each other and don't try to be more popular than the others. They work super hard, sometimes even becoming very sick and having to spend christmas at the hospital just to give us fans their best work. Even though they were the most popular from the middle of their career, they still wanted to improve and didn't stop working hard as soon as they gained popularity, even though they satisfied us, they still worked hard and tried to give us even more than that. They are perfect before my eyes, caring, loving, intelligent, handsome, cute, gentle, polite, happy, mature, responsible, I can make this list longer but I think that you already know all the adjectives and all their good, great, perfect qualities!

    Well, you guys are just great, seriously. I think you guys put so much effort to this blog, in every post posted we can see and read how much love you guys put in each one of them. I think DBSK would be really proud and happy to have people like you putting so much effort to just spread the Dong Bang Shin Gi love all around the world.
    DBSKnights is the fastest website to update in my opinion, everytime i come here there's ALWAYS a new post, makes me amazed, really.(lol)
    I come here because we have spent so many moments together. From you guys delivering great and happy news to thousands of Cassies or sharing sad and horrible news about the five of them. So, we've been through hard times together but also happy times together! Also, when I got twitter I started following @DBSKnights and it got even better! And I got even more attached to this blog! I get the updates even faster! xD
    Have a great day celebrating your second anniversary, you guys are the best and I admire all the DBSKnights team because all of you are really responsible and hard working ladies. I'll always be suppirting you guys and I'll keep reading your posts (because they are great! xD)! Thank you for all your posts and I hope we can stay together until the very end! ^^

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  137. (CONT)

    NAme: Ana


    3. Have you ever spent a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    Yes, to tell the truth, yes. But pleeeaaase don't tell my parents, lol, just kidding. In iTunes, I have more than 500 videos of TVXQ and like...100 of them I downloaded from your channels on Youtube.
    I watch them over and over again and as I watched those, I was able to see how perfect they are and how much I love them. They are present in my daily life now and I spend the whole weekend saving pictures and watching videos from them. I have to contain my laughs since everyone is sleeping at such an hour, but TVXQ is so funny and cute! Sometimes I can stop myself from giggling and laughing!!
    I have lots of pictures by them too, more than 7,000 so I spent a whole weekend organizing all of those pictures into folders, luckily I was able to do so and now it's really neat and organized! (Which reminds me, I have to go through DBSKnights and save the pictures from the older posts...kekeke)
    So yes, I spend every weekend saving pictures, downloading new songs, tweeting, watching videos, downloading interviews, adding parts to my fanfic, writing on my blog, posting on tumblr, and this all related to them ^^
    I really love them because they are the most talented, handsome and cute group eveeer and they also opened all doors for me to know and love the k-pop world which I'm obsessed with! ^^

    Thank you for making such a great giveaway and once again, have a really great day celebrating your birthday! Thank you for the attention of reading my post,

    Ana [Shim]


    Happy 2nd Anniversary, DBSKnights!<3

    1: How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    It just really happened, just like falling in a beautiful, precious love. I stopped, the whole world stopped, and I told myself: “Yes, I finally found it. This is really where my heart belongs to. This is exactly where I should be, this is Home.” So from here, let me start how it all begin  It was June last year, 2009, when I first know KPOP and liked Big Bang. I knew about KPOP from two of my best girlfriends. They drove me into liking Big Bang. I began to liked them anyway until I was unwilling to let any other group get into my heart (I’ve always been that way when I really like something cause I think they’re precious and should be appreciated and protected as much as possible) My previous school always subscribe to the local main newspaper called the Strait Times. One day, I was reading and both my KPOP girlfriends (Lol, what a term! XD) shouted to flip until I see a huge article which a huge image of five boys in white fancy outfits on a stage with a huge title that goes “TVXQ (something2) disbandment?” I was going like why should I bother? They don’t matter. I was being ignorant cause was too drown in Big Bang. Next thing I knew, I shut and arranged the newspaper and shoved it under my desk (Just like normal routine. Come to think about it now, it’s like Omg, how could I? Heartbreaking! *cries* I made a mistake, was so sorry for myself back then) Then I heard about Big Bang VS TVXQ thing that still goes around up till now. I now support them both but TVXQ is only love. Big Bang makes me hyped and happy. But TVXQ is just different – They present me with a beautiful love filled w sincerity, overwhelming and never-ending. I knew it - TVXQ is Timeless. Wait, back to my past (LOL), getting to the start of my TVXQ love! There was this one day while walking with one of my best friends after school, she asked me listen to this one song in her mp3. So, I listened. I was like “Wow, alright” (I was trying to convince myself not to fall into it, lol) Then I listened to Balloons, and I was like “What?!?!” LOL. I shut the mp3 off as I couldn’t believe I was listening to such a happy, merry song XD Few days later, I decided I should try look up this DBSK my friend’s listening to (She likes them alright, not a big fan. Just you know, liking stuffs. I can’t believe there are people who actually just like one or few songs of TVXQ and passed them just like that!? And some that really love TVXQ ultimately gave up and moved on to newer, ‘cooler’ groups. What!?) on the internet. So, I went clicking here and there, liking this and that as I begin to think “Wow, I guess they might end up liking them” But wait. It’s was only until I stumbled upon the live concert video of Love in the Ice (Soul Power Tokyo Summit 2007) My jaw dropped, my eyes sparkle unblinkingly, my ears were listening attentively and appreciatively, my mind went blanked, my soul was tore and shaken, my heart needed a hug and a firm hold – I FELL IN LOVE. I know this is no ordinary group, not those types of groups to be liked for just their looks, dance moves, cool personality/image, etc, this is totally a whole different level. They are so full passion, talent, feelings, bonds, everything beautiful and breathtaking – It’s not those simple thing called Like, it’s that amazing feeling called Love. I LOVE TVXQ; I’M IN LOVE WITH THE GODS. This is a special feeling, special fandom, special family, special bond, and special home. They are so beautiful and beyond amazing. I knew I’ve found that one love I’ve been looking. That timeless, beautiful, precious love to appreciate and hold onto. I’ve found TVXQ, and up till now I’ll never turn back or look at other directions, other groups to delete and replace the love I have TVXQ. It’s not possible, I won’t allow that. This love and faith is too strong. It will continue as we all wait for them patiently, faithfully – Eternally.

  139. 2: How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    I found DBSKnights soon after liking DBSK. I like the site since day one! It’s filled with so much information, pictures, updates etc about DBSK that I enjoy and appreciate. It’s a place where Cassies all over the world get to interact with one another through the chat-box, the comment sections. Cassies that visit DBSKnights support each other, spread the love, assure and gives each other spirit to stay strong and keep the faith. It’s a beautiful place. I really thank you for this site that connects a whole lot of us together, keeping us all as one, one red ocean. Through tough and good, this site brings Cassie as one just like a family. Awesome job with information, pictures, updates, etc at quick and efficient rate. We all thank you for your great work, effort and love! We will continue supporting you ^_^

    3: Did you ever spend sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    Yes, of course!! I always thank the President for holidays!! XD Oh well, during week/school days I still spend sleepless night with DBSK ofc! XD It’s the power and charm of TVXQ. They way they cast a spell on all of us! (sparkly eyes) Even though we’ve watched that those same particular hundred over videos that are liked and saved under favourites in Youtube, we still click and watch it time and again. We watch them attentively and listen well with eyes glued to screen and ears not bearing to part with headphones time and again. It just goes on, those routine watching videos because it’s too awesome and needs to be put on repeat each day, finding new and old pictures of the boys, enjoying their jokes, their quotes and ufo replies, every single day. Time just passes quickly. We then realize there’s so many incomplete assignments left on the study table due to being so engrossed w TVXQ! Its TVXQ spell, it’s their magic to keep us fascinated by their greatness, to keep us falling in love with them, deeper and stronger. I can spend time watching them singing in those official music videos, live concert videos for hours up till crazy early morning when I should be asleep and just about to wake up! I spent sleepless night watching their Banjun dramas that are filled with beautiful, hilarious, interesting storylines (Ofc YunJae is the most exciting thing XD I love ChangMin’s love story too XD) Sleepless nights reading fanfics that are written and carved so beautifully with words that are full of art and talent by awesome Cassies who put word one to another to create those stories that are so amazing. The way the characters are described always match the five Gods, the way the atmosphere and environment are set, the storylines! Some are really sexy (Lol, guilty are we? That’s why we read them at night or very early in the morning huh? XD) some are really pretty and happy, while some are really beautiful. Really good fanfics are enjoyed and appreciated just like a piece of art. I applaud those writers to share the stories that many try to carve in their minds but don’t have enough practice, talent, and time to put them into words.

    I should stop writing too much XD Happy 2nd Anniversary DBSKnights! <3

  140. Name: Widz

    How I became a TVXQ fan was rather unexpected, really. I used to loathe Asian boybands back then. I used to think they were good for nothing. But my cousin was a huge fan of this Taiwanese actor and one day on 2006 she bought a magazine which had the actor as its cover, and it also came with a VCD as a package. It was Thursday and it was raining, I really had nothing to do so I gave the VCD a shot mainly just to kill some time. As I watched it, however, I was getting sleepy. It was pretty boring, really; just a bunch of tall skinny boys flaunting their pretty faces and flapping around. I was THIS close to falling asleep when I heard THAT melody. No kidding, my drowsiness really just flew out the window right that instant. I heard that very soothing tone of Holding Back the Tears and I just knew that I had fallen in love.

    When the video ended, I hadn’t recovered from my daze yet when the very powerful opening of ‘O’-Jung.Ban.Hab came out. I looked up to the screen, and I couldn’t believe it at first, I mean, how could people who sang Holding Back the Tears sing this powerful song and DANCE this good? But I was sure they were the very same people as those I saw on the Holding Back the Tears MV earlier, despite the total different hairstyles and outfits. I mean, their voices just gave it away. I really couldn’t deny their unique, one-in-a-million voices, despite the very different genres between the two songs.

    So that was how I became their fan. They changed my point of view and principles of fourteen years in a blink of an eye. I love them because it was love at first song, not love at first sight. I love them because they have the ability to make me hear their song for five minutes and can’t forget the awesomeness of it for a lifetime. You know what, if I try to list down all the reasons of why I love TVXQ, it’s very possible for me to write a whole 100-pages essay, so I will cut it short.
    I love them for four years by now, and I practically grew up with their songs by my side, and I can tell this isn’t a mere phase of my youth. I am proudly declaring myself as a TVXQ fan, as a Cassiopeia, and not as a Kpop fan. And I’m sure it’ll stay that way for more than I dare to imagine, because no singer/group could ever live up to The Gods Rising from the East.

  141. #2 How was DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    You are amazing, simply because you are DBSKnights. It sounded like an ordinary name at first, but as time goes by, the name DBSKnights has a deeper meaning to me. You guys are sleeplessly supporting TVXQ, no matter in what situation, just like a strong, loyal Knight that you truly are. DBSKnights are also sleeplessly providing their stuffs and practically updating everything about them just for us other Cassiopeia’s. I truly appreciate it, because not everyone is as lucky as Korean Cassie or Bigeast, so we need some source to help us understand what’s happening and to understand better what messages TVXQ members had conveyed through their songs and videos. And I’m glad to say DBSKnights is just the right reliable source to get all those. Thank you very much!

    #3 Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    Of course I did. I have a sleepless night with DBSK almost everyday, but the most unforgettable one was occurred three months ago. So I came across this weird program application and I recklessly explored it. The program turned out to be a strong virus, and it deleted ALL my files on my hard disk. Of course my DongBangTreasure of four years was also deleted along with them. I was totally depressed and I had bawled all night. I spent the whole night to re-download my DongBang stuffs. I didn’t care that I would have raccoon eyes the next day. All I knew was that I had to get my treasures back. I ended up having SEVEN sleepless nights to finally retrieve their songs, pictures, and videos. They’re important enough to make me forget to grieve over all my pictures with my friends and the school-works that were also deleted. Well, I can't really help it, because DBSK is worth those sleepless nights :D

    PS: Congratulations for your 2nd birthday! May we spend endless sleepless nights with DBSK for the next years as well~! Cheers <3

  142. Name: Jervenne

    1. When did you become a tvxq fan? Why do you love them?
    Nearing the end of 2007, where one day the sun was too hot, i came across rising sun. Just kidding. Rising sun, the first mv I watched, I felt this weird dejavu-like connection. I don't know how through this fast-beat song, I was mesmerised. I am usually the "I-listen-to-ballad-songs-only" type of person, but they made me click videos after videos, songs on the loop. Till now, I don't consider myself a fully a good fan. There are so many others out there slogging their guts out to help dbsk while I simply click on webbies, and try to get more collectible items by participating in such contests. (I love them ^^) I have not done enough for them :( but i will do more :D

    Also, through their NUMBER 1 ACAPELLA skills!! I didn't know it was possible to hear something so special from just 5 voices.
    I love their personalities, their weird habits and love for each other. Though I don't cry easily. They can make me cry straight for days, through nights, even waking up, thinking about them and crying again. And no one has made me laugh like a crazy bastard (su haha!),yelling my head off at their silliness, screaming estatically. I absolutely love people that can make me feel different, and being a dbsk fan had this special vibe as I see their special selves. Also, their pasts, stories, and their present :) They don't appeal to me as hot sexy idol stars, but worthy musicians, hardworking and five who deserve every bit of fandom from me. This ridiculous-sounding story was how I became this fan, who fell madly in love with their music.

    2. How has dbsknights contributed to your fandom?
    The fact that it's the MOST efficient/updated dbsk-based blog I know of. And also the fact that it is truly AADBSK. DBSKnights make me feel connected to them and know about them
    even though we are in different spaces. It's like a whole DVD set, just bigger and more accessible :) thanks.

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with dbsk? How?
    I would gladly WANT to spend a sleepless night with jaejoong :):):)
    Before I sleep, I will always look at their poster right infront of me on my wall...

    As moonlight illuminated their faces,
    My eyes feasted on their aces.
    Till the sunlight upon their grace-s
    I was left with eyes in cases.
    (I had big eye bags :'( But they were happy big sacks :D)

    They made me laugh, they made me smile, they made me cry and made me fall in love with them over and over again. Idk why but I suspect it's
    just because it's them, tvxq.
    I LOVE DBSK <3
    Sorry for my fail poem.
    Thank you dbsknights :)

  143. Kathleen

    -how did you become a tvxq fan? why do you love them?

    The first ever video of the boys that I laid upon on was that of their episode in

    "SBS Chocolate" where they sang "You Raise Me Up" with Ye-Eun (the blind little

    girl who can play the piano well). It was our housemate who made us watch that

    video because she was so touched by that little girl. When we watched it, we were

    also teary-eyed. When we watched it again, our attention shifted to those guys who

    sang with Ye-Eun. We noticed that they are really good singers. We learned that

    they are actually a Korean boy group so we researched about them in youtube. The

    first videos that we were able to watch were "Mirotic" and "Love in the Ice" (Live,

    Five in the Black), and I don't know what happened next. All of us four roommates

    fell for them! At first, I loved them for their singing skills. I was impressed

    that ALL of them can sing. Then I discovered their cute habits and personalities

    through interviews. They were all really adorable. Then I noticed their other

    talents. Aside from singing, they can dance, and three of them can play the piano

    well. I also began to notice that all of them are handsome (too late for me to have

    noticed xD)!! What really made me hook to them is their amazing teamwork, and their

    dedication for their work. Hearing their pains about debuting their Japan and

    seeing now that they have become a huge success makes a very inspiring story for

    anyone. I am very proud to have become a fan to them. :)

    - how has dbsknights contributed to your fandom?

    I became a fan weeks before the lawsuit. So when the lawsuit broke, I was really

    affected. I always updated myself with the news. We all shared that tensed feeling

    during that time right, so having the most updated news about the progress of the

    case gives us somehow some peace of mind. So this is where the ever reliable came! I was thrilled that there is a English-language-based fansite

    dedicated for them. This is my source of all the news about the boys!! :D Also, the

    shoutbox was very useful when communicating with fellow cassies!! This is where I

    learned that TVXQ is such a worldwide fandom. I was able and is still making

    friends with so many of them. :)

    - did you ever spend a sleepless night with dbsk? how?

    Talk about sleepless nights with dbsk? Ask us four roommates. It is just because we

    have school tomorrow that we stop fangirling. We sleep around 4am. xD We live in a

    boarding house and the university is just a ride away. We watched banjun dramas,

    concerts, MVs, show guestings, etc all night/day long!! Our room was always the

    most lively one at the house because we were screaming and laughing while watching

    them! I have already graduated and have moved away from that boarding house,

    but those fangirling moments are one of my most precious and happy memories of

    college life. Until now, I still spend sleepless night fangirling. I can't do that

    during weekdays because there is work the next day so I just fangirl at weekends. I

    really don't get sleepy at all. Sometime, I just sleep because the sun is already

    up. xD I really really love spending the night with the boys!

  144. Suritha Vang

    1. I became a TVXQ fan pretty late. About in 2005, a year later after they debut. I first heard of them through a friend, she was talking about them but I didn't really care back then. But then my cousin started talking about them too. She liked Yunho and showed me videos and songs of them and then i became addicted to them. My favorite member then became Yunho too. I love them because...of course its because they're cool and handsome at first but later on I started loving their voices. All their voices together has such a great combinaation. I also love their kind hearts that donates money to people who needs help.

    2. DBSKnights contributed alot! Umm..they sub videos or put up videos that are recent. They translate news that are recent. They make it easy to get these news by just coming into the blog. The blog is very well organized and if I want to go back and read about old stuff I can or if I want to watch old videos I can do it here too. The subs are very very very very helpful especially for a non-korean like me.

    3. Yes, I have spent sleepless night with DBSK. I am the type of person that doesn't go to sleep very fast and lays in bed for a long time. I usually listen to DBSK's ballad or acapella to help me go to sleep. I espeically likt the song You Only Love or My Princess (acapella ver). Or if I had a bad day and just needed to cry, I'll listen to "I'll be there" and with DBSK cry myself to sleep. Their music really helps me alot.

  145. Name: Sherry
    Email: sherryness @

    This is going to be long and take up several posts, so please bear with me, Cassies. :)

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    Before DBSK, I had never felt my heart stir so fiercely with emotion and pound against my ribcage as if about to burst from the inexhaustible love I felt. I had absolutely no idea that when I went camping at the Thousand Islands in June 2009, my entire life would transform into something far more profound and blissful. During dinner the second night, I reunited with an old friend and also met four other Asian girls, all of whom lived in New York and camped at the Thousand Islands annually. We played silly volleyball games on a grassy hill near the lakes, and when we sat down to rest, we talked about boys, of course! The only girl who was older than me was the most fangirly of all; she was fanning herself frantically with her hands as we discussed the Korean dramas My Girl and Goong. Then she and my friend became absolutely engrossed in their private discussion about DBSK, a Korean boy band they were madly in love with. Apparently they both liked U Know the most and either put Hero second or gave him no place in their hearts at all. They kept commenting on how long his hair was, how feminine he seemed...and that ought to have been a red flag for me, but I was determined to confirm it. The moment I arrived home, I resolved to crack the puzzle of DBSK once and for all. I clicked on the first result for DBSK that came up on YouTube and was so captivated by the boys within less than a minute that I was actually shivering in the summer heat. It was love at first sight with Jaejoong, who seemed so ethereal and absolutely glowed in the spotlight of the 2007 Soul Power performance of "Love in the Ice." His vocal prowess melted me into my socks. His stunning eyes, called beautiful by women of all ages and I daresay men as well, pierce the very soul. He has no equal. Even in the realm of spicy pepper tolerance (as in eating the spiciest pepper in the world with a smile) he is unmatched.

    After I finished watching the Tokyo Summit performance of Love in the Ice, I sat in stunned silence for a while and pondered deeply. I was extremely reluctant to invest my heart into a boy band again, after very briefly being intrigued and then disappointed by the popular boy group concept in Taiwan. But then a probing question struck me: had I EVER heard such heartwrenching, tender, and extraordinarily synchronized vocals before? Nope. Did I want to drool over Jaejoong and pay attention to the other boys more? Heck yeah. And so I began my mission to discover everything delightful that DBSK had to offer: I listened deeply to every DBSK song, watched every live performance I could find, laughed in every Banjun and Vacation drama, treated myself to the eye candy on every page of their photobooks, and enjoyed their interviews and guest appearances on every show within my reach. Slowly I fell in love with each of the boys; my first love blinded me to the other boy, whom I love just as much Jaejoong. He is Junsu, the dolphin, the cutie, the romantic, the dearest crybaby. His voice sweeps me up to high heaven. His smile is the same as a baby's. And as for his duckbutt combined with dancing…no more words are necessary unless I want to get a nosebleed from Intoxication. The first song that brought me to tears was his "Rainy Night." The song that made me a sobbing mess for a good half hour exactly a year later was also his bittersweet composition, "W."

  146. (Continued)

    I didn't realize the extent of my love for the other three boys until I saw the tender relationship they forged with the little blind girl Ye-Eun on SBS Chocolate. At that moment it struck me like a lightning bolt how truly good, humble, and pure of heart all five of them are. They are a true family: Yunho, the handsome prince and fluid dancer who's got every girl in checkmate, the compassionate and strong leader, always protects the members like a father. Jaejoong, the most beautiful man in the world, the lead vocal with a voice as pure as water, takes care of the members through his tranquil love and cooks for them like a mother. Junsu, the creative and athletic boy with a golden voice and the cutest personality, the charmer who makes women faint from his sexy solos, is adorable beyond compare like a sweet daughter. Yoochun, the sensitive soul and suave lady-killer, the dedicated composer and deepest vocal, is the mature yet carefree and hilarious older son. And finally Changmin, the maknae with the big voice and killer Mirotic scream, the tallest and the food lover with the biggest appetite, is the baby whom all the other members dote on. For Yoochun and Yunho, I was incredibly honored to have the opportunity to build their TFL-approved fanlistings, which are my tributes to them: and

    Thus began my blooming unrequited love with quite possibly the five most angelic beings who have ever graced this earth with song and dance. Rising Gods of the East. How majestic, epic, awe-inspiring is that name alone? Since late 2003, this group of five superbly talented and attractive males has brought the female population of Asia and now the entire world to its knees. When I am overwhelmed by the ruthless storm that is my extremely busy life, I sometimes feel a twinge of sorrow at not being dedicated enough to think about DBSK as often as I want. But I dare venture to say that in the end, I always crawl back on hands and knees to the boys (officially men, but sometimes as sweet as newborn babies) who had bewitched me a year and a half ago and then stolen my heart with no intention of ever returning it. I finally understand that although I indeed have a myriad of reasons for falling so deeply in love with these five boys, my love does not have to be justified. Love opposes all logic and reasoning: at first I couldn't understand a word that came out of their mouths, nor could I ever hope to see them live since we are separated by oceans, nor could I ever dream of receiving a beautiful smile from any of them. But as the boys inspired me and taught me valuable lessons about our roles in this world, I began to realize that all I ever wanted was to simply love them.

    In a way, I began loving them too late; just one month after I discovered DBSK, I read about the lawsuit filed by Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu against SM Entertainment with a broken heart. The first DBSK philosophy I ever abided by, 5-1=0, was shattered. But by now I have learned that no matter what, isn't 3+2=5 still true? As long as they are happy and healthy and continue to touch our hearts with their music, shouldn't we be content, and not demand any more from them? It's true that I still feel a quiet loneliness sweeping across my heart, a melancholy longing for the boys to reunite and embrace each other in group hugs once more. Sometimes, during my more sensitive moods, I am acutely aware of the gaps on the JYJ and HoMin stages, where five beautiful voices are replaced by three or two, and dance formations previously shared by the five of them are replaced by nameless backup dancers. It is at these moments when the waterfalls erupt from my eyes and I pray to once again be able to see the boys stand together on stage, laugh heartily, and sing their hearts out.

  147. (Continued)

    I know that some fans hold expectations of perfection from the boys because they are highly regarded as idols whom ordinary people look up to. The mistakes they made in the past, the legal complications that have now ensnared them, the agonizing long waits for their new releases, and the emergence of appealing new artists were enough for some Cassies to leave. But true Cassies, of whom I am only one of millions, still gaze up at the dark night sky and cry with joy to see our loves still etched in the heavens. It's touching, really, the beautiful concept that we, Cassiopeia, are the stars that shine in the dark night sky that is DBSK. One cannot exist without the other. And this is the way I will always be, because I will forever support DBSK's second philosophy, Always Keep the Faith. In "W," JaeChunSu express not only the deep extent of their longing for HoMin, but also heartwrenchingly reveal how much Cassiopeia means to them. They tell us to keep supporting and waiting for them because they will not fail us. This is not an empty promise. Even if DBSK is currently on hiatus and the members are split, I am certain that they can fulfill their individual dreams and reunite in the future. Time will be our guardian. And I will love them eternally because they have given me so much that is beyond the power of words to describe, yet I have never been able to convey that gratitude and appreciation in person. I will continue wishing and praying and dreaming for the five of them together. But for now, I will devote myself to JYJ and HoMin and cheer on for my boys, hoping that they can still smile and be happy each day.

    Because of my boys, my heart has become a passionate volcano, one that will never freeze over because of the gifts of the heart, mind, and soul they have given me. To accept the realization that three of my favorite boys will be performing less than five hours away (New York, November 12th) without me being able to see them is heartbreaking. Just once, once, I want to see them in the flesh. Even if I am invisible, even if they never so much as glance in my direction, I want to proudly stand among the sea of Cassies and give them a red ocean. Of course, as I realize that the boys' popularity is soaring across the globe, a tiny twinge of jealousy worms its way into my heart. But even as thousands of more fans endear themselves to DBSK each day, I cannot help but cast aside all of my selfishness and instead feel immensely proud of the boys. I know that their unparalleled success and fame are the reward for their years of bitter toil, which no one but superstars with restricted freedom ever have to experience. The boys often live weeks at a time without an hour of privacy to themselves; they must always be on high alert whenever the cameras roll around and control their voices perfectly when holding microphones; they cannot avoid the high decibel shrilly screams of thousands of fans and the hundreds of groping hands that await them at every public location they visit.

    My heart bleeds, and swells with pride, whenever I think of my boys. I really should chide myself for being so weak-hearted, because any song by them can reduce me to a glistening puddle of tears. Although I fully indulge in bliss when listening to the magic of their voices, I also subject myself to the bittersweet heartbreak that mirrors their own inner sorrow. I cannot say whether this one-sided relationship between a mere fan and these almost inhumanly magnificent musicians is healthy or not. But without a doubt they are beyond extraordinary. My heart refuses to compare them to anyone else because DBSK is truly unparalleled in this world. They have made my year and a half BEAUTIFUL.

  148. (Continued)

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    I discovered DBSKnights last December after following a link on DBSKnightSub's YouTube channel. The blog was beautiful yet simple and elegant, and within five minutes I knew for certain that this was one website I would definitely follow every day. It was as natural for me as reading the newspaper in the morning. On DBSKnights, I can rest assured that all the hot news of our boys are shared with us in a timely manner. High quality scans, HD videos, fancams, fan art, and fan accounts are bonuses that I always look forward to. What I appreciate the most are the painstakingly translated articles and compiled photo collections, as well as the wonderful subbed uploads of DVDs that I otherwise wouldn't be able to understand, such as the 3rd BigEast Fanclub Event, 3hree Voices, and Heaven's Postman. DBSKnight's beautiful goal to spread the Dong Bang love, the dedicated staff members, and the community of supportive Cassies who frequent the blog really touch me and have brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. And according to my most visited website thumbnails on my Google Chrome browser, is my #2 most visited website. :)

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    I stay up until 2 or 3AM at least twice a week drooling and crying bucketfuls over the boys. And I never regret it, even if I must wake up at 6:30 the next morning, haha. I have spent two truly sleepless DBSK nights in my life, all the way until wispy streaks of dawn's blush crept onto the horizon. My first sleepless night with DBSK was spent watching the Bonjour Paris DVD in one sitting two summers ago. I giggled all night long and was entirely unable to sleep. Ready for my super long one-sentence summary of everything that made me laugh in Bonjour Paris? Here we go: Junsu's butt hurts, the boys sing a capella, Jaejoong gets attacked by tree branches, Yunho yells "everybody put your hands up" and "Korea fighting" to whole crowds of people, Jaejoong's mission to get 5 people to wave back to him on boats and buses, Junsu drunk on sugary beverages, Yunho slapping horse's butt on merry-go-round, Yoochun pretending he's Jamaican, Yoochun's dog showered, bowing pharaohs, Junsu's gibberish, little girl scared of Yoochun in playground, Junsu food snatching, Jaejoong's UFO trick, Micky & Minnie, Jaejoong's diagonal run, Junsu and Yunho fly kicking and handstands, naming myths of fountain, Yunho's prada wears the devil, Yunho still thinks Paris is a country at the end of the trip, Paris to Yunho = party, Paris to Junsu = mosquito, Changmin being the only sane person, but narcissistic enough to check his reflection in the glass display of a movie poster. Hahaha!

    Seven months ago, I also spent a sleepless night writing a poem about DBSK for a freestyle poetry assignment in my literature class. Although I wrote it with my biases Jaejoong and Junsu in mind, the poem expresses my feelings for all five members in the most honest light possible. Two of the lines allude to DBSK lyrics. I hope that anyone who reads my poem can understand the unconditional love I have for the Dong Bang boys and feel the same way. Thank you for reading my submission, and enjoy! :)

    We are a world apart.
    You glow in the spotlight, capturing hearts with every tender smile.
    Always you are surrounded by the red ocean of your admirers.
    I weave through fifty thousand fans to reach the stage and touch your fingertips.
    Only your trembling hands betray your burden of unparalleled fame.
    My heart plays fireworks every precious moment I am in your presence.

    Unfathomable, your eyes are my sunrise.
    Your voice is gentle magic, melting hearts of steel bit by bit.
    Your charisma is the glittering sun breaking through stormy clouds.
    Your back view resembles falling white snow, lonelier than the moonlight.
    You are more than the air I breathe.
    You are mine, a song I will never finish singing.

  149. 1) How did you become a fan of TVXQ and why do you love them?

    Well, I first saw them when I was in 8th grade and it was the balloons video. I never was really interested in them so I let I just forgot about them. Then 2 years later my friend kept telling me to watch DBSK's banjun drama Dangerous love and BAM! I was in love. After that I watched them all and from that point on I knew. I knew that these were the boys that would change my life forever and I would never give my love to any other band. First it was JaeJoong who caught my eye but as time passed by my love for Xiah just became stronger and stronger. That's how i found out about them and fell in love. I fell in love with the way they represented themselves on stage and how you can become so attached to them in a blink of an eye. Soon they become my everything and well I guess you could say I was obsessed. When they laugh I laugh, when they cry I cry. Through their songs I am able to feel every ounce of their emotions and that is truly a blessing. I'm a person who doesn't get into something for too long, but for DBSK it just doesn't end. I can't help but think they are so much more than just idols and I wish I had known about them sooner. I can confidently say that there is nothing I don't like about these boys. In my eyes, they're just perfect.

    2)How did DBSKnights ocntribute to your fandom?

    DBSKnights is the only website I go on for update on DBSK. It's easy access and you don't have to sign up or anything. My friend told me about this website and it became my daily routine. I check this site everyday to know how the boys are doing and when something good happens, I squeal with joy. THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS WEBSITE is that it's not blocked at my school so i can go on it at school too! HAAHAHA the power of DBSK! DBSKnights is a wonderful place to interact and I have met many cassies on here and the staff is just amazing. You guys pour your hearts out for these boys and to use your own personal time dedicated to them? Now that's called devotion.

    3)Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    I spend PLENTY of sleepless nights with DBSK. Watching their concerts and fangirling are so fun to do, especially with someone else. My friend and I would stay up late on the phone and watch countless videos of them on variety shows and scream like little girls. We loved DBSK and we were the type of people who would literally spend CHA CHING $$$ on them. I can't help it! The boys are so so so cute and their personalities give me such a positive aura. I doodle their names during class and daydream about them ALL THE TIME. I even dream at night about them! My whole life revolves around Dong Bang Shin ki, and I LIKE IT

  150. 1. I haven't been a fan as long as some, something I regret every day. I heard of DBSK in 2008 when I started getting in to Kpop but me being the stubborn person I like to be, I refused to like them. "They can't be that great" I told myself. I didn't care if they were the number one band in asia, I just assumed that they would be overrated. One day, I made a few new friends. We had only known each other about a week, but when one of them found out that I "did not like" DBSK she freaked out and proceeded to spam me that night with the "Junsu Cuteness" videos on youtube. I laughed, said I'd watch, but of course didn't. Then one weekend I was bored and thought "why not, I'll just watch some of these." I watched them all and I couldn't stop. Junsu was absolutely hilarious and from what I could see from those videos, so was everyone else. I searched up countless other videos from their show appearances and variety shows and I couldn't get over how funny and adorable all 5 of the members were. I finally decided that I had to give them a chance, so I started listening to their music and instantly fell in love with it. This all happened in late October 2009. By now, I had known about the lawsuit but I refused to let that impede me in becoming a Cassiopeia for life. I can't imagine being in love with any other band but them.

    2. DBSK nights is always really fast at getting the latest news up and of course is a great source for awesome pictures, so this is my first stop for DBSK news. I don't come on every day, I'll be honest, but when I do come on, I always back track to the page I left off on my last visit. Please keep up the great work! And if you ever need help, let me know (I do graphic design), though you guys already do an amazing job o-o

    3. Yes of course! That same friend I mentioned who was so offended by me "not liking" DBSK had invited me to her house in New Jersey. I am never one to stay up too late, but she is. Between the two of us, we own all of the concerts (minus heart mind and soul... but I am buying that soon!!!!) on dvd, so we did a mini marathon with a few of them. We actually got stuck on the O concert I believe it was because the performance of Rising Sun was so epic and jaw dropping and sexy that we rewatched it 5 times in a row? Just had to keep rewinding it, we couldn't stop. In fact, this also happened at our college. We took over one of the classrooms since it was late at night and watched it on the big projector. People would be passing by outside, getting their drink on, and we'd just be sitting in the room drooling over the 5 and how perfect their performances are. And of course I always cry. My friends often tally how many times I cry in a performance but they cheat I think because one time they wrote 31 times and that has to be impossible. I think 11 was the most for real. Anyways, sorry for rambling, but we did our all night concert marathon and it was totally worth it. Who needs sleep when you have DBSK?
    Also, a side note, but I used my grocery money last year to feed my dbsk addiction xD As I said, I don't need real food. DBSK is soul food /dead.

  151. Name: Jocel
    1) I first heard of DBSK back in 2008 a month or two after the release of Mirotic. I wasn't really hooked to K-pop at that time but I did listen to them couple of times. By March - April 2009 I'm one of the biggest fan of DBSK. The reason I liked them is because... They seem diff. and more unique. In Jan 2009, I listened to Big Bang so when I listened to DBSK's "Why Did I fall In love with you?" I was amazed and it gave me goosebumps. Then I started to fall for DBSK. hard. =D They're unique and have an amazing voice that when you put them all together they create this perfect harmony.

    2) DBSKnights is the first DBSK forum I knew and ever since I never really go to other site (ex. Onetvxq, sharingYC) unless I really need to. I always depend on DBSKnights to give me the latest news about DBSK. Also, DBSKnights have this chatbox where I met Cassies that I can spazz with.

    3) Yes... I spent 2009 Summer watching DBSK videos. Day and Night. From Sunrise to Sunset. The reason is I wanted to know more about them and its been a hobby that every vacation It'll spend most of my time either chatting with other Cassies or watching videos of DBSK and spazzing over them.

    Thanks DBSKnights for 2 years of giving us the latest news about DBSK. ♥♥♥ And have more years to come because DBSK will continue performing for Cassies all over the world.

    Always Keep The Faith...

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  153. Name: Andrea Wong
    1) I first heard of DBSK back in 2007 when my sister introduced them to me, at first i didnt really care for them and was like, whatever . but within a few days i started watching their videos and thought they were off the hook! i became a true fan on December 26,2007. On that day, i have became the biggest fan of DBSK! i was frequently spazzing about them everyday at school till literally my friends got so pissed off at me and started yelling at me. what did i do? i didnt really care and went on about them ^^. The wonderful things that made me fall in love with them are first of all, their looks. Comon ladies, :) don`t we all get attracted by their looks first? also, their charm and awesome personality got me, their videos and music are so ture, their so passionate about their fans, and they are probably everyone's dream guys! their voices are so pure, so amazing and seriously, they have a great sense of humor, all the qualities in them are amazing, being able to cook, acting in dramas. Although the incident with the lawsuit came, i got pretty disappointed but i still support them no matter what. i support them all. :) <3 dbsk is the one and only band that i truly love, and i will support them through rough times. dbsk is my love. <3

    2) DBSKnights contributed so much to my fandom because it stayed updated everyday! seriously, the best ever! i know that DBSKnights is a reliable and true website to get my dbsk updates! ever since i found out about DBSKnights, i never went on any other update site again.The ones i used before DBSKnights were not that great... DBSKnights is the one for me, i know what dbsk is doing everyday and i can stay updated. DBSKnights is not something i can`t have everyday. I NEED TO GO ON THIS SITE EVERYDAY. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    3) Oh.My.God. you would not believe it.... I spent 2009 Summer Up with my cousin watching dbsk videos ALL DAY and making magnets of them to put up in our lockers, i also made a notebook! there must be at least 30 magnest that we made that one night. and not to mention the following summer we spent the day watching dbsk and making magnets too!! Day and Night. From Sunrise to Sunset. We were literally crying over them, spazzing over them, we actually took red chopsticks (Since we didnt have anything else) and waved it, pulled our chairs right to the T.V and screamed as loud as we can! our brother and sister got so mad! (we both have little siblings) and when DBSK threw or splashed water at the end of the concert , we reached out, touched the t.v screen and said: " OMG I TOUCHED THEIR WATER!!! " hahaha :) . for the magnets we printed out so many pictures that out printer ran out of ink! we made magnets all night and made sure we tested them so they were sturdy! we put it all up in our lockers (although not all fit on) and my friends called me crazy and showed their friends :(
    we cryed so much and laughed too.
    still to this day we make magnets and like,, seriously, we droll about how talented they are.
    Seriously, sleep does not matter when it comes to DBSK!! ;D <3

    I LOVE YOU DBSKnight for the wonderful updates!

    AKTF <3

  154. Name: Osmara Lachica

    1.-How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them? My sister was studying away from home, so her room-mate was a fan too and she introduced the boys to my sister and showed her some videos, when my sister came to my house on weekends we spend all day watching videos on youtube and stuff, it's really fun having my sister as a fan too. I love them because they're different from other artists, they're great people and I love the kindness, love and pure they show to all their fans.

    2.- How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom? In being at day with the news and being able to watch different videos with subs, cause I don't understand Korean and Japanese, so it takes me into falling in love even more with TVXQ and the cassies.

    3.- Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How? Yes, I did. And not just one, like a lot! I use to watch and re-watch programs all night until it's more than midnight or almost morning, although I've seen the same programs a million times, watching them again makes me feel better towards the situation the boys are having, because I know we are not the only one sad, they are sad too, but they don't show it to us. Watching their happy moments intensify my faith and I'm sure is the same to every fan. That's the great way I spend my sleepless nights, and drawing the boys too, dreaming on the day I'll meet them and give them to them.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary DBSKnigths! Thank you for this blog and all the effort you put on it and thank you for this giveaway ^^

  155. Happy Anniversary!!! ~

    Ok, here I go v(^-^)v
    Warning: English isn't my mother language xD ~

    Name: Constanza :'D

    1) When did you become a tvxq fan? Why do you love them?
    A: Seriously, in my case was totality random xD. A day, I was surfing in Internet *like always do* & I was reading something, I think it was a news, so, you know, some web pages have this music? played by itself? Well, I was reading that news, but suddenly, I listened a scream! O.o! so, I put all my attention to that music/scream, & don't know how I can describe it, but it was "woooo" & "woooow" .. I tried to see the name of the group in the playlist, but *my computer sucks* I couldn't see the name!.. all I saw was something like this "[][][][][][]" (/asian fonts failed/) I sighed and, well, I couldn't to anything, so I just re-play that music *I'm talking about rising sun, in the Changmin's scream*

    Days passed, and I was with a friend, chatting, she said me something like "oh, I have a new crush!" .. "Hero here, & Hero there"... so, she gave me the youtube link, the video was Shine - Tohoshinki. I watched the video, & yeah, the group was good, they were fine to me.
    You know, youtube has the "suggestions" section, and, I saw a video called "rising sun - DBSK".. I loved it, I didn't know the name of their members, but I watched it anyway.. & then.. the scream... that "scream"... I was.. gosh I think, I even cried? xD I was so exited! because I found "the" song.

    From that day (2007), I became a DBSK fans. I can't even say why, I love their voices, their personality, their passion.. their everything. Don't know if I'm the only one, but they changed a lot o things in me. The way I listen a song, the way I can see through of the "feelings" in a song... I can see, there's not just a words in a song.

    PS: now, I don't listen western music.. just DBSK music ♥


    2) How has dbsknights contributed to your fandom?

    a loooooooooot!
    Now days, you can't truth in any web page. I've followed you since 2008, near to 2009.
    I'm a library news to my friends xD, so, I like to be upload with the recent news and I see this page first.
    DBSKnights is skjfngskjfgnsdk for me ♥. I'm Chilean, we have pages too, but, don't know, I just prefer stay here. To be more precise, the pages I always open first are "twitter, fb, DBSKnights, LJ@jaeho_detox, and that is. xD


    3) Did you ever spend a sleepless night with dbsk? How?
    omgson! D: yes!, sometimes are unconscious .. when I read a "not so good news", unconscious I can stay all the night without sleep D: gosh, I remembered.. ;o; when I stayed all the night to see our bbs in TVAnts, when DBSK wins “Best Asia Star Award” ... I cried like a babe! Dx... I couldn't sleep even in the day D:
    When I've read something about our bbs, I can't fall sleep so easy, even if the news is good or bad, I can't.

    Now, I'm not like before, I can go to sleep, with music... like ballads, sometime with strong songs...
    Can a person be more sensitive?, is totally their fault! ~ but I'm not regret it, I mean, they changed me in a way.


    gosh.. a lot of emotive moments *-*

    and again happy 2nd anniversary! ♥

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  158. Name: Tsurayya


    1.) at first i didn't like any K-Pop bands at all. or honestly , i hated them because i thought they only have faces & bodies but talent. i'm addicted to animes & mangas and i love one called One Piece. by the end of June 2009, i found 'We Are!' remix version and i enjoyed it so much. 'Share The World' as well, and i claimed that song is the best One Piece opening song ever. i searched the boyband's name and found TVXQ. i thought, "what a great J-Pop band they are!". since then, i became their fan...

    ...but it's just the beginning. i'm the type of wanting to hear someone/something i like from their fans, and i got an obstacle. i wanted to ask my friend about it but i thought, "she loves DBSK and they're K-Pop! not J-Pop!" so i just enjoyed those 2 songs without knowing who they are exactly...

    until July 29th 2009, my best friend talked to me at class and brought her iPod. she wanted to introduced DBSK to me.
    her: "do you know 'Share The World'?"
    me: "yes, why?"
    her: "it's DBSK's song!"
    me: "huh? isn't it TVXQ's?"
    her: "DBSK and TVXQ are the same!"
    i banged my head on my table and screamed inwardly. "SO WHY DIDN'T I ASK HER FROM THE FIRST PLACE?!" i felt like a dumb at that time, but thanks to her, since that date i declared myself as a Cassie!

    2.) DBSKnights is the first news source i ever know, and you guys have been keeping our (and my, especially) faith for over a year! i think this not the right place but i want say 'thank you' formally to you. keeping the faith seems easy because i know i'm not alone :)

    3.) can i say my biological time is screwed because of DBSK? i knew them at the first time when i was in my last grade in high school, i should had studied really hard for national exams but what i had done? i downloaded their videos all night long! i still remember when i didn't sleep for 28 hours just because i was eager to watch their banjun dramas & television shows. i know it wasn't healthy, so don't ever try this at home!

    thank you for making this quiz, those question make me recall how i love them and funny memories i have :)

  159. Name: Isabel

    1. I've started being a Cassie only this year..but it really seems like it has been such a long time(: honestly i admire those who have been fans of them for years..they get to witness them grow and change their concept with each album and its like happening kind-of-thing on the other side of earth. and the videos are watch are like their past and not happening "now". yeahh.. :( i found out about them while i was surfing youtube and came across "unforgettable love" i started watching and i cried at changmin's story!(even though i was cheated) after that i went to the "suggested links" and watched the rest of the banjun theatres and cried more! and i went to school and told manymany people about it! sadly, there's only one other Cassie in my class besides me :( and i really dont getit! during break times, my classmates will on the sch computer and watch youtube of snsd, super junior, all those that were in the k-wave and everyone knows. still i will request mirotic and why did i fall in love with you to be watched. and it's such a pity they're not in the k-wave or im 10000000% sure they WILL be dominating the k-wave for sure!! from the videos being watched in class, i won a few people over and now they are cassie! :DD i really believe they have the best vocal ever in the whole of ASIA. and the best thing of DBSK from other groups is that i love EVERY ONE OF THEM <3 and im always proud of them when i see other people watching their videos on the MRT and when their song comes i would purposely increase my volume so those around me can hear too :PPP to sum it up, i am really really proud of every member of dbsk and a very loyal Cassie (:

    2. HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY! :D thank you guys so much that i get to know dbsk more n more(: I came across DBSKnights on twitter when my dear friend who have been a Cassie since years ago retweeted your tweets! i went to click and started reading your timeline and of course, followed (: from you guys, i get to know more facts about each member and latest news of them (eg.jaejoong's new kitty!) :D also thanks to you guys, i get to know of JYJ's tour stop to SINGAPORE! (((: i'll definitely go! and it stil seems like a dream to's like they're too perfect to exist. but i know one of my dreams in life will finally be fulfilled! :D

    3. was after i heard Avex terminated their contract with JYJ...i was so so so so depressed! now there is no contract connecting all of them together! :( i know they will definitely regret dropping such talents. bubt i know they will forever be dbsk and will perform together on stage in near future! :D

    and to all cassies out there, AKTF and continue supporting JYJ and Homin because, both = DONG BANG SHIN KI

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  161. Name:Marian

    CONGRATULATIONS DBSKNIGHTS!! I'm really thankful for all the work you guys do to bring us the latest news about our boys. THANK YOU VERY MUCH =)

    1. The story of how I became a TVXQ fan is kind of weird. I remembered that a few years ago (two years ago to be exact, when I was just getting to now the K-pop world), I was looking for 2pm's music (yeah...I know....*sigh* shame on me, right? I mean they're great dancers...but...yeah...anyway...O.o) and came across "Mirotic" video. I had no idea who TVXQ was, but because of all the comments the video had (they were a lot) I decided to give it a chance. I watched the video, read the lyrics (because I'm form Argentina.. need subdued videos lol, I don't get along with Korean yet...I'm trying to learn Japanese though lol)and I liked it; but still, it wasn't enough to make me go crazy for them (though I'll admit that since then I fall madly in love with Yunho and Max. I just love their dance moves). Then, I watched "Purple Line"...still, wasn't crazy for them but was falling in love little by little with each one of them. Until I watched "Doushite", not the MV but the live performance in A-Nation 2008.
    THAT is the moment I told my self: "I love them". That presentation was the best I've ever seen of Doushite. I just love it. They were so into the lyrics of the song, singing with great passion,that I watched the video like 10 times. I even learn the lyrics that same night, because I watched it a lot...and I mean a LOT.
    My mum was about to go to bed when she saw me watching a video with so much interest that she asked what was it. Of course I made her watched the video....she fall in love with them immediately. she watch it a few more times with me and went to bed (It was already 2.00 am). Now she sings all TVXQ songs with me lol she even asked me to record a CD for her so she can listen to them while driving lol.

    What I love the most about the boys is not that they have HOT bodies (which they do...but lets not get focus only in that lol), but their amazing voices. Every time I listen to one of their songs, I feel the lyrics, it's like I'm part of the story the song is telling. they can express the author's feelings while using their voices, and that (for me) is amazing. they sing with feelings and show the true feelings of the song. I don't even need to mention the fact that it breaks my heart to see them cry while singing...I know you feel the same.

    2. You guys have helped me to know more secrets about my boys *stalker? no, I'm not! lol* thanks to the videos and photos you share with us I've come to know how a great and awaesome family TVXQ is. and thanks to this blog, I've made so many amazing friends; I've met cassies from all over the world and they are amazing. The bond between cassies and tvxq is beautiful. I thank you for that, and for being part of this great-almost new world that I've found.

    3. I spend sleepless nights since day one with TVXQ lol after watching the "Doushite" video I started looking for information about the boys: what are their names, how old are they, how many albums they have, ho many videos they have and looking for pictures and wallies to use in my computer...I seriously went crazy looking everything I could about them. Until now, I do that. I spend all day connected to twitter waiting for updates (now more than ever since there is a chance that JYJ is coming to South America. I'm so excited! I hope my dream to see them perform live will come true =D).
    I gather all the info I can about them and then tell to my two friends who are as crazy as me (though I think I'm the craziest lol) and keep them informed lol.

    Anyway, thank you so much DBSKNights for your hard work and keep it up! we appreciate it at lot, thank you and congratulations on your 2nd anniversary guys =D

  162. Name: Julia

    1) This is a very time consuming question if I were to answer to my full capacity ^^ Initially, I got forced to watched Dangerous Love and I wasn’t very interested, but when I watched it, I could FEEL even through the acting, there was this warm tingling feel that these five people cared for each other. I have never found a band I could love "forever" (as forever is a long time) My non-delusional love for DBSK showed me how I REALLY cared about them. That I would cry if they cried and would smile when they smiled. Their laugh, warms up the coldest days. Slowly, my love grew and I got to know each one of them through their voices, videos. My love is well placed. They will never betray it. They have the best personalities. (I have this poster of DBSK on my wall, in front of my studydesk. When I’m about to give up, I look up but the first thing that I see is the poster. On this poster YH has a "Giving up? Never! Back to work please!" face. JJ & JS have "You can do it!" faces, CM & YC have on, "We are proud of you" face. I suddenly feel reenergized. Works EVERY time. Even in a picture they are so influential! True story. Anyone want a pic of the poster? XD) I love EVERYTHING about DBSK like their strength and courage because it gives me a leading light to live my own life. Truthfully, it was a whole month after I fell in love with them before I listened to any of their songs. That’s how mesmerizing only their personalities can be. And the only song in the entire WORLD I know all the lyrics too is Doushite ^^ I love them because they are who they are. Their music lifts my soul. Their kindness lifts my heart. Their courage give me hope. DBSK truly makes me a better person, heart, mind and soul

    2) When I found this place, I spazzed to my friend about this "awesome site with DBSK goodies" until she hit me. Literally. Really hard as well ==; Putting that aside, besides the obvious awesome DBSK news, (I love these too, First stop on the net is here! Because everyone know that DBSK is top priority! XD) but what I TRULY thankyou for, is uniting us fans. The memories of the shoutbox are unforgettable. I’m JooJoo and I have met and made friends with many people. There is even one friend on the other side of the world that I email daily (emails 1000-3000s in length ^^)!. I even got married and got siblings there! People may know me because I love collecting birthdays in my DBSK calendar where I have over 50 people's b’days XD. I’m happy to make others smile that a stranger fan remembered their b’day. And everyone is so nice it's almost unbelievable. You bring our love together. Thankyou. 

    I always imagine that when I meet DBSK, I would ask for three autographs. One for me, my friend, and one addressed to DBSKnights. I even dreamt that JJ was on this website and was chatting to me in the shoutbox XD

    3) I live in Australia, and the time when DBSK came to Australia I wasn't allowed to go. So I sat on my bed for the entire night crying that my possibly once in a lifetime chance was gone (My friend thought I put on black makeup under my eyes to scare her when she came over to my house the next morning. Not very funny). That was the first and only time I have ever pulled an allnighter. The next time I slept, I was delusional to the point where I dreamt that Junsu gave me a drawing of a duck and his signature. XD But now, I never want to spend a night like that again. I prefer my nights with a good night sleep, and have sweet dreams about them instead

    In the future, when I have finally completed my final exams, I have a goal to stay up for 24 hours to talk to people on the shoutbox from around the world

    Ahaha, I spent over an hour cutting stuff out to fit the post limit. Too little space for my love

    To your never ending success!

    Always Keep The Faith

    Happy 2nd Birthday!

  163. Nelle

    1. My taste is seasonal. One some days I want to watch American TV shows. On other days, I just want pure Asian dramas. This one time while I was bored and craving for Korean drama but cant decide on what movie to watch, I thought of googling handsome Korean men in order to ease the process of selecting one. I found Jaejoong who was a really hot item on beststuff and I said to myself “cute but he’s not an actor :C”. I still got curious, watched DBSK’s Balloons but moved on. Months later, a friend FORCED me to watch Dara’s advertisement with Lee Minho. I wasn’t into Kpop and could not understand the hype about it. Just out of curiousity, I watched some related videos that day leading to 2ne1, to big bang… One thing led to another and I found myself watching DBSK’s Love in Ice live in Tokyo Dome. That same day, I fell in love with that song and in the process fell in love with the band. I thought to myself—“Now this what you call music”. Everyone of them,--Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho-- showed me what real talent is about. I spent the rest of the day and the next days finding more about them in youtube. I watched them perform various acapella, sing their hearts out in Proud and dance sexily in Mirotic. I got addicted not only with their talent, but also with their uniqueness and spontaneity as individuals and cohesiveness, and unity as a group and as brothers. For weeks I kept rambling on about them. A friend once told me this is just a phase but I beg to differ. I am proud to say that one year has passed and I am still in love with DBSK. Im sure Ill continue to do so until theyre back again as 5.

    2. I used to get my updates on the boys from AKP during my first few days of DBSKfandom. On one of their articles, a user stated that AKP is biased against the boys and that she’ll never believe anything unless it’s from DBSKnights. I went to the site and sure enough, I was not only getting fair (and DBSK-biased) news but also got spoiled with stalking escapades, pictures, fanarts, album updates and a chatbox full of crazy fangirls like me. DBSKnights is my important connection with my boys. It may be a long time before I get to see DBSK in person but DBSKnights have given me help in taking that one step closer towards knowing the boys better and appreciating them more for what they are.

    3. I have spent sleepless nights with DBSK both in sadness and in happiness. I have spent it in sadness when Tohoshinki announced their hiatus in Japan. I was so devastated that I immediately contacted a friend of mine who wasn’t even into Kpop. I spent the rest of the night in the chatbox where I got to share my feelings with other fans who were in denial, in complete devastation while some still brought on some optimism with them and unto others. I didn’t expect myself to cry but I did. It was at that moment that I realized how much I love and long for them to stay together as 5.
    I can say that I have spent more sleepless nights with DBSK in happiness. Particularly, when I read fanfictions(cough Yunjae cough), especially chaptered ones. On my really hyper and free days, there are also times where I sleep really really late (3-4 am, this is considered sleepless rightt?) just youtube-ing and reading about them! :)

  164. Bianca

    1) How did I become a TVXQ fan? At first I used to mock the group, but not until I met 2 of my first cassie friends when we’re stalking other Korean actor in my country. I got curious when we’re chatting they mentioned about Yunjae a lot. So I asked 1 of them to actually explain to me about DBSK’s member one by one. After that day (on April 2009), I’ve spent most of my sleepless nights searching about the boys on Youtube, Soompi, and then I found DBSKnights.
    Why do I love them? I just do. Sweet karma don’t u think? I fell in love with Yunho when I saw him hugged Minnie who’s crying nonstop at mkmf, with Jaejoong when I listen to LITI , INSA and many more, with Junsu when I saw him hold Chunnie’s hand after he hit him on the head at the Catch the mouse game , Changmin & Chun when I watched X-Man and King Men’s Parody. Their gesture to each member show me a lot of love, passion and respect.
    2) How has DBSKnights contributed to my fandom? To the extend that I cannot miss 1 day not checking your blog for any updates via mobile phone or computer. And I personally don’t think you are a biased blog.
    3) Did I ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? Oh yes! I blame them for my sleepless nights lols.. How? You know, when you fall in love, you always want to know about the one you fell in love with. So I started downloading all of their files from DBSKers like crazy and using my sleeping time to watch them lols.. and now I spend it by chatting with cassies friends around the globe!!
    I found something else then just great music from this fandom, I met a lot of friends! Thanks DBSKnights! Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary! Looking forward to a 3rd- maybe 10th Anniversary? AKTF!

  165. DBSKnights...happy aniversary!!!
    i know TVXQ after watching a program on TV two years ..TVXQ sang "O", they’re really amazing,for the first time i watch their performance, i fall in love with thing that i really admired about them,their friendship...yeah, their endless love toward each other...always support each other...their hard time that they had gone through together make their bond with each other more stronger...this is the true friendship that we should learn...i watch so many video about from since their debut until now...from time to time, i can see they're growing matured...they sacrifices so many things in their life and they are very hard working in order to achieve what they are now...they teach me many things about life, friendship and love, seeing cassiopeia form red ocean for TVXQ really make me proud of this fandom, the most beautiful RED OCEAN only for the BEST boyband ever, really wish to be apart of , even i can't see TVXQ at the very close distance, at least i want to be a small drop of red water from ocean that always waves to TVXQ least once, because it is the ocean that we, cassiopeia and TVXQ proud of...honestly, i very envy to the cassies that can join TVXQ's event,holding red belloon, waving red light stick,but at the same time, i proud of them to be able keeping the faith and gave their support to TVXQ...because they are Cassiopeia, and so do i, we shared the same feeling
    when i search video and information about TVXQ, i found DBSKnights blog, i found that this blog is very interesting, there are so many subbed video and always up to date...this blog help me know more about TVXQ...every time i went online, i'll open this blog first...i don't know since when i start to set DBSKnights blog as my homepage on my browser(so that every time i open my browser, i'll see this blog first)this is the first blog that i open when i run mozilla firefox and the last blog that i close when i want to close my browser...sometimes, i spend the whole night reading entry in this blog and also reading cassies chat in the chatbox...we know that TVXQ is the one that unites cassies around the world...DBSKnights blog is one of the medium to unites cassies around the guys are awesome...either you guys post a good news or a bad news, i really appreciate every single things that you have done for us...thanks a bunch for keeping me up to date and thanks a lot for your hard work...
    when i know TVXQ for the first time, i read about them at DBSKnights the whole night...i really addicted to their video...their video is like drug for me...once i start watch their video, i cannot stop it...i'll watch it again or continue with the other video, never bored watch the same video, sometimes i not realized that i watch their video the whole night until morning...and even i know it is already morning, i just like can't stop watch their video...i never regret spending my time for them...this is how i keeping the faith and this is the way i attend my heart when i miss them...i don't know why my tears is easy to pour because of them...i can't stand when see they crying or having a hard time, really miss TVXQ...miss to watch they perform together as TVXQ, to hear their voices unites, to see they mess around with each other...i hope that one day they will be able to make their comeback as TVXQ...i will always keeping the faith and waiting for their comeback...this is my promise...because i'm cassiopeia...(@_<)...

  166. This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. Happy 2nd Anniversary DBSKnights! Thanks for your hard work! :)


    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    I've always been in love with Asian music. There's just something different about it that makes it very appealing. The first time I came across Korean music was the year 2008. I was a bit hesitant because I was only accustomed to C-pop and J-pop. But I gave it a chance because DBSK just looked absolutely gorgeous in their Mirotic outfits. I went on youtube, watched their Mirotic live, and fell in love. I love them because of their appearance, vocals, dance, and for their love towards each other, their fans, and the stage. I love them because they are Jung YunHo, Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, and Shim Changmin. I love them because they inspire me.
    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    At first, I would always go on multiple DBSK forums, blogs, and etc. However, over the years, DBSKnights is the only one that I go on daily. It's perfect for me.
    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    When I first discovered them, I was obsessed. I wanted to know more and more about them. I watched every variety show, every MV, every live, every dvd I could find. They were what I thought about before I went to sleep at 3am. But since I always fell asleep, I never had a sleepless night with DBSK. But that's close enough, right? :)

  168. Name : Shahirah bt Che Rusli
    Email :

    1 . All my friends said that it's impossible for me to fallen for DBSK . But on October 2008 , I'm chatting with my friends and I felt so boring since the final exam just passed . At that time , she told me to watch Mirotic MV . I Think it's fine to kill my boring day . That MV has such a great intro and dance move , and storyline and members and EVERYTHING is just too perfect . After that , I searched more and more about these 5 boys and I think that they are the first artist that successfully made me fall in love . They have dashing looks , good at singing , perfect at dancing , love to each others , not loke any other boys group . Everytime I'm online , searching about them had been a compulsary thing . And now , even with the lawsuit , I believe in their brotherhood and love . To be truth , DBSK is the first thing that had made me crazy successfully :D

    2 . Well , it's nice when I found this blog because I can get to know their news up-to-date . Before this , it's hard to know their news but thanks to this blog . Thanks a lot for a such wonderful informations about these five amazing boys :D

    3 . Yes , surely . Everytime I cannot go to sleep , I'll surf this blog and read about them . And after that , I cannot sleep at all , it's an obsessive to me . *I think I also sleepless tonight to think about if I win or not haha :D I'm hoping for the prize because I still don't own any of the albums , I just simply download them . It's hard for me to find money and buy them . But i think by own the album , my love will go deeper than now :D

  169. Vicky

    1. I became a tvxq fan a little more than a year ago when my cousin was like "you have to watch this" and I did. We watched the Mirotic mv and that was it... This phrase "I got you under my skin" became so true because I’ve fallen so hard and so fast. Why do I love them? I don’t know how to explain that. Maybe their beautiful voices, maybe their good looks, maybe their great dance performances, or maybe their eternal friendship and unbreakable bond; whatever it is I love TVXQ, I just love them.
    2. I go on lots of forums to find news but recently I came to rely on DBSKnights. I think that DBSKnights contributed to my fandom through its fast and relying news about the boys. DBSKnights is so helpful, I don’t have to keep searching through forums and google for bits and pieces of news because most of the news is placed right on this blog.
    3. I have sleepless nights with DBSK when I end up watching or reading anything DBSK related before I go to sleep; every time I do that I would end up wanting to watch or read more of them. Recently, I went to the smtown in LA and I was so excited that I could see HoMin I couldn’t really sleep. But the weird thing is after the event, I was still so overwhelmed I still couldn’t sleep because it just felt so unreal to have seen Yunho and Changmin live and at same time a bit sad to have seen only HoMin and not the whole DBSK. AKTF!

  170. Kazhy

    1. Almost a year ago, I was at a computer shop outside my university when I saw this guy who totally looked like Jaejoong. I wasn't even the slightest bit of a fan that time but for some weird reason I knew Jaejoong's name :)) Then a few weeks after that, I was pulling an all-nighter when I was home alone when the thought of the issue (you know, the "under my skin" thing) with the Mirotic MV just popped in my head, so I loaded the video on Youtube, but I didn't watch it at first, I just made it some kind of background music XD The next weekend, I finally decided to watch the MV and bam, they got meeeeeeee, under their skins :)) I love them not only because they're the best Kpop group in terms of talents and looks and whatever you can think of (bias aside okay |D), I love them because they have this unique teamwork and brotherhood I have never seen in any other group ♥
    2. DBSKnights contributed to my fandom by providing updates and other whatnots, especially during my first three or so months in the fandom :)
    3. Oh I've spent countless sleepless nights with DBSK. I would just start watching their concerts or MVs on my iPod and the next thing I hear is the sound of chickens' cock-a-doodle-doo :)))

  171. Name: Daphne Agnes Thomas

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    I got to know TVXQ when I watch My Destiny MV being aired in the TV. But only in 2006 did I become a fan when their 1st Asia Tour Concert was promoted through their Rising Sun MV. I was fascinated by the song and their dance. Later I began to buy their concert DVDs both Asia Tour & Japan Tour because I love to see them performing live. I've never encounter such great artist that can performed live. I love them also because of their wittiness and honesty. My friends would normally asked me which one will I choose out of those five and I answered them, it's hard for me to choose because each of them possesses different abilities. TVXQ is my first KPop artist as I was not really into Kpop.

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    I thanked DBSKnights because of their dedications to give information about them. To me, DBSKnights have help me a lot by translating news/articles/videos about them as I do not really understand Korean & Japanese language. Bacause of that, I am happy to be able to get latest info about them.

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    Yes. Every night before I sleep, I always listen to their songs that make me unable to sleep coz I ended singing their songs.


  172. Before I forget, Happy 2nd Anniversary DBSKnights...

  173. 2 years already? My holy Shinki~! Time sure flew by fast!
    Anyways, CONGRATULATIONSSSS! If I could, I´d throw a party for all the awesome Cassies out there! :D
    awww~ I just read a few answers, they´re really touching. *sigh* This is why I love this fandom! <3

    Name: Lisa

    1.I somehow stumbled over the Tri-Angle and The way you are MVs on youtube and fell for them quick and hard. Then I found Balloons and showed it a friend of mine. She was only laughing and was like “Yeah, that´s kindergarten stuff” and just like this, she went back to her american hiphop/trance music.
    But I stayed, found more and more awesome songs of them. I started watching variety shows they attended, laughed together with them, cried with them.
    And then they dropped the bomb ! Love in the Ice live at the Tokyo Summit. I cried, watched it again and cried some more. From then on, there was no turning back.
    I was (and still am) dettermined to stay with them till the very end, supporting each and everyone of them. In the beginning of this year, I got “Always keep the faith” tattooed on my back, together with a pair of wings. Cause I strongly believe (thanks to them, thanks to them for living their dreams) that, as long as you keep the faith & stay true to yourself, you´ll be free, will be able to reach even your wildest dreams and live your life to the fullest.

    2.Well, DBSKnights was actually the first news site I found and made me fall for our 5 gorgeous boys even more. The quick updates, sometimes funny and random notes kept (and still keep) my little fangirl heart happy. And another point, you´ll find in the next answer:

    3. Oh yeah, I did. More than once actually :D The most memorable would have to be the night Jaejoong flew over to Canada and everybody was waiting for him to arrive cause nobody was really sure that this wasn´t just a rumor.
    And of course the night the “nightmare” began. Of course everybody was shaken up by the news of the lawsuit. But all the people on dbsknights were so nice, tried to stay calm, tried to find the truth and put everone at ease the best they could.
    This night I learned once again how awesome, lovely and great the DBSK-fandom is.

  174. Erika

    1. I became fan of TVXQ about 2 and half year ago.Thanks to friend whitch show me them on net before i had net too,cause i stared adore asia long time ago she showed me them,i didnt have a interest about them at first,but still she gave me not original cd with their music(it was about 1 year before i became their fan)and i still didnt like it cause there were a lot of balads,and i wasnt ballad type person(now i changed my mind and i like ballads too,cause piano),but cause my love for Asia was soo strong i decided to have a net too(i wasnt these kind of person who spend a lot of time with comp,so i didnt wanted netXD),and i decided to listen DBSK little bit and than i made a friend who adores them,and i strated fall in love with them one bye one,and now i am total uder their skin and i cant escape anymore T T :)
    There is a lot of things why i love them.They are super sexi hot,they are talented,genius,funny.....but especcialy they inspire me,they show me when u work hard no matter what your dream come true and thats give a faith in my hard times,and make me work hard.Thank u TVXQ.

    2.DBSKnights is best,u have a lot of information in englisch about our boys sooner like others forums or blogs(and u are friend with them too),thats why i am going on your channel a lot of times,u do great work,and u comunicate with your fandome(readers) and thats a great,cause thats means u have a interest about us too.And i am happy u exsist,i wish u a lot of succesfull works and projects and a loats of anniversaries.

    3.I have to wake up early,so there is not too much nights which i spend with TVXQ,but there is a lot free days which i spend with them:)Listening their music when i am cleaning my house,try play their songs on piano,watching their interwiew,and funny,silly things what they do,work hard with them ,cry with them ,laught with them,,.....

  175. 2years already? CONGRATS~ ♥♥♥♥

    Name: Olga

    1. I always loved music .. like a lot. i used to literally spend my days looking for new bands trough and other music sites. i almost made a sport out of finding the most amazing underground indie/hardrock bands.
    one day i accidentally met a boy through a chatbox, that liked the same music i liked and we got along really well.
    as we got to know eachother better, he started to open up and he 'confessed' about his liking for anime.. well at first i laughed at his face, because i really knew NOTHING about Asian culture. after a while though, i got sucked into the anime-world, through that i also started liking Jrock.
    now that was THE discovery for me back then because ... well Japanese band are even more special than underground indie bands that i used to like, right? i was thrilled.
    Now after listening to jrock for .. well a couple of months i had a revelation. you see, although im raised as a russian girl and i live in Belgium, im also half korean. so why the f- was i listening to japanese bands? if i dont understand it anyways, why wouldnt i listen to Korean bands?
    so i googled: k-rock.
    first band i stumbled across was ft island.
    my first reaction was: "How is this rock?" but after hearing Bad woman, i fell in love, big time.
    i listened to ft .. like non-stop.
    ofcourse i grew sick and tired of listening to the same old songs and i wanted something new at some point.
    i listened to some other krock groups but they did nothing for me.
    then suggested this groep called DBSK.
    i youtubed it.
    i saw mirotic.
    damn, was i taken by surprise...
    after that day it was like a whole new world opened up for me. after years of rock music i actually learned to enjoy pop and seriously.. I LOVED IT! (and how I loved Jaejoong *_*)
    ofcourse when watching youtube videos one thing leads to another and then i saw my first asian variety show: catch the mouse.
    i totally fell for these amazing boys, and later, after watching some live concerts (especially Proud, where yoosu were crying) it was a fact: I became a Cassie.
    now its 2 years later and ive laughed, i cried, i prayed for these men that i may not know, but i truly FEEL like they're part of my life.. its really hard to describe but i LOVE them with all my heart.

    2. i only found out about DBSKnights after i got twitter, because i love how up-to-date the news is :3 after finding out about this blog , i really love it though, i read all the articles and i'm eternally gratefull for the subbed videos <33

    3. Yes, like a lot xD That's why i immediately LOVED the name ;D
    I lost count on how many times i just ended up watching variety shows/banjun drama's, losing track of time and then be like "HEY WTH IS IT LIGHT OUTSIDE O.O...crap. >.<"
    good thing im a night person... i can live with a minimum of sleep. :3

    also when im actually in bed, but i cant sleep i'd also just listen to dbsk till i pass out (or till its time to get up xD)

    *****WHOAAA longest tekst ive EVER written, SERIOUSLY O_O ... i really wanna win xDD sorry for typos/bad english~ oh, notice how my first answer is all serious XD no emoticons is like... really rare for me XD as you can see. 8)
    i still can't REALLY explain how i feel about our boys though.. its ust such a deep feeling :/
    anywaaaaays.... this post is long enough already... FINISH! XD*****

  176. Happy Birthday, guys! 8D
    Name: Sarah

    1) Thanks to my roommate in college, I came to love these guys a lot. I never really liked most of the American music here, and I was always looking for something new and fresh to listen to. Something that wasn't about drugs, sex, or alcohol. The funny thing is, I really didn't like them at all when my roommate first showed them to me. But after hearing her blast them so often, I eventually found myself growing more and more fond of the music and style of them. Next thing I knew, I was asking her to give me all their music. Hahaha. That was almost a year ago. Now I'm a major Kpop/asian music nerd. xD

    But I love them because they were something completely different from what I usually listened to. And to me, different is awesome. But then I got to see their personalities and hear their stories, and they grew into a inspiration for me. Their music especially helped me deal with the divorce of my parents and the death of my grandmother. Those were really hard times.

    2) Hahaha you guys are actually my homepage. It's nice to have a site that keeps me thoroughly updated on everything. I like to be in the know, and you guys certainly help with that. Plus, the people i've met through here is really surprising and I talk to a few people all the time. Hurray new friends!

    3) I've spent countless sleepless nights with DBSK. Mostly watching them on variety shows, or watching their concerts. Sometimes even falling asleep to their music. Yup, many many sleepless nights were spend with these guys.

  177. Name: Karen Pérez Torres.
    Country: Chile

    1.- How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?

    Hum… when people ask me that question I can’t respond at once, but I always think in “Hamelin flautist” (LOL). Let me explain ^^.

    Kpop was brand new for me, I was looking for some groups because I’ve been captivated for some doramas and, eventually, for the OST of it, and one day tada!!!!! I don’t know why, but Mirotic was on my lap screen… well, I really was not seeing Mirotic… It was Jae tied to a wall what call my attention *¬*. He was my “flautist”.

    I was amazed for his face and body, and honestly, I do not take attention to the song at all. When the video was finished, I wrote the band name and started to see videos on Youtube. At the same time, I contacted a Mexican-cassiopeia friend of mine and I started to ask her some things about them (mostly about Jaejoong). She gave me their names, and she send me some pictures. After a long chat (big part of it about JJ abs) I keep looking videos of them.
    Then, something make click on me. I was seeing the MV of “Tonight”, and I really really listen to them. Yoochun’s voice melt my heart (well, he melt all of me), and Junsu’s voice it was like a piece of heaven. Then I saw another MV, and another, and another, and then I find myself looking the translations of their songs. I mean, I was not only interested on seeing Jaejoong abs (actually, Yoochun was my new favorite ^^) but in the beautiful lyrics of Dong Bang Shin Ki.
    From that then, everything became a snow ball. I more and more fell in love with their voices and their dances, but mainly of what they were, what they represented.

    To me, they are joy, smiles, tears, and love. They make me closer to my daughter and to my sister, we are 3 inseparable chilean – cassiopeias ^^ (yup! from Chile). Thanks to them, I understand that dreams can come true, and not just for lucky, but for hard work and passion.

    They make me fall in love with music again, and even if our language was a barrier then, their voices and their music make me understand the only language that matters, the heart one.
    That is why I love DBSK; just for being them… just for exist.

    2.- How as DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?

    When I was a “rockie” cassio, I was looking for everywhere shows in that they had participated, interviews, concerts or whatever. You helped me to be able to know them more, to turn me into the one best one they fan, and to love them more and more.

    DBSKnights always has the “hot tip” about them, and even if the news are quite bad (yeah, you know what I mean) I can count on this space to be able to talk and to find people who feel just like me.

    3.- Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?

    Hahaha, a lot of them. My record is to have seen four concerts: Five in the black, “T”, Mirotic in Seoul and Tokyo Dome in only one night and part in the morning… in labor day! My eyes where all red and my hair was a mess, but I was really happy ^^… my boss, not that much XD

    In another occasion I started to see all their interviews on Japan, since their debut there. I was amused of how much they had obtained in so just a short time that the time goes flying.
    And thus I have had a countless amount of nights without sleeping by them or, rather, thanks to them ^^.

    P.S.: Sorry for my english girls... I speak in spanish so answer this was quite difficult.

  178. NAME: yunjaeluv (mhy)

    01) How I knew DBSK was like this....
    I used to be a big KDrama fan.., and so also listen mostly to Kdrama OST before i knew the world of KPOP. Then one time, I saw this photo of Joo Ji Hoon being compared to our leadershii U-Know. That stirred my curiosity and so I Googled and YouTubed him. Then BANG I discovered TVXQ in an instant but that doesn't made me like them yet. In 2008, I used to have this IMEEM account and I got lots of Kpop fans- friends. One time my dashboard and Inbox was so full of MIROTIC MV link... Then I checked it out, and there I JUST INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM. Of course I noticed their looks first, then I started listening to their old songs and watch old videos where I got to know them better. No wonder they are called GODS OF THE EAST. They're just the most amazing group I ever encounter....real talent that can sing and dance so well (that their LIVE sounds like a CD version lol). I love DBSK coz even just by watching them ang listening to them, they could change my mood... they made me cry and smile and laugh out loud with their dorkiness. I love them so much that I even with fight antis just to defend them with all my fangirl heart.

    02) DBSKNights is my daily dose of dongbang news...I go here as soon as I open my eyes and I'm here just before I go to bed. This place is not just another fandom site for me, DBSKnights readers are my Family. I'm so thankful I get to know lots of fangirls and fanboys from this site who became online friends I treasure. Sometimes, I just smiled even by seeing familiar names in here. We came from different parts of the world, speaks different language and meet on different timezone, but for DBSK we are ONE, we breathe DBSK together. Coz of DBSK I became a MOM lol with my big Cassie Family (If u are reading this, u know who u are im taking about lol)

    03) Sleepless Night?
    NEVER... i spent SLEEPLESS NIGHTS...many nights and I don't really care. I spent whole night till the sun comes out just to wait for them to come out on the live streaming performance or drama. I spent sleepless nights listening and watching their videos endlessly no matter how many times I already watch those. I spent sleepless nights just to chat with Cassies endlessly and do fanservice together or just spazzing about dbsk. Videochatting or sharing video streaming, webcamming rooms to show dbsk stuffs just so we can fangirl together like crazy (wherever part of the world wey may be). Being a fangirl is so hard..we all spent money just to see them on Top, spend days & nights online...but in the end, its all worth it. :)

  179. NAME: JENNY

    1)Well... like nearly everyone I knew DBSK because a friend introduced them to me in 2007. At that time I wasn't really into music, so I was just like, oh yeah they're good they look good. But it was just some careless compliments but, I wasn't yet into DBSK. Ater a year when I finally got internet and my own computer in 2008 I was just lurking around the net I just got and slowly brought myself to DBSK with google. I was really into them I kept on talking about them, to my mum because my friends won't even listen to me but my mum wasn't any different either but I just kept talking and then, one day I think my mum had enough of me so she started calling me a crazy person, like yelling(like how asian parents do it). So I paused talking about DBSK and then within a few weeks I stared again and I introduced then to my 4 year old brother. And o he was interested in them too but I'm just not sure sure how interested. But he now knows everyone and their voices. There voices are like people with voices I've never seen or heard of before it's like they the Gods from heaven. Well now liking DBSK is a bit easier and I'm always confident of being a DBSK fan, except when I say they're sexy infront of adults. They support me and they always make me feel happy for who I am. Dong Bang Shin Ki has made their fans have better futures. Thank You.

    2)DBSKNights is serious the best when it comes to DBSK news unlike some other sites which has latest news from around years ago. DBSKNights get updated everyday with outstanding english vocabulary and with their generosity they even post downloads and sub videos for us fans. Fidning DBSKNights as a DBSK news site adn much more is such good fortune I try finding sites like these for other artist but truly it is impossible and when I say impossible I mean it. DBSKNights works with all their effort just like our DongBangShinKi boys. Hana, Tul, Set HWAITING!!

    3) I never spent sleepless nights with DBSK because if I do my mum would yell at me until I go to sleep, so yeh. Pretty much I'm not allowed but if it was to be the real DBSK I would be gone for 365 sleepless nights ha ha. Even though I'm a girl and it's not a girls job to look after a boy like this I would protect with my almighty strength and let them sleep as long as they want to comfortably and live their lives peacefully. I would like DBSK to live peaceful lives and have as much fun as they could do during their days. DongBangShinKi ah~
    I want to protect you.

  180. I've had to post this separately as it wouldn't go altogether.

    NAME: Caroline

    I have been listening to J-Pop for so many years and am a fan of Koda Kumi, so when I saw her video "Last Angel" with DBSK I *had* to YouTube them. The first song I ever listened to was "Rising Sun" and the beginning gripped me. I was like...what's going to happen? How's it going to sound when they start to sing? And then, when Micky started rapping I admit I was like WTF and was about to turn it off, but then Max started screaming and I thought "hang on a second, this has the potential to be good" and then Xiah slowed it down...and then the chorus funks it up, and then there's Max's "you know why" scream, then there's the dance break and...well. It was like a musical orgasm. There were so many elements in the song it made me dizzy, but in such a good way. The song itself was diverse. I was addicted, and listened to the song everyday. I liked the constant changes in the song, it's like being on a theme park ride. The second song I ever heard from them was "Balloons", and then "Tri-Angle" and was like "Oh em gee, these guys can do any genre" and THIS is why I love them. They can do anything, with or without music. They are truly talented and they're not one trick ponies. They're not afraid to try new things unlike most generic pop artists these days. I admire them because of this, you never know what they are going to do next and you end up being surprised. Not only that, I have been dancing since I was 4 and watching them move the way they do has made me want to become more disciplined in my dancing and improve my skills. They're not only talented, but inspiring. I look at how in time they are with each other, how sharp they are, and I sit there thinking "I want to do the same. I want to BE the same. I want to be able to do what they do."

  181. I've had to post my answers separately as it wouldn't post altogether. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    NAME: Caroline

    Well after tweeting about DBSK on Twitter sometimes I started to get DBSK fans following me, and it eventually led me to finding DBSKnights in my "recommendation" section on my Twitter homepage. It's helped me to learn more about the five members and keeps me up-to-date with news, such as the JYJ Showcase and Changmin and Yunho (Homin) interviews. Of course, if I want to find out about the lawsuit, you can bet DBSKnights will be the first site I go to! DBSKnights is fast and efficient - as soon as they know, YOU know. It's a really well run site that would benefit ANY Cassie.

  182. I've had to post my answers separately as it wouldn't post altogether. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    NAME: Caroline

    Sure, I often spend several hours on the net watching DBSK videos, such as music videos, games or interviews etc. It's the only time I can watch videos on YouTube without my mum asking me questions about what I'm watching lol. Junsu and Jaejoong both have a brilliant sense of humour and are a joy to watch, Yunho's dancing skills are excellent and...okay, I have to tell you this story. I don't care whether it's relevent or not xD
    Basically I was searching Yunho on Google and I saw he was doing the Michael Jackson Tribute Tour. I was like OMG. And then I searched some more and saw it was coming to London, so again, I was like OMG!! But then I saw when it was supposed to happen and, once more, was like OMG NO I MISSED IT!!!!!!! I looked in my diary and saw that, on that specific day, I was *actually* in London *with* MJ fans and I wanted to beat myself up. How could I have overlooked this? Yunho in London doing a Michael Jackson show, me and a bunch of MJ fans in London on the same day, not knowing what was happening??? I wanted to tear my hair out knowing that it was probably my only chance of seeing at least ONE DBSK member live (I live in the UK) and I was really complaining to my mum. I hyperventilated on Twitter. And then I discovered that the tribute was cancelled and it never came to the UK. Oh my giddy aunt, I felt such a range of extreme emotions in such a short space of time; confusion, shock, disbelief, anger, despair, and then relief. Good Lord it was like a car crash, I'm telling you. I was emotionally exhausted.
    I hope this answers your question.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary.

  183. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary and good luck to everyone on the giveaway!


    How it started? All with a curious "who's that hot guy on your blog?" to a DBSK/Yoochun-obsessed friend. She totally roped me in with a youtube vid of Purple Line. I loved the choreography and style of the music, to the point that it was on continual repeat in my head as I wrote my final next week. I fell in love with the rest of the T album shortly, then with each of our boys as I got to know their personalities and silliness!

    DBSKnights helped by keeping us fans updated, as if we were always right beside our DBSK, even though (for me) they are halfway across the world. It connected me to other Cassies around the world, so we can ride the ups-and-downs the boys go through knowing that we are not alone.

    Sleepless night? One night I met them in a mix of Italy and Tokyo. I was dumbfounded seeing them casually strolling down the street, and they too stop and stare at this dumbfounded girl gaping at them. To my extreme delight, my friends and I ended up hanging out at a nearby cafe with them, chatting and laughing with the boys as if we've been close friends all along. Of course my friends just had to tease me when I asked them to take a picture of Jaejoong and me, and zoomed in to the table instead. After some playful bickering, they relented and focused the camera on us, so I cautiously leaned closer to Jaejoong, found he had no qualms in leaning closer to me (!!!) and then... the alarm clock rang. My only night that I have been doing something other than "sleeping", and one I'm hoping to come across again ever since!

  184. Name: Dannie

    *I split my answers up into three post, I hope that's ok, it's telling my that I went over the word count, but I really can't bear to cut anything out! Sorry if this causes you guys any trouble.

    1. Originally, I was a big Visual Kei, Jrock fan and I had a huge binder cover for the band 'the GazettE' and a bunch of my friends and I got into an argument about the whether the guys on my binder are girly or not. So I asked this one girl of her opinion, I didn't know her too well, but she's friends with alot of my friends so I thought there was no use in not talking to her and to my surprise she was a fan of Asian music too. So, I was really excited cause I'm sure every J/Kpop fan knows how hard it is too find other people around you who love Asian music/stuff.then she mentioned about Kpop and told me to check out a group called TVXQ. I admit for a while, I totally forgot about what she said, but suddenly it hit me again and I looked them up on youtube. I watched Mirotic and then Wrong Number and honestly at the time I kinda thought it was horribly corny...but I couldn't stop coming back to it. The songs would get stuck in my head, and I couldn't forget Jaejoong's face (lol, seriously..he looked so cool and mysterious to me..hell he STILL looks cool and mysterious) So slowly I started to get into more of their songs. Their ballad "Love in the Ice" (the Korean ver) goodness...It was breath taking. It takes a lot for me to start crying but I was getting pretty damn close with that song, but I still didn't consider myself a fan...until I heard Tri-Angle. Now like I said before, I was a huge VK rock fan before DBSK, so I had so much respect for them after seeing them pull off that style. Cause not everyone can do it (and make it look as awesome as DBSK did) That honestly sealed my respect for them and after that I just started looking at all their songs. And one after the other I fell in love with them...
    I guess I love them cause...they're a perfect example of true talent. It just seems that anyone can become a singer and get a record deal these days, but they don't truly deserve it. DBSK however, they deserve everything they've acquired over the past 6-7 years (and even more) because no doubt, those boys can S SINNNNNNNNNGGG (not sing, but SINNNNGGG) And not only can they sing but they can also compose. I feel that's when you truly leave behind the title of an idol or just a plain singing and become an artiste when you can compose beautiful songs that touch the hearts of others. I was totally in love with Min's Love in the Ice, Chun's Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara made my tear up so bad, JJ's Wasurenaide made me feel so warm inside, Junsu's Picture of You(after glow)must be one of the most beautiful songs on mirotic.
    Then there's their amazing choreography. As if it's not enough to sing beautifully and compose their own songs these boys can dance well too? It's just crazy. And you can tell that their dance is some hard work too, and not just anyone can do it. You honestly have to be putting an awesome amount of effort into learning it to get it down pact. And DBSK does just that every time.
    Then there's is their personalities... Man...what awesome guys. I mean seriously, even though they do mess around and act like a bunch of little kids sometimes, they truly are some extremely mature young men.What's the average age for these guys? About 23, right? At this age most men are acting like complete fools but there's just something so mature and sophisticated about these guys. And the relationship they share with eachother. I believe that these guys are brothers right down to the core. They just can't be normal friends, anyone can tell that much from just looking at the way they interact with one another.

  185. Name: Dannie

    2.DBSKnights blog, it's like where I get all my info about what the guys are doing. The Dramas/Musicals: (Mozart, Goong, SNN, Heaven's Postman, SKK Scandal, Kimi ga ireba ~Beautiful Love~), the Tours/Live Performances:( Thanksgiving in Tokyo Dome,A-Nation, SMTOWN '10), The new albums: ("The...", "The Beginning", "Intoxication") and the interviews I learned about all these things from DBSKnights. Sure, I would've eventually learned about them on my own but it would've taken forever. You guys are super fast! There's very few other DBSK blogs that are as fast as you guys.
    DBSKnights = friggin awesome. It great that this site exist to help those of us who can't speak Korean or Japanese keep up with the current events of our boys :) I'm sure that everyone who follows this blog is real grateful for what you guys do.

  186. Name: Dannie

    3. Haha, a sleepless night? I guess it was when I first was really getting into them. I started watching (or reading) basically everything they appeared in. Interviews, Variety shows, you name it, I was all over it trying to figure out more about the personality of our boys. It's not enough for me just to be a fan of someones music, I want to get a basic understanding of what the person is like personality wise cause even if an artiste have the best friggin songs in the world, if their personality stinks then it's a total turn off for me, and I'll probably drop them. But these guys...I was loving it. There was so much depth to who they were and it was just sooo cool to me. So, I spent a whole night watching their Banjun Dramas, their most hilarious interviews and fun variety shows. I swear, I started watching all this stuff at like 6pm and when I looked at the time again it was 5:40 am...I guess time flies when you're lovin' DBSK, haha. :)

  187. Name:Anais

    How did you become a tvxq fan?

    well a friend of my send me a song call rising sun but to be honest I don’t heard the song and deleted it I was a rocker chick so I don’t know I just not was interested ( this is hard to admitted lol) and a day I was really depressed like REALLY depressed and she send me the banjun dramas the first was dangerous love and omg I was LMAO I can’t believe how dork and cute those guys were and the most important they bring a smile to my face so I was kinda surprised (at that moment I didn’t knew the were those rising suns guys). After that I Start to watch all the banjun dramas in one night I have to put my pillow in my mouth because I was going to wake up my sister who was in the bedroom right next to me and she is quite sensitive to the noise ¬¬ believe me she sometimes is a pain in the ass XD but never mind I could stop watching them and I access a page and I heard a song call Triangle and I feel like I don’t now I feel something special, that was the first time I love so much the voices of a group right away. The next day I have to go to the doctor and cant stop to humming the song I thought I was starting to lose my mind so I go to my house the fastest I could go and enter to my you tube account and looking for the song and when I watch the video I think I fell in love XD it was weird but I say they look like anime characters is that even possible? And from that moment I love them till now.

    Why did you love them?

    Because they do what I like in the guys and is sometimes impossible THEY MAKE ME LAUGHT, their voices make me cry, and watch them light up my days, make me happy and give me energy to go on and that helps me soo much because my country of origin is in a situation that nobody can control and every single day is a fight that sometimes u feel like is stupid and useless try to win they help me to get up on my feet and see a light in my way so…how can somebody not love them?
    They give me the light and the push I need to go on with my life in a more positive way and thanks to them now I give a 110% in everything I do, they teach me so many things that in my 20 years of life I never learn from nobody. Thanks to them I’m accomplish so many life goals and im more confident with myself.
    The true reason why I love them is: *blank* is impossible for me just say a reason. I have countless of reasons to love them, For me right now and in this space is hard to tell something like that.
    They are not just pretty faces, they are more than that, they are 5 angels that god sent to help a lot of people who need those gifs they have.
    Sound pretty cheesy but I need to say that.

    How was dbsknight contributed to you fandom?

    This is a question that u guys should not ask!!, the question should be ¿In what dbsknights don’t contributed to our fandom? U guys do so many things for us!!! U translate us videos, and interviews faster than anybody, give us the news as quickly as possible and try to update us every single minute, Iam in a lot of forums but I have to admit I don’t love them as I love dbsknights XD what a corny XD u guys are soo amazing and I have to say thank u so much for you hard work.

  188. Anais

    continuation of my post

    Dis you ever spend a sleepless night with dbsk? And how?
    Of course, the first sleepless night was the day before my entrance test to the college, It was 12am and I could sleep so I start to download every single vid I found of them (in that time purple line pv was released) and when I watch my laptop clock were 6am and I have to dress to travel 1 hour to another city to do the test, u should watch my face in that moment O.O OMG U HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!! I DON’T SLEEP NOTHING!! I have to dress up faster than light (I dress purple u know why XD) and now im a psychology student so that means I pass the test without sleep NOTHING!! So I almost screw everything but i was happy so at the moment of the test I was more relax than a hippie XD.

    This is everything XD by the way sorry if I have a lot of mistakes my primary language is Spanish so XD write al that was kinda hard.


    PD: Sorry fo be so late but the college dont give me enought time i can barely sleep TT. well byee tale care and Fighting!!

  189. sorry:i mean writte all that was kinda hard and take care and fighting! XD

  190. again sorry for the mistakes is 3:30 in the morning my brain is not working sorry for double posting too XD

  191. Name: Jen
    1. I became a fan at the end of February in 2006. Back then, I wasn't really into Asian music. Just Jpop from anime, and some Cpop cuz I was learning Mandarin. I knew nothing of Korean music or culture at that time. My friend showed me a video and said, "Hey, check out this song. I like the rendition of the classical music." She showed me "Tri-Angle." She liked how they remixed Mozart's Symphony no. 40. I wasn't used to the rocker Asian style with heavy makeup and funky hairdos, so I thought, "What a bunch of weird Asians..." but the song was cool. Because honestly, if you're gonna introduce someone to something they've never seen before, guys in leather, heavy eyeliner, and spiky hair like a cockatoo (Junsu), isn't what you should be showing them at first. Then, she showed me "Rising Sun" saying she thought the song was cool too. I thought it was better than Tri-Angle, but yet again my ignorance manifested and they were still weird looking to me. Then, she showed me "Miduhyo." That's when I fell in love with DBSK. That song touched me so much and their soothing voices and rather normal appearance made me crave more. From then on, I searched YouTube for songs and videos and instantly fell for Yunho and he's been my #1 bias ever since. At first, it was hard for me to tell the difference between Yoochun and Junsu, I have no idea why, but when I talk to other DBSK fans, they say the same thing. Now each member has their own personality and look and they're so different from each other that to this day I'm still confused as to why I ever got them mixed up in the first place! What really sealed the deal for me that I was hopelessly in love with Yunho was when I saw him in the "My Destiny" music video. I love how he's dancing in the rain and I LOVE how he looks in hats. It's a strange fetish for me, but he looks damn good in hats. That's still my favorite DBSK MV.

    2. DBSKnights has contributed because I get most, if not all, my updated information from the blog and twitter. Lately, I've been on twitter a lot more than forums and other forms of social networking, and the constant updates of DBSKnights has kept me in the loop of my ultimate kpop bias and I've never felt behind in their happenings. The admins know where to find their stuff and are more than willing to help out a fellow Cassie with anything regarding our boys.

    3. I've spent many a sleepless night with DBSK. My friend and I joined a contest last year, the one that the prize was a free trip to SMTown Seoul 2009 (before the lawsuit hit and it was canceled.) We stayed up till at least 4am every day for a week trying to film on the Las Vegas Strip dodging security because we were filming and work on our entries for the project. This is just one example. Other examples include waiting up all night for a new music video to release because I live in the US and Korea is a half a day ahead. Other examples would include staying up late to watch music shows like Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo, etc. and music award shows. I'd watch a 3 hr long award show just to get a 10sec glimpse of the boys even if I stayed up till 5am. It was totally worth it. Other times I would just want to scour the internet for the most up to date pictures and performances and before I know it, it's 4am on a school night.

    Well, Happy 2nd anniversary DBSKnights! I hope we can share many anniversaries to come <3 I love you guys and the work you do! DBSK hwaiting! DBSKnights hwaiting!

  192. Oh, I forgot to add my answer for the 2nd half of the 1st question. "Why do you love them?"

    I love them because they're unique. They have their own style, each member. Each voice stands out in a song, yet when they sing together, their harmony is beautiful. Their voices are so different, but sound so right together. I love that they're so close to each other. More than family. I love that they're good role models. They advocate donating to charities and helping those in need. They don't do anything to dirty their image, and it's not just because the record companies don't want them to, it's because that's how they genuiniely are. They're mature, yet kids at heart. They do what they do because it makes them happy and love making others happy. They strive to do their best because nothing succeeds if you don't give it your all. They've inspired me in so many ways that I've found myself becoming a better person every day. My friend and I came up with a sort of slogan. "For the sake of DBSK." We study for them, help out our family for them, etc. DBSK is not your typical boyband. They're leaders to a revolution in music and idols to come in future generations. Even if they're not active as DBSK right now, they still show a huge influence in the charts and other artists. Their presence and legacy will always be known, and I love being part of a fandom that helps our boys achieve that. I could't ask for more in a fandom than Cassiopeia. We really stand as one and will support our boys to the end.

  193. since I wrote it too long, I'll separate it into 3 parts ^^;

    name: Fiorenza

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them?
    I became a fan of TVXQ since 3-4 years ago. I was introduced to them from my friend who's a fan of them. She often showed me their photos, videos, and let me listen to their songs. She (quite) forced me to memorize their names, since that time I even couldn't differentiate their (well you know sometimes asian look similar at the first glance….though im asian too.XD)
    At first I didn't pay much attention to them because I was a western-songs-lover.xP
    Every time I went to her house, she showed me TVXQ's variety shows n else.
    Until one day, we watched Vacation drama. The first one who captured my heart was Junsu. ^///^ He was so cute in the drama. I thought like, awww this guy's so cute like a child! But still, I wasn't interested in TVXQ. I just liked Junsu, but also not too much. Since then, every time we watched their videos, I started to pay attention to Junsu. Day by day, I like him more n more.
    After that, without my friend's knowing, I started to search for his photos…continued with videos…and I didn't remember exactly how, until I truly love them, all of the members as well. (I think it's destiny? lol)
    So, after that my friend knew it and yeah, we became total fangirl lol
    I think I should thank her for introducing TVXQ to me. I don't know what would I be know if I didnt know them..XD


  194. name: Fiorenza

    The reason why I love them is too much.. lol Well I'll try to explain as I can.
    I think TVXQ is amazing. Each of them has their own charm n talent.
    Yunho, the humble leader. He always takes good care of the member n has a fatherly side. I remember in KJE Chocolate show, how Yunho so gentle to Ye Eun.
    And not to mention his great dance n rap :D
    Jaejoong, the perfect man. Yes I'd like to say he's perfect though my bias is Junsu. lol His beautiful face is irresistible. Even Bae Yongjoon wants him to get the Best Face in Asia award..XD Jae has a beautiful n clear voice, which can reach both low n high notes. Just listen to Tonight n you will know..^^ He's warmhearted n loves his fans so much.
    Junsu, the innocent dolphin. His pureness is what I like most. He's really kind that he doesn't want to hurt others. I think I don't even have to mention his amazing husky voice. The emotion that he puts into the song is what makes him so charismatic. I esp love his adlib.
    Yoochun, the American stylish guy. He has a cool personality n his deep voice is the best, esp when rapping in english. so cool~ Yoochun's really good in composing. Almost all of the songs that yoochun composed are my favorite songs. And he can play many kinds of music instruments. He's really 'music' type, just like Junsu said :)
    Changmin, the cute evil maknae. He doesn't talk much but he does care to his hyungs. I think he's the type who doesn't show his feeling openly. He often covers the high notes for other members if they cant reach it. His scream in mitotic is
    As TVXQ in whole, they are all very kind, polite, n down-to-earth. Most staffs n other celebrities said the same things about them. This is why I really admire them. I could never find other idols like them, who are on top, but not being too proud. The best side of them, n I think thats why many ppl love them ^^
    Their bond of friendship is also irreplaceable. They're not just friends in the same group. They're brothers. Very close brothers. You can tell from how they treat each other. I remember when Jae's knee was injured n Yunho wanted him to rest, but Jae tells him that Yunho's the one who should rest in hospital because his stomach wasn't well. And also when Junsu got a high fever, Yunho piggyback him to the hospital.. It really touches me. They have a very strong bond, and no one could break it. They're destined to be together.
    TVXQ's voices is a blessing from God. They can sing from ballad pop to R&B and rock songs. lol I mostly love when they're harmonizing. very reassuring.. :) So I love their ballad songs most.


  195. name: Fiorenza

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    hmm what should I say? DBSKnights is the first blog that I found and the best blog so far :D I couldn't remember how I found you guys but I'm glad I found you. (chajattda! lol)
    DBSKnights of course has contributed too much for my fandom. Your blog keeps me updated about their news everyday. It is also very organized so I could easily browsing through it.
    Here, I could also find other fans as well and learned more. And with DBSKnights we've gone through much, happy times and hard times. I remember when you restricted the comments because of some ppl who negatively commented here. But I'm glad you've opened ii for public again. Don't listen to ppl like them! Haters will hate~^^
    Well, after all I'd like to thank all DBSKnights' staff for keeping this blog alive!

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    I think yes. I often didn't sleep because of TVXQ, when some bad rumors about them came. Because of that I keep browsing and searching. lol
    I remember when this issue started, and about Bigeast wanted to be closed. We were in chaos, Matsuura-san and Chiba-san kept tweeting, also Yoshihiro Seki.
    Everybody were trying to translate it immediately. It was late at night but I couldn't left and sleep since it was quite shocking, and I want to know how's the result.
    It was a very panicking moment for me.
    For the opposite, I also ever didn't sleep because of some happy moment, like when they comeback. They appeared in many TV shows and performances, thus I couldn't sleep and kept watching and downloading. lol I couldn't help it. XD

    I think that's all~ I'm really sorry for writing till this long.. >_<
    I just cant help to express my feeling..xD
    Thank you for reading. And congrats for your 2nd anniv!! Keep up the good work. ^^


  196. Name: Xuewei Ouyang

    1. I became a TVXQ fan after seeing some facebook statuses from friends mentioning DBSK. I knew about Big Bang, but I really didn't like their music so I stayed away from Kpop. One day, I decided to look up DBSK on youtube. The first song I watched was "Why Did I Fall in Love With You?" From that day on, I was obsessed with DBSK. I love them because they are so amazing talented at singing, dancing, and even acting. They're not just ANY idol group. They're the most talented one that has ever existed. Plus, they're all really hot! Ever since then, I have been converting people into Cassies and defending them against antis.

    2. DBSKnights contributed to my fandom by providing constant updates on their whereabouts,especially after the lawsuit. Also, I went to the SMTown Concert and bought a DBSK cheer package from DBSKnights. Thank you guys soo much! I waved my red glowstick around like crazy when HoMin came out and wore my red shirt to the concert.

    3. I have spent a sleepless night with DBSK after the SMTown concert. I stayed up reflecting on HoMin's performance and how AWESOME it would have been if JYJ was there...
    Another sleepless night I had with DBSK was when I was on vacation and I had just become a major fan of them. I kept thinking at night about how amazing it would be to see them live. I realized that I have never loved a group and wanted to see them live as much as DBSK. The next day we went home from vacation and on the car ride, I started planning how I could go their concert when I went to visit China. However, when I got home and looked up their concert schedule, I found out that only a few days before, DBSK had announced that they would take a break from all group activities. I was so heartbroken! I even started crying. Later, when I found out HoMin was coming to LA, I was soo excited and so nervous about how I should convince my parents to let me go, especially since I live across the country.

  197. name: tiffany

    1. I became a TVXQ fan after seeing them on Super Junior’s EHB variety show. When they first appeared, I was like “Oh my, who are these good looking men?” I saw how they were all so close to each other and how they were good at basically everything, even eating super spicy peppers! So I went to research about them and listened to their albums and performances (which absolutely mesmerized me), watched their music videos and watched videos of them. Before I knew it, I was hooked!

    - I love them because they are so talented and try their best in everything they are doing. They have the most beautiful voices and each member can hold their own. Whether it is an up tempo song or a ballad, they make the song their own and are willing to challenge different genres. They are one of the few artist/groups that can make me feel emotionally connected and weak at the knees while watching and listening to them. They are great dancers, even if the choreography is difficult, it does not hinder with their vocal performance. I also love their personalities, their attractiveness, their humbleness, their funny personas (how they’re not afraid to be dorks) and so much more. I never get tired of watching them and can always re-watch things with them. They are so entertaining.

    2. DBSKnights have contributed to my fandom is so many ways. You are always one of the first websites that I look up when I check on DBSK related things. I admire how you for trying to bring news as fast as possible. I will always be truly thankful for all of the videos and articles that you sub and post. Also, I am always more excited knowing that I am not alone in spazzing over them. Whether it’s sad or happy, I always have people to share the emotions with. I like how you encourage fans to be nice to one another, because let’s face it, people can be really mean. It makes it a comfortable environment to be in. I love your unconditional love for the boys. You guys are the best; I truly thank you for all of your hard work.

    3. Yes, I have had many!! When I was first getting DBSK, I just kept watching shows with them on it and before I knew it… Let’s just say I had to be at school. Haha. That happened for a few days. Other than that, I listen to them while doing homework and studying while pulling all nighters. They make good study buddies… they try to keep me awake. Honestly, their music is great for all sorts of reasons. When I’m feeling happy or feeling down... I will put them on. On nights where I can’t sleep and just keep thinking about things, I listen to them and think of them… then I will feel a little better. I’ve also had a few dreams with them. Even in the dreams, I am so excited to see them that I feel tired when I wake up… but it was well worth it! Also, the day after the SM Town concert when I saw HoMin... I couldn't sleep for the life of me. I was so tired, lost my voice and was deaf, but I was so happy and excited, I couldn't calm down. I'm sure a lot of people were like that. HAhah :)

    Oh I wrote a lot :X
    Congratulations on two amazing years!! You guys are all so sweet and wonderful for doing this. Thank you so much. <3

  198. HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY \(^_^)/
    Name: Arnettha

    1. It was January 14th 2010. Honestly, I was only an anime & J-pop/dorama fan back then. I was a huge fan of a Japanese actor, his nickname is Nashi. I downloaded a fanmade PV of him. When I played the video…the word “doushite” was heard. My eyes got bigger in awe. Yeah…it was Jaejoong. ‘I didn’t know Yagami Light has an angel voice’
    The next person with quite-long black hair appeared; Yoochun. ‘He has deep eyes’
    “Mou todokanai” was the 1st phrase I heard from TVXQ’s leader –Yunho. ‘A fierce cat that has a big passion’
    I saw another person. That person is no other but our beloved maknae, Changmin. ‘What a cute little prince’
    Then, I saw a person with a unique ‘crispy’ voice. …Junsu. ‘Beauty salon?’ (please don’t kill me, I don’t even want to say this >.<)
    Finally, I only paid attention for the 5 of them & ignoring Nashi’s existence.
    Next day, I asked my friend if she knew them. Yes, she did. She said they are the most popular group. But she told me that they are too perfect to be idolized and she wasn’t really into them. I was still clueless so I tried to find ‘something’ about them on the net. I found their songs, MVs/PVs, shows, & random facts. From there, I could see that they are only ordinary people who have demerits just like us. The only thing that makes them different is their hardwork to ‘manipulate’ their demerits as their merits. I must admit that they are good-looking, but they also made me realized that hardwork, manner, & talent are the most important.

    This is the 1st time for me to have such a warm feeling just by seeing someone’s smile. They are more than idols. They are my love –my first love. Somebody said that first love never gives you a happy ending. But I believe true love never has an ending.

    2. DBSKnights has an important role in my TVXQ needs. If I didn’t find you, I would be in lack of TVXQ-ness even until now. I was browsing for “Jaejoong blowfish” or something like that on google & ta-daaa, I found this site. DBSKnights is a wonderful place that contains a lot of useful news & trans, great graphics, photos, & scans, subbed videos that help us –int. fans to understand their TV shows, DVDs, etc. Those really filled up my ‘TVXQ knowledge’. I don’t even know which one is more important; my schoolbooks or DBSKnights. Keke~ Cassies here are so nice, too ^^ They do have a strong faith that indirectly giving me strength to stick on this fandom. Thank you for everything…

    3. No, I haven’t. Seriously.
    Okay okay, I’m just kidding~ XD I’m on my last year of junior high and I hardly ever have a sparetime. So I almost spend all of my DongBangTime at night. I sometimes make some macro icons while listening to their songs. But I usually watch their MVs/PVs, TV appearance, DVDs, or live perform. I don’t know why, but I can feel a different atmosphere in my room while doing TVXQ stuffs. This was the night I remember the most. I was watching a video, “The Words They Endured for 1 Year and 7 Months” –the time when they were attending the winning award at MKMF 2008. The most beautiful moments I’ve ever seen.

    It had been so long since the last time I cried. Even people called me cold-hearted. But that one night changed the fact.
    “We really…Coming back after a year and 7 months, we also had lots of burdens. ‘Would we be able to do well’ was the thought that took lead. Can you see? Thank you for believing in us!”
    Everyone could see Changmin, who was sobbing…and Yoochun who hugged him warmly.
    “Thank you for waiting for us. We love you Cassiopeia!”

    “Just as always, situation wherein we have to wait once again would come. But in those times, without change just like now, we’ll be waiting”
    They melt my cold heart with just a single night. Only just one night, I don’t feel like a robot who can only study and work all the time. Only just one same night, I can spill all my untold feelings.
    I’ll love them as long as I can.
    Always Keep the Faith

  199. Name: Larissa

    1. How did you become a TVXQ fan? Why do you love them? I became a fan as soon as I saw their Mirotic MV in early 2009! I found the link somewhere when I was reading about dances people were planning for anime conventions and as soon as I saw Mirotic I was in AWE!!! I was like “WOW who are these hot guys??” The song was catchy and the dance was amazing! They introduced me to the wonderful world of K-pop.
    I really fell in love with them after hearing more of their songs and when I found out more about their personalities through interviews and shows. They make me laugh, smile, and cry. And crying is rare because I don’t usually get emotional. And I love their unique voices that go together so perfect. They can really SING. Changmin’s scream is unbelievable to my ears and I always need to play it back a few million times. Gah, I love so much about them; Junsu’s Engrish and gags, Yunho’s leaderness, Jaejoong’s motherly-ness, Yoochun’s weirdness, and Changmin’s witty humor and his SMILE that stole my heart. And sooo much more, but I don’t want to write too much. Basically their brotherly relationship with each other is really touching to me. The one thing I hate is that I hadn’t discovered them sooner!!! I wanna go back in time a few years to slap myself in the face and tell myself to listen to their music or else!! Nowadays I don’t listen to American music anymore.
    They are more than just a Korean boy band to me. They are very talented, handsome, funny, and hardworking guys. Really an inspiration. I can’t express my love for them enough!
    Sometimes I’ll be talking about something and then when I mention DBSK, my friend will just laugh or make some face at me. Like the other day I said
    “I actually want to get a blu-ray player”
    “Yeah, cuz there’s a DBSK concert that’s on bl-“
    “Of course ._.”

    2. How has DBSKnights contributed to your fandom?
    Gah so much, by keeping me updated with their latest activities and such. From bad news to good. Also with the SUBBED videos! That helps A LOT. And if it wasn’t for DBSKnights, I wouldn’t know when to stalk them at the airport! HAHAHA. Though sadly HoMin went ninja & I didn’t see them when they came for SMTown in LA. But still! I had the opportunity! Thank you so much! And especially for SMTown! I was checking DBSKnights nonstop during that time haha.

    3. Did you ever spend a sleepless night with DBSK? How?
    YES. Just by watching videos of their concerts, interviews, game shows, listening to their music etc. So many times I’d stay up all night and before I knew it, I had to get ready for school soon!! I always tell myself I should have slept earlier, but I never learn. They are my drug! And usually the reason why I’m so sleepy at school! Even browsing pics of them to save on my computer can keep me occupied for a couple hours. But to me, every sleepless night with DBSK is worth it. I will never stop loving them and will Always Keep the Faith.

    Congrats and happy 2nd Anniversary DBSKnights!!! I love you guys and thank you for all you have done for us so far! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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