Thursday, August 5, 2010

[TRANS] Jaejoong as a Singer

This was written by a critic in around '06 but has recently resurfaced and been circulated around Chinese webs.

Originally I had intended to write this at a different time. I still have uncertainties in terms of Jaejoong's pronunciation and breathing.
I want to fully describe and explain the qualities of Jaejoong's voice and singing before discussing the content below.
Ah this boy Kim Jaejoong never gives me time, he's always putting me in a rush. I can't sit still until I write about how great he is.


I've noticed lots of people discussing the different versions of 'Insa' and 'Footsteps' (Bal geol eum) circulating around the internet, but I've not paid much attention to it because I wanted to listen to a more refined version of it before coming to any conclusions. (Also it's because I strongly dislike listening to audio tracks of bad quality) I waited patiently for the official release.

The reason I tell Jaejoong fans that they should be proud of Kim Jaejoong is because most singers have a shake foundation in terms of their technique and yet Jaejoong's singing is simply impeccable. His singing is effortless and it is almost regretful that most people are unable to truly grasp how wonderful and amazing he is as a performer. (Unfortunately, this cannot be helped because most people do not understand what it means to be a good singer and it is not a concept that can be realized without first hand experience)
If you think it through carefully, you'll see that Jaejoong has a natural gift, where others may struggle in singing the same song, he is able to accomplish it without much difficulty.
So who is it that has the true talent? Is it really those who sing so loud that they cough up blood?
Up until now, I do not have a proper explanation for this, yet Jaejoong's existence has compelled me to look into this matter.

If a simple and mellow song is not sung properly, it may be considered weak.
Songs that require such a great deal of emotion require the performer to lose themselves into the music and this is much harder than one might think.
The emotion behind Whitney Houston's R&B music is clear and highly conspicuous.
If you look at Yoonsang (Korean singer, composer and producer), his charisma draws the audience's attention to the song itself. In order to feel the full power of the song, one must listen from beginning to end.
Jaejoong is an artist who understands pitch, rhythm and harmony. If Jaejoong were an artist, he'd first consider the problem of framing is finished piece because a good painter knows that the frame can also impact the outcome of the final piece.

Jaejoong completely understands the song.
He is able to seamlessly combine his own voice with the music, and by the end of it, instead of wondering which verse it was that he performed the best or admiring his flawless delivery, we are left reminiscing about the past; why did we break up with so and so? How are they doing? Has that person forgotten about me? Those were the best days of my life' etc. His voice reaches the very bottom of our hearts, awakening memories and emotions that we've long buried away. The kind of feeling is not that of wildness; it has a comforting effect, liberating us from any torment we may have been enduring.

I'm extremely touched by this song, not because Jaejoong did a good job sing it,
but because listening to the song makes me forget that he's the person who sung it.
Listening to this song helps me heal and relieves the pain that has been tormenting me. In a split second, I can feel tears welling up in my eyes but I don't want them to fall.

Allowing the listener to really immerse themselves in his voice, putting them on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Somebody without a high sense of understanding and vulnerability could not possibly achieve that. It's like when the audience sheds tears from seeing the actors laugh.
The above are the initial thoughts that came into mind when I heard the song. Jaejoong, young as he is, found a way to elevate the song to such a level, creating a perfect masterpiece. He has the skill of a true artist, using not only previous knowledge and skill, but also adjusting his own mindset and changing his delivery according to the song.

SM artists tend to be good dancers and singers, yet more often than not, they change their style and singing technique according to the public's taste and interest. It is undeniable that Jaejoong is full of potential, I used to worry that he wouldn't be able to break free of his constraints, but it seems as though this is unnecessary since, as we all know, he is now free.

Jaejoong has a very good understanding of how this song must be performed. It's style as a whole is drastically different from what he is used to, yet he managed to pull it off effortlessly in the blink of an eye, so quickly that I almost didn't have time to express my feelings of awe and amazement.

Being able to understand and really feel music does not only mean knowing how to perform a song, one must also be familiar with the characteristics of the piece.
It is not a matter of flaunting one's singing ability, it is about helping the people who are watching the movie to immerse themselves in the scene and be moved by it. That is what music is.
Jaejoong achieved this by letting go of the mindset of normal singers and learning that it is not about drawing attention to the singer's ability. He was true to the nature of the OST.

This song demands the singer to not only sing the song, but to also direct and conduct it. They must decide for themselves how far they wish to carry the character and this cannot be achieved without thorough knowledge and understanding.

One must learn the qualities of the OST and use their voices as though it were an instrument, this is a difficult concept to understand for those who have not experienced it for themselves. Nowadays, the ability of an artist is judged based on the high notes they are able to reach and how well their voices project, how many people are truly able to grasp such feelings and emotions?
How many singers are there out there who have this kind of talent? Jaejoong's talent has truly rendered me speechless, how unfortunate would I have been if he hadn't been the one to sing 'Insa'?

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. totally agree!jj is always a good singer in my heart!

  2. well said, sir...'Forgotten Season' sung raw on the radio is the first song I heard and made me fall deeply in love with this song and finally came to know of Jaejoong and DBSK...

    To me, JJ's voice always drew my emotion to the surface, I don't know how and why...So I am thankful that he still carries on working on music for us fans...

  3. Jaejoong has the voice of an angel.

  4. This is the kim Jaejoong I love... :D Im proud of you baby. You endlessly make me fall in love with everything that is you; again and again. <3

  5. exactly my feeling too!!! XD

    his voice just made me speechless wit tears in my eyes!! how beautiful one voice can be??

    im really appreciate & grateful for such a beautiful & angel voice!

    thank god i found u, kim jaejoong!!

  6. that is why i love this guy, because of is voice and his talent. i fell in love with him because of this song (insa).

  7. i heard him sing a lot of songs with dbsk and those made me fall in love with dbsk as a group even more for their harmonies and everything. when i heard insa and watched the movie, i completely cried my eyes out whenever his voice came in to sing the song. it had such emotion that i started bawling. so yeah, i think hes a freaking amazing singer.

  8. i hope Jaejoong will read this

  9. insa is one of his best solos ever in my opinion. his version of the song (even without knowing its lyrics) made me tear up. especially that heartbreaking ahnyoung~. the dbsk version, while still great, didn't quite have the same emotion that he exuded.

  10. The very first Korean song I played to my Mother, as an introduction to TVXQ, was Jae's 'Insa'. Despite not knowing a word of Korean, by the time he'd finished the first chorus, she was already crying.

    She later told me that, even without understanding the words, the raw emotion in his voice and the beauty of his voice itself had moved her.

    I think Jae's version of Insa is truly one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, and even listening to it again now it still makes me well up. I'm glad actual critics have picked up on this (even if this WAS from 2006) - the technical skill & ability of his voice is one of the reasons I love him to bits - usually critics only seem to study Junsu's solo work and not the others'.

    <3 forever, Jae.

    Rach x

  11. totally agree!kim jae joong jjang!!!!!!
    i love his voice so much^^

  12. Jaejoong and Junsu always give me goosebumps and make me cry~

  13. proud of you kim jaejoong <3

  14. His voice is the main reason I luv him like crazy! I think his voice is unique coz it can fit in any genre... so whatever mood I'm on (that need a certain kinda song & voice) his voice just always be able to... "fulfill" it (gosh, dunno the proper engrish word... sorry *sigh*)
    I wonder when will he have his own solo album... Junsu has it already, I hope his is next. Wanna hear him singing different kinda genre in one album; R&B, ballad, rock, j-rock ("maze" kinda type) and ... maybe swing (curious whether he'll be good singing this kinda song, and be the Korean Buble *grin*)
    AVEX... please make him an album... pleeeease??? *blinking eyes*

  15. uri jaejoongie....

  16. Love him sooo much.
    The first time I fall for him was when I heard he sang Footstep in X-men.
    His voice just moved me and since then I became his big fan.

  17. JaeJoong's voice touches my heart/emotions like none other. The first time I heard his voice/song was Doshite but the song was used on some other clips. So I didn't know who sung it, or how cool he looked, nor what the song meant since I don't understand Japanese. But that song was so powerful, his voice so awesome that I searched it out and I'm a JJ/DBSK fan now.

  18. I always felt that JaeJoong's singing is not just singing, but an artistic expression that goes even beyond emotion, closer to the soul. He is truly a great artist.

  19. very detail n vivid critic. i think jae should be proud. his talent is getting recognize.

  20. pround of you.
    love when you sing a song so much...

  21. Jaejoong's voice is amazing, no, beyond amazing!
    He's angel <3

  22. this couldnt have been anymore true.
    this person is spot on.

  23. I'm so glad that People are slowly giving jae's his so deserving praise for his voice and as the great singer that he is! Thank you for this! I couldn't agree more!

  24. yeah... i'm agree
    his voice so lovely..... melt my heart.....
    <3 <3 <3

  25. I am so touched reading this critic and the comments here. :) I really love JJ voice. It's very beautiful.

  26. SO true. People underestimate the sheer talent the man has. <3

  27. i don't know anything about singing technique..
    and i don't even care..
    as long as someone singing with emotion and soul and heart, it will be a great song..
    like jaejoong always do.

  28. what a great singer has:of course technique(not being pitchy, hitting exact notes every time on every song, and a strong control of your voice), artistry (changing the song into there own style, conducting/producing it, changing melodies or chords), and singing with emotion; which a lot of singers cant do, or its usually there own song. they dont get into the feel of the song, the purpose; why the composer wrote the song. dbsk has all of these qualities -and thats why i fell in love with them. their love for music is surely evident. they portray feelings into their music as if we can feel it to. (': theyve made many fans cry due to large amount of emotion poured onto each note, song, whatever it js. they have talent in this particular thing which i suspect is rare.

  29. i totally agree with everything said here....

    Insa is the first song ever that make me cry just by listen to it. Jaejoong really bring the deep emotion into the song

  30. this is so true! can i give more than two thumbs up for this? Jae's voice never fail to melt my heart. it's just so beautiful in my ears.

  31. i agreeeeeeeeeee absolutely! T_T
    with Jaejoong's Insa it's impossible not to cry u_u
    and with all their songs...
    his voice it's just so touching~ T_T
    i love him...

  32. totally 100% true!!!!
    hence i love him the most!!!!!
    his voice is so versatile that he can sing any style of song...!!!!!

  33. Agree with the last part, totally Agree!
    JJ voice, is my favourite one, because it was for him that not even knowing what on earth was the emaning of the song, tears were falling from my eyes.

  34. so true..i've never been so proud..he is after all our kim jaejoong!