Monday, August 2, 2010

[TRANS} 100801 Words of a non-DBSK fan

This is what a non-Cassie wrote to me after watching Bolero live. I was honestly touched to know that there are people out there who understand the way we Cassiopeia feel.

Here is what she wrote on her note:

It's undeniable...
When it comes to TVXQ, it's never just about their looks
Perhaps one could say that compared to their love for music, the way they express themselves and their passion, their appearance is completely insignificant.
When I'm listening to them and watching them, I don't feel the same kind of wildness and superficiality induced by other idols. This is admiration, genuine admiration.
They strive for perfection and sing with their sincerity. Listening to them is not only a form of pleasure, it has also shown me their respect; respect for music and for their audience.

Connection, trust and love; all of these things interdependent.

Whilst they may not be old, they have a level of maturity unheard of in other artists their age. Their determination has helped them overcome countless obstacles and reached unattainable heights.
I don't know how to express this, but watching the five of them on stage, their devotion, their concentration and their understanding of music… it's incredibly moving.
Compared to the mainland (China), where those who truly love music and value life never reach the top and those who are dependent on their looks, rumours and lies do.
As Asia's best group, TVXQ have shown nothing but progress and development. As I was watching their performance, the only thought in my head was 'TVXQ forever'.
They impact they had on me… I don't ever want to lose that feeling.

Credits: 允摯愛@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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  1. So true !! Well said indeed !! This is what we cassies feel <3 DBSK!!!

    To tell you the truth, tears streamed down my face ;____;

    This is so true.
    There is no other artist like DBSK.
    DBSK will always be legendary and will always be the treasure of Asia, no matter how badly the others' fandoms butt hurts, because it's true. No one can be nor beat DBSK. ♥

    And no offense to other fandoms of course, it's just that I know fans from other groups that are only interested in looks, body, etc.

  3. aaaah, it brings tears to my eyes. seeing how TVXQ did moved people's life.

    they are indeed in the own league, they were an idol but now true artists, who have passion and visions.

    thanks for ur nice words. :)

  4. This is so happy non fans know what cassie feel about DBSK(^__^)

  5. TVXQ forever :')
    TVXQ fighting
    CASSIOPIA fighting p(^^)q

  6. ..."And no offense to other fandoms of course, it's just that I know fans from other groups that are only interested in looks, body, etc." from the previous comment...

    i strongly agree, TVXQ members has pure talents and passion on music, and not just the looks!!! behind those looks are love and sincerity and there's nothing that could replace them in cassiopeias'/cassies' hearts!

    'TVXQ forever'...!!!!!!!!!

  7. i love tvsq...even they are on top...they never boast about it...they are grateful n humble...i will always be a faithful cassie...i love you TVSQ...aktf!!!

  8. I fell in love with DBSK through the same song as this person. I had heard Bolero on my i-pod and I thought it was all right, but then I watched their live perf of Bolero at the Ontama Carnival.

    I was blown away, Junsu showed such amazing control with his voice worthy of perfection, Yoochun displayed an anguishing love for music, Jaejoong sang each note with a voice that reminds me of pure glass, Changmin displayed such power with his voice as if he were forcing the music into your heart, and Yunho sang as if he were protecting the true meaning of his song.

    And their harmony! Never before had I heard harmony that... entrancing, magical, splendid... Each of their voices could be paired with any of the other four and it would sound divine.

    I thought to myself, this is how a live performance should be. A live performance should be this much better than a recording. A recording should only be a teaser for the real deal. And that's what makes these guys the real deal. Other artists can't perform their recorded songs this magnificently.

    Then I realized how much they were sweating. Yes, they had performed a dance song just before this, but their sweat did not let up. It did not dry while they were singing. Instead, they sweat more. I realized that they are so in love with singing that simply standing there and using their skill to pour out their hearts in the form of notes is just as tiring as dancing around a stage. Thus my respect for them grew.

    At that instant I realized how special this group was. Hearing them sing on stage they are no longer Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoon, Changmin, and Yunho. Instead each became an entity, a pure entity that cannot be defined with useless words. They outshone every other artist, sent constant shivers through my body and in that performance they transformed from the Rising Gods Of The East to the Risen Gods.

    ~Always Keep The Faith~

  9. one of my friends, who is an elf, watched bolero live in dome and comment the same thing too. she said the way dbsk harmonized together so perfectly make she realize what music truyly is. and of course watching it brought tear to her eyes.

    and then i asked her if super junior has ever touched her like that, no offense, and she answered me: "I like suju not for the music, you know" *nuff said* then all i told her is "well i think suju fit perfectly to the role of an idol"

    ...but as all of us know, dbsk, the FIVE of them, are real artists! i dare anyone to say otherwise x]

  10. yeah...its sooooo true...THERE IS NO SINGER LIKE DBSK...ONLY DBSK...

  11. I hate it whenever people said that I like DBSK only because of their looks..
    It's sad because I know very well the reason why I'm so into them is not because of their looks..
    They think that I'm just giving excuse, to make DBSK looks better..
    The truth is they can't see how amazing and wonderful DBSK is..
    They didn't know that DBSK is not just an idol..
    I basically hate the word IDOL being associated with them because it kinda put them in the same league as those who are living up to the definition of idol..

  12. I know what she's feeling... I became a fan after seeing a Love in the Ice live. I started to love them then so deeply and my only thought was that I want to see them singing like this forever. I've never seen east-asian popartist giving LIFE into a song before. (a few exceptions, but those were all of their own solo's, not a song somebody has written for them)
    I never seen such unity between members and such a real understanding of a song.
    It's a memory to last forever. there's no way one can ever forget the first time you saw them live and it doesn't matter if you saw them on the net or you were actually there in the arena.

  13. this is so touching
    although i like lot of singers but nothing can compare TVXQ
    i never ever find another group like them
    usually i dont like slow music but i make an exception for TVXQ's
    i just loooovvveeee all of their song, even the slow one
    im pretty sure i wont find another singer like them
    i will always wait until they come back to us
    and show us once again, why we love them so much
    Love TVXQ soooo much!

    Always keep the faith

  14. DBSK will always be #1 no matter how many years passes and someday when DBSK will be a memory they will always be #1 to all our hearts, they changed my life for the better and i'm grateful. i may be fans for other groups and may like other groups bu DBSK will always be my favorite.

    Other groups may rise to the top and try to take #1 spot but they can't not in a million years, and they know it too, but anyways AKTF!!!!


  15. 1st thing i knw abt kpop..are about 'Looks and Appearance' and thought..they all SAME..GOT "LOOK" BUT NO "QUALITY"..(im such a choosy..hahaha)

    BUT when i watch a show ..(lol..i remember a show Chunnie's 5ways of saying 'i love u) i been wondering WHY everyone seems excited abt these boy..LOL

    Turnout to find their "Tohoshinki-Love In The Ice LIVE"
    Closing my eyes..(i hvn't watch the i didn't know how their look.. yet..)and starting to FALL-IN-LOVE-WITH-THEIR-BEAUTIFUL-HARMONIOUS-VOICE!!

    i knw; now we hv to see/hear them as individual/two/triple-in group...
    Their Harmonious Voice...are ONLY ONE...
    I can't find 'these feeling' whenever i heard other artist sang...
    They are really Special..
    They are fate to be ONE...

  16. rewatching 'Bolero' live in Ontama and Dome, brought me's so overwhelming. so breathtaking...

    DBSK is a legacy to the music world, please don't let them be apart...

  17. LMAO she's not a non-Cassie anymore!

  18. adding frm 2:38AM

    yes..They do hv their Individual-Capability..(and yeah..some bias-fans even 'fight' over their 'bias'

    Regardless; a company or individual try to pull 'the member' away from the 'group-image'
    but still...
    even non-fans "SEE" them as ONE...
    no matter what...

  19. I never thought that I would be such a big fan to any musical group. Yet like this non-cassie, after watching JUST one performance, I saw a group with passion for everything. And for this reason, I can't help but to admire them! I will be a DBSK fan forever! =)

  20. I had heard a friend mention DBSK and caught snippets of their songs as I walked past her room in the dorms. Honestly, I thought they were just another idol group, another boy band. But, given my friend's respect for them, I decided to watch them perform and see who these five guys were--and I found out they weren't just idols, they were artists and musicians. The first song I saw them perform live was Love in the Ice and it truly floored me with how much expression and how much heart it was performed. I hoped at that moment that I would get to grow much much older still listening to them make beautiful music together.

  21. I also agree 100% with everyone. I am also a non-Cassie as I just discovered TVXQ this year. But I feel the same way about these boys.When I see them perform on YouTube, I can imagine how awesome their concerts must have been. I also wish they would come back together again. What we are missing who discovered them late.

  22. I learned of TVXQ when I downloaded their T album and without really knowing who they were and how they looked like, I objectively thought that their songs were great and they had such beautiful voices... It was when I watched their T concert DVD that I finally got sucked in~ I was so amazed and impressed at how they sounded so good during a live performance.

    Indeed, TVXQ is one of the best (if not the best) groups ever and having good looks is just a bonus compared to the overwhelming amount of talent and passion that they have ♥

  23. everytime i hear this song, it doesnt fail to bring a chill up my spine. their harmonization is just too beautiful, THEY are just too beautiful, inside and out..<3

  24. I remembered that time when my best friends is totally obsessed with dbsk, and she is always showing me their dance video clips and talked to me abt their stuffs everyday, I never paid attention to it, cos I've already got the mindset that practically all idols CANT sing, and they became popular because of good looks. Well, one day I finally started watching their videos one by one, I was totally drawn towards their awesome vocals and charisma on stage. Yea, I agree with the fact that dbsk shouldn't be called idols, but artistes. Calling them idols is like a shame or something hahahaha. I really wish they can sing forever, because I believe many ppl find strength and hope in their songs. TVXQ, forever an LEGEND!

  25. i'm only a cassie for about three months ago. it all started when i saw jaejoong on 'the most handsome guy in kpop' thread. i dont know what's special about him. and i dont know what's so special about DBSK. I've never heard them sung before. so i decided to search about them on youtube and the first video was love in the ice. i watched it and my jaw dropped. it amazed me how five men standing on the stage wearing just normal white outfits and even sweating can put all their feelings in the song and sing so beautifully. they dont need any dance moves to amaze me. they just stand there and sing. i didnt fall for them on their looks(eventhough all of them are undeniably hot). i fell for their awesome talents that most idols now days doesnt have. DBSK are legends! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!

  26. I'm crying like some1 is die. I love them,

  27. The first video of DBSK I saw was the Survivor MV, when I was just randomly looking for more J-Pop music on Youtube back in March 2009. My first thought: "Wow, it's like an Asian Nsync." That made me happy because I had missed having Nsync around (I've always been nostalgic of the days when American pop was fun and clean). My second thought: "Wow, they have the perfect voices for this!" Then I kept tracking down more and more of their songs and Doushite was the first ballad song that I ever liked; I never cared for slow songs before I heard the way DBSK sings them. I didn't know what they were saying, but they sang it with so much emotion that I understood them anyways.

    My perspective of the world totally changed because of DBSK. Back when I was 12, I moved away to another state where I had a lot of bad experiences and for years afterwards I always had dreams where I was searching for something, but I never knew what I was searching for and I never found it. After DBSK came into my life when I was 17, I stopped having those dreams. It had never occurred to me that such a band could exist.

  28. I love them not just because of their appearance, but also because they're also great singers too. I also watched some of their TV appearances and witnessed (I think this is one good term for me) not only their talent in singing and dancing, but also how adorable and endearing these guys are.

    Like what Jaejoong-oppa wrote: "Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu. I wait. We all wait" (I hope this is kinda close). Always keep the faith guys! Fighting! We will keep on waiting for your return as FIVE!

  29. Their existence is the most beautiful gift to all cassies <3
    always keep the FAITH
    cassies are waiting for five of u to come back as one! <3

  30. Let's see...
    i'm not a cassie too as i'm a VIP..
    the thing is, DBSK is the one who pulled me into this wonderful K-World and for that reason, i can never stop thinking bout them.. even now, i'm a VIP, i keep on following news, undates and bla, bla, bla about these 5 guys... i have to say, until now, the have spcial spot in my heart that even Big Bang can't replce it.
    their voices,
    their feeling when they sing,
    it keep playing in mind...
    i remmber how i cry because of them..
    it hurt to see these guys in tears...
    even i'm not a cassie, i'll pray for them..
    even i'm not a cassie, i'll always love them..
    even i'm not a cassie, i'll never forget their smile..
    and even i'm not a cassie, DBSK will always in my heart..
    and yes..if one day, i meet them... i'll say to them; thank you for everything that you guys had done.. its like a magic to me..