Saturday, July 24, 2010

[VIDEO+TRANS] Taiwanese Korean mixed singer ‘Bii’ mentioned about DBSK in MTV Taiwan

credit: 77Amika

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Host: Before idols/artistes became famous, before or after, they still has idols they like/admire.I heard that you like Korean’s (idol)?
Host: DBSK is actually very great, so do you listen to their Korean song or Japanese song
Bii: Korean
Host: Heard that you especially like one of their songs
Bii: Yes, titled The One
Host: Seems like we hear less of this song
Bii: Yes, because this was a song from a Korean movie OST
Host: Oh, OST
Host: At that time, they have already debuted for quite a long while already right
Bii: About alright, 3years 4 years
Host: Do you want to sing for us, do you all want to hear Bii sing Korean song ah?
Host: (after the cheers) Yes right, then let us hear a part of it
Bii: Ok (Starts to sing)

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  1. DBSK is admired so much~! I love that song too and this guy is sounds good x]

    but uuh did he steal his stage name from Rain Bi?? lol o_O...maybe not xDD

  2. I got a little confused and thought it was Rain, lol. But anyways I'm glad that people still admire DBSK's music so much. :) They truly are 5 men worth listening to.

  3. lol....i thought that was rain.....

  4. Lol! How Cute! I love DbsK! Who doesn't admire them? The world will never know! lol

  5. That song has always been one of my favorites :)

  6. he looks a bit like one guy from SS501 and a bit of taiwanese Xiao Zhu...Donno whats their name d..heheh..
    All hail to DBSK! they're awesome everywhere!